The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 12, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS b DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn cm n IIP A 011 innor..,.,. , •V. VOL. XXXIII—NO. 255 Blythevillc Courier , Blythevlllc Dally News Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lender ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI _HLYT1 1 K\'UA,K, XitKANSAS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1SW SINGLE COrjES CARL BAILEY TAKES OATH AS GOVERNOR ~~. : "~~ ~ : ; ; ~ —— .—:—:_ ! .'-.••... <. \ \ Plane With 13 Aboard Is Missing LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12 (UP) — A Western Air Express plane, en . , route from Salt Lake City to Would Greatly. Increase, Lo ? Angeles' with 10 passengers A i • I r • " • i Blld a crew of three,' including Authority Ot executive .Martin Johnson, big game hunt- P,-.,r,,.l, I er and . his . wife, vvas an hour Branch WASHINGTON. Jan. 12 (UP) — President Roosevelt asked congress today for. almost unlimited power to give the executive branch of the federal government the most com- .plete reorganization since its founding—the right to mold 100 different agencies into 12 major depart- I merits under direct control of the White House. The. plan was presented in n sne- cial message. • It contained five chief points, all providing greater presidential executive management than ever before in American history. ' .• . ' ' • Two New Departments They were: .-•:.- : 1.—Creation of a new department of .social welfare and a new depar'- inent of public works, making 12 cabinet posts instead of ten. The government's 100 boards.-, commissions, administration's 1 , authorities, corporations, .'committees., asencles and activities w'ould be placed under the dozen departments. overdue at Union Air Terminal at noon an liour after it was reported near Newhall. The last heard of the ship was. that- It was "near Newhall" U. S. Offers $10,Q004pr national •iium- it n»a item i-imvmill . mi'.iv.nn Buuiuauicu UlIO Strikf 11:05 A. M., (P.S. T.). torn Flint today as reports from -' ' ' " " " Toledo said'1.800 c. l.o union members were converging on this city to support General Motors strikers. - ^ Murphy ordered the- 120th infan- :ry to Flint from Its armories In nine cities. • . • A few hours earlier Col. John s Jersey, adjutant general, had or- Icred the troops mobilized for "strike duty." H was jKlleyed that companies ;ould move into Flint as soon as . .. Newhall is about 20 miles from WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP)- Piesident Roosevelt look Ipsrsopal charge of the federal drive-to apprehend the kidnap" murderer -p| Charles Mattson today and a $10,. .nidus 080 reward for Information leading to capture of the criminal was pf- fered by the federal government, Announcement ot the $10000 re™«*s£55:£&E _____ T ..,.,, 1.1,, T- ) , pi. charge of tli» federal HOllble reaied al Mini as P«lieml the kidnap I. 0. Gather FLINT,' Mich., Jan. 12 (UP)— Gov. prank Murphy ordered 1,500 W l 1 I I rn nnn . u uve lmo iml as so ould Use !>L),u(JU Acres the >" weie - ready, to g o. r <j.- . r\ 1 i i Murphy, Who returned to inn 01 Otate-Uwnecl Lan'd sin S tram Flint early today said f'Ov Proiecl ' ""' ne ha ,d been'h.ssured by'oen- 10j riOjeU eral^ Motors that heat will be suf- - LITTLE ROOK, Jan 12. (UPI- cted p^i^fnd"^^'^!!! be il" A resolution deeding 50,000 acres of lowed to reach the strikers stale owned land for the estab- . ' - - lishment of a tenant farmers' re- Charge Violations'by G M WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP)— .-i nil. uui.1,11 uc^jaiiiijciius. . -»-juim.iti, wi a iciiiiJiL mrrners re- 2— Assignment of six "executive 1 habilitation project by the state .WASHINGTON Jan 12 mm assistants' to the president so he] ™d federal governments was of- Lieutenants of John-L'LeivKTnL may devote more time to his: of- fered in the senate tnrinv hi, c B ,>_ fn<vi nhor^ nr :...,-.i. ii._" .77., . ™ J .^xjuioma lu ii JB prcsiaeni so ne "."" n.