The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 2
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'fUESDAV,. 12 Social 'Calendar EVENTS : ' \V.M U., Putt 'Baptist church having Installation' of 'officers at prajei ineetlni;, 1 30 P. M Bible study, 'Church of Chilst, meeting with Mrs. C. O. Graves, 2 30 P. M. Junior-Senior IIIgh P.-T. A will meet at high school auditorium, 3 I>m, .following executive board meeting at 2,30 pjn. Sunbeants meeting First Baptist church, 4 )) m, Wednesday Bridge club meeting with Mrs James H. Bell THURSDAY'S EVENTS UD.C. meeting v\lth Mrs. M Frtzsimmons, 2;3|) P. M Mrs M O Usrcy having Midweek Biidge club Thursday Luncheon club inellng \vllh Mrs C. W. Affllck. Thursday Bridge club meeting with Mrs Fied Hulherford Mis O. G. Caudill having Thursday Contract'; club. Mrs. Geoige M Lcc having Town and Gauntly club , FRIDAY'S EVENTS Meeting of Music derailment of the Woman's club at club house, 3 p.m. SATURDAY'S ..KVENTS Chapters "D" and "N", P. E O, having luncheon meeting at home of_Mrs. 1\ J. Malmn. Declarer Plays for Favorable Distribution and Makes Game - To Have Installation. The officer's of IhS Woman's Missionary Union of the First Baptist church for 1927 will be Installed in a meeting Wednesday night held as a part of the 1 inld-Ueck pravei bervicc The pastor) the Rev, Alfred Carpenter, will he In charge. * * * First Methodist Church Women Meet. A program and social meeting vva? carried out by the Woman's Missionary society of the First :Methodist: church Monday': afternoon, at the church, when 32 attended. Mis.W P Brewer, the retiring president, pieslded Mrs N B Mc- 4 naid spoke on "Our Dollars in Home Mission Woik," Mrs Chas. L. Wylie on '6ur Dollars in Foi- eign Mission Work," and Mis Brewer gave a reading 'Bo Strong" The pledge cards were lUuciitcd before, the new. president, Mis. A - O. Hudson, made d talk * Cake and coffee \vere served bj Mrs. Doll Simmons, Mrs S K , { Garfetl, Mrs Brevvci, Mrs NIc- i., nard'Mrs Loy Welch, Mrs. B. F ^ • Klger and Mrs.-Wylie. * » fc Pretbjlcr'ian Circles Meet "Who Is A Heathen?' was ans wered in Inecflngs of the c"liclc. , of the Women's Auxiliary of tin First Piesbyterian church Monday •, This theme vtas used in conneo : , tion with n Bible study on th , 'subcct "God Ih Eveiyday Life All of the four groups had re freshmen Is served dm ing tW so "•-cial houii. \vith the nrst Dim. circles meeting in the aflcinoo: and the Business Women's grou meeting at nigtrt In r cucle 1, Mrs Roy Walton vva hostess whep nine Attended Mrs C M Oiay gave the Bible Icsso and Mrs Leslie Hooper, the pro gram, Mrs C. R Babcock, president o the entire group, attended Ui meeting of circle 2, at the horn of Mis T. J. Mahaii, when si were present Mrs K. D. Carpcn ter gave the program. Circle 3 met at the. home „ Mrs G W. Dillahunty when Mr. Harman Ta>loi was hostess. Th 11 there heard Mrs Ray Worth mgton give Ihe devotional at! Mrs E L Spradley, the program Mrs Lucy McAdams and Mrs Dick Webb .entertained the nigh circle at the Webb home when 1 attended Mrs Stuart H. Salmo: gave the Bible lesson and th program was in the form of round table discussion. * • 9 Like St. Group . , "i7"~n Has A Program ' l "Our Dollars At Work" was Ih theme of tne" pidgram given at' Incelmg of the Woman's Mission ary Society of _the Lake "Slice Methodist church Monday aftei . •• -•-"-*""j n.Lti- ^^» u» Liit; uimu jiiic wort* n fi nocn at tht home of Mrs. George of Dubonnet