The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 1
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VOLUMK XL-Mi ____ 1_™- ^'^ "TOAIMHl OF NORTUHA „. A«^ HA ^i~*:T... ^ -" ? V Q Bli'tlwvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Uailcr AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI JimmVlU.K. AKKA NK A S, TU KSDA V, Al A v FORCES OCCUPY RUSSELL SINGLE COPIES FIVE Today's War Commentary C7p Now Gives lirilain im <j |j v ^ (;,.«;,! j t By THOMAS J. OONOlilJfi ° f United Press Ceiling Price Lists To Be Announced Follow i n g Studies In South ., . Stalin considered himself lusli- licd In lhc pnst to make little of the Allied "fighting" contrilmtloi U) ihe war against Germany His, iii'iny mi(|iic.«tiaiiabl',- was absbrblns the full impact or the German army alons; Ihe eastern- front and «',i,s sullcrhifi enormous' casualties The failure of Ihe Allies to open J second front lo relieve the Red Army of some of the strain it wa.s undergoing aroused phnie and re- ;:cntmcnl among tlic Russian leaders and people. Groiis U;. . Mfi w - however, it seems lhat Stay Laslie. "i cvcs lhc western Allies arc r '">ncv ne? "love into the main arena a' 1 -;.-,, ack Germanv on European soil, .rftalin apparently is mollified. .', .His enthusiasm lowiird his Allies is Browing in direct proportion to Ihe progress of British and American military plans for Ihe invasion of Europe. As recently as February, stallu commemorated lhc Red Army's 25111 anniversary with an order'of the day saying: "In view of the absence of a second front in Europe, the Red Army atone is bearing the whole weight of the war." In that same order, lie also said'•The Red Army . . . was not created for the purpose of cou- (liiest cf foreign countries, but to defend the frontiers of Soviet land." Immediately, (here v;as intense speculation in the Allied nation.'!. Did Slnlin mean Iho Russian objective was merely 16'•'drive- the -• -•-.•» ••••» me* <vm i . Germans oul;,^, -SK>licl -••'V-ryuW.y.. {*;•pPA.'off'irr,; in.-.eac and slop on the border. : there t'o| cities. Th'cyiwiir'a'pply " conclude a separate peace with the Nazis? H tlio Allies did invade western Europe would (.hey be certain that nmsin would continue driving ahead in the east until Hitler was finally smashed? These oucslions caused serious concern lor a time. Hill Stalin has put the rumors to rest, and given [rank answers to the perplexing questions will) the -statement: "II is now clear that onlv the utter roiitiii!! of the Hitlerite armies and Ihc uncnmWioJial .surrender of milcrile Germany can bring peace In Europe." l'a.vs Tribute lo Allies lie exhorted- his tronps to develop the offensive, paid Irlbnlc to the valor of American and British fliers and nrcriiclcd the opening of n second front in Europe. Stalin no longer sneaks of the lied Army bearing the brunt of ilie war alone. He informs his: vmu people Hint they have powerful Rlalock ATLANTA. OPA 1.-^ making „ slll . vcy ( , r J DO( , lincc.s m various southern cities preparatory to the issuing of flat dollars and cents food cciltiv prices probably my Mav 10. it wa.s announced today. ' Prices being ' examined include those of such things m lard, coffee, canned citrus fruits and juices evaporated and condensed milk' syrups, honey, flour and Hour tmcs, peanut butter, sugar, cereals, imiltry, packaged • cheese; and bul- ' Surveys arc lieiiig nifftic. iu At- anta and .Savannah, Gil:, Jacksonville and Tampa, FlaivBlrmlngham ii)d Montgomery. Alii.. Jackson Miss.; Memphis, Nashville aiid Knoxville, Torn.; Columbia, S. C • ind Roanoke, Va. Tlic OPA price lisls will probably re announced within a week, or' (I-days and they will be set by -• ^tti _ ' • . . I of thei t6 ; th'e IB GET Ml WEEK Ickes Orders Longer Working Week, Bui Says No Bargain Ha s Been Made !