The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE.BIX f * I "*h t^f-'t \*'Jf"- * iSi t ~ F raifpEflfls Til ME OF » t r/ '••' Game Too Good for others 11 Seems ' Made-To-Ordei « For Peiry- By HARRY GRAYSON NBA Service Siwrls Keillor NEW YORK. Jan, 11 —Fred Perry and Ellsworth Vines arc Just starting, but have gone far enough to convince the profe'sStonals that the Englishman Is a better tennis player than they suspected. Vines has been handicapped by a touch of tri|),)e and nervous Indigestion, which probably li a d .something to do wtlh perry obtaining the jump on him But trained observers have an Idea that the dynamic Briton will continue to get the ball back when the Pasadena iwplar fully recuperates Earnest Ellsworth Is making the . fame kind of shots against rljln? Pred that blasted the aged Dill Tilden, Les Stocfen, and others fiom the court "Thu difference Is that Perry keeps the ball In ploy Vines has made Innumerable forehand -shots Into Perry's backhand comer that uould have beaten Tilden, Stoefcn. and otheis only, to have the four-time Divls Cup hero nick Ihe ball right back Instead of Vines' shots to Perry's forehand corner pulling Perry out of position, the British luminary's returns pull the southern Callfor- nlnn out of his proper place To the surprise of manyschoolcd spectators, vines' game, perhaps too formidable for any other ]ila>er In the world, appears made to order for Perry The Englishman thrives on Vines' speed and Perry gets most of his own return speed shots off the professional tltleholder's shots , Ftrrj's Game Should Be Pattern for Youngsters Perry's, Is the top tennis game of the future It Is the soundest, and Is executed with u minimum ol wasted energy. It'should be "Ihe pattern for every joungsler Its • principal strength lies In short ^cross-court angle shots which lun rivals ragged. Henri Cochel excelled at this "Perry's mastery at playlnj the rising ball in. the face of Vines' machine-gun fire throws the American on balance Oldsters will tell lv „,„„„ I the r ' JZ'V 1 ! 1 ,'' "^ "Tn SBW f, p!a i\ er Helmlc ° 1 ™ 1 l' in ™" RotMicrg The Sloney Rolls lo Jersby Travis (Btonc'y) Jackson, right, talks It over with his chiefs, Horace Sloiichnni, seated, president of the New York Giants, and Bill Terry, manager of Ihe club, following the veteran inficlder's appointment as manager of tho Polo Grounders' new International League furih In Jersey City. By Harry Gi'ayson ! to disqualify the entire Olsen tribe land declare liothberg the winner. The customers stare In , mcnt, Grappling addicts always ' ninnzemcnt.' I nmnxhig people; They: arc , Tlic Olsons have yet to be tried lout -In larger centers, but they're proving a'-riot'the first time More nnd more absurdly fan-1 around (he circuit, tasilc become the nntlcs of wrest- f • • ling's mountebanks In their quest Bring Witsller,, Olsens foi ,, new Hi i us and gags with n n , 0 I'.iicnt oil Twin Idea ...... . D-D • ...... uii\u 1 .111:111 Ull 1WLIL Kieo. which to entertain the nmt-mlnd- Hone. benders have put on every "''•„ ... ,,,„,, liosilblc kind of an ending, hut Ihe latest nnd dafflcst h the the oiscn lumber perhaps is the dnglng In of tvvlni nlinost Idmtl- most satisfactoiy along that line cal In appeainnce and |>ci form-' since Jack Doinpsey flattened vll- ancc, who double ii|) on oppon-. lalns' , : . cuts in mutches calling for two Befoie-Dcmpie'y •joined the pull°"ii i "I , ,. Cls nml tll!Ji!ers ' the accepted for- Abo Rolhbeig was n victim of miiln was for Ihe hero to be he O sen dupl catcs In an ph(o bounced mound good and plenty ta\vn In n Jpnst lhat ended in a bcfoie he somehow