The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
Page 2
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f AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY (J, IDS! _. Social Calendar 'MpNfDAY'S EVENTS Wi' M. S., First Methodist church, 2:30,P -M.-; at church. V TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. -May L. 'Alcindse entertaining Tuesday- Conincl club. Young Matrons Bridge cniJ meeting ' with Mrs. Max B- «<''"• Misfalppt COL'nty • Democratic Women's -club meeting at Hotel Koble, lO-'A. M. • WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, W. J. Pollard having \ Vc(| - nesday,'-Bridge cluli Mrs, H. H. Houdiins and Mrs- A. Conwuy hostcs^ lo I'. E. O. chapter for hmchion al Coiuvay home. . .' Llble CUss M«(s. The Ladies' Bible class o[ the Hrst Methodist church had a meeting last evening at Ihc home of Mrs. 'li. M. Burnettc. The 15 ladles present were led in a devotional by Mrs. Wyatt Henley, who read from chronicles. Sallle Hubler Ramsey Duncan and Charles F. Wood rend- cied a piano Irio. A contest for the best New Year's resolution made was lea by Mrs. \V. P. E:cwcr. assistant rostess..;. Club-.Meets. : the. Wednesday Bridge club had HE weekly luncheon and bridge gome'yesterday at tlw home of Jilrs. M.'H. Mlnycid. Mrs. W.' J. Wundcrlich won (he prize,. hosiery. •A'two-course nieiM was served at small tables. • • • Ladles OF Naiarer.c Cl'urch Have Merlin;. The ladies o( Ihr. First Church of the Nazarenc met Thursduy evening at the home of their pas- ter, the Rev. Emilia D. Bcnsley, to organize a loca. woman's missionary society. . These-officers, were elected: Mrs. J. L. Tyrone, president; Miss Byidie Snydcr, Hrst vice prcsi- ccnf. Mrs. Lula Brock, second vice president; Mrs. Apnes Fisher, superintendent of study; Mrs. Henry Rylee, siiperintcnctnt .of prayer" snd .fasting; 'Mrs Harry Lewis, superintendent of publicity. Miss Minnie Lee Jones, secretary nnd tieasurer. Biblr-Stroup. Announcement has been made o! Ihc marriage of. Mits Carrie Bell ttroup, of Willotv Springs. ^Mo.. rr Mr. Pnlplr Bible,- fnrmerly ot '^-city. • arid -now of Willow Springs. The wedding was solemn- 'ized Sunday, December 31 in Willow Springs where they will make tl'.cir home. The bride is the daughter or the Rev. and Mrs. T. R. Stroup of that) city. Mr. Bibls was employed by the Jirksnsas Missouri Pnwer corn- pony for five years before going \t< the Missouri town. * « * TnttrUins Class. Elcue Tyrone entertained his Cvnday school cla;s of the Church of the Nazarene with a party IRSC evening at his home. Included In the 12 girls r.nd toys, from ten to 12 years of age. \vas a guest, Lloyd Florman, who played several sa>:<phonc solos. Cakes and coca cola were served. Doris Duke Poses for Camera 5ISTER MARYS KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY NEA Service Writer One of the best bargains tl home-maker can buy. is found dilcd vegetables known as 1 mimes — pens, beans and lenti Although poor In vitamins C ai c;. they are rich in calorics ai mineral salts and lend themscU lo many savory dishes suitable f cold clays. Because thcso vegetables have IOIIK been known to be rich in protein they are often called the "poor man's meat" and are regarded us riictit substitutes. However, with the realization that a gvcal flcrcncc exists in the nutritive alue of proteins from different onrccs, legumes nowadays are not onsidercd an adequate substitute :HES CHRISTIAN CHUUIMI E. K. latlmrr, l'»iti>r Church school. 9:45 A. M. Holy Communion nnd sermon 1 A. M. There will be :i conBrenalliinal nceling ;it the c\au i of Ihc service. Vesper services, G P. M. A cordial welcome always. Housekeeper Held In Broker's Deatti OK Till 1 tuphj I». Bwsley, IMslur Sunday schoo 1 , 0:4= A>-M.. E. Evans, superintendent. Morning worship. 11 A. M. Subject: "The Pcail ol Greatest Price". N. Y. P. 3., 0-30 P. M. Evening service. 