The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1934
Page 3
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PH1DAY, OCTOBER 19, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARR.) COURIER NEWS ' Anoclite Edltont MISS LOUISE DIXON MRS, RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRI2 MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N-HO'M E-IN F WS Conduct* for «. MWW *r h *. i*** * i,, woo*. ^ by ^J^ JL*~ » J*"— T T O •U pt>*»M Of bOOM m.1,1^ Sweet Chocolate Waffles for Dessert follow Directions and USD Care As to Quantities Am! You Will Nol Fail Dear Friends in Blytlieville: Armed with a good cook book, with a modern range Imving an oven .regulator, witli a set of measuring" spoons and n measuring cui>. and quality supplies ' the least experienced cook can turn out a good dinner. That is she can If slie will follow directions; and above all, if she will measure carefully. It is (limcull lo make an old fashioned cook change her habits and learn to measure, for many old-time cooks follow the pinch-of-thb atKl ft little-of-tliat method in nil cookery, and through long practice the pinch has become standardized so that they do haw fairly good results. But such hll or miss methods arc too risky for the young housekeeper; not only- ^ she liable to end «1> with no dinner for the man of the house, but wasted foods and a big grocery bill as well. Modern recipes clearly state the amounts of all ingrctllen* needed. Modern measuring equipment is so labeled ™<1 shaped that guess work Is eliminated; all measurements should bs level, and level means all that the cup or spoon will hold when filled and then leveled off with a knife resting o or spoon. )n both edges of the cup Measuring Utensils The sets of measuring spoons include a tablespoon, teaspoon, and half teaspoon; some sets include a fourth spoon which is one-fourth teaspoon. These sets by the way, in the newest kitclien displays are made of bright composition, so that you may have red measuring spoons or bright green ones or almost any color to match the kitchen color scheme. But lacking such a set, to measure a half teaspoon, fill the spoon level off a s directed above, then Wide with the back of the knife lengthwise of the spoon for a half- spoon; and across through the mid- file lor a fourth teaspoon. It is as important to have a measuring cup as .#•:&• fir have the set of measuring spoons. A "tea cup" may vary In size from three fourths of a cup to a cup and a half, am! obviously a recipe which calls for » 'Clip of flour would be anything but standard if such a tea cup were used. The standard measuring CUB noMs one half pint. It may be of glass, aluminum, tin, enameled jynre, nlckle, or colored composi- One and one half cups sifted flaxir; and one half teaspoons baking powder; one half teaspoon salt; three quarter cup sugar; two'eggs - beaten; two egg whiles, stif- , tion, matchin the colored measur- m ing spoons mentioned above. In any material, tlte good measuring cup >.s clearly marked on the outside to indicate halves, • quarters, thirds nnd possibly still smaller measurements; my own cup not only says one half, one third, one -fourth but also one eighth and one sixth,' nml three fourths. Two cups are enough for the average kitchen, one for drv measurements and one for liquids, dur- ng the cookery process, when hot .hqmds are to be measured use the composition cup Or heat proof glass or n metal cup and hold the handle with two or three thicknesses of tea towel. Good measuring cups have spouts for pouring liquid; all foods which are apt to pack in the storage container, such us flour, should be sifted once before measuring, then siJt- ed again following the directions I given in the recipe. The regulated oven is just as important to accurate, and therefore successful, good, cookers', as the measuring tools and the use of these tool*. Most modern ranges have *"* regulators, and with the range ai™,< " Sually a chart or bo ° k ° ?'