-ueiui Kuvernmenus was of- Jjieutenants of John L Leiv-K mi IT '""--"""i, nia, dan H may devote more time'to' Kb .of-! fered in the senate today by Sen- filed charges 'with the' imtiiinii i i ij An llmisuflll y reliable somce ncc At the same time the .white ator Luclen Coleman.of Lspanto. tor relations - board thnt rlL , U n "ed Press today that led House secretariat would continu-^ Colemah's resolution called for Motors corporation has violatedr^J °™ mllle f ° f ,,""> Tormessee Coal, presentlv Planned. mnkin» vfr n, n f/>v m ,n n r „_ ..,.-': ' ih» f»,i..,._ _,..», .I. 3 '™ a11 Ir <"i and Rallroid comnnnv nr^ , —- -—. " - Colemah's resolution called for presently planned, making Mr. the formation of an Arkansas Na__• ., •• | t i •*•»»*• ^ ni i. ««, nj.... MVii , tl wi. «n iki/vunatis i\^.- *•"*• •>-">-uit,- ) ui LUC WREJier nrt whT« S S0 , n ', 29 ' year " 0lcl Jamis - tlonal :Tenant « ome Advisory Bu»ranteelng to labor the r"ht of White House liaison man with con- Council to be composed of the sov- -collective bargaining Fiscal personnel and olan- crnor, -lieuicnant governor attor- '**•--•- -•' - rHllMPC linillrl V.rt nlnnn^ ,1! rt '.I , • '. ^ . *-v ku . gress. . - -., f «•" ".i« i/niii- viiiui,' uuuuriitiiiD governor actor- nlng activities would be placed rti- ney general, secretary of state and rectlv unilpr f.h» nr»olrtor, f n._ .!.._,._. . ••'. . 1 " lc " lla rectly under the oresident. Would Extend Civil Service , the state land commissioner. a-melopment oT hT^sent ^\^ ^ «° M ™^ ireau of the buri, e ^ h,E th? ',«. wlth the natlonal government bureau of the budget into the nres- ident's rlehl hand agency its functions woujd be enlarged to include direction of a generaMnformatio'n '-"government research drafting and _issulng executive orders: and atudv- 'ing legislative, recommendations In line with cqordinatiii2 federal activities—all in addition to formulating and executing the federal budget 4.—Extension o! the civil service system to .all government workers except top-rank policy -ma kin» job holders.. The civil service commission would be abolished,- replaced by an administration appointed by the president on a merit basis and by an advisory board of seven non- salaried laymen approved by th" United States senate. .'.. 5.—Elimination ot the comptroller general's office. The new position would be that of an auditor general. ,A new general auditing otfice would he established in the IT. S. treasury. Drafted by. CommH tee .The recommendations, which ob- Eervers conceded would meet heavy opposition in some congressional quarters, came from a reor^aniza- tion report, dralted by Loui' Brownlow. director ot the Public Administration clearing House Charles E. Merrinm, Chicago University political science professor and Luther H. Giillck. executive director of the Institute of Publi- Administration. Mr Roosevelt approved the plan of his ''Committee on Administrative Management," made it official by explaining a report summary In person to newspaper correspondents, and drafted a special message to congress to accompany it Thc committee carefully pointed oiit that its reorganization plan would not encroach upon congress 1 legislative powers. It said: "It is with full realization of the necessity of continuing this Impor- li* n LL Un °fi on ° f tho con e r ess and """""'"""" that we suggest the improving the ma- of holding the executive more effectively accountable congress. The I»nd for the rehabilitation project, according' to Coleman'b resolution, would be selected from "P^ I1°: (100 -'? c res.of,pfoperty, the title of which" has been invested in the stato through failme of owners to pay taxes. f Itself in ln Thieves Wreck Stolen ' Car; Two Captured Monroe Jackson, Hayti, Mo youth, and Woodrnvv Ryker 2l' of Greenwood, Miss, nave been arrested by sheriffs deputies in connection - with the theft of' a cm- owned by-J.. p. McCalla, cotton buyer, here about 10 o'clock last night. Young Jackson was taken into custody when the machine was wrecked on Highway 61, near Lux- 3ra. He sustained slight lacerations about the face and possible lib fractures. Ryker was arrested as ie attempted to board a freight train at Tun-ell this morning "A third youth is .being sought In connection with the theft. According to reports the boys ransients, had been staying around •he city hall here' for several nights. The automobile, n 1930 Plymouth cotipe, was considerably lamaged. Jackson is at liberty under a suspended sentence in a Caruth- 3rsvllle, Mo. theft case, accordin" >.o officei-s. . ° /~IJ r, v,^in..uin,i uliy.