The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1S34 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Scone After Cloudburst Visiled Southern California FIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Half-biiried iii a sea of' mud. automobiles dotted the scene of devastation after raging tori-rats, bearing tons or silt and racks, swept over Los Angeles county. Calif., killing more than 40 and causing $5,000,000 damage. The up-.v here is in fjlendale, a suburb of Ltr. Angeles, with booted men and curious women inspecting the ruin and barefoot children enjoying a mud wade. Prices for FridaySafurdotj and Monday .ICED BACON No Ends Ib. lie J31OSJ Medical Science Advanced Daring ibe Year Just ture of the body and reduce weight,! by speeding up metabolism. | i However, the occurrence of a i Mill Town Items Mr. nnd Mrs. John Cranlori] Horntirsvilk Society-Personal BY DR. MORRIS F1SHBEIN • for the metabolism of sugar reveal- Editor, Journal American Medical , ed tire fact that there are condl- 1 Association and Hygeia, the j tioiK of hypcrinsnlinism, or excess I Health Magazine ' insulin, associated with convulsions | Reeearch in medicine goes on per- i and ether instances with lessened •• slstemly from year to year. It is • insulin and the condition called di- 1 impossible 10 say, therefore, that j abctes. any series of discoveries or obser- ' ' • vations is definitely a product of i Synthetic Vitamins ! a. single annual period. i Particular importance attached, Certain observations were out- to the research on vitamins, with • standing, however, during 1933, and I special attempts to isolate the vi- j and Mr and Mrs _ represented the culmination of in- : lamins, in pure form, or to prepare j s ! )0 pj; e( j vestigaliohs carried on previously, j them synthetically instead of by ! .-jjj^ Attention was attracted particu- i extracting them from various foods. larly'to new • methods of treating | At a resu i ti j t seems likely, that poisoning by carbon monoxide and j al [ easl one portion of vitamin B by cyanides, Ihese methods involv- j,as been prepared In crystaSline ing the injection of an agent called f arm It ls ' methy'lene blue. Vast amounts of work done along .these lines failed .10 establish the usefulness of the and son' Ray .relumed Monday 10! so that work in I their home in pt. l/w!s after spend- i C synthetical'yj ing the holidays '' litre- wit.i Mrs. will be established as scientific. | Welman's mother, Mrs. R. E. An- preparing vitamin New methcds were deve j oped £or . w m metnod, yet the end of the year I trealnlent and prevention of w.:oop- found it still being reported as ?f- , , h bv UK of p reparaltons of ! nesday for Bell Buckle, Term., to fective in some -places and attack- , (he - orgahlsms associat?d witn thls j attend the wcbb-'siliMV. cough. .Attempts also were made i Mrs. O. J. Copj- drove to Manila . To tond' ' ' ed as useless in others. . . An antidote ' was announce:"! to - develop serums against tula- ! Sunday and ' returned witli her against bichloride of mercury pois- - remia, or rabbit fever, nnd against j iiitce. Mrs. Grorgin Wa«ntr, W...Q oning. This also is rot yet estab- j un dulant fever , but the exact values had been visiting an aunt, Mr.?. Lee Ished because of difficulty in mak- ; tf these new serums is not deter- | Row'nberg. ing. suitable investigations. ; mined definitely. i 'clifton Goodwin and Harrj- Pa- Two severe . epidemics attracted I Especially significant was new at- gsn went to St. Louis Thursday to na'tional. interest during 1933. One I tention devoted to the problem of 'lake final examinations for adinis- ! Mid. Cora Lawrence ami daui;li-! ! u-r Mable, Mrs. Kutli I'.irkcr and | ' Mrs. Ethel Cooper and b.iby visit- j ed Mrs. J. B. CuiniiiiKham mull . family Saturday uflcrmxin. I ! Little Mildred I.ow=on sp;-m finni 1 \ Wednesday until Pritlav with her' 1 aunt. Mrs. Billie Hidfe. | Eugene Forbes spent last w:i I will) his sister, Mrs. Tuir.:iiit> Smith! i of Dccring. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hedgepalh ! Little Virgle May Gn'dner Ls y Shep-.erd : sick. | Blylheville Monday. ! Misses Kathryn Burks am! Opal: Blanche Hayes and Clint , Brown spent Sunday with Mis-! Tinnin left Sunday to re-outer! Florence Cunningham. ' Jonesboro A and M. college. j Ed Prader of Si. Louis is visit-1 ,Mr.-and Mrs. Clyde R. Wel:nan j'inK Mr. anil Mrs. Harry Lawrence. J . ( Pecan Grove, News \ Mr. and Mrs. Larson Crump and daughter of Myrtle. Mis?., are vi;-1 iling Mrs. Crump's paiems, Mr. j and MrE. Bill ncbcrtson. Bill Mccxiy has moved to ih: house lormeriy occupied by Mrs. I'aiH'.v I'ull Dressed Pound' Plenty (if I found SffiSSSS l-'re-ih Mixed Pound zan Fresh Turk I'ou nil '.ESS irick Chili, IblSc derton. Miss Dsrothj- Langdon left Weil- And Wtiners found Roast K. C. Heef ShouMer. l,h YiVif Thick Rib, Lk 10c Hrisket, I'ound Cheese Wisconsin (•"lift Creiim I'ound Roast I'nrk I.uin Pound Salt Meat For Roiling Pound Lamb Leg Genuine Spring I'ound Pure Lard Silver Leaf I'ound XESiESHSS Live. Crisp " Heads. ~i lov. GELATINE Drrserl ,'! for 14 r was'the-worst epidemic in history ''.nutrition. A survey was made to • of ..encephalitis ' lethargica,' an in-1 determine whether deficient nutri- sion to the u. S. navy. Kathryn Anderson. Lloyd Edwin, returned flammition of .the. brain in which [[. on pre vai!ed to any extent among I Gaines and J. C. Edmonston have there'is "constant lethargy, or sjeepi-' children and amoii" workers ness.'.Nearly'iOOO cascs'of this dis-i i n some'sections°of the country easVappeared in'St. Louis nnd sur--physicians wcre con vinced that rounding territory. There : is a; children were in general better tendency toward belief, that in some j nourished at this time "than even manner, this ' follows .certain types'before tr.e depression. But in other-epidemic influenza." . er sections, investigators reported The : second epidemic was the ap-; that widespread nutritional deft-I peatailce of a virulent form of ame-; cicncies existed ainoii" children | bic- dysentery in two Chicago hotels Cancer Still Puzzles ; with ji-record of .more than 500 i AS might, be anticipated, vast- casts.-scattered through 170 cities, I sums were spent in an attempt to and with a considerable number of! find out more about the cause of deaths. • 'cancer and about the value of cer- This epidemic served to focus the tain special methcds oi treatment medical attention of the country Again it was announced thai a on dysentery and' similar parasitic ge rni had been discovered for th» disorders associated with ioods. j cause of cancer, but this was not * * • con firmed and the discovery has Marvels of Surgery • not been accented Pencrally" Surgery presented some unusual Incrcasinzly, attention was 'na'd performances in 1933. including the lo the ncsstbiUly C f prevcn'iii" hay complete removal of a lung, an-1 f ( . V r- r nnd asthma by mechanisms nounced by Drs. Evarts Graham of; which filter Hie air of rooms and St. Louis and William RienhofT of, maintain constant temperature and Baltimore, and removal of a large: humidity part of the pancreas because of the There also were