The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEV1LLE, CARK.j COURIER NEWS B.n.Sv STUB! PIE Eight Games, Four Open Dates. Three Tpurneys On Xhamps' Schedule. The 'Schedule of the championship Plvthtyll'le hUih flve ol the Fourth Arkansas'-, district In Its present stage ihcludts 8 games, starting with tonight'^ battlf with ihe Cnpe Glrardesu, Mo. Preps, four open dates' and three tournaments, end ing with .the district tourney in Which the Chicks wlU be defending title holders ; to be played March 2 and 3. It ; ts probable that additional gcraes will be added lo ihe schedule from time to itae. The annual Invitation tournty to be staged here Jan. 19 nntl 20 will be 'the .first meet of the Mason with,; northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri teams clashlnj here, r lie In Feb., on the 23rd and 24th the Mississippi county tourney will b« held and the district tourney !n March. Neither th« county, nor the district tourney hjv'e yet B«n awarr^d to any city or town and Blythevllle high will be one- of the bidders for each tourney. The ; schedule as arranged at present includes the following (james-an'd tourneys: ; "Friday; J»n. 5—Cape Glrardeau here. • • Tuesday, Jan. 9—Steele, there. • Jtlday, Jan. 12-Jonesboro, here. ''Friday and Saturday, Jan. 19 and' 20—Inirttalion tournament, here.' .. •Tuesday,' Jan. 23—open. Friday, Jan. 2«-Steele, here. Tuesday, 'Jan. 30-Luxora. there. Friday, Feb. J—Shawnee, here : Tuesday, Feb. 6—open. Friday,-Feb. 9-open. Tuesday, Feb. 13 — Srmwnee, !t)icre. • - •! Friday,' Feb. 16-Luxora, here. •• Tuesday,'; Feb. 20—open, r Friday 'and Saturday, Feb. 2324—County tournament. . Friday and Saturday, March 1 and S^Dlstrict tournament. 'FRIDAY, JANUAflY S, 1934- son Stanford Star in Loss to Lions CraJth'tnf '.through Columbia's line, "' for the v . Bowl Bume, Bobby Grayson, Stanford backficld ncc, nluyln;; v;lth two ••••"• : '-ww eully the cul.standlng slar. lie Is shown being stopped by Wilder, Liens' longest Individual frac(ured ribs, center. BijIBraucher Lioris Clear Way for Bnrabas' Gallop f>**>«-t-s*»r * vft^aoaife&yKLji*, *tt*,"r« Mntjys**' -j , l M ^^4l«fc,, *A Writers Pick Representatives of Five American, Four National Teams. ST. I.OUIS, Mo--Five club:, in ">c American L'-OBiie ami fo'ir ip ill? National cnnti ibiuc-d the lin mrinl;:n of tlu ninth annual mi. Jcr league Al!-Siar mini 01 'liic Bpoi'llng Now.', Hie imuuna t-.srball weekly o' Si. I.o'.iK n- kulcd by 18C imnbrr.s of '.lie all Writers 1 Assoui.ului ol America ' and itinounceil today, cagc, Hhlladclplilii, IMiuii. i-k aiid WashiiiEl'm are li-jirc- :. ulcd In I he ' Awi'lcan Hocion, Ph'.'rddpliln. Pitis- and Now Yci'k. each <.i:e except Wii'JiliiKluii. win. i two. 'I he; players nnmcd an-: '.-:i lic-lil, Al Simmon". Chicago iri-x; center Held, Wuln-r lii'ii-er I.'os'u-i Uravci; rii-hl field. CinaK Klein, Phillies; "flr:,L base, Jiinui)' Ko;:x, Athletics; s«".mid toisc. Char- Icy Gchrlnger, D-lioil; «!iort-:.luji. Jc< Cronln, Washington; lliirrt l:ri-c, Harold Traviior. I'lu.sUuiKl'.: r:ilch-.r. Bill Dickey. New Vu;r: Yi.nkei-.s; pitcher. Carl HublX'H. Nc» York 1 Olnnts; pitcher. Alvln C'ruwdcr. WRslilngtui. Cri<iihi. Hubbell and Klein Moal mil i|i 'tilt seleciir::.s. The inuii- n»n uf Washington Mas i-ivi-n 181 Mil of r, pccr-lblo 18G voles