Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on November 26, 1922 · Page 26
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 26

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 26, 1922
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

PA11T 7PAE 26 H j 4 J rf an vlS THEY ARE B Se j SOMB time long before man be - cam man but white be wu IP a tour tooled creature the three stocks eeparated which were to make the Caucasian the Mongolian and the Negr Etch of the three carried - enough of the human tmpnUe to make a man but tbe tig reaulU were not all alike 1 Caucasians remained pToareewrre and toUuwed tbe irend or human evt lutlon Mongolians remained prlml - Uto Negroids lUrec off on a radical tangent which turned tbelr hair Irom wavy to criap their pigment trom mod - erate to heavy their akulla from mod erate to extremely long and made tbalr bodlea exceedingly muscular The wild man of Borneo or East j Indian human prototype 1 a Malay j ct southern aiongoi aunosi aa iw u culture ma men go It wtmM be unfair to aay which men are the lowest for all men are exactly of engage la evolution The most degraded - Papuan or native of the Congo jungles - s as far progressed from his Original ancestor as a great artist or statesman only his trend la away from ours The three great races of mankind are separating - They are drawing apart as fast as evolution can carry them with no hope of a future union even to the end of time tfegroea are growing more negroid with each generation Mongols are acquiring a deeper strain of yellow akin while white people are becoming whiter every day The earth is naturally divided Into different ethnic tones with each race satire In It - ran place Equatorial Africa aoutnera India Papua Australia Mllanesia and part of the Phtt - ipptnea are the home of the black race Mongolians Inhabit all of Asia north and east of the Himalaya chain and south of the deserts of Mongolia As Malaya they reach far out Into the Padfle and as Indians and Eskimos they inhabit all of America Caucasians range from Singapore to Iceland and from the Sahara desert to the tundras of Russia Cucaalana are divided into three groups and each of these baa its own habitat The southernmost of the Caucasians are the Semites jou can ten this race by 1U shiny black - half long head and face large black eyes weak Jaws and plight build Hindus Veddahs Sakals Arabs Egyptians south Europeans - such as Spaniards Sicilians and Provencals as well aa some Welsh Irish and Scotch belong to the Semitic race The middle race to Europe la the Alpine Alpine people have globular skulls round faces dark eyes and hair and a robust stocky build They are an upland people and flourish beat In mountainous places Most French Swiss Savoyards Tyroleans southern Slavs Greeks Turks Ukrainians St Ieatans Prussians Belgians and Lax embourgers are Alpine The race extends tar into central Asia Armenians Tartars and Turkomans belong to this division of mankind Arymaa are the northernmost of Can - raaiana They originally lived la the basin of the Baltic sea and eastward in fcusaia but as Angio - Saxbns Irish CeltaJ Gaols Romans Greeks Goths Huns Teutons and Scandinavians they have migrated over most of the earth Aryans are the only race of people In the world whose skins are consist i ently white They are white men par excellence Fairness Is due to a thin 1 akin and lack of brown pigment Many Aryans are so fair that blood show through their skins giving their faces a pink color Aryans at the present time are also the highest civilized people in the