The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1934
Page 4
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i'AGE FOUR "" .THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER KEITH IHt OODRIEK NEWS OO., I>UBIJBH*B« O. R. BABOOOST. Bfltor H. W. HAUJBB. A4TWHsm< Utotgtl BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Bolt National Advertising vc«pn.<«nt4tlv«<: Arkansas Dallies, Ino., New York, Chlc»«o, eifvlt, SL Louis. DallfB, SIMM Cfty, Mcmpuli. Published Every AfteitooQ Except Entered as second ulna matter n tlie post ollicc at. B:yUievlIte ; Ar- kniisas, under act of Congres*, October 9, 1817. Scrvcu ov rtin rjnltj'n Pres* SUBSCRIPTION RATKS By carrier in tne city ol BlyUievme, !5o yet jwk or $8.60 per year in advance. By mall wlltiln B radius ot BO railoa, $3.00 per ycnr. H.5D for su months, 85o for '.Ijree monthi; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In /ones seven suo eight, »10.00 PCJ- year, payable In advance. Specter of Air Attacf? jar From Alarming One of the most prominent IIOKC.V- mcu of modem limes is the spcclcr of acrin) warfare. When the next wnr comes, we arc assured, great (leels of homhiiiK pliinoN will swoop on us out of the ocean somewhere anil rediico our chief cities to ashes in something less than the time it takes to say "Jack Robinson." Alarmists have harped on this theme for yews, assuring us that we arc defenseless ;it'<iinsl aerial invasion ami that we shall have a pretty sorry time of it the next time we fro to war. But Maj. Con. James G. Harbord, who was something of a soldier in tlie last war, thinks we are Celling worried for no ; good reason. In si recent speech General llarlionl bluntly scoffed at this picture of wholesale destruction. * * * Revicwiiu^the-.dreadful prediction of -American" cities destroyed by hostile bombers, the general remarked that the prediction has only one fault—it has iio foundation in fact. liefore we grow frightened at tlie thought of an invading- air licet, ho begs us to figure out where such a fleet would come from. "Jt is still a seven-day wonder,", he says, "when a plane, stripped .ofhi 11 excess weight, makes a trans-ocean flight, while in the time taken by the. Italian armada under Gen. Halo Iklbo to cross the Alliinlic, aided all the way by friendly nations, the trip could have been made in a tramp steamer." An air squadron mils'I have a base, continues the general. No neutral .country would permit its soil to bo used for such purposes; and if a Moat- ing base were used—well, we have a pretty fair sort of mivy, which could be relied on to take care of that. f * v And those bombs? No bomb yol made, says the general, could destroy a modern steel skyscraper. Those gnu bombs which, are to exterminate a city's populace would have to brought in by the million-pound lot—and even then people would be safe if they kept their doors and windows closed. There arc net, continues General Harbord, enough bombing planes in all the world lo destroy a city in a few hours. Km-therm ore, planes musl land, sooner or Inter; and "no air armada litis yet flown wlio«e personnel could not be run in by the municipal police if it landed in hostile territory." All Ihi.s sounds very much like excellent common sense. This bogeyman may not he quite as dreadful a .specter as we had supposed. —Bruce Gallon. Hitler's Mistake It begins to look as if Adolf Hitler made one of the major mistakes of his career in seeking to extend his influence lo the pulpits of German clmrclies. •A man's political beliefs (fan be changed or silenced; his feelings on economic and .social problems can be overridden or disregarded; but when you begin trying I 0 coerct; him in the iicld of religion, yon are apt to .stir up a great tleal more trouble than you fill) hamllo. The German people accepted most of Hei-i- Hitler's innovations docilely enough, but his inlcrforcncc in church matters has brought