The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1934
Page 7
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•FRIDAY, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •Daily rate per line ror consccu- ilie Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per toe ••••• TOo times per toe per d»y 1 nree times per UM per day ..09c bix times pe-line Per d»y ....«£ yon.thrale.Per^^.^.., «c CLEANERS TAILOHS To look your bctt Is alwiyi eiBtn-lWc pay more Itlal. Ut ** keep jro« CWhns nt. I hides, brasi, 'Must bo expci loured and wllllns! 10 work. No oilier need apply. Com-1 l.ustrOUS Cloth o{ Gl»M Unique Cktoinf C*ll 171. Service niaiiufnclure of the product wlilcli permits the cloth to be • washed or ironed without damage to lie de- slBii. Tlicsc designs In colored glass tan bo applied without laborious hniutaork to velvet, ellk. liicu, cotton ami rubrlra of nil kinds, imparting to tliem tlic npiwarinicc COAL & WOOD I HONE 1« OW'Cwl U But We ire»t X< Author's "Green Stone*" Stolen by House Prowler 6V1UCU8B, N. Y. (Ul 1 ). — "Tlic Orccii Btoues," Iniiplrntlun for some uf tlic iKst work o[ the laic Harold McOrulh. (ninous author, were stolon along,with many.otlicr pieces ot jewelry and about $100 In cash, his widow lias reported'to po- BUck the dead/novelist as .Lawmen Did ho wove many of his itwlei arourijl tr.c' emc'rald.-sriaded jewelry; such' as Drums of ' Jeopardy, thd celllnt i'lnqtie, and the Green Stone Value, of,the loot was not 'POR.TL.A'ND, pro. (UP.)—A large purple Iris bloomed in the, yard ot-Mrs. Gcoi'gc- L.' Roberts .at the height, ot 'heavy -rainstorms lasl- iiits. over a week here; recently^ '. By HawlTn FOR SALE i* ordered lor three or tU FOB SALE-Fure breed BtonevWc tow and "topped X explra- No 4 Cotton Seed, price: tU» •m *m be charged for the num- rc-r hundred See P. E. Black a t° r of Units tre ad appeared anfl ^lvevllle_O|i»_Co. «P H" adjustment of bill made. L ^^^ cows with- young calves, All Classified Advertising copy plenty of »prlnge» that will bi submitted by person* residing out- fresh Boon. Must be »ld. Phone side of the city must be accom- 21L r . . . ,anted by cash ^"'"'L* BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, che»p easily computi'd from above tablt {gj ca6h a^meM good, rent rea- No responsibility will be taken Unable. J. F. ! ittle, Holland, Mo lor more than one incorrect In- | seition of any classified ai REA1> ESTATE rale Phone 306 or 307 . vatlon. One mil . cell. Roland Qrien. Come la, Vtt 700 raj at>U See what we h»« to tea I f. H. Terry IJetwd Dialer TeTTj-Worthlinton Tttto Ce. TPOULTRY & EGGS START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT liny a Bttlcr l.'«d Car-Tne« Bargains Won't Last Long! '32 FORn TUDOR SEDAN '30 FORD TUDOR "SEDAN .. 5- 2 VJ ;FOK!) TUDOR' SEDAN Special * *" I FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. •29 FOR.) TUDOR SEDAN .. Sl« Walnut. Mrs. Ed; Hard* Mter 5 M SASH SEDAN. Runs'Good »Z15 P. m. 29 CK U. TRUCK SPECIALS •so DODGE PANEL ..- .- ?i65 •33'CREVROLET I!-0 T. Trttck, CC Dual Wheels, Bargain $335 •29 FORI> riELUXE . ERY. Cheap- .:.:'. . : .V:S.... ? 85 TWd .iffivm,. nicely FUBNISHlJD apartment. Reasonable. 619 ,W. Mal%. .Cill 332-J. NICE " cotftlortable rooms convenient to 'bath. Good meaU. South 5 ROOM Modem House, 317 Dou; 1:20 per month. Phone 100, •32 FORD TRUCK. Loofa and.• L 8 ^' perg^on -Runs Good »" 3 . = = t AII Furnished -Apartment" In Ward Many Others io Choose From., ftiij ...t_»_*•„ (1 . , M i \n*,t « r >. wiin Cars Over 5100.00 Carry .Guarantee. im - West ^j,. wm Vacaht January i. Call $50 ck-U - ----- ..... i. IPS ll U jn}j$atir-''iY5.(M, apply .Broaa™y Bar• -,..--••j:-'H*P6'>?P. **rMt«V .Bank',Bldj. { •i' '-"•' •• j^~'^ t ji'ii^^^*<^'*^-^~" T "'^'" J JA***"*~ J"T'V"3Slt • 9 'S-Willl. ivi^m- ;"'':'. v T*;r l • .'.'• —''• - -.. T • '—ij_i_ . . „. . -•— MODERN Three "rtuStn Apartmlm 280 East Main Street .^yj btth,, unIurnlshtd,^_Fho^e 1-U'jui: 811-810 I" 1 * 4 " BlylheviSle, Arkansas. BUSINESS UIKECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes, Ett. L«fs trade. Ill East Main. 6c kl-B EXTEKT Typewri'er and Slatlunc Bepairing. U. S. Blank cnsbip, 110 E. Itose. CaU ^'^JROAN HORSE, Bay HORSE, e»ch 1 15 hands high. Liberal Reward. D. B. Pollard. Osceola; route. 