The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1954
Page 8
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BLYTHEYILL1 (ARK.) CG^fOTR TUESDAY, AiTSrUST 31, 1954 AYO Gardner: Headline Girl Men Outrank Movies as Dominant Factor in Life of Glamorous Ava (First of Two) By ERSKINE JOHNSON' NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (NEA)— "I'm between pictures" is a popular Hollywood phrase. But for the "Barefoot Girl With Coat of Mink"— sultry Ava Gardner — a more appropriate line is: "I'm between headlines." The latest hot-as-the-weather chapter in the movie glamour queen's career sounds like a plot from one of her own zippy movies. During a quickie six-week Nevada residence to divorce skinny crooner Frank Sinatra., the small town girl from North Carolina: Dated millionaire Howard Hughef on a tour of Reno. Lost $11,000 playing roulette. Made faces at two private detectives disguised as fishermen in a rowboat, who spied on her Lake Ta~ hoe hideaway. Who hired them it •till a mystery. • '• * * * And— entertained a wealthy, 28- year-old Spanish bullfighter who followed her to the U.S. from Madrid and; who is believed to be in the ring for husband No. 4. "This is Your Life/' Ralph Edwards says every week on televi- •ion. If he ever says it to Ava and rattles the skeletons— wow The cast would include: Three, former husbands — film *tar Mickey Rooney, seven-times- njarried "King of Swing" Artie Shaw (Ava was No. 5) and the bow-tied singer Sinatra. A collection of boy friends headed by Howard Duff, Hughes, Richard Greene plus several other movie profile kings, and two Spanish bullfighters — - emotional, poetry- writing Mario Cabre and the currently in lavor Luis Miguel Domin- MEN IN AVA'S LIFE have included millionaires like Howard Hughes. She's come a long: way sinie her date with him here in 1946, when photographer listed her as "unidentified girl." From ATI'S scrapbook would be: Faded and torn photographs of a barefoot girl on a tenant farm in Smithfield, N. C.— and comment on, how -she atill prefer* bare feet to high heels. Snapshots of a teen-aged secretarial school student and an At- BAREFOOT KISS FOR BAREFOOT AVA was executed in Rome by sculptor Assen Peikov. The occasion was completion of a statue of Ava for use in new movie. The title: "Barefoot Contessa." lantic Christian college co-ed. New York modeling photographs. Hollywood cheesecake. Memories of her first meeting with Frank Sinatra at a Palm Springs party when, it has been printed, "they left together, firing a revolver out the window of Frank's automobile." There would be time out for David O. Selznick, the movie producer, to come in and repeat: "She supplies the need and hunger of a kind of glamour girl." K> * * i More memories of Ava hiding her her face with her hands while peeking at pugnacious Sinatra hurling threats at news photographers and 'reporters everywhere. Memories of police arriving at Sinatras' Palm Springs mansion to quiet a moonlight ruskus. A copy of one of bullfighter Cabre's poems to Ava: "It was a dream, I caught, Between my hands. When it came to me On a tender breeze." * * * Then tune out for the fruits of Ava's fame—movie box-office champion and recognition as one of the nation's 10 most beautiful women. Praise for her acting and glamour in such movies as "The Killers." "Whistle Stop," "Show Boat," "One Touch of Venus," 'The Houcksters," and "Mogambo." Laughs about her first movie role in a corny East Side Kid flicker, now on TV. At 31, Ava Gardner has been in more headlines than any* movie doll since the late Jean Harlow. What's the story behind those headlines? Is Ava, who once described herself as "a strange little hillbilly," a headline-happy girl? Is she the victim of movie press agents? Or, like the movie ads like to say. was it one of those "Bad For Each Other" things during hectic two-year, nine-month marriage to Sinatra? The last theory may be the most accurate, although Ava. who likes men and makes no secret of it, AVA'S FIRST was Mickey Rooney. Here they are in 1942, when Mickey plunged her into the headlines. "Bobby, Will You Marry Me When You Grow Up?" THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Relax in Air Conditioned Comfort WED. & THURS. Cinemascope In Technicolor, and in Wonderful Stereophonic Sound "NEW FACE" Starrinf Ronnjr Earth* GRAHAM • KITT Robert Alice CLAY • GHOSTLEY Not Unless You Promise to Send My Shirts to Blytheville Laundry." Men's shirts keep looking like brand-new for months and months and months when we do *em — because we are so CAREFUL! Try us! You will like our work. CALL 3-4418 UHMY - CLIANIM •hinec in the spotlight. « * • Yel the »naj>*: ".Nobody us going to run my life —the studio or the press." She's yeilea about -'bum raps from the press and it was "scandalmongers" when she was discovered eating spaghetti with Sinatra in Texa* beiore Nancy Sinatra filed suit for divorce a week later. "It makes me rage," she raged "when people say I broke up Frank's home. His home was broken up before I had anything to do with him After her divorce from Rooney then one of Hollywood's top stars she defended herself with: ''The press crucified me. They said I was a gold-digger, and that I wanted to further my career and a lot of stuff that wasn't true." As a barefooted tenant farmer's daughter in a small southern town, Ava Gardner's rise to Hollywood stardom was real Cinderella stuff. In 1940, her brother in-law, a New York photographer, took some pictures of 17- year-old Ava and put them in his studio window. An MGM talent scout saw them and studio ordered a screen test. It was one film history. Because of the of the strangest in her thick Southern accent — "nobody could understand me"—she was not asked to speak. And because she had no dramatic experience she was not asked to act. The test was just a series of big, dreamy, sexy closeups. But that was enough for MGM. The studio signed her and she was brought to Hollywood in 1941 as a $50 a week starlet. Then, as she once told me: "The studio asked me whether I would concentrate on my career or get married. I said, 'Oh, my career will come first, naturally/ "So the first thing you know I'm married to Mickey .Rooney. Then to Artie Shaw. I was so busy getting married and losing my Southern accent I didn't have time to make any pictures." The men in her life have meant many things to Ava Gardner and may explain many things about her. She married Rooney in 1942 over MGM's objections, and divorced him in September of the next year. In a 1947 interview, she told me: "Being married to Mickey was like being married to a child." She has also said: "We didn't have a chance. We were babies. There was even a studio press agent with us on our honeymoon." But to pint-sized Rooney, Ava throws a garland for helping her on the tough highway to movie stardom. "He didn't understand marriage but he sure understood show business. He taught me everything," she says. * * * Mickey's opinion of Ava? He limits his conversation—he's been married four times—by saying; "I don't talk about my ex-wives." Just a year after marrying much- married Artie Shaw in 1946, Ava asked for Divorce No. 2. High-brow Artie who plays low-brow music, it developed, made a serious mistake. He tried to educate Ava, who admits she had read only one book, "Gone With the Wind," before she became Mrs. Shaw. "He wanted to improve my mind," Ava once told me, "and I suppose he was right because I had never done much reading." They took books with them on their honeymoon and later Ava was so impressed that she enrolled in a col- leg* correspondence court*. • * • She tUll ku«hc about the day the bought "Forever Amber" and brought it home. "Artie saw it and made me throw it away, saying: 'I don't ever want you to read fuch trash.' " It was a howl for Ava when Shaw later married the book's authorew, Kathleen Winsor. When Artie and Ava'i marriage! to* long Labor Day Weekend in cracked up, she told friends she *& effort to reduce an anticipated Michigan Seeks To Reduce Labor Day Traffic Toll LANSING, Mich. (jp)—Gov. G. Mennen 'Williams has declared a •tate of emergency in Michigan over was near a nervous breakdown and went to a psychoanalyst. In the divorce court, she said: "He told me to leave, so I left." A month after the marriage, she further testified, "his attitude toward me changed. He became completely and utterly selfish." high traffic death toll. Williams signed an emergency declaration yesterady giving legal out units of the Michigan National Guard to aid in patrolling state highways. Michigan led the nation in high- But the headlines inspired by her way deaths over the Fourth of two marriages and divorces