managed to llotolis snimbblp whpn j f h« , n™ - o _..rn.,-.:. . . . . T . , "iii ilotoiw squabble petrntors of. the dastardly nnd I fraudulent plot .were uncovered, much to (he delight of the pajln^ ~' " one of tl^o , few ,, — -••wii, mnj ^vmviiu^v o the , pel- summon siirflclent : strength' to • That's of smeai the rascal -• Just before the curfew. • " After' Dcmpscy's arrival, the . , Ecoimdicl went light through and -- „-...., 0 . Tlic cus- threw tho favoiite after' plcklmr tomeis always are away vUth'on Ihe leferce all the way along pnne o ? lowed °' e ballns sell M Jve with a scilcs of kangaioo big moment came whe \yibledon wonder His re linkable a, „ .c «o 1 OKI Ro ber/nC . T 5 ', »£**? "™ Vitc eve and r.nnr.<mr™n n n orr™,,,t r™ ". .."f. ??. s . ll . OKI .'. ol lbcr( " . nt : °" tllc buck 111 token. of ,eye and concenlTatlon account (01 his,deadly running drive shot, i Flying Fred is the very antith.- sis of Earnest Ellsworth Perry Is chockful of life at all times vines appears sluggish when not In Ihe beat/ of battler 1 Vines relleslon consistent speed nnd tries to'wjn on-putright plaee'- ments and servicer'^icea to th'e line 1 ) • When Ellsworth 15 hot, 1 rallies'nre short lived. Bafigl Bangl Just like that.' > , - >• ' Perry's shots are softer and much j Blower, but" he gets the bull back -"more than Vines Perry will mnke , only half as many outright placements or service nccs as Vines, but tennis is plajcd as well as >ou are ,alloned to play It, and the cagv Briton keeps the bull going until the Pasadenan beats hhnesif. Speedy Canvas Court Ghes Vines Advantage Vines can 'repulse perry, but based on Hie results of their matches to date, competent critics fe°l r tliat he \\lll have to be at the very • top of hU game to do It They now < believe that day-in-and-day-out. or • night-ln-and-night-out, Perry will be returned the winner. Perhaps the most remarkable , feature of the Perri-Vines tour to date is the quickness with which the Englishman adapted himself to the stretched canvas, glaring archghts. and ' altogether strange • Indoor setup of tennis gypsies Stretched canvas Is much faster than the grass to which Peny was accustomed Naturally, it speeds up the game, and increases the tempo of serving and volleying, which happens to be Vines' forte. On the ,other hon<5, it curbs the finesse ot Perry's drop shots and lobs It appears that Fred Perry, like the geod race horse, can run on any kind of track . "'*,, "" "" i*>\: UU1JK m IUKCI1 01 a hf- ,11 "-.i. *-i luuy . IJIgnt cpidlng to the populm plan, vvtpM guidged vlctmy. That was tl e cue I"'" 1 lllc strol 'S Clmrlestoii/.-.Mo, he canvas wllh Kumlc In taking| foi the kmvc lo take n fun L?" ls ' l!le Charleston girls win- fdfnla, loses n \i. the second fall A pair of dying' loundhouse swing a? the referee " ',' g T" 5 22 ' 12 vUlllc the Cn '- ^ footbn i smiad fav rt,, W T rtC<1 , l " Clr »«", *"lch is when the'old N anaia' ±T V,? 5 * on 1)y n '»«« nation """^ vny,s to the dicsslne looms. Mm, nnnm^i T,,,., >m , "fr? !!'»rgln, .16-15. . BLYTHffVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS ~" ' '"" J . ) . ' • i- *T r -— - .. _. - •J'Happy" Foreman To Pilot Railcy State Line Club Youngsters,. Who .F.OUgllt known to. Past "Draw 'Recently ? ••• ° f Are Matched Again Hilly .•By J. P. HtlKN'I) Price, promising Manila .* --•••-, i,.u.i,,.;,ii s iviuim:i featherweight, who Is entered in the Commercial Appeal. ;oo!di'iv Gloves tournament in . Memphis January 25-21, and .