The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin on August 16, 1922 · 10
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The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin · 10

Appleton, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1922
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APPLETON, POST-CRESCENT, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1922 APPLET ON TEAM WILL PLAY AT GREEN BAY SATURDA Y PAGE TEN Brewer May Toss Next Game For Appleton In Place Of Earl Howard Brandt Promised Twirler By Borchard Magnate Explains Controversy With Players Not All Fun. Piloting a baseball nine is no easy Job, August Brandt, owner of the Appleton outfit in the Wisconsin State ' league can vouch for that. Barely getting over ths rumpus in the Fox River Valley league Brandt finds himself minus his best pitcher and shortstop only after the first two games of the new circuit were completed. Brandt announced Wednesday that he will release' both Pitcher Howard and Bergerino, as he sees no possibility of reconciliation. LOOKING FOR PITCHER The baseball magnate's next stop will be to get a new pitcher and if possible another player to replace Bergerino. "I expect to get a pitcher from tne Milwaukee Brewers," Brandt said. "Otto Borchart, the Milwaukee pilot who was in my offica several weeks ago during a visit in Appleton, told me that he would let me have a man any time I wanted and now I expect to make use of this offer." "Red" Me'.zer, who pitched his first game for Appleton last Saturaay against Manitowoc, probably will twirl the next game, unless it is decided to use a newer recruit. HOWARD IS THROUGH Howard, who won himself the title as demon twirler for the leage announced his resignation Monday after he alleges he discovered a slice of $50 In his pay for Sunday's game. Bergerino, playing manager, taking sides with Howard, handed in his suit at the same time. Howard left for his home in Kenosha early Tuesday morning and Bergerino went to Milwaukee. "I feel that the public ought to know the whole story that brought the resignation of the two men," Mr. Brandt said. , "When the club hired Howard we offered him $100 for even' game he pitched and $125 for every game he won. Howard won the first two games and demanded more money so we agreed to pay him $150 a game. However, last week, I phoned Howard that I could not afford to continue to pay him more than the original agreement called for and I told him it was up to him whether he wanted to pitch for Appleton at that pay. "When he apeared on the diamond Sunday I felt certain that Howard had decided to accept the terms. "We don't owe Howard $50 for the last game and we don't intend to pay him." Howard, Just before leaving for his home, said Brandt or his representative had called him during the week asking him if he would accept the proposition offered by Brandt and told him he would not. Howard then was instructed to come anyway and he came to Appleton, expecting to be paid $150. Nothing was said to him about a new price until he opened his pay envelope, Brandt announced he is willing to dispose of the club franchise and has invited persons interested in the game for a meeting Wednesday when stock will be offered at $100 a share. Efforts to sell the franchise at a meeting Monday night failed. Mr. Brandt said he , will ask $2,000 for the script. A previous quotation for the franchise was ,$1,600. ROD AND REEL By DIXIE CARROLL By Dixie CarroH CASTING THE DRY FLY One of the main points in casting the dry fly is to study the currents, as one of the greatest little old jinks to the successful use of the dry fly is the drag caused by the fly falling on water moving at a speed different from that of tho water on which the line falls. Select your casting posi tion where the fly and line will light on water of the same speed, so that the fly will not be drowned by the drag of the line. Another point that will make your dry fly work better at the start is to avoid raising the tip of the rod as the fly falls on the water, for this is a small point that the wet fly fisherman has a tendency to overlook through habit acquired in casting the wet feathers. To raise the ' rod at this time will pull the dry fly under water. At the same time the beginner should never strip in the line until the fly has started downstream with the current. If yon find it necessary to cast on water of different epeed to the current cast a slack line, and if the fly lights on water moving slower than that on which the line rests there