The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 6
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PACP. six Railroaders Arise and Smite Lawbreakers; Gas Hounds Forfeit. : llubbard had n comparatively! lly alons toward thp second hall championship of (lie City Or. league last night at til" Armory,; white Hie Hi-Jackcvs trailing on' the heel-- of (he hardware qimi-1 tet met unexpected resistance i" i the Frisco and slipped buck Inloi a tie with the r.ilircndm. ; Ilubbiird has a comparatively •, easy time disposing of the Mcrc!i-| ants grocery team. 30 to 11. The! Hi-Jackcrs who were beins groomed as the only aggregation with n chance to catch the flying Hiib- baid squad, succumbed unexpected-1 ly to the Frisco. 21 to ID. The Dixie ! Fliers beat the Apes uud CIIICI-FC-:!: from the cellar. i Although the Fliers won but one , gome last night Ihcy were o!il-j cially credited w'.iii victory in aj gnme prcvloiLsly charged up to them In their lost column. Man- aper ol the Company M team notified officials thnt lie hud forfeited a gaiiic which his team 1)11) YOU KNOW THAT— They call Sum nice, the 40- yenr-oltl Senator outfielder, "The 1 M,m With Hi Rubber Bat" .' . . because I'O cun hit from ^nore an^.ies than u porcupine luis "ornery . . . last year lie hit 1.3-13, but he want.', to do brtui I when lie i;o!.s goii!K . . , li-" can knc-k i-ii'n'r eye out of a : wr.h c. inmtal ball . . . i-vcn lliciiBh h.' wiv, '.n last yenr, U!y . r ,)ir.?il clung to liiin, nnd nu'iij- of Ills lilts w~re bunts then '.!!• l):Mt (JUt . . . tills is Ills lUth year with the -Nuts . . . his complete major [clique but- '.ur; u\cr:i!iP for that period is .324 . . . nnd the old eye seen.-, to Up Just as yorxl as cver- "<3 yc-^ra old, and hl.s record of 23 •Aii'i, If) lo: t for St. P.inl Insl year makes it nppt'ar lo slip iwny in rlii, fli 1 ,! l>l:lf-(V the place. O pc-i •ly's Itii; Hal tin i :i!:i;i o! Ihc Ur;ives Is an- r - Kill Htictly. The Cubs him tti'j-t after several years' . Ami the big first-Mickcr •( <!D » thins Ij'.it hit ,40:i for Frum-isco la^.t ytar. i the raster of Ihe Reds njj- ,s the nnniL 1 of sin ol<l IrU'iid, y Nifit (Jullnp, In'Ollyilt II]) i Mi!int>:ij!til!:; iif tl:.:' diivctlon Mmni:ii:nlis to Ciniliinali j might b:> cal!cil up!) by Dan'l I Howley, wiling to give the Nick one 'mere shot nt it Mick la the fellow wile for vravs )ms phiylng I:!'-.;. . league bill! !:i Ihu Illinois and b:ish ;ball in tile majors. Nick Is Mill only, . 20, but has been up and down more; tinier, than the I.. A N. hns hwis up and do'.tp. Ittwen Louisville ! All of thi-se chaps have tabli'! d!s-aii;ia:ntinenl. Tlicy wll givi' llulr nt^io^t to re:naln wilh the majors. More power to tly.-in. \Vtvn Gso Parks, courthouse man of the Swcelwater Reporter, was > jaik-d recently because of the pub- i iloaticn d! an indictment before an nirett had been made, he con- j tinned to work for his paper. The i day that he was confined his sior-1 !P:, appeared en page one in a spe-! chl "jail action" of the Reporter., TUESDAY, MAIiCIi 2-!. WROTE STOK1KS IN JA!i, SWEETWATEU. Tex., (UPJ - EUGENE. Ore., <U!>> — A poor- financier was nuana Haley, He mr.tti-u Hie lawn for Mrs. K. Mil- IICT. bD:rowed her Inwn mower. He mowed the lawn for Mrsfl M. K. or lour i.rjinis further west than $25 Hi; 1 nc-lit larceny. Ixjss—523. Cildrcn's Pennies May Buy Historic Home WILLIAMSBURO, Vs. , (UP) — Mayor George p. Coleman of Will- lamsburg, chairman of the Virginia committee of (he Washington Foundation interested in purchasing •T'orry Farm," boyhood home cf Washington near Frederlcksburf, has anounced a plan to receive contributions from the schcol-chil- dren of America to purchase and restore the farm. Nine slates. Coleman iaid, have slatted a drive to take part in tills undertakiiiE;. All clinics from school from school children are to be sent to Ccleman. The State Board of Education has endorsed the movement. The nation wide drive will be conducted ilironuli the various state departments of education. ! glass. In the scuffle, one of t!ic::i : lopped off his ear with a piece of glass. 