The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1934 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLmiEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Ross Recalls That One Sland Did ,$500 Bus: ness One Busy Saluvcla BY L. M. KOSS The last article on Dlythevill reminiscences of 23 year's ago ha to do with "mud and money," mi. probably Just one example wil further lllnstrat what a harvc.< Hlythevllle mer chants oxperl cnccd In th frontier town h tlic old days Then there wcr no cotton com presses this sld of M c m phis Tlic Ynnk cd Hor vlsnnlizcc the need foi one. M nryjs Nobody else M. KObb £«,,„(,() |,,i or . pstcd. We -Importuned n little [25- pound cotton buyer from Memphis to - co-operate in securing a compress. A few favored the prefect, ; l)iit riot enough to speak out loud nljout it. The town's most impm- tn'rit personage reprimanded the Courier for the compress attempt, saying "a compress employs oilly one man and three negroes." We 1 were still for It, since Hint would ^increase -the working forces four men at least. The new editor boosted the -compress while the • Memphis cotton uuyer promised to work the' Memphis end. with the result a $200.000 compress was secured and a second press, with it-i final consolidation, employing half n hundred clerical men, white laborers in various capacities, and two score of negroes. A simitar cf- foit was made\ in securing the cotton oil mill, the latter with tlie hope that 11 would enable the planter to have a home market for his seed and stimulate the cnl- tle and hog Industry, in Mississippi county. Hamburgers In Demand But this Is not concerning mud nnd money. W. S. Langdon secured a vacant lot where the First National tank now stands nnd Itrunclicd n hamburger ami soft drink emporium. Hc did n Ituirt- FOK,IO DAYS DU STBOSGLE TO CAIN GECCW- union, DESCp.VJOA.Vr OF ROBERT I Ul-ti, INVESTOR. CF THE ' , iTE HIS SCflEEh! SUCCSITP. j JOHN iap<?e STILL DRIVES THE CACJ HK GAVE ms SVIPE fOflAWEOPIHg QIFT IH1921! sleep, to it olding the fort. H was during one of these high uffnian, In a small frame bulld- 18 Just Inside tlic levee. Joe's bast dvlccs were thnt ho would do well o move out while moving ood, but hc hesllnlcd until »,„,- atcr came within the store and oe iiad ountcr, lo take refuge where he snt thnt line land from Uncle Sam wns provided he lived mi the land a Jcslennted number of days and •leared a certain number of acres, ., ~- ..... " .lulllun Ul IICltA, ^iiur. trmjKnium. lie. aid a mnrt- i ,1 -- D ..~, *..^ t >,,*. v ,u£muit-u office business, especially on Sat- , , mlmUL ' r ot moms and drops urdays Hi the cotton season, one ',' , " sc ' .^"^ cv "rybody burned Saturday paying J. H. Fischer, the „ ,> "T" "l" 18 n . U "'I* 1 ' 1 teral ' £ e local baker, $33 lor buns alone. On ...1 !j ,'? w ™ tc -, Mr - "ol"l«ler oc- an armistice day later and the ' , •"" n " cst re *Mcnce In town, ^preceding day his sales total cv- .! ch stm slflllds °" West Main. ' preceding day his sales totnl exceeded $500 at this one stand, while he had ten In the town in various locations. Forty cnses of soda water wns a record for the swaddling town for film In one day nnd $256 for hamburgers alone for this one location for one day was the high record. The hamburger hoys now in Blytlicvillc have something to shoot at. When the Yank editor arrived the Chicago Mill, Creamery Pack- Ivcn a ride astride « Ford radia- or. History dors not record A li Fntrflcld as a former mayor, 'bni he filled ,the ilcclcd mayor .... bu „,„,, ^ ll , 1 , 1 , l!1 - y rl>r ;K- ^'.'l- 1 ,' ""M locnlc ,," "Proclamalion" age and National Handle company ".!,' °' s '!'° "^''ivcs of the city hnrl nlnnlc" linrn TM^Kn,),, *,.,,,. „,.' n "^- [1 lurs. J. H. BrOekS. mnthnr had plants' here. Nobody wns using the hickory limber In these bottoms and much fine timber was going into log heaps. The Courier thought a hickory handle factory would bo a valued adjunct lo the town, give many men in the woods nnd works employment, and started out, as'-he did In the compress matter, .to secure such a factory. A. c. Lang, poobaugh of the Chicago 'Mill, wailed on the new editor and chastized .him severely about his howling, remarking thus: "There is not, enough hickory in this entire, bottom to load three flat cars."