3 Box 2. . . - AUTOMOTIVE WANTED TO BUY LARGEST STOCK USED 1'AHTS Between Memphis and St. Louis 3A AC K S ON 0 AUTrPAKT eS "o. I GOOD 08^0^^ CALL AT «B JACKSOV AUTO Mtt •> ^^ 2 | g oulh ^^ s(rcet Ipk5 LOW PRICES on winter car needs, ^l Sr r tops' 0 'i G s!d A e fuSl^i; M. B.™,te aun^eTtSe ^ j ^^^\^^S?^^ Call SOS - Ifcd's place - 118- E.;JHaJn For Auto Painttog .... : ;'-i- Body and Fender Service - : >,, 296kT-29 CHILD'S EYE glasses in Wert -. —^ I 1 case. Saturday p. m. LIBERAL AUTO GLASS INSTALLED .'. 1 REWARD. Mrs. Paul. Greenwe We install glass in your car wiiik. Call 9«. you vrait. Can us Jor better service. Phone 633. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Call Us When In Nccfl Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tlrcs-Haltcriw - Replacement Parts I!UBBitRI> HARDWARE CO. Auiomotive Dept Anln Glass All Kinds Installed Tfie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c tl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker. Day and Night Service. Call 633 Shouse-LiHIe Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-IO SPORTFNQ GOODS Yon will find a complete U»« of NEW MODEL BICTCUB8 « Hobbard Htrtwaw Com»«iy- 16o kl-16 BATTERIES New Fo-d BUteries Rental - Recharjjinj? - R«p«lri»* 177 TIRE & EATTERV STATION 26C tcl-» Battery & Kadblor Serrlce We puarantee you better battery OT radiator work tor less money. Any mafce radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new »n<J rebuilt ballerlea. Call 633. Shousc-Ultlc. Chevrolet Co. lOo kl-10 RADIOS All Radios, including R, C. A., are being closed out at cost for CASF et Hubbard Hardware Co. Ui-vt . mission ami small Flnry. House l<>; , , aluminum, leai; batteries., phone 1'rt, Wolf Ariati, 128 E. Main , th niiiiiuuns m im-m un; i-i,i~ by Manchester resnirdi 0 [ dbmeiitc-sUidded material. The invention follows | , cw ( K O j cloth Is Nice voom In private home two bed:;, call 180 alter 5:00 p.m. Si|iall«,l riuiiii PARMA. Mich. <UP>-Thc io pvovc a valuable weapon tlnht against Jnp ncsc conuiclHIon SALESMEN WANTED WANTED SALES PEOPLE b used in Bv Ahem tloii more tiian 30 years. One salesman and one saleslady THK UKSUIK SQUAD I OUR BOARDING HOUSE TROUBLE THAT BUNDLE ViE'U GO V1HW5 VVHV t>om 6ET UP CM-V. STYLES OF 1 H "KOOPLES HICCUPS V 1 WHF. UNCLE *t •BURT W>CDT1AW V EKCH COPY? - — W?> rv.. „ A**^ COLLECTORS UD;PAV.ES THttA 10 MERE TH\S IS. THE OCD, "TORPEDO"/ & OP 'E AND ^OU VJENT OUT TO 6ATHER A BOUQUET WE'RE GETtiW tlOSER, HOVI - vre.'uv. SOON FIND OUT WWW MA. = VELPIN' 15 ABOUT/ .xoV 1 y^ *£i •», • . • • OH, THAT'S DIFFERENT! IBOOTS AND HEti HUDPIES I .SUPPOSE rfS THOSE PEKSONAUV, I DON'T MIND ft FEW SPOOKS, MOW AKlO -THIWGS UP. BUT AM) THK CAP DOUBLED HI SALESMAN SA_M 1 twiHK TH' MMI U BROK& IWTft tAt?S. CXKTS j f»W TH' House. OF HER oooR iaGt&HOoit; is P.H OME- (JS.y.T DOOR.' JIAKING IT CLEAU! ^^KLESAND HIS FRIENDS YOU SSS,T^= OSCILLATORY W&VE 15 TPANSMITTED TO MY ANTENNA.AND FPOM TMEPE TO THE P£NTODES,TETF500ES AND -TRIOOES IN MV tT 15 ANOTUEN AMPLIFIED UNTIL AUD!Sll.ny 15 ,-.;isw EXPLAIN TWS PRINCIPLES OF THIS TH!NG,AND TELL tt& IT WORKS' POSITION WANTED PLANTATION employed desires change. years experience on all farm rha cliinery Including. gins. A-l refer ences. Box "P\r' Courier News. . 23p STRAYED ANNOUNCEMENTS cial Prltes. Call 8M-W. LOST FERSONAL •'"•' NOTICE r will not'-be rtf.poasible for an obligations contracted by anyo oilier than rtiyself anywhere on t face of the globe. R COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL'? klA There b r«u^ Wrtt ^ e :>ienr MoonUins, u high heat and At low to Mh as Sap«r.H»t b a beM nUttmnt, bbt U to tthkal, b*ca«H (t'i thie. W« T« Uktt on Hie M an t«U u* cu pror* Uls . . SWREME Stper-hnt la the only coal of IU UM * only by thh company. 6xlHediam 8he ' Ton - JT.» ;i Ton M-M A Rich Jlan» 8 Coal at A Poor Mail's Price Sotwflor Coal & Mining Co 3M W. W«inn« •

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