?" [ ms *«>« which tells how t Itse the regulator nnd for all or . t ' v..., k.wviii],,, living veil- 'tables should be subsliintlal b,,l mixed green snlnd is bcsl, will) .'sh or cooked fruit for dessert- bake.] apples In sherry, for Instance. Squirrel Is S ll B htly fnmy, so (he nc- comDanying footls shm|](1 |mv( _ (lc>( _ nil'.- flavors of their own •Driinswlck stew is „ v cry blues, and running nil the way In wlcc from le.« tlmn n dollar im to where the quotation Serve thcm bet irilh whipr.:d cream n5 Hie last course of a bridge supper, ur for the Recipe given foelrw. halt cup melted shortening; two squares unsweetened chocolate, melted; one half tcas|xx>n vanilla. Sift flour once, measure, add bak- powder, salt and sugar, and sill •Sunday right add to fkmr mixture-beating untl smooth, combine shortening am chocolate, ndd to batter and blend Add vanilla, fold In egg ivliites. Bak< in hot waffle iron. Serve hot will fi \, Vfn, . if """"• ^" "'B |J"»u«r, aaii ana sugar, and sill in hot walfle iron. Serve h fly beaten; one half cup milk; one again. Combine egg yolks nnd milk; whipped cream, serves four. Here Are Some Recipes for an Appetizing Luncheon Menu Stuffed Tomato Appetizer Corn and Cheese Souffle Viennese Peppers Tangy Tea Biscuits, Butter Pcaclf 'Cobbler -• Tea Coffee To make the stuffed tomato appetizer (recipe given previously on this page) select medium . sfecd evenly ripened tomatoes; cut out the blossom end and core, and hollow out gently. Season interior with salt and pepper and a little n-nch dressing. Hnve very cold. Fill with finely chopped cole slaw mixed with one third as much chopped anchovy and a little mayonnaise. Top with a curled an- chovj'. Com and Cheese Souffle Four tablespoons butter; four tablespoons flour; one cup milk- one teaspoon salt; one eighth teaspoon pepper; one " cup grated cheese; one cup canned corn; three! C3B yolks; three egg whites. Make a white snure nf thn Add the cheese nnd stir until melted. Add the corn and the well beaten CBS yolks. Fold in stiffly beaten cgy whites v and pour into a baking "dish rubbed 'with "shortening. Set in n pan of hot water nnd bake in n moderate oven, 350 degrees, until set. About thirty to forty-five minutes. This must be served at once, so luivc other dishes ready when this one comes out of the oven. Enough for six or eight. Tansy Tea Biscuits Two cups flour; four teaspoons baking powder; one teaspoon snlt; two tablespoons shortening; seven eighths cup milk; one three and can of pimento Sift the dry ingredients together, work in the shortening with the finger tips, then add the milk. Add grated or finely sieved cheese and milk, mixing lightly. Pat out on a floured bonrd and cut with the peppers with n small nmoun of boiling water nnd bake In. i moderate oven, 375 degrees, thirli Minutes, or until the peppers an tender and done; the sausage wll be tender and savory by this time svilh a brown gravy. FUR FULL §PEHI[ Fall days with the tapestry of drifting leaves over the lawns ant tlte dark trnccry of ' tree bough one half ounce cheese. limn- . , uom a tiny biscuit cutter; bake in : hot Oven. 4fifl denrncs fnv tan . , , when ti te cakc |s ™" tin «c the c Hjermomelor, and follow T "e c PCS temperature directions. Success h, baking depends as much on the regulated oven as on the < u "mv of ingredients and the care i! nix- Ing. Good Apple Recipes At this season when applet iro Pfentlf.,1. it Is a good plan^ot on!? to serre them raw in salads and fruit cups, but in cooked dishes One of my favorite apple recipes Apple Cake Two cups flour; two Icasixwns baking