for i as a member lor tr-e seventh (imc.ipw team. Bob Grove who had me tiionslop ixBt'/on. Hubbell was i one more than Efibc Ruth, whoimi picXed five times'in sucees r.cjied oy m scribes and 1701 or.ce dominated (lie choices buf.ion heretofore. • !o?t out by four voted for Klein. Traynor appears 1 received .only QUO vote for thw.tcs to Crov.'der Perfect 'execution pi football fuiiditiiicnlnls won tne Rose Bowl game for Columbia, recovery of fumbles! and. blocking leading up to Al Barabns' 17-yard touchdown ' jnnnt. Bai.-ibus is shown cmting around thfj -•..-• ' .- . ...left side of the line, with Ills males mowing down Stanford players In Me path. j .*..-- : _~--, • , .a'Jli;.',, (he- America's Cup . ihst" rttTf utneis." tifot 'rri'iich when , Tit-.-Is'. fi^OlSd .wl'-aV th«-'.trophy 1 rejpreseatfd- : «3. i . yells'- ago'when" a I'Varikee.-L'aitlppef challenged % Greal '_ Britain 'aiid' thr' world, and won.- i '.!.fn~."tb'e'.\years:since' Cbnimodore • ; '''' ^ lriuJ.Vrtrfsm.buin. riind. iiefied. 'any -^lp"td';.ti--«t', : hls.'America,-'to sig- flfica'nc'KlQf^Jiat^ir?' stood for has Uen somewhat-.oimnied.' • -The , -Amtr IcS^'was a" ] synpibol' then i dt • Yankee^supremacy', .pa '.-trie : Sey*" 1 I'SiPis!'.'.Our ^clipper .-rhipe '.were, first !.,"ln>.trade! : . 1 -iJCiqrI"a»Bors''. we're "first -ill,' .navigation,:._:Our. ^ships.virjd 1 tailbrs^.vere.i first;.- tog. .whenever ] it.otber. ambitious: ration happen-: i c6;tq.'ifleik-out:pi 'turn.' ••"''. •' Willie atrlbllng executed their Icrpsldiortaii | tMn>vtig'nnza at Mi- tral- several years ago has there Lptn/such' an oppbi (unity for plain arid fancy' ringside snoring 'us • is ottered ~;6y the' CirncnirLoiigliran exerciser'] scheduled for Pen. 22. -.Camera .and ..jjOtignrun should do n^clv;.to-W}ve-"the. sport of press P^'sppjihs. ;Thc .Sh'arkcy-Slrlb- '-"-'- '-'-'- -y.-.p-islinie reach a./spirited con- By. \KA Service The late Kid OJeason, ie4i:..^nfe.()j e: .wrlbfOhc. prize |!on 'to being .known for his iron Jop/ii^a-sXQp' tqnprqiisness finally •' • - i*tP£',o*», the, )a(e .Bill Me- L -, :JO „. ^ cu ,,, 1; Qeef-i.nv;*l,io.i,iiulnascd to. remain I The. Giants were, playing ul "j iir,r;r in (he Kid's direction but in nddl-1 too far uway to ncl. It did, huiv- L'ver, cotne close ic Emslie. who ducked—but nut soon 'enough. T!i= b-.ill boir.xpd oif Bob's hcnd. look a high jump nvrr lo :ep; ; .e;\en'..|hrojteli.. (he .prcliri)bi-! "Polo 6founds.-on» liny, .uiul Hie i Glcai'on, who cuncK it and yellril:) Slojuber- j Kill was in his regular si>ot I second. "Wlial nn n^lsl IJob, what an Old, Bob Fmslie wns uni- insist! Between yni: and inc. we -!^..;Fiiir'\«ini'".viBrHis>;f'"'yMrits'. raced -igainstYCbminodoro' Stevens; and • hf? ..'.America;': 'The : Commodore .' sailed rj^iV\oiier. 't^ia 'horizon arid i Icfi Ihiin /;wondering where he had gori«:.« That- .victory,"and all ; the victories of .American sailing , ''essels ^slijce;. represents 'the true • lmportarice''6f ttit America's Cup. 