will be no drag on the fly until the slack line has floated downstream. Make a study of the stream and the trout and use all your skill and you will find much pleasure in floating the dry fly. Most of the our trout fishing is on streams in woods or wilderness where the waters alternate between rapids and smooth spots, waterfall and deep pool, shallows or ripples, and one could follow a stream all day without lamping a trout on the rise for food, and If he were fishing in the orthodox English way, bacon fried to a crisp would about make up his evening meal, which changed the dope a bit and fish the dry fly more as a floating fly without the added effort of tossing the feathers into the mouth of the m-aiting trout and tickling him to death. Milwaukee Pinkey Hitchcll. Milwaukee lightweight, beat Joe Dawson la 10 round, . I m S KICKED Olir D DUNDEE IM Fl Annexes Title of "World Featherweight Champ In New York State" Xew Tork Johnny Dundee did two things Tuesday night in his bout with Danny Frush, of Cleveland, that he seldom does. He landed a knockout and ha annexed a title the former much more realistic than the crown bestowed up-cn him by the New Tork State Eoxing commission 'featherweight champion of the world in New York state." Before the evening ended some conserver of energy started a movement to shorten the designation to "featherweight champion of New Tork state." That's what it amounts to anyway since Johnny Ki'.bane, basking behind a shield of green backs in Cleveland, wears the genuine crown that outside of New Tork state is acknowledged ta be the original. Dundee put Frush to bed in a cool methodical manner. Both began carefully but after the first round Danny was indiscreet. He relied on a stiff arm to keep Johnny at his distance and also to win. Dundee pawed around for a few rounds, hittmg a stinger now and then and doing more damage than was apparent. Bushing from his corner in the ninth Dundee met Frush as the latter emerged from his seat, landed both hands sent the Clevelander to the ropes with a volley, stood back and pumped a terrific left to the head and then crashed a burning right in the pit of the stomach. Frush fell, groggy but not unconscious. He broke the fall with his left hand and lay there so exhausted he could not arise. E Milwaukee Attorney Retained Will Get Support, of American Federation By Associated Press Milwaukee Ray G. Cannon, Mil waukee attorney and former baseball player, has been retained by members of several big league clubs to complete the organization of a baseball players union which has, it is said, already developed to a point where practically every club in the two major leagues and several in the minor leagues are represented. "The purpose . of the association", declared Mr. Cannon, "is not to start any war with club owners, but to give the players representation on a commission with the presidents of the two leagues. Under present conditions the club owner has everything his way and the ball player holds the bag. A club owner can now terminate a contract at any time on ten days notice, while a player who violates a contract is barred from baseball. Other abuses make the player merely a pawn of the club owners." Cannon has already interviewed Samuel Gompers of the American Federation of Labor and has been promised the support of the federation in any Just cause for which such a union may be declared. There is no attempt on the part of the players, according to Cannon, to endanger bitterness with the club owners. The organization has been formed merely to give the ball players a voice in matters which concerns them and which heretofore have been fleclded so'.ely by the club owners. TRAILING THE lEAMS After a record of 13 straight victor ies in two years over Pittsburg, Art Nehf, star Giants southpaw, found nis fourteenth attempt unlucky and was driven from the box while the urates captured the first game of the "little worldseries" with the Na tional league leaders. Wilbur Cooper twirled the Buccaneers to their fifth straight victory over the Giants. The Chicago Cubs, in third place ana sharing the limelight with Pitts burg, as an added starter, in the Na tional league race, climbed to with in three and a half games of the top by trouncing the Boston Braves twice 5 to 0 and 8 to 3. Bob Meusel's homer in the ninth en abied the .Yanks to tie the score and Elmer Smith flllinar Babe Ruth's post, walloped out another circuit blow in me tenth to down Ty. Cobbs scappy users i to 1. New York's victorv while St. Louis was dividing a double