world it orderly government larr military power and arts and sciences be a criterion of culture So greatly does this race exceed the others that they are everywhere the rulers of the earth although outnumbered by those of darker skin about to i ljxtreciF THRQUCH THE UICROSCOPL ID fan aver look at a butterflys el through the microscope T It la an object of wonderful and Intricate beauty This insects Wings are covered with a sort of dust It yea should handle them roughly the U IHBl Bwttartty r e ore bimaHfaL colors and beauty would come off The first thing the microscope reveals is a wing covered with a multitude of scales Coming nearer we observe they are all arranged in eschelon like shingles on a roof Looking closer we see each scale Is notched several times giving H a texture more rna y mental than even the fanciest ahingle roofing SAYS RED PEPPER HEATSTOPSPMN IN FEW MINUTES Rheumatism lumbago neuri - ttbaekache stiff neck sore mtucles strains sprains achms Joints When you are Suffering o you can hardly get around Jjset try - Red Pepper Rub Nothing has such concea - tratad ncntratno - 4 PSMtrsT and when heat pene - tteM right down into pain and Wssjmioa rskef cotnci t once mJat assoon as you apply Red resjer - RQ yon feel the tin - ndjaeat In three minutes sore spot Is warmed and through and the terse is gonl Red Pepew Rub m red pepper costs wee M any drug store Get a Jaca oace Be sure to gcj the sis ansae with the name Rowles every Beksr srw yS fee VmI v lTB - I V wJT V I ySV Says Madame la Marquise We womenef Paris city of Ugkt keep ear Kur always brilliant wilk a touch of henna in the shampoc9 From a Utter written by Mm la Marqsk dj tTTrE Parisian women prize as a rita of th tofletta tlia VY henn sbtmpoo that keeps oar hair alive with light gad lustre Whether our hair Is black aa night like say own dr cold a sunlight like Adriennes we mn bare osr Aesa tktmpoo once a week Ottr bairdretsera have proved to n that roocA of bemn just a touch remember in the shampoo meana beaadfnl hair The secret is in how the henn is prepared Toor American women of society know all this Hot erery American woman should know it If she would show to hex lover or her bos band her hair at its loveliest Hennafoam Siampoo contains just the right fancJt Aema scientifically treated to bring et the full beauty of every womans hair TA toach ct hmna Is blended with pen deans tng vegetable oils Fr briUIant htdr begin ewfng HnJnafoam Shampoo fdy 50c Wentialbaiii OnANIAAl drng stores and perfume cotmters Mmk th hmir glUt XSftOTS AND HOTBL RJiwQRTS XND HOTELS KJfOKTt AKP MOTm La Marquise Coupon - t 1 TZT Tkl cespoa eatitks yea te eae trial betne of Haassearn ttairme wkea la and iBttd with tea casts te year eVaggbt i NAME ADDRESS 4 RESORTS AND HOTELS RESORTS AND HOTELS EXCELSIOR SPRINGS MIKSOCKJIt NATIOMAL HEALTH KBtOST KesuVeereaUaa and rt - tarrd bcaJUi svalt roe bore betfchowea U 8 Ho4pttal Coaapeuni la th weL mraUable lor All aoteis Bi i mi rlacaeadlsv 8 Ho4pttal Coaapeunt eojatiaiw Toe naeat ts apt raw able lor all hotels horseback rfcttfitv tennis dandmlrood at aunenta taake II fa bera worth Urtor BeauUtal parka sad - t k mtA rMM w - 3tv Wa waiflOflaa faa WritA tM ami hetala liated below or apartments tor tartser lalorautlea or write erect Se tea CoauMrdal dab I Jelll j - L 7 f T v - - m - t Sffc IT iTitaaaaaH swHHBaBHBasSEerBliBaaaaaaaa iBaat - 58SS - - - S Nsaa IuBBTIYv sKsraU XS AYVUKtt fflBTORWaM - NS T a W - sW aBBBBBBBSaV TBT BBS SB jTjr rfr V7fUJlltMlllVrr V V X - miFr MmemAtlt nmm v H3uf trsn saaaa - aaaii jsajsrawsa m OHIO A 5 3rh aTrV - SamWsaF aMeABBHaaaajHsatyjrr 9 EWr i ZP 4 STOr lcaaafJaT sMEj3aasWf7V7M3 MiiTrVrrTl - - raErVilV i c SgJtt sajaasaajassaaaBBajaBBjaBBB - pj aja SAM ANTBraO HAS a Walai - 1 lln V w T - fMawlM ftsel iky A mm on wttdlaet pai - Ksvtw rivwT r Ataei tlM diiaky of wm mmC ui I t warmtli - tisAfBaWa 5 tAt t afB BTagfK rayij fJM fflOWfa owBlsal CHmtTt waaiog lazily t tke wWi - x ef foil bJTaad tie tek Inb renxL Ferfitti Aateaio tacjter I mmvr eoatrsAaAiam Sbotffler W ibekMr Maad work aad pky jmb4 m fed wale the old and the new iV fMrttk - HhttbctHte Tbe forfmin tlie Worker tbe krrar of beam aM aliake kaat a waay Sea Aatefikx rW - Aky ofbeautlful perka of by j3br - meets of ectnre Ute a sports - kYiag If - - lt Sc rfnV mvfvi - e Ife Vlaa ks ele Hsbk bojea a city of Wat readadert of the loir agotliU k Saa Aatotifai I S KjMOKTS AND HOTELS RESORTS AND aa HvfmH i BB aula IBbbhI JU flBf CSI eBSBBsS90 riTrtj GSbstJI SSI vHTHLinoncALvmcor WttCRCCOALISrUStX iSCWW 1 - Rj asa - aj - i Golf 0l0 fan Sr - - i1 sRqKY flit Tiia - jrt iVi - fn i nw A a firtaiMl aaa ff axinxi j 3fc VCODY HOTEL ICzeeUler Bpruri - tartan a HaUL Madara San rlaa Write far laanllwl lafaram ttae McDanda Auto LiTory Meet ear trala aaJ f1 tm aart whilf hew ST JOE HOTEL StrtoUr Maara raiaiijea Claaa i aow With er wltkaat Trnrn Vtrtte PICKWICK APTS K MeWUUaaia Owwar aa4 U Btrtetl - frtrata Ba BU Bia - auia ssrua THE ROYAL HOTEL txaorsAN r tN Centrally theatre - I ant - abhy BU Km - UaM Al WriVa farBatte by the IVacfc 1 MtoeraU Batha la Oa - aec - oo PARK SIDE HOTEL KEKorEAN rum Hadkra KTtrrtMaa N ft B UtCmrdr Her W rita far - aaslat EXCELSIOR SPRINGS oaiiaiai ewe ami wcuaat HOTEL SNAPP A arleae Waa - TTi am aat IS ISA Batba MaaWa thereaf hly Mineral WateraTHE ELMS Batke Stt m la by a bcaattral aark Gelt aaana Uauda eeeits bwiibailr ita Jalu Liuau lr tkaVat I VUdac SaatoBarUfatalMaateCaUtaaUaad Laa Aaaalaa Saa Diara Saa Fraacaca tUTaVaUa PaaaJeaaTUJufe Max - Yoaeulte Natioaal Park Lv Chicago January 6 27 and February 17 1923on Los Ange lea Limited 8KX p mf topping at Salt Lake City en route tttlO round trip loctodet all raJwar traatDortalian and t actual coat abl 100 milta ot motorina aleepinc car all nwab e rbere botab cverrthinc arTxagtd m advanofsh first claaa and fanhed - wtth ex pan iced cacort without aay additional charge Write for Detailed Hinerarr JtjTOv ttnshfn Ofjr I P WMaaaataalilaaaraBaHaa I I aille watntawt r - 1M I I aflaaeanket I 1 Uaj naajn ISIiiimPtM aaawaa a X - - f fc - w ii A ki aliH ar A K ft wf a - AieTa V M P IT ir l3 mi e i i i m J r ais t BBBBm saw av gBBBBsi a u Hk I - I ft - rWB I 7 s lnr I ia b af iieae i frfi - ra il rajjanHt a - aaa Ma la rkaajrtM Moaa immm o n i waa a - aaaay baUaji rtbrn neat aaaaa aa4 a Waal aa III laaaaa - Wwai JJBJM - araaVT a faarU aa IJ i a I I ia BHLa via i m Leianwrd a H rwawwjsffa aTataaa BaJ HEALTH RESORTS rv - WMMwr awwvA ri cicauni WKaOWSOTs - i - Twurit - aMi - tn 1 S Clark St Chlcaro r naDearboraS3 - kajsllerfeawslf but rBtSrii i LIBRARY PLAZA gveaataaa BUi Tba nuwrmeiil wis aoei a ia a ts ia aa lead Plaa ie eai yeur Tbaaka - Irtiui aor wtlk aa Tor raaerratiaee phone Eranae 000 oaaiNOTON AVx Nnrtb et Darte Birart t telsiindermer iaasases t Heasaaae Metals CeraeU Aveaue aad Kaat Street wmttrw aaaf raeSf far CLAMMKWKACHrrOTEL with bath Kata ain SIS 00 w a aad aa duobtat SITJiO 5 Hear M W U ua Use aad take S31 WUaoa Ansae noTRLMavfiLifiJL V X li li caal tarawe Se iWwaa ALBERT SSs Coe te Tak B6eKJf U NerASWe Ideal Res Care Umai aacaitaa fiwa aa Olaoa aad aaaS tna aii bm3 Caod rtat batts af aB Ueda inaji ata