The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1943
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 3, 19-13 BLYTHEVILLE '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Australia luis n niMlt-proof tetu'o 1100 mllf.i IOIIK. EUROPEAN COUNTRY IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner Newi Will Be CAS/7 ONLY, Except to Established HostflfSJ Flruii. the low cost of classified ads do*» not Justify tbe expense of bookkeeping and collections, we have adopted this policy rather than ft raise In ale. No Exceptions to this Policy! IMmlcm lioiisDtrallei 1 . cowl condition, good tires, wired for electricity. Can be seen n.1 Unit Moon Store. Stella Howard. 3-pk-4 fuol G. K. Mcut case, G. U. Drink llox. Cash Register, Dayton Scales, aiul oilier store fixtures, All used Itss limit year. O. N., 1 mile west of Osccola on Highway <o. Phone 4CO. 25 laying hens, $2 each, 40 eight weel-s old ehicks. 1 Royal Sisiiel 1'oilahle Typewriter. Men's .suits, siw -14, like new. Mr.s. s. J. Co- lieu, phone 252S. l-|>k-5 Klectrlc Kn^igp. miiiket cooler anil case, inioue 3iW8. 30pkfi-8 For sale or trade for housetrallet 1 — :i room shack In west end. Excellent water, noli Ensley, 1602 Chickasnv.'ha. 30-i)k-4 Ice cream wagon, good e.slfibllslied business. Can cam ii|) lo $15ii n month. Reason for selling, ill Iieallh. lin Holly. 30-pk5-4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale pet' line for (.'onsceu- tive insertions: Minimum Cliarce 50c 1 time per line 15e 2 times per line per day 12c times per line per day 9c 3 times per line uer day 7e 12 times per line per day Tie 1 Month per line QOc Acts ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- ili; of the city mast be accompanied by cash. Rales may ue ly computed from the above table. Advertising ordered lor irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Hoom for two employed women G'on.sUinl hot water, close lo town. Phone l-pk-5 liedrcom witii kite-lien privileges. . .Electric water heater and range. Workini; cuuiJlc. Call fi-.m. Four room furnished Iil2fj Wes( Syciimarc. 2037 after 5-l-pk-8 aparttnenl •JO-pkfj-T Rooms for won. Ilai'iy' Atkins. •l-28-pk-28 Parker rooms. 100 E. Main. 4-3-pk-3 Good grocer;, store building and •fixtures, 517 W. Ash. phouc 2552 3-18-ck-tf i Two large outboard motors. 15 fool outboard brwt. 1(5 H.P. Marine inboard motor. BARKSDAI.B MFG. CO. I'liomt 2911, ulytheville. bedroom suites. Kroehlcr sofa- bed. Ovorstulfcd eliair. 3 lawn chairs. Moore's Airtight coal heater. 2 small kitchen "tables. As a group or by the niece. May be seen at, 1138 Willow after C. Phone 2208. dli-tf Moore's enameled kitchen range. Wood or coal. Phone 2820, 4-28-pk-l tlOKlKON'TAI* 1 Dcpictw! Kuropenn country 611s \, 19C.GOO .vi. ml. 10 Old 14 Test by eating 15 Frolic 10 Cast ballots 17 Any ISf.ine of union 20 Islam! 22 Centiliter . (nbbr.) / 23 1'icce of ;• furniture '*! 2S 24 hours )' 2fi Meadow '. 27 Article 28 Hone ; fp HO Toward SI Twists out of shape 34 One of its '. cities is — Answer io Frrvloiu Viiicle PA A D SO 1 N MS F. 1 PS 'i t: r 0 T 0 R 1 L (y|5L \H\\K [i Ms p) 0 B E S F $ A H ¥ i OIL B L 1 G E hi c Q V j. N G P E R, f O *j ; E T b N E R A S T N G L R i S S s N O w i N G if; M A 0 u f i T R A p R S U n A L >"' A J n A T F: s A E R 1 A L S F. s E 1 1 n V T R 0 N AJfU HAG v^. MC> PATBOL 50UMWN 101 AVIA b M ¥•• M u P 10. AD i r U E. r iO Chaldean city •HTub *>3 Dcvftage j'' i Talent ," o stiii ,-; r >!) Whether tiO Moist jnass til Seize .' C:i Myself . ,-j 37 Area measure M Sport "'I 38 Id esl (nbbr.) 06 How rtSNear fi8 Street child 40Symholfor 70 Verbal ,, cobalt ^ 71 Scent. 