*.»' (wiled I'rrss 'Hie nallon's coal miners are is. cured of a falter pay cnvrlnpr. ' Kolid Fuels Administrnlor Irkr s ordered thill they woik sb [toys a week. Tliry wilt ,-cccivi Umr-imd-a-hiilr pay f()1 . ,,„. sjv ,, rs snys (hero wa.s no burgnlr between (in, government mid lh , ictmninx miners, 'nicy irtmnci lo work as patriotic clllmis anr nskr-il no promise or pledge as ,, liy . "it for their action. He told n news conference Ihnl «> far PS (he collective barsaliv us -Munition kr-lwecn tlic aacm- «••» mid the miners is concern,.'! 1 K riBlu where it wn.s laM week Thr- innltri-sllll miisl he ucgolialct wcrn ,ohn L. t ,ewi., and in, War Labor Board. Ick« s says hi nercly Is tho.^niTj IUC.H euslo i. 11 of |],ey lot. „., ,',„•„,,., to make coi-—— with anyone The .six-da,, week alTccis ncailv 80 per cent of (.lie nation's mine'-' Hie 01>A already had Fiulhoij/e< a 1.1 cent a Ion price increase fo' mines ivm-Mng six days n week mi ; ickcs snys there l )ns Wn wmir eliptliif. by m[ nc owners who wen »S>"K a slugger system in avoir! Pftjms overtime. He warns mm that the price Increase wilt be dented lo any .nines lhat COnU , lm I'll.' Pttictlcc-tliLs would only happen in smaller mines nn| n f- fccted by tlic government's .slx- ny week order. Ickes' order li;« been-|)rjif sc tl bv various mine operators as a "stei) l» the lisht direction " . Jnlrn L. tews ciidn-t say .„.. Hi »S ns tic left n coiifcvcncc will anUirc.cUc niine operalois Tin conference Brake -up after an him nrul a half, hut: will be resumed' Jaj) Sub Stalked Ship Carrying BIyihcvillc iVI(M» To Aleutian* »> sni r .stcitcc. boys . (mm II. feels to Mill) while stalked b; they, tin, market, area specified in the order. Uiiilcr Hie new order, the prices of the snme commoditv will be ideation In all stores of" the sumc lyjjc in the same market area Regional OPA price executive Joseph J. Spongier terms tlic survey and price-fixing order a major step toward carrying nut, the President's hold-lhc-liuc order Spenglcr says, "by selling prices which will be uniform for an entire community it will he almost impossible for anyone to charge higher than ceiling price when consumers know exactly how mud) they may bo legally charged tor an item. Arkansas Briefs JONKSBOKO, Mn v |. HJ]'| — A. (,'avin KIMnrk, a 73-ycar- «M contractor, cnrfrri bis life at his home in Jonc.shor!i. Cormier IV. C. Cr.iig sail] Allies who are acting ' in'concert with Russia lo "break the back- ! bone" of the enemy. Stalin's words have been taken up bv Ihc priws and elaborated'on for Ihc benefit of the Russian people whose confidence in victory has .soared accordingly. !(• i.s doubtful whether Stalin's changed lone can be ath-jlxiled merely to his desire to mollify the Allies or to bolster the morale of his people. There fccms lo be more to if than that. Is it possible that he has been Informed ol Ihc Imminence of sonic nc«- Allied move? One is inclined to think so.. The Germans seem certain thai I Ino Allies arc up to something ii Ilie Mediterranean theater whcr Ihc Tunisian campaign is rapitll drawing to a climax. Their repeal cd reference to a huue Allied nava armada moving eastward througl (He Mediterranean may indicffte the imminence of a major Alliet move—perhaps against the island, of Sardinia and Sicily, and perhaps Corsica. We don't know yet what, the Allied plans are. But any move ii the direction of occupied Europe vould be sure io win Slalln's approval. That is what lie lias been urging ever since iiis war with Hitler began, nnd thai is what Ilie Kovlet people have been hopina for. Occupation of the centra! Mediterranean islands would constitute the final preliminary lo invasion from the south. At any rate, relations between Russia and the western democracies, despite the Soviet rift with Poland, seem to be Ininrovinit daily. The bellcrment in relations among the big powers, in turn, is -sure to have a sllmulalins ctlcct upon the small nations which 1mve been overrun by Ihe Nnzls. Tlic value of this outward display of unity among the bl? powers will he demonstrated by the people of the occupied lands themselves when our troops begin the big push against Europe. Chicago Wheat open hiali low cl<™ m-rl July . 