The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1984 HI.Y'i'llFA'll-LK, (A!!K.) COUHIKR NKWS PAGE FIVE; MODERN HOME Conducted lor this newspaper in th*'.Interest' of its women riders by reccBiitad authorities on all phases ol Home making. Florence Jlrobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate ICdiloi Proper A Good Dish i'or Winter LuiirJieous and Sni Methods .Insure Good Results Says Mrs. George Thurn. Pear Headers In Blylheville: All of my scolding about not having n cook book doesn't seem to have taken effect. I know some of you still attempt to cook to family's meals without this essential, for the requests which reach me thru Ihe Cooking School and afterwards arc for the simplest of cookery rules. Again the request for White Sauce recipes has been made. I am giving the rule here, with suggestions for varying 11. While Sauce This is also called cream sauce. If the recipe is followed exactly. there will be no lumps in it; if however lumps appear in this or any other cooked sauce of this style, beat with a wheel or Dover beater. To make the thin variety use one tablespoon fat; one tablespoon Hour; one fourth teaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon pepifer; one cup milk. For'Uie medium, use: two tablespoons fat; two tablespoons of Hour; one fourth teaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon pepper; cup " milk-. ' one Here's a Russian Dish You'll Want to Recognize (iot>tj Food Is Essential But It Is Only Part ol Child's Requirements. A recent Child HoaUh Biillclin i"-m!s out that In winter when tlie • l:i!d has less opportnnlly to play wi'.dom-s, ancl In the suirthlnj es- ,--.,-Lilly, his diet m-ods more c.irc- !-i'. attention than at any oilier ...i-Jii. According '.<) the author.:;, discussing llu- school ci'.ll:!, "too ;i-.'u-ii emphasis cannot be placed on •,'.:.• i-lii!i!'.i need ol milk, eijas. vege- l.ii::..s. Iruits and Cfival-i, all ol .•i:.ih :iro buiiilliu; slunrs [or Hit' -•.run- tally, lint food does no! b'Hl/ n healthy child unless he li.Mi-'.la-s certain health Iniblls. "Uvular hours Icr meals arc im-, iiiul es,p:clal!y the iMUlni! >•: ;i iiaarly breakfast, since a pc- ::od o! twelve to fourteen hours i':•< rhp'-ctl since the last meal. If : -.'-a'sf.ibi Is ii:nlt'.cd. i!:c interval .. pruicnijo:! by hours and •..-.'ijui- - with Hsllessiu-ss. irrltu- t::::y. p-jor poslmv und other bad . ..-.•• qiu-ncvs—follmv. "An iMr'.y bed lime induces tl:c •• U".l:l U> v.aKon early, so thL-rc is i.:!iv !;:• adequate hathlne. dress- in.: anil oilier mornlii(; hygienic r..'.!i:th t;c'!orc breakfast. Then wilh ;:i:u- [or Ijreakfail. the lonct Is en- loyi-l and diRebte:!. and Ihe child ! uiY:t'.y b'liefilteil by the atmos- ' r!n-re of leisure anil well-bi'lirj." • Hull's Summed lip brief. Ihe nioUier who fresh, croon vegetables. They usu- The nest d&y place allerntc piec O f foretell lands are IK- ally complete tlic mc.U with some es of half-rliwned tomato and coiiiliuj more and more popular Inisori o[ an ice cream concoction iind squares o[ lamb on skewers. (Your America. Indolent appelllc-s often I block collce. . own meat market can supply you are lemplcd by some new nnd novel I • * * wilh either wood or metal skewers.) dish which originated thousands of Here's the way the Russian Art simply nul about, eight or nine for- thick wliite sauce use: four tablespoons [at,; four tablespoons Hour; one lourth teaspoon salt; one loiirth teaspoon pepper;-'-one .cup milk. ' ' • -. . l-'or thick white sauce use: ' our tablespoons fat; four tablespoons flour; one fourth teaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon pepper;' one. cup milk. • .' "" . The method of -making is the iainc for each: melt liw-fai in the upper part of the double boiler, acid flour, pepper and salt.and stir until perfectly smooth. Add milk slowly stirring all the while. Let c:ok until unck, which is about fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally. After the sauce is the right consistency, cover and let steam above tl:e hot water lor ten minutes. This amount makes about one cup. It cream is added in place of milk, the sauce is richer; .or use stock from cooked chicken, meat or fish for hall the amount of milk, when the sauce is to be used on-one of these loads. Some Uses Use white sauce as a base for sauces, for instance mushroom sauce, adding one third cup Melt the butter In the~,u' ieti-W[t.iadd flour^and. /ad&iUiV'eji; yolks bea and, stir .10 .a smooth paste. Add milk and oieam gradually, irring constirftiy'Aj sl<J*{Jj'»dqt'*Uil i 'e.?^ yolks beaten and mixed with a little of the sauco. continue stir ng and • aa^.?^TOM^j if itd rr ^oy5tVr^ at once -from the heat and slowly fold in llu ayonjiaUe!vSei;ra.lqtfon^[r&4)«tj nitty- 'shells or toast. Enough for six sc-rvinys. "Ti-rei- licMirs. "Srv.-ral liriiik raci rcgulni of water er Menus a'Auary <-,.. */ J ,ir-i*M ; - • |tUhfr' first course or the sal- tlicse dinners if strict ccon- TI AD „!'„ ,1^»1., Al i omy makes thai necessary; al- They Are Particularly At- tho >[ lgh , hcy arc plttnnC(1 to tractive During Cold Months of the Year. glasses day. -rriipi-t 1 elimination i-f.e.-:. daily. ••KiiKeliine and fresh air. "Cioa:l posture. "Cleanliness of bcriy. of bod> clothes i E'.-;',-;tm4 ijarments and bed. |' "Atii'iiuate rcsl ancl sh:p in well available in all the ycar elude something of each of the essential food groups. Celery, .Radishes, Olives Roast Shoulder of Pork Baked Sweet Potatoes Creamed Corn j vi-util L'.rii rooms, j "l-'H-L-cJom from emotional sets. The latter induced by family ! (|uam-'. ; . o'.tler children or other Z~~ . - i causes \\lilc-h by gentleness and PeaCIl PlE and Apple , careful attention can be avoided.' Are Other! miles from Ihe family dinner ta- 'KOW Hut we've recognized t'r.e Soviets, It's appropriate to serve fonu'thtni; prepared in typical Russia i manner. Shashllk Caucasian has long teen a favorite recipe iiuiong Russian connoisseurs. It Is n decorative dish and nutritions. The Russians serve nn appetizer — followed, ol course, ly a thick soup made with sour cream tiud then shashllk -.vllh spoon onion juice, 1 cup mayonnaise, 1-2 tcas|>oon sail, few grains ])cp]>er. Uoil potatoes In tV.elr Jackets. Peel and put through riccr. Season with sail and pepper and let cool. Add slowly to mayonnaise. beating constantly to make It smooth. Beat in onion juice, drop bv drop. Ifccon Dressing Three thin slices of bacon. 4 ta- blcspcons vinegar, 1-2 leaspooi sugar, three drojis tabasco sauce " few drops onion juice. Restaurant in New York prepares Slmshhk Caucasian: Trim olf all the fat from a ICR of lamb. Bone it am! cut the meat Into strips and then into one and one-half Inch squares. Allow eight or nine squares for each iierson to be served. Mix with suit, pepper and small slices of onion. Pour about, onc-hal[ cupful of sherry wine and the juice of Uirce lemons ovcr.lho mixture and place in the Icebox over night. aye not only as breakfast dishes but also as substantial hot main dishes [or supper or luncheon. Such dishes arc exceedingly desirable for children. Combined vllh cheese ham or bacon, tomato In some form. onions, pcpjwrs. nuts and a goodly variety of seasonings, they make savory concoctions that are easily prepared and nourishing as well as economical. Baked mush an gratlu is a good example of a hearty cereal dlsl that, is simple and Inexpensive I make bin of great [ood value. it.,Vi*.l Much 'in f.riitiu squares ol lam ber of slices skewer. Tl'.ei the bro'.ier to and slightly side. When ready skewer on ca roil ml It by si carrots cm h cabbage salad any other gi you fancy. Cover frying n low flic fo as rice bcgl iulce watch :o prevent • b Sa Otic-half e butter. l-'J soiling. 