7:15 P. M. Subject: "In God's Balance'*". In behalf ot you:- own api ritual needs, knowing the problems with which we are nil confronted. lh<? need of our Inmllips, friends, and r.ll mankind, I "Xicncl to yon a n-ost cordial invlttiiun lo attend Ilicse It isn't often the closely guarded Doris Duke shows 1-ersclf in places and It's rare Indeed Hint she consents Lo i»se tov a picture, mi when cameramen bpolled "the world's richest girl" joining In the Year's fun at New York's swanky Mnyfnlr Club, they |X.>:j>midcd her I accede lo "just one." Thai dashing bachelor with her is Harry Ilnrt.J Timing Factor Important in Keeping Control of Hanc SKCOM) BAPTIST CIH'Kl'H J. L. Nuwsoiu, I'aslur Tonight, T:I6 P. M.. sermon b> Rev. W. W. Kyzar. Subject: Way That Scemel'i Wight". Sunday mornliw 9:45 .mdny school. Toinmie •The A. M Iiogun Today's Contract Problem Sontli'a cnr.Lfacl Is !')ur hearts; ..\Ves.l .oiieus tlic ace of clubs and coiutmirs with n club, wlilch Knsl wins wltli (lie kins. Knsl returns [lie eight ot hearts. Can you )ilay I lie. liaml sn 111 clarcr can .tiacl? niiiku at' llio de- hia . con- d» K Q :: « 4 V !) C 1 3 « S 1 2 A A r> Q .1 7 j id 7 r. Q i> X \V K K Iir-nlrr 3 4 10 9 7 I » S » KQ A K J S 7 V A K ] li & . Solllli..! t A '.< >' L 10 8 :: : !n nc>.( Issuo. < A N'ono V q 8 7 4 « Q S 5 t JL K. 1 0 ('• 12 l«7 K IO.C i «J7 I * A !) 1 5 N \\' K S Drjilc-r v A j n » A K 11) S implicate-—All V Opening ICild £ South W' Nurlli IN. T. Pass. 2 A Double- I'ass :t If Kasl "- * or meat unless they are sen'cd •ith such protein foods as milk ud eggs. The protein found in ried beans, peas and lentils now n as an "Incomplete" proteii vhich Is lacking in those snb- lances necessary for growth nnd icalth. Minerals In Lrrumes These qualities are mentioned lot with the Intention of discoursing the use of the legumes, bin 0 give mothers a clearer understanding "f the actual value ol Ihcsc foods in the diet. Quilc "Side from their protein content, legumes furnish iron and phosphorus in worth-while qtion- tllies. Both these mineral constituents aio of great importance for body giowlh and repair. Pfas and l>ca)i-s also contain much starch and care must be ta' foods eluded. Since legumes arc mild ill .fla™' 1 .they ure more appetising if com- Iliined with highly flavored foods 1 and made savory with careful sea- 'soninR. Long low cooking is imperative to soften the tough fiber and make iciu iialalablc. When served to null children or old people they ioii!d be rubbed through a sieve- o remove the coarse outer covcr- igcslive apparatuses. Rakert lima 1 Two Clips clrled lima beans. 1 mall onion, 1 sweet green pepper optional). 4 slices bacon. 2 cups aimed tomatoes. 2 teaspoons su- uucn siarcn mm ecu*.-*. ~- aken in planning meals that other oods rich In starch are not m- snpcrintendciil. Sermon. 11 A. M.. by Kev. W \\. Kyzar. Subject "The Chrisl- lan'.s True Wealth" II. Y. P. U.'.s. i!:30 P. M-, J L. Ncwsom. director. Sermon, 7:15 IV M- by Itcv Kyair. Subject: "The Home' We will havo Iw i .services eacl day during Ihi? ri>:>1 of Hie inert ing. Day service at 2:'if> P. M. nnd evening service at 1:15 P. M. There is a veiy (me mleiesl in the meeting and %ru arc welcome lo any of these fcrviu'S. Come and worship wilh us. it will do 5mi good! KIKST PRESBYTEKIAX CHURCH S. H. Salmon, I'aslor Sumlay Church School. 0:45 a. m., S. E. Vail. Siipt. Morning Worship. I1:M a. m.. Sermon topic. "Redemption First." Commemoration of Lord's Supper. Young - People - of - the - Church, 6:45 p. m., study of Home Mis ,ions. Evening Worship. 1:30 p. VMCWE9 ARE MORe TREACHEROUS IN SHALLOW WATER THAN UPON 1HE OP€N' SEA.' .. N SHALLOW WATER., THE 6OTTCM INTERFERES WITH THE NATURAL ACTION, SO THAT E.VEN AN 6XPERIENCEO SEAMAN CANNOT TELLWHAi 'WE NEXT WAVE WL 6E LIKE. £ £PING When Douglas Sheridan, 68-year- old New York broker, was found dead in the. batlitub ot Ms Riverside Drl-.e apartment, his skull crushed with a hammer, hla housekeeper for 28 years, Mrs. Catherino Phclan, was accused ol the. murder. She is sliown leaving tho police station after question- lug. Solution to Previous Contract Problem DD you ever notice Wat aces nnd| an y more c i uus col ,i ( i ^. m fr c( l, Ac ings really can be bothersome at 1 - • Club To MM(. The Business and Professional Woman's club will have the first meeting of the nc'v year Monday evening, 7:30 o'cloik, at the Gotl hotel, when Mrs. Garland Morgan v.