144'!, I44»! I44',i 144^ 144's Sep. , 145V. 145!4 14514 145Vi H4*i rat down and plitlrd the tri^er nf .1 shotgun irilh a curtain rnd, slumtinR himself in the abdomen. Members of the family s:ilri he lind hcrti in ill hralih for several seal's. MTTM-: ItOtlTi, May ). HTf| —Cfll. UriKirij: I.ackcy savs tbi- Ark.insas ?i.'ard probably will hnhl Iniiniujj .vi-linnls for officers and non-commissirincil <if- ftrfrs at Cam;- Itnliinson in Ali- ffll.Si. Hr sav.s Hie scliipiils .will lie held if the Male War Kmcrjcn- cy <,'nmniittre appropriates rx- PI-IISCS for il, r rnrampmrnt from the 5250,000 war emergency fund. MTTIJi KOCH. JTay 1. Hit') 'I. I.. Dickinson, manager ot 'he Mr,'U«»rge t'nn.slriicliiui Company, says tliat (he hauv- ite mpn are. h.n-k on Ihe job af- ler a walkniil. About 50 jcrajicr aji.l lr;ir- tor operators, most of tlicm memlK-r-i of tbe International Lnion or Kiijhiccr Operators, refused to work last Thursday. ns a result, 15J more men, who ircrc dcneiidetit on the strikers, were unable to work. The men relumed to work following a conference between conciliator Ii. \,. B ur(on of the V. b. Conciliation Service nick- i'lson and stale union President ". I. HIMcbranrf. ,," EBI5K SPRINGS, May 1. Wn-Hubrrt Taylor of Itcbcr hprings has resigned Us position as Clcburne County representative to enlist in the Army. The 29-.vcar-olrt rfprcscii- ativc ls serving his third term In the House. I.ITTI.E R"^; May I. (UP) —Man-in Ifalhcoat has as- rimicd his rttities as a member of the commission or the Stale Hcpartnient ,,f p,,hi^ utilities. Hathcoat, a Harrison attorney, was appointed by (Jovcr- iinr Adkiiis lasl week lo replace 'loyd Sharp, m-vc dircclor of "IP Arkansas Manpower Coni- nnsslnn. . Burning Trash Pile Causes Destructive Fire On Highway 6 1 Firemen fought, Mame.s for two Hours today In n congested district on. Highway 61 North when a house Lwo cars, house trailer and 30 feet of fencing were destroyed ana a warehouse-garage HIainascd by fife »;hlch started from setting a trash A four-room house, owned by S Buchanan with Thomas Land Company as ngcnt, was burned along with the automobile parked at the side and identity of the owner of the trailer antl other car had not been established early this afternoon. The Armour Company rents the warehouse, also used as a «ara"c lor repairing the company's truck and part of which had been rented to Hill naws who w»s moving "Is snrage there. This is located near the Twin Gables (tin. It was near the oarage lhat the nre started. Some one set fire lo n 1'ilc of (rash swept from ii ll; enrage onlo t),e ground. ol| soaked IV Ihe discarding of equipment ami with' oil C " ha " CCmc m c ° ulilcl The trash pile flames spread rapid y lo the fence which encircled he house, withh, a few mimiles bolh the house ami jwrtol car were in flames. -, Tmn/'? t1r . (lvc ' etl '-"Plflly acros-i a ditch to the house trailer and car parked at the side while firemen fought both lo save the burn- Ing properly nnd (lie adjacent nuiklings of the congested area Tlic large building, used as' a "n7',°"«i '""I garage was only slightly damaged, namaee will exceed S25DO according lo Fire Chief Roy Head, who llv Mr ; 1 , Cd S " 0r "- v " '" 11>C 1loU5c Neighbors the tenan . Firemen were called to 1901 Vine The house, owned by ,M r? \v ar "" •"» '•*»» lit- men of Ihe unit will hnvi . '<mc hill lale.s lo .sjiln when they .clurn lo their hi-mes nftrr this is ill nvi-r. Of I'linrie any mini would nice sdiuclhlny Imorestins (u dim iLoul liad he bcrn In tin,. Alrn- .tans—even without n wnr, 'I'opplni; (heir list of cspcrli'iu-i', for ih« iiiDiiiriii, (In ilylhcville know How lave been aboard a hat slilp wus lii-lni- n enemy siih. And (now what n ni-aiul feeling it In t, one ur our own sub-ctuwr, uul iifli-i- Unit MI!) and (UK t awny lor kccjis. 