The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1943
Page 7
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MONDAY; MAY 3, 1943 BLYTHEVILLB '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be CASH ONLY Except to Established Butne&s Finn*. B*c»Me the loir cost of elusl- lled »ds does not Justify the expense of bookkeeping Hnd collections, we have adopted tliis policy rather than a raise la rate. No Exceptions lo this Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale riei 1 line for consecutive insertions: Minimum Charge SOc 1 lime per line .ISc 2 times ner line per day 12c 3 times jier line per day 9c 3 times per line per day 7o 12 times per line pet- day fie 1 Month per line GOc Ads ordered for three or six times nnd stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of limes the ml appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy .submitted by persons residing otit- sitlc of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertisiiii; ordered for irrcyular Insertions takes Hie one. time rale. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion or any classified ad. for Rent Room lor l\vo employed worn Constant lint water. Close to town. Phone 571. l-pk-5 Bedroom with kitchen privileges. .Electric water hcnlcr find range Working couple. Call 2037 aftei 5:30. 5-l-pk-« Pour room furnished iipnrliiieiit. 1!)25 West sycamore. M-i>kR-7 Rooms for men. Harry',Atkins. 4-28-)]k-28 Parker rooms. lOfi E. Main. 4-3-pk-3 Ciootl grocer,-. htore building and 517 VV. Asli. I'lione 2552 3-18-ck-tfj For Sale •lodcrn lioiisetrniler. Good coiult- tlon, good iircs. wired for clcc- trlclly. Cini be seen nt Mnlf Moon Store. Slcllu Howard. 3-pk-4 fool O. E. Meal case, a. E. Drink DO.Y, cash Register, Dayton Scales, am! oilier store, fixtures, All used loss (him year. O. N, Morse, i mile ivpsl of Osceoln on Highway 40. Phone 400, ' l-lik-8 25 laying liens, $2 each. 40 clglit weeks old clilcks. 1 Royal Signet Poi table Typewriter. Men's suits, size 44. like new. Mrs. S. J. Colien, phone 2525. l-pk-5 'Irclrlc Nnjigr, market cooler ami case. Plione 3!)!I3. Mpk5-B For sale or trade for lionsetinHer— II room shuck in west end. Rxcel- lenl water. Bob Ensley, 1C02 Chlckasawba. aO-pk-4 Ice c-ream wagon, yowl established buslnoKi. Can earn lip to $150 n inontli. Reason for selling, III health. 1117 Holly. 30-rH;5-4 EUROPEAN COUNTRY T\vo large outboard motors. 15 fool outboard brjat. 115 H.i>. Marine Inboard motor. DARKSUALE MFG. CO. I'hone 2911, UlyUievllle. •i-SO-ck--! 2 bedroom suites. Krochler sofa- bed. Overstuffed chnir. 3 lawn chairs. Moore's Airtight coal heater. 2 small kilchen tables. As a group or by the uiece. May be seen at 1138 willow alter 0. i'hone 22118, dh-tf Moore's enameled kitchen rungc. Wood or coal. Phone 2820. 4-28-pk-l Oil burner heater and Warm Morning coal heater. Both practically nev,'. Call 22!>4. 28])M-r> BICYCLE. CM .1127. 27-pk-5-4 1941 Chevrolet Pickup. Good condition. L. L. Anderson, 36 E. Main. 4-27-pk-27 1940 1'lymoutli Tudor. Good condition, raciio. Jioater. One owner car. Private owner wants $650. Call Prilchiml, Steele High School. 4-2V-pk-4 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 Used Sewing Machines bought and sold. Singer Sewing Center, 114 So-.ith Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck7 Wanted To Buy Two lo four year old setter. Well trained. Box ES, Courier. 5-1-pk-B Girl's 24-Inch bicycle. Also electri Victrala. phone 25GG. l-pk-5 Will pay cash for J10.000 worth 'of good used furni turo. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Comfortable bcrtroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Chlckasawba & IQth. Phone 2413. H-ck-tr Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tt Help Wanted Men with accounting experience needed by essential industry. Answer fe'iviiiK age. qualifications, and type of business of present employment. Box c;\V. Courier News. 4-30-ek-lf Experienced senmstivcs wanted. Hudson Tailor Shop. , accktf Services P.ulUmlioles reasonable prices. Telephone 3338. l-pfc-8 April Special—Permancnts two for SS.OO. Lanclys' Beauty Shop, Main and 21st. Plume 3333. 7-pk-7 Sewing machines repaired. Singer offers. G war-lime service specials to suit your machine and its condition. From S1.50 up. Singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2702. 7-ck-7 New Mexico has 50 mountain peats lowering more than 8000 feet, in height. If you want lo liny more War IJonils SEU, US Till; FURNITURE YOU AUK NOT USl.VG for cash! Also lilieral (railc-in allowance for old furniture on ncu'. Alvin Ilnnly Fnvn. Co. 301 E. Main Vhoiic 230Z Will pay 20e per dor. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-clc-tr Wanted To Rent Small fiirnislied ajjartment. Wanted immediately. Call Mrs. Ryan, phone 2473. 30-pk-5-4 Farm JNeeds Bring us your poultry, hog nnd stock health .problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Ledcrle scrums, vaccines, Dr. Hess'Ton- ics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Slore, Main & Railroad. 3-ie-ck-tf Livestock If you are looking for a good registered boar pig lo build up your herd, Duroc or O. I, C.. .see A. L. Whi.slle and Sons fine herd at, I'aragonld, Ark., phone 249W1. 5-pk-10 Siie No netcrrenl. SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP) - "Peewce" men, those ranging in height from four feet six inches to four feet eleven inches, or those just under the required military measurements, will probably come inlo Ihetr own in California. A bill is before the Slntc Legislature providing for Ihc organization of a "Pecwec" unit of the state Guard. California is estimated to have 1,000 men tinder the five fool mens nrement who are anxious to do their bit in the armed services. Read Courier News Want Ads. 1MANO, ORGAN and VOICE ' Classes announced for S I' K I N G i\lrs. Dorothy W. Kimlslon, B.A. M.S.M. ORGANIST * TEACHER Minister of .Music, Firsl Presbyterian Church Wrilc Mrs. I'oivtslon 1101 Chickasawba or Phone 2049 PROTECTIVE SERVICE I'volong llic life of ynur Ford, avoid major re- p;iirs, save gasoline and motor oil, enjoy thai .smooth nen- car performance wilh genuine Ford: NHW 1'ISTON RINGS & BEARING 1NSKRTS. $39.00 COnll'I.ETK, including;' labor, parts, motor o'il and Kiiskcls and engine time-up. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tc!. 453 Atiihorizcd Ford nesVer 5th & Wshint ! HORI/ONTAl/ ; I Dcpicl«i j Kurojicnn ' country 6 Its . i, 190,000 KI. ml. 10 Old H Test by eating 15 Frolic 16 Cast liallols 17 Any 18 Line nf union 20 Islaiul 22 Centiliter . 23 Piece of '»• furniture ^ ?.S 24 hours i 1 20 Meadow 27 Arlide 2B Hone \ 30 Toward ' 31 Twists out of shape 34 One of its cities is 37 Area measure 38 Id esl (abbr.) 39 Near 4(1 Symbol for cobalt , 41 Act again • ^ 43 Cowboy show " Measure •1C Credit (abbr.) Answer to Previous I'li/rtc 48 Us J2 Square.of SO Chaldean city «| n u SlTub " f>3 Beverage 54 Talent !JG Still i .19 Whether lid Moist mass (il Sei^e C3 Myself ,,, fi4 Sport •' CO How CB Street chiiii 70Vcrbal 71 Scent "'•?, 72 Not long 24 Drone bee ii 27 Vox f: 29 To flavor \f MGinnt 'V'l nrmndillo' J 31 U had a civil In 1936-30 32 ICsist 33 Kix llnnly 34 \V)ilcJe 35 water ' 3C Menagerie. 