-Voun? • Tvus hard hitting southpaw . yol |ii,; have been rcmatchcd. for a five round fight in. the ,preliminaries .of the weekly wrestling NriOW t/mlglil at Hie. American'. Legion, urena; , . Two weeks'njjoTyus stopped the winning streak,of Price 1 by holding him lo n close, hard'fouglif draw' n devastating.left hand Billy's; superior expcrioncc'i'nnd condition saved him from defeat He challenged.Tyus last week anil It was. promjjlly; accepted. '* ,, The remainder of. the program finds Hex (Tex) Mobley, handsome 196-pound • eollath from' Ai'narlllo Texas, matching his skill against the terrible Dynamite Joe Dilhnim of Louisville, Ky., In . the main event; and Ray Myers. Louisville. Ky,, opposing Jumping Joe Kirk Chicago. In -the KM'ii-flnnl Myers and Kirk, both defeated by-Patrick O'Dowdy, are light heavyweights and lire classed us leading 'candidates for the belt now worn bv Oils Kalllo, Homer, La. . Another' amateur box'ln* match will open the show promptly at 8; Mike Merpney. pomilar referee and matchmaker, will officiate In all events. Oils iimjor "Happy" Foreman, former league, hurler and well In this section as a jmiiia- Independcnt baseball teams, managed semi-pro team for Unrry Bailey this year, it was an- no'inced by Bailey .'today. Foremnn formerly performed with the Osceola Indians and last VIM- was pilot of the Memphis Mud Hens, an Independent ag- »'<"!all<rji that performed at' Bailey's state line park several times laii summer. • '.The state line team will open Its season somewhat earlier than the lea-iics begin their season. Por"inn has informed Bailey that he Iras already booked games with :P number of strong teams In iMarch, Including the Greenville, ,Mk<i.. club of the Cotton States League. The Greenville club will ''Slid 21. Bailey's learn on Nfarch 20 Cooler Teams Lose Two Games to Deering Cagers COOTER.. Mo.—The Cooler 'high school Wildcats lost n double header, to the Deering- teams on the local-court Friday night. ' In the girls game the score was close throughout with Decrln» winning by n score of 10 to 8 ° In Ihe boys game Deering took mi early lead over by the local boys which, they held throughout winning by ni'scorc of 32-11. Kiiu- sey of Cardwell was referee. • Caruthersyille Teams ' -... „,„,„„«,„ a .j, e ar-oid of Split With Charleston ^e^cTeU ^ ft ... i classic GntVI riim -m^n. „* "*___i. .".lamerson May Coach 'Here" Rumors Unfounded ! -.,"Thc first I'd heard of It," Superintendent of Schools W. D. McClurkin . said today of a story published In the Memphis Com- .merclal Appeal yesterday-to the 'effect tliat Charley Jamerson, coach of the Tech hl s ir Yellow- Jackets of Memphis might be in line for the position of head coach of the Blythevillc Chickasaws • should Carney Lnslle, Chick men- lor Join the staff of Virginia Military Institute at Richmond In a story carrying the "by line of Emmctt Mnum, the Commercial said that It had learned from 'an authoritative source" that Janierson may receive consideration 'should the- opening here develop. So far nothing definite has come out. of Richmond regarding the appointment of assistant? for Pooley Hubert,, newly named V M. I. coach. But If Hubert has 1.5 way reliable reports have it tliat he will obtain the appointment of Laslie as his line coach ..Lashe has refused to on trie possibility of his accepc- ance of a V. M r offer Omaha To Try Ggain .LONDON-William Woodwards came when ,p AR "™ERSVILLE, -Mo.-care- vie wrec l f h «'; svlllc "'Bl' basketcers split a ken of I C [^ ?