The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Markets New Orleans Cotton u losing Stock Prices NESV ORLEANS, Oct. 19. —The cotton market made (UP) small gains in early dealings today on Iretlcr foreign markets and higher sterling, held steady most of (lie (lay, and men toward the close prices slipped off on realizing sales to close one point lower, New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 19. (UP)— Cotton closd barely stendy. ojxm higli low close Oct ....... r.'SO 1230 122:1 122lb Dec ....... 1238 1233 1229 122Q Jan ....... 1241 1241 1235 1232b Mar ...... 1247 1248 1238 1238 May ...... 1252 1253 1244 12-14 July ...... 1255 1257 1249 1249 Siiols closed steady at 1250, oft 5. Chicago Wheat Dec May Dec May open high 93 1-2 90 5-8 09 5-li 99 3-4 low <J8 1-4 S18 3-8 close 98 3-4 99 Chicago Corn open high 77 3-8 77 1-2 80 80 1-4 Iciv 70 3-8 7D close 7D 7-3 79 3-3 Stop Chills and Fever! Rid Your Sys tern oF Malaria! Shivering with chills one moment and burning with fever the next — that's one of the effects of Malaria. Unless checked, the disease will do serious harm to your health. Malaria, a blood infection, calls for two things. First, destroying the infection In the blood. Second, building up the blood to overcome the effects of the disease and to fortify against further attack, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic supplies both these effects. It contains tasteless quinine, which kills the infection in tile blood, and iron, which enriches and builds up the blood. Chills and fever soon stop and you are restored to health and comfoit. For half si century, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic has been sure relief for Malaria. It is just as. useful, too, as a genera! linic for old and young. Pleasant lo take and absolutely harmless. Safe to 'give children. Get a bottle a*. any drug store. Now two sizes—SOc and St. The si size contains 2" , times as much as the 5Qc size and!* Gives you 25%, more lor jourj money./ ... .— Auv o NEW YORK, Oct. 19.._(UI>>Stocks were irregular today", prices slipped back lu dull turnover until late in the day when strength In packing issues helped restore losses in some issues. A. T. and T 110 3-4 Anaconda Copper 11 Beth. Steel 28 1-8 Chrysler 3(i 1-8 Cities Service 13-4 Coca Cola 142 Gen, Am. Tank 3S Gen, Electric 18 1-4 Gen. Motors 23 7-8 int. Harvester 34 1-8 Montgomery Ward 28 3-8 N. y. Centra! 21 5-8 Packard 35-8 Phillips Pet 13 1-2 Ratuo 53-4 Simmons Beds 9 3-8 St. L.-S. F. 13-4 Standard of N. J 40 1-2 Texas Co 20 3-8 U. S. Steel 33 1-4 U. S. Smelling 1153-4 Bluckioater News The Rev. W. M. Porter spent Saturday night with J. B. cunning- ham and family: Mrs. J. B. Cunningham _..;l daughter, Florence, nnd granddaughter, Naomi Bradford, spent the week-end with Mrs. Minnie Martin and family near Manila. Willard Armstrong, of Militown, spent Friday night with J. B. Cunningham and family, Mrs. Minnie Martin had as her dinner guests Sunday tlie Rev. W. M. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cmi- ninglinni and daughter, Florence, and granddaughter, Naomi Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Hnvon Cartwright, of Manila, Mrs. Cora Hamilton and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Delay and baby, of Advance, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Pankey and Mrs. Berta Johnson, of Manila, visited Miss Florence Cunningham and Mrs. Martin Sunday. Tom Bradford and Willard Armstrong spent Sunday with Aubrey Bradford. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Delay and baby, of Advance, Mo., spent the week end Mrs. Minnie Mar- Mrs. Ocie D:lay nnd baby arc visiting Mrs. Delay's sister, Mrs. Tliel- nia Sneed and family this week. J3M Used t>7 WO.MEW for orer 50 years,—during painful porl-' Otis and as a tonic for lack ' or appetite, poor nourish- : . ment and nervous latlgue, j ALLEY OOP PAGE FiVft A MKSO/OIC SHOPPING TRIP! 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M * " '„ PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL .. .Gal. . . $1.10 WALLPAPER CLEANER Each 1Q C Beautiful high gtoss tO 50 FIASCO PAINT *L SniuMe for Inlcripr or exterior surfaces. Brashes UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL . . . Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH § Extra durable. For fnltrinr or exterior use. Will not luriiwhile.Dries ..,„ „, fast. 1/,-galton . 