him nothing but criticism and defiance. What sort of omen all this may be for the future of Nazi rule is a question no man can answer just now. It is a safe guess, however, that the dic- (alor would be very giad to find some way of dropping this issue—since it turned out to be so much "hotter" he had dreamed. Relief in View /or Coal One of the most interesting siig- . Bcslions of the fall is the forecast, made by « writer for the Pittsburgh I'rcsH, that the federal government is preparing to take revolutionary stops to restore health to the great coal mining industry. ft is asserted that, under a plan soon loj be submitted to President Roosevelt, nil "marginal" coal mines would bo taken over by the government and retired from production. In this way, it is said, the pro'duc- '.tioii'.of. the industry could be geaifed ^o consiimplion, producers could make a fair profit, and workers could ho assured of ..steady work at a decent wage. It is impossible to forecast what will happen lo this sweeping plan, of course. It is encouraging, however, to see that the problem of the conl industry i« gelling earnest consideration. Something must be done, to rescue the industry from its chronic boiidition of over-production. This plan should at leasl focus our nUention on the urgency of the problem. We Americans are inclined lo jud^c Balkan kings by comic o|>cia sliindurds. King Alexander of Jugoslavia was not that. kind. —William R. Castle, Jr., former midcr-secretary ot Etntc. * t * No air armmln has yet flown whose personnel eon' 1 .'. :;;!, be run In by the municipal [Mlicc if It landed in hostile territory. —Maj, Gen. James o. Harbord. OUK WAY THET POSSE'LL SHORE KETCH U9 ON THESE BLAME THINGS! THEM'S FAST LOOKIN' HORSES THERE. GO AHEAD, SUIT VORESCFF- BUT.SJOT MEf THEY HAIMT GOT NOTH1M' ONJ ME BUT A KIL.LIN' AM' BANK ROBBIN', AN' I'LL BE DANGED EP I'M A&OIN TO 6IT HUNG PER HOSS STeALIKT' iyi£?jy...YEARS -top sooN._ SIDE GLANCES By George Clark p ,i t r* - vour fatilc ' r illl(l - vmir Ki-anclfuther and his tamer before him have .always been bmikers." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^r, i am Ferguson ABOUT 1N WA.TER *ND BRINGS AQL ^ T ,'c tire TO THE SURFACE, WHERE IT IS DEVOURED BV THE. BIRD MICE TO EACH ACRE, IN A. * IOO.A.CRE fAEADOW. WILL EAT ( A TORNADO CAN TAKE A TIGHT- PITTING CORK OUT OF A BOTTLE. Cork-pulling stunts, so often performed by loriinte never full la arouse curiosity. The feat is very simple, however.' The passim- tornndo reduces the tilr pressure to Ihc extent Hint, tlic normxl pressure Inside the bottle blows Ilia cork. out. NEXT: Arc nil prunes plume, :iml :ill plums pviincs? Mauy Colds Develop From Infections of the Sinuses 1 of tlu sinuses, but suction devices have been developed which will l!y I)!t. MORRIS Ktlltor. .Iinirnal of the American ileillral Assorbtiim, anil of llv- BCi.t.' Ihc Heallb Magazine " Infection of the sinuses in children is much more common thnii you might think. Mnny a case which you nun believe to be merely a h.i:l crild is such an infection. Some ruiigns and colds that are not explainable for other reasons :ire cine lo ciiron- ic infection of a sinus. This condition Is obxrri.:..-, t n the health ol the body Kcn?rU!y, because the germs :ire pk-Xftl v.p and circulated to other PIM, of the body. Cases o[ heart (i;s'nse rhcmnatism. inflammation »'.* the' kidneys and other organs al.v. may result from an infection :••, th" sinus. Constant slight [ever avid irritation from the infection interfere with appetite and mi--- the child lackadaisical. s o th;t> ,, ro . fuses to play or Be t die' proper amounts of exercise and uv,. For these reasons any p-r.-isfiit infection in the nose and throat should have accurate dtoBuosx and then competent treatmeni. Accuracy of diagnosis may b;> iiiri by means of an X-ray picture wnlch will slio\v a cloudiness and blackness of tho sinusns, indicaliiv* (lie need for special care. It Is possible for the dwuv to look into the nose and aciuanv sec the Infected material comiii'-" out, ol the openings ol the simihEs into the nose. Whenever thcvc is inJocticu tlv> first sl?p ii to j t .t it out. It .