'Ihiit is what lappcnrd when wi> weru en om vny out "(licrc." "Slshli-d Sidi—Xiiuk >'>im- I was flnnrtln-i on || 10 i,,[di : e nf ur Hiip, in company wllh Cnptuln \rden II, (Jjowdt-j-. nhen Ihe )K-ri- •uiu- u[ the crrmy .sub was llrsl Bhlcd. The alarm wns Mimuli'd id.M-ciuKj,-,- Inter '.«• walched uiir llllc siili-charer slirak across the valer, Lent on (li'Slriicllon ol tin >in:my craft. I-i'ptli i:hari;i.'.'i \vrrc wiilloiwl ivpr Hie ami and In u few mln- ilo.'i (here wn.-i no more Kubma- ;-im.-. We felt a ) (i | better, bill lone of us will ever lurj-ct thavr 10 minules. Tims far. ini:i hem W rll- 'cn or pul:li>hrd about. Ihe war 'ii the Nnrlli I'acillc. and for the 'i-i'.'.cnt nuich of Ilie aclivily uf •Jlir tiooiw in (hut area must re- nain wcrel. Uul ii | :: „„ wcl .,,, nal u is not lil:,; i| 1( . | ra m 0 . s )C'ln» cinrlcd out in (he desert icuntrlfs. in- tho d ( v; llRhls In Ku- 'cpe. or thi- lajik niiacSes in Russia. WrolJirJ' I'lici-rlriin In the North Padlir, I)H. Aiiii'r- can soldicir. as well us his enemy wist also eivc battle aquinsl the _vcnlhn-. A. llycr returning twin iis daily :i«si)inmi>nt.iic:ver know' ivhetlier he will lie 'able to laud on his "home base" OT whether li c vill be (arced (n land at iinolliei point unlil a :,hift in |hu wculhcr \"d tltrse .'IHfls nn; very Ire-' lucnt. i have seen our 'plano.s- in under perfect conditions- .lie sky clear and the sun .shluiui; ariRtitl.v. Th|. |>bm. would hi- wiih- In llnw minutes of Ihe Held ri-iidy :n set down. Then seemingly Iiom nowJiei-e, a violent .sleet or".snowstorm would sprini; uj). The uJIl- cer at, the controls ot the plane •I'onld lie forced (o pull away and rcliu-n (or another Ij-y in ii fr.«- •mimics. 'Hioso .slornis pius over as tjiiickly as they conic. Many friends of th ( . boys up 'here probably wonder if they i-n- 'oyed last Christinas. Well tliev iifl, and it was a real Ghri'slrnas We received our i, m; icn B rs from loved ones at home, and from tmmy various or»ani^itions-inany from people we didn't know but win) had oblained our names (nun •omc place ur other. Rome o( Ihe tilfl.s arrived .several weeks after Christmas but (hey were appreciated none the le.vs. '\nirrriati-il Clfls And to those orgnnlwitlons Dial scnl iiifls-lhc USO. the Amcii- legion, the Women's Auxiliary the Ywiii" Mdthci-s Cluli a( Rt PclcrMnirtr. Fin., and the others-: '.ho boys voted you all many thanks And our Chrislmas dinner- Fried ham. bollrd potatoes, canned ram a hot cake per man nnd wine nutty. No. maybe it wasn't like the (.cod old ) 10 ii,| rly mcmi of home bin. it was Rood and no one complained. I was the mr^s .sn- jfant and (hut's all we could have And at that we tared belter than some of Ihn other uroups. And as for our officers well they were just as fj,, c „ |,, mcll fls ' vou could ever hope lo hnvr ()-i Christmas afleriiooh, shortly brf.iic ' iO-»:ile an hour wind blew d:nn our rank ten). Captain i;, m: ,t n Us. Mullock, noon, Sykr-F Mc- Natncr and Hu^ell Ci ,]!',. t | , „. „, (heir lent. "Fnrrar." said lli (; skipprr. -we are sorry we can't d n more lo< Ihn boys today, but v.- c ilo have a httln surprise. It j s nnl!c[ , „,, i() ,;,. u box OVI.T there." opened (he box. We had ITS (Continued on f'a«c 'i\ Down 54 Gorman Plmws In Past Two Days Compared Will) 21 |.osi lly tJiilli-d i-n-ss A lull IHI.ISS over the Kuropcnu y ; ar ihriiiler. n,,t brhinil the b,,|. llcfronls both sides arc rwoiip- «'K 'heir fihun forces and Africa Corps Braces For New Attacks; Allies Ucscrvcs lly Unllfil I'rn.s I Ijo (•.I'imiiii iinny in 'tlinlsl,, !