Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1895
Page 8
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They Can't Keep Away! DAII Y JOURNAL WHY? Because of the remarkably low prices on all kinds of goods offered. Keep This in Your Mind! This stock of Dry Goods, Cloaks, Dress Goods, Notions, Underwear &c ,. must be sold quickly, You can't fool with the Court! His Honor has ordered this stock sold out and 'you bet" his orders will be Complied with. Come for bargains! Come for good treatment! Come because you want the goods and we will sell them to you at your own price. This is business! THURSDAY MORNLVO. JAN. 31. YOUK NAME IS PRIM. lit 1 ins of a Person Character Ci rt€-rrc and Their The Golden Rule. W. D. PRATT. Trustee. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers <-and Embalmers mid Kctnil l>ealer;iiijall Kinds o.t' Furniture and Upholstering 424 BROflDWflY. J. O. BRIDGE. P I A N O O R G A N S BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. In tbo city yesterday: T. J B.JUI of Flora. J. B Sillitt of Peru. D. Ddwson of Goodland. D F. Allen of Frankfort. F. M. Leach of Koborno. E. M Rinehartof Delphi. Isaac A "lick of Moniicello. G. M. Goodrich of Royal Conter. J. Siephens Business Manager "Rip Vau Winkle" Company. Dr. Reed of Burnotlsville, was in the city yesterday. Frank Beamar waa at Chicago yesterday on business. John Burrows waa at Marmont yesterday on business. C. G. Jox of Chicago Is visiting relatives in the city, I. R Burton of Philadelphia is in the city on b-jsinoss. V. E .Seller wae at Indianapolis on business yesterday. Harvey Campbell went to Peru yesterday to visit friends. MUs EdUh Skinner will attend a dance at Peru this evening. Mil s Aaaa Crockett of Lafayette is visiting in the city this week. Ham. Harris has returned from Elwood where be had a position. CMlsa Blacch Yuunt of Lafayette, is the guest of Logacsport friends. Marion Chronicle: Frank Stukoy of Logansport was here yesterday. J K Robiason o? Indianapolis is visiting Mr. and Mrs H S Thompson. James E Lemaslers of Royal Cenlir as here yesterday calling on friends, Wubash Plain Dealer: Chna. lleer f Logaaaport was in the city today, is Rise HeriTof Wab-tsh WHS the uest of Mrs. Tnoma} Meyer yester- ay. Mrs. Mollie Hlnton of Indianapolis s this week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H, S. Thompson. Gua Day returned yesterday from Coshocton, Ohio, where he has b;en employed for some time, Mrs. B. E. Buckingham "of Chicago lethegueatot her parents, • Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Grable. Curt S.varizof tbo Vendome restau^ rant bus been at Montlcello, his old homo, for two days, visiting. Earl B. Wilson, representing the National Cash Register Company, of Ohio \v-us in tbo city yesterday. Harry Colernan and wife, who were recently married ai, A'.leotown, Pa ,' have arrived In Lngansport, and will temporarily li»o here. Charles Melchor, now representing tho Rookford watch company, but formerly employed in Logansport, was in the city on business yesterday. C. A. Kdly of Terre H iute, was ELECTRIC LItiUT MEN JBEET. panics ofTw«niy.<| x Com- Siutx <iuiherat Indianapolis New,-: Twenty-six representatives of the electric light aud power companies of thu S;aie held a meeting this afternoon &t Ea^li^h's Hotel. The nccoiing wa? in response to a call issued nearly a month aj>o bv the DtfCaiur electric light plant, J. D. Edvfarjs-'; Hujtingino L'ght nr.d Fuel Company, ij. J Bippu^ Grabum & Cox Electric Light Company, Wash- ineton; Citizens' Electric Compucv. J. M Lutta. G ishcn; Hartford Electric Company, H Reynolds. Hartford City: Montpeller Ek-ctric Light Company, Hern an Krueger, Keodaiville; Union City Electric Light Company. W. K Smith, Union City; Gas and Electric Company, < J. W. Stratton, Valparaiso; 'Carroll Eiectrlc Company, Delphi; , • Electric" L'ght and Power Company, H. VV. Frund, Vincennes. Llgonler E eutric Light Company, J. W. Draper.Ligonier; Rochester Electric Light Company, L. Woh'gemuth Rochester. None of those attending knew the object of the meeting, they said, as it was not stated in the call. Oae member said that the call was not issued until af'er nearly a year of correspondence with the leeding electric light mtn throughout the State. He believed that the object of the meeting was organization. He thougbta permanent organization would be formed, with regular offlcers • Hedidnot think that the meeting had for its objuct tho securing of any legislation of electric light- icg questions. Newspaper representatives were excluded. DEATH ESSUKS. _ We Are Crowing! Over the Great Success of our Annual Clearance Sale now going on. 1-4 Off on all Suits and Overcoats. $20 Suit and Overcoat now $15. $15 Suit and Overcoat now $11.25. $10 Suit and Overcoat now $7.50 $5 Suit and. Overcoat now $3.75 JLHile Willie ItiiHlt. Tlie Victim of the Explosion at. the Orphan'* Uoino Tuesday, id I>e:i(l. At 9:30 u. ra, yesterday the terrible eutlVinge of littlo eight-year-old Willie Buib ceased. Tun soul of the child look its Ilight from the charred and ditfi^ured bo.ly, and the consequences of a brother's disobedience to rules was brought horns wiih terrible force to the repentant older brother, Leroy Bash, whoso mistake in using gasoline for coal oil caused all tho trouble. He la probably too youog to feel the full weight of the awlul result of his mischievous act. At no time was there the least hope that Willie would live. Everything was done that could be done to ease in any way his sufferings. 