-ll be leader. Bitsoj News Mostly Personal BY \OL E. McKENNEV cercliiry, American Ilridgc cros.s-rufl Hie hand, so he prepare* i for this by leading tl-.c clubs, which West won with the ace. West could see wlufl (he (le cliircr was up to and. although r.e was leading right into a tunace. h I returned the. deuce o! trump. I I was won in dummy by the nine. ' The eight of clubs was returnee | North winning with liic king. East's juck dropped. Now. betor Heads Rumania's New Government ADDS MORE- WEA11H TO THE U.S. THROOGH flOWfff. POLLINATION THAN THROUGH THE SALB OF HONEyANDWAX. A LOON CAN SSV1M FASTER UNDER WATER THAN ON O *MJ BY f.EA In the opjn tea, waves act arcordinj to principle, but where iho water is shallow, the waves strike without r'.iie or reason, The bottom retards the speed of the 101 olviiK -.vater panicles, and llic crest of the wave curls OV:T and breaks NEXT: llow nhl was iMajclle wlien he mi'tr :> eencr.if Missouri Couple First to Get Marriage License Here ar, 1-4 teaspoon pePl K1 '. poon sjill, 1-4 teaspoon Soak beans in water to overnight. In the morning 1-4 tea- nustard. cover drain use our Worship oral nn- »nd simmer in hoiling salted wa- er for 30 minutes, lettini! the water cook away as much as possiolc. Put a layer of beans in a greased casserole. Sprinkle minced pepper, onion cut slices and bacon cut in finely thin tiny lines in the play cf the hand, if —loading « small •ou ari! not careful? Yon will gel 1 acc [ n dummy. lock one round of diamonds diamond to the will lose t' lie lead In the wrong hand, or. hi I ^ small spade was returned and •our anxiety lo cash what looks tnnnpcd with the seven of hearts. ^~|NOW the queen of diamonds was ' cashed and then the ten of clubs 1 was played. j East trumped, knowing; t'.:at olh- I crwisc the declarer would make tu I extra trick. The declarer overtrumped in dummy with the j,ick Ecuares. Sear bacon in frying pan before cutting in squares. Continue alternating layers of beans nncl seasonings until all are used. Add salt, sugar, pepper and mustard to tomatoes and pour over beans. Cover casserole and bake In a moderate oven tov four hours. Another way to bake lima beans is to boll them, after soakins over Ecnnou topic, "God-give-n Respon- sibililies." Woman's Auxiliary Circle Meetings, on Monday. No. 1. at 2 10 with Mrs. Charles Bright. No. 2 al 2-30 wilh Mrs. O. P. Moss. No. 3 at 2:30 with Mrs. G. L. Muir, No. 4 at sapper at 6:31) in Ihc ChurJi We begin this Sunday the "" of mimeographed bulletin;; in Morning and Evening services, clhninnling nounccmcnls entirely .thereby en hancini; the spiritual tone and value of the worship programs "Come thon wilh us and we will do thee good." PILGRIM LUTHERAN ClIUKCI II. J. Kleindieiist, Pastor* Sunday school. D a. m. Divine Worship. 10 n. m. Scr inon theme: "It is Indispensable to Salvation tiial the Word of God be Preached and Heard." "So Ihcn faith comelh by hearing, and hcarinc by the word of God" Rom. 10. 11. ke gocd tricks, you ':ning factor. In oUier words, yon will lose control of the hand and give it to your opponents. They will be one ump ahead of you, which \vill ruin the entire hand. Water, the timing factor and sec I 0 [ hearts and returned ;!;c jack of that you do not los? control of | spaces. the hand. The interesting part of j yi'ost novs - marie a play lo prevent today's lir.nrt is thai there is good , ths declarer from making five-odd. FIKST METHODIST CHURCH W. V. Wnniaek. I'aslor Church school, 9:45 a. m. Senior and Hi-League service; 6:45 p in. An interesting account of the • memory (here, was only one brick marriage of Mr. and Mi's. Clanrte ! tailMIng In Blytheville. Vickcrs of Carulhersvillc, Mo., said j to have been the first couple marriage license here Then Pemiscot County was 1111- .developed and much of it was i T;ildcrncs ,.. Thp Mound commiin- ersville Republican. A. check of the marriage license : ,, Mrs vjckers was - ( - he j aUR htcr lecords at the courthouse here Sanlll( , 1 mvis _ Tllcrc wclx > shows that the first license issued . onlj . four homps jn Stce!e .....' intl permanently recorded here . Tjjc rail| . oacl mentioned above wns \>is lo C. H. Morgan and Delia. ] o;nicd bv Cunningham Brothers Beard on July 22, 1901. It is very j ^ ^^ ^^, an(1 was 1]5C(1 p r i n <.|- probablc however that the r ^ st '- 1)a ii y f or 'hauling lops. Far Ihc license was really issued to i.ic convcnicn( . c of those who wished j Vickers. married in January, uui. to ridr , on it y K railroad had ac- and license and marriage recorct- j qilirc( j ,, pos-a-nger conch, although eel al Osceoia, since it is hardly. thcr( , was liute convenience about possible lhat permanent records j jt Jn wintcr timc vo ., vvori , tf fc . [or the Chicknsawba district were ., f {rccze ant i j n summer it was obtained in the first few -•-•'•" - - mouths | after the county was divided. Part of the story in the Republican follows: I 'Thirty-two years ago Tuwdnsl hot and when they stopped at some log camp for logs the mtis- quitocs made life miserable for the passengers." nighl, until louder. Drain and place in a shallow baking dish. Cover the top with strips of very thin bacon. Ponr tomato juice seasoned with onion in at one side of the rtlsli until the beav.s are barely covcrri. Then bake In noderatc oven until the Morning worship 11:00 a. Subject. "The Knock at the Door." The communion .service fol- Premier Inn O. Dnca, a;sas<ai»atcd !>y a member of the Fnacift Irou fiunr,!. il i eg j siaUlre by Representative *•*"*. ^ublican. of Lynn. low the sermon. Evening worship 7:30 p. m. Sub jcct, "Tndrew: the Man of De-1 cision." ji!Mrs. Lee. Armstrong, Marjorie Bimer and Bert King will go lo 'Cairo. III., Sunday to aticnd the •funeral of Mrs. Jesse Flowers fistcr of Mrs. H. A. Rimer, who ;dlcd here yesterday. Mr. and '.Mrs. Rimer were called to the bedside of the deceased Thurs,day. • Prof. H. P. Bade of St. Louis superintendent of schools o( the Lutheran church, was here yesterday and inspected the loca school. He was the guest of Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Kleindicnst. Miss Virginia Bcurland is in play Ior the declarer and for both of IV.e opponents. If E.1H had opened a heart, t'r.e conlract wc-n'.d have been defeated. However, his opening lead wa.s the king of spades, which was won in dummy with trc arc. North, tl'.c declarer, discarding a diamond. North now decided lhat the best Me tnnnpcd the king of way to assure his contract wa.s to [ every trick. hearts and returned n heart. The king of diamonds was cashed and (hen the ten of diamonds played, which West trumped with the len of hearts. North over-trumping wlili the queen and losing (lie lasi trick to the nine of clubs. A hand with action on nearly We appreciate the good allcnri- alance at previous services. II you bacon Is i have no church home or have no 1 - ,— -' ••-••- ~ church w? in worship. crisp. It will take about 40 minutes . services at your own Ducks Made Record H, Marcus Kalb oi Flight to Dallas; Poplar Bluff is Dead ! DALLAS, Tex. (UP) — Twelve Word has been received here of ducks flew from New York to Dal- j the death at Poplar liluff. Mo. lasi December 10. of II. Marcus Kalb. guest of Miss Eltabeth Conley. I They ficw, however, m a con-j* former re.sident of Blytheville, Mr. and Mrs. F. !;. Wlnford and lainer of cracked ice aboard n^'hcrc he was employed for scv- Monday's Menu BREAKFAST: Halves of grape trull, cereal, cream, frizzled dried beef, popovcrs. milk, coffer. LUNCHEON: VMkrrt lima beans, cfig and lettuce salad, brown bread, chocolate cup cdkcs. milk, lea. DINNER: Hollcd