„ 'Ini! llsi'lf on Mionnicd \\n n lo i'ii't'1 11 smashlnii ,\ll[«l ailnck Ihnl s MiN-cird to lK. e iii ,,i lmy m ome n t A nii'lonsly-woi'dcil .mil cni.sorcd llsimtcli limn Untied I'll™ Cor- 'csiwndcnt ICdward W. llcattl,, |,iiii« ilrnnisly ill some bl (J neiv develop- i|«i . He says Hint the full shock »i« nlllid iiltm-k Is conilni- at ' Whin Ihe ClcrmniiK don't know i'ir lh« simimcr ciimpiilsn (hat 'lmu! nn Allied Invasion uf lirunl. (if I hi- ri|;til!ii|; on the ' : "ti front. Xirini! tin; past two days, Itus- simi airmen have sliot down M (icnniin iilanes [rir ai of ihclr own Uc.stKiyi'd In do«ri|,-lil.s. .Soviet loinlHirs raided nn uiu-my Hlrdrnmc ' ; flulli ol I In in fclcyii. wrccklii); la planes »n Die Around and ,sho"l- iiB down two more over the ilc-l;l, On llu> BHmmi. local cla;ih(i flaicd nil up ninl down Ihe Riii- ilun Ironl. In the Caucasus. Snvlot nmmt'i's wmlmrdcd the .slnlnkfnt-. Ormnn H'Uliiciiniul ol the Tuinnii l>eiiln- sulii, killlnn 200 enemy Iroop.s and ckliH! nut a number ol Gei- uian ballerir.s. 'Ilie llusriianii also won out in local fl»hls in the Kuban, Kursk and llalalilcyji fronts. And a MCXJCOW dlspulcli bi'o.idi.-a'il \>;i the Urllisli rndlp usllmalcs thnt-..the Ciciiniuis hiivc lost 15,omi i" 20,000 men, (ioo vehicles nnd hundreds of gum In tin; west 'CJau- cnsus nlonc In the past five weeks. Should the desperate Germans isc BIS Id st-'.bill/e llio missliin ronl, Chmclilll asaiii Im^ told Commons tluit the Urlllah would gns tod. And lit- added Dial only Kussia's word would In: needed as proof aKiiinst C-crmany. Anlliony Eden also hud somc- Ihiui} u» say lo Commons about " iila. He snid ihiil liritaln and llio United Stdtes were working loi'.elhcr lo solve tin- Russian-Polish spill.. And blamed Ihe lireak t the common enemy—Germany. A Kwrdish report says that the Germans arc moving thnlr main latlle fleet norlliwnrd from 'I'rond- heim, Worwny. And Informed sour- cos llilnk tlio move is designed lo I raw Hrllish naval units norlli- wnrd at a lime when (hey (iro led In cunvuy Ircmps and for my lorlhcninlni; Invasion. , of rtl||,.,j utlnck. 'Me dors iot i-lubumli.. Hut ihn Cicrmiin Mild Idiliiy [hat | hi; Allies hu|[C reserves In Alot- inul Morocco and mny . " landlni! In Hlclly or Hiir- tlciiin. or n sea-l>orn(; jiss'nult (lyainsl Hi/.citp from the ri-nr. Hhljw r.i-iiv'1, (llbiulliu tin- Incre linvc been nun 1 reporta from Kpnln »r miii-e Allied shlivl JUKI liivnslun bilges l c ,,vln): Cll- briillm- in druvn yesterday under heavy escort. Amid Mil* Riowliik fccllnn »I niielhlni{ bin Impemltni-. Amci'lcun shock troops mo [nnnhiu out .wlfl- y Irum raptaiircd Malnm- toward lil-«rie In (hi! norlh and Tcbmirlm on lhc j'oinj to Timh In the south. The Yiuiks of (he Hecoud Army Corps lire Irylnu lo rip apuri thii j wholi; Ocj'iiiini front iveot of 'IMhts iiind they're netltnn powerful artll- |lci'v and nlr ,sup|>orl lor thrlr ud- j Our IniL-i eiih licur thu .-.(iiind of i bombs—onv bomlw—rtpiiliiK up tlm i Axis fllrllnld.i . In (ho vicinity of . Ulwi'tn. Ihoy are lhal Ono spsnrheatl ol Americans, dupporled by, 1-Vonch .tronivs, Is lens Hum IS mllivi from )31y,i:rle. Anolher column, also wllh French .suppoil. b puali- liil! close, lo.Kcrryvllle, le|i mlle.i, from 'Ulyortc.'* London brondcnSl/i say ircrryvllb l.i under powerful Aiiicrlc'an (utlllcry fire. l'»u lllily Hi: 'rni|lpe<( Knine Gcrnuin hoops un; belk-ved t" have been encircled Ijy the Americans- south and w-i-sl of Maleur and nboiil. 2DO German,,- already arc In our hands n.