-:, : ur 4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, s 111:111: TODAY Wlirn I>AS lll.UUUKIl, ,,ul,. IMli-r of Tin- IllaiJr, IrnrMn ih, , i:iunu:s sioiinu.v ...... i.V," lie SIIIXHV CII I.I , t , ,„. «Kl» ..... sulve Hit murder. M«rili-ii lind l.rrn Ici.j-ii nil he cnulil n II. CATHAY. »(„!!!, U Tii,- fllniFc liri'ini.i. lk u HiMMimiuT rt>|i<irlrd Cnlkiiv knd bom ar _ ri-.lril. Lntrr If >v,,» iirnvon tlliil ./,,. »rrr«rrd, K lvln B ll. e n ,, ul e • if <ntPi»y nn<l ctri-oiD^iinli-a liy n Kirl <-.-, ...... MA |iy IIIIIC.-O.S, , V1 ," nil Iiiiiiiuliir. TJic 111,-ulf i<ulii;«Iil'il ti ri-l nu-t Inn. T'lii-ii .Mnrilrn It foiiml ilpnil nml n riMV Ijniiitf Inlor t<imi[>u j,,.. VM XIJru-y firm iiiiilc'rlnlioH the Viio'Vi.-!, 11 ' "?'"•'" '" "* c <; M.4iiM':x IIS1II-H, (.-nlliny'ii liovrrr. i.nJ Hi I'll lu Cqlljiir>« lionic. Thi-rL- ha «!•!•.» O.UU, n.tcI.VI.;, itrtvnti! ilr- u.,.|lv.', I wiring In n.lliii}-, enr. HIP rhniinriir K.IJK hn.i<llrlv in '•fid, "lou cnii'f Mt-c ill*. C.-illuij-." NOW no ox WITH TIII; STOUY CI1APTOR XIV nnilK chauffeur wormed hack be- A lilml (ho wlieel ot the, big car. Tlic gear shift lever snapped home and llio automobile, with Haclne, tlio Selective, Insider, slid smoothly down tlio ilrlvowny, progressing as effortlessly as a Irout gliding tliroiiKli Hie (lark dentils ot u forest IXKJ[. Sidney drift wntclicd tlio ear until it had turned tile corner ot tlio blorlr. Then lie stepped tu (ho doorbell and a inoincul later was handing liis curd to n Bolonin-faccd Ijutlcr \vlio assured him 1 that Mrs. Cathay was receiving no one. "Von will tell her," =nlrt Sidney Grift', "that I have no wish to Intrude iiiion her grief. ! It is. however, Important Ihal 1 BCD' licr. Yon will cxnlntn to her ilmt I nm a criininologiHt and that if she can grant me an audience now it may save her much inconvcnienca lalcr." The butler toolc his canl.-sbowed him into a reception hallway. As Oiiff nailed lie looked nlibnt htm, noting Hie Chinese rug on the floor, tlio dark wood table and chairs or solid, Tudor design, tlio maroon silk draperies reaching to the floor. Tlirousli the doorway be could see the living room and ctuiglvl a gliinuse of a (ircnlctco with a. mirror aliavc the mantle. The furnishings looked expensive. Kverylhjjig about Hie lionso looked .expensive and characterless— tlio typical home turned out by a fashionable in- lorior ilccorator wlio know how to please ivcaltliy -clients. It was only a|rew moments lie- fore Ilic butler was back wiili Die information that Mrs. Cathay would sea Mr. Griff. Tlie interior of tlie lionso was hushed ami tliere was about it the niirn ot ilcatlt. A musty smell struggled with tho cloying" odor ot .flowers thai were dying, and, in turn, were used to ornament death. Clrift saw a maid in Ilic nest room. no(cd that tlio servants walked aliunt on liploe, willi slrahied, set faces. /"'HIPP followed tlio liutler. In ^ Hie midst of Iho atmosphere of hushed rcstriclion the healthy Llinildiiib of the crlminologist's foot- tails were as the Influx of an out- sldo life, pushing aside decaying tissues, - <lissi;«ilt;ij{ dead atmospheres wllli llio lang of a sally sea b recite. Tho Initler leil tho way lo a inialler room hack of tho living •oom. Mrs. Catiiay was lliorc, ilrelelicd In a reclining clialr. A roljo was drawn about her. Her faco while and Iho eyes wore dark-rhimu'd. Her hands seemed Him wlilto wax anil there was something pileously pathelie In Ilic woman's eyes as she stared at Ihc crhiilnologlst. They were eyes that lielil curiosity, grief, ti-a|;cdy, and —moro llian all—the dark lustre of tear. "Please be scatotl," she said. Kidney drift IhankeJ her, dropped lo a