- ( The fight continued with the result, a..p!ant was located and Mr. Lang leased land where a mill was erected and did a large business for many years..' With proper efforts on the part of the city the mill . could'-have been retained many years longer. Polltax receipts and ballot box Indiscretions were in vogue in those days similar to Hie late, alleged attempts In this county. M. A Porter was circuit clerk- and Clyde Ttoblnson ,was In the legis- bp „"" Cly la ifure.Mt jou 'desired to shy your castor In the political ring it wns -well to see both of these and Wilse Da\is also. It was reported that 3,800 too many, polltax receipts were sent to Manila during one primary day, which could not be used. Nobody evbrjkneir how many •were gUcn away to any who would accept them, nor did anybody ever Xnow nho sent Ihem or brought the remnants back. Our recollection Is the primary went Democratic, as usual,' but the schools profited little from the system. Fiehting High Wa'lcr In 1912-13 the county had Its largest high water and consequent overflow. Curt Little was captain of the local militia, Company M., and the order of the day was that when the light plant whistle blew a designated number of blasts everybody was to' race to a train made up of flat cars, standing ready, with empty sacks, shovels and other equipment for a free ride to Barfield on the J. IJ. C. & E., to "hold the levee." The water was up to the top of the levee and sandbags nere built several feet on top, .while the soldiers and others Patrolled the levee night and day . lor weeks from Ihe state line to south of "Jerry Johnson's place," south of Barfield. The Icvee was held, but broke south of Osceola, •where the water rose" lo the caves of the tenant shacks. Osceola peo- ,, i.i ?? °™ spism after another until the break, lh«t Li the new f 003, Joe never again wandered lat far from shore, and Is yet -ith ns. W. W. Holllnolcr owned the electric light plant, forth and . E. j. Browne was" his ilendcnt. A flat rale wns incd for rcsldenee properties for lights, Ihc price ^^S; 1 !,,^:^ ft ««» ? 'soT C °«-™ md lots of fun nnd politics even " nsS mirllln " '"" ncludlng, the office of constable to which such a noted citizen as .u i) liitjj OIIUII 'Pistol I/rilches was elected nnd position after the nnd Diney Morse reaching for blocks in all direcllons from the , many growers brought the feed for their (cams and slept on top of the cotton load until morning and possibly until noon the next day, waiting for ihelr' turn. Gins ran: all 'night. Those were what- we now speak of as the good • old days, but we --- Brooks, mother * Mell and Steve, nnd other wo- :ncn were desirous ol such in the inauguration of n clean-up dav for the town. i • Neck Exercise Taylor wns ihe Courier's and when reprimanded for irrymg n large clothes basket fill- dnre say few would return to (he customs and privations of 23 years «KO, rtcsiitte (he opportunity' to mnke money. It was pioneering with few comforts of home ant :»any hardships for those in any line of endeavor. We owe much to Vfi. 1 ™ 11 nntl womc " wl 'o aided in the limber, and ridding , 1>rS fm ' his head, entreated or lo permit him lo do so. he wanted lo play football school fenm und wanted "Is neck to »ct stout. John BourJand was an early Pioneer, ite had been to Oklahoma imcwhere, and acquired the V hnblt. Hc brought with Him n- coivpouy, which he had trained to stunt! without hitching if the bridle lends were thrown over his head. If John had occa- to dclny his coming bnck the y had his "leads" well tramped Ihe mud, but there wns no offense when he delighted the spectators with his cowboy riding young doctor arrived about the :ic John did. While he made no claims at cowboy riding he, like Jesse James, did ride n horse j n making I,LS professional calls. It 1ing lo sw (lic ^.