The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1934
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Served by the United Press BHTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS ir>t 111 l-NStt I 1 KT M XI'E' hJt-'UFOO A Ylfll r\V» Mf \OT1T I.* A t«-n .. t . r i i. .-,.,, .. ........ . ™.. ...-.,. . ~ * ^^ —^ THE DOMINANT NKWSI'APER OP NORTKKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MlbSOUIll HOME VOL. XXX-NO. WO Blythevili. 1 Daily Ne\\s Ulytlii'Villc (Yurlcr Mississippi V-.'Ucy Under lilyllievillc Ih-ralii LYTHICYILI.K, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, JANUARY SINGLE COPIES FIVE MURDER CASE TO JURY TODAY A Scrgeant-al-Anns Sain Us !S^ Chief Federal Court Upholds Injunction Running' Di. version >of Funds. BY HOVItEV UNDKKWOOlt United I'ress Staff rurrfspimiknl LITTLE ROCK, Alt;,.. Jan. <i iUP)— Aii injunction which restrains ( Arkansas' treasurer fro" paying out any highway 'Cuiuls has i>fcn made permanent by n three judge federal court here. ' The injunction provides lha icvtniie derived Ircm the ga'olim ;ax and auloniobitc license tax urn !)(• used lor no purpose exec-pi hip.hv;ay inainleusnH-e and opera- lion of Hie higlr'.'.iy d'-piiilmeiu until imeicsl and :;rim-ipal ot Martincau law rtrvl bonds— direc i.'jlicalie-m of the Male— Slave lir-ei ~ In Its dr-clMon the court hslil the suit of the bondholders is not a suit against the stale of Arkansas, and that "there can lie no doiibl that the effect of the various acts letelil of (liein which diverted S2.0GO.OOO out of the gasoline lax and automobile vehicle tax revenue:) was to Impair the obligations of these contracts." Withholds Turnback Intervention of the Arkansas county judge's -association hi the suit seeking release of some S300,- COU in comttv turnback funds (one- ceni per gallon tax turned back to county judges to maintain farm- 1 to-maikcl roads) which was due the judges late last year, was denied. Victory for holders of these direct obligations— some S90.COO.OOO o/.. highway : bonds— forces Ihe spe^ cial refunding session of the -lejls' ". .do -.'one' -of two~'thtrj~gsr::; : 1. Refund the bonds as prodd- rc 1 -.inder the present bill, which re- tuiires (hat 51,400.000 additional revenue must be raised. 2. Default. The decision was handed down in the suit of Fred W. Hubbcll of Des Moines. la., and others who Administration Kxpects to See 5,000,000 More Back at Work. WASHINGTON. IUP).— Observations =^ liv C. K. 5IIPPIK DRIED UP STRKE The ndminlstralion w:is iiiulci-sloud tcday to lie contemplating lhe re- liirn of more than fi.UUll.OOO men i lo-'.iork b:fore the nr-xt presideh- ' tial elccticn in lu'.dllion to the millions Kiven K 1 '^ uy the Civil Works Admlnislral'.on. ' : .Government, officials have esif- mntccl Industrial production In the year beginning July 1 next at 31 per c'lil of lhe 1!I23 to l'J25 ;:u>rai!C. and hi the following year ai 08 per cenl. copipan-il wilh 17 J:CT cenl in OcloVi-i- and llie <le- ession lov. 1 of r ,C (H'l 1 cent in : number of members ol Lsli.p: ciAuuy bar liuvi 1 C'lKi'icellur GauliH'y for jA-ctlvt vacancy on tin 1 F.ii-t'.jii Arkansas federal district l>i-<li. IXIK-, 1 believe, will be dls- i':>|.t..iilril by word Irom Washing- j l"i. ih.n li.-pri-scntalivc W. J.' i'!ivi: [•-. in line 1'ur the place. • .;>• :iKin dtv.eivc'. better of Hull 1'iilr ul ilils ciiunly and of Eusl- (ii! Asfcai:s:ri generally tliun doi:i J'uirr Dri'.ri. Ill'- official record j . l.a:. 