The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938 A 1938 Cinderella Inside Story Reveals Tremendous Sums Gathered By "Octopus" This is the first of a series of three articles on the Inside story of the numbers racket based upon a imllon-wide survey conducted by NEA Service a n d Courier News, By NEA Service The most profitable "business" in any city where it flourishes— that's the numbers racket. 'Die game that makes its operators fabulously rich from the pennies of the poor—that's the numbers racket. A greedy octopus which spreads Its tentacles into every nook of n city—its slums, foreign districts office buildings, even ihe housewife's kitchen— Which collects more than Sl.- 000,000 a day and keeps half uf it as profit— Which devours pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, ami dollars 'into n gigantic maw from which only a lew get back to original owners— Which gives the sucker one chance in 1COO to win, but pays only SC6 lo ] or less if he dots win— Which spawns violence, deceit murders. otTicial coi'ruplion, and poverty— Thai's the numbers racket as ic exists today in the United Slatos. That's the "harmless" game which began in the Hnrlem clis- IricL of New York and grew inlo a gigantic S300;ooo.000-a-year "business" which makes so much money that it dwarfs the profit ner- centage of the most successful corporation by comparison. Who Plays This Game? To learn the truth about this amazing ofl-shoot of the American gambling business, NEA Service and Courier News made a nation-wide survey of cities large and small. The object was to determine, if possible, the npproxi- , male scope of the numbers, or policy, racket; how much money is spent on It, how many people play it, nnd what lias been the effect on Ihe everyday life ol the cities in which it flourishes? The survey was designed to learn whether cold facts and reliable estimates, furnished by newspaper editors and their stall experts, would bear out the re-, perls that the policy racket had grown to gargantuan proportions. They did, and more. A $1,050,000 Daily "Take" The survey was made in cities , of all sizes and political complexions—from New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Cleveland with their teeming millions, lo smaller inland cities such as Evansville, Ind.: Flint. Mich.; Canton, O.; Rcanoke, Va., and Knoxvlllc, Tenn. Here are some ot the facts revealed by the survey; That nn estimate of $1,000.000 gross "take" per day by policy racketeers is ultra-conservative. New York City alone reported a daily play of $300.000 on number*. Boston $250.000, Washington $100,000, Atlanta and Cleveland $50,COO each. That, of the $1.000,000 in gross daily receipts, the operators keep at least 50 per cent, or $500.000 us profit. Astounding, isn't it. In view of the fact that the biggest money-making, billion-dollar corpora - Sunvcly gowned and cverv inch a lady, pretty blond daughter of u then, when her hast of the evening before returned unexpectedly looked like thjs when she dined next day to his room at the Wai in the Sert Room nt the Wnldorl dorf lo find her looking Ijke till —and cleaning up his room. and one of his acqualnt- it's all easy to explain—she is anccs from Sweden, who was student of hotel umnnuement doin guest nt the hotel. persons make their living out of persons participate Ihe racket, precarious employed by the racket. some of the smallci FioyiL Sharp Speaker At Dyess Banquet DYKSS, Ark., Jan, 12. - Fbyd Sharp, slate WF'A administrator and president of Dyess Colony Inc., addressed 4-H club members and sponsors at a banquet given here Tuesday Might. He expressed for the board of directors, fnllh In the lutiirc cf llu? yoiiii-f people of (lie colony and complimented them on their past achievements. The banquet, given for the 4-H hoys anil girls by their sponsors mid Dyess Colony Inc., in honor of thdr ii'.'hicvemcnts during 1031, was in charge of J. B. Terry, manager of the farm division of the colony and Mrs. Untile Ciosslen, sponsor of 4-1! and Home Demonstration clubs. K. S. Dudley, resident manager, was toastinaster. tiiii'sts included Cy Nelson, assistant administrator, of Ulllc Hock, F.. II. Hums, county agent of Mississippi county, Miss Inez Klncaid, county home demonstration agent, Mr.s. J. 1C. Terry, and Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Gray. Dyess P. T. A. Council Is Attended By 100 DYESS, Ark., Jfin. 12.—The ess Council of Parent Teachers Association met Tuesday with approximately 100 women in attendance. The devotional was given by he Rev, Harvey Gray, who s|>oke on "The Spirit of a Victor." An iddrcss. on "Co-operation was given by Dr. John H. Wilson, Mrs. Sid- icy Dosier, read n "News Letter" rmn President Roosevelt, a discussion on free text books wns led >y Mrs. Homer Fields, "Why Early draining is Necessary," was given >y Mrs. Lola Wilson and Billy Tom Franks gave a reading. J. E. Mc- Ciuire. superintendent of schools, closed the program with a discussion on "Why Your Child Should Be in School." Mrs. Sidney Dealer, president of he council was in charge. Learns Gang Busting Secrets Major Orgel Addresses Army Reserves Session CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 13.