-UKIa.' e _ C losma Stock Prices ^Ti T ic< ;f wcrc hew at «« -.? Methodist church here this after- NEW YORK, Jan. 12 (UP) - ^mDhls" h^P' ?' C " lpCpIKr of Utility stocks featured an active S,^M ^f 11 "-" 1 -'^ of Mr. session on the stock exchan^E? ^ITJ?' .°"L C a . tln ?l Bur ^l was to •ccounlabmty often is ob- -sslon on the stock exchange ti- bTm dea°t Parkr'ef" by the consre.^ ti^Aif i^ dav. The utility avpnun. .„_„ J . - ?- 1 f l aris ' Texas. day. The utility average pcne- -. n ..i.^.. v..c c.\vi,-uuve m too trated new high ground since 1933 Osceola f«r ih - m!mit * requirements ! otn er sections overcame early ir- arran<. e mpnt 5 for the "Organization nnrt r. nr .™tt~,. reeulnritv nnd mnv<-rt f^™./-^ arrangements. »i™ the and operation dministrative machinery." Livestock EAST ST. Louts, III.. Jan !2 (UP)— Hogs: receipts 15000 Top 10.50 170-230 Ibs 10.40-10.50 Ligliter weights 8.25-9.50 Cattle: receipts 4,500 Steers Slaughter steers 6.00-12.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 6.00-8.50 Slaughter heifers 5.00-11.00 Beef cows 1.50-5.50 Cutters and low cutlers 3,25-4.25 r regularity and moved forward. Chicago Wheat" 7 " open high low close Moi'132 3-1 134 3-8 132 f}-8 134 1-8 Jill -.115 1-8 116 5-8 115 110 3-8 A. T. and T. American Anaconda Bethlehem Copper Chrysler ng Cities Service 4 3--J Coca Cola ...!l24 General Electric 57 3.4 General Motors 55 5-8 International Harvester 104 7-g McKesson-Hobblns 13 3-g Montgomery Ward .... 56 7-8 New York Central 423-4 Packard 11 Phillips Pet " 52 Radio Corp [[ jj j_ 2 SI, Louis-San Francisco 3 5-8 Simmons Bed 43 Standard of N. J. .'53 6 . 8 Btudcbaker ., 14 1-8 Texas Corp. 54 i 2 U. S. Smelting .... " BS U. S. Steel ' ',[]] 78 5.3 Warner Bros. .... " 57 z °n»o •;;•'. 8 3-8 - with, the pvesldeiit regarding what Mr. Roosevelt characterized as "this ghastly crime" Mr Roosevelt ordeied the full resouices of thc Justice department mobilized In an effort to track down the person or persons ie- si-onslble for the Mattson' voiing- slei's death p Woikers Reported Plari- nmjj to Baiiicade Themselves in Shafts BIRMINGHAM, Ala, Jan 14 - e Motors corporation has violated a the features of" the Wagner act ng. The charges were filed as Homer Martin, leader of the united Automobile Workers, and John Brouhv director of the Lewis Committee for Industrial Organization, charged General Motors with responsibility for the Flint, Mich, outbreak in which strikers were -Rounded by police last night - > * They also asserted General Mo- ™f. n ™ employing professional strike bieakcrs - and Rallnnd company are ilanning to stage a "sit down' tilke inside the iron mines and Barricade themselves with dynamite at mining shaft entrances fonov,no" f0 r a "?? ™ S d vi?' g ^ """ s««"«»»nB "'cm to a refcr- r*S£b Grar^Tun^r ^ m "»* ° ! lte ™« « «« "icials In Montgomery. The gov- :nior vvas told the strike "might come at any rriinute Strike Breakers' Hired' af " V «> hcre fn f , y " V « cre to confei wth Lewis on strategy of the Lewis-led strike against General Motors plants Lewis met with imc'lnls ot the C. I p. amMhe United Automobile ' l ° disc " ss . . Martin 'said he had evidence" lhat :'^P er ' Bergoff strike breaking agency. had been brought into Detroit yesterday by General Motors e11 " sn '° Fii »t- The Bergoff agency denied this charge. Council Meets Tonight The BIytheville city council will "" '"""•' l " i111 ^u years he was p meet in regular monthly session at leildcr ln civ 'c affairs and a .the city hall at 7 o'clock tonight member of the Methodist church Only routine business is antlci- He is 5urv »'«l by his wife, two Pated, according to Mayor Cecil 5? ns ' s - A - Re^enold of Wilson and ollflllP K. AT R^o/>nnTrt «r *^_ .. Two Months Illness Ends m Death at Memphis Hospital WILSO>f. Ark.. Jan. 12 _ E A B f??".? Id ' e4 - we " kn °™ resident of Wilson, died at the Methodisl hospital In Memphis yesterday af. ternoon after two months illness Mr. Rtgenold came to Wilson in 1915 as an employe of the Kansas City Shook and Manufacturing company. Making his home here for more than 20 years he . . n an E. M. Regenold of Armorel and a nf aU nu C h MrS ' , J ' Bryan J0nnson of Oklahoma City, Okla. . , v i..