-i n result of the capture of Mnlonr. Ilrlllsli officers pny lili-h irlbntc Id the Amrrli-aiis Im- tiie wav they arc IlKhlint; Ihelr way ronvar'd, mill Ihc.v have sliiK/cd out for special praise the American artillery which Is sparking our advance. May Provide Us With New Bases Near Guadalcanal By I.)i)lied I'rt's.v ••.,(' Aniunemi fin-cos hiivo cxlciidctl their grip oti Die jibulh- oiw mi SiiloiiioiiK liy oceupyinx Uio Russell J.shij.dn-direclly noi'Uiwt'Ni oi (iutiiliili'uiml, ' J'™ ( y- lc J 1 "" ll °" l «"l« l'l«co i" I'Hnmry. b«l WHS aim'oiinc,' wl only today by (| u > Navy Dcimi't.mcmi, lie fsnvy Nays Ilio iiiiivo was can-led mil without enrinv ' »iid Unit our forces now arc oslnblwlm'c! on \li'u islands.' 'Tho Unwell urouti, which, 'is "bout 31 miles oil Ihe tip ol Ciiin:!- t)lcnunl, extends n>mo 20 ini|gs In the .dlrccltun cf Jnn-lield Georgia (rlnnd. .The sroup is Ihfin lei mill's from thn nrnroU enemy bn-c AlrlMds 1'nssllili; Klnre the l.slnnds ivcrc « soured (if coconut products In pence-time 11 Is ns.MiuiMl they- contain ciiouijn U. S. Wins Aleutians Sea Battle WABJUNCn'ON. May 4 IU |> )_ I'liu Navy ruviiuls that thro.c Jnp- nioiii; cruisers wen- diunngrd In „ Uirec-iind -n-hnlf hour bnltle Ije- Iwcen n superior enrmy nnvy. force "Id ii Ilithl. u. fi. imiiol i >l (lid Aleutians on Mavcli 2(1. Generals Promoted oN, May -i (Uri — fd'osevcll Ims n(iniln;it- cd the Alaskan army commiiiHler, General Biirkni'i', to be " -.lent.. Ocn. lie also nominated (I xmnnamlci'K of tliu Sccoml an Fourth Home Annie;., Centrals and Uewitt. tin lieuteniint gcnrrnl in their own right. 'I'lie two linv bceii acting lieutenant generals o virtue ot their posls as army com The nominations imlinitcil tlw Dewttt will he shltled fifini com niiiml of lite Fourth Army nl Sin ' rrancisco :ind that ix>.-u ' « ill n:, be retired on May 31sl as due. The President also rrc'iminrnil (jdthcjiioinotloiMif ci«li(. brigadier lo ninju^ Bcnenils and M colonel to be brigadiers. . Ainerlciui elmllenuc tor«e«l hi: oncmy lh- c t tn run unit tolled' 'Is apparent inLwInn ( 0 rclnfomi mill .supply Km j«|Mii(,. u . (,„„,,,. „, the wcfilc-rn Ali-utlnns. .TIii! Aincilcan lorcn wn.s composed ol /mi.' liwi^y mid one llslil crulwr i"|d four ilnlroyrre. it wilfered mlmn dimintic and oxti'cmely llohl |H!r»uiiM(:l cnsiinlflcs, conniianded by Clunlcs Mc.Morrls, Our forci. , Hem' Admiral „ w , v who hud mmiiiumli'il the C nil.W ban Frniiiilsto. In Ihe .Solomons ' Tho enemy i;<|ii;ulron Included' Iwo itiiivy nuisera, Lsvo H K ht cruisers. M flMlroyc'i's' and two Iransiiorls. whi-n Intercepted bv lhc u S pnliol for™ w ( , )f ALU| , U1(] Kom|l j of (do. missliin Koui'indorskl .Ha, the Japanese .shins were heading eastward toward ihc Aleutians. llritlsh Mcst Army troops hiivn taken two more iinpo'rlnnt. hills ten mllr-s north.'of Midjiiy. Kl IJab. Ami on Ilie .southern front, (he nrllllery cinmunudlug has rcnrliuil n now penk of violence, indicating thai llrfUsh Klghlh Army may IK ready to move once mure. New York Stock* Station Is Entered , C ',T< It f-' ! scrvlco S!au »»- nd Division, WAS catered last i but apparently nothing was s O lon It is believed the thief was after oney only as the building 1m en ransacked but nothi,,,, tnkd nonc,. Had been tea tC ' ^ apparently to Morris Wilson Dies At Naval Hospital Morris Wilson.son of Mrs (jroa Wilson of Wilson, died ycslcrd.n at Ihe Naval liospilal In'New liivrr, N. C.. where he was slatimirr! a! the Marine He was 20. Jiesiries his mother lie leaves Ihrce brothers. Warner \viUm nf Columbus. Ga.; William Khriby Wilson of lhc Nnvy. aii<l .famr's Wilson of Scnalobl'a. Ml.vs and five sislcrs, Mrs. Handolph DnMns of Mooihead. Miss., Mrs. Klmcr 'i'. Peterson of Grrenville. Ml.j;.. Mis* Grace Wilson, Miss Marie Wilxm "' Miss Lillian WiUon all of Wilson. • "ral nrrniiSii'me.'Ks arc incomplete. A T ,v T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Hfrlh Sled Chrysler Coca Cola [ On Electric icn Molors Montgomery Ward N Y Central inl llan-cstcr North Am Aviation l<cpuUic Steel Radio SOcony Vacuum ". Studcuakcr : ^Standard of N ,1 Texas Corp Packard ' i hlcel 1.1:1 1-'. ,Vi I- :m :\- r,r. 776 1-1 JOO :i- r>i 12 1C, 1-3 I'A 5-8 1.1 3-1 H 5-8 12 1:1 l-i 12 7-S 13 3-8 4 .'