powder: one half cup short-' «nmg; one half teaspoon salt- one fourth cup milk; five tart, apples- two tablespoons granulated sugar; °nc half teaspoon cinnamon. .1, . n ° ur atld baking pou'dcr. cut oW^ 11 ' Info " * f 'h V pastry talv H? tW ° Spntlllss ' » n <l grad- le '.IIY milk i Corc ana iwc »P- n shal i Cllt thcm ln c| S llths - R»b lav thi '"" wllh * h °rt«,l.wr, and Piece r,v a ,?. PlCS , ln thls «" ™« one s sar Zl T g «> c other. Sift «t „ d cl »"»mon over the an " milk and seasonings. | hot oven, 450 degrees, for""ten twelve minutes. ^ Viennese 1'cppcrs Cut the stem ends from six ripe pepiicrs, remove Isceds and plunge the peppers into rapidly boilim; water; boil two or three minutes' Then arrange the peppers in a baking ciish, with open ends up; stand three tiny Vienna sausages (the canned variety do nicely) in each, nnd surround completely" with buttered bread crumbs. Sprinkle I top will) buttered crumbs. Surround •md powdered sugar, or with hard An English variation of this ;ecipe is to sprinkle the lop of '? dough thick with grata! cheese taking and the cheese is melted nnd riin- erve at once; without cream M. FERGUSON. the sky brin . . f> . — -•*.>, "-ma.* imi me winter draperies to 'frame tile changing season. And if, as so often What to Do Wheii'dieMighty~" Hunter Brings In Squirrels MHS. NANCY ROTE MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY M. LAtrrc MRS. J. VATSON 8HOOOSY "y JIAUY K, n\aitK M.A Jiml™ Stuff Writer Ami no«- here we are a I the time f he year when the man of the o ise turns Into „ , n l B hty hunter »•."« sallies forth with Ills gun uul ifiimns (luoin-l, brush and nilrc "11 at last |, e ]„« b(l|!( , cd „ (rQ . y 1° bring home nnd iny ut your eet. If you conic fron long line of q'lln-cl-huntJinj nnd £<|iiirrel-cook- "8 women, then you yrotaMy Jmi-c radlllonm recipes and in«inis Unit ave ton parsed down for mnny«|,o., S . nut I! you've never >u:t siiulrrci or Brunswick slew bc- w here they are niul I „„, ,,,-oml 0 IK the one to inlroduc As squirrel [s 'Bin meal, ic you. a comparatively accompanying veg- old „ v cry o Smilhen, dbh. Some modern cooks use chickens lo make it , or „ Mm . blnatlon of squirrel and chicken In rase the squirrels were not plen- flfiil al [he hunt yon may bo g\tu\ eke out with n chicken Or two. llnmswtrk Slow Three squirrels, 3 sllcw fnl wit l»rk, 2 medlmii sl«xl onions, 3 [nigo potatoes, u cu|»s corn, l cup lima bonus, 4 cups (omntoes, 2 tensiwons sugar, 1 tablespoon suit, 4 qunrUi boiling water, 4 tublcspoons butler, 2 tablespoons Hour. The original recipe uses green com cut from the cob. The amount of biilter can IM ilccveasKl to twu tablespoons and the stew will te inlle. rich. Glenn, wnsli ntul disjoint wiulr- ls. i/o| jstnixl In cold salt water (o cover -for nu hour. Drain. Chop suit pork very line. Put a layer In a broiul, lint Iron kettle, add minced onions, iwluloes cut in very thin slices, corn, beans nnd nil Die squirrels. Cover with another liiyer of onions, ixjtnlocs, corn and bcnus. Season each layer wllh black pepper and Just u dash of cayenne. Pour over bofllnu water, rover lightly nnd let simmer gently three hours. Add lomiiloes, salt and su- t'nr mid stew nil hour longer. Work Hour and bullcr together nnd stir Into stew, lioil three mlmilcs n serve. Apples llakcd with Stitrry Four large /| ne ai)1) i(, s , [ <,,<„ gramilntcd sugar, 1-2 cup sherry .