1'ae funeral will ba held tomorrow at 2 p. m.. from the Home.. Leroy Bush, the older brother, vvas able to walk: about yesterday. His hurts are not eerious. THE PROGRESS. Cor, Market and Fourth Street. Logansport, - - Indiana. LAXE IS INCISE. SUITS TO ORDER $20 CASH Extraordinary Values, Equal to What Other Tailors Charge !-4O.Ob i«>r. W«- are Turning on* Great Quaiititscs of Work, and our Customers arc I'cri'cccly Sati.ilietl. Prices are Very Low. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. Hut There Whether li ii <ioc«tion u* ; Should ilav« to A New I have started n Hack and Parcel Dolivery and in the future I "cnn bo found at the corner of 4th street und Broadway, where! will be prepared froui 0 o'clock in tho morning to 0 iu the eveainpr to deliver parcels or earry passengers to aad from any part of.tho. city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I [will ondoavor to give the best services possible for the money. If you have ft parcel to deliver or a pas^-i *••• 'o deliver, or any lijjht work that can brdono with a street hack, I ,»i.. oj ^ia-.l to do it. What could you do that a customers would appreoiate uiorc than calling the haok for hbn? Special rates will be given you. Leave'orders <vt 12ch street; Livery Stable or Goo. Harrison's 617Broad •WK-V. Tours ..Truly. Wm Lynas. See The Specialists For Ciironic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. Don't forget that choir vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles gets tho remedies to the diseased spots and cares -when [ everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It eosts yoa nothing- for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, At.Tfie Medical and SurBlcaljinstitnte. 4J7 Market St, " - - Logansport. Ind. bera yesterday on an in-uracca ad just- ing trip, trie loss being that on Joseph Grace's clothing stock on Broudway. Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Boyer left yes- tcrc?ay for Greenfield, Onio, in answer to a telegram lellingof the dangerous sickness of Mrs. Beyer's father, William Draper. Idaville Observer; Mrs. Ballo Mar. vin of Logansport came Tuesday and remained over night with her parent, James Harris.. .. Mrs. J. Albert Carson woat to Logansport on Monday to visit friends. Mr. aad Mrs. A L Anderson of Elwood have started on their way home after a pleasant visit of several days in tho city. They will call on relatives at Crawfordsville before proceeding to their home- Peru Journal: Miss Stella DsHaven of Logansport, Is a guest of Mr?. Newt Rlchison of Seventh street. .. Mrs. .James Sturges and daughter Miss Lelia, were in Logansport today .... Mr, and Mrs. A. Werthelmer spent yesterday In Logansport. C. \V. Line, who worked, or at. tempted to work tho Mobile excursion ticket racket in Logansport, reprc. seating himself as an agent for a man named Weldorn of IcdiaDapolis, should possibly have been hold until bis case was more thoroughly isvesti- A request for a full description of the man and of hU methods, has been received by the authorities here, from P. 0. Ixeefe of Chicago, chief of the Illinois Central Ritlroad, who suspects the Beamingly untutored Lane of ooing connected with a similar job that was recently worked on the Illinois Central. A BIG DEAL The Funeral of Ctons. Frlck. Charles Frick was yesterday in- tarred at Mt. Hope cemetery. The funeral services at which thera was a large attendance of fnend§ and relatives of the deceased, were held yesterday at 2 p. m. from tho late resu deuce in the EiSt End. The Ksv. J. C. Kauffaan conducted the services. .lloney 10 lonu, Any ona desiring to buy real estate can secure a loan to ba repaid on the monthly plan. Interest only 5j per cent. Consult J. T. COCKBCSK, Room S. Spry Building-. Paupir The State Board of Caarities'ia still engaged In making a complete registration of the pauper, criminal and unfortunate classes In Indiana. The list includes 50,000 namer. Thai Will luvolve the Kemoval of The Trade I'alaco If It I* Completed. The Justice building en Broadway where the recent fire "occurred, may be purchased by the Seybold Bros, of the Market street Trade Palace, to be rearranged and Sited up by the firm as a department store. Negotiations hare been pending /or several days for the purchase of the Justice block, and it is stated that if possible the Immel block at the rear of M. A. Jordan's corner building, will be pur« chased and remodeled by the Seybold 3rm and Mr. Jordan. The idea is to secure frontage