42 Suitable f 44 Arid 40 Musical x instrument \47Swlit ••: .-.if 48 Het .'/# 3 Like *'lfjiV «Mnkc a ' ! i. 4 Belongs to it r '" isl!lk , 1 '., ^'ccessity , " ^^ )0rts CH has a small | s standiiiE —— 52 From a ' ••/ 7 International' distance ' language 53 Symbol for ' B Man's name tungsten 9Ileli(|iiary for 55l, ; ,bels - * relics ot saints f>7 prince 10 Hail! ... . r,8 Canvas shelter . VERTICAL T Pierce 11 Proceed , 12 Engrave 13 Takeout 19 Rough lava 21 Music note (JO Stnkc 62 Kxelamation (!5 Mother fi? Negative 09 Further Ancient Egyptians iLsexl funerary wreaths as early as 1200 B. C. We want* to tny BlrtherUle Hnmfs. W« have pnrcbuen lor ill kinds of homes. If JOB want to Mil quick, KC THOMAS JLANIJ COMPANY O. C. Campbell. Salnmia WALTER HENSBN PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. UK 1215 M»ln Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist BIythevillc, Arkanui SPECIALS Extractions ji.oo Full Up'r i Lower Plates $35 up 1912 Blytheville 1943 RATION CALENDAR April 25: Coffee Stamp 26 K%plr«i May 21: Gasoline Coupon 5 Ei Tires. June 15: -Slioe SUmp 17 Expires. J. E. JOHNSON Firf, Life and CusuaUj INSURANCE V12 N. 2nd Slrtct "llettcr Safe Than Sony" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Gr.t More and Bitter Fnod for your ration books. H ncliverfn Daily C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market Defoe Furniture Co. Wanted: Used Furniture. Alia jaa can trade your oU furniture In on new. DRS. NIES & NIES Osteoaathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:SO Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP 40 (Includes f,al)or Only- No replacement parts costs. J. Tighten CYUNDKR HEAD and MANIFOLDS, /t'htck COMrKESSION. A d j usl HEAT VALVE. 2. Clean and Test SPARK PLUGS. Adjust Spark Gail. 3. TliorouRhly inspect GKN- KRATOR, CO1I,, CONDENSER, VOLTAGE RKG- ULATOR, WIRING and SPARK CONTROL. Tlghl- en all connections. 4. C'ltam and Adjust DISTRIBUTOR, Adjust En- tint Timing for maximum wartime performance. 5. Clicck and adjust CAR- BtmCTflll for best gal economy. G. Adjust VALVE TAPPETS. 7. Clean and service AIR CLKANEK. 8. Thoroughly Inspect COOLING .SYSTEM. Tislitcn Hose Connections. Adjust Fan licit. 5. Test and Service BATTER\'. CU-an and ligliten connecllons. 10. Tune MOTOR for licit wrtttlinc Performance and Gas mileage. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. niiu has » rnbbll-iiroof fcnco' "0 nillp.'i loii(j. KKFRIGKRATION 111 Hi ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! !'. W. TII I urn, .Jr. I'h. 557 Illytlit-vlllv, Ark. FOR SALE Better Used Cars '"n (!in:vitoi,r.T xi'iKi. IM.. IO\VN SUDAN, llraiillful MIL "ion Color, Huillo, lloatcr, (lornl I'fmloiu. Tlir-i, <;!,.