extensive studies . presence ot tumors. ; in the developmsnt. of devices of The surgical operation which '• various typ« fcr applying heat to seemed to attract most medical at- the human body as well as for tention, however, was the removal j heating thc bodv as a whole of the thyroy gland to relieve un-; T h™ hazards "of iiidintml due influence on the heart by so- • •• '»"MI cretions cf that organ in certain cases of heart disease. ' Special attention was given during the \ear to new gland discoveries. More and more the signifi- i Howaid Brown has moved to lily-! Bill Henson drove to Memphis | Tuesday anJ returned with his, bro; who harf been in a hospital 1 there for three months. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Larcon Crump and (laughter visited Mrs. Robertson's mother. Mrs. A. J. Wilson. Sunday, j Little Liivcnna Crump is sick this wt-ek. ;. <>!)(.•; Ill-ll'. r.-ll). sk. 2'Jc CANDY Ctujt-ohile For Hard Coughs or Colds That Worry Youj returned to Central college, at Fayette. Mo. Robert Killinti went to Manila Sunday for his wife, who had been j spending a few days witn her par- . ehts, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Pleeman. i Miss Esther Foster of Kennett ! spent the week-end here with her > Crcomulsion K nines.- lo ui'.'c s«- nunt, Mrs. W. R. Scwell. j prc-ine help for cu-.riis (,r i-rids. I; -Mrs. Ri'.ey F. left Sunday | (ombir.P!; 7 helps ir one—:!io test for Memphis to resume her work • helps known to science. It is [01 at Baptist hospital. j i[uick relief, for oO.fcty. Mrs. Cora Bryant of Paragould spent the week-end here with the family of P. P. Bryant.- Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Langdon and But carefiil pjode. more a:idl i-iou. use it fnr cvi-ry cou?li that itat-ls. No .-.n- k::r>'.vs wh:re n (.ough inay lead. No cue c.m t;'JJ which factor will (lo most. Tn»t sons. Davy and Sunday to their home in Amaril- ccpends on the '.y;)c of cald. !o. Tex., after a visit with relatives Ciccmulsion co-,ts n liiil.- ur.rr here. than lesrer h?lnc. TAI\ it jiM-; 1 .!; 1 ; ;h ; | utmost help, /me! it IO«,LS you • The population of India is esti- i.othins if it fail: to '':r.r,:; ;:it mated at 352.831.775. which is an c.uick relief you seek. Your dniir- increase of 10 |«r cent over thal'i.isl guarantees it. V-P it fo:- saie- BRAN FLAKRS C. C. Ciirtun CtLERY Well Hlcadit'd Stalk TOMATO JUICK lli-o/.. 1AC (iinss Uotllelv Slim! or 22-o/.. Loaf CANDY Peko Klakes . 1,1).' CORN C. C. Country Gen- 1AC tlemiin. No. 2 Can IV TOMATO JUICE C. C. or t'.'ininliell. C:m SPINACH Fvcsh KIDNEY BRANS C. C. ICC 2 Cans 1J BREAD W. Whrat, Rye ift or.Kaisin. Each 1U CHILI SAUCK t. C. 8-oz. Itottle 12? SAUER KRAUTS 12? sCCCOA Hershey. Can 19c: 1-Lb. 1/2 Lb. [vv/tpnrntuil l.arye Kruil Ikfor2f hiitf *yflF ^ofs^mp^n • TOFFEE I-'reneli. IA). Jewel. 1-Lb. 2 for ;{r Jewel, 3-Lh. Pks. Pk.i<s. Grapefruit ,1 nicy Florida Large 54'a '!1 fiir '. Crackers Cimnlry Club l'-Lb. Hox 2(k 1-I.h. KOK Potatoes f. Smooth No. 1 . : Pound Butter Pure Creamery Pound SPINACH ...-Blythcville ; Lge. V'/rCan 12'/ 2 e ; N<».-.2. Can '..•'.•' EaclilOc Country Club 3 Tall or 6 Small For 17e OLEO LD.10 1 Fresh of 10 years aao. • !