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The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio • Page 3

The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio • Page 3

Newark, Ohio
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cnAUGUST 7, 1940 THE NEWARK ADVOCATE AND AMERICAN TRIBUNE PAGE THREE Permanent Munitions Industry In Suggested of the Ohio bureau of markets, They're 40-Year Members of B. of L. E. Plants Would Supply Army of 2,000,000 Roman Oracle Echoes Assurance To America Fascist Editor Replies To Hull That Europe Alone Concerns Axis; Says U. S.

Fights 'Phantom Rome, Aug. 7. (AP) Virginio Gayda, authoritative Fascist Editor, replied today to the warning of United States HortiCUltUre Society Honors F. H. Ballou F.

H. Ballou, Newark, for many years engaged in horticulture research work for the Ohio agricultural experiment station, was honored at the Licking County Horticulture society's annual field day and picnic yesterday. Homer C. Price, Newark, presented Eallou with a silver mounted walnut plaque inscribed: "Pre who related some of the fruit growers marketing problems. Grange To Hear Harry A.

Caton Harry A. Caton of Coshocton, secretary of the National grange, will address the Licking County Pomona grange at Etna Saturday. Desso Pipes, Newark, master of Pomona grange, said today that the regular business session of the grange will be held at 11 a. m. with an outdoor meeting in the afternoon, Caton, an active figure in national agricultural circles, will re- Government-Owned Factories Described As Major Goal Of Defense Program By New Assistant Secretary of War.

Washington, Aug. 7. (AP) A permanent munitions industry, owned largely by the Federal government and capable of supplying an army of 2,000,000 men, emerged today as one of the major goals of the defense program. Robert P. Patterson, new assistant secretary of war, Secretary of State Hull against the danger of aggression lay sented to F.

H. Ballou by the Licking County Horticulture so- bribed as an "innovation the idea that most of the dei led 60 ordnance plants to oe ouiit with government declaring that Germany and Italy have no intention of carrying the war into the western hemisphere. Gayda who frequently expresses the views of the Italian government, wrote in II Giornale D'ltalia that Hull was "creating a phantom of German-Italian menace" for political purposes. "It is evident that Hull would Crashes Kill projec funds would be established on a permanent basis. ii Ik Traditionally, tne unura ciety recognition of his is- tinguished service to horticulture.

Aug. 6, 1940." Retired from active I service with the experiment sta- tion Jan. 1, Ballou originated aj number of orchard practices which have become universally used by fruit growers. Other events in the field day included a tour of the Ballou orchard, an inspection of hundreds of varieties of ornamental plantings, a basket dinner at noon and ained a system guv- i.e rrainta! trnment of a munitions indus- k. nucleus port on national grange activities.

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trv but which was not capable cf rapid in an emergency. Seven Ohioans (By The Associated Press.) Traffic crashes killed seven Ohioans yesterday (Tuesday): George F. Matthews, 71, of Cin like to alarm the American nations with a feeling that a transfer of the war to the American continent by the victorious axis powers is more or less imminent," Gayda wrote. "It is well now to point out once more that this insinuation is ab To prepare iui i Patterson said that the Crash Victims Have Relatives Residing Here Returning from one funeral and en route to another Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Igel, Columbus, and William Buck, son of Mrs. Igel, were killed Tuesday morning in an automobile accident near Marion, Ind. Also injured in the crash was Matthew Loney, 32, a step-son of Mr. Igel by a former marriage, onwrlrr. hwuuk cinnati, and his daughter.

Mrs. Johanna Walker, 41, of Akron, a program arranged by Robert 1 Schroer, Granville, president of the society. I Sneakers on the program in-, eluded Professor H. D. Brown, I Ohio State university, using for his topic the preparation and marketing of apple by-products; L.

Pierstorff, Ohio State uni-: versity, who discussed orchard spraying, and W. D. Hilbisch, chief solutely unfounded, arbitrary and died in a head-on automobile col- let it be said with respect for i lision on state route 18 near Mnnt-the eminent American statesman rose in Summit county. Seriously tr.ev wfuid he operated only such pencds as are necessary prepare the required stocks of munition injured. Mrs.

Matthews was taken to an Akron hospital. Two Michigan residents, occupants of the tendentious rather than provocative." (Hull's statement yesterday Here are four of the six 40-year members of the Brotherhood of Lo-motive Engineers who were honored with a testimonial dinner last night in Hull Place. Left to right: E. E. Wiles, John Glassmeier, J.

Harry Starr and A. M. Cornell. Each of the sextet was accorded honorary membership in the Grand International division of the B. of E.

All are members of Division 36. of which A. B. Skelly of Newark is secretary. J.

W. Rutledge presented the veterans with emblems denoting their long membership. The two not shown in the picture are: F. E. Mabry and C.

N. Krier. iready has been tv, arm.v a ih. t7nn nno second car, were less seriously ihp Am.pinan nttnnln rpaHu aH tnr raal cufri hurt. of time and of substance and for 1 Another automobile collision hard personal service" and to Ashtabula was fatal to "arm to such an extent that the Handrrson.

21-year-forces of conquest and ruin will 0'do university co-ed not dare to make an attack on usi of rook township Two rela-or any part of this I were hurt critically Italv and fiermanv nterPH the I Injuries received when his mo- iMoiiall. is to be applied on the construction of an educational unit to the proposed Morrall Me-i morial Methodist church here. neral service for Mrs. Igel's nephew, and were passengers in the Loney car. They were driving on U.

