Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 19
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"We're Out-talked Often, Out-done Never." The Hub's Best Is Best. You men who know what fine fabrics are— and what fine tailoring is, can find just what you[]want in Suitings or Top Coats ready to wear, in oar line from §7.50 to 15.00!nd $20. 'Tisn't the ready made yon find in other stores, its tailor- made, ^of tailors weaves, with tailors finish and tailors fit. The price is the difference. .Ready-made prices. "We make a feature of fineness, make a study of perfection, and we have made a success of catering to those who want the best, to you! We've those short English "Walking Coats. Perhaps you thought you had to go to a merchant tailor to get 'em. We've got Top Coats tnat are made with those fashion •wrinkles that are not found ready-made elsewhere. We've dozens, scores, of new and exclusive garments that we've turned out in our own work shop, and that you cannot buy anywhere else. 50 Cents. What do you say to this, 25 dozen of nobby'colored bosoms, Shirts with a separate pair of link cuffs with each shirt at oOc. Boy's sizes also. Our Children's Parlor Is loaded with the best, and all the novelties in double seat and knee pants suits are hare, Captains and Governors, you know them. Given away free one handsome Coat and Hat Rack with every $20.00 cash purchase. Come and get a ticket. TRADE CONDITIONS Obtained From the Most Re liable Source. PUtform of Principles Adopted bj the State Federation of Labor. THE HUB, Harry Fraik's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR, THIS FALL For A. Suit or Overcoat 'He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Dru" Store. w. R. HENING & co.jc. O. Heffley, Successor; to The Equitable Produce and Stock Exchange. Capital Stock $100,000, fully paid. Members of Consolidated Produce and StocJc Exchange. * Chicago, We furnish our customers dally market re; ports over our private wires In this city. We respectfully solicit, your patronage through •our local correspondents W. W. Milrier K. A. K. Building, liocanaport. Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. Peru Oil Stock If yon wint to buy oil shares in the varlou Peru Oil Companies call at ^Branch of Peru Oil Exchange. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. Rooms 8 and 8 Masonic Temple. Call CUP James T. Cockburn George A. Gamble. •=C»»tral Telephone SS5. Mutual Telephone 1S6 GITY NRWS. Fall and winter shoes at Walden's, Ladles' dress shoes II, at the New Otto. Fishing is said to be excellent at Maxinkuckee. W. M. Elliott is at Maxinkuckee for a few days. St. Joseph's bazaar—Fun for everybody all next week. Escolloped oysters served at the opera house saloon tonight. Parties from Kochester may build a flouring mill at Columbia City. The Poplar Grove Fair association paid its premiums at 75 cents on the dollar. 19c for 25c ties and 3Sc for choice Interesting Facts Gleaned From the Proceedings of the Late Con. ventien at Marion. During the meeting of the State Federation of Labor at Marion this week the first city to report on the condition of trade was Logansport. The condition of trade in that city was reported poor, with a decided increase for the better during the last few weeks. Daring the last year one union has been lost and one gained, all others stand about the same. Terre Haute reported the situation about the same as Logansport. They have been successful In thirty-two contests relating to unionism, and the outlook for unionism at this time Is exceptionally bright. El wood leported things in a flourishing condition. Almost every branch of labor is organized, and more unions will be formed soon. Some trouole has been experienced with the clerks, but that is now practically settled. Elwood now has about twenty locals. The working girls of Fort Wayne reported their organization in a good condition, with prospects bright for betterment. The bakers' union of Indianapolis was also reported in a sound condition. Several delegates from Muncle reported for their city. The condition of the unions in that city la first- class, and everything flourishing. They now have twenty-eight unions, eight of which have been organized during the last year. Anderson reported some trouble with the barbers, the shops in that city being about evenly divided. The trade in general was reported fairly good. Dunkirk reported fair progress among the unions, and called the at- tec.tlon of the body to the action of the glass company in that city, in importing negroes to do the work. The speaker blamed the -glass work- era for the condition existing at present. Fort Wayce reported the condition of trade in that city very bad Curing the last year, but now growing decidedly better, but yet plenty of room for Improvement, and with the proper effort much good work could soon be done. Mrs. Gossllne called attention to the trouble existing between the musicians in that- city, and asked for expressions of advice American Federation of L»bor, looking