yaa Sad atary f aeUto tar i Ii lfti tnaaa rlcht a a ahMa U CMaaea AH tka aaKrana af a mm haul aad a BMd an aaaaurfaai aMail aaadlay baak Nertk Sbere Heikk Reert WtNNETKA lUNOtS Talcpaeae Wiaaetaa HI The lmm samtawuib ChUaaeaad k ab ant BH aekj Tear eaotce at all aad baautilsl eawatn aarreimdiBsa Os - ie - dele aalarai sa iactadc Aa - AMS Kleatreaat Waseeabi Tiiiiin ceraiad to ladtiulu - Xi3SrZ Here borne for those s colt for those who want essedsl comfort for those who seek the o lost fa hotel coovea - leace aad sernce And here tf food food well cooked and fea - any - seTTerJ - - breakfast luncheon aad dinner UbJerrhotcoralacarte as your appetite prefers Come aew sd inspect the apartmenti eome - Bene and enjoy a meal of - Bosual attractiveness t F J 1 km Mgr RCK1ERS PARK APARTMENT HOTEL fkartlaa Head at Fran Baalavard 71 BHIBflEW HOTEL AND COTTAO B BEIJJHHSiTS Sftorida Opea Jaaaary 8tk Chrwlookin the Otdf of Mexko the center of a thousso dacresoftrorkal H fceauty The Bellcview Is toe crenrn Jewel of all Fkridreorts LuxurW oua in its appofcitHxetits deghtful n its hospital ky aad social chtrau Two 18 - nols folf cottrsea tp sooHBg nvjeot - thlng evening d andprbni yaara teLVrd ler tnalaat et aie aUaaaaU erairipUre Htantore Beat a Lkar Nates Care ilm Saa S Aaaad Bird Cbleese kteaaee aeda 1 j rS - 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FUTUniHH A a - omswaw eg snsgaHsuM ajaeai jfa4jaiAMt Ll j atay aaaavawaai saaMSsaaairi fages ibss aaa fwaeaatjeBi B y fiad ebera gassW or p - saal Rsriiiacs si saAL arrival or resski aaekaa EhnOTAINMEKrt toadiW practical vaH viaicon aaihari a UTeest W r HA Mf iimjli AitiaprPrywrsft4ilisi Wwtawae - ralaB - lea Waml CaaaaW el ar 1BBBBHLb BBai f iy la fe - BaaaB HsBMllSBrBIalBBBBBLB Trf5nw The Newest and Most vnfVK Madera Hotel to Miami If V H 1 C Caaaabataid to ae Saaa af aaaalaa Bl tb I akw a a alniBM af alba amtora H I f a inlaai aad a aants aad aiaalaa T L - r f eatdaal m W4 Haul Sal ru aaaana 77 - auanM iJV I Wawiuaaj K Jf k Batia aad aa Ittaalfatad baadwaa aWajataa Bad B t I v Baaaria U datall an aU by ill I ifkHl Vaw tkafallawlasr - CvK VC V B Slat aw Siwami aid Biaaaf M m Mal aaaarbvMtaal fMrlaa fck - - r f r Mtaat VMaeJdrt afl fVV rat jttisaut luwwi ta II BfTaflFVa HOTEL ROBERTS J I W aa ifllfl - MIAMI FLORIDA M I wB BaW nf rr - A Baaarta rnataeat fB4 i ii i - - i - aaaiiiaaSBaJl RESORTSFOREIGN RESORTS - FOI Oeeaa Travel 1 frr J ROUND THE W0RIJ CLARKS J CBUHI I N - YarkJANUAYS ISSS Vreaaaa Fnaekwa llaV B By tka SoaeiaUy akartarW aark a u - UtrRESS WfSAWy freaeeaa r Vara enaiaaaar aeaae iaa mi a Craiaa Baead tka Werid ky ahartaraa ieetn NewYark raaaaMSaa rraaato lara Siadaaore Banaah Oeciaa al kuaa lanawariliraahaa BfM frlSe0alaaaHadHatalHrMraa0efc4 fJaa - yartrntl dirtatlae et Mr TMAnil wka kaa mn torn a ATsoatiadaaiaee lar the trie I da ha laaaa A a Maalia da Ie CaweJ4raaHaTa 4iofmv TO THE yaiesj a ar M VAWISS arsfiawdB eiwhaw aVwBt 9r aVeataS C - rawed - S S BM T B BM aTSOTTILASaMB AJawawyUaarfaelkara - JalaamtfUATSCVaaaTkwlaa4ejrPIT wad ralnrlaa Itaty Oim aaa VaaaaaUa r at SWA aav lliL HM - tiadakar rkltaStarUaar UN MEPITERRANEA - sLEB r FRANK C CLARK Thaee Bna - ag New 1 SCOTTS UNIVERSAL JUARINE AGENa 1 tm J D OaEARY AGENCY IDS W Meee m R S ELW0RTHY 40 N Dearhera T S TOURS CO 58 W Jk 1 - 4 ka Ivfc iiTaaV7Pi B - awaal3BBl - 9dIDlTErfFAM aT H mmrM a a4aT - aCBTv afasjC - si v J ADRIATIO RESORTS FOREIGN Oeeaa Travel HIMp2HICErrtiJ STaSLif 6 SStoTe - 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aearfTl - 1

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