S. route 22, south of Marion, If you have it and don't need it, it is money well spent, but, if you need it and don't have it, well you're just out of luck. Motorists Mutual Insurance Company (A on -Assessable Million-Dollar Company) Vic Dona hey, President Columbus, Ohio Carl Crispin, Secretary and his condition was reported critical in a Marion hospital. The bodies of Mr. Igel, 63.

and I Mrs. Igel, 73. 9(7 West Mound street, Columbus, and William Buck. 53, of the Dayton Soldiers' Home, arrived in Columbus Tuesday night and a double funeral will be held Friday morning in Holy Cross church, Columbus, for Mr. and Mrs.

Igel. Burial will be made in Mt. Calvary cemetery. Columbus, of which Mr. Igel had been superintendent for 38 years.

Arrangements for Mr. Buck's funeral have not been completed. Mr. Igel's family were former residents of Newark and vicinity and for several years his father lived near Mt. Calvary cemetery here and was a caretaker there.

Mr. Igel is survived bv a son torcycle went out of control caused the death of James Mc-Kcan, 24. of Ashtabula. 00 required fr the new plants and has contracted with the Du-pont interests to operate a powder plant in southern Indiana. A shortage of labor ca-oablc f( manning the necessary loading plants is proving something of 5 problem, Patterson sa'-d adding that one or two such p'an't! prncahly would be the next for which contracts would be let.

We want to he sure cf a source supply for the forces we already have." he explained. The rest of the program would come iking more slowly, he said. Discussing tne army's decision to locate the new plants chiefly in the area hetween the Al- war to solve European problems and never thought and will never think of threatening other continents," Gayda asserted. 29 Greeks Rescued. Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aug.

Helping Hand. Elmcreek, Aug. 7. (AP) rNight Policeman Simon Lay- 7 (AP) Twenty-nine survivors cock obligingly helped a motorist r. S.

HAMILTON, Agent iN HOTEL. I.OHRY NEWARK, OHIO Office Phone 2070 Night 47154 PAUL MORROW HEBRON, OHIO China Warns French. London, Aug. 7. (AP) A Reuters (British news agency) dispatch from Shanghai today said the Chinese were reported to have warned French authorities they would take military measures if the Japanese were permitted to establ 'h bases in French Indo-China.

It quoted the Chinese press as reporting that Chinese troops were moving toward the frontier of Indo-China and that defensive preparations I were being rushed. or the crew of a Greek vessel tor- a tire Investigation the pedoed off Tory Island near tne inext day disclosed it was a stolen northwest Donegal coast Sunday i tire from Leonard Tool. To con-night landed in lifeboats at Cam- ifirm it all, the thief later shipped gai yesterday. The torpedoed the tire to Laycrck charges ship carried a crew cf 32. collect.

Frederick, who married Henrietta and the Mississippr Ind. City police of Marion reported that the Loney car was in a broadside crash with a transport truck driven by Ned Fisher of Angola, Ind. He was not injured. Lakeside Fund Gets $29,241 In Pledges Lakeside. Aug.

7. (AP) Memorial gifts and pledges totaling have been announced by the Lakeside foundation, Heading the list were pledges of $10,000 from the Epworth Leagues of the Ohio and Northeast Ohio conferences of the Methodist church for the construc-; tio-i of the first dormitory unit of the Rolhn H. Walker Epworth memorial. It is a proposed youth centei to be named in honor of Dr. Rollin Walker, former pro-' fessor of Bible at Ohio Wesleyan I university.

A gift of $10000. from Mr. and Mrs. William Morrall of -h thpv net onlv I McCabe of Newark, and a dauch- r." r.

i .1.. 1 have greater protrction no us me; B9U. from r.e.T. sir attack, but the lewisite supp'ies of water and tea! needed for powder manufacture could best be obtained in relatively few parts of the win? 01 naiaei nicwaoe, also a former Newark resident. Mrs.

Igel leaves a son, Thomas Buck, I and two daughters. Mrs. Julia Herig and Mrs. Helen Burdge of Columbus. Mr.

Buck is survived bv one brother and two sisters. Mr. Loney lived in the Igel home. The party had been to Kewanee, 111., to attend the funeral of Mr. Igel's cousin and were driving to Urbana to be present at the fu- INDIGESTION my atiect lh Hetrt Ou Trv4 to mymr mt rni it Mir tncicr Un tn At tttm SrM Mra nf 4ttrM mn an tnd mim dDnf Mt Rril up TDij ttm No itit'l Mf at thm ftrttnf ato4iM knM far mr4 tndiffMtiM.

If Lh F1KMT r0K 4Mn I IM) bNtw iftr tMMtl to nt wxi tKMit OOtrHLJt Ham BacA. fee. Plans Completed For Hostel Trip Clothes for the Young Miss Your pride and joy still has many summer weeks to keep cool and have fun in these Plans were completed last night by four Newark youths to take tt first hostel trip this week- b.4. The group will leave the GS. Scout headquarters at 1 f.

a Saturday and will travel to Pi'j-ka'a rn bxycies. A'though only four have agreed tr the over-night trip others to join before Saturday. Persons 21 years old or tinoer must pay $1.10 while ever 21 will pay $2.10. The charge is for cf the hostel Pataskala. Persons making the trip will required to carry a sleeping They also are advised to raw an extra 75 cents for food Saturday night and Sunday morn-ii The group will return to Wark Sunday noon.

Branson Wells Taken by Death Pataskala. Aug. 7. Branson H. e-is.

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