^ ^ the bottom of his stairs, --, scoot up Hie stairs three steps at a jump, only to come ' at an increased speed a few ents lalcr, mount ills horse ride away nt full speed. He accused ol advertising in this , rng this great swamp of the water and mud, to say nothing of malaria chills and oilier nllincw.s Incident to the swamps of.this locality. WORK / PUBINA DOG CHOW isfcdby wote hunlins dog owners than cUy f *j5^ °J"i. L of d °9 (ood Because If CONDITIONS DOGS FOR HARD WORK. Drop in and set some. Cash Feed Store but whether he did soon had everybody I'fal l-ake lands The Chicago Mill in Free hilo anybody with a desire lo •nvc the swamps of Flat. Lake light, acquire a <nmrlcr section of That nil owners of real properly described in Die lolloivln" territory to-wlt: Henrn Street running from Cemetery road East lo Uast S |dc of Thirteenth stj' ce t and Thirteenth street from' ihe North .':lde of Hearn Street, South lo where Thirteenth Inicrsecls with Chlckiisiuvba Avenue. LoLs Five and .Six (6 & lit, mock Four H) Chicago Mill Second Addition lo the city of Illytheville, Arkansas Lets OIK, Two, Three, Four, Five' Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, lilock 3' Ton, Klevcn. Twelve, Thirteen! Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Ultjhtcen, Hlock, 2 (1 2 3 4, 5, a. 1. fl, Q, Dlock 3, 10 'il' a, 13, 14. If,, 10, 17; m, Hlock TWO In' the Chicago Mill Second Addition in the city of Blythevlll.' Arkansas, ami Lot one (1) In Hlock Two (2), and Lot Five'(5) Clock One (I), Chicago.Mill Second Addition lo Hie city of Bly- liicvillo, Arkansas; that 'said pav- IHK diili-lct be known las Ilcarn atrtet Paving District No. -4, ;,ari; lereby notified that a petition'-Imv teen filed with tlic City Clerk of the said C'lly of Blythevlllc Ar- (ansns, pi'iporluig lo be signed by ).c niujurliy in v/iliie of real proji- •rty in said lerrilory which petition prays lhat local Improvement dish-let be formed embnteing said eirltory for thi! pnrpixse of grad•- ami paving Hearn Slrec^ from West Ciid of Hciii-'n street and Cemetery Head to the East Side el Thirteenth', street,, and from tnc North Sldu-of Hcar;i Street, South-lo Cliicknsawba Avenue, and that 'the cost^for' form- lug tiiKi district, and making said iinprovcinonls lw assessed" and chnrj-Td .njion tlie real! property above deicribed. . . All owners of real properly within said territory are advised that said petition • will be heard at a meeting of the said council lo lie iioM nt 'the hour of 7-30 I 5 M. on the 2nd day of No vcmbcr, :93'J nnd at said meet Ing .s-ild council will determine whether those signing the snm now is fine. John J. Collins, yet active, was the town's city marshal, lie rode ' lorsc, carried no shooting arms md pitti-olled the toivn from the 'nst cud of Main street to chlck- isawba, day and night, without a mortality being recorded or extra time allowance for his services Of course we. had few cars, bill we had cotton wagons lining the Urcels. Cotton wns sold in (he :ecd, good, bad ami indifferent at the sninc price. When n load iras sold II was the officer's tnsk to regulate (raffle driver constitute the majority in of s-- 1 — and crtv J "-k.lluly vvl!U:iL' desire will be heard upon--said question. The total cost of said Improvements not to exceed S3.000.00. owners of real property what majority; and at 'stilil lii" all owners ol real prop within said territory twenty-four hours; each parade unices license 'has been procured for tlic show $50.00; "here a license has not been procured for .showing of circus or parade -a license of $50.00 shall be paid for privilege of unloading said circus or for the use of the streets of the City of lilyllievllle. SECTION 2. That Item No. 91 of Section 3 of Ordinance No, 24:1 of the CM}' of Blydievllle, Arkansas, fcc, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows- Item 07. Jical estate dealers or brokers $20.00 per annum. A real estate dealer or broker Is one who for a commission or other compensation sells or olfers for sale, buys or offers to buy, nejfolinte.v Ihe purchase or sale of real estate, or who for compensation or commission rents or oftavi to rent or collects rent from real, es- talc or (he improvements thereon/.or takes an optiwi on properties for the puriwse of selling such .property at an advanced price, within the life of said option, or who for himself or others does any of the above llilngs as a whole or par- lial vocation. SECTION 3. Be it expressly understood that this Ordinance is not intended lo. nor does it amend, collect or enlarge any part of O:- diiViincc No. 213 of the city of ulythcvillc,. Arkansas, except as hereinbefore set out, and lhal all sections and Hems of said Ordinance' No. 243 not hereinbefore mentioned are in no wise amended, corrcclcd or enlarged and that nil pcwiltles therein provided shall apply-to the amendments, corrections and enlargements herein provided. SECTION •!. ing necessary G. ... n. BEAVER'S, Clerk. 