The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1934
Page 4
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t AGE *" OUR BL.YTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS J'lUDAY, JANUARY 5 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS nB OOORD5R NEWS CO., PUBLIBHKR8 O. B. BABCOCK. Editor B. W, HA1NES, Advertising Mtnj«er 8nk N»Uon»l Advertising RcpresenUUWi: Albuuu DilliM, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. U>iU«, Dallas, Kansu City, Little Rock. Published Every MarnoOn accept Bundny. 2attrcd as second class matter »t ;.e post o(Ilc( at BlylhevUle, Ai;»ns»s. under act ol Congresi Oe- JL& tober 9, 1917. 7 . Served bj the Onltcd Pre*s. SUBSCRIPTION HATBG By carrier in Uie City o! aiytheYllle. 15o per wet or *6SO per year In advance. By mntt vltUln a radius ot W mile*, »3.00 per jear $1 50 (or six months, 85c [or thre« month*; by mail In postal zones two to «lx, Inclusive, 16.5(1 per year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, jayable tn advance. emergency will lind in o s I of Hie traditional scl-np i-o-i'stiiblis^inf ilsuir, more or less iiuloiimliailly. Or it may be that we shall have to admit Unit Um old Jeflfcrsonmn concept of government no longer is iipplicablc. —Hru-f [SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Confusion of Ideas in Confused Times Among tlic minor oddities of these changed times there is the fact that this Democratic administration is apt to see a stirring balt'o Cor stales' rights carried on by Republicans. Tile baliic lines have formed already. "Local autonomy and state sovereignty must be rcslored," is_. llic, , rallying-civ of the G. 0. P. A''l>ig-' Chicago Republican paper not long ago, devoted a column-long front-page editorial to the task of proving that the Republicans really arc the heirs of the JefYersonian tradition in politics. And if all of this seems slightly cockeyed, lo one -who takes his politics in the old-time manner, all that can be said is that these are cogkcyed times, and that stranger things than ' Republican adherence to the doctrines of Thomas Jefferson will yet be seen. * * • i As a matter of fact, this new pother about states' rights conceals one of the fundamental problems of the moment. I The 'trend toward centralization of government has been speeded up enormously during the past few years —not from design, but through the logic of circumstances. The federal government .has had to do an almost infinite number of things that never before were considered the federal irovcrnment's job—everything from pulling .jnen to work in the/ forests (o lending rnonoy In railroads, from bolstering up banks to regulating the production of hogs. It has reached out tentacles that touch the life of-the ordinary citizen at evcrv irjint. At tlic same time, the slrticlurc of local government has been truinbliiifr. Cities have been unable to collect taxes, city services have been k'ivcn up, policemen and teachers lutve pone unpaid, municipal bonds litwe gone into default—and the end is not yet in sight. So we have, on tho one hand, a vast extension of federal 'activities: and, on the other, a swift and stciuiy shrinkage of local government. And while men prepare to light for a rnvival of Jeffersonian principles, city officials K» ' to Washington begging for even more help from the federal treasury. Where f' 1 of this is going to end is one of the" inost puzzling issues (if the day. It may be that the end of the /U' Watch the Pork Barrel Senator George W. Morris of Nebraska is girding himself t.i make an onslaught on "pork harre!" congressmen at the present session; and his light is one in which all Americans interested in good government wi-ll might join. The