« nuvii: uiu quomtlons sound like o 1 """" 1 "" 1 ""KIT, i-^ c>1 -he stock market report. There arc '" 2 c " |) Dlft " cllC(1 nhnonds Autumn Is fritter (Ime! Mnke hem for desserts following simple uppers; make them n main dish or luncheon with n snucc: make hem for brcukfnst on Sunday n the family wants to linger ly ow (he nrst meal of ihe •ny, mid Indulge Ihelr iippetllcs a Hlle. Use nuliunn fnilis for siicli fitters as these-. I'cur Fritters Him, ripe penrp; one fourlli cup nnon juice; six tnblcspoons Bran- imlud sugar; one cup Jlour; g n i«l rind o( one lemon; two ecus- mn \.nlr _____ ,,, nt>", n ,, •"-" 'Mimi. mere arc die linens nnd the 'chintzes In Borgcous, sunproof coloring, sult- nblc for dtnin t . room or library uiul there is a host of fabrics for bruising i| t ,|, t nm , chccr [Q { , the S " 1C " r ° Mi " i! r0 °"' nll(l Among the newer things which we saw yesterday was a group of orocatclles, Bnlui-backcd fabric a ralsc<l desliiii. In Jacobean Pare and core apples. Cul nlnv onds In half lengthwise and stick Into apples porcupine fashion. I'm in n baking dish with a light fitting cover and pour over sugtir am, .sherry which have been brought to I the boiling point, cover baklnn up especially well Striped satins for draperies or upholstering nltenialcs a rough stripe with smooth, In rust or gold, a deep blue and n hnrljor green. Plaid chenille In wodd-rosc or green nnd other colors was another new fabric this season, nnd would be very pretty for n rather stately bedroom with chaise-lounge nphol- atul bake In ti moderate ovei (350 degrees F.) until apples' on , eral limes during the baking will the syrup In the dish. Uncover to I the last fifteen minutes of bakln; ,and increase hcnt so thai the ap ! pics will glaze. chill and serv( with plain rich cream. stcred to match the draperies. An acetate rep in n wave pattern was another Interesting (ab- rlc. This-came In various colors of which we liked best, the blue with n a silvery gray and Bold ihrend S forming lite pattern. This, at $1.75 a yard, i s one of the worthwhile bargains in drapery fabrics. •'arlegatcd gauze In chenille with brown and silver was possibility, this time for Informal draperies, to -be finished with galloon or cotton ball fringe. For Hie colonial house, there arc stunning patterns In hnnd-blockctl happens, linen, based on the old designs , cellent fabrics from which choose. There Is always' brc nnci dnmask, in the old rel reds and wines nnd B o!d.<; Chocolate Cocoanut Cake 61ft 1-8 tenspoon salt, 2 cup. flour, 1 teaspoon soda «nd 1-2 tta spoon double action baking powde together. Cream 1-2 cup butter nn 1 1-4 cups light brown sugar. Cca 4 egg yolks and ndd. Then ndd a squares unsweetened chocolate melted nnd 1 tcnspoon vanilla. Pour Into shallow pans. Bake 25 Fftl OF TEil IS' Arc Good Recipes for Autumn Breakftists and LuncJ icons. halt cup milk; cnspoon rail. >, one fourth sprinkle with four blioons of the sitgnr nnd lemon I'are, slice nnd remove core from tnl;le- -•-u y. lemon d... I-el stntiil for an hour in a cold-plnce. Sift Hour with remtilti- dcr o( sugar and salt and add beaten esjij yolks, lemon rind nnd ntlk. Fold In benlen egg whites Ulp Ihc slices of |x;ar In this bal- lei' and fry brown In deep hot fat Serve with powdered sugar. Apple fritters arc prepared In the same ivay. Orange Frltkrs One cup silted Dour; two tn- blospoons Brannltilcd sugar; one fourth lea.siwon salt; otio half cup milk; one lemon; four firm or- alines; two CHUB; powdered .sugar Sift dry Ingredients loecllier, add minutes In niodcvvUe oven. Frosl wllh boiled frosting or'butler frost'-: and sprinkle wllh cocanut. grated rind, beaten egg yolks nna milk. Heat egg whiles and fold In. P«l ornnges,: out In one fourth Inch slices, then each slice In half (uul remove Ilia .seeds. Sprinkle wllh lemon juice and ixiwdercd siir.. gar and lct - stand for an hour,. Di-nln off the Juice, dip pieces In ihc batter nnd drop In deep, hot, fnt. Lift out with wire spobu.and- sot on a sieve over n pnn in the oven. Serve with powdered sugat. or mnple syrup, llaiKiims and plne- npplc make good frlllcis, picpared, \\\e same way. Wain Krltlcrs One cup llbui; one Icaspoon.ot