1,1,11 UIH- ol lint- nml elteclive CHICAGO, Jan. 6 (UP) — The public M'i-vl«. and he well ini-i list great Chicago milk market became ll.v .-.irurity and relntive case I slowly paralyzed today as a dc- v.l::d, uppuintiiii-iil lo the federal j lermlncd milk producers' strike Li-iu-h v,-il] ghe him died up the source of supply. A-'iili-. perhaps, fiom the facl| The slrlke went Into effect Ihis • •... i, . . i i lean Milk Association iK.n. Strike 85 P' 1|- • M< ' bl Cent Lffective. Says Cotton Acreage Cut to Be Compulsory NKW Olfl.KANH. Jim. i; iUPl — PicdlcliDiis- Unit uillun farmers ulin do not vuliintiiilly cuter the l'JS4 i-Llluii iiL-rcuxi- inluciion pro- l.uim will LI- luri'id by national Util:.l:iilo:i in limn thcj,- tmroiit ia-tpul. ftcri' iiuid, 1 lud.iy by (j. O. Musir, vle,'-pr.:ldi-n ul ilu' Am- irkan CilHon Cu-o;i. rilllli- avwla- 'vheiu lie will conler Mund.iy wltn ficretary Wallace ;n lii.s i-apaclty :.;. a iiii'inbt'i' of.'In- fi'm-lury's :.dUsi>ry conimliu-,. nn hv\ Hint In- hiLs bu-n <vt of the active !.!:iu: . tjf law to'.' Mr. Driver u innubcr of. has all .(he On Is many i.He basis ol these II unofficially LSlimalcd that millions of workers will find ;ote before Ihc vi'! of the 193C fitcal year on Jun? 30. 19:«5. This would leave only the nurinul nn- i mployment of 'J.iXltVOOO lu rj.OJKI,- t;00. believed to have exist'*! through lhe boom L'ays. Federal atithoritier estimate that itiiuHrii uiiuns- to nu.kc him u good Judy... Kvi'n nt that, however, I am aliinil he will l-o less valuable' tin lii'iicli tliuj*. in congress. :Ie h:i.--. lioivc-\cr. , f :oen the major .*. 1.1 his years of congressional net ri'.ihzi'd. II" can iclhe wilh knunlMlgf ilia, hi' hus done ;<jui »nil; and !uis well e; iiirnlmi.iljli' and liosioiabl ou '.bai seems to be in store for him. Wildly cheered by congrra following his first aiinua' i: dent Koosevelt xol another hand as he emr-rged froir. igi'. I'resi- Hou^e ol ndii.'-.tiinl piodvcilon year, beginning neprc.'-entatives, where the speech wa:; made. Here K"tineih Knmney ilel'ti. House Sei^cant-nt-Arnis, longratulates the Piesideni -Alnle Jamcd Roosevelt, the President's eldest son. locks on. in ihc July 1 nexl next., vil! approximate the level 1 ; of 1031. In that year th:' American Fcd- irration of Labor estimated an average of 7.431.000 unemployed Activity in the fiscal year be.innini: July 1. 1P3S. is esiimuted •it sli3hlly in cxcr>.-T of 1930. in y;ar the American Federation of Lab<ir estimated an aver- of 3,!)47.000 uneniployed. Hold Servant Girl ddicuMiit; farmers fathered at Little llm-k to opjMso the proposed abolition o[ tlic tax refund on gasoline used lor agricultural purposes. Senator Ablngton of Becbe said that whether or not highway mornhii,'. A few hours later officials of the Pun: Milk Assoclntion, farmers' cooperative thnt markets 4.000.000 pounds of milk, in Chicago dally, claimed the' strike to Ix' 85 ]>er cent, effective. Three hundred milk strikers hailed a truck on Highway 41 at the Wisconsin-Illinois slutc line] and dumped M cans of cream consigned to a Chicago distributor. ' There were supplies on linn:l sufficient to last over the week end, but lour leading distributors of retail milk admitted utter a survey of receipts at their outlying stations that lliey may be compelled lo curtail deliveries by tomorrow. While hundred': of drputies vatroled highways in an effort Improveni district bonds lire s Martmeau Misled Change in Revenue Corn- Legislature When 19271 missionership Announc- Act Wfs Passed. i ed by Governor Fulrell. from ihc "residence of Mrs. , .