1 ct 1-2 cup ere 1-4 tcaspooi Soak sam water. Coo \valer until let, nuts (u til [-ro<'.ni squares ol lamb and ttic same num- tomato on each place them under nr '" ooms el , chopped, cooked mush- Bananas narts of this country the ycarj round- but at ho time ol the year 1 Whole Wheat Bread are -they more appreciated than] .Waldorf Salad in 'mid-winter, when we.- want fill-1 Peach Pic Slipover Good Dishes. j Not only have thure been repeated requests for crumb pic nndj -, . in|| though healthful dishes, andj especteliy - -fullsoin*-- deaierls. One , of the best, of the easily prepared! and inexpensive desserts made with j bananas is: ' . _• | Banana Bread Puddiny , i Two cups dry bread ' -crumbs; one quart hot milk; one half cup j Gingerbread 'Cream of Potato Soup Broiled Liver and Bacon Rice with Clicese Sauce • Stewed Tomatoes Raisin Bread and Butler Cabbage and Raw Cairo: Salad 5I5TER ' MARYS KITCHEN -d, cooKea musu- unt HUO.V ,.«^ ,.,»^, — .- -- -:-- • cup white sauce; susar: one fourth up md ed bu - Butter molasses pie, but for molasses' |ciumb pie as well. Here is a re-1 Coffee cipc for this old time favorite | which is sure to appeal to the j family. I Molasses Crmnli Tie | j Make enough rich pastry to lint"! | a deep pie dish. Then prepare tho | "crumbs" anil liquid mixtures. For the first, mix thrre fourths cup Hour;' one hal[ cup h:mvn Mrzar: i salad depends en its drr-r-inj. In one fourth teaspoon salt; one half tinging net b; so highly fla cinnamon; one cishth] voroil it (jvcrpoweri Coffee 1SV KIST!-:it 5IA1IY XKA Service Staff \Vrilcr Mucii o: the success o! cvci Tu t-c tenppoon nutmeg; one eighth loa- vors ol the salad materials. Rail spoon ginger: one eighth teaspoon cr. it sliould serve to blend coi cloves; two tablespoons shoiten-; iraiim; Havers and add piquanc " i LtUil.o, l«u luui^o^juuii. I ina. Blend all together. | v.ith j tra Cut bacon in dice with scissors cok over' a very low heat untl risp. Stir in vinegar and sugai riei'.eal and add tnbnsco sauce and onion Pour at shredded once over Iclluce or Four cups boiling water, 1 cornmcal, 1 1-2 teaspoons sail, paii and cook over r one hour. As soon is to absorb- 1 tomato watch.and stir occasionally t sticking and burning. Samp and Nuls l-'J teaspoon poultry sea- up broken nut meals, -am, 1-2 teaspoon* salt, :i pepper. ip over uiyhl in cold >k in boiling salted tender. Then add bi .id seasoning. Cook u cremn Is absorbed and serve at once. H , cup grated cheese, paprika, loinato juice. ci:riy endive, romalne. Hard Uoilcd Esf Orcssilif; One teaspoon mustard. 1 tea- si»an salt. 1-2 teaspoon paprika. 1 egg yo'k (raw), 3 hard cookcii 4 tablespoons salad oil, 4 tables;KXins vinegar. Mix mustard, salt and paprika with r.\w yolk of egg. Add hard rooked e?s yolks ami work with a fork tmlll smooth. Slowly add oil, tc-atfiiE constantly, thinning with vinegar as necessary. Beat well and acid whiles ol hard cooked eggs which have been coarsely chopped. | sauce. UHEAKFAST: California grapes, cereal, cream, plain omelet, cornmeal muffins, milk, coffee. slowly sift in cornmeal, stirring vl-i LUNCHEON: Spanish rice, ccl- gorously. Ccok and stir until thick I ry and apple salad, toasted mut- Atld salt to boiling water nnd Oranse and Grapefruit Cup | ibiled Beef Horseradish Sauce' tcnsyoon Sauted Parsnips • Lima Beans in Butter Sauce Roils and Butter. •Lettuce Salad with Roquefort . . L " ^ u w mix mlc hau _____ _ Banana U^^L Coffe, molars; ^ -^.