senator is concerned especially about the efforts of certain ]-.;!ilicians lo make a patronage p ! e out of such projects as I he Tennes::i>e Valley scheme. It is hard t" lliinl; of anything that could be much more disastrous. . . This Muscle Shoals business may be a good thing for the government lo lie doing and it may not; I hat. al the moment, isn't the |ioii". Neither it. nor any similar government project fcan be permitted lo hecomr a grab- ba'g for politicians wlm want to give : jobs to deserving consliluetits. If Ihe government lets (he patronage-hunters get their hands on it, H, will be doomed in advanqo to failure. Texan Gains Fame Through Hunting Knives AMAKILI.O, Texas. <Ul'> —Jim liivaiit of Alanrecd, Tex., little i'anhanrtlc town, is gaining a wide i,-^illation us a master cnillsinai) -,< i:amhiudc culicry. In a little improvised shop where - in- l>:" n 'iiu till 1 work :is :i hobby In 111-1:11!-, mill tempi']'.-; sU'Cl into cv- i-iy conceivable knile sliajic. To v-jii: 1 oj >ls picdutu he uttaclu'.s i '.iii:!IC'S fashioni'd frcm Imllab us ami J:'is:y ami uerford . Thretish. Coiisicssinan Marvin :M:I-S. liryaiu icccntly bent a bciui- lilal limitm;; knife 10 1'i-csiiieiu »v>vi'li. Tiic hiintllc was red, ..itL' ;ind Wiick. wllh brass rings ;Mr;;l:n;j t::c colors. THIS CURIOUS WORLD £ William = Captain John ith captured by Indians in. Virginia. Removing the C/oa/r; President RuoscveH's pledge that this government is finished with the old policy of 1 armed intervention into the ; ,/allairs of -its' Latin-American neighbors is generally looked upon as a historic modilicalion of the Monroe Doctrine. It might bo more accurate lo say that instead of a modilicalion it is a rcslor- " ation of that •doctrine. Originally, the Monroe Doctrine simply was a declaration that Ibis country would resist any al tempt by European powers to establish new colonies, protectorates or ".spheres of influence! 1 ' in the new wor!;!. It .was only comparatively recently that it became a cloak beneath which the United Stales interfered in the internal all'airs of other nations. President Roosevelt'-; declaration restores it lo it.s old position. The historic doctrine- is back no\v whore it was when first promulgated. ZebulonM-Tike, Soldier, explorer, arui 'namesake? of a -moLin.ta.iTi in. Colorado. CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo.-W. Rarbam As we rccoiinlv.o the Ri'cn:iic:!i^ ol the program of naltire wliich is nnfoldta;; Lclore us «-c feel tluil uc nrc part, of n ?venc ditorprisc m which some mlglily intclllgcnco is working oul n lilridcn plnn. —Prof. Arthur Cimiilon of the University of Chicago. t * * College exists In teach us h'nv M inuiersl^ml life and live n life of free iimi. --Nlrliolas Mui-ray Butler, pr.-^lilcnl of Colinn'iln Univerel'y. » » -r Fi'om now on. v.-ars by covL-ri-iiunts sl>;iil be clungcrt to (K.icc by i)eoi)]e5. —I'rosldcnt Roosevcll • * * We shan't get ths highest no--.i!b!c sliuuhrd o! living until i)cop!c realize uuit r.'.oni-y me:ms neither wealth nor pros)>crilv. —Hmiy 1 have always fell thill n U'nclr: 1 whether lie or she be n wxnl leader or just, n leader should lr:»l E In n nicxleLii wny. Now our Siitm- j clny Nltjhl Club, like everv oilier elnb or tilings, must start a new year. I told our members lh:>' | there vvoukl be no more mei'tin;;;, ' of the L-lut) until I hnve found a suitable person to lake Sister cmd | Jnnlnr lo Sunday school arid ' church for the whole year. Tni.