- i J Stevens, Ash :md Ninth stn refunded there will he no foreclosures on liomrs. "Stop worrying about it," lie said, declaring that holdcts of tlie bonds could "not gel away with ii. The senator may be right about thai, bul b"foie pulling the matter lo a lest U is essential that every cffon be made lo find belter and more ' honorable setUe- inent. Yesterday's federal -'courl decision in the highway bond case '.pjight to clear lhe way s for thai in' Theft of Brooch ty-.u.kij^^.nto^ntan, or conslpnment near A negro servant girl was held Ihe city jail today suspected represent more than S41.000,000 of quacking yesttr<b LITTLE ROOK. Jan. 0 (UP) — LI'ITLE HOOK. Ark.. Jan. C IU i Jnjunclioi i Rl u.d:<y pk-dLgcd himself and sup- 1 iwrters in ihc lu.-.'.se to continue j tl:v lisht for prici! iiy for road ini- | irovunenl district bonds ; icfunding lCb'i°latl.-!). j Vance charged former Gov| ir::or Martineau hr-'l ' tor. 1 : to Lelieve Ac permanent p,_|£arl C. Wiscm:,],. fo . rmerly as-i employed by ' steeling a diamond brooch pin C. S. •eels. The ucgrcss. sai-'. to have been Mrs. Stevens, was !.y c:ov. J. M. Kred C. Wat- :;n::tr !i:iu Fri'lay rulrell to ::ucci'c-d im-JKin, who Ksiyned. any • Watson, belort li- irgion last iit^nt lhe United Press Ir had br-en of- "Icd Icgisla- 1 lered an appointment lo a federal 11 of 1927 war,. jt-b. lie '.vould noi. however, dis- ^'.ion would be. ni .; for Wosh- 10:30. told sti,n,c, he said, "that Hie Marlineau bonds and who filed | r-.uil in United States district rc.url here lasl year. M.irlmeall nn Bench JudJc John E. Marlineau. one ol tlie three judges who heard the case was governor when the Mnr- lii:cau road law was nassed. II was under this that the bonds \vr-ro Issued. Atlorney Charles T' Coir-man, who represented lhc n:K :, r ~ ii-" l V"~iiiVh"v-.>'-" Tirl"i "oil' t ;:inie in the case which came to an i .1 ''i*,,,, •• '' } i end yesterday, wrote the bill which! ' ,., became known as the Martinean ,. Hoad Law and handed it to Mar- | J^ tineau. wlio made his campaign for j. __ governor on a platform of Iniiltl- .V. iuy highways for Arkansas. ' .'"' Former Congressman Heartsill f Ragon federal judge of the federal: ; rs \/'"' court of tlie western Arkansas dis-! • 1 ! II ''°V' : Irict and Archibald K. Gardner of'. Ula " :i:1 comls. Aberdeen. S. D.. were the other two; ,'' "'" ™nn<H-i ihc United judges. I btnti'a supreme i:ourt will reverse Not only is Leonard restrained: ""'. <lt ' c ' si011 -" fi(.m oayini! out any tuiitls on the j •'"' ho '"' 1 ' I'-^-'i'd a bill loday: 25-yea'r "refunding ' bon.-K which: U V Kcpiv^maiiiv Vane:' !e;;al- j SIIAWNEE. Okla.. Jan. C (UP), were authorized bv the March ses- ""'-a the nianufat-'.nri' of wir.e in !- -Wilbur Underbill, wounded tri-j tinii of the Icglslatinv under lhe, Arkansar, lor ui:t o' slate consim:)- : state killer, was moved lo Okla-; Fill? refunding bill, liul also Is re-! 1;rin - .homa stale prison at McAlester- stininrd froni paying contractor. 