^ *«* . ™ -^< ^^'Vh^S^ llirce fourths cup boil-1 dressing is particularly good with Mix well wilh lettuce or endive in salad oil. I and smooth, stirring occasionally to prevent burning, lor flltcen minutes longer. Turn inlo a loaf pan and let stand until cold and firm. Turn out and cut in hall inch slices. Arrange in a buttered baking disli, sprinkle c.u-h'slice wilh grated cheese, paprika and dots of - ' ' slow oven for Serve with well reasoned tomato sauce. Spanish Klce One Bermuda onion. 2 tablespoons bulter or bacon fat. 2 green pappers, 1-2 cup brown rice, 2 cups canned tomatoes, 1 leaspson salt. butter and Iwkt in u-c-nty-ftvp minutes. When economical meals must be I 1-4 teaspoon pepper. served, much thought and planning arc required to prevent them from added to the Incoming'monotonous. Cereals al- iartr.css. Some'.imes e Black Bean Soup Broiled Salmon Steaks Parsley Butter solved my. water O pay-i-y-lmeci pa I . ' . . i_ _ ii. : i celery, f.irroi ai'.ci apple salad, al' cheese this sauce. Delicious on broiled steaks, such as salmon and cod; on croquettes, rice, spaghetti and| macaroni. Hard Cooked Egg Sauce half hnrd sauce, or cream. parslev Butter i^uy-lmed pan. sprinkle ihe pas- Boiled Potatoes'" Carrots Glace' try crumbs thickly, then pour on n the bottom ol the i c, . an. sprinkle Ihe pas- though any blnnd vegctao-c interest ins. HorscraitUh Dressing One-half cup whipping 1-2 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon pap-1 rika. 2 tablespoons gra;cri !:oree tablespoons 1 (350 degrees) and bako until! teaspoon paprika. 2 tablespoons firm. About twenty minutes. Sprin-1 grated hcuerndish. 2 tablespoons One cup dark cooking molasses; 1rv cake crumbs one cup milk;; c"thcr and cook thirty minutes; atici one finely grated egg yolk to top ol fowl bctcrc serving. -MRS. GEORGE THURN. Tivo cups flonr; live aking powder; one hrec fourtlu; cup milk: ( Dish Is ts Old ime Ti-e chafinB dish once move re ttored to papularity, is being used tor breakfast parlies, luncheon, at ternoon teas, at the supper tabl and for late evening snacks. Her Is a menu tor breakfast, luncheon and supper, using the chafln? ois to cook the main dish of the menu Uucst Breakfast Sliced Bananas, Raisins Cream Creamed Chipped Beef on Cl-.crry Preserves Hot Biscuits one mm and brown si:-:ar. Hake in a hot .oven (-100 dciroesi for twc:v.y io three to- twenty-five minutes. „„ v-m-r «"<= '& wnitc -' Apple Sliwor DIIC half cups thinly sliceci i'iuia-i blc=pi.iOi.b . \^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^^ T|ijs ( . an El , glis!l i.u.irite nas; one half cup sui< > ^?,< "donul. uoil'-i. " v<1 ' iKjilh.t i First make a deep dish app^ pie ablespoons b\n(.-i. ol nit , alinE C0 nstantly with '• using tineo cups sliced ti.:: ap- Mix the flour, baking posucr !-ritl,«<nei. MM " w[ ^ ei , c , , p; ; „,hi- pics: one cup su;ar: one .-^htii salt by sitting thrci; Mix m : * nuy^ •** • (I|| ]t f t,,.,^,,,,,, yM: 011C i, a |[ milk and when still enouph to: tiles. irom roll, roll out to alwut one fourlli | cook inch thickness. Cut in qu»rt-i,ls <- ibout five inches atiosr. 