The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin on September 12, 1965 · 65
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The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin · 65

Appleton, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 12, 1965
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Television Offers Many Feature Films September 12, 1935 Sunday Post-Crescent 11 SUNDAY 7 Channels 11-6 Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) Burt Lancaster, Karl Maiden. 10 Channel 2 The Gift of Love (1958) Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack. A brilliant scientist and his fatally ill wife adopt a loveless orphan into their home. (C) 10:20 Channel 6 - The Whole Truth (1958) Stewart Granger, Donna Reed. 10:30 Channel 11 Skipper Surprised His Wife (1950) Robert Walker, Jan Sterling. Navy man takes over housekeeping when wife breaks ankle, but finds running a ship is easier. 10:30 Channel 7 Picnic (1956) William Holden, Kim Novak. 10:45 Channel 5 Guns of the Timberland (1960) Alan Ladd, Jeanne Crain. Loggers, with a government grant to clear a hill of timber, battle the townspeople, who are afraid that loss of trees will ruin the land during heavy rains. (C) ifc 10:50 Channel 4 Port Afrique (1956) Pier Angeli, Phil Carey. A former Army flyer returns to his French Moroccan home to find his wife dead. He suspects murder and sets out to find the killer. MONDAY 3:30 Channel 5 A Gift For Heidi (1959) Sandy Descher, Douglas Fowley. The story of a young girl's adven-" tures colorfully set in the Swiss Alps. (C) 4 Channel 4 California Conquest (1952) Cornel Wilde, Theresa Wright. The good guys try to bring the state under U.S. rule, the bad guys under that of Russia. 4 Channel 6 Where Danger Lives. (1950) Robert Mitchum, Claude Rains. Wife of an older man, on the verge of insanity, almost ruins life of the doctor who loves her. 10:20 - ChanneU - Battle Zone (1952) John Hodiak, i- Linda Christian. 10:30 Channel 2 Along the Great Divide (1951) Kirk Douglas, Virginia Mayo. Five men and a girl battle the elements of the Mojave desert as a lawman tries to bring a prisoner back for a fair trial. 11 Channel 7 - Sea of Lost Ships 12 Channel 2 Juke Box Rhythm (1959) Brian Donlevy, Jo Morow. A fast-talking singer persuades a princess to buy her coronation wardrobe from a designer who promises ' a commission. Singer plans to use money to help his father stage a dance contest. 12:05 Channel 5 - Star of Texas (1953) Wrayne Morris, Paul Fix. A Texas Ranger poses as ex-convict to track down a gang leader who recruits men from jail. 12:20 "Channel 4 - Cell 2155 Death Row (1955) William Campbell, Kathryn Grant. Based on well-known true case, film tells of condemned killer who writes autobiography in death row. i Efrein Zimbalist Jr., (r.), Stephen Brooks and Lynn Lormg are series stars in "The FBI," dramatic series based on closed FBI cases which debuts Sunday night, Sept. 19, 7-8 p.m. on ABC-TV. Flashbacks tell how he got that way. TUESDAY 3:30 Channel 5 A Yank in Ermine (1953) Peter Thompson, Noelle Middleton. Bewildered American airman, with his pals tagging along, inspect his English inheritance and title, Earl of Beverlow, which leaves them all cold until they meet Angela. (C) 4 Channel 4 One-Hundred Men and a Girl (1937) Deanna Durbin, Leopold Stokowski. A young girl sings her way into the heart of a great conductor. 4 Channel 6 The Ring (1952) Rita Moreno, Gerald Mohr. $ 8 Channels 4-5 The Bridges at Toko-Ri, William Holden, Grace Kelly. (C) 10:20 Channel 6 - Street With No Name (1948) Mark Stevens, Richard Wridmark. 10:30 Channel 2 The System (1953) Frank Lovejoy, Joan Weldon. The head of a racketeering ring controls a big city's gambling using a legitimate business as a front. 11:30 - Channel 7 - Thief f Damascus (19521 Paul Henreid, Jeff Donnell. . . 12 Channel 2 Apache Ambush (1955) Biol Williams, Richard Jaeckel. After the Civil War, an ex-Union soldier fights Apache and Confederate renegades, while driving cattle to Kansas. 12:05 Channel 5 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space (19561 Anthony Dexter, Susan Shaw. Scientific expedition lands on the 13th moon of Jupiter. Scientist meets Fire Maiden, and after harrowing time brings her to earth. 12:15 Channel 4 - Last Train From Bombay (1952) Jon Hall, Lisa Ferraday. A young American diplomat is accused of murder in Bombay, WEDNESDAY 3:30 Channel 5 - The New World (1962) Arturo Arias, Lorena Velazquez. A fast-paced suspenscful tale of temptation, terror and retribution as a diver seeks vengeance for the cruel murder of his brother. (C) 4 Channel 4 Duel on the Missisippi (1955) Lex Barker, Patricia Medina. A handsome slave helps a river-boat queen to fight off pirates. fc 10:20 Channel 6 Enchanted Island (1958) Dana Andrews, Jane Powell. fc 10:30 Channel 2 Jim Thorpe, All-American (1951) Burt Lancaster, Phyllis Thax-ter. True story of the life of one of America's most popular athletes, his rise, marriage, downfall, and eventual rise again. 