'Ihe scn.ilu was nol in session, j today from the Shawnee city lios-| and other claims' asainsl Arkan-1 ---' ! "'Ifl where he had been expected' sns or from paving interest on j\![o ro fliarap^ WUK to die. j "••- t iii ^.ticiigeu TTllll i ,\n unusual improvement in his I million made Ihe transfer pos-! Jan Mai- made when Arkansas highway bonds were sold must be met before there can be diversion of highway revenues to other purposes. The decision, at least, makes ii clear thai efforts lo give im- provemciil district bonds priority are a waste of lime. It should cn- lo clcur the way for Incoming rhil.'iiients. 35 pickets halted u irucl: load of crtuin and two Imrk loads of intlk and dmii|H'd lhe whotc f.-.lcin, Wis. dlslrlbulorf said the ser- of the shr'rtagc n'oiild depend h'pbn the abiliw of lhc dairy fanner-: lo b!£H.-k .'•hipments from utilslilc the area controlled by the Pure Milk association. The association controls about cent of th 1 ! normal supply of milk lo Chicago. The slrike called Ly ollicials. of the association to combat Independent "chlsclers" attempting Will Succeed Martineau on Bench Says "Washington Mcrry-GoRouiid." Kepresenlallvi 1 W. J. Driver of O.^ceolu is hlulcd to suuui'i-d Jud^e John E. Marllneau on tlie bench of tin; federal d1?;riol court lor lhe ciislcrn dUlricl of Arkansas when JudKC MariiiR'iiu Ls advanced lo the Uiilli:' 1 Slalcs circuit :i'iirl of appeals, ni'roidliig to the 'Washington Merr;--Clo-llound," a tjiidlciitetl column c.I "Inside" news from lhe capital city. "Arkansas will s inn lose one ol ils Democratic cot^ressmen. HeiT- iisentiillv' W. J. n;-iver ol Osccola 1'fis bui'ii quietly aerecd upon «.< •.accessor to Fcdeial Judge Join E. Marlineau whcis the latter Is tiiinsferrcd to tin 1 circuit bench W. Louis." lhe "Mmy-Oo-Roimd 1 .' aid this morning. If the predlcltor is fullilled will probably |>a\e lliu way for fiec-for-all race fnr tin congress seat whlch'.Mr. 'Drlvtr has occupiec tying u,) hiuliwav funds, j ^lant "ccmniissiord of jc'veiiuesM :!l;k , 1 '" 'I 1 ' lc ' l '» vi , ;v *. ilisappe.irancJ!^,,. ^ ]al(IT s to u ,,dcrstand that ,R- ; .entaiivc -" of " Demon ! for Arkar-us. was nanu'd commls-1 " ! " !e Dln sh(1 " n ""' s B"" 1 ' I 10 "™ the way to f t!l l'. ' which impro' :are a montage Ls to refund the direct state obligations on the best terms possible, and to apply rc- (!ic 1927 !egislu' : on shoi k si.\ years lat'.-v and derision. Tt is also drcisioti shotih; come huiirs after a committee had the righ'. to prioiity ol d come | Llher llian v reverse i tjnitrd Pres-. strange i liarry Finn onty a ' L>e apixlinted pir.ce a he told lhe .Tonesboro may fill Wiseman's lommissioner. Barbara and Her Prince Travel in Royal Suite SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 6 (UP) —Half of an oceai: liner's exclu- I iivc "C" deck wa^ reserved today in transport the former Barbara ! Hulton. heiress of the Woolworth n.illions, her husband. Prince Alexis Mdh'ani, ni.d Iheir parly :c the Orient. The rcseivalions made for the who. they charge, are lo force- Iho price ol i;iw milk bf-low cO'j [ . of proiluctlon k vi Is. SENfllE TD TOBILL mainlng funds to the improvement district Iwnds. There has been worked out a plan, apparently acceptable to the bondholders, for refunding bolh the dirccl stale bonds and lhe im- provemenl district bonds. That should be done as rapidly as possible, and without involving the I issue in any question of what the j bill, pnssed yesterday by lhc House stale can do for other local road - 11 Measure Will Be First important Enactment of Current Session. WASHINGTON. Jail. 6 lUPI — The administration's ]H]iior tax In the way of aid Underbill Removed to Oklahoma Prison party on lhe N. V. K. liner Tat-; |& col|]U1( , s r or highway purposes. | Maru. willing for Japan next| Gcl U]c |)mjor ^.