Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 20
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'^AIIY PHAKOS SATURDAY. OCT. 16, 1897 . I. WUTHAW. ixiatbain tWTOBB AKD A COOL wave is promised for to- Yesterday was the warmest . October day on record. THE Peru oil field ls~far the -best in Indiana. The Bolds well, on the Dukes land, is producing 500 barrels dally. Although it is being pumped * . . ,. _ i __ Mn ^/-»Him1n]l- TIew of Brjan. Ex-Senator J;.bn J. loealls, after a political speecn at Atcubou recently, spoke ol William Jennings bryan as follows: "but Mr. Bryan is not to be catalogued as an uninteresting person. Be was the star actor in one Of the great dramas of our time. He was one of the cbief figures in the most important political campaign sluce the close of the war. Against tremendous odds, without combination, experience or fortune, he won the most signal personal triumph of oar history, at an age when political leaders generally are In the cradle or the kindergarten. Through tihe contest for the presl- OUREENE'S day and nignt, it shows lion in the output. no diminu- courage, endur- tbat have not THE estimated profits of toe sugar trust this year are 130,000,000. Every American family is forced to contribute to tne profits of the trust. The new tariff bill gives the trust a greater opportunity to be than it BTBI h-d before. ASD no^rconl** ta(i report tbaD Lord Salbbury will reject the over- tu'cs of the American monetary com- niisslon, and refuse to participate in a bimetallic conference. Tb.s means that England will seek to prevent tbe restoration of silver coinage. THE IndlanapbUi Sentinel made an excellent fight in tbe recent mayoralty campaign at lodlanapolis -As aow conducted the SentineliBia perfect harmony with the ruling forces ot its party and IB making an aggressive fight for party principles as enunciated in the_Chlcago platform. THE FoTtTwIynTlsentinel says: «• \ large number of well known but aadly perplexed Republican organs In Indiana and other states are with labored effort trying to explain that there is nothing of more than local algniflcance in the results of the In- dlanapolis election. Sing low, there, brethern. Silver -and the Chicago platform were right to the front in that flght. THE Marion Leader names the following gentlemen as active and prospective candidates for congress in this district on the Republican ticket: Major George W.Steele, of Marlon; Carey E. Cowgill.ot Wabasfa Oaincey A. Myers, of Logansport Dr C H Goode, of Warren; Hon James B. Kenner, otHuntington.and Rev. S. E. Nicholson, of Kokomo The indications are that there wll be a merry war before the contest is over. deacy he displayed ance and versatility oeea surpassed, and he accepted defeat with dignity and composure." PERSONALS. Dr H. V. N'ea! of Harvard university, a graduate of Bates college, has accepted the chair of biology in Knox college. Gales-burg, 111. He has lately been studying biology in the university of Naples. jean de Reszke has just achieved two notable successes on the turf in Russia. With. Mlecznick he won, for the second consecutive season, the Grand Prix of the Czarina, and with Braganza a prize of 40,000 francs. Alfred J. Ostheimer, who has beet? appointed *• -norary consul at Philadelphia by the P. iperor of Japan, is a well kno.vn importer of that city. He Is about 45 years of age and was educated In this country and abroad. Hamlin Garland spends a -part of every year in the west. He has bought the old home place where, he was born n Wisconsin, and lie has there a little lace of four a.cres. He has been in "Vashington most of the tiaw for near- fifteen months working on his life f Grant. Mrs. Mary P*ge has accepted a call o the pastorate of the Washington Street Advent Christian Church, Con- N. H., and assumed pastoral du- ies Sept. 1. Mrs. Page is the widow >f the late Elder D. D. Paga. and was Icensed to preach by the N«w Hamp- ,hlre conference last October. The famous Wallace collection of caintines is to • remain at Hertford louse," England, if the reconYmenda- t.ions of the committee appointed to consider the matter are carried out. The purchase of the house and freehold, with certain structural alterations' to improve light and space, will cost the nation, it is estimated, about $450,000. Claude Phillips, art critic of ihe Daily Telegraph, has been appoint- jd keeper of the collection^ Beta A, toflfld the tahMJftMlj* of American Women Has Been Cored by Dr, Greene's Nervura and Recommends Its Use to All Weak, Tired, Nervous, Ron Down and Sniftering People. Strength Return. MARK HANKA was In league with the syndicate ol Ken York banker who propose to buy the Union Pa dflc railroad at a price $20,000 00 less than the government's claim against the road. The New York World charges that after a conferenc with Banna these bankers oontribut ed 82,000,000 to the Republican caaa pai K niund with the understandin that an attorney general should b appointed who would assist them t rob the government in the matter of the Union Pacific road. Ho scandal since the Credit Mobilier scheme is go foully disgraceful. THE annual report of the bureau ot statistics shows interesting figures jelatlve to the value of exports of 1893101897 inclusive. They show that cotton 15Blinking- Toe value of cotton export*, has lncr * a * e j '^ $200,580,800 in 1893 to f259,928,649 In 13»7, constituting 25.15 per cent of the total exports of all kinds of products and manufactured goods. The total exports of breadstuZs in 1897 amounted to $197,875,259, or 19 17 per cent of the total. Provisions, comprising meats and dairy products for the fiscal year ending 1897 were 1137,138,084 or 13.29 per c«nt. _ IN May, 1896, a little more than a veai ago, the British parliament, by yem «K U > ___^_ . AnntM x t.h« f ol- Irtoskrats Breathe Under Ice. •W. Spoon, the naturalist, asserts that the muskrat, when obliged to go beneath the ice from one side to the other of a pond has a curious mode of taking along his air supply. Instinct teaches him to take in a deep breath before starting, but even this he knows be insufficient for the trip. Ac- Jwrdingly he halts occasionally and ex- fctdes the exhausted air from Ins lungs. This air, being confined by the ice in the shape of a bubble, and in full contact with the icy water, becomes almost instantly reoxygenated. When the transformation is completed the wise rat again takes in his old breath.which ts now a fresh inspiration. Thus rejuvenated, he again dives out of sight and begins swimming for the other side, only coming up against the ice as often as it is necessary for him to refreshen that valuable little breath of air. But lev hunters and trappers are aware of the muskrat's odd plan of changing his poisonous breath into a fresh inspiration, but those who are take a mean advantage. By striking a heavy blow on the ice the air is dispersed and the little animal dies ol asphyxia.—Public Opinion. BBLVA A. LOCKVTOOD. .^ -^^-=s^^^w^s i ssi^^^i ncssci, painswd aches of ^'^'^^^^ ^ ^f^nuL'to wbUh I ha* IT«.-vi»u=ly champion in all women's w 07 ™ 6 ."^^™ 1 ^I^ n ow = ku'ow from the wonderful cure oraflN-tcd mark this generation, is raised in.he m,erests 01 ^m ^ Lod^-nod. through the use oi.tcL-.uu, i women ; wben this mostem.nentwomanlaxvjcr Jirs.Moiva A^ d from - hor e tithu>i-.also to . and lecturer in the world, repnsenta liveojber Dr.^Grce nt s or w^ ^ ^^, ^^. S ox to such an extent that s*o has cen t* e «t, 0 pra.se sex to sncii »u cAivim i,uwv u..~ -«nominated for President of the Jn— -'-;- bv the Equal Rights Party, who has been honored bv membership in more American and Foreign Societies than any other woman, pub- LheYtte feet to the world that sh c.owes.her present stood health and strength to the use of )r Greene's jS'trvura Wood and nerve rera- • it comes as a positive proof, a revelation! t'.e way to health to the thousands upon advice to women to seek its rejnurh.uuio »•--•"-•. pivmsr, invigorate and restoring powers, that "ood health, strong nerves, vi-orous J)OoiL=.