sheer wool will D>Ein 5 er Tills subject dealt-vvit -••—"•- w001 wltl the different' fields of work, vvil Mrs C. T Shamlin as leader. These-topics- were discussed "The Mountain Work," Mrs A A Hudson;. "Hie Mexican Work Mrs O" J. Rodgers, "The Gul Coast and the Cuban Work" Mr. Guy Rodgers Thc_ department c Religious education and nidustni work wks discussed by Mr George Shanks and Mrs W 1 Green Mrs Bill Van Winkle gav a leaflet, on Ihe negro work. Mr M N. Johnston told of the rur; Ml eluded by a prajer for the ru workers everywhere, led by A. S Dean. ) Mrs Dysinger presided over , brief business session before freshmenls were ' present the 1 • Jewish Women Postpone Meeting. •* . , The meeting of , the -Jewish Ai scheduled tor Wednesday night, h: ' Von postponed t,ntll further n( tice, it was announced today ' •* -> »' - 1 1 . » ' i Public , Cias3 NaiAes Officers «» school Of V83 *87 VAKJ10782 * J -. + KJ9 463 * A Q 1C 5 4876 4 A Q 10 6 4 2 * 1098 4 3 Rubber—All viil. South West Korlh East Pass Pass 1 ^ 2 + Z A 3* 3* Pass 3<(k Poss 4» Pass Op.cnihg iead—» K. \ Vliat docs It matlcl-, Ih trying to mkc a contract, If the hand does o. down one trick more than -It ,'ould have if the declarer had ecu willing 16 subirtlt to what M icughl wn.s a bad biesk nnd take less on the clmnce that a good reak vvouliicl give lillii the loh- -act? As a mallei of iact It Is just ich situations itiat give' players ic opportunity to moke the hands bout which bridge lovers like to cad — ovei coming obstacles that 01 the moment appear impossible, t^orlh, dcclarei on take's hafidi ad just such a problem. He ound the way to solve H, arid ih is to his credit, for his 10th rick was waiting for him lill (lie line, although not In exact place vhcic less careful players woulud ook for it. Bits of News Mostly Personal When dummy was spread after 11* • IF*'*, -.i*. *'«mK>ki«ii>& wJlvli uujmiijr rr<in ngjicuu ' Ullur rclary, American Bridge League Ihe opening lead of the king of Norman Walpole of St. Louis and ternary, American Bridge League me opening leaci 01 the kit Bridge players long ago learned diamonds, North saw that e, son, B. Walpole, of Los Angeles to play foi that distribution, to give him his 10th trick fiirhlture show and .went to St. The second round of diamonds lj °\ils for his fathcivwho lived here ,,'as ruffed, and North took the '. n ' R hy years ago, vvho is. going, to chance ot finding the king of California for a visit. 6))iidcE In the East hand, The fliibsSe of the queen lost to/the king, nhd West returned a licait Vhloli was won with dunnnyfi queen A club was returned t'roln lilniimy, tlid \Veit won and, led another he{»rt. North now led foui jnor6 rounds of trump, anil West found the task, of protecting both spades ami clubs impossible. Ah effective eiiiioeze had Ijecn developed through taking advantage of the position of outstand: Ing key cards. . . • , Miss Mary Catherine Martin ac- compmlcd Judge aiid Mrs: G. E. Keck to Little Hock today for the Inauguration "program. Frank Storye has been admitted to the Memphis Mcthodls Today'* Contract Problem West, alter a pass by South, has bid one spade. East and West, having bid clubs and dia- rhbfids in addition, finally arrive at six clubs. Should North double, and If East then bids six spades, should South double' *2 YQJ1094 • K.5 * 10 7 5 4 2 (fillnd) 4QJ109C V052 498 None vul. Opener—? Solution in ne\t Issue or,the second semester They are: ?obert Scoll, pi-esirtent; John •;ianklln Bowen, vice president; daijorlc Ro'is hecictary, J B iusband, tieosuicr; l^orma Clowe, cj)ortcr; Jalnes Roberts, sergeant at arms. Duughlfr Horn. A diu^hter was born Smiths night nt the" Memphis baptist hospital to'Mr and MIS. R. L. Dedman, formerly of here and now of Memphis The baby, w ho weighs eljjbt pounds, has been named Donna olio Dcdinnn for an uncle, Don- aldFletcher, and n sister of Mr. Dedmnn Mrs , Dedman was formerly Miss Eula Mliiam Wcstbiook ' * • SDH Naniod The son bom December 18 to Mr and Mrs Wheeler Epperson has been named Joel Brittaln. Mexico. The biidc liavclcd in ^ tnr ,-.,„ gi-av wool three piece ensemble T w liri!l " vvlth squirrel trim Upon their re 1 "" r5 ""J turn, they will be 'honored with a formal icccpllon by Mi and Mrs A, G Shibley of Blytheville Mrs Shlbiey, since her grachla lion from Luxqia high,school has lieCh business nmliapcr foi the school pfipci, sencinl They aic at the home of Mrs. f ...^ „„ v ,n; IIUULU Ui JVlrH. unperson's parents, Mr. and Mrs, P. B Jarratt, Miss Adele George Is Blidc of Geoige Shibley LUXORA, Alk—The wedding of Mi's Adcle George, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs "G. A. George nnd George T. Shibley, of cooper Hill, Tenh, son of T. Shibley, of Mt Lebanon, Assyria, was solemnized at a beautiful afternoon wedding Sunday, January 10 at tlie home of the bride's parents A hige gathcilng of relatives and mends witnessed the single ring ceremony that was read at two P m by the Rev L P. FlemmhiE pastor of the Baptist Miurch The living room was decorated Jn a white and green coloi scheme, will whlU candles in floor candelabra on cither side of the Im- hospital. Mrs. Robert E. Lee King I 5 .|| at, the home to Jicr daughter, Mrs Hugh Nelson Thompson, '124 E Davis Avc. Harris Draught), of Sikeston, at tended to business hcic today Miss Tcnic McDohqUMeft Monday for her honic In OMando Fla.j after n visit v'vlth John Mc- Do«i.ll and his parents Mi anc Mrs. J. D. McDowell. Otlo Scnpe has recovered fiom nil illness fiom Influenza Mis L W Oosnell Is convalesc Ing after five weeks ilihess fron iniicnra nhd complications , Mrs. John- Miles Miller, accompanied by Mrs. flob" Dillatush.. of West Memphis icft jciferday fo a Uo vvceks btaj In Hot Spilngs Anioiii; those vvho -H* in wilsor this aftcinoon foi the funeral ol P A Regenold are these from Armoiel Nfr and Mrs W N Wil Hams Mr and Mrs Aitlnu Vance Mr itnd Mis L E Gay Frank Glisson Miss R>an Ftl Williams Di w M Owen Mis Jessie Ridenom Mr ind Mis C E Ciitgoi Mi and Mis Chailcs Cilggci and Mi ind Mi 5 j H Smolherman ' Ur and Mrs Paul L liplon had as their guests last night Dr lip ton •; nephew Ed Jimcs and or Cqsllc, -of Ciinithersville. George CiiiiLj Mrs n r p-iiks Mrs, W. H. Barber of Holland an;l Miss Bernlce Barber of Memphis returned yesterday from i mo tor trio to Miclilgin 1he\ left and fnoully assistant Mi Shib ley finished his education -III' the schools o'f Mt Lebanon nnd Is now engaged in the mercantile business at Coopei Hill vvheic they \vlll make flielr home. Numbered among the out o[ town guests were. Mis G Shib ley, Miss Margueiite Shibley, an<l John Shlblej, of New Madrid, Mo, Mr\ and Mrs N. Koury, of Steele, Mo; Mis. M. George, of Memphis; Mi. and Mis George Moses, of Mounds/111. Mis Mike Koury and Mr, .Mi and and Mrs. Sam Ellas, of Cjllro,'111.? Mi and Mrs. D. M. Moore, of Oscebln: Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Saliba, Miss Nellie. Johhs, Misses Edith