*n^. . iiL-aic in ,31 e ,o S !' t 'Ml* com P a "V of ""ments. --. wail. 14 \ Ui'J — Cotton futures advanced 7 to 15 points today in a wave of buy ns nnd big dry goods sales. ' Jan March May July Oct Deo rani-rains. Warns- Legislature Against •Extravagance, Asks Tax Curb . Governor 1 of Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 1'2 — No crisis faces Iho slate today but there-arc mnny things which should be done for the welfare of Arkansas, -J. M. Futrell,. ending four years service as governor, told tils general assembly In his farewell address today. The ictlrlng govornoi expressed | particular concern ovci Indications that the stnle Is cntciing upon a' new peiiod of rising cost of government. Faced by necessity, he said, the legislature cut goVci nrrlent il operating costs in'half In 1933, demonstrating that efficient government maintained with reduced expenditure., Urges Nylicrg.'Amendment ' But now, vvllh returning pios- perlty, the spirit of extravagance is-again. abroad in the-land nnd demands will be pressed .upon the legislature to further Increase the burdens of taxation," he said ' We are able to go upon another spending cm with little thought of consequences,, if-the-legislature listens lo many proposals" He urged adoption of a constitutional amendment, such as, that advanced last year by Rep Leo Ny- beig of Helena, to lake owaj fiom the legislature thc authority l o 1m pose new or additional taxes without submitting them to a refer state.. County as well as state govern- ent Is too expensive, the retiring governor said. He recommended a CARI, E. BAILEY Twenty Missing After Motor Vessel Sinks ^uumy us wen us scate govern- LONDON, Jan 12 (UP)—Twenty inent Is too expensive, Uie retiring persons aboard a life boal, ji(- irnvprnrtr cairi Tin ^^ n . n ', n —«„,! _ Chiding some ,womcn t werooniss- Ing today nitci the' sinking of Thp mitipre cf7,»k T; t „ s eovernor saw. He recommended a irnf £% f £ 1 st itay Rn t Constitutional amendment lo give ^^^^.^^ns^Js: =r-sSi-ES* mmvak-ssi t <attsncd with the. outcome v of a hearing on conditions, are threat-i renew the strike. Malicious Prosecution Suit Reversed, Dismissed The Arkansas supreme court jesterday reversed and dismissed the malicious prosecution • suit brought by O. A. Allen: against Taylor Freeman in circuit court here in which Allen had obtained^ ' $100 judgment. Freeman, well known Dell farmer, has asked the circuit court to direct n verdict in his favor, his motion being denied 'and a jury rendering Judgment in favor of Allen. Allen had been convicted of petit larceny in the alleged theft of foodstuffs from Freeman's barn 'n municipal court but c/ appeal lo circuit court had been acquitted- He then filed the malicious prosecution action. The regularity of the proceedings In the criminal trial in municipal court had been attacked during trial of :he civil action on the ground that a special judge, who presided, had not been elected in proper manner. The supreme court held the municipal court conviction evi- Jence of probable cause for prose- :utlon of Allen. Harrison, Smith -and Taylor represented Freeman and Virgil Jreene was counsel for Allen. Aged Transient Dies at Local Hospital A. Martin, 71, died at the Blylhcvllle hospital this morning, a few hours after he was removed from the city hall where he had been staying for several days. Death was attributed to heart trouble,' aggravated by othe .. elimination of -Ihe of- B of county tieasurer, sajlng that his duties could be performed b\ the collector, and urged that only persons qualified as Judges pf'prop- erty values be eligible to serve 'as assessor. Opposes Free T«( Books Taking direct Issue with- one of the.recommendations of Gov. Earl E. Bailey, his successor, -Futrell urged the legislature not lo give full effect to the constitutional amendment calling for free text books, The measure, he "said, is not sound in principle because I' provides free books for those who could well aflord to pay for them, and It would be unwise to put It into effect for the further reason that adequate funds for the purpose are not available. . . . • • He recommended that if.the sales tax Is kept In effect all of the proceeds should be used for the bcnefll of unemployables, crippled children, blind persons, indigent aged, to put neglected children in school, ah- 1 to offset the Ux loss which will result through the $1,000 tax exemption on homesteads. Pointing out that In 1927 school revenues were higher without the sales tax than they are now with it, he said that solution of the financial problems of the schools should be sought through more effective assessment find collection of the general property tax. For Neglected Children Enlarging upon his reference to the desirability of using sales tax proceeds to put neglected children In school.'the retiring governor said "the state fails to protect its own interest when It neglects to see that all capable children acquire the fundamentals of an educa tlon." ' , The aged man formerly lived In me usea man formerly lived In B .aivaciteo aiso me use 01 state the vicinity of Manila and had scn °ol fun ds for Institutions which T 1847-8 ' resided in northeast'Arkansas and P rovld e professional training, say- Watereorks... 27 7-8 \Jatii fli-1s>~ r~t , • Southeast Missouri for several in «'"at thc state should not, at the Copper 56 !. 2 '»*-"' VI leOtlS GOttO/2 >' cars - He became ill while occupy- expense of the. taxpayers, "prepare Copper 70 i.« . Ing a "transient" cot al the cltv P crson s.lo make money for them- NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 12 (UP)— ha " and *. BS Placed in the hos- the Finnish motoi vessel Pharder In PeiUland nrth, Orkney Islands. i Tenant Farmers Union Will Meet in Oklahor. . ' ' vjl MEMPHIS', Jan 12 <up>-V Southern Tenant Farmers "unjc, announced todpy It, will hold ill. third annual conventional 1 Mus^ kogec,' Okla., January 14! to -17. H. L. .Mitchell, executive secretary, said delegates vould attend 1 from 'Arkansas, - Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas. 'He said prominent southern la bor leaders, leading economist-s, and spokesmen for the Roosevelt administration would speak on proposed,methods.of dealing with problems of farm tenancy. Soviets May Adopt Isolationist Policy LONDON, Jan. 12 (UP)—Authoritative sources said loday that Soviet Russia- Is seriously considering an . Isolationist policy because it Is not satisfied with thc result of Its efforts to maintain n common front with western European nations agnii/it Fascism. This -would mean leaving- western European problems to west- em European nations and accelerating Russia's already (ormid- P.P.CJ. Senate Refuses to Confhjii Outgoing Gove i n o i's Appointments ' luri) lo Pago 3 for Ihe ((ill (t"(t of Governor ll>llc)'s lii- miKiital address. ^ LITILE HOCK, Jon 12 (UP) — Call IX Ualley look his oiih of oillco as governor of Arkansas it 11 40 A M today In the house if representatives chambei before the entire membership of the nfly-flrsl gcncial assembly j The oath Mas administered by Chief Justice Griffin Smith of* tho Blalo supreme court ns Itfo nev executive stood on the speak- er's'-rostrum, rollovvliiif the ceremonies In \ihlch Bailey became governor and J M Futiell censed to func- •• tlon as the state'i chief executive, o ( hcr constitutional oiTlccis, Imludlitgr Atty. Qen Jack Holt, ricnsiirci Eurl Page, Secretary of Stale C. R Hall nnd Stale Audl- :oi Oscar Humphrey, were given lliclr onths ' > Futrcji Sa>s l^uewtll The house of l-epresentadvcs* and senate convened shortly after 0 o'clock and transacted only necessary business before going Into the Joint session in the House clmmbcl Aftci 10 o'clock Goycnioi • ru- trell wa.s cscoitcd to the speaker's -' 6land by a. senate ;md house coinmittco to delivoi his farewell address before Ihe official Indug- , v uratlon of the iie\v ,governor J Futrell, In his address 'which.,'" lasted moie than an hour, ,cau-'' tloncd tho legislature to vvalch Ihe arf . s . . j^, _- Hie ever graving