rorncd- briskct of beef, steamed iiola- locs. creamed turnips, sibrt of apple, celery and carrot with horseradish dressing. <-j:med peaches, cocoanul cake, milk, coffee. invite you to Join us FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 A. M. iV congregational meeting. M There will bi 1 r.i ovtnin vice but Ihc li. Y. I'. U ii-rrt al Ihc roguln. hour. An (•vaneeliflic meeting tin Sunday. January 14. H scr- will Memphis for the v.iek-end as the| las - 1 - 071 lllilcs ' overnight. Mr. and Mrs. Berry, who moved to Bassctt, Ark., two years ago when Mr. Wintord became man- i£er ot a Lee Wilson plantation. have returned here to make their home. Mr. Winfad is now connected • with the Highfill implement company, and the family is residing in the D. M Cutler home on the Barfleld road commercial express plane. icral years by the electric company They were shot in New York, and the oil mill. State and expressed to B. C. Var-! Funeral services ner. Jr., whose table they Poplar Bluff and eventually graced. Premium for Canadian Coin were held at the body was [taken to Joncsboro for binial. I Mr. Kalb is survived x>y nis wid- ;osv. Mabcllc Priest Kalb of Dccr- | ing. Mo., and n brother. D. Kalb. Indian Skeletons Found KLAMATH VAUS. Ore .UPt — Road workers cxcavalins for a trldgc approach here uncovered twelve skelctcns. apparently ot Indians. They Vilievert t!'j- spot lo be site of a piitnitivc Indian b'.irying ground CHURCH or r;oi) lin W. Cherry SI. H. K. Hicrrr. Minister No morning surv:re:. over KI.CN 10 to lCr3:) A M. Evening evangr!i>('c Fcrvicr. Subject: "The Fall of Lucifer, or How An Arch Angel BCIPHIC the Devil". Evanselisllc fervicrs continue each evening next week except Sat- i.iday at 7:30 I' M. A cordial ti vitation extender 1 to all. TORONTO. Ont. (UP)—Canad-| ot poplar Bluff. Mrs. Kalh is well ian money ts at a 20 per cent • jt,, own | n Blytheville. having lived „ E. Old. Jr.. of Memphis, is] Premium in Toledo. Ohio, n Tor-.hcrc all her life until .she'moved tpcnding the week-end with Mri onloninii who has recently return- : to rjccring a year ago. Ot(i . ed from a visit to that city re- i ;Mrs. W. B. Tanner and ton,I P° rts -. Hc Y as a f kCd 2C . pC . r " nt i ¥m * Vu " k * t'^' 1 " I HOUSTON. Tex. (UPi—Zoology! books arc being searched here for a classilicalion ol a tiny frog giv- ;cn Hermann Park Zoo. H came in i n bunch of b,inanas from Central ! America. It ha.s enormous blood- Negroes Built Own Church I5ELOIT. WK. t'IPi—Th.' negro rdigregation of the Second Mclh- ccisl Episcopal chirch hero, needed a new church Ki)ld:!ic. >o they tiilll it lhcmselvc r . ",'hcir iiastor. ii>c Rev. Hermes Zlinxnmnn. in vnrk clothes, riircc'.rrt tl:,- work. The church, ahru rnmpli-', tl. will cost about S2.000. CHRISTIAN QOD" is SCIENCK SOCIETY the subject of the- Jimmle. have returned lo Helena |P'emiuir after spending the holidays with Mrs. T. J. Mahan and family. Hire. Mahin returned with tlrem fir a visit. :Mi*s. E. C. Patton and two soiw IJtyp returned to Newport after spending several days here with PatloH. While In the city change the balance of his U. S. i money into Canadian currency before returning homo. they were guests ol Mr. and tir'.k*' : tfl'^v^r^l •'.'•• ' jC"T. Bcasiey, of Okla.. arrlred to spend several weeks vlth Mn. Beasley who Is pastor 'ef'itbe'Firs)" Church'.'of the N«z- ' Chimp Was Fire Tighter HOUSTON. Tex. (UP)—nubble.