--'b sate. Nerves tention. The dangers of" poisoning tention. Tile dangers of poisanins of the body by tsxic sprays u'ed on fruits were emphasized, an! certain cosmetics were shown to contain ingredients exceedingly -dangerous to sight. Innumerable new schemes were offered to c'?an»« the nature o' hr< developed from glands to b= medical practice but the vast ma ' used in cases in which there is a . jority of these were without defi- dpnclency of such glandular sub , nite appeal either to the medical stances. i profession or ^ nn consifl,,,..,,,',,, 1 It is known now that the pit r number of people ulury gland produces substances j Such schemes' embraced not on- whlch affect growth, sex activity ly contract practice insurance n-ir —' '""—'• - V ~ J " ticc - an <l Industrial methods but rartlcularly an attempt to s»ll li-ts- pital insurance to vast numbers of people and to focus public rtten- lion on tie possibilities of com- pu.sory health Insurance. Special Intorest was maintained also in the development of diets for cance of t'no glands :>f internal :.e- crelion for health and life is becoming apparent. Extracts are be- and utilization of sugar by the body, and thai other secretions from this i gland are associated with stimuli ; to some glands elsewhere in ihe: body and with Inhibitions of the actions of other glands. Nerves New Sfx Wonders . A xx hormone derived from the reducing weight ancTin thc U usp'of excretions Is found to have definite a chemical substance for this our effects on the organs cf generation. | pcse. Significant in this connection In some cases, removal of the sex : «as the chemical called glands is compensated for by ' jectioii ot this hormone. Treatment witn thc substance derived from the adrenal glands was. found to be increasingly of value In the condition called Adriisan's; disease, formerly invariably fatal. , Experiments were made also on ' the parathyroid glands and their relationship determined lo the growth of bone and to certain convulsive disorders of the human body. ' Research on the mechanism, of llic body [or developing Insulin and In- nol, which will raise thc tempera- ARDUI Do they torture you by day? Keep you awake at night? \VKal is it that keeps hospitals open nml doctors busy? NERVES. What is it (hat makes your face wrinkled nn:l makes you feel old? NERVES Nine times out of ten it's NERVES that mako you restless, worried, haggard. Do they me!:e you Cr£n!;y, Blue-give you Nervous Indi- 9e$tion, Nervous Headache? When nerves .ire over-taxed, you worry over trifles, find it hard to concentrate, cant sit slill. Nerve Strain brings on Headache. Nervous people often suffer from Indigestion. There may IK: absolutely nothing v.Toi;q with the organs of digestion, but the Nerves nve not. on the job to make the urtjans do their work properly. Do they interefere witn your * work; ruin your pteasurejdtivc away your friends? You're cheating yourself ond the man who pays you if you work when your NERVES are not normal. You can't have a good lime when you arc nervous. You can't make or keep friends when you are keyed up and irritable. You may excuse your- jeH, others you arc just a plain crank Nerves SALAD TOTTED MBAT s 5 (: Kn f ,dish 9f«'' l,h. LrJ RAISINS Seeded or Seed less. Seed- DC Pk»r. 0 FRESH tGG Doz. MOTOR OIL 'S $1,K OLIVES MINARET, GRAHAM Stuffed Pint Spaghetti. 1'kg 2T ,5 7; CRACKKRS 1-Lh. Hox COCOANUT i/; ib. !>kg. 1/8 Ib. Pkg. EXTRACT Vanilla 8-oz. Bottle rrOMATOES Extra StandardOfTC L _ No. 2 Can. 3 for fa'J LIGHT GLOBES $«» Lge PanerShell Lb. HUMKO Shortening (PQ 1A 45-T,b. Can «p0.1V Hitrbiira Ann Nn. 1 Can 7 for (Y-iintry Club 1 1-Oz. "Unlile Kach ZHvT Sllcrrt i;r Crushed No. 2 Can Hi-si Cream Peaches Avondalc Heavy Syrup ' Pure Lard 8-lb. Bkt. 65c 8-Lb. Crtn. 55c Pickles Sweet. Quart lilc Sour and Dill Quart Coffee Cha"c & Sanborn Or C. C. l-I,b. Tins PALMOLIVE SOAP 5 Bar Limit While They Lasl Each 5c

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