| DJ i.< . "" - 'Mow the use of Dr. Greene's >crvura ; Oreene 5 > , A.M. blood and nerve remedy. Mrs. Lockwood says: and nerve remedy and am p lit has improved my dtecs a unanimous vote lowing resolution: adopted the lol- Winif resuiuu»«". That this house Is of opinion that the instability of the relative value of jrold and silver since tbe action of Matin union in 1873 has proved injurious to the best Interests of this country, and urges upon the government the advisability of doing all in their power to secure by international agreement a stable monetary par of exchange between gold and silver. Now when an American citizen makes such a demand as that, he is called a repudiation^ and is looked upon as being but IHtle better than an anarchist by the gold conspirators of Wall street. The British parliament ought to be composed ot pretty level headed Englishmen, and they declare—unanimously declare—that th« demonetization ol silver has proven injurious. The American senate has for years had a majority Uvorable to ine restoration of «llw, and In 1890 it pawod a free coinage Wllwhloo WM itrangled by Boss Reed In the house and a substitute adopted that provided for the purchase ot 64,01)0,000 ounces of silver each year toi tree coinage. Total Disability. A dejected-looking Irishman entered the office of an accident insurance company not long ago, and, handing a coiled and crumpled paper to the clerk In charge, said: "There's me policy, «nd it's meailf wants it paid up thla day, sorr." "On wha do you base your claim for total disability?" inquired the clerk, after A comprehensive survey of ti» •turdy though shiftless-looking man ho stood leaning against the desk. "Suve and it's mesilf tint came over to this counthry to be a butler in tli« furrst families," returned the Irishman, sulkily, "and havin' no ricommenda- tion 6i was waies widout a place; and :whta 01 got wan, the very next day me feet, bad 'cess to 'em, tripped under me and broke foive llipmt plates and three cups ar coffee. And they dls- ckarged me, and nivsr a stroke ay •wurrk c*a Oi get since. And if that •wurr c . ain't total disability,' it's mesilf would like to know fwhat is?" A leg of mutton should he carret across tie middle of the bone first and then from the thickest part till th« gristla is reached. A few nice slice* can be cut from the smaller end, but it is usually hard and stringy. To carve a loin of veal or mutton begin at the small end and cut the rib3 I apart. A fillet of veal should be cut first from the top and in a breast of veal the breast and brisket should first be cut apart and then cut in pieces. A sirloin of beef should be placed en the platter with the undercut underneath. Thin cut slices should be taken from tte side nest the carver, thea turn over the roast and carve from underneath. A portion of both should be helped. A tongue should be carved in very thin slices, its delicacy depending on this. The slices from the center are considered the most tempting and should b« cut across and the slices taken from both sides with a portion of the fat at the root. In earring fish, practice Is required in order to prevent the flakes from breaking. Th« choicest morsels of all large flsh are near the head; the thin parts come next; the flavor nearest th» bone » never equal to that on th« upper part. A fish knife should b« used in carving. Calling the ChlcUent. In England the calls chuck, chuck, or. eoop, coop, prevail; in Virginia, coo- ahe coo-che; in Pennsylvania, pee pea.. This latter call is widely employed, being reported from Germany, Spain (« pi pi), Bulgaria, Hungary, Bavaria and Che Tyrol. In the Austrian province the term is used in combination thus, Pulla pi PU the call pullele, pul, pul, also occurs there. In some parts of i Germany the poultry are called with luck tick; in Prussia, put, put, an* ! young chickens with tuk, tuk (Grimm), 1 and schip, schip, the latter being an imitation of their own cry. In «f*t*™- Prussia hens are called wtth Muck- L