expense of the UttlCers and L/liectOl'S Ke- eovcmirienVs operation^ and ^ilc- i . . r-. .... - - fnmlcvT Me- nitrrt nrtn*f» l^-t-.i^ 1 lX™ '"-' ; fended ' h)s ovvn ndihlnlsti-atlon - during- the four depression years.' Following Bailey's taking of the' official oath the joint session ivas disbanded with the senate mem- elected; • F. W. Nie meyer Speaks sOSOEOLA. Ja"rTl2-Satisfaction ^ na « l «l«i Hi= benale mcin- v\lth thc'progress made and the ^ ra rehirnlne lo their own cham- ^rvlce i-endered by the Planteis ^ ls ' ;. vllorc " lc y re us . ed to c ,°"p^,-.Mi m . -credit Association was nr '" "» reTc " s nppolntmenls sub- v r F W Nlcmcvei prcs- rnit ' ccl b V Putrell and awaited tho '- - --' more formal inauguration cerc- expressed by.F ,\V Nlcmcjei, p ' Ident ot the 'production credit Cor- ixiratlon o'f s? Louis and general agent of Wee Farm credit Admhir fstrallon for this district, In an address a), the association's annual meeting here yesterday. Fanners aro learning the a<I- v'antngcs of •, cooperative financing, lie said, and the government's faith l|i the soundness ot the' program !]as been .well justified by Ihe Mississippi county association, which last year collected all of its loans in full. Stockholders of thc association rcclectcd R.. C. Bryan of Osceola and n. C. Knappcnbergcr of Bly- thevillc to the board of directors, other members of which are F. P. Jacobs of Grider, ij. p. Nicholson Of Tyronzn and C. .S.' Slevciis of Blythevillc. The old officers, Mr. Jacobs, president, Mr. Bryan, vice- president, and A. T. Bell of Osceola, secretary-treasurer, were reelected by the board. ,-In attendance at, l£,hc irfceting were 164 farmers and members 01 their families from all parts of thc county, the area served by the association. The secretary's report by Mr. Bell showed crop production loans -were mony hi the afternoon on the ^ east lawn ,of, HID , sfatchouse GJ Counties'In Panidc ? \ ^ rollo«lrtg Bailey's formal in-' nuguratlon, vvitli trji/ house 'ami's senate members,sealed" be hind him"' floats from- G2 ofi the plate's 75 = counties and 16 school and mill--" lary unit hands formed a IlnV' of march eastward (o the bus!--ness section of the city JHa/ore- a reviewing stand In front^of^ 1 the old- statehouse where- th'e'-nSi" 6)Dvemor nnd other dignjarie' vsero seated *_ j An inaugural ball was schedule, lo bo held tonight in a down^ town hotel 1 where accomniodaUmisr had Lcen prepared foi 1,000 dance, couples. " ' able armament program showed crop production loans-were The startling increase In Kiis- ma<lc ^ Ulc nssoclatlon in 193G to sla's military appropriations, Just 229 mer » 1 >" r s. amounting to $135,, announccd In Moscow, wns attri- -. Jiuted to the new altitude . of Tnreo attendance prizes \vere Soviet leaders. I awarded. C. B. (Buster) Driver received the first, prize, a Jersey I heifer Second prize, a Poland Stockholders Vote Cnlna 8»t, werj. to Monroe smith, LHUCKnomerS voie | negro, and third prize, 200 e fundamentals of an educa- |> a K Ci n .!,l,-IJ 0 ,- Vnla CWna 8»t, wenj. to Monroe smith, '"• - , , DanK JtOCkhOJflerS Vote |negro, and third prize, 200 pounds High schools, he said, "should Dividend Reelect Roard o£ Panting cottonseed, went to Mast upon local taxation, self Im- .-•*'""'""'* ""?ict.t iwaiu lon Koch , cr> ncgro JSPrt bv -tllO Vftt^r.? nTl^ «Hrt,llrI ! Tltf XTlA.nn. n- nv.ilntnn^ t\..s c posed by -the voters, and should not participate in any state-raised money for public school piirposes." He attacked also the use ot state pital by Red Cross officials. No arrangements . for funeral , ~ — *.~j ,,, t , wiive of buv'- "^tn'iB^iittiiw ior lunerai ing based on heavy consumption services had been made early this and big dry eooris ««T~ afternoon. Tim Vwi.. i, «> »!,„ s afternoon. The body is at the open high low close Cobb P»ncral Home. 1238 1242 1238 1242 1242 1244 1239 1243 1233 1236 1230 1236 1223 1229 1222 1229 1183 1191 i I83 , 188 — H87b H94 1194 1196b Spots closed steady at 1304, up six, Chicago Corn open high' low close Jvfnyl09 3-4 111 5-8 100 i-4 111 3-8 , Jill 105 7-8 107 1-8 105 3-4 106 7-8 six. NEW YORK, Jan. 12 (UP) Cotton closed steady. open high low close Jan 1234 1245 1234 1245 March 1248 1250 1244 1249 iMay 1234' 1239 1233 1238 July 1229 1233 1226 1233 Oct -1189 1195 1185 1193 Deo • 1190.1196 1187 1195 Spots closed steady at 1309, up persons, lo make money for themselves." 