^ prob i em scl . I Thursday, called for the "royal tlc(J nm i thcn if any money , s I suite" of five state:coms and eight j lt . fl or . my additional revenue can : ether ndjoinine Kioms on "C"\ lv ; mm a t w ni be lime enoiiRh to c'eck. The section virtually Ls cm ! c c-rT from the rema^'dcr of the shlpj e: . Icsa , r n ,,, Uers . by the ship's dr:ini; room. New York Cotton i Pennsylvania Anthrax Scare Dispelled Today hiuluvnv l»nds held by other stales such'as was aulhorized bv the extraordinary session of the leijis- la'ure last fall. Andrew Wi-Hll n,.,. 1 At that li:»c an appropriation. lo il:ive filv j ;| ' ,. hob( | home oi another Ky.-a. f«co trial in municipal jrt'C of SCO.OOO was made to pay interest on bands held by Pennsylvania so suit by that state coulrt be forestalled. Pennsylvania, however, filed suit ayninsl Arkansas. This is scheduled to cnme up licforo the United Stales Supreme courl Jan. IS. Hits Priority 1'lan The Ellis hill provided for re- fnndiiiK toll bridge, direct highway and rond Improvement dis- p i r\ • Irict bonds—Ihc latter wore assiun-1 r3Ul L/aviS, ed by the state under the Martineau Law—through issuance o( '2b- three per cent boncis. Tliisj _ lower rale of Interest: extension of | NARHVlLLc. Tenn.. Jan. C Firing Into House ^; c physlc|ims „.,, ~~ Tt was unriersiood also Iliat fcd- V\i?fall. iiepro. allegcr! ,, r ,,| al | t i, 0 rities feared comrades into the of ijiiderhill miglil attempt to res- will likely' cl][ , ],j m ;[ i,e remained here, couit tliisj Four machine gunner guards] afternoon on a cl wilh a deadly wen 'the nrsio. nccnrriin; =avs he «a s!! 'lenially fired into the house. Othe: ! fr-.rwr. claim he was aimins in ihe direction of the house "an:i wns only hunting for trouble. of assault^ have" watched over him and all| stend y- i his mail has been studied closely NEW YORK, Jan. 6 (UP)—Col-i jton closed firm. open high low close 1047 1053 1045 1053 1036 1MO 1052 1059 fay 107-1 1078 1068 1017 ill 1088 IOSO 1083 1089 )ct 1101 1110 1100 1100 3ec 1121 1124 1116 1124 Spots closed at 1015. up 2fl. SACKVILLE. Pa.. Jan. 6 <UPI --Fuu uf an nuthrax plague r: j ncs I'mong til? 308 residents of "-" r-iill \lllagc was disprltcd tod.iy ;nd Its abandonment was halted. The 80 families, crdered to va- i.ate by the owner of the "com- rr-nv town," contlincd aboul their busino'iS witliont tear of tlie disease or worry of being dispossrs- come before the senale early next week \vilh D.-mocnUlc leaci- cic pressing for early acliou. Majority Leader Robinson said loclay th: bill will be brought up Monday or Tuesday. No committee htaiinss will be nicessary in the renatf. Debate wii: take longer In the house . where only fue voted 33:1111'.! Hie i l-ill. but senale leaders hojv lo |::iss it within a week The measure, imi'uMiis a tax of S'^ a' g.illot: on w'. i: . c ky. S5 a barrel on beer, and lower taxes on for •many years. .