™ ble )! c " to >™ ftlday "night . non Mike a,, scT.t one Is the vvliei ns he clambers And the not ouly l mvc the hemp to pick up p something brand new, but theirs lie otlici member or the will icmain a novel attraction" faniuly left off. • • • —' Second Fditlon Altogether loo Strong for One Man Needless to say, Hymlc, frtah as a .daisy ron a dew-klst morn, loses little time In nailing the hapless Rothberg's shoulders' : to the deck foi the deciding fall. By this lime there'Is every reason for even a wiestlcr to suspect that there was something sca- rewy. Hothbcrg stirs up a tictncmlous foi no othei icason than that they Nurmt Jlolor ., NEW YORK-Paavb Nurml is getting along all right since,, he hung up lils running shoes He's agent foi all Finland foi one of the United states biggest automobile manufacturers Tigers for Hagen me the cnly two ear" mi^, d ^« 1 '^ ~ » Hagen ! on the wmtei golf circuit piis who look alike Imaeine Man 01 twin I Mountain Dean • Ln bJ iit i>iuii juuuiLuuii ueau' . °— -•••"Hii^ uiia All Banm coming up wllh n , s P tanlll "K to -rpend fte 81 » season In Soulh Africa shooflng Hornersville Cagers Too Good for Steele SIEELE, Mo—The Steele high —„ ..,, .. ..^.,n;, u , u ,i a Bulldogs lost' a double header to Acting the part of n myiti- tlie_Horneisvlllc learns on the lo- fied and bewildered victim, he cal court Friday night ' piotcsts that no human could re- This was (he first 'game tliat cuperate trat quickly alter two the Steele ghls hnd last In 0 gruelling sessions of limb twist- games, lost their first game ing. He pleads wllh a perplexed Tootsie Copclaud, star guard on referee to do something about It the Stccle girls team could not right now. The thiid man, like- play last night because of an in- wise flnbbeigastcd, oidm a thoi- jmcd fingci and Cur men star for- oiiRh investigation |wai<l on tlic lenm vvns out of lovvn State or city athletic commls- and could not get back because of sioners arc cnlled in when they the heavy rains are handy. State or city athletic The Hornersville girls won bv a commissioners adore being cnlled score of 37-21 nnd the Horners- m on (instiling, and at once be- vllle boys won by n score of 18-12 come busier than the New York Botli games wcic fast throuchout' Americans' goalie - ' - b"«"i.. Finally, the other half of I Eani Avery the referee. of Marston was Olscn twins Is ferreted from hts ___ hiding place and produced In the It takes 4 ',4 hours to hardboll , Tliere Is no alternative but an ostrich egg big game. Bears Bamstonn OincAGO-Tlie Chicago Bears' pro football learn. will take 'on the championship Green Bay Packers' outfit, In Los Angeles Jan. -24. The Bears now have a. series of six post-season games scheduled. ' Deals With 'Dynamite CINCINNATI '•- Lcs ' Scarselin Cincinnati Reds' first sacker is working in a dynamite factory at Pinolo, Calif. Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation .Center 316 W. Main - Former Home of Fell's Pharmacy GARNER APriJTTON MARVIN Ryder Cup Team-May Be Picked on Point Plan Bj NEA Service NEW YORK, Jan 8 — Horton Smith is vjorklng on a point plan for selecting the Usdcr Cup sqund lo face the British professionals this year. He expects to nresi-nt it soon to the P. G. A governing board for its scrutiny and possible approval < The plan works on the principal lhat the winner of Important events, such as the National Open and P. G. A, be given 100 points Winners of state pro titles would be allotted 10 points, and n corresponding number In others 'WANTED Government o Loan Cotton , Phone 167 , APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON'CO. "«rtl« Kit. BryihertO*, Ark. "WATCH MY 5MOKE'^CICABMAN DAN "WHEM I WARttUPOHTHEFAifflff KAfC the original BEER in Bottles ! /WOODEN i„„.„.„ ,. k II DISCOVERED FAISTM^ I WINTER BKR. FOR 1 WARMTH AND P£P^ . ITS AWINHSR. 