for the well known Trade Palace on Fifth street as wall as on Broadway. Altercation Between Farmerg Two farmers whose names were not learned, had a little difficulty last evening shortly before 6 o'clock on Market street, over the sale of a load of hay. They were on a hay rack at the lime, and the elder o' the two Knocked, the Other off the rack acd drove away rapidly. A Bis Ditch Contract. A ditch fire miles in length will ba dug in Carroll county by Ubl & McNltt, the contractors, who will u*e the dredges that hare been in use on the big ditch northwest of the c 1 *-, The work vlll cost |13,990. -V ."' The l»ackt:t-!li»ilc S ivod Him A pocket-book and some papers in a breast pocket of John H. Lux's coat, probably saved his life Tuesday night. Mr. Lux was on his way home from the city In a buggy, when a stone drill that ho had just had sharpened, slip .ped from its place In the buggy and fell against the wheel. Il was instantly caugb& and thrown back with terrific force striking Mr. Lux with the sharp point, just above the fifth rib on iho left side. The papers and a pocket-book that were in a pocket Of tho coal were almost entirely pierc ert by the dangerous weapon. Mr. Lux is only ooe of rrriny who have found a U30 for a plump pocket-book. A*ks J'.ir J!*ainit£!rc«. A suit.in wnich tho demand Is .^OO has been Cled in the C*ss circuit court by Mary Hamilton Williams vs John Blassingbam and VVm. L. Fdrnald. The complaint alleges that defendants wrongfully cut timber from the plaintiff's lands. A Conilnjr Wedding. Frank Gysin of this city and Miss Lou Rassner of Peru, will be married at the Lutheran church in Peru, next Wednesday night at 7 o'clock. FEET. There are old fe-t and yonns leet, Andllttle teet and great, 1'rettf feet nnd homely r^er, And te«t that do not mate. Tiiere are lender feet and tough feet, And narrow feet and wi je, Short feet and Ion, feet. And feet rou like to hide. It's suite a feat to cover feet In i-trle and comiort too, And u tnls Is what jou're after. I'll tell rou whit ta do. Juattake your feet to ^mine's ^nd fl: them wi h h s shoes. Then your rorns will never bo;her, And you'll never hivetha . A ^[othttr'pi CcnMfclcNft Love. Ixokoooo special to ihe Indianapolis Newe: A mother s devotion to erring- children received a pathetic illustration in tbo will of Mrs. Nancy Green, deceased, which has been admitted to probate. Tno old lady possessed nothing but a few old articles nf household goods, but these, tenderly and specifically named, were bequeathed to the only relative 6ho possessed in tho world, her eon William Green, a life convict in the Michigan City prison. Green was convicted of killing [Cnos Brurnbauga at a Sunday- school plcolc in 188). Tbo old lady was the moltor of tec notorious Green brothers, whoro Jives traced a bloody epoch in this part of the State, f" "• of tbo family arc now dead with tW^ exception of tho li.fo prisoner. Amer Green, the youngeet brother was l.jncr.ed in 18SS for ihe murder of bis sweetheart, Luolla Mabbitt, her body never being found. The mother of the desperadoes, who was a devout, Christian woman, c'ied a short lime ago of grief, whUo visiting her only surviving son in prison. Patting- a -tetider corn troubled foot into oar shoes is like putting- your foot into Paradise. —Pilling 412 Broadway. Up with the times. That is what the people say about Pilling the Shoe Mao. He has a colored man employed-whose dnty it is to attend the door and =hine easterners' shoes. Cards good for 20 shines is given with a pair of shoes. New spring shoes and slippers are arriveing daily at Filling's Shoe Hoai-e. We invite you all to coine and see the newideag in stylish footwearfor spring. LINO PILLIN&, , ' ';- 4118 Broadway. He k£Kt iho Combination. Caehier W. C. Toomas of the State National Bank migplaced the combination of the vault door at that JnstltU" tion yesterday. Tbe combination had been changed the first of ibe week and the memorandum Mr. Thomas h»d made to follow, was left at the home of Ernest Thomas of Royal Center. About noon yesterday after considerable trouble had been caused, the combination was secured by telegraph and business again opened up. A Verdict for *7,OOO. In the suit brought on behalf ol the widow and children of Aaron Heclt, deceased, against tte Monon Railway company, a verdict waa returned Wednesday in the Carroll circuit court against the company for $7,000. Two years ago Heck waa running an engine furnishing motive power for a pile* driver. The engine was on a fiat-csr, and while tt work near Lafayttte, a freight train dashed ieto the car, killing Heck instantly. ,-"v ?Iav Extrnd m. Call. The congregation of the Broadway Presbyterian Church is considering be advisability of extending a call to the Rev. Percival of Misbawaka, te the care of the Broadway flock. Dj epepsia seldom causes death, but permits victims to lire on in miaery. Hood's SarsapariJJft cares dyspepiU and all itom»ch troubles. .

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