to Its adoption by Che various trades. Ninth—We denounce the practice of indorsing political parties or candidates, or Indulging In partisan agitation. Tenth—We believe there should be equal pay for equal work, without regard to sjx cr color. "THE XAXCI HANKS." J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana, f A Wonderfully Successful Comedy at Do- lan'g Tuesday Mghr. Marie Jansen, a woman cf many charms and fascinations herself, is placed in a boquet of lovely women in -The Nancy Hanks," Erank Tannehill, jr.'s, wonderfully successful comedy which will be the attraction at Dolan's next Tuesday night. Pauline Fletcher, the leading lady, is a statuesque blonde with deepobiue eves and an entrancing mouth. She bears a startling resemblance to Margaret Mather at times and is said to possess the talents of that excelle nt actress. Miss Jess'e Bradbury is another beautiful girl of the brunette type. Sbe has a pair of saucy black eyes, a bewitching smile, a beautiful mouth set off by two rows of pearly white teeth and a figure which Is perfection. She plays an Ingenue part with spirit acd vivacity, and knows how to use a rich contralto voice. eMlss Grace Hopkins la a sweet auburn-haired girl, and acts the role of a country maiden with charming simplicity that wins the hearts of her*auditors. A more perfect gathering of beauty and talent could not be selected again in many a day's search, and they are sure to play havoc with the hearts of the susceptible youth of the country. Men's Suits Boys' " Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters ' Boys' <( Children's -MACKINTOSHES.- cc (i Fall and Winter Underwear, " " ," Hats and Caps, " " " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. " " ." Gloves and Mittens, " " " Neckwear. Children's Department Complete: We have used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection ot our present FALL STOCK and undoubtedly have the finest line of goods, in all departments ever" offered the citizens of this county, at very Lowest Prices. Call and see us. We will be glad to show- goods, and are satisfied we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. ; onr ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Indiana at the next Republican state convention. The late Mrs. Mary Heenan was burled this foMWO. MM funeral St. Bridget's PLENT* OF QUAlt. Sportsmen Report More Quail This Year Than for Many Seasons. Sportsmen report that there are more quails in the country this year than for many seasons. The old birds raised two broods this year and the drought served excellently in allowing the maturity of the second brood. It (s said, however, that the number of posted farms this year is also greater than ever, and the sportsmen without a "pull" with some farm- owning acquaintance will have a slim chance. Although the law protecting the birds will not expire for a month yet, the birds are being shot already by a few unscrupulous law breakers. Buy your shoes of Walden. The New Otto—Shines free. Miss Bessie Stouffer Is visiting st services Peru. I church. Elerman & Heidelberg clothing, at The late rain btt made a wonder- the New Otto. jlul transformation In the growing Harry Singer Is now employed at wheat crop. Fields that previously David Powlln's grocery, on Sycamore street. M. O. Bell, of Lincoln, has gone Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bonds written In first class com- •paniet. Money to loan I per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. UKDRRTAKRRQ C*lla promptly attended to Day or Nl*ht, «1J Broadwity. T1L1PHON1 — OtBoc, II. Kroeger, 1SS Mraln. N. If You Want to Borrow Money Oa City or Farm Property call on SRTH M. YRLSRY —SM Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of $23 and upward 'nterest on sums over $500 8 per cent. ^HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doeg first class work. Stylish and well fitting: clothes made. Cleaning and repair- Ing neatly done. See him. .324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET OTer Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GEORGE W. RODEFER. of all the best, Saturday evening, at the New Otto. A thrilling; story of adventure hardship, love and triumph in "Ex lied to Siberia." Read Jt In th Pharos. Five candidates were given thi fellowship degree, last evening, bj Tlpton Masonic lodge. A banque followed. On Biddle'e Island yesterday, in i practice game, the High School foot ball team shut out the boys from Hall's business college for the second time. Real Estate, Loans. Bought, Sold or RjtcaanjnxJ. M. City 'Perty to Loan i For rent—Corner 22d and Market, eight room house, furnace, hot and cold water up stairs and down. Enquire of George Rodefer, 31 Eel River avenue. Special for tonight—We will offer you 100 nicely made outing waists for fall wear at 75c: 65 elegant quality satin waists, in black and colors, only 13.93—(Jolden Rule. It Is amusing to note how some of the papers size up Harry Elliott's pacing horse, "Cheslea." Instead of )eing a "doughty little