'WHYJMOXE .DAN. "INDIAN I ON ME. SLIP * BOTTLE. IT'S TOASTING THE TOWN! FeeltngfrostbittenfRcachforabottlcofFalstarlWintcrBeer! Let Us tingling warmth steal over you. Revel in its smooth mellow-aged flavor. You'll pep up and pick up to this sen. sationalcold-wcathcr treat. Order by case from your dealer today. Ask about the handy six-bottle "take-mcihome" bags. The. Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art Troy Graduates 17 High Jumping Cagers Gerry Hush of St. John's University, up in the air at risht, probably could qualify • as a high jumper, judgin u from his attempt lo retrieve a rebound in a game with the College of the City of New York. Tliis excellent action' picture was taken during a game in Madison Square Garden,'won by Nat. llolmon's fast-stepping C. C, N, y. . squad, 39-21.. England fyels Loss of Perry Is Irreparable By Science Service LONDON—Native critics aren't . kidding themselves (bat British'! amateur tennis can get along without - Ered Perry. • ' • "Perry's deixirture Ls a sad b!6w to"- the English game," remarks E. Blake CaulfleUl, an official. "A used it in four years, he explains preferring . a brassie. Senators' Ferrell Is Who Hits Record Home|| By NBA Service . .. WASHINQTON-Beverly Perr'elll cousin of Wesley and Ffick' "J (lie Boston Red Sox. will niak his big league debut with lit Washington Senators next sprliife < Young Ferrell, an outfielder, his the. distinction of hitting the long-1 est home run at Thwnasvllle, Ga I last season. The ball traveleill over the left field fence, 450 felt from home plate. x ' Keeling; Star at 18 ' OHICAGO-Harry Led ren e J6, ! '6. Is DIB.midwest's bowling ser\- sallon. The youngster, with, orify three years of experience behind, averaged 199 in ft recent e 'S lo^ates^ <00k ">' fcvery Monday Night sf 8 P.M. '•'. REX MOBLEY vs. ' . JOE DILLMAN v; RAY MEYERS fj vs. ;•. JOE KIRK ! I American Legion Stadium) DANCING FREE Every Night New ?900 Phonograph" All New Records SILVER MOON; NIGHT CLUB I Omaha, champion 3-year-old of leacim = actor always has ah im- Ihc rfhited sintes In 1935 will df>rstll(i y. but there is no one ready second effort to win the to step lnto Pen V's shoes." lassie Gold cup race at Ascot June 17. Kocsis Eliminates Driver AITO ARBOR. Mich. — Charley Kocsis, University of Michigan's golf ace, intends lo eliminate .his driver from his bag of,- clubs -to cut to the 14-limtt imposed 'by. the U S G A in 1938. He hasn't' CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC ; ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF, 50c OP GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE -•' MARTIN OIL STATION V STEELE, MO. ',^-, i f My bambino., sh Read alia da newspape say, " "' "I come to theesa countree twenty, .thirty year ago. Work for ten month, and buy punsh-cart. Sella da applees, de pcech, da banan. Maka da mpn, and rent-a da store. "My little bambino, she now go to da high school. -Read lotsa book. One night, I come home, and' there ees beeg surprise party for me. My family, they buy-a da beeg radio for my birthday. Boy, hee's a mak-a me. ver hap-pee. " 'Theesa radio, eet has fine voice/ I say. 'You must- a save-up mucha da dolla.' " 'Yes,' say my bambino, 'the radio eet ees gopd. See da name of da maka on da side.' ' . : " |Np,' say Mama, 'he no costa too mouch. We read'- eet in da newspape' adverteesement, then go to da store and buy;' " 'Because/ say my bambino, 'we read alia da news- pape .Da front for da news about peeple. Da inside for da news about what to buy-a and where to buy eet. . ' "That child, she is smart like her papa.... 0 sole mio ... la-la, la, laaaaa....

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