3$ 41Actngaln v " 72 Not long i. 43 Cowboy show V FRTifAi 45 Measure ' ^ I '- R11 t'Al, 4CCre<lit (ahbr.) 1 Pierce I 2 Square.of 24 Drone bee > . H7 Fox /5 28 To flavor \'f 30 Giant '*'' nrninrttllo' r 31 U hud n civil inl93C-39 32 Exist 33 Kix (Irmly :(•! Vehicle .'15 Frozen water 3C Menagerie •12 Suitable ; 41 Arid 40 Musical v instrument ',47 Swift ••: ' 48Uet v'P 48 Malcc a -i. r ,'" islnko ., 51 One of its norlhcrn uorls j s I / 3 Like '"" *>-\' 4 Hclongs to it 5 Necessity > fi It has a small standinn —- M From n ' v! 1' distance ' language 53 Symbol for ' B Man's nnmc tiincslon 9 Heliquary tor SS Labels - • relics of saints f>7 Prince 10 Hail! .58 CVuivns shelter 11 Proceed , O GOStuUc IXKngravc V?> (!2 Kxclamntlon '•""•' ' ' BS Mother (17 NcRutive 09 Further 13 Take out IDKcmuh lavn 21 Music note RKFRIGKRATION KLKCTRIC mown suRviCK! I'. W. Tiiluni, ,)r. I'll. 557 lllyllievlllc, Ark. Oil burner lienler and Warm Morning coal heater. Both practically new. Call 2224. 28pk5-5 BICYCLE, call 3121. 27-|)k-5-4 IflJI Chevrolet pickup. Good condition. L. L. Anderson, 30 E. Main. 4-27-))k-27 1H40 Plymouth Tudor. Good condition, radio, healer. One owner car. Private owner wauls S050. Call Pritchnrd, Steele Hieh School. 4_27-pk-4 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 FOR SALE Better Used Cars i!'ii oniiVKOMCT ,. TOWN SKI) AN. Hraullful Mil- riiiin Color, lt:iilln, Neuter, (luoil 1'iriMimc TliTS, Clean us n ]iln, » FOUl) VK "00" TUIHlll M.'DA.V. i;\(r« (jiuKl tlrr\ nif- clianlrally simnil. Siwrlal low lirlri'. ''.no CIII:VKOI,I:T "el.. SltlUN, -Hailto, O lll'U'li Color, A-t Tin's, Uuliol- sli'ry like new. IMS' roiii) wii.uxi: TIIDOK SI-DAN, ..JVIiiriiiiii A CgI<>r, •Heron-, ilJlioMcil I lining hunt, (Joiiil (lies. 11)11 1-Oim H. Del.. (i-(!Vi,, Til- HOIl. »l:u<k Colur, rvrctli'ilt I'ircslatu- Tlirs, l.uokK unit runs like new. There, is an extreme shorlajr 'if Uiiiiil Fords anil Chevrolet^ SDK US NOW FOK A KK'I'TKK <ISKI) (!AH HKCOHK Till; Slll'- i'i.v is Phillips Motor Co. Open NEW TIRES I 'tii Ours, Trucks, TritctorH T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. W. Asli 1'liimc ^ FOK SAII; Onr corner stnro «>"! < r»ll»KW ...Hose In-l'i'li'f $M3ll.«> for nil Five. THOMAS TAN I) CO. CONCUKTK STOUM St'AVKR I'Nir Suit- AU, Sl/KS Oiceoli Cnhert C«. I'lHim-s 'Mil * CO I). K. Lniiry 'Id W'tenmn (hi'i'iilii, Ark. EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Complete TO I RK I »f 1'jirt* HARRISON Auto Parts & Carafe j Oliver Fur in r'<iul|mirnt I U 617 H, Ash MSJ 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE r—Tire and Tubr Kepalrtnf. AH Work Guaranteed! WADE COAL CO. Alabama K«l Ash Coal. 7.61 m. mi WE NBKD USED CARS TRUCKS T«II prlrr» for l,«l« MoiH'l* - - • "See "Stay Before You Krll." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New Hvmiiths * Chryslers I?.! W. Ash Vl». 2122 DON EDWARDS "Tito Typewriter Alan" HOYAI,, SMITH, COKONA, AND HEMINCITON TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STOEET PHONE OT2 (Every Transaction Musi no SjiUsfuolory) CABRIOLETS GALORE! JUKI A rritwd From the Kaul! llll'i I'lyniihllli Cim.u-cilllili- (Imilie. lleuiiUrul lihie lliihli, hr'lH'ti IcuOliU 1 lililiDhlei'y, rn- illu, hrolrr, r> K»I») llre.s. lill'i I'ackunl (Ninvertllili! C'uii|ie. llriuvn, «[(h tilin' ii|i- liiilvii'iy, <lnml llir-i and Ifil'. of nrrf »isi]rlrs, 1011 Dartgt! Conveitlble Couiie cvi-utii eolor NVllli red U'alher Jij)ljol.'»ter)' 1 railln, lienler, 1t>K~ llljlit.s, KIIIII! tires. lilt I Chrysler New Yorker 'Canvrrlllili: Ciiupe. Orftn, with f;rocn leather uphoUtery, Itiiillo, lii'i.lrr, si»!