wereljuiy weekend with 33 fatalities. mild compared to the Page One team of Ava and crooner Frank Sinatra, whom she married in 1951 aft- Durirnr the emergency period, from noon Friday to noon Tuesday. Sept 7, intensive air and ground er he divorced Nancy, hie wife of ( patrols will cover state highways 11 years. First it was their hectic romance, with poetry-writing bull* fighter Mario Cabre getting into the act as a rival suitor while Ava was starring in "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" in Spain. There were headlines at the iime of the wedding when Frank threatened photographers, and more headlines when attorneys questioned the validity of his Nevada divorce. And there were headlines for two years and nine months as Ava and Frank fought and made up in Hollywood, in New York, London and in Spain, at hotels and at airports. * * * Front page new* stories told about: , Ava's announcement in Acapulco ;hat she was "fed up with his profane word fights with reporters and photographers" (after the crooner ' destroyed some film of them taken in the Beachcomber night club.) A police-refereed row at Sinatra's Palm Springs home when the singer asked both Ava and Lana Turner to leave. Ava's appearance with Frank a few night later at a political rally and her introduction of him as a "wonderful, wonderful man." Frank's quotes from New York: We're having oral battles, but 'm nuts about her." Ava's quote in answer to motherhood rumors: 'I just wish I were expecting." A riend's announcement: "She real- y wanted to marry Mario Cabre." All of her ex-husbands—Rooney, Shaw and. Sinatra—worked in Nevada night clubs during her six- week residence and Frank's only lomment about the final crackup >f the marriage: "Remember, I have -a career, too. And I have a temper, too. That's all I can say." (TOMORROW: Ava Gardner as Hollywood sees her.) to seek out traffic violators. N O T'.I C E Df THE PROBATE COURT, CHICK AS A WB A DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Estate of F. Johns, deceased. Address: 328 East Missouri Avenue, Blytheville, Ark. Date of death: August 8, 1954. An instrument dated March 11, 1946, has been admitted to probate as the last will of the above named New Ej^tend asters are known in England as Michaelmas daisies. HeJps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Loostfttss ond Worry Mo looser b* annoyed or feel ill-»t- •M* becauttofloott. wobbly fa!«* t**th. JASTEETH, an Improved alkaline (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on your plates holds them firmer ao they feel more comfortable. Avoid embar- laasment caused by IOOM plates. Get PAfiTXXTH today at any drug counter. f-^rompt rompi DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 am to t pj* with Delivery *o T pm WOODS DRUG STORE 221 We*t Main St. Highway Expansion TOKYO (/P}—Japan plans to build a super highway between Tokyo and Kobe in western. Japan, financing the project through toll charge*. This was disclosed by the Construction Ministry, which said 5,700 miles of highways will be built under a five-year plan financed by a gasoline tax. The ministry said only 20 per cent of Japan's roads were suitable for vehicular traffic. been appointed Executrix thereun- der. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. AH persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published August 24, 1954. MRS. LILLEE JOHNS, 328 East Missouri Ave., Blytheville, Ark. Frank C. Douglass, Atty. 8/34-31-9/7 27 only Rent this Beautiful NEW SPINET i K you decrde later to buy, ttie rental p*ymenti you have paid will be credited on your purchase. You Are Not Obligated To Buy When You Rent From Houck's See Houpk'j Large Selection of World-Famou« Ptarroi , Wfr* *r Writ* IMMfPIATl PfUVIRY TO YOOt MOM! »«Hv*rr CtMnp IK MM* 111 Union Pfcon* 1-^37 1 MIMPHIS, TINN. YOUR MUSIC HEADQUARTERS Cones 5c & lOc SHERBET Dispensed Directly From Our Own Machines or in Pints Jt Quarts KREAM KASTLE Drive In Dr.SI'OCk on He's afl yotirs, in tn* Journal . . . discussing the problems, not complete in his book, most mothers ask about. This month, "DR. SPOCK TALKS WITH MOTHERS" aixwt th* wake-up b*by who disturb* hw own, his parents' and neighbors' slumber. In the September Ladies' Home Journal. Now available on all newsstands—get one quick! 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