cbalr. "Dclicvo me, Mrs. Cathay," he said. "I h;u| no wish to Intrude upon your grief. I came lo make a suggestion and a suggestion merely." "What is it?" slie asked. "That you will not," he said, "oppose an autopsy." SJio shuddered and said nothing. "I Jiave," said Ihc criminologist, "discussed corl.iln phases of the easo with your attorney, Mr. Charles Fisher. lie tells me that a hurried settlement was completed with The Illailo because your hus- taml was taken seriously ill, anil yon Ijolh altribuied Ibat Illness to menial anxiety caused by tbe article which bad been published." "Not because ot Hie article," said Mrs. Cathay. "Not because ot that alono but because of the tactics ol the newspaper people.- They wero going to blacken Prank's reputation by every means in Iheir power and Frank's reputation was all Ihat he had lo live for. Money meant but little to lilin. That which he prized more than .ill was his repu- t.ilion ,-uicl sCamliug in the community." tcresl. and pledged their support of tlie recreational project. A bird sanctuary is proposed for both sides of the Missouri river at tin site of the park. The old mission recognized as one of tlie most, picturesque spots In the middle west will be included in the survey of tn.2 (met. of tho thing; the loss of prestige(ho loss ot dignity; the certain knowledge that some shrewd ;u- lonioy would twist find distort i'h 0 Illtlo incidents, tlie minor matters, so ns to make lliem seoni big find Important." "What IHUe inclvlenli Wliui minor matter?" pressed Griff. She sah! nothing. Tlio corners ot lior Dps quivered. "Please." sho tiaiil. "You illdu'i coino here lo halt me, bill in ask mo soinelhfng or lo tell mo some. Ihlng. I'lease got It over wllh and i;o." (Iriff's voleo was low-pitched ana confidential. "I want to ask you," be said, "It you know Hint llio reporter ivho had been scnl by ihc newspaper to investigate your husband's reputation was murdered, nud his body was found yesterday afternoon?" * • * T.TAD soiiio electric current sal- ••*• vaulted her to sudden activity, she could not have reacted hioio quickly or violently lo his wonls She sat bolt upright. The filmy ncgligeo fell open in tj, e f rollt nil(1 away from one shoulder. The dark imtilc of her eyes was now intcnBl- fled. Her bloodless lips ipilvered before they inaitaged to mouth Ihc ODD word—;"Mm-dorc(l!" 'Yes," he said. "You hadn't beard about it?" "Murdered!" BUD said. "Oh my God!" She dropped back against Iho chair and lay very still and very motionless. Orlff went to her siile, felt of ber pulse, went to (lie door of the room ami jerked It open. A maid was standing within'a few feet of tho door, her'faco flashed. "Your mistress," said Griff.. "Ins fainted. See what you can do for hor.'' . The inn id slnrcil at him nceus- "I think," said Griff, "you had heller telephone for a physician." Ho raised his voico slightly as ho made the suggestion, anil then turned to regard the still form which reclined in (bo overstuffed chair. That fortn stirred. .A weak voice' said, "'N'o, I don't want u physician, (let mo some braridy Marie." Griff faced the maid once more. "Under the circumstances," ha said, "I will not make any fare, wells to your mistress, ricas'e tell her that I have gone and that I am grateful for the interview." Tho maid said nothing but stared at him with hostile, sullen eyes as Ciriif found ills way out of tha house. The butler readied tha trout door jiist as CJriff bad stepped to the porch, i,, ^-~, Griff walked rapidly clown the cement to the place where his lail- eah H-aitiiig, "Get me," lie sail! to the driver, "to a public telephone where I can put. in a long distance call. Don't lose any lime." (To He Continued) , : Criff nmkfH n leloplionc crtTt in Ilic iic.xl ijixl.