kluck, kluck; also tippcheH, tvp», 'Grimm record also pi, pi, *ad ti«t -Weinhold reports from Bavaria Mb*lL bidli; pi, P^. alld P ul - ^ L In {SSark the call is pootle; te Holland, Jdp, kip; in Bohemia, tyoo; in Btilgarla, Half Hl» "You say your doctor prescribed cy- but inhere is your wheel?" , ^., /ou see, I feel laey this „, so I'm taWag just half my d*,, by wearing this costume. —J*ew York Journal Mr. whiflt At tl>» Wiljt Clnl*. Wi«le8- >l Dld you go to lttk today?" MTB. Mr. WiMl*^-" 1 tn tocasBtea tali Jonmal. t , even when just drawn from tin oow contain* living organisms derived from contact with the udder, the hands of the iBlksr, the surrounding all du«L or tJ» Tassels in which the milk to collected. Tnes« organisms tak» up WORKINGS OP 9MA-LL MINDS. Teacher— "Now what do Bcientist who spenrls all his tim» col lecting eggs?" Tommy Traddlcs (promptly)— "An egotist." Four-year-old Robbie ran breathlessly into the house, just as the sound o'f bagpipe 6 was heard coming up the street. "Oh, mamma!" he said, "there's & man out here with a dead pig that sings; come quick!" The master was asking questions- masters are apt to ask questions, and ,hey sometimes receive curious answers. The question was as follows: "Xow boys, how many months have twenty-eight days?" "All rf them, sir," replied a boy in troci It was noticed at one of the boys' club, on the New York east side that Simple duty hath no phw« for ft*r. -Whittler. Brave men ought not to be cast down by adversity— Sillus Italicus. The small oourtesiw sweeten life; tne greater ennoble «-— Bovee. You cannot dream youreelf Into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.-^J. A. Froude. An able man shows his spirit by ges.- tfle words *nd resolute actions: he is neither hot nor timid.— Chesterfield. The difference between persererancs and obstinacy is that one often cornea from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't— Anon. The winter's frost must rend tae burr of the nut before the fruit is seen; so adversity tempers the human heart, to discover its real worth—Balzac. i The best ground untilled, soonest 1 1 ^^ Jnlo raak weeds . A man ot „ ' knowledge flut i« negligent or UB«»r- call the rocted cannot but p. ow wil* and god- less __ Bisb<>p Biiltimoni rm. A pltttburR.Oct. !«.—The Baltimore batt. club met the All-Americans here ya»- terflay and were badly detected. Owing to poor management and Jack of" proper advertisement only 600 people »t- . tended the game. Score: Baltimore, »r All-Americans, 1*. ^^ l>eatb. ot a VFmr Veteraia. Springfield. Ills.. Oct. 16.—Captain Edward R. Roberts died yesterday afternoon in this city of Brighfa disease, age*. 34 year*. He enlisted in 1S81 in. Company I," Seventh Illinois infantry, and was successively promoted to be first lieutenant and captain, and mustered out in 1SC3 with the brevet rank of lieu- tenar.t colonel. ABBREVIATErjTELEGRAM& Charles Gurdel. of Carlyle, Ills., ased'. 30 years, hiccoughed himself to death. \s a result of the miners' strike there is" a serious coal famine in Des Molnes, Iowa. \meiia Munsky. aged T, was acquitted of larceny in the municipal court at Oshkosh. Vi'is. mar. named Davis from Chicago was held up at LaCrosse. ^Is., and relieved of $4.S3. George G. Godel. a prominent citizen, of Pearia, Ills., has disappeared from a. sanitarium in Kenosha. Wis. Andru= R. Merritt, one of the bis iron miners «f Minnesota, has made a voluntary assignment for the benefit of his creditors. \V J Holman, of Minneapolis, has in- vented'a new style of locomotive which- can run ninety miles ar. hour with ease. It is friction geared. Statistics of public school attendance at Chicago show an enrollment of 20b.