„„ lls u )lln I Ml I'Oltl) V8 "00" TUDOIt SIMUN. U.vlru smiil ilrr.v, mr- cliaulcally siiiinil. .Siin'lul low luli'c. o <;III:VHOI,I;T MAKTKK l.. SUDAN, Kutllo, Orljcliuil urli CiMnr, A-l Tin's, lliihol- 'ry like now. ? I'Oltl) l)!!MIXi; Ttmoit IUN', ..Huron,, ,<'0l<ir, Hewn-. llllilllll'll llliu[| t ]iii||i. ([(Kilt (IK'S. Hill HMD S. Del.. C-CYI,. Til"Oil. mark Olur, cxccllt'iil rii'cslonn Tires, |.,, 0 |( S ,,,,,1 rllns likl' IlL'H 1 . Time Is an extreme shortage if noiiil l-'unls unil Chevrolet*. SI;K as NOW fan A RKTTFK USim CAIt HKFOHK Till: Hl!l>. I'l.V IS CSON'E. Phillips Motor Co. Tel. .ir,:i O|ien Nights NEW TIRES For Cars, Trucks, True-lord T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash I'lioun 11122 ^ FOR SAU-i Due puriu'r slnrc nml 4 fottujm ...close lii-rrli'r- $475(1.00 for nil 1'lvi'. THOMAS LAND CO. CONCUETK STORM. SKWKR For Hiilo Al.l, Sl/KS Otceola Crfrert C*. I'hoiii-s 25:i & CO I). K. l.uiii'y I'.il Wlsi'inim Osroolii, Ark. WE NEED USED CARS • nd TRUCKS Top prlcm ror l,»te Model* - - "See "Beay Before You Sell." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New rivniollMi * Olirynlern 121 W. Ash «'". 2121 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Mini" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND IIKMINCITON POriTADI.E ' TYPEW1UTEUS 118 N. 2nd STREET PHONE XII12 1 (Every Transaction Must He SnUtfnctory) EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK rro I >RK J Complete Stack «f p«rta. HARRISON Auto Paris & Carafe Oliver Firm Kqulpnitnt 817 W, Ash ph. «5! I 24 HOUR ',:' TIRE SERVICE Vulcanlzlrif—Tire and 'Tube Kepalrlnf. - • Ail Work Ouarantwd! , WADE COAL CO. Alabama K«! Ash Coal. N. Hwy, « m. an CABRIOLETS GALORE! ,lf/.s/ Arrhwi-From the East! in 12 rlyiiioulli Ciiuiivi'illlilr (Mtijie. Ili'fiiillftil Mil,: tlnUli, hrown Irulher uphutKliTy, ra- lllti, ht'alrr, Tt KIIIMI fires, iim I'arkuril (Y.nvrrllhli! 4Juii|io. llniwn, ulth lilui- u|i- liiihti'iy. (Iniiil I[irs anil lots nf aert'sMirlcs. Hill Dnilei! <:onvcr(lblc C cri'unt 'colur \vltli red lea upholslfry, raillo, lieati'r, 10 11 Chrysler New Yorker '(loiivcrllbte C'«)U|if. (Irrfn, with jrrcf*n Iralhvr upholstery. Ituillu, ImiliT, »iH>t-l!|;ht. 5 Hliltu slileivull tires. 1911 llMl(>* ramvrllblr!'Cnui*. |i| U f>, wllh blue uphoMery. Ka- <lli>, lienler, f, (..10,1 Un-n. This ear has .unly brrn Urlvcn a few Ihiiusanil nilh'.s. Tifl Oilier Cars io'OhooHc Prom—?7f> up G.M.A.C. 1'nymcnt Plan We Never (>'l«sc Sides Dept. Open Unit] J) p.m. toy Eich Chevrolet Col Phone 578 II) WASH TUHBS • A linne to I'iclt Hy ROY CRANl! fiREAT iCOTt! V IT'S HOT A WEM'T YOU HAD " OUR FILL OF P/UliEC-j THWKIN6 O' PENMY. 1 SIILL ""•'flYltltt FOP / HAVE 5OME SCORES TO AWHILE? A SETTLE WITH A CERTAIN I-SCAT 7HEPEASON,5UM: BIS COtWOY HAS BAILED. TO<3IVE IT PROTEC- 1ION THE TO FLY RE6ARPLE5S OF THE WEATHER, SO WAV L IOOKEP UP A CAMADIAM FRIEMO. STOOP McGUIRE, AMD ME SAYS HE CAN ARRANGE. FOR ME TO 60 ALOM6 I5y .FRED HARMAN AS -ME Stows DOWrt RDR THE S Crt V-HNDT A1TACK-- WHILE REDRTCER CROUCHES IN THE CO,\L NDHBR in]Dl_)IES SM AGO nil No Arffiimenf By RDGAR MARTIN HUH OOOb.HOKKN 1 ,CV>\Vt, OO'Wt 60\V56 By V. T. HAMLU IHOOiHT/ NEVER MIND THAT MOW... WMERG'S DOC WOHMU&? I'VE GOT TO SEE HIM AT ONCE; TH' C0£ \ SLIPPED \ HIMSELF \ A M1CK6V... I HE'S OUT I LIKE A / LKiHT.' f OKAY, I'LL SPILL TH 1 WORKS... BUT FIRST GIVE ME A HAND . WFTH THIS CXJTFrT... WSVE GOT TO GET IT IMTO Tn r LAS RJ6HT OSCAR. BOOM. TROUBLE WILD-CAT SCIENTIST, TUKWJ UP AT DR. WONMU&'S TIME-MACHINE LA3- ORA,TORV, OBiflOuS FRESH OUT OF PRISON WITHOUT- BENEFIT OF A RVRDOM RKCKLKS AND HIS HtlKNDS Somcwbiit nf :i Shock By MERRILL BLOSSED 1W WOULD THF SECRETARY OF THE I WONDER WWT EVERYBOOV IS GONNA CALL US' HELLO, soys -IWASNT SURE VOU WASCOWM'/ (AY MAM6 IS THAW MORGAN THAW/ JUST CALLS ME MORS/ . 6E DOIW& ATA PIAC6 LIKE (43 N. MAIM ST.? THATS WHAF FREOC AMO

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