(-I 513 3-1 l>rivc fnr 'Dead' lloltli-s SAN HtANCIiSCO. Clll 'III'' The lowly beer bolllc. pn|iula Itnowu as a "dead .s»lili(i." risen to ihe dignity of being I ojccl of a six-day st'ate-widc dil A shoiiage of beer bottles Iws veloped and the Hrewers' HiMll called for a patriotic clfott by t wpiilailon In rounding 1111 all ( 'dead" ones LIBS FLUNGFORTRESS Precision Bombing Of Forls More Useful In r -- ' I healer Hi'oiliicl lo provide our rpn;i:.i with oiii; or morn plniic-lniitllntr stilr-s. Cccoiuil land Is ir.unlly lint. Tin- Navy nnnoimcement merely snyx llio Islands wore taken over S(.ui(! limi! niter Jnimiu-sc resistance i-wiNcd on Ciiiiidnlcniial. If Is llii! fi-cond recent dlscl;)- sinc uf an cxlcnriun uf Unile-l Etntcs pOKltlniiii Iu ihn Soulliwc-it I'lidflc, '\\/o works IIKO, Ihe Nnyy roraili-d lhal American forces had occmilrd Kuimlull Maud iu (hi! Elllco RI-OII|>, clrsc lo Iho ./apail- csc-ddinlmUi'd GllUcrl IslutKls. Tile Niivy loday also unnoumm Unit el(/lit, morn air attacks hiivu been made nn.'Jrip ijo.slllon.i mi Kl«kh In Ihe Al^itlnns. Tiio.ucvj raids look placo Sunday..American pilol.s scowl hlk on enemy .|'i'o<-l-. ttiitr, nnd InstalliitloiLs, :.starttir.- novcrnl Ihcs and . dcnlroylng one Senate Coniniiftec Votc, s Sum For Controversia Wa'tc rvvay rojecl Hit; . Mr,,. 4 ,,„,,_ controvevsthl vbrlda barge lt.v Unllril 1'ress The l-'lyiiif in about i,, chick out of the f«hlin|; In the South I'aciflc. Spokr.smen .it Allied South fa- cllli; headquarters reveal Mini the CiiiiKnlldiilcd Ulierlanr bnmbcrK Rradunlly arc rcj)l«cliig the famous forts. 'Hie HyhiK Forlress Is most useful rlijht now lit the Knropcan and Mi Iran campalnns. Us hisli Altitude precision bombing Is Ihe inswer lo a bombardier's prayer. lint In thn .South IVinlfic thi: iuiiRle screens : targets from the joinli MijIiLs. That incan.s satura- lon botnbltig must be resorted (o So the fliers In this pail of llu vorld find llicy ncc dplanes that "an carry heavier bomli loads over i srcalcr ranee. Kncmy shlppim; nd land 1,-irgels are widely scal- orcd and the Liberators are do- j . ' • ' *vt nin IJHI u i KO(. iniother boost lodny. Tl^ 'In A|)jiji)|)j-|,,(|oii7 Cnmmllicn 'I 111 to nlno lo include M nllllon dollnr.s- In (h c Wm . ,, f]) .,,. t . Cli-ll Functions uil j lu Mnrl coiiMriictlon ol tin, canal. At Hit; Mime lime, however, new i-lni-ii were tied lo ihe proposi- l on Die Voiiiinliicc voicd (o R lvi> dlhcr (ho oecretarh-K of \V L ,|- C'omniorcc or lhc Nnvy power It) he win- (jffort. Any one or Die. sccrcinrira could veto the project. All of which Isn't •.o Rood, loi- lhc project,' since both Ur War .•»»! N;, V y dcfiitrlmcnls al- cady ex|ircsscd the belief Hint. Die nmal Is not desirable ill I his tliuu. OrlljlHiilly, -H mtlllon uoilnrs was sought for the project. The C'om- inlllce explnlncd lhat U decided lo •Mush the figure lo *H million dollars only tlml niimuut could year. expended diirlnc ihe coming " Jfmwc had strucl: lhc barsc llem from (he bill mi the -.-.;-,..,- ItUlllfll, '.; ', Other , Ampi-|(-p|i airmen • raided Jnp buses on Mmidn -nurt -nekiiln liny In lhc coniriil Solomons. All (.ur pianos rclmnc'd .safely. "Isimlclies from Amlialla ,lndl- :_.,.:,, llihl tliii .Japs: HI o dlgfjluis .In iit'i:i)oll);';t!|Hl!t'':«)['lhc' 2501) mill;'' Island, nro/incnuclint tlic down-under cnnlliient.' .'..... - Aidls)ii\k-h from vcl'cr/in 'United iM'cr.s war ijorrcppondL-nl Harold Ouafd says lhc enemy may bo in Die process of .s'liiijliij .