- 574 pupils last month, while last year there were or.ly 19C.S42. A German shopkeeper in Valparaiso, Chile has been lined and imprisoned for' (»xhibitinsr a small copy of the famous- group "The Three Graces." Mayor Ziegenhc-im ; of St. Louis, has frowned upon the idea ot having women; street inspectors. He told a delegation the best place for them was at home. The American board of commissioner*, of foreign missions elected these officers: President Charles M. Lamson, D. I3». Hartford. Conn.; auditors, E. H Baker. I" R Brown and Henry T. Cobb. The town of \Vataga. Ills., was prostrated during a $10,000 fire, which swept away about half of the business part of the town. There were eiornt store*- William M. AVard, of Greenfield. Ilia... at one time a leading Doljticis* of central llrno!* died Wednesday night at the Central Hospital for the Insane la Jacksonville. Ills. As the rt-.suit of the accidental discharge of his sun Frank Dweldwelz. of Greer Bay Wis.. had both hands terribly manned. Two fingers have been- amputated from the right hanC STUB ENDS. Riches have wings and travrf *. * scorcher's pace. A woman's lips are the rose and her tongue is the thorn. When an editor cannot take a Jo1»- ths humorist has to grin and keep it It always makes a man feel out <A place when he loses bia situation. Blessings in disguise usually har* a hard time proving their identity. Whenevor a girl thinks as much ot ft.. man as she- does of herself—that J» love. Some people learn enough In •« weeks' travel to bor« otiur* for a lit*time. But few people bum their flftgw* heaping coals of fir* o* aa head. The man who marries * grass widow makes hay wkilt Ue «u» shines. The personal attractioM «f a b*a«. :heck depend more upon it* face U»aa ts figures. The rolling etone may not be a m* ;es» as a moss collector, but it, acquire* in enviable polish. A widow alwayi hu wwrda of praU» for her late husband, hut It'B different with a aleepy wife. ctiJ it to ah Chicago butter holder ar» •rejaf- nr to export a good deal e< tte r »•• t* the* fcaat*. __ THE SHININC LIGHT —The New— Wheeler & Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date, 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent At a convention in Minaceota, 3. K. Bennttt said, among other thinis: T» the care of cans, they are to h* kept C le*n and free from rust. They should be washed as soon as po«rtble after fceiagused. Rinse first with «*&_«* ter then scmb thoroughly with a brash both inside and outri Tcarm water—almost hot, or better, rood soap suds, use it oftaa Give particular attention to the don't forget the «ttt«d«. the inside is often judged iah with scalding wtttf. T^ your can» *P»ide *°™ loDg McCoy's New European Hotet COR. CLARK AMD VAI Mttfc .ft. CHICAGO. th« A Brarilian doctor who has b««n «•> perinisntiss with co«e« M a r«m«dy, for anaemia aajs that hs has brougkt \bout som« r*tt«rkaWi cor**. He r»- Cuires his patient* to drink w«*k coffee eiclumlTely; also ordering them t« a dejeofittoa fr»«i the air and produce di+>,.* coagulate tie casein. The i w »nir—~- Wiiot is due to a deposl- tioa ot th« ea«ein may occur gpontan*- wte» tk« inllk turaa scwir, « tl»« aMlOon ot rennet, or of T«ff- or mtoeral acite to warm milk. ait alcohol produce the BMM tie eaaein. i» «ilk ta r»naet, two new eAtt- ^ed, on*, betal a chetfi vitk dtficnlty iii water, a whey •olvhl*, ... clnbe on the New lors: east siue u^ t , ±^* '" " 11rtw the m a little negro, who attended regularly, | enough to allow them ^ always soufat a certain book eaeh j leave ™ em "|^ h & ^ you will oghed uproariously ap- ; Bides in tne ^r oftllg _ It j, a very B«rently at the same pl<rtnr*. One d \ have cle *^'J* w , ^ ^^ni over a tie auperrison approached and saw <» inBlo/ * ^TJ.**. TH»1« that the picture represented a bull | »take, or on a torn**. chasing a avail colored boy acroe* a. »el«- He a»ied.*he littJa leBow what | i«d him ML "GkMh!"' answered the "he 'aim 1 * ketche* Mm yet!" eaber fc a« Oriental weayea. • " tmto tki» ™ v ~ air or will steam Much from other be FIREPROOF One Mo«*c ft««» C. I. g. * 5fc •. ata Improvements, costin fJSfOOM }t hc« completed, wS offers every convenience h»»r dote) lDClttdlIi£ nOt Um w-w- •-——•. lieht md stdufl 6e*t to •¥<•> tmB* *£*n ****•*»-*• " first cl»sj rest:iunnt *• , WILLIAM McCOT. "

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