- iliould brins results of n pleaMiv-! iture aiul 1 mean this for I IOM> i iy clilldrcn nnd my clinrcli abovi; • v'crytlilne. Of course, our club will leet. regnlnr for short session^ ai would not do to slop entirely, liave been hearing .10 much liite- \ y''about some kind of system they nil ii code nr.d If it is like 1 hop'j : is. the code will require (be j linislcr and Ills board to soc that 1] the children have n way to el to Sunday school and church. f this is true, it surely will be n it; help nnd a relief In me aiul vill nllo«' me to gn right on wi!!i ny club work. I exjwet lii?. things tbu club this year. We will lave n lot of new steps, new gainer, and. 1 hope, u better nvaUe <>f re- leshmrnL';, nnd I think I shall the order that was vo'.ed >y the member!; requiring Hie men o clnncc only witli their ov.n vvivi 1 .-,. THE BORNEO PROBOSCIS MONKEY 15 fcUIEVEP, BY SO/AE NATURALISTS, TO HAVE 6ESN THE INSPIRATION FOR THE. ""W/LD MAN EGVPTIAN5 6L1ZZARDS WAKE LIFE EASIER FOR THE PTARMIGAN OF THE FAR. NORTH, Ry K.EEP1N& THE FEEDIN& GftOONOS FREE OP SNOV/. McELLIOTT O 1933 Nr_A Service, Street Cals Are Urn I'" IONIA. Mich. (UPl - Cr.ickims : liveil cnmfortibly today In cars in | which. professors nud r-dslntor.i i le to work at Lan^ln;. Mich. '- \Vtien the Lansing trnctinii ccm- j pany censed o;i?nitioiiK. iis trolly H were Mrls)i>e:l of wl'-ccis. and to poultry fanners near here to serve as chicken coops. There was a long p:mse. Then lie sahl, with forced lirigliineFs. "1 tell you what, you come anil liavc ! lunch with Gypsy —uilb my "wife anil me. That wouhl be liettc-r j wouldn't it?" Gypsy <liiln't listen to the rest. She was trying nut to l:e luu ;in\ry. \Vho was this iiCTSiill who intruded upon tlieir lirst night at honn;? it wasn't fair. • T^O ANNOUNCEMENTS i^o 11 t they Lib's **} told you about tier, /Jar/mg," Tom unJ her. The Courier N'ens has II.TII ai;-i thorizrd lo nnnoumv thr mllnwin.^ ! a? candirlali'S tor p'.linc oJIre. sub- . jcct to the l)ei;irtra ! .!e ;>rlin:iry | next August: Bv Wiliiamn ' >»HUT DO YOU THINK £ TOLD YOU TO OPEM YOUR WINDOW PER? THEN SLEEP WITH' YOUR HEAD UNDER OH, TM JIS TAKIM' A MIGHT OPF, TO ENJOY MYSELF, WON'T HAVE GOOD HEALTH, THAT MADE-NOT BORN. • tlor, a?irl thor^fora was. 1 ''Later, oC course." uiKcil, "we'll pet EII:T.C dcc-p j chair.; nml some rn.sf. Wo simply • f.:n't manazo ihcin yet—:i:iJ what cs k matter?" j iu.i; taM."', v.>ii:i. rlrap^-.l ia ,i;reen ' f;>Iir:y | anil white t»vv;ai:J:'.'. had ro^t tlie • slaitlhii: m:n <•'. >ll! T!ie beds ! woro low-iin-'.c'l. of !:iii(r>tio:i ina- : liosany. 'i"!:cre was a lieoSic;! I rui; on liic fl^i--. In a v.e:k or two, slio t.i'.il l:e;-.-elf. there . came :iway rrom tlie tole- iie. with th:it suspiciously • air which young Vis| hands often wear, ami with which Gypsy was not yet'familiar. Some- thins dc-eii in" lane?. huv.-V over, recognized it ami stiffened <-/ | meet it. "GUI girl friend," Tom yawned. The yawn. also, wn.- a sliatlo f-o llicatrical. Cy|isy. straijhteniii:; hook?, did not I'cply. "1 tohl yon ahout lifir. dailini:." Tom ]iui'^iic(]. co:nii;i; up to hi :•. mid slipping liis anr.s around her. "Vcni flray —I s:r.v ijiili-; ;i let n[ her wl:cn I \vur:;ed in Uo=ton. } cu : remember." i Gy|::>y rcmcnihei\-"i. f|:iit" clcsrty, i all she !:?.il heanl of tiiis Vera ivr- •| son. Sl:i> was hlc anil liraigtifnl in a fnll-blnv.-n way. Hcjina liad lohl her. Silo l::nl I:c3!l mill:!::i; "a dead pet fur Tola." pr.i'iriiin-; lo j Rosina. when Gypsy li-.fl cn:ne i:;.r.:i the scei:e. Ton. anil Oynry lirul I kinnvn earh otiier in rhiliilinnd. In;', i hadn't met until a liitle ir.rire ili.-n- | a year aso. at a Ft;::;li> r-^rly. T."."i, ; just bnck from i:rnt'i:i. Tc^Hn- I'^i way ahout an unf~,ni:li:H' rii? in ]:;=i new joli. liail take:! en- l^-Ii "I ^'>"r ? y and nro:"p!iy .•ciivfi 1 :i.i!i;'l the full-blown Vcvr.. "What on cartb i.T sl-.e (' Cn i T OM.w Il o,, n ,,, 1 een,,a,, i n,, ;i , ! ;™^^^-- 1 -*• ti:^r^, pteppC'l down from -- cmlains fillt- : " Silc ' s "> NlMV Unra. 11 Tr-:/. s and a lamp S'liidessly. "Slip wa.