'The tropKy is '6n)y ' a .relic dl .' our- marititne pqwi:r, but American • vessels,- eajled' by Americans,' still "are able-to. keep It. The old art iias not been.lost, though our maritime supremacy has been -laid rside. Now: that f. 0. M. Sopwiiti is ready to -bring a yacht over to take up. the.»llen*e. where that gallant Jason, sir Thomas Llptoo, left off, it 1^ nnt amiss to refresh the meaning of that old 100-guln ea cup...'Clev£urdeR of .which has bren mostly forgotten. The trophy thV. Commodore Stevens: brought home and be- itcwed-upoii the New York. Yacht Club neVerihas left these shores James, Asbury br-jiight over his CsmbrU and was lost in the shut- tie of -.23 Amertcbn defendlnj . schoone^. The same thing hapr • pened to ' other cl 1 alienjers until 18M wl^eri' glr 'Thomas; entered (he picture • »-l(h th« first of his -Shamrocks. .. - r . • . YWkat : ..of. the- hysteria otlercd .principsk ai (lie more •'pushing. arid shoving by , Sharkej;. .^nd • poor .• dear Philip ScbjK .iidwspaper .nvn «t the rlng- .ide-had -some difficulty getting in | thetr nods'. -But; IF Miami fights| go,, (his 'was nn exception. > -, Florida deserves somelhlng bettor than the fights that have been foisted upon it since (he boom troughl in .the boxing fraternity trom here nnd there. Dlsnppoint- tnem'followed disappointment, nnd llstic fiascos grew more pronounced \ the shekels generated by (he' firing The buses. batter H I certainly terrific t ;:icl:." can plav thai .second Cape Five to Face Chicks Here Tonight The Blythevllle high cagcra will meet the Cape Girnrdcau. Mo. • Attorney Champion Sprinter of A.A.U. AUSTIN. Tex. lUPl — Seymour Licberman. native Chicagoan now practicing law here can outrun any of his fellow attorneys. And little wonder, lor Liebc-r- man happens lo be the holder of the world's record for ihe 50-yard sprint, and (or the 50-yard low hurdles. He also holds other interscholastic records nnd the central A.- ,,AJ „ . . . ^ •" meet me i;ape Liirnntcau. MO.. ual estat?.upturn.began 'o fade. I Prcps ln thelr nrst ,, omc gamc of Camera versus Ix>ughran .seems i the season here tonight 'Hie game! ^' U ' V» rt "->«"c hurdle mark. Ho Ka *K^ ; . , ....... . . . ., w I l"i 9. r i voilr": .-Otl (o be the crowning mismatch, I will be played at thc armory. statement I hope is not loo I A preliminary game between presumptuous In the light of past i Blythcville Juniors nnd Yarbro , rerformuiices. You will have the i school Juniors will start at picture of the venerable Tommy, I o'clock. still fairly tlttl of foot, cvad.n the Jjerserk rushes of Umffiran- is 25 years old. He achieved thc dash record the national A.A.F. c^anipionshi|><; j 1:15 at thc Great Lakes naval training otalion'ln Wisconsin nnd the lo-.v . ' ltlrdcs "> thc national proyiae a can ,lx- scientific The Chicks will be starling on , mg Prlmo. the ronrt to annex another F'onrth : Icr5cllolas " c cliuinpionsl-.ips m Cin expected to j district tlllc unless they (all by' caK °' bot!l in 1927 exhibition ifrtlic wayside. The local quint won! Licberman was qne of tne miiln- scenc exbition ifrtlic wayside. The local quint won! Licberman was qne of tn nt. oxwsn t -catch one on (he lug, the dLstrkt title last year acliiev- 1 stays oon the University of :i.i^s ana .even If the Phllly Phantom | Ing Its first championship of surh ' lrack lcam before he began sli;dy- ac*s poke his beak Into one of the j Importance. Three regulars from i»X law nt Loyola Univcrsily no'nster's. punches, It , Jiis.l exactly nothinj. pro\-c . It was In the'wake of the color end . sportsmanship left by Up, toh that; Atae'rlcan prMe in the significance'ir th« cup. was submerged. . Sir,'Thomas was a lovable character.. We began to . wish the tot old mariner who • cpent millions In nil vain quest would take the cup .bick with Mm.