The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1950
Page 2
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PA«B TWO The Notion Today: Biggttt Home front If War Gomes-Uncle Sam's NSRB Has Planning Job on Home Front ' By JAMES MARI.OW + WASHINGTON. July 6. W) — There U one outfit above all oth ers In this country which has the Job 'of planning for war—on the home front—if It comes. This Is the National Security Re sources Board (NSRB). The chairman Is W. Stuart Symington, former secretary of the Air Force. He was appointed to • his present Job by the President. Seven members of President Truman's cabinet sit on this board with Symington.- They.are (he secretaries of the Treasury, Defense. Slate. Interior, Agriculture, Commerce anc Labor Departments. When we got Into World War U we had to go through a slap-dash mess of controlling manpower, getting plants converted to war. putting", controls on such things as prices, arid so on. Congress' Creation So that we'd be a little better j prepared In case of another war. Congress In 1947 passed an act crc- -ating the NSRB. We'll never know how, well it's done its job of preparing for another war unless we get Into another one. The NSRB hns a staff of about 280 people, mostly specialists In Industry, economics and other, fields. The board's purpose can be stated this way: to advise the President on how this country's wide resources—men, material, and plams —can be fitted together to work together in wartime. This means having plans ready. Eight OffifM The NSRB has eifiht offices, each with a separate specialty: 1. Manpower. NSRB Is supposed to study, and know, what our wir- tlme needs in manpower will be: how many people needed for military service (NSRB works with tiie armed services on this), how many for war work, what kind of manpower controls we should have. 2. Production. This means a surrey of American plants to finrt out what they can produce In wartime, how they can be converted and to what. (Another agency, the munitions board, makes Ihe actual agrce- , ,atid shipping, trucks, and planes, plus sea transport and even storage. It can be seen from this that the eight offices of the NSRB could be tlie starting points for wartime agencies such as we had In World War II: a manpower commission, a civil defense agency, a war production board, an OPA. (Other government agencies dealing in (lie various fields mentioned above may have plans or Ideas that differ a bit from the NSRB's. But since the heads of thos« ot^er agencies — the members of President Truman's cabinet—sit on the NSRB wilh Symington, NSRB can get the benefit of the varied thinking In the government.} "If War Comri" All Ihls means — or It should mean—that if war comes the NSRB ought to be able to lay in President Truman's hands wide plans for turning the home front Into a huge war effort. 8 Some of those plans he could put into effect by his own executive order. Others, such as price control ami rationing and manpower control, he could turn over to Congress for quick action. If war came tomorrow and the NSRB hart bills ready for Congress to net on. much time would be saved. NSRB h an Independent agency nnd Is responsible to the President. INDIAN MAID—A far crj from ihc days of her grandfather, Comanche chief Quannah Parker, pretty Jeanne. Carmen does things for feathers no chief could ever do. Jeanne's now in New York as n professional model,, where, instead of war whoops, she hears wolf whistles. ments with plants in peacetime for work they can do In wartime.) S. Materials. This means planning to have sufficient supplies of the most vital war materials—like steel, rubber, lumber, chemicals — and what controls would be needed to be/sure they were used for war. Snffleient Planning . 4. Energy • and Utilities. This means planning to have sufficient supplies of coal, oil, gas, water and electric power. And it means) recom- utilities. For Instance: It might ncjin gasoline rationing. 5. Economic Management. This would inclulc plans for food ration- Ing, price control, rent control, taxes, financing the war, and so on 6. Foreign Activities. This covers plans for control over goods that would be shipped out of this country or brought In here. In other words: import and export controls. Civilian Mofoilliallon 7. Civilian Mobilization. This ewers civilian defense and requires agreements to he worked out wilh stale and city officials ^~havet h . -^s^p^lpUr^S- ra^ad'-Irav* Stable Romance Brings Confusion as to Hinny, Mule, Stallion or Ass? ROCHESTER, Mich., July B ( AP ) —What do you call the baby when ils mama is a hlnny and Its papa a .stallion? So far, the best that's been dons col? ^ '° Ca " "" th<! " Somethln 3" It was born of » riding stable romance between a palomino stallion nnd the hinny. according to Arthur Thome, the stable operator The hinny and the stallion mated. The result, said Thorne. is a little animal "about the slxe of a real small colt." It was born on the Fourth of July. ft doesn't look much like a horse and nothing like a mule. It's just an active little «-pound something." Thorne said. A hinny. which is clearly not a mule, is a hybrid between a stallion and an ass. In this Instance the mother hinny is brownish colored. The stallion, Joe, Is yellowish and has a white Treasure Trove of $92,800 Causes Big THURSDAY, JULY «, 19M PHILADELPHIA, July «. (/P>—It* 11 seldom anyone actually nets 192.100—in cash. But yesterday lawyers and claimants In court proceedings to recover the "treasure trove" found In a south Philadelphia cellar went to Hie Tradesmen's National Bank and Trust Co. under orders of Judge Eugene V. Alessamlroiil ' to Inspect the, $92,800. The money was taken from the bank's vaults in another effort to determine ownership of the treasure. Kookkrtpers' Kind The money was found by Benjamin Lleberrnan, former book- keejier for a defunct dairy. Since his discovery It hns been claimed by several Interested parties including the creditors of the bankrupt dairy. Ueberman, himself favors a finders-keepers basis. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania wants it under the rules of escheat. And finally, Mrs. Theresa Hilop, widow of Anthony J. Hlllop, claims her husband secreted the money in Llebcrman's home before Hillop was shot to death near Hammonton. N. J. ; In 1932. Funds la Stair Judge Alessandronl last spring ordered the funds escheated to Pennsylvania. His action, however, was appealed by Raymond J. Bro- derlck, counsel for the dairy's creditors. The state supreme court ordered Alessandroni to conduct additional hearings. Yesterday's viewing was part of Ihe new scries of hearings. Broderkk had promised a former driver of the dairy would be present If THI SICRIT OPA FOR BACON THAT* mane. "Something 1 ' Is also yellowish. "Veterinarians tell me." said Thorne, "it might be the only animal of its kind." Kilimanjaro, a mountain in Africa, Is 10,565 feet high. Woman Thrives On New Kidney CHICAGO, July 6. (fl>_Mrs. How- nrd Tucker. 49, who had a dead wmnnn's kidney transplanted into Her body Is "doing very well" attendants at the Little Company of Mary Hospital said today. The operation was performed June !7. Mrs. Tucker was suffering from .a kidney aliment. One kidney was not functioning, the other al only 10 per cent. Doctors remover) the useless organ, and replaced It with a kidney from a woman whr had died minutes before, of thr same blood type, age, and genera! physical characteristics as Mrs Tucker. ••• Mrs. Tucker was reported yesterday as sitting up fo r her meals. The Very Finest in DRY CLEANING ...with the PROSPERITY AUTOMATIC -ODORLESS Dry-Cleaning Unit, using only costlier, better, and moisture- free cleaning fluid ... This is the PROSPERITY Dry Cleaning Unit that uses only highest quality, water-free dry - cleaning solvent. This machine cfeans ond sterilizes the solvent automatically, without exposure to outside sources • of contamination. You can get good, dependable dry- cleaning service today. Service that cleans your clothing thoroughly without causing shrinkage, fading, weakening, or other damage. Well cleaned clothing lasts longer, looks better. PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING AND WOOLENS WITH THIS TOP-QUALITY CLEANING! The Only Completely Odorless Plant in Mississippi County Using The Famous Du Pont Perclene C&W CLEANERS 300 So. Division M. C, Cook, Owner & Manager WITH FIFTY STARS—In Hollywood, «lm Kt«r « and actress Debra Pag«t unveil the first official design poted 50-state American Flag which may be used U Hawaii axe admitted to statehood. The new fla« wa» Annin o( New York. Stewart of the pro- Alaska and deiicned by to Identify markings on some of the hills to support the creditors contention that the money represents stolen assets of the dairy. The driver failed lo appear. The money went back into the vaults. Rulea of E.schrit Under the "rules of escheat"— an old English feudal lav—the state of Pennsylvania claims the money because there Is no person legally entitled to It. Liebennnn, who found Ihe cash, waived claim to it, backs the state's claim and hopes to obtain-a reward from the slate—approximate- ly 25 per cent—for finding the money. Mrs. Hlllop, whose husband was a gambler, claims her husband once lived in Lleberman's home- before the bookkeeper moved there. Hillop was shot under mysterious circumstances. Police theorized he was taken for a "ride," a victim of a rival gang. The case ww never solved. The money is held; in metal strongbox In exactly thV same condition that it was discovered. Th« $92,800 comprises nine bundles of U. S. currency—169,830 In »20 bills, $20,800 in 50's and $2,120 in *10's. If you're particular about the way you want your bacon, here's tjie bacon that's sugar-cured a special way to taste particularly good. Mayrose Bacon bd an aroma and flavor that you'll really welcome... at breakfast, lunch or dinner, in sandwiches, and for your late-at-night snacks, too. Ask for bacon by the brand name "Mayroee,"—,U. S. Government inspected, of course. Get Mayrose BACO& N <™ !<„„„,,, Mayma TM| XifeJw* ST. IOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ZELLNER'S BLYTHEV1LLE AND OSCEOLA Sale Begins Tomorrow .. 8:30 a.m. Shop Early for Best Selection! Our Entire Stock Of Summer Shoes Whites, Blacks, Brown & Whrtei and a Wide Variety of Other Colors Factory Cancellation Shoes lyings $1:49 At Terrific Savings Shoes you can wear row and this fall . . . Nationally advertised at 22.95 and 18.95 ... we sold them for 10.95! Your's during our _^^ '/, PRICE SALE FOR ON- w .^^ . - . \.\ $5.49. 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