< d:Iv:ni; (o rnbraco lier. What a v.olrs of cliarn-.. ilarlinu' rlio wan, bo-.v cnoil. and; r p lirnvo nml hc.intifnl! \VIiy, s!ie X hjivo liail cvcrj llii:i:;, ::'! plio had clio.»cn tnsto liiil: her way wttli hh! He co'.:li'.n'l | Ueli l ;^e in Iii5 luck, quite vet. Tlir-y picnicked in llio kitcbfn that cvenitiK. onjoyins a Fciamblcil . tiicln't know a ll:i:!^ nb-v;f li'^ Mnmrnt (nirrr.ii:^ yc:il m-<l v.rr it. s; tanC ami ; 01:11:; self. "Tnni. 1 think ii'.< I..-n; i llookt ij in:;!ronly. to her- quite a5 if rhe di:!:rt sbn of canned hr-ani and crisp and salad. H was fun—it ,.•7(1 : VVl i s a " fun—from settfuc tlie tr.l'lo " r r ,.|. i willi a checked cloth in wa^iiin; tbe blue and white tlisbcs. "You'll have to pot some sort ot part-time mnid." Toai h:ld hrr, lirmly. "Vr.n can't wor'-; all ilay with those, kids nml cotne home to IvnVi and dishe?." "We'll sea Hint," Gyr.-y lint privately slio was sure was equal to nuylhlns.'i *•<•". . . . ;hc sot S2S a week at the ;-'i-lllr;::o;il. .tnii Tnm's salary wa- ?'.* unv: Hc'il liad to take two rciliu-liciis. 'iha'. -,va: tv.orc Ilian ^•l'' 1 ' a •">?!•:. Iv. Kcraoi; riches lo ' • ' ; IIP- Inuil ar.iir.jt 'T!:ey're so loix HIT heart liccan c-xpre.-ion ;lilly. "Jfa . XH, not liis a.vay, ,nml s.ce a; all. "How conlil i help askin; h?r to wanteil to see me. f ( '.r ojii-lir-.i..'"^ sake, and naturally 1 want my friends lo meet my wife." "Old friends!" Gyrsy. pre:'inll:i; (f> dust a silver randiest I: k. wouldn't meet his ey?. "Look here, ilariinc. what's lliij all ahout?" She tncllcil when T- :n ret his jaw and talknl ti h.-r li!; 3 awfnli;- l-i the (all.'. that. "Aren't you utius iii::,S unn he-fide licr. silly?" t'K yen. To:n.'' "i—[ suoss so." li:n-\- Into the, living "Well, slop it. then. .1:11] tc:r|i::oii<> was in tlie | own adorable self. !.o^k y •''i I;"' to li.-:en. Tom's- Heft when you have in:i,-|i i" «illi riiilLirmssmcnlj =i»l v era tomorrow. AI 11 In yo::r s-ir !«v> v. i;h r.ia fr 1 .k !:• incD-nf. D:dd i'f .-ruling nenntkJ." ? r "'J.'r '.hv r.i?cs SI A ••• •~'\ .i.h n-"-op'<~, t!:c •' v of letting their 'f:,n n.irt Ikhtr-d lil.» !i:-!n.e at rase on l' • llilli there j :-l:ou.- f i,^ a 1 l:ad a way ;',:• :i!v. anil •^ i-ok wrrc :c l.ii'i-; bills rim. pipe. M.:• l|.^^ Inl. m.i'li. rro; -"l!'« ]r-a|. ::.-.. Ill 1 ' l-l-11 "Y-- . n,ir.. i--,!.' 1 i| Gypsy went down ll.e hall to nm | w.inl'I..!,, f.-ii:nl-i: \\hai for tlip linndieiUit tinio. mji-ir: HUM nnn:,iii paying, to maKo iKdrnoai. Kin' ''"<nl eii'ry I Inui in Kliff .11;.I imnnlural? "Why, What wa? Ill nuin. at one. 1 want her to be prop- Imperious, tcm-i crly dazzled by my wife." .\iiis liir.i fronij "Oil. oh:" Gvp;y s!areil at hint. i'c. (Js'fsy had accusinciy. "You kr.ow it's :uy lit^t l.i:.!; ago—as day hack at work and I "'.i:i'l I'" 3 ' silily come (hat far nplowr for lunch. You knew it!" "I swear 1 forcct." Tom loil:-l resentful. He hated t" ''= ''"' : 'i tho wrong. And yet - and }<" wasn't it the lirst «' roan: '' F:: ' 1 ; 1 annojanrcj, when you Iwd a «-.;•<. ins wile? Gypsy's heart was sore, ili-ir first evening at home Had a cl.,n-l on It. Torn would b- lunchins >";• uli',,1. 1 l.i"! in::". In fact, when !'":n Ini'l U'ci.ino engaged I" n Mi-i'i'ioua wife, lint n't li-lp Hie sncbicn out- "f " t'lfferlly inlltT.ll !!•!- if "!.;l!o:is lailoJ i:i • >f H. ss lartced it va=, bare ot rugs »ud i lacli ol U, from tU« green and ! 1 tert.iinly cushions, out to ihsj whits counterpanes, reir^luctfoni j you wish I could. t' Didn't morroTv-not only wif-ioi* ucr, i-j; with sactber woman: (J (To Bo

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