(-Il s lil. f, while, shlewall llrfs. Iflll Dinlfte Coiivi-illhle'CiniiK-. IHur, with lihir uiiholsiery. Ka- illo, heater, r> nnod llri'H. This Tar has only hem driven a few (hniis/inil itiHcs. Ttl) Oilier Cnrs til Choose From—$75 tip Hiisy G.M.A.C. Payment I'lun : '» We Never ( Sales Dept. Open Until 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co I'hone 578 ' . Used Sewing Machines bought and __ sold. Singer Sewing Center, 114 Ancient Egyptians used funerary South Broadway. Call 2782. 1ck7 I wrcnllis as early as 1200 B. C. Wanted To Two lo four year old setter. Well I mined. Hox KS, Courier. 5-l-pk-8 Girl's 24-inoh bicycle. Also electric Victrala. Plionc 25GG. l-pk-5 Witl pny cash for ?IO,000 worlh 'of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co, 1-20-ck-lf Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. wili PW 2 » c P er ll °z- for wire coat Sleani heat. Chlckruawba & 10th. hangers. Hudson Cleaners. Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf Cjmfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf Help Wanted Men wiih nccounting experience needed by c«enliiil industry. Answer giviiu; n^e, qualifieritions, and type of business of present employmenl. Box CW. Courier News. 4-30-ck-tf Experienced .seamstress wanted. l-Indfton Tailor Shop. . acckti Services Hultonholes reasonaljle prices. Tel- C|)lionc 3338. l-pk-8 April Special—Permanents two for $5.00. Lfimlys 1 Ueniity Shop, Main and 21st. Phone 3333. 7-pk-7 cwini; machines iC|)aired. Singer oifers. G war-time service specials to suit your machine and its condition. From $1.50 up. Singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2182. 7-ck-7 New Mexico has SO mountain peaks loworinir more Ulan 8000 feel, in height. If you want lo Iniy morn War llomls SF.l.I, US THE niRNITURE YOU AHE NOT llKIMl for rash! Also liberal trnilc-in nllownnfe for old ftirnittuc nn new. Alyin Ifiirdy Furn. Co. .101 I!. Main " I'hone 2302 10--0-clt-tr Wanted To Rent Small furnished apartment. Wanted immediately. Call Mrs. Ryan, phone 247.1. 30-pk-5-4 Farm J\eeels Bring us your poultry, hoc and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle senmis, vaccines, Dr. Hess-Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Livestock If you arc looking For a good registered boar pig to build up your herd, Duroc or O. I. c., sec A. L. Whistle nml Som fine herd at I'aragould. Ark., phone 2MW1. 5-pk-10 We want' to bny Blythertlle Homrs. We haTe pttrr.hutem for all kinds of homes, if TOQ want to Mil quick, KC THOMAS LAND COMPANY U. C. Campbell, gal, WALTER HBNSEN PLUMBING & HEATING n, 1215 Main Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blylhevillr, Arlcaruu SPECIALS Extractions Jl.M Full Up'r & Lower Plates 535 up 1912 Blytheville 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. 12C F,. Main Dial 52 Wanted: Used Furniture. Al- 10 JOB can trade your oU furniture In on new. RATION CALENDAR April 25: Coffee Stamp 20 Expires, May 21: Gasoline Coupon S ti- litres. June K: Slio« Stamp 17 Kiplr J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE 1.12 N. 2ml Street "Better Safe Than Sony" Spent! Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Better Food for your ration books. 