% far Clinton I,: Caldwel! of Manila Is Kie 'oill candidate fonually in the field, bu f nnmh'jr of oliurs liavc been mentioned as prospective aspirant .'01 (lie plnce, iiK'-uding Count; Jiidge 7,a! a. Hnirlson of till city. Friends of Judge Harrlsoi have buen saying for tome Mm thai lie would be i. cnndlclale fo Crowley !s Confident Jury Will Return Verdict of Acquittal JMOCiOTT. /-rk.. Jan. 6 (UP)— lie irlal of Re\. Pale S. Crowley, pastor of Jonvsboro Baptist tabc-r- i:acle, was exi 'i-le-J to reocli the jury bcluru n - -fall todo;-. Slate's Allo. .ey A. .U. Tadlock, altacklii"' tlie opiwslng. plea ol defense, contended In an argument to the Jiry today that Itev. Crowley <vas out of range ,ot 1'iiiillre when he fhot and Itllled . J W. McMurdo, 08, night watchman at the tiibenuxcle, Taillock said that- when Rev. Ciowley sUnnbhd against a hall closed door he lould have fled 10 safely Instead of recovering his niKhcuthed revolver to return jiiul 111 McMurdi. He sail! the slay'ng was an oul- rcwlli of many months of strife ml disorder In th.: church, large- t caused by the defendant who. ic added "slandend from his pul- dt many of the best. citizens ol i(.ne;boro, Including city and coun- .j- ollicials, for the obvious pur- :osc of atlrccting as many people ind dollars as possible to his hurch. CrQwlty Cijiifident As lhc case neaivd the jury-the iefendant expressei'. confidence of. r.cquilUl. "I am confident I will lie ac- uuiued." he r' J ••'/'- -'n satisfied with the 'i-, ,.ive shaped up and I believe tl'f jury will .deal filriy wilh me. , You can't, pea£.; a jury of farmer^.'. . '• ..-. to fense Avlqrney Sneed'b .. ^.... his nrgurnenl. to trn jury, claUnirrJ- • _ thai prejudice played an imporl- rnl part in agitating the Jonesbpro iliiircli war. Perronal feellns played too im- pnitunl a part," hn said. Defense Attorney Ivy Spencer laid the McMurdo .ilayiiiB at .the f,-et of lhe Jcflers faction, "hout- . intj'. "The blood of McMurdo Is still un their hands." Judge Ne.'. Killonph delivered a ?0-niiiiiilc charge to the Jury in •vhlrli he explained that the Jury had authority to atquit the pastor oi lind him guilty of any of the ll-ree degrees of n.urder or man- r:aiiglncr.' If found guilty, the, told the jury, sentence , , . . „ AT- J' 1(i e c lol 'l Ulc J ur ^' « nl - e "™ "" Labor Leaders bay Admin-1 low as iwo years impriiomnent may ist rat ion Is ^ Intent of Act. • , .* T \v; l • 'be imooscd or the defendant may istration Is Weakening £ ™£e« u PHILADELPHIA Jan. fi (UP) - Cigan!/cd labor made ils first lii'blic allack on the administration of the labor piovisions of the MHA today at a co'.ifcrenci' of the National Academy of Political and Social Science. Sidney Illlliiian general president of the- Amalgamated Cloth- inf, Workers of America, and a n.ember of the president's labor advisory board, demanded con- to o:i:c;'rs, and acci-. s(nr( , pjtal hc wns p | ncw | New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 6 <UP> — 1 Officials of Iho Pennsylvania ' ;ir;iltli deparlmen* gave Kiidolpti Seek, owner of the one industry, i wo.ilen mill. 3D dais in which to mak; sanitary repairs. is expected to r.ilse S55t).