« tiiimber of feeler Ihriisls ul north "A'ii.strn- (inn defense.*;. fiiiyii Glmrd: . . "Nobody dl.scouiil.s- the posslbllRy of a Japanese Invasion licet Ijrav- iti!! a southward voyage behind a lieiivy <M(jcentrntloii of bombers nnd (jicat. Zero power." It Is also revcalod (hat Consolidated i.lljci-iilor Ijoinbcrs, liccimse or their Krcalor bomb-ciirrylnir cii- pacity. iir'o rciilaclug thn Flyhi); as the number .one lirnvy Iwmbcrs Is, the South" Pacific area. • • . St rike A t ... ,,.,, ,,,, , , ,j, HJL, J ItLI C IS I JO C*J grounds Ihnl lesiimony on the raid from Allied on e IciiRlli of time required to build it 'NKW Vpllic, May. 4. (UP)—Tlic Merlin radio reports thai American ucmbcrs ntlnck'cd Anlwcn>, Uci- Clum. lad; (winy. A dlspa,lcii or (he German Trans- rcrnii ncn-.v nscncy said jilie American planes .dropped their bombs (i-om high altitude and were cn- |;agcd by Axis Interceptor iilanes. The German radio added that numerous parachutes were sighted over Antwerp, (udicalhit! lhat some American bombers must have been shot down while llicir crews balled out. •-•;.-..- 'J'hcre Is no cnn/lrmatlon of'the varied from 10 months lo more ng the best Job of ticm. going aflcr Livestock ST. 1.0UJS. (UI>)-lfoK receipts i.200. salable 14.000 head. Top !.t!0; 180-270 pounds H.50-M.GOi 10-160 pounds 13,50-H 1C' .sows 1.00-H.H5. Cattle 3,000, salable 3.500 head akc.s 1/100. nil salable. Slaughter ccrs 11.50-16.75; slaughler heif- '.s IO.7fi-IG.00; mixed ycarllnss and flfcrs M.M-IS.50; slocker and ciler Mcnrs 10.75-IS.25; camicrs id cullers 7.50-I0.7S; cows 11,00- Chicago Rye more Minn two years. In addlttoii. a was churned that the project, would tic lip dc.sprnili-Jy ni-cdcd tmrBrs nnd iriiuipowfir. I'ro]H)iicnts of the canal contend thill within in month;,- ((. would Errally alleviate Ihe pclrotcuiii shoilaec nloni; Uie Knslcrn sca- brt.-ud. The (Icrnuin radio says the Amcrtcan bombs caused caEiial- lir.s to Antwerp's civilian iioiitiln- tioti. Stores Will Close Tomorrow Afternoon Hlytlitvlllc's retail .stores and oth- rr bu.sinrs.s |>laces will close lor the I list hair-holiday of the summer tomorrow afternoon under an agreement recently ' made wllh a committee representing local civic chilis. rirms which have agreed to close each Wednesday afternoon during lhc Hummer will allow their em- ployes time for relaxation and working Viclory Gardens, It iva.s pointed out by Murray Smart, chairman of the sponsoring com- nlltce. All concerns will close their lours promptly at 12 o'clock noon, ic said. Placards have been provided for slercs and other places Informing he public of the plan. -Mr. Smart aid that any merchant or business icoplc who have not yel oblained July . •S!-]>. . 9316 open high low close pr c) SOW 92** 00V. 00 ' 92V, Ihelr placards may do so by calling him. Oarages, filling stations and possibly certain wholesale concerns will not close. Late Bulletins LONDON', tiny I ((Jf'l The llcrliti raillo says tonijhl tkll Axis Iroops have I'.ilcd 'Kryirskaya, 2(1 miles norllinasl of Novorossisk iu Ilie NorUniest Caucasus. Military circles in London .•aW tlic evacuation ef Krym- fVaya, an important Kuliau rail junction, mrans that lhc lied Army lias htnlen lhc Nazis In (he offcnshl- punch and taken an impivssivc stcT lo- ward c|carihj lhc Germans out of Ihe Kuban bridgehead. New York Cotton open high low close 1977 1979 1077 1917 1!)73 2019 2020 1010 2019 S018 1999 2000 ]!)98 1999 2000 1987 1933 1986 1988 1987 1931 19S3 ISSO 1982 1982 Jlny . July . Oct. . Dec. . New Orleans Cotton open high low close Mch. . 2008 2008 2007 2007 2006 May > 2050 2050 2048 2048 £<M8 July . 2029 2030 2028 2029 2020 Oct. . 2015 2015 201S 2015 2013 Dec, . 2011 2011 2009 2009 : 2010

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