-illmcnl :inil £ivi-* flicse lailrucllonH, "Trait Cncl llnelnc." taught to build reKling stations,' In one month was in June or 1031 . construct on ot bird-houses and: and August of 103-1 when GOT ,appreciation of birds and their hab-'couples \vcd -its. Instead of hunting with guns, | i members take hikes through ths . woods with Instructors and cam- jcrns. i TTER voice was weak and toneless, without animus, without enthusiasm, without, vigor. She spoke, us one would speak ot a thunder shower which had passed after doing damage to some prize bed of flowers. "Did you," asked Ciriff, "let your husband know that you were going to tho city to negotiate a settle- mont?" She stared at him steadily. "Why do you want me lo answer that question?" she asked. "Let it KO," he lold her, his eyes now focused upon her pale lips. "U is, perhaps, of no mailer. But would yon mind telling me why you and your husband became so ureat- ly concerned over the. fact that a reporter was making ah Investigation' for'the niininsVof TtBtcrmtn- ing facts about Mr. Cathay's' reputation?" "How do yon menu? 1 ' she asked. "Was there." lie asked, "some specific fact that yon were afraid the reporter would uncover'.'" "Certainly not. lily husband's life has been an open hook." "Then why were yon so afraid of what the reporter might imcover?" "It wasn't what ho might uncover," she said. "It was the idea Connecticut Organizes First 'Nature League HARTFORD, Conn. (UP) —In order that the state's wild life may be preserved, tlie. state board of fisheries and game has formed the tirst Nature League in the country. Children and adults alike .ire Cupid Sets Record in Divorce Capital o? World RENO. Nov. (UP)—Dan Cupid set an all-time record lisre during September with 675 couples, most of thsm from California,' obtaining marriage licenses. Only WS persons obtained divorces during the same period. Freak Kitten Born SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (UP) — A freak kitten was borii in a litter here, with eight legs, two bodies, one head, and one half mal= ' and the other half female. Three logs were in front and fiv= in back. It died within a few (lays. ether kittens in the same were nortnal. Two litter OGDEN', Utah (UP)—A cantaloupe 26 inches long was grown here by Mrs. Marie Sparlmwk. Tlio a — v ^cii^ti. melon was twice the size ot the. IThc previous record for marriages ordinary' cantaloupe. OUR BOARDING HOUSE achieve the result without serious pain. Solutions of various drugs may be use<i to shrink the mcmbran-o of the nosa and in th;il w -ny allow the fluid lo tlo.v more easily out of tile sinuses. There are a few exceedingly h-lp- !ul tlilnss which the mother can do at hmne. There are syringes which help to dra.v out tin'secre- tions. There i:; oven a simple device which can be attached lo n water faucet a»;l cr;;U3 ,i!r .suction ' by flowing of tiu' water. j After" t^ic infection has b<"n i drawn out. a bland oil is applWi I In the nos™ lo keep t;-c tisstrs Iquiescent until tne next treatment' In severe coses, tho child should j always be l:cpt in bnd. Tt shouM j bo yIvcn an adequate diet, conj l( plenty of fresh vegetables [and other fools supplying the Important vitamins. In the most severe cases -of siiuis infection, vaccines are sometimes injected to b,iiw „„ resistance. Lewis anil Clark National Park Planned by Slates WALTHIU., x-v. (Ui'i—ijep; ,'ciilativcs ol in northwestern Nckrnfkn io«ns have orcanlz-d a Lewis and Clark N'ational P.1VK Sionp to promote dcvrlopmeiit of .1 trad, lr.fli,[]m : r ;;,,ooo acres YES, YOU (VNCbHT SET SOME SENSE IF YOUXU <3\V& \T A CH/\NCE.TO-iBA. SOME "DAX/— Cb\viNG #5o' VOR THM PHONEY DlfXrAOND, \F I HftO KNOWN YOU VVERt SUCH A SOFT PUSHOVER, i't> ^ SOUD YOU ^ GL^ss> ALL P«oHT,W\S6 GUY, ILL TELL YOU SOrAtTmNG.THEN YOU CAN StLL. YOUP, W\SDOtA CUT "RATE/—BtFOUfc TH' TJlAMOMt) I TOOK \T TO A HE SAlt) IT WAS WORTH •RUN THAT OVER TH "BLACK EVER LEACRNS THW, HE-XL UET OUT A\ BELLOW •m/VT\LSTA'PfT'E LOAt)iNG UP MOOSE A'<<E WILL ACBOU1 fT-

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