11:30 Channeli 7 Tall Men Riding (1955) Randolph Scott, Dorothy Malone. 12:05 Channel 5 War of the Colossal Beast (1958) Sally Fraser, Roger Pace. An Army officer, whose exposure to radiation is responsible for his 60-foot growth, goes beserk as his sister tries to save him. 12:20 Channel 4 Violent Road (1958) Brian Keith, Dick Foran. Six truck drivers drive a cargo of explosives and, en route, discover themselves as well as a variety of adventures. THURSDAY 3:30 -Channel 5 -My Gal Sal (1942) Rita Hayworth, Victor Mature. A story of a song writer's love for a musical star of the Gay Nineties and his rise to fame. 1C) 4 Channel 4 Flame of Calcutta (1953) Denise Darcel, Patric Knowles. A French beauty and a British officer conspire to drive a usurper from a throne in India. 4 - Channel 6 - The Whip Hand (1951) Raymond Burr, Elliot Reid. 8 - Channel 2 The Manchurian Candidate 10:20 - Channel 6 -Enchanted Island (1958) Dana Andrews, Jane Powell. 10:45 - Channel 2 - My Man Godfrey (1936) William Powell, Carole Lombard. A spoiled family finds a forgot ten man near the city dump, tries to make him into a butler, accuses him of being a thief and thanks him for his help when it goes broke. 11:30 - Channel 7 - The Night Key (1939) Boris Kar-loff, Alan Baxter. 12:05 Channel 5 - Within These Walls (1915) Thomas Mitchell, Mark Stevens. A tough judge is made warden of a prison and has his son as an inmate. Grim realistic prison drama. 12:15 Channel 2 - Pick Up (1951) Beverly Michaels, Hugo Haas. The older man and the flashy pickup get married. He goes deaf after an accident, and realizes his wife is meeting a younger man. So he continues to play deaf, even after his hearing is restored. 12:15 Channel 4 Come Fill the Cup (1951) James Cagney, Phyllis Thaxter. A newspaperman gets off the bottle to fight the mob. FRIDAY 3:30 Channel 5 Lost (1955) David Farrar. Julie Arnall. Lost child becomes major police case in unusual story of two parents' terrible ordeal. (C) 4 Channel 4 Cripple Creek (1952) George Montgomery. Karin Booth. Two Federal agents join the outlaw mob to get evidence against the leader. Naturally, he learns their real identities. 4 Channel 6 The Thing (1951) James Arness, Dewey Martin. 10:20 Channel 6 Rogue's March (1953) Peter Lawford, Janice Rule. $ 10:38 Channel 2 Vera Cruz (1954) Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster. Soldiers of fortune agree to escort beautiful countess to Vera Cruz on political mission. 10:30 Channel 12 On of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1911) Dick Johnson and John Coleman. Story of a British bomber crew's experiences when they bail out over Holland after a raid on the German capitol. 11 Channel 7 - The Strange One (1957) Ben Gaz-zara, Julie Wilson. 12 Channel 2 - The Tougher They Come (1950) Preston Foster, Wayne Morris. North woods action, with the good lumberjacks battling forest fires and villains to go into lumbering operation. - 12:20 Channel 1 - Kiss the Blood off My Hands (1913) Burt Lancaster, Joan Fontaine. A nurse kills a hoodlum for the sake of her boy friend who previously killed someone accidentally. SATURDAY 4 Channel 4 A Yank in Indo-China (1952) Douglas Dick, John Archer. Americans running broken-down airline in Indo-China flee through jungle, with Red guerrillas right behind. A couple of girls along for spice. 8 Channels 4-5 Gun-fight at the OK Corral, starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk The Nelsons Harriet and Ozzie Nelson (top), Dave and June Blair Nelson (middle) and Kris and Rick Nelson (bottom) return for the 14th consecutive year on ABC-TV in "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Douglas. (C) 10:15 Channel 4 Helen of Troy (1956) Rossana Podes-ta. Jack Sernas. The ageless saga of the Trojan War, "The face that launched a thousand ships" and the Trojan horse. (C) 10:15 Channel 6 The Return of October (1948) Glenn Ford, Terry Moore. $ $ 10:30 Channel 2 Land of the Pharaohs, starring Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins. (C) 10:55 Channel 11 Affairs of Dobie Gillis, starring Debbie Reynolds and Bobbie Van. 11:15 Channel 7 Big Jim McClaine. 12 Channel 2 Sky Cammando (1953) Dan Dur-yea, Mike Connors. Action in the air, with tough pilot winning the affection of his men and heroism. They return the favor when he's in a jam. 12 Channel 6 Night Monster (1942) Beta Lugosi, Lionel Atwell. 12:30 Channel 5 Terror From the Year 5,009 (1958) Ward Costello, Joyce Reynolds. 12:45 Channel 4 -Broadway (1912) Broderick Crawford, Janet Blair. A pair of speakeasy dancers get mixed up with murdering racketeers. PROUD OF YOUR PICTURES? VIEW! Submit Them to Human Interest Pets Scenic Views Edifices HO FAMILY PICTURES, PLEASE! If your entry is printed In VIEW you will receive two rolls of either 620, 120 or 127 film for your camera FREE! This Offer Made in Cooperation With ( CAMERA EXCHANGE 324 W. College Ave. Appleton 1 13 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah

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