5><i.j5i 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY COURSE TI4 SKIN'LL SMELL A 8EIN' SO FKESH, BUTGfA WON'T WEAR IT IJUTA LITTLE WHILE- JUST WHEN you AN' WOOTIE ARE. GITTIN'MARRIED' tlTTLE, Uy IIam!I" NOW, ALLEY, YOU GO THAT WAY AN ILL GO THIS WAY, AM'WHEN ONE OF US FINDS A CAT, WEIL YELL, SO TH' OTHER CAN COMfc'N HELP' T'WONT TAKE US LONG ' New Liberty News Mr. and Mrs. j. T. Epperson returned Monday from Pace, Miss,, vlicrc they were tlie guests of Mr. md Mrs. G. G. Tucker. Miss Lots Hill spent the week end with her mint, Mrs. Waller Jiill, ami Mr. llill, at Bnssctt, Ark. James Aycock, of Lnxora, \vns lie sveek end guest of his grand inrcnts, Mr. und Mrs. J. M. Ay-' cock, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elljeit Jones and amily moved to Hope, Ark., Tiies- lay. Tlie Rev. W. L. Leroy will fill his appointment heic Sunday nfter- 10011. Mrs. W. A. Wheat is ill at her loine. Mrs. Horace Floyd is visiting Mr, Floyd's relative. 1 ; at, Keiser, Ark. Mrs. George Dunn nntt two laughters, of Avmorcl, were guests of Mrs. Bunn's sister, Mrs. J. W. Meadows, nnd Mr. Meadows, Sim- lay. Mr. Meadows is confined to his bed wltli a severe cold. Mrs. Hen Pilchard and family visited relatives near Holland Sunday. Kirsl Slovak In Albany CLEVELAND (UP)—The III. Hcv. Stanislaus limuca,, just elevated to the rani: of abuol, has become (lie first Slovak to attain the abbacy and is the only nMiut In Ohio. He Is 40 ycnrs old. Heud Conner News Wnnl AOs. Doors and drawers that stick should be rubbed with soap or bees' wax. COMMISSIONIill'S SALU • ( NOTfCK is hereby given Ilia! I the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckasiuvba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 24lh day of Se>>- tei."ber, 1934, wherein 13. T>. l-'ci- guson, ct al., was PlainllfT, No. 5139, and K. R. Webster, were Do- fendanls. will Eell ut public nuc- iton to 'he highest nnd best UW- cier, for cash, on n credit of three months, nl tlie front door of 'llu> Court House, between tlie liom.s prescribed by law, in the City, of Dlythcville, Arkansas, an the ioih day of November, 103-1, the fol- lovvmg real estate, to-wit: Lot Seventeen (17), Block B, Barren aiid Lilly Addition lo Blytheville, Arkansas. Said Sale will be had to satisfy said decree In the sum of $92G/,T, with ten per cent interest Iron. January till, 1933. THE purchaser nt said sale will be required to execute eond with :t|))ir«vui security, to secure tm> IlKi.'.'mnil of l)u> |' l iiioncv I'' 1 " 1 a Hen will be retailed upon '.iid properly 11:1' mldUloiml sccur- «y U.r the payment of Midi purchase mut'ey. HTJ'NKSS my liiiiul nnd the sciil "i suit! Court, on Mils, the 18th day of October, mil. H L, GAINKS. Coinnils.sloner in Clmucery. COMMISSION-KICK SALK NOTICE Is hereby given that the iiiHtersluned commissioner, in compliance wiih tlie terms of :i de- my n-iulered by (lie Chancery Court (or the Chlcknsawba Dls- Irict of Mississippi County, Arkansas oti tlu 21th day of September, 193-1. wherein K. |). r-'er- jKi'soji, el «)., wai I'liUntiir, No. 57i!7, and Ira Crawford, et nl., were Defendants, will sell al public auction lo the highest ami litst bidder, fur cash, on u credit of three months, at the front dcor of the Comt House, be- tween the hour.s prescribed Ijy law, In the clly of lllylhevllle, Ar- kiiusiis. on the lOlh day lit No- W'liiljcr, 193-1, (lie following real eslnte. lo-wll: U>t Ton (10), Illoek TITO (2), ChlcknsawlM Clnideiis Addlllon lo lilytlicvllle, Arkansas. Said Sale will had ( 0 satisfy said decree in the sum of $1.80000. will) ten nor cent Interest f, 0 in UKUsl 8th, 1930. THE piirelmscr nl said .sale will 1'honc 771 At Nlglil—Sunilay—Anytime Cor Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Miss Edna M. F .; Ferguson ; iised the well-known' REMEMBER-TH' SOONER WE GET OS TH' SKIN, TH' (>>'Mf > 6 -7 J XITO •fia^l tiW \ ;t *-\ ' J'-*1 l»ftlP^w-A' r be required lo raeculc liotid wldi approved security, to secure the- payment of (he purchase money, nnd a lien will be retained upon .snld pr.ipcrty as additions!) security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand ,ni,i ()„. . s ,.. ;1 ] of snld Court, on Hits, the 18th dny of October, 1031. n. I,. C1A1NES, Commissioner in Chancery.. 1U-2C-2-3I A species of clam growing ii (ho South sens weighs Iwlcij milCh ||Jj (i ,„„„. Is Now Agent For Americiin Airliiujs. Inc. Cull 835 For Information nnd Reservations KG Baking Powder in the COURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL Her demonstrations showed that in using KG the double-tested, double-action baking powder your bakings will have fine even texture and large volume—KG is a dependable, high quality baking powder that will produce the finest of baked goods at low cost. For economy and efficiency in your baking it is to your advantage to use KG BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 44 Years Ago 25 OUNCE SFOR 2So * Manufactured by Baking Powder Specialists who make nothing but Baking Powder—under supervision of expert chemists of national reputation. The quality is always uniform-^-KG is dependable. Try it in your iavorite recipes as instructed by ihe lecturer. Results will convince you there is real economy and satislaction in using K C Baking Powder. 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