3 Deliveries Dally C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1M B. DlTirion St. Phone 601 Si/e No Deterrent. SACRAMENTO, cal. tUP) — "Peewee" men, those ranging in height from four feel six inches to four feet eleven inches, or those just under the required military measurements, will probably come into their own in California. A bill is belore the State Legislature providing for the organi/ation of a "Peewee" unit of the State Guard. California is estimated to have !,000 men under the five foot measurement who arc anxious to do their bit in the armed services. Read Courier News Want Ads. PIANO, ORGAN and VOICK Classes announced for S I' U I N G Mrs. Dorothy W. Fowlston, B.A. M.S.M. OKOANIST &. TKACHKR Minister of Music, First Vre-sbylcrian Church Write Mrs. I'nwlston 1101 Chirkasawba or Flione 2049 FOM PROTECTIVE SERVICE (he life of your Kortl, avoid major repairs. save i;;isnlinc iiiul motor oil, enjoy that smimth new car performance with genuine Ford: NK\V 1'ISTON RINGS & BEARING INSERTS. $39.00 COSll'LRTK, including- labor, parts, motor oil ;iml tftsliels nml engine tune-iip. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. .IS:} Authorized Ford Dealer 5th & Walnut DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:80 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP _40 (Includes Labor Only— No replacement parts costs. 1. Titjitcn CYMNDKR HEAD and MANIFOLDS. , Check COMPRESSION. Adjust HEAT VALVE. 2. and Test SPARK PLUGS. Adjust Spark Gap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GKN- KRATOU, COIL, CONDENSER, VOLTAGE REGULATOR, WIRING and SPARK CONTROL. Tighten all connections. 4. Clean ana Adjust DISTRIBUTOR. Adjust En- eine Timing for maximum wartime performance. 5. Check and adjust CATt- lUlRKTOK for best gal economy. G. Adjust VALVE TAPPETS. 7. Clean and service AIR CLEANER. 8. Thoroughly Inspect COOLING SYSTEM. Tighten (lose Connections. Adjust Fan licit. 0. Test and Service BATTERY. Clean and tlghlcii connections. 10. Tune MOTOR for best wartime Performance :» Gas mileage. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. HMM *«rtw WASH Timns HERES TltE REASON, LWERSTAMD THE Blfi COHVOV HAS CWILER. rt>6lVE IT PJWTEC- 7ION THE RAF (WSfAL COMMAND EXPECTS TO FLY F!E(5ARPLE6S OF THE WEATHER, SO TOPAV 1 LOOKER UP A CANAPIAN FRIE/JD, STOOP Mc6!JIBE, AMD HE 6M6 HE CAM ARffAN&E. FOR WE TO 60 ALOMS SREAT6COTT'. N/EHT VOU HAD OU5 FLyiN6 FOR / HAUE SOME SCORE5 TO AWHILE. 7 y\ SETTLE WITH A CERTAIN U-BOAT Hy FRED HARMAN hWL rVW ows DOWrl R3(J THE. IMD1 P/NSS , VJHILE REDRlCER T?y EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER WJDDIES OVhV .'rtOY.O - V. OY CWiVt. , p 60\K>6 TO ~~ By V. T. HAMLU WE THOUGHT/ NEVER MIND THAT VOL) /NOW...WHERE'S OOC. WERE / WOMMU&7 I'VE GOT IN \ TO SEE HIM AT PRISON! /^-^ ONCE OKAV, I'LL SPILL TH 1 WORKS ...BUT FIRST ME A HAND VVrTH THIS OUTFIT... W6VE GOT TO GET IT INTO TH' LAB RJfeHT AWAV' OSCAR. BOOM. TROUBLE- MAKING WILD-CAT SCIENTIST, TURNS AT DR. WONMUG'S TIME-MACHINE LABORATORY, OBl/lOUSLY FR6SH OUT OF PRISON WITHOUT- BENEFIT OF A PAR PON FRKCKI.BS ANJ) HIS NNHNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB .So mew ha I of ;i Smirk OM IN, PAPA — Tl(£M 60YS IS HERE/ fCPGET ABOUT TME GARBAGE / itELLO, BOYS -I WASHT RE YCXI WAS COSAIN' / Y NAME IB THAW-MORGAN THAW/ WOULD THE SECRETARY OF THE TSfASURY BE OOIW& ATA PIAC6 UKE 143 N. MAIN ST.? THATS V;HAT FRfCK AN& LARDVA3ULO . LIKE TO MOW'

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