bilking powilcr; one fourth lea- spoon salt or celery salt; one sixth .cnspoon naurlkn; two cBKs; nbout tliree tnljlcsiwons milk; two cups conrscly chopiwd, drained scalded clams, or canned clnms. Sift together the Hour, baking iwwder, cull and paprika nnd mix to [i lialter with the benleu eggs nnd milk. Wash, the clnms, scnld nnd cool, remove the tough pori lions and coarsely chop Ihc sod bodies; or chop cnnncd clnms. Add lo lliu butter, drop by spoonfuls Into the deep, hot fut. When brown on nil sides lift with wire spoon (o'n sieve ami drutn In the oven. Servo.plain or willi chill snuco or tomiito cntsiip. Enough for four. Corn Frltteni One cup corn cut from cob, or whole urnln canned corn; otic half cup Hour; one third teas|x>on sail; one halt lenspoon baking poiv'der; ouo egg; one fourth teaspoon of pepper. Sift together the Hour, salt, pcp- iwr, and baking iwwdcr. Add the bcalen egg yolk and corn, and if too dry. a little milk, Fold In the stiffly ucntcn egg white, mix ari'd drop by spoonfuls Into deep, hot fat. Lift with wire spoon und drain on a sieve on n pan In Ihc oven; or drop onto n hot, gi eased griddle nnd fry until brown, turning to brown on the other aide. Read courier News Want Adi. APPETIZING So That's What the Well Dressed Woman Is Wearing This Fall -- 1'iit you needn't worry [or your old clolhes can IK; modernized with the nul of Tluilson Tailorinu •t'Kl Cleaning service. HATTERS TAILORS DKKSS FINISHERS 011 r Route Jfen •v.-in call If you will. PHONE 53 HUDSON TAILOR SHOP i — —-,.....*.,, like damask or •to brocade do better if lined,, for cade treated in this way they fall in! mblG more graceful folds and give body! nnd lo the window treatment. i IT'S SAFE Phone 1515-F2 ,- ' f 'n^iv/; r-'.', - i < For Daily Deliveries' GREEN'S DAIRY WHOLESOME K \ i 1.1 r i • s GOLD MEDAL f HIM I'KOIM < T*» SAVE 75* mnoa " TRUE VALUE 3 WM. A. ROGERS AA TEASPOON 25* $1.00 RETAIL VALUE -. $1.00 vkuT ,, nrv , flan >I.OO vo!us (trt.fled by Arbogoil and HoFdorf, J nf ,, t>Hi{lot fmumnee I»U| ¥ OUoD (? 5VrFHTmvrrSRTiFJCATE Cama > Oxydol Hhipso P&G OS «/100'7o Pure fcditim Size) •! for The Soap of Bcnulifiil Women. 5 for e progressive <t«ltrsli«c<i Wow are offering you ihi, value for a very limilcd lime. They arc featming P,«|tr 4 Gamble products al «ce pl ;<«u!1y low p,i«s. When y«, buy any of the follomne assorlmenls of Procter & Gamble True Value Soaps, ask far am Silver Certificate and send it with 5Sc in cash lo The Procter & Gamble Company. Box SJ;, Cincinnati. Ohio, withymirname mi address printed plainly on it. Spoons will be sen! postpaid. Tlie Complete Household Soup. 5 for Makes Clothes Wear Longer 3 for Tlic White Nnphtha (Cllant Size). 0 for (Circus Contest Color Ucoks with P. & 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c a.) 0. C. IJARNES 300 E. M.iin BBIJ.'S GROCERY 701 I.nkc SI. USV HER GROCERY 1523 W. Ash 0. W. DAVIS 613 S, First GAINES GROCERY 118 W. Main JOHN'S GROCERY 303 \Y. Main KELLY TRAVIS 828 S. Franklin W. C. LAWf.ER 323 N. Scconil J. F. LIVINGSTON 1U K. Main 0. LUTES 122 >V. Main .f. C. LOWE 530 N. Sixth W. C. LEGGKTT IOC N. Fifth McFALL'S MARKET 21C E. Main 7.. A. McCUISTON 213 S. First McMULLIN'S CASH STORE 322 W. Main MOOIIE liKOS. Dell Honi! NADERS & NADERS M/iin & Division PARKS GROCERY Cherry i- Frisco R. R. PHILLIPS GROCERY Franklin i Dujan W. A. PICKARD 1044 W. Chick.isawlM KITE PRICK GROCERY 111 E. Main L. A. ROUERSON 6to S. Lake LEONARD TAYLOR 930 Mlly St. rica's Ameri Most Beautiful Glass DINNERWARE Selected by Edna - Ferguson for the setting of her model table this week at the Courier News Cooking School We invite you to come in and see this beautiful new Fostoria also the new silverware GUARD i ' . •••'."• JEWELRY STORE

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