18-25 ORDINANCE NO. 391 AN ORDINANCE AMEND ING ITEMS NO. 97 and 107 OF SECTION NO. 3 OP .ORDINANCE NO. 2-13 ENTITLED: "AN ORDINANCE FOR THE REGULATION OF LICENSES IN THE CITY OP BIA'THEVILLE,' ARKANSAS, ESTABLISHING OEM- TAIN LICENSES, FIXING TIME OF PAYMENT. AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION AND FOB THE PURPOSE OF RAISING REVENUE TO DEFRAY THE EXPENSE OF ADDITIONAL POLICE AND FIRE PROTECTION " BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS- SECTION 1. That Item No. 107 of Section 3 of Ordinance No. 213 the City of Blythevillc, Arkan„ , be, and the same Is hereby il amended to rend as follows: Item 107. Shows. Each dog ' ami pony show for each twenty-four horn- period, 525.00; Circuses, wild west shows 550.00 for each twenty-four hour period, traveling or local shows or'concerts, etc., not otherwise provided for $25.00 for each MILEAG E Mow'stheTImetoPufOn New Goodyear's Goodyear Speedway Lifetime Guaranteed H u i 11 wit h Supertwlst Cord 1 1.40 - 21 $4.95 4.5D .x 20 \ $5.20 •1,50 - 21 : $5.40 1.15 - 19 $5.70 5.00 - 19 $6.05 Oilier Si,n in Proportion S0% more totiil,ni!le- ojir,— tW.l's worth j;el- TiniS—,U no cxlrn ctvst! And cipcricnce slums you'll overage that when you "break in" new tires on cool ronds. Cool ronds "cold-cure" nnil toughen rubber, civu3ellUlev.cflr.YVh.u's niore, the extra grip of new Goodyear m-.ids gives you stopping s-.ifclyfor slippery ro-.ids. Buy at present lovi prices—ride safely J 0 | thonsnnils of extra miles! .-ijr " I> r 'ccs also lovvl ^ Let us quote on "~ your size. GOOD>> YEAR Prlceasubject tochangcwithout notice, Slatcsalcs las.if any,additional, Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co Blytheville, Ark Phone 633 Tlils Ordinance be- for Immediate preservation of public health, peace and safety, an emergency is hereby declared, and this ordinance .shall take effect mxl lie hi force ALLEY OOP THEM'S FIGHTIN' BUSTED YOUR ONLY OTHER ROYAL ROBE, AN NOW HC'S GOT NOTHlN 1 PIT T'WEAR ~0 HIS OWN WEDDING SHUT UP.'I'VE H£A50 ENOUf>H/NOW,YOU PEBBLE-HEADS BEFORE YOU GIT* STARTED, , QUEEN, DIDN'T , NEITHER/ LEMME TELL YOU SIMPLE-LOOK!* HOOLEYWUG, YOU PIMPLE-NOSED OL' PEUCAN- from and after its passage. 10-0-34. CECIL SHANE, G. R. Beavers, City Clerk. Mayor. i • I: Married by Sign Language COSHOCTON, O. (UP)--fn a ceremony conducted mostly in sign language, through an interpreter, Herman Moore, 34, of Ak- ron, p., and Era L. Parks, 19, Roscoc, O., both deaf mutes, were married liy Justice of the Peace Milton J. Croft. A NEW AND DIFFERENT PROGRAM FOR COURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL Have you a question you would like to ask about some particular recipe, some way of preparing food that you don't quite understand,, some infor- ' mation about serving, marketing, planning that- you would like to ask? Bring your question to the Cooking School. It will be gladly answered. Conducted by EDNA M. FERGUSON Vwn of ihidy » n 'J yt«n erf •«. purienca «not|» )hi« nationally foown food e>p«J fo understand jroor home m«Hng problem!, and ih« it her« to Kelp you! Bring liar your problems, itie will help you IOTYO tJitrn and will g t >« you a new appreciation and undemanding of your Job, (hat of Home Executive. During tha pait f«» monlhl ,h* hfll baen travelling, watching, aiding guesliont henelf of the world'i fAmous chefs and now ine has • wealth of naw ide« for you. Practical ideal, too, for jne it « practical horn* maker, herself. CITY HALL AUDITORIUM Doors open at one p. m. Lecture, demonstrations 2 p. m. , fi ree Gift Market Baskets tLVery

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