- a year in new revenue. While the administration is Driving the liquor lax bill llnutigh as its first impo-lan! measure, other matters will occupy the scr.atc as it scttliF into slride nexl week. High School Students |Co,,o,c,osed «ry steady ^ - ^ ^^ p oes Q{ | t-,y^may^ni, 1 up I time for payment and the question of what bonds should have first lien on highway revenue caused bondholders to refuse to accept the refunding plan. Consequently little more than J2.000.000 of bonds were turned in for refunding. Only yrslcrday a joint commll- scr.sion of the legislature recommended priority for road improvement disiricl bonds. But this is in direct conflict wilh the decision. —Paul M. D.IV to Resume Classworkj Jn]1 I Mar .. • Blythevillc hicli school students.! May Under Arrest afler enjoyuiB a prolonged ChrLsl-! Jul mas holiday tK-cnusf of CWA re-' Oct pair work on the high school Dec building, will resuiv.c- their stud- j Spots ies Monday morning. up. Ciawford Greene, superintendent' of fchools. announced this after- iUP) high 1042 1056 1072 1036 1105 1118 .'is. president of the was ar- American National bank, rested here loday on a charge of violating the stale banking laws • ...... - ..... Davis, a brother of Norman I! "°°» IIln( thc wnlor '" gl1 Mh001 Davis, was arreMed In liu office : •' t ' : 1040 1049 1068 1083 1100 1115 closed steady. 10 1063 1078 109G 1115 1054 1071 IfWS HOS 1118 points The administration's f.irut credit bib. framed by Hie farm credit administration to make its bonds n.orc attractive '.'J investors. Li'lng put In form for early consideration by the linking and currency committee. Also the St. Lawrence waterway nexl week , - 1 for ralification. UBS Tax Refund Abolition White House m(wa«i. s on recip- rccal tariff agreriicnts and war FI. Highfill of Blylheville is ouu (icb!s 50 °" wil1 slorl acllvlly "' irr.ssicnal enncltnonl of slricl en- 'orcrment legislation for ssctlon i-A of lhc recovery acl. In a paper read 1'y Ellis Searles, John Lewis, president of the United Min: Workers of America, urg- lo de^th. He dealt at length with Tad- l-nck's assertion Hint Crowley had n treated lo a |»i'r.t of safety, adding that If Crowley actually had lied out of rang:: of McMurdo's gun and then returned to kill D.e night watchman, he should then be declared the ajgrer^or- in the dispute and sentence im- ixwcd accordingly. STXM JffTerltes Spencer, referring to the Jeflers luction. said: "They have taken the star of Erthlchein from the tabernacle and' l.'aced therein the Imps of hell.' They have taken away the stars and stripes, representing the right of every citizen to religious frce- c'nm. and placed therein the red 111 1" Hag of religious anarchy. m!ule "The blood of J W. McMurdo • mandatory in all codes i , 1 ™ °^° ( , r , , (rora lne '•Many things may happen to £ ^of some of Ibe women who the details of the recovery plan." 0h Ils philosophy is hen to stay. Labor has not been treated fairly in the formation of tlie cedes and it is vital to the fulur" of the nation that congress cn.ict legislalion vhii-h will allow legal enforcement of the provisions of (lie acl." .,,. ri ''McMurdo would be alive today. Prohibition Ended in Volstead's Home State ST. PAUL, Jan. C 'UPl—Four- teen years of prohibition In Min- tul for longucs of some of Iho vomen Jefleritcs." Tlie attorney denounced the .'eftcriles as encouraging "the deAth Jed statement." He said: "When the ange'.i of death hov- eied over him, ^Jc^!urc!o. with his Inrt breath, svvore a lie, and his friends know it. In an eflorl to tend Dale Crowley to the electric clu'iir," are xpcclcd to rcjwrt for classes Monday, resinning their assistant attorney of'Dav-1 r °f lll3r scll(X)1 vvork w " hou ' 1 fl11 'id.'on county. ' I ther delay. The American National Is one of I lie slate's largest, banking in- StilllliOJlS. which hold Ihe Mat tineau bonds have a prior lien on stale way revenues high- JANESVILLE. Wis. (UP)— New types of voca'.lon'l training for .