pacer, "Ches- eaisone of the largest race horses n the country, { A social club, called the "Travel- ng Party," met last evening with dr. and Mrs. Robert Humphrey and heard several interesting descriptions f trips made abroad and In this country by members. Messrs. Hall and Corbett of Marlon iwo solid citizens of that city, were in transport last evening and today. Mr. Hall is an experienced driller ol oil and gas wells, and Mr. Corbett Is one of the proprietors of the new brewery recently established at Marion, i from the delegates present. South Bend and many other cities made similar reports of their towns, after which the discussion on the same took place, lasting until almost the noon hour, when the body finished Its last business and 'adjourned sine die. PLATFOR3f OF PRINCIPLES. Following is a brief outline of the platform of principles adopted by the Federation: First—We affirm that labor is the producer of all forms of wealth which goes to sustain human life and bring It to comfort and gratification, and thereby justice demands that each worker should receive the full amount of any value his labor produces. Second—We assert, then as a fundamental truth, that the earth is the great store house from which ila bor draws all its supplies. * * Third—We therefore assert, as fundamental reform, that in order to secure a full opportunity for labor, access to the raw materials of the earth should be on a basis of equality, and that this equality can be secured by the community taking for its own benefit the annual rental valae of land, and relieving all forms of labor products from the burden of taxation. This will take land out of the speou- ative markets, make monopoly 1m- Msslble and open up natural oppor- ;unities to labor. Fourth—We therefore favor the enactment of laws tending to secure his result, and shall further endeav- r to secure the passage of laws ab- ogating all class privileges, and en- icting those promoting the ends of ustice, and the general welfare of he laboring people. Fifth—We believe that the issuing f money is a purely governmental unction which is not to be farmed ut to banking corporations. * * Sixth—We believe that all natural monopolies, such as railroads of all kinds, telegraph, telephones, gas and water supplies, etc., should be owned by the people in common, and controlled through their proper government, local, state or national, as the case may be, for the general benefit. Seventh—We believe that ail laws should be passed! on by the people. Items From Jioble Township. Miss McNutt, of Illinois, is visit- in? Mrs. Ellas Moss. Mrs. Davidson, of Gebhart, has nearly recovered from her recent Illness. The long desired rain is having wonderful effect on grass and wheat in this township. Many fields thai had been partially given up have been sown this week. A very pleasant time was spent by the neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. James Ross io helping them celebrate their wedding anniversary. The house and yard were filled and sixty-four persons sat down to the well-tilled tables. Mr. and Mrs. Ross were the recipients of several P resenta - *** Wonderful New Telephone. There has been a wonderful improvement in the telephone, and Louisville, Ky., is to have the first trial of the new device. No bell Is i rung to attract the attention of "central." When the user takes the "receiver" from Its hook the act lights a small electric lamp In the central office, which shines only so long as the conversation is going on. When the receiver is put back on its hook the light goes out. to Tomahawk Lake, Wisconsin, on a deer hunt. Supper only 15c,from 5 to 8 o'clock, all next week, at St. Joseph's bazaar on Second street. Bert Dodd was supplied with a set of antlers Thursday night by the local lodge of Elks. A palace of beauty Is the St. Joseph's bazaar which will begin Monday and last all week. Bert Dodd and Harry Metzger went to the Moore farm, near Reynolds,today to hunt prairie chickens. Charles Galloway, A prisoner In the county jail, charged with breach of the peace, Is threatened with typhoid fever. The Misses Knight, guests of the family of Judge Nelson for some time, have returned to their home In Fort Wayne. The operetta "Egypta," recently given here, was produced at Peru very successfully last night and the night before. The hop given at the G. A. R. hall last evening by the newly organized dancing clu.b was a successful and pleasant affair. It Is announced that two new sizes of postal cards will be Issued by the government, both smaller than the one now in use. David Smicb, a Vandalia switchman, fell from a car and sprained one of his ankles so badly that he will be laid up for several days to ome. For Saturday night's sale: Under wear bargains—Oneida fleece lined vests, 25c; long sleeve vests, 15c adies heavy union suits, 39c.