'On the other hand, he urged that the state make funds available to Insure the adequate training of orphans, children whose parents are loo poor to buy books and cloth- Ing, children of parents who arc indifferent to the educational welfare of their children, and children without schools to attend. "I am frank to say to you," he declared, "that you should never raise the school revenue an additional dollar K you are not going to care for the poor and neglected children. You should not be taken off your feet by the cry of 'poor neglected children' unless something is being done for them. You may Increase your school revenue to twenty 1 -five million dollars a I year and you will have Illiteracy ers Bank and Trust today. All officers and i coop ,, r . production financing organi- . zattons financed largely by the gqv- were ro[.|ccl<v1 nnrt r A Tim ' ""."V'w u»im«iu luijciy oy me gov- weie reelected and C. A. cun- crnmenl through the FCA. Credit nlngham vvas chosen to nil a is nndc avfli]a £i e to farmer mcm . vacancy on thc board Tho bers _ hc saldt „„ ^,,,5 as favorablc meeting was held this; morning in -^ i n d|yid ua i enterprises ordinarily the directors' oiflee of the bank can obtain and at a considerable Of leers are: B. A Lynch, prcs-' savlng „ rcd to fonner £ P r J- r. iS ' vl l c '.methods of production financing, president; Fred E. Warren cash- j P . H . shrelner, senior englneer- er; R L. Banister, ass slant cosh- | appraiser of thc Kderal Land Bank Van Buren County Man j I Will Succeed FuUertoni • ^ ( D S Lindtrtp, formerly fariul agent of Van Biircri county, Atk.',% lias been appointed "to tlie'same, position In the Chickasavvba dis-', trict of Mississippi county, :it vva|l! announced today. -Mr. " Ijandtrip"," who ' will arrive; Thursday ' from Clinton, replaces J. O. Fullertori, who was made district" agent for northeast Arkansas. He will reside here. Hold Negro Boys {or Theft of Cash and Ring Charley Price, 19, and Frank Atkins, 17, negroes, are being held by officers charged with the theft of S37 in cash and a diamond rina," valued at $300, from Mrs. charle? Corey. T!'.e thett occurred Sunday- morning. Part of the money has been recovered and police are co6nfid.eiU that the diamond will also be recovered. ler; Rlley B. Jones, assistant cashier; Max Logan, assistant cashier; W. J. Pollard, manager of the Insurance department. Members of the board, arc: Mr. of St. Louis, explained the operation of (he'land bank system. Others on the program besides officers of the association were Mrs Members of the board, arc: Mr. Josephine G. Jacobs of Grider, who ^:,P r A,^ 1 !'. ls0 "' ? c »,. s , ha "!'-spoke.on ''The Farm Woman in .......... ~.. »».,, UU i,, ~,.i,,, u .. a .,i, - 5 po Ke on " Tnc parui Woman in -. Louis Cherry, C. A. Richards, th e production Credit Sistem," and Mr. WaiTcn and Mr. Cunningham. : --' — -'- WEATHER in this state to publish to the world, and It will be published wheiivcetv loin persons wish to raise school the negro -school at Armorel, who spoke on "Colored Members." The migration of birds Is belicv- Arkansas—Cloudy, probably occasional rains tonight and Wednesday. Somewhat, warmer Wednesday and in north jiortfon today. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy, tonight «"M i*7i£vua wwu iu raK*j J>UIUJL me migration oi qiras is oensv- rcvenucs, but some of those persons] ed to have started'in the latter care no more for the poor chll- part of .the tertiary period, when dren than, the dust that clings to'thc.lce sheet came down from thc Illrfllr fojtiM f -' - - IV.Ai.t1.- Tnorth". }jtvvauiy vt.\.ooiijiirti luiiu, luiii^tm and Wednesday with slowly rtslna; lemperatures Lowest lemperatura tonight. 38 to 42. v-j The maximum temperature here-, yesterday was 36, minimum _ 29, cloudy with .09 of an inch rainfall, according lo Samuel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer, '

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