•.Indents at the School for the Blind here are bcint considered as Iht result of decreased work r.-oi (unities, in rcrcnl years, lhc blind. Asriciillure may t'liiClH at. lhi> scl-onl soon. lhe narrani chai-gcd false entry! moot of S500.000 for "falsely seltin-j up' S3CC.OOO on deiwsll when llier,- was j IHI such deposit." i All olher city schools have Iwen operating Hie pas! week although some sn.ides have been forced to emergency classrooms. Closing Stock Price*, in Sues for Divorce -Tapaiifsc Cherry Tree SEATTLE (UP) — A Mrs. Eul:i!a F!overs has Japanese I-vi! in chancery ccurt hero chciry tree in the yard of Dr. J. S. [mp a divorce Irom L. P. 7no:nas "Jumped [he gun" on Hie' pring seapon whei; It burst, forth In full bloom. It usually blooms (•round April an<l May. according to Dr. Thomns. Tiled scck- Flow- crs. Mr. and Mrs. Flowers were m.u- ::cd in 102G and Kejxiraled in )!)T2. Virgil Grettie is attorney for (lie plnlnlltr. A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cilte.s Service General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Middlewesl Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. Texas Co. U. S. Slerl 109 14 35 3-8 54 2 1-S 34 18 5-8 34 1-4 38 3-8 3-15 213-8 May The committee was chosen from|r\ , . D v .• delegation of more than 20o| UetfOlt DOy Victim ivhleh visited the capllol Friday: 'n prolest at the proposed aboh-| Mot) of the refund The committee | will confer with 'he house scnal? refunding rcmniltler 1 !. ' Chicar/o Wheat hieh 32 4 15 5-8 0 3-4 17 1-2 44 3-8 Jul open 84 84 3-4 82 3-8 8K ' low 84 82 1-4 close 84 3-8 82 7-8 Chicaffo Corn of Strange Murder DCTROIT. Jan. ii lUl''-Charles 1 Bertie. 17-year-ol.l sdioo! boy. Lv.hosc oddly trussed body was loiintl In Ms home here, was n.urdered by a fiend, authorities ciicided today. Coroner E. J. Knoblcch described the slaying as a "horrible crime" and said tint Ills investiga- be a "clear close open high low 23 3-4 i May 51 1-2 51 7-8 51 1-4 51 5-8 4S,1-8| Jul 53 KJ 3-8 533-4 531-8 lion showed It >.'• case of. murder." The body, almost trussed up with nude, Crop Production Loan Bill Wins Approve^ WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 (UP)— The senate agriculture committee voted today to report favorably tlie Smith crop production loan bill, designed to make advances to farmers who cannot meet col- lalcnil requirements under Ibe farm credit administration. exccpts tlie 21 counties which voleri dry In the prohibition repeal referendum. Stowaways Leap From Ship Near Canaries AMSTERDAM. Jan. G (UP>—. Two stowaways jumped with llfc| ARKANSAS — Cloudy tonight, belts from the steamship Alpherat] preceded by rain !n cast portion. WEATHER near the Canary Islands last night, owners of the ship announced today. The company had a direct report from the ship after its mas- cord in a ter had wirelessed Lisbon that a wasjman, believed possibly to be Alex- peculiar manner. Dr.ath was due to Mr.ingulatlon, the coroner said. ander Staviskl, missing French banker, and a companion, had jumped off thl t!'tt>i Colder Sunday. Memphis and Vicinity—Rain tonight o'jl Sunday. Colder Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 53. minimum 42, clear, according, to Samuel. F. Morris, ofTtclil weather observer.

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