—Sol den Rule. Mrs. I. Rothschilds, of High and Twelfth streets, yesterday enter tained Miss Beltman, of Washington appeared to be burned out have become a mass of green. Newspaper bulletin No. 49, prepared 'by Prof. James Troop, and just Issued by the Purdue experimental station, deals with the San Jose scale In Indiana. It will prove of great value to every fruit grower. It is not too late to begin reading the highly interesting serial story, "Exiled to Siberia." If you have not the last two issues of the Pharos, you can read the synopsis of the chapters already published, at the head of the story. Help Wanted—Hale. AGENTS get fifty cents on the dollar;no experience necessary. Write for agent's outfit. Address The Catholic News, 5 Barclay St. Now O ALESMA N— K a day.No canvassing. No do " liveries.No collections. Samples free. Side line or exclusive. Mfrg., 3941 Market St.. Phlla. To Cure a Cold in One Day Take Laxative Broino Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if. it falls to cure. 25c. For sale by Ben Fisher. David A. Youngker and family are visiting his parents at Lagrange. Eighth—We continue in OUT adherence to the eight-hour day to be urged as a desirable, healthful and beneficial reform, In itself, and endorse the position titan or the Hood's Scrofula Eruptions Little CIrt the Victim of Impure Blood — Suffered Intensely Until Hood's Sarsaparilla Cured. "When three months old, my little daughter had eruptions on her face. I was obliged to keep her hands tied at night and it was necessary to watch her during the day. She would scratch herself whenever she got the chance, until her clothes would be covered with blood. We concluded to try Hood's Sarsaparilla, because I had great faith in it, and after awhile we could see tlaat she was getting better. People often asked 'How did that child burn her face?' and they said she would certainly be left with scars, but she was not. It is now a year since she was cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla and her face Is as smooth and white and loft as that of any child." MBJS. WILBUR WELLS, Warren, Conn. N. B. Be sure to get Hood's because Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—In faet the One Tree Blood Purifier. Sold by an druggists. (1; sii for $5. Kittner, of Peru. In the circuit court late yesterday afternoon Flora Swigart was granted a divorce from Earl Swigart. Her maiden name, Foglesong, was also restored to her. The grounds at Culver military academy, Maxinkuckee, are being Improved and beautified. A hand- iome new chapel is to be added for religious and other meetings. At the recent meeting here of the grand lodge of Indiana Good Temp- lars, I. S. Wade, of Lafayette, was presented with a handsome gold watch. He had held the office for eight years. The oil fever has broken out in White county and wells are to be sank at once in Cass township, just west of Royal Center. The Ohio and Indiana oil company has leased forty tracts of land for that purpose. The prisoners In the Howard county jail, at Kokomo, planned a wholesale delivery which Sheriff Sumption and Turnkey Miner prevented, by discovering that several iron bars had been, sawed through. Culver City Herald: "What unlimited gall some people have. They will read a paper several yean 'and never think of paying for the same, They undoubtedly think that the editor has an Interest In the Klondyke regions." Judge Rabb has returned to his home at Williamsport, after having heard i number of cues for Judge Gnaw. Judge Bubb will likely be a candidate for the Supreme bench of Smoke the Columbia cigar D OLAN'8 OPERA HOUSE. WM. DOLAN, lU.Ml.aiB. A NIGHT OF L4.UGHTKR. TUESDAY, OCT. 19TH. Tannehlll'i Comedy THE NANCY HANKS. | A Story of a Salted Gold Mine I Presented by the Comedienne, Marie Jansen, the Clittngulshel Actor-author. Frank Tanhill, Jr. and an exceptionally clever company. Hear I Mu»lc, Janier/B | Laujphter Merry Songg. | wit. * PRICES..25c, 35c,50o, 75c and $1. Seats on sale at Jonnton's ding itoro. THR First National Bank, CAPITAL 1 250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PaasiDmrr. W. W. ROSS, CASBIXR, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ASBT. Cumm, OIKICTOKS; A. J. Murdock. W. H. Brlughunt, DennU rjh), B. 8. Eloe, B. F. Yantto. f M. Xarwood. W, T. n and carefully done. Safety to Customer! sought for. Strong BawjrveJFund Maintained . It* Department* promptlr and stockholder! THK City National Bank. LO&ASSPOET, IKB, CAPITAL .$200.000 JOHX GRAY, President, L Jv. CRA-WTFOBD, Vice Pres. F. R. FCTWXKB, Cashier. —DIREOTOftS— John Gray, I. W. Crawford. J.T. BUton; Dr. S;,?; **%• A ' P " Jenkt - w - e Peooo Bhldeler. Geo. W. Funk and John C. Loan money on lecurity. personal tad ooUaianu Buy and fell Government bond*. Will pa r 2 per oatu per annum on certificate! of depotft*, when deported «li montiu : t mr cent per annum wh«o left one year. Boieiln Safety Deposit Vault*, for Mlv keeplag of valuable paper*, rented at from V to (U per yoar. Physician* recommend Dr. Wood's JJorwaj Pln« fiyiup beoauM of ito prompt, potlttv* aotiOB la all -tm of long trouble. It It a porittrety reliable our* for coufh* aad ooldi.

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