* A short time after his sixth Shamrock.w« btattn, hf died. •;.Now coining, and to ." most of; us he Is unknown. This • country, rcmtmbtilng Upton, Is wonrici-ipt' what tl>e man we will , tall -"h^'.s'sccestor" will be like. It'li.-b«it*,Uken for granted by • nisny. tMt;lte wll 1 . Jose. But if he 'thould, w)n/,wouli!i't..-the real sl»- iilncince'of thiit old cup b« real '' and Not last year's squad have been lost. Chicago. He was captain of tlie but Coach W. D. "Mnc" McClurkin ' latter institution's track torn m still has a number of veterans nnd ! 1932 1 Hell MiM It i like!v youngsters out of which to If- Lougnran \s successful at] mold another potential champion-' There are 3003 state divisim; oucklng throughout the proceed- ship five. Jlmmle Tipton, Jiinmie ' called counties In (he United SI•«',•..' li,gs, Carnera figurcf lo take a vlg-|Lcc Brooks and John Hollnnd an- plus 64 p.V.ishes and 2G qrsus but.not too painful dus'in'gj.'hc trio missing from tl an eventuality. would prjve just exactly two times r.otliinc. The prediction -frori (his cor~er this year. The tentative line-up nlghi includes Moslcy nnd nrog- line-up ent cities, which also have the si r- i us of counties. for to- is that It will be a dull dnw. ! don at forwards. Purtle at probably climaxed by n strange d'- i nnci Koehler and Dick Carneni is likely to ,-e-' 8"ards. clslon. center. Tipton ccive the benefit of whatever d"ubl i there is. If you are one who TVS to have a few quid down on outcome of a sporU evenc, why rot Iry thc dog races? ChlcXs plnyed « pracilcc game with the Holland, Mo. cag- 1 ers Wednesday afternoon winning to 14. They expect to fare much • better against. the Pfeps. one of thc best teams In Missouri, tonight Ihan they did in their' only g.-ime before Christmas when (hey lost 41 lo 16 at Cape Girardcaii. A Japanese legend has it that Do You Remember? One Year Ago Today-An ovcr- ri«5i™Sf rl ^ ( - CqMldn ' lr brca>: Ulc i " "--•— ;—~ ••" H i,,.u oeadlock between Ihe New York'music was devised by tl-e cod? to Americans and the Ottawa Sena- j lure the sun' gcdt?;xs froir ed 1-1. and their hockey game end-; w.-.erc she had retired. 'ANT-ADS -.- -j— ip| • « hllllP.R anl^ntlrtr.*,! n,,»*4A\.. I ! "^ * " * * '.^ Phil lies, announced outright release i of Jimmy Rlnj, veteran hurler. ' Tw YeWs Ago Today — The ww Tork 'QUnts outbid three othtr dubs for Wayland Dean, pltchn. BUDWEISER 7n Reply to Your Classified AcF Ktnir lints or three lines or two in the Courier News— and ;i litUc cafn change's hands, ah 'iiginir couple gets auto tran.«[)orl:itioii soulli, two heart-ln-nken- sweethearts are friends again. A lelnphone slory, focused into a few clear, economical words by a helpful ad- laker—and the second floor back finds a roomer, Imds a new jrarage, Johnny finds his terrier. Strange wants, everyday wants, wants urgent and • trivial I'm-.! a voice and an answer in the Courier News Clnssilk'ds—and bring to every Courier News reader a luijrc lillnl with drama often, with thrill' occasionally, with (HM'Oiri'UNlTY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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