—Major S. Z. Orgcl, wns nriii- clpnl speaker at the regular meeting of the Southeast Missouri Chapter of organized U. S. Army reserves, held at Sikeston. He reviewed the maneuvers during the Charles Paddock, at left, known as the "fastest man on earth" when he was splinting champion :\ decade ago, is pictured in New York City lo confer with the stair ot Prosecutor Thomas De-.vcy ahout the oe.r. way to run the racketeers out of Long Beach, Cn). The const community fears it hns become Ihe niecca for criminals driven from New York i>y Oewcy'.s prosecutions. 1937 Shows Rise Over 1936; Tuberculosis Fatalities Diminish Mississippi county had more deaths lust year than in 193(1, the annual report of bivllis and deaths recorded by the comity health unit, .shows. lJ! 19^7, there v.'Oie (355 (U'at)is while in 19:!(i. a record for tlie (h'sl II months shows 5HO duitlis. The record for December of that year was not hu-luded, | mxltr a now system of reporting. ' Practically the same number last their live.s in accidents as 23 were reported for lust year ami 24 lor 193U. Pneumonia, which caused 1SI deaths in I<j:i7, cau;,ed 111 in 1D3C although last year's record was considered high because of me flood. Ciun wounds teemed to cause about Hie same number ot deaths each jwir, as there were 13 who died from gunshot wounds last year and It the year before. Cancer caused 21 deaths in )937 and four less in l!)38. However, tuberculosis was on the wane with only 33 deaths from that disease last year while in the previous year there were 43. Meningitis took the lives of four last year and two in 193C. In comparison with Hie 055 who died last year, there were 1,50-1 with I.OS5 of these while. other teachers travel itiore than 250 miles to attend the classes, / Under direction of Dr. A. A'«i Overn. most of the Saturday cla?/i students arc taking graduate courses in economics, political science, education, English, history and sociology. In a single year they are able to complete nearly a third of tlie I work required for a master's degree. The tuition averages $20. CHAPPED SKIN Levee Repair Contract Awarded Dyersburg Firm CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., Jan, 13.—A levee repair contract, call- for moving 152.000 yards of earth on one and one-half miles of actual levee length extending over a distance of several miles, has been awarded to the Forcum- Jiimcs Company of Dyersburg, Tenn.. according to an announcement by the 81. Francis Levee District Wednesday. The contract calls for completion in 300 days. Construction equipment hits been placed, and Earl Pate, one of the Ward, James Tipton Jr., Charles Essary, William II. earn; Publicity, O. W. Chillon, J, Thos. Markey, Al Zander, Clyde Harper; Ticket. Bailey P. Brooks, Mr.s. Edward JiUlK'S. Sale of day, Jan. 22. lickets will begin Fri National Guard encampment at government engineers here to out- Fort Riley. Kan. last summer. Others from here who attended were: Lieutenants Dclbert Bishop, lectors' and have to depend on getting their ( wagcs from a percenlnge of the amount they collect. 1'rolUs Go Fnlaxed That Ihe higher-ups in the jacket bank millions of dollars a- year on which they don't pay income tax. Owl'of their $500,000- pcr-day take, everything is clour profit except for the money they spend for lawyers, and "protection" costs If needed to insure safe operation of their games. Facts gleaned from the survey! of the racket in a few represent-' live cities include: New York—5300.000 played dully, of which $150.000 is profit. Including the Kalian and some foreign numbers games, about a half million persons buy policy slips daily, and about 25,000 persons sue employed by Ihe racket directly or indirectly. Boston—5250,000 played daily, wllh 5200.000 a.s prom (the oclils are longer against Hie sucker in 200 nre Atlanta, Ga.—100.000 persons buy $50,000 worth of policy slips an-.l the operators make about $10.000 profit after pitying their 5000 employes. I-illlc I'lily in Far West Tlie .survey showed that the rocket nourishes chiefly in the east and middle west where the large industrial populations are prime pickings for tin; racketeers who promise «r.v money their oilers of iiOO lo 1 odds to Unlucky ones, but pay oil only often 1 enough to keep Ihe .suckers coming. San Francisco. Los Angeles, Sent lie, Cheyenne. ADnuiucrqu?, Reno, Salt Lake Cl'.y. Tnromn and other western cilic, report they had no numbers rackets of any considerable sizo. Fred L. Henley. Wayne W. Gray. and the Rev. line and inspect the repair, said the work would be carried on in 11-hour shifts during periods of favorable weather. He estimated the jot) could be completed in forty 22-hour working days. Burglar Comes First In Prize Winning Test BURNS, Ore. (UP) — A burglar was the first prize winner of a contest sponsored by the Ranch Supply Company here. A few days before the contest