1'•'- :-it"i. . _ >renct- use line- illnllls , ur r;> i™ , lt , d , d lichll c M . Co nee Hot Chocolate ipoonful of truit in the f.nifi',! iprinkle with sugar ai"'. i!oi. vitl. small dabs of butter. Bring the tour corners together • and fiix" the edges together li'niiy. i tv i>i baking dish rubbed -.vilh . Ki'.ening: prick ouch duniplhu. ' Tlre with thn tines .of 9 fi>ik to allow !scaphij! st«am. Fcur 'i'<:-f^ -''•' or three labtspcorf of Vo! •vsi'.'.r in the bottom. 13av u n. a n.cderate oven (Sill il< l gv;<>-) <oi tlul. 1 ' "•' *''•" utes. Scvvc with hbpd oiince c-r 'c- mon sauce or any dull cU'.i'i- cinnamon: or.e eighth to Line a dec-,) glass o;- r.i::hen- Dallas Pied Pipers (Jive Hon.sewi' UAI.I.AS. TI-X. i upi — The P!l).»r rriiini " c l 1 .^ Aid Hridcr Lunciicon Smoked Salmon Cnnapes. Olives and aluHcd Celery Oyster Patlie.-s small Baked Potato Corn souffle Rolls and Butter Ice Bos cake Hot Chocolate Tea Bridge Supper CoJd Boast Ham . . this Line wouia !:i r.l his fellnwb ,t in uor< miner tn^ ae^'o 01 Civil wnrnR ftamUnsiTKUun U ,ji n-inas r.ouscwivrs to ex- miliatf rat". ware pie dish with vicli p.istry; mix the apples and seaso:i::'.;.- together, fill imo the pie; ri<;: with small dabs of butter. Cover wilh waxed or pa'.chmem paper rubbed with shortening and with .; s-U'. inj the center to let the .v.v.nn out: and bake in a hot oven • '<!* de- >rces) about twenty miim'.--'.= : then educe heat ar.d cor.tir.'ir baking mtII pastry is delicate^ brown and the apples cooked. remove Ihe paper, cover Ihe top with very thin slices of Old Eii-.iish cv Stxty-two rsnc-pniiwl !ifl'« -I bread can iw produced frmi' > he Rom. ground ' ir'cw P'^e Y - '.tl'' 1 -- 1 wheat.. in thr housewives . nu 1 WIITKIMS lo IK paia Pickle nelish Rarebit on Toas'. Small Watercress sandwiches Hot Gingerbread wl'.h Chocolate Sf.'.ice Ccflee •.rue win i>e from ''WA (mvis. •ltiF> ijnvn was rxprflrrt to be Deiiclioini in cui-mng tvpnns level 1 , wincli l 1 ^. - T - W- Wnss. city heaitu '^Uvc'.c-.-, s?ld is caiYica by rat Er.iHsh citizens buy about 2500 a'jtouicblles every wees; aoout one- nith o.' '.r.«*'-aie o.euvt-rea m Jj American cheese ret-ini oven and bake until the clfve mclt,:ri and is bubbly. Serve at tga GRADE A Raw Milk fhDDC nAKGAINS 1XNKWAUSKI) FURNITURE R, J. DODSON ET Alto Melt butter or fat in frying pan and add onion and peppers finclj minced. Cook five minutes. Adc conuwrntivelv low-cost I tomatoes. Sprinkle rice over to| can be used" to advan- '.and season with salt and ]Kpper. height his. cup custards, milk, tea. DINNER: Veal stew with dumpings, spinacli timbales, cabbage nnd tomato salad, rftlsln pie, milk, coffee. BREAKFAST: Grape juice, cc- rea], crefl/n, fish and rice on [oasl, milk, colTec. LUNCHEON: Tomato rarebit on toast, button radishes, dried apple pudding, milk. tea. DINNER: Swiss sicak with brown gravy, mashed polalces. creamed onions, red cabbage with potato mayonnaise, raspberry trifle, crisp | cookies, milk, coffee. Due to burning fields of buried coal, Oarton Moutrfain in Colorado is said to have decreased its Enjoy Ham Like Grandmother Served REELFOOT Country Style Cured Hams They t:i.-ic like the good old-fiishioiiwl hums ol' your granili-'.olhcr's d;iy- Honitnilicr Hint dclitiniis lauu of hickory-smoked meat .... llial flavor that m;u!e you ask for a second iind third liclping? \Vell vim t-an still enjoy such 11 treat for wo are 1'caUirinir otir famous Kcclf'tint Coiinlrj- Style'Cured Hams at most Blythevilk. meal markets. Ask votir butcher to include oue wilh your next order. Other Real foot r ucls available In theville are our sausage, bacon and fresh meats — the Made Only By Reynolds Packing Co, Union City, Tennessee

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