'i is-' c-.. STANDINGS Hubbard Hi-Jackers Frisco Merchants Gas Hounds Company M aisle Fliers Apes W 5 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 L 0 2 o 3 3 3 3 •1 Pel. 1 000 .ceo .GOO .-100 .403 ,400 AW .200 I-'khtin; Notes nf A ^.isohlll Traveler The triiuinij ramps of the .'on'h! ^irr (lo'r-d her-- nnd (here wllh familiar fh'i:r,'.< who are flirhtiiTi; u> i el inn lo Ij'.ir h-ni-ue bnsrball. and blir leni'iie Inseball salaries, liolel fire. atmorpH-re nnd all that. At the camn o( Hie noblns at Clearsvater, Kin., are Joe Hhnule nnd Fivd Ileininch. Slinnte, who Iiad several cood years with Cleveland, funllv wns rrleaserl Itisl vear vlih an iilliny nin])er. He v;ciit lo Toronto, pitched several (; ood ( crimr* for S'.-?v<} O'Neill, nnd nn\v I rorwvls (lie whin much better. Hei- iiarli. SMU to Tnletlo by (lie Y nls - l;ees, wns onrclmvri bv thn Uoblns nnd is radv (o ^Ivc no his life for Uncle Hobble if he'll let him slay. * . t llufsn't l.nve Sox Over at the camp of the Clevi 1 - Innd Indians is nnotlier who Is trylm vviili nil his inlRht to relurn. U» Is Ili'l Iliinneneld. taken up in the draft from To!rdo. u-htther he landed after .^evf-rnl indifferent veais "ith the \Vlil(r Sox. Hnnm- field told me hr never had won Inst week by playing Colston, a transfer from nnolhei 1 team, over the protest of Ihe l-'llers. The Fliers maintainetl that Colston hart not remained out of piny one panic and Ilieir pro- satlsflrd wilh the trt'ittimnt he re- lest wns allov.etl. The Frisco quintet that Ihe Hi-Jackers last night was a vastly different squad llian the -one that went down In defeat nt j clved from Whit Kos officials. . "[ only ^lo\>^ 1 cnu start the sca- 1 " I son some nlnce in the Infield." he lolci nic. "os|)ecially since the Indians phy tlieoi>ener ngainst the While Sox- Y/ouldn'l 1 like lo play acninst those Sox!" Yet another who Is. IvyhiR lo return is Wiley Ntoore. brought back the- hands of the lowly Apes hist Thursday. The railroaders with their full strength in the .line-up got off to n good start and led| rrnm st P;u ,i lo i],,. j^j Sox U y the Hl-Jnckers 14 to 8 nt the half I ])ol> Q,,i nn . Moore's great piteh- way mark. | i. n( r won the pennnnt ithnt and Both teams uddcd to their score -^me lusly hltins) for the Yankees in the third period, with the whls- in 192". He still Insists he is only tie flndlns the score 18 to 12 in favor of the Frisco. The Ht-Jack- ers. always Rood finishers, steadtlv c.osed up the gap in the final 1 quarter nnd tied the score at 10 nil with about thirty seconds tn play. Then- Holland, crack Fl-isro forward, tossed a long shot from near the center of the flooi 1 to give the Frisco the game. 21 to 19. Holland was high scorer with ten points wlille Warrington of the Hi-,lackers counted D. The Hubbnrd machine scored steadily to win over the Merchant 1 ;', 1 aggregation. Burtre started the! scoring in the first minute ot jnavj and at the end of the quarter the hardware team led. 9 to 3. At the half Hubbard lind increased its score with the teams standing, IGl to 0. : Apes Hold Collar The Merchants five played Its best game in the third quarter but its defense could not stand off the fast breaking Hupbavd nt- tack in the final period. Michael was high scorer of the game with 12 points. Surge had nine and] Wilson led the Merchnnts with 81 points. I The Ape^ and Dixie Fliers bat-! tied for cellar honors in the final game of the evening and the Apes won by losing. \>. lo G. The Apes look the lend nt the. itart and at the hall were in '::nt 4 to 3. However the Apes could count but two points in the last half, a field goal by Wahl while the Fliers piled up nine] points. ! First Game j Forfeited to Company M by the Gas Hounds. Score 2 to 0. | Second Game ' | Frisco (211 pos. Hl-Jackcrs (191 i Holland 10 F Aikcn Northern 4 p Elkins Gi Carman 2 c Medlin 3| Osfcornc 4 G Stewart l! Brogdcn 1 o Warrlnpton ' Substitutions—Frisco-Carlock. Third Game Hubbard (30) Pos. Merchants (171 Tatum 3 F Vanvanl 7 1 Michaels 12 F . Wllfon SJ Kinnlngham. A. 6 C Baker Henry G Isaacs. E. 2 j Burge 9 G Isaacs. F.' Substitutions — Hubbard-J. Kin-! ning'nam, Rlankenship. Fourth Game Dixie Fliers (12) Pos. Apes 161 j Bible ^ . F Stevens' Barnes F Wcstbreok 3 1 , L«wls 2 c \Vahl 2 Ganske 2 o Adams Turner 4 G Smith 1 Substitutions—Apes-Blythe. Referee—Burge, game" two; Ivy, game three; Ivy nnd Stewart, game! four. Timekeeper — Kyle. Scorer Sudbury JUTZ THEATER Tuesday. Wednesday nnd Thursday First Run in Arkansas A1KAS anil tUTii CHATTEftTOM *»«• | (i (ftnameunt Qiautr Admission—Matinee—^10-30c. N'ijjht—15 ami 'I0c. CLARKSDALE, Miss.. <UP1— An 'orange 81 years old and s'.il] in nn excellent state ol preservation is owned by Mrs. J. H. Parish here. ;The orange was brouht h<:-re from ;Cuba 1n 1844 anj given to a sick 'child. The child 'died nnd the or- 'ange was kept and handed down HOME THEATRE Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday Sec Frozen Face Blister Keaton in Tailor, Bedroom and Bath' with Reginald Denny, Cliff Edwards and Sally Eilers BERLIN, i OF i—An ear iur a sig- ; uret fas the iirk.i Alexander Wittenberg paid whr-n he won an :\t- yument in a beer hall here. Wil- tcnteri! left the t.?er I'.all with his cigaret, but the losers followed him home, broke pen the front door and slashed him with pieces of lb- Near Centenarian Has Never Missed Votir.g WARREN, R. I., (UP)— Ambro:* i E. Mason. 92, never In:; fattd tu i exercise his franchise since he be! came a voter at the asse cf 21. He has voted in 71 towmlec- ! lions— 13 in Bristol and S3 here— and in every state ami prcsidcnlhl i election since I8o0. Mason voted twice frr I.inci'ln and twice for Grant. lit way to use the new DOR PACK Do not tear Cellophane. Look for the convenient flap at the top tt Simply lift thi* flap and you will break the O Hold package as shown and tvith your and back of i>acka"e a ** specially deiited air-tight teal <_P push it part icay out of Humidor Pack thumbs M To avoid tearing tinfoil, sliji first finger of each hand under Reienuo stump and break it £* Help yourself to a fresh cigarette, then slide 99 package back into its Humidor Pack Clote package. It guards Camch from dust a,,d germs and provides sanitary protection E moment you ojion the new Camel Tluinidor -«- Pack you beyiii to note the advantages of lliis new, scientific aiid sanitary mclliod of wrapping Camel ei'^a At once you are greeted with the delightful aroma' that comes from choicest Turkish and mellowest DoitH'slic, tobaccos in prime condition. Your sense of touch also delects the freshness of Ciiniels, for unlike moisture-robbed cigarettes Camels are pliable to the lingers. Bui (lie real difference comes when you light a Camel and inhale its cool, fragrant Cigarettes brought to you so perfectly conditioned deserve to be kept that way in your pocket. The simplest way to insure this is to open the Camel Humidor Pack as shown above. That will keep intact the mildness and freshness that is making the whole country say: "Now I'd walk lico miles fora Camel because they're twice as good." j If you haven't tried Camels in the new Humidor Pack, switch over for just one day. Then go back tomorrow if you can. R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMI'ANY, Winiton-Salem, i\. C. AMELS Smoke a FSIESH LONDON, (OP> — George Dow, j , 3«, a baVer, died of pemphigus. aiMatincc & Niglil—10 & 25;.! rare disease, which took Its last I 'Icllm In England in )89». I © 1931, R. I. It,, n.|.l. ToblCCI Ctm^ THE GOOD HOSTESS P R O V I » K S C A SI K L S Artificial heal in houses and n/>nrl- mcnts soon dries the moisture out of cigarettes wrapped the old fashioned icny. It is the mark of n considerate hostess, by means of the Humidor Pack, to "Scn-c a fresh cigarette." Buy Camels by the carton —this cigarette tcill remain fresh iri your homo and office.

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