winner wns announced a thief entered the store and took the 850 prize money. Stcele-Cooter Holland Society—Personal Capt. Cannon Is Named Chairman For Dance CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan, 13. — Capt. .J. M. Cannon has been I named general chairman of the I President's Ball, to be held In this Teacher Drives 300 Miles For College Study GRAND PORKS. N. D. (UP) — Every third Saturday at precisely 4 A. M. Arthur L. Loessin of Columbia, S. D., starts u 300-mile drive to attend the special classes for public school teachers held at the University of North Dakota. Loessin travels the longest distance to attend the classes. Two MENTHDLATUM •Gives COMFORT Daily Everything for your entew lainmcnt and comfort. Last Time Today £yiv nety-idea. musical 'w/f/i rhaH938 ummph.' PRESCRIPTIONS ARK OUR SPECIALTY ^ Phone 141 + FOWLER DRUG STORE , There was a large attendance at ] city at the Armory Hall Friday the regular meeting of the Wo- night, Jan. 28. Capt. Cannon to- man's Missionary society of Steele day nmioimcccl appointment of the when they were entertained in the following committe home of Mrs. Bnford Spence Men- Boston!, working plays Virtually population Hit: of the way o; entire Second Baptist Church Revival Will Continue NEW LOW PRICES is making- (his the (jest January ever experienced in the Hlythcvillc Store . . . We paid loss . . . so you PAY LESS The Hev. F. A. Whltely, Baptist missionary for Mississippi county who is conducting an cvnngclstic the «•.: lions are content with a profit of oilier, and 20.000 10 per cent or even less? I ate it. 1 lo 1000 Chance lo Win | l'o|!ular in Capital ] That approximately 2.000,'jOO] Washington, f). C.- SIOO.OUO persons buy policy numbers every! played daily, $75,000 profit. More _ v 'l mcetiig nt the Second Baptist •'"'"church, has announced that th persons oper- v | CKi (lay with dollars, half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels —eve.i pinnies. And that, under the game as it is currently played, only one out of every 1003 'of them can than 85,000 persons buy numbers. Columbus, O.—About 80,000 persons buy $30.000 worth ol slips ilaiiy from operators \vho make nbout half of that amount in profit. hope to get anything back for his money. I Houston, Tex.—42100 played tlai- That between 15.000 and 100.000 ly, $20IX) ol it profit. About 35,000 le ser- contlmie throng!' The nightly services, which begin at T:M o'clock, are opm lo (lie public. MAKE SURE Your Car Is LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For G.M.C Trucks and Trailers Offers A Ne\N and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVBHY AUTOMOBILE NRE» Including . . . BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 K. MAIN ST. PHONE 329 Only As It Should We'll Test It FREE Of Charge for Brakes . . . Lights . . . Battery . . . Wheel Alignment Sec US for Prestone Ford Anti-Freeze Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut rhonc 810 Clyde Essary, Leon Scott. Lama Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Oakley of Thompson, Hayti; Refreshment. D. ideon visited relatives here yes- KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY 81x30 Bleached Sheets Another Scoour 42x36 inch Pillow Cases c Ea, First Quality Seamless, full double bed size. Special I'nrcliasc Towels ea. Cannon Made—Lge. Size. Striped Borders. Special I'lirt'hast- SI inch Unbleached Sheeting lie yd. Only a few bolts to go at this i)ou' low price. Smooth firm muslin. First | come, first served Special Offer llinlscyc Weave Diapers 6 for 37c Sim 27x27 Inches— a real Bargain. Extra Sprrial, Rayon Bedspreads 83c Admission Malincc lOc &. 2Gc Admission Night ICc * 36c Friday - Pal Night 2 Adults Admitted for Price of | 1937's GREATEST HEART-STOSY! JUDY GARLAND <», MICKEY RODNEY * s £SOPH IE TUCKER C. AUBREY SMITH RONALD SINCLAIR Produced by Harry Rapt the Macstros" Admission Matinee lOc & 2Gc Admission Night J6o & 36c Coming Soon: WEI.LS FARfif) TOVARICH STAND IN I'M. TAKE ROMANCE ROXY Admission Always lOo & 2C^ ^',1 Show every night. Matinees I'tw V day, Saturday & Sunday Only. " Friday &, Sunday Matinees stall 2:15 p.m. Saturday Continuous slioiving from I (o 11:(0 p.m. Night shows slart 5:45 p.m. Largo 8(]"xl05" rolor.s. sire. New ' Wash Cloths 5 for ICc Firm terry cloth in colored ordei-s. A January Fc:ituro! lliililr.iehed Muslin ScYd. LL— 36" wide. Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! '. Adults Admitted for Price of 1 'Under Suspicion" \vith Jack Holt and Katharine DeMille Also selected shorts Friday - Saturday pROOF uEny CO.. INCOWORATEO. lOUISVIllE, KY. A BROWN-F0J$AN OUAtlTrPRODUCT j SlUlEnNAOMv 1 ittlr Rock, X- COMI-Axv, Inclusive Dlslrlbutors for Arkansas vine Hhni, Ilermoti, Fort Smith Lunch Cloths 47c Another Scoop! Boys' Overalls Pr. uolirht— six pock- Wash Frocks 27c They're tub-fast—All Sizes. ISNNEY'S r,^|(l|fcN N EY C <W P AN Y, Incorporated EVAIYN KNAPP GEORGE REGAS PAT O'BRIEN HARRY WOODS Also Cirloon & Serial V'alrol"

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