ahd Alice Gcoi'ge, MLss Sallic Saliba, Mi and. Mrs F Simon, Mr. nhd Mrs. E. B. Saliba, Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Saliba, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. ShlbleyV-'nhd Dr. and Mrs. j. A. Saliurt of Blyliicvllle. Reiser News Cyril Col ley, vvho Is i.Cora Lie Reynolds went Mrs Ro-1 todiy for the luaUf,imtion pro laIrt Tliej hill return lomoirovi Dr Flojd Webb who Ins beer 111 Is now shghtlj better ' Hcrsohcl McKay hns been admit ted to the Bljtbcvlll- hospital fii tiealmenl Mis Thomas w Millci sho 11 rived two weeks ago from Brim w!"k Ga foi a visit with i Brims Mr nu| _.- — „ ,.o. u t>,tii i\ii tiiii Mrs Sninuel r Norris ind o'hn relatives left today foi H burg Mi^s -v\here she will •her home, she was accohmaniet by her niece, Mnmecn King Nd ris who vvih sjeid the rest of ti vvintci there Mr Miller «ho i s a chemist In the experimental Iinrlmcnt of the Hercules Pd compnny at Brunswick, was sud denly transfeired several davs a , to Hnttiesbuig and he arrived then Sunday. " 1 " lc mnrlnc nl '' he bi(lc Miss Edna George, sls- wore a frock last Tuesday mo Ihc r, who Is ser. Mrs. huby Mlzc aiid G. E. Parker visited friends in Kelscr Tlnn's- iolisly ill. day. )i uutjonnel sheer \vool with a McmtRls Wie -past wbek •houlder corsage of gold rosebuds I JIrs - R - Hi Koblnson, Mrs. Tll^ li:'n\Ht,1 ««i._c_ •'»..-. " D/,11- \v w \Vo»pn,i Ail ^. , mtisic included piano selections by Mrs C. B. Wood R. . H; Rbbihson, B. R. Jones, Dick Watson and C. B. Glover Were guests of the Philco Radio company 'at the Hold Pohbody, Memphis, last Tuesday night. the kelseir visitors In Vile past wbek we" re- ft. Robinson, Mrs. J. T Polk, W. W. Watson, \V. M. Tay—. ~.^n,,,,^ uj aus e;. ij wood ' or ^ ^' ^' ^ onc s. and the song, "0 Piomlse Me," by 11lc boys^and girls of Ihc Kciser Mrs J M Majors The bridal' Tjaskctball teams met the Wilson wuty assembled at the altav tothe' tcams at Wilson in a 'double •strains of the "Lohongnn" wed-16 nnw Friday night At the ciid ding march The "Flower Soug" (0{ lnc 8 nmc the boss' score Was •ind 'Traumeri" were, played soft-! 11 lo ^ niltl tllc y Plajbd nn u- during the ceremony, with * x ' lril *' lrtc mlnu * es In Which Mendelssohn's wedding March as tllc Kclser tclla1 Innt1c l «o points', the recessional , Ihe final score being It to 13. The bride, who entered on the' Thc & lris ' scorc was 15 '« 28. arm of her father wedding of wore Ala and the rural nor k at" War fcg-o'-nHirtlm ^Icwte S ar!fl V«, n l Eagle, tn the n6rth Arkansas con- train Her Ion K tufl'^ t*n , E ' The fcmce The program was con- Edged, wal Q In Ice litif 6 l ° rlirnnri h\i o n^^i m. r n _ ii-_ . ^x^« > » ' pi»Ll. tMl|T coronet ot pearls and scms. She cal-ricd an of bride's VOECS tied m ribbon she nci\cousin, Miss Marguehte Shib ley,, ot New Madrid, Mo who wore a floor length model of pink &«,?'!?, ,*'"! •» °"' d ^ moving picture, scheduled bc6n held at the First ihul-ch Wednesday has been canceled, " annftunced todaj. Wilson Society — Personal Mrs. Jack Ott and Mrs. Chi Fei-giison entertained with ten ti> bks of bridge and a nilscellaiieou •shovv'er at the wilsob club hou; ThurEday tvenlng, compUinentii Mrs. Wllburii E. Furniss, a recei bride, and Miss Elolsc Wrlgh whose marriage will take place J, uary 15. Tlio club house was Illuminate vyith softly shaded lights and a lu fire. A color motif of pink an white was carried out in the dec rations nnd letreshmsnls. Gifts of English prints \\erc pra rented Mrs. Purniss nnu MJ Wright,, , , The high scorc pma at brld, was won by.Mrs. H. C. Davldsoi Mrs. Hunter Cox received (he sc: end prize and Mrs. Ludwig 11 third. The consolation prlie was ci by.Mrs.;Albert Grccnwsll.. , 'As the Lohengrin wedding-inarc ,vvas played softly: by. Miss Mat Sympuds, Miss Beliy : Fci-giison, at llrcd in a pink taffeta frock, Ic Mrs. Furniss to,a table loaded lovely gifts. Osceola Society — Personal To Oivc Silver Tea. "the Old and the New Pioneer" fill be the theme of a unique program to be carried out at the silver ,ea and book siiowcr to be given on Thursday afternoon, January 14, at 'Windovcr Terrace," the country home of Mrs.-IP: p. Jacobs at Gfl- def, from three until six o'clock, for .lie benefit of D.vcss Colony library. The dining table will carry n rep- lea of DyCss Colony while another table in the hall will have a reproduction of a pioneer home, made >y the late John Merrill of Wilson. The music will Include *bld-fash- oned songs by the Blytheville trio: Mrs. George Lee, Mrs. Paul Tip- ion and Mrs. • Russell Farr. Others appearing on tlie program will be : Mrs. o. L.-Robinson of Earlc, Mrs.-Rex Wheeler of ivia- rion and Miss Helen Shaw, libra- Dvess colony. Mrs. job Miller of Bissctt will poitray the old pioncci and Mrs A L Hoihnd of.Dy'ess the new pioneer, 'Hie public is Invited, while cash free will offerings are most desir ed, slflndard books and current mngazlnes will ako be accepted Mrs. Howard Pibclor and Mrs. _ F Blomeyei nre ilso assisting Mrs. Jacobs In the arrangements. Hose who desire are Invited to :oine In pioneef costumes Cidei, louglmlits biovvn bread and snni- ar articles of- food will be served from wooden bowls ind \ ocKlen plates. nlcrliiiK With Stcik Dinner Grade Superintendent D. L. Presson and Mrs. Prcsson entertained -iglit members of the high school faculty and their husbands and vives at a steak d'innei it a down- own cife faundaj night The guests vcie MI and Mrs o i, Moore Mi and Mrs Eugene Packaid tfrs J S McCanfs Miss clnls- ine Poindexter and Miss Gladys =•-'"- ind Coich Prink Sanders • * • Tuilor Troerc'sivo Club Meets Virginia Ciomcr assisted by her nolhei Mis rj H Cromei was lostess lo the Junior ProTosslv :lub and their sponsoi Mrs A F Spiese at licr home on Carson Lake ast night Ihe piogi im on Inteiimllonal ielations was led by Frances Convay nnd included i talk by Mrs I H joiies piesident of the senioi club on tlie ichtions between Unit ed States'ahd Mexico * • »' iilson Cluli ins Open House Inslcid of Hieir regular program he Wilson Coopciatlvc club en elfamed its mcnrtLrs ind sevenl members of (he Osceola Piogres- swe club with an open hou<= e r in the club house at Wilson riiuls daj afteinoon A copy of tin cub, NCVV Yent greeting vva mcsenlcd cich guest Instuimental music was rendei- 1 thtoughout the afternoon by Mis w J Uulvvig fuests included Mines S W F Hlmt M Jones W L Mooie, ba n r o" , J Ha!e nntl A r Spiese '-of O^ccola ind Mrs J A Lesme ter of Jonestolo Hostesses were Mmes Don Meiull w M Wal'"<*. E< ' ""man C L Ashmore Hugh Shelby Eva Elkins H E Miilllns and R E Lee Wilson Aftci tlie reception the gne<;ts went for a visit to the new Wil son Public Libraij and reading rooms on the second hoor of. the Wilson clinic. whloh opened -' .