-, red eyes, suction-cupped toes, hind big chimpanzee, has qualified for legs as long ns its body, and the lire-lighting brigade al Her- Its color from bright green mann Park. Zoo. Someone tossed; during the day to brown at night. Bubbles "a match. He struck it' and ignited straw in his cage. When R. L. Mills, assistant zoo-:corded in the United Slates was keeper, rushed in lo. fight the registered In Die winter of 188*. flames, Bubbles began slapping • In Miles city, Mont, it was 6? ' end stomping the blazing straw, grces below zero. The lowest temperature cvev vc- Wife Was Too Yalmhlr HOUSTON. Tex. (UP)- K:.I> was loo valuable a wife to IOH-. Joseph Halistc, Negro, told the comt after artmillini! he had hired i lawyer to defend Gertnidc Baltic at her trial on a charge ol u.v.m:t to murder her husband, .'ust C.nnpbell Ovcrslrcct dU-nn^M the Since May. 1330. «i74 c;o'.:i star metiers have been scut abn\iii by tr.e government to visit ihe graves o! their sons In France. England and Belgium. Lesson-Sermon to lie rend in t hisliau Science service, Sunday 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is, "O Lord of hosts. God of Israel, thai (liveliest Between the clicrnbims. thou art God. even thou alone, of all | the kingdoms of the earth: Ihnu hast made heaven and earth' (Isaiah 37:16'. Among (he citations from the Bible is the following. ' And ll0 said. My presence shall RO with thcc. and I will give thcc rest" (Exodus 33:141. The LCison-Sennon will alro include passages Irom the Christian Science Icxibook. "Science and Health wilh Key to Ihc Scriptures." by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which reads. "Question. Wiiat is God? Answer. God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind. Spirit. Soul, Piir.ciple, Life. Truth. Love" (page 465) married longer >' cal ' s ' c!len ' is heir marriage. .. Fev . pcoi>lc than thirty-two . slory att:icl ' i ' d lo ! > rft anare B[ it ,,,, ti If nny of yon S"' 1 * ' iavc f' ll| en in Jove" wilii the. sa-ccii version rf i!io handsome Leslie Howard, Like n In-ik ill hi 15 street picture. tn.>. ifn'i ii wonderful wl>al in.ike-'iii >m 'lo? Uui. what rnnnis more than fc.ilur.---. How- »rc| lias plenty ot versouality for a few clays thirty-two years ago '. it was impossible to secure a mar- I riiwc license in Pemiscot County. | Hob Michic. then Recorder of j rcmiscot County, died, and there-, was no one authorized to issue license.':. A young man by Hie name of John W. Green, who has served in lhat office for the past thirty- two years, was the assistant to Mr. Michic and while he had been appointed tn fill out the UK expired . term of Mr. Michic his certificate lot appointment had not been re- ; tinned Irom Jefferson City and • while he was perfectly willini; nnd ready to issue licenses he could: : not legally do so. ' "Ii was abo-.ii this time lhat ," : Claude Vickcrs and Miss LaVim ' • Davis, both of S'.ecie. Ihcn a vil- • lase o! two stores and four homes.: I earn; tn Carnthcrsvilie lo net mar- 1 ricd. unaware of the fact that . i they were making the trip In vain. They came to this city on the. | Cunningham railroad log train I which ran between this city and i Blyihcvillr. Ark. ' | "Finding out that they could not; secure: a license to wcrl V.crc they • I planned lo go to Oscrola, Ark. .when someone informed Mr. Vick-1 I ers that Mississippi County had • ilieen divided and Blytheville had ! been named the county seat Ior I tl-.c Northern End and they pro- i I bably w.i'.d rccure a license there , i without going to Osci-ola or to j [Kennctt. Missouri. i I "Accordingly the co'.iple cancht _ : the afternoon train to Blytheville, " 1 where they secured n license and were wed. Mr. Vickers recalls that I (he Recorder had his olficc over j a druestorc. They were married in ithe olrt Western Hotel, then the i principal hostelry of that thriving • little village, by a Methodist min! Iflcr. Rev. F. C. Sterling, who had Honeymooning Reeds at Home Room Is oncii_Tuesday and Fi'irlav from "2'to 4 p. m. at room 108 ! Hotel Noble. Jlr. and Mrs. James A. Ur-:-l .ire back in-Kansas City, happy. > shows, to uBliomi Mr- Nell "Mr. Vickers a, Is that .almost hub-deep to a wagon andi C1ly jstreets were muddy, tn some Places! The c'hrUtlan ' Science Reading | All aro corcilallj' invited. i thr.t walks were constructed ot r cypress boards. To ths best of his I Eonalor'a _. , ho i Donnelly, prominent "'^'^ played a leading part lu irec- !ng 'her from kidnapers two • yea.rji »($«. .

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