--...v,, mio wj/t-llut - ISO volumes Is sponsored by the literary dcpiii tme'nl of the cSiulr* ^' B " ry ^'" ' . rain and her, committee 'ne Mrs. Carl .Bird, Mrs Elio * s Mrs. Herbert — ..i. i.iitj. .11C1UUI1 |n, alternate in 'keeping the Oiceolans in Haspitals . Ajns. C. D. Aycrs underwent i major operation at the Baptls hospital last Thursday and Is Im Proving satisfactorily .^ 0 ....™ n _. si ' etl *ih was taken Thulsday by her par- FUPPER FANNY @ 6f KEA SCRVUr, IhXJ, T. M, RCG. V. B. pAr. OFF. Get ,m*v from thai,Sprout That perfume costs$40 an ounce." All right stliij;) lowcyouiidihiCT—liustsmcllcdit.'': local high school, of the senior class last year when lie left school to accept a position In a drug store at Washington, D. C. They have not yet decided whether they vvill go to Washington to make their home or remain here, t * * Short-llessie. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Parrls Hessie of Blylltcville to Homer short of Steele which took place Dec 31 with'the Rev. D. K. Foster, pastor of .the Baptist church of Carutii- •wllle, officiating. Mrs. Short is the daughter of Mr ind Mrs. 1 w. E. Hessie of Bly'the- ,'ille. snc is a graduate of the Wilson high school and a girls' finishing schoo! ,„ Ncw Vork Mr. Short is the son of Mr. and nr Vh , A ' shnw ""'' a graduate "-ipcr Military college of of the 'Steele hotel, where theTare making their home. - Frakes-Younff. .Announcements have arrived hero of the marriage lost Nov. 25 of Mfe ' Opal Young of Parkin. A°k to E red Prnkcs of Steele and Parkin vvhi-h ,..«. kcpt a s - ecret unlu 11|( ; Tnc groom is the son of Mr. aiid Mrs. w. T. Prakes of the Micola ommunity. He is now manager of a plantation near Parkin where they will make their home. Steele-Cooter Society —-Personal ents Dr and Mrs W J. Shbddan, vheie she was opeiatcd upon for appendicitis at the Biptist 'h'os-' pital I G B Scgiavcs was slrickcn w with an acute attack of append!- : cith while in Memphis Thursday;, oh business He was taken to the Methodist hospital ,here lie was operated upon Fiiday ind is now improving. Little George H. Deer. jr. ,yas taken to Memphis Saturday ifteinoon bj lite parents, suffering from 'an acute car trouble. He remained for treatment at tlie Eye, Eai-j Nose and Throat hospital. Dri.and Mrs. L. D. Massey and children returned Sunday night from a two weeks trip to Miami, Miss Emma Cox is confined to her, room with an attack of fill. •Dr. aiid Mrs. C. Itf. Harwell diovx. to Djer rcnn Thursday to visit his father L D Hirwell who was "tncken with piialysis ten dajs ago Thej will remain a'way several days. i The following women attended the luncheon n cetmg of the "Wil- _ , ., , ;....„ Ham Strong chapter .D. A. R. at I old, weight from 1000 to 1200 ib. No- County School Heads Will Meet at Dell SiinbHiitcndculs and principals or , the junior and senior high schools of Mississippi county will have. ^ their monthly mcclins Thursday night,'at Dell. Dr. Mar? Walters of Jonesboro, a member of the faculty of Arkansas State college, will be the guest speaker Travis-Ozment. Miss Cleo Ozment of Steele and Joe Travis of Steele ami Washington, n. 1 -. G., were married in the home of the officiating minister, Rev. O.K. Poster, - pastor of the Caruthersv'ille Baptist .church, oil Dec. 29. Their oh;y attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Talbert Keljey .of Steele and Miss Christine Hol'lo- inari of Micola; '-.The : inarriage was kept a Escret''iiiitir last vve'ek'eha. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. jack Ozment and a junior iii the local. high school. . : Tlie groom u the son of Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Travis. He attended the TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ~ -.Strayed From C. H/ Whistle placVnear Roseland, 2 'grey horse mutes, 4 & 5 years' old; 3! black' liofSe.imileil, 1 -^ years old; 1 blue mare mule, 4 ysars .. . . the Hotel Pcibod) in Memphis Jrlday Mines John W. Edrlng- bn F P Jacobs Hugh Craig, Maggie Barbicrs and Miss Cora Lee Colcman of Blytheville. . Mrs Newt B Thompson of Wit"on retuined Saturday from bhrcvepoil Li where slie accom- pinied hei daughtei Nell -Roy, who vvis returning to bodd • college (ify c. . H. : Whistle at "Roseland. LIBERAL REWARD. 12-pk-15 ^•-•:v - : - ..... - : -' - - •:-' "— ' TERRY ABSTRACT &' REALTY CO. Abstracts, lands & Loans E.MU. Terry, Pres. andBIgr. Phone 617 Blyihcvillo, Ark. Wrecker Service - Gas ; &Oil OPEN AlLpGHT Phillips Service Center Phones 177 - 810 Everytliin- For Your Entertainment and Comfort TONiUfil IS $25 BANK NIGHT Last Tuesday Fried a Iionira, won•the.-.$175.00—Making ;BANK DE-': , POSIT f : Tonight $25.00; 1" , .; • LIQUID - TABLETS - SALVE =- NO BE DROPS ''.'.' • : , USE AS A ..' PKEyENTION Place 6GG Salve or 666 Nose ; Drops in nostrils night ami morning 'and take 6fi6 Liejui'd 01- Tablets every nibrning. CBetwi-d Read courier News AVanV Ads. FREE 6QT. ALUMINUM' COOKING KJT, WITH COVER r ** , n ann Bouquet of shaded pink carnations and ° f th = Mm " attended by " held DANCING FREE Every Night N'ew §900 Phonograph All Now Records for a " SILVER MOON NIGHT CLUB andl- r >>- AND SNOWY WHITE , \~f'< Cn/-i»x ~~"^ FROM CRAIG'S DAIRY FULL OP You'll marvel at the radiant vilal- |ily cffcclcd by. the daily drinkinj ot CRAIG'S PURE, FRESH milk.' GRADE A RAW MILK' Quart ................ joe 6c ' -i PHIZf •!• UNSCRAMBLE THE LETTERS OF EACH LINE -THE AFJ5Y/ER IS ATEH WQUQ SENTENCE • OflE WOfiOJTO A LIHt SCBAMBLEO] •WORDS- JElh K Spels Ere | Reel Cans ^ Ism Antin S-Tonis SKodMcn VPilxEiictm §!)na C|!)ccn Uccihcx M Lc n CORRE.CT WORDW • • £ : '.: £ i « 5, 1 t • • .• ',-• £ & —. ^ '% ' • Vi ..- ..• - - * SPECIAL ATTENTION When We • Clean Dresses Ail dresses . received for cleaning by vis arc carefully measured before they are cleaned. \Vhen we return them they arc ' exactly their original sizo ...No stretching or shrinking. This is only one feature of bur good service. 65c WHY PAY MORK? . S2.50 )>cr' \Veck Cash . Also 2 gulls Cleaned FREKi .»f° ABOVE vviu at ,™.*"*Y VVl JUMt 70 ' - ,. BTOU6MT TO 1)5 W1IHIN 5 DAYS. OUKI' ™W TO IVINO COMES^NIS. AtlVBOOY . coM.otn ticewovR [MMOnts. IT .'? .JIOT NECfSSARr TO MAKE AN* PvRCHAitS. -USE FORM ABOVE OR A SEfARAT E SHEET> WRITE YOUB N*UE '«-n ADDRESS PlWNlY. OF PKEVIOUS CONTEST 1st Vrlie: Mrs. Bob Burns 2nd Prize: Miss Jessie Srilc . ....... .._ IluUcrmilk, Ql ........ . 6 C ' Peerless Cleaners —ON THE Edmund' Lowe and Florence Rice in "Under Cover of Night" Also Comedy iinfl Carlobn -^Adniissidn^' Matinee—10 & 2Cc Niglit—16 & 3(ic Weds. - 'Than Dick..Powell and ,To;m Ulondcll in • "Gold Diggers oM937" AVilh Victor .Moore, Olcndiu' Farrell, J.ce Dixon. Osgood' Perkins and Ros.ilinii ftlarquis ' A 14-karat cast in flic NCvv Year's" first bigr mbsical treat i Everything's : .new but Hie •name! Also Paramount Ncvre and Coinccly —Admission— Jlatiiite—10 ,t 2Sc Nisht—16 & Me ROX Adm.—Always 10 & Zoc—lo Tax Show Every Night s — i:oo Till ll:0o T. flf Z Adults Admillcd for rricc of 1 All Children—lOc . RlqKi H Also . Selected shorls

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