nraaer witn Washington, put the team within a half game of the lead ers. Tillie Walker of the Athletics pulled up on Ken Williams and Rogers nornsoy in me slugging race by clouting home runs in each game of a doubleheader which Cleveland and Philadelphia divided. His total is now 27. IT OF 9 IIS E WILL FOi H AIH 7 S; SCORE 2-1 Meusel's Drive In Ninth Ties Count Smith's Beats Tygers In Tenth New Tork Meusel's home run in the ninth, which tied the score, and Elmer Smith's circuit drive in the tenth gave the New York Tankees a 2 to 1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday. It was Smith's first appearance on the Polo grounds as a Yankee. He was substituting for Babe Ruth, who is st'll recovering from his recent operation. Shawkey was effective in the pinches. Score: Detroit 1 00000000 0-(l 12 3 New Tork 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 011211 0 Batteries: Ehmke, Oldham and Bassler; Schawkey and Schang. BROWN'S AND GRIFFS SPLIT EVEN Washington, D. C St. Louis split even in a double header here on Tuesday, winning 7 to 1, after being defeated in the opener, 6 to 1. Zachary proved a puzzle to the visitors in the first game, while the locals bunched hits off both Wright and Pruett. In the second encounter the locals were baffled by Davis, while Francis was hit hard and frequently. Scores: FIRST GAME St. Louis ..0 0000001, 01 1 1 Wash'ton ..2 0100021 6 10 0 Batteries: Wright, Pruett and Sev. eried; Zacharv and Picinich. Second Game St. Louis ..0 1100221 07 12 0 Washington 00000000 11 7 3 Batteries: Davies and Severeid; Francis and Picinich, Torres. INDIANS AND MACK EVEN IT Phildelphia Cleveland and Philadelphia divided a, double header on Tuesday, the former winning the first game, 11 to 4, and Philadelphia the second, 7 to 4. Cleveland pounded four local pitchers for fifteen hits in the first game, including home runs by O'Neil and Wood. Boone and Lindsay were hit hard in the secod contest Clarence "Tillie" Walker made his twenty-sixth home run in the first and his twenty-seventh in the second Scores: Cleveland .01200016 111 15 0 Phil 0 0000003 1 4 93 Bateries: Morton and O'Neill; Nay- lor, Heinmach Sullfc-an, Eckert and Perkins. V SECOND GAME Cleveland ..0 0300100 04 11 0 Phil. 1 0 2 1 0 2 0 7 13 1 Batteries: Boone. Lindsay, Ed-mondson and O'Neill; Rommell and Perkins, " SOX TAME RED SOX Boston Chicago made twenty-five hits on Tuesday and defeated Boston, 19 to 11, the winners using four pitchers and Boston using five. A bare-handede stop by E. Collins and a running back catch by Strunk were brilliant features. Score: Chicago ...0 3302022 719 25 1 Boston 2 001 0701 011 18 0 Batteries: Robinson, Courtney, Blan-kenship, Faber and Schalk; Quinn, Russell,, Ferguson andd Ruel. v. rNf rii JW I HUY .STAND WEDNESDAY'S SCHEDULE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION No games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis at Washington. Cleveland at, Philadelphia. Detroit at New York. Chicago at Boston. . NATIONAL LEAGUE New York at Pittsburg. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. Boston at Chicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. TUESDAY'S RESULTS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville 6, Milwaukee 5 (eleven in nings.) Minneapolis 7, Toledo 6. Kansas City 4, Indianapolis 1. St. Paul 5, Columbus 2. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 7-1, Washington l-. New York 2, Detroit 1, (ten innings.) Cleveland 11-4, Philadelphia 4-7. Chicago 19, Boston 11. Pittsburg 6, New York 2. NATIONAL LEAGt'E Cincinnati 3, Philadelphia 0. Chicago 5-8, Eoston 0-3. No other games scheduled. TEAM STANDTNGS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W. L. Pet. .627 .559 .649 St. Paul 74 Minneapolis 68 Milwaukee 67 Indianapolis 64 Kansas City 61 Louisville 59 Toledo 43 Columbus 43 44 52 65 63 69 60 78 77 .547 .508 .496 .362 .359 Pet. :595 .589 .527 .518 .513 .42 .402 .376 Pet. '.691 .576 .559 .646 .531 .481 .309 .338 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis . . . New York . . Detroit Chicago Cleveland . 6 M 59 67 69 53 45 46 53 63 56 57 64 63 Washington Phildolphia 43 Boston 41 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. New York 85 St. Louis 64 Chicago 62 Pittsburg 59 Cincinnati 60 Brooklyn 52 Philadelphia 38 Boston 36 Chicago collected 25 of th 43 hits registered In a game with the Boston Red Box and won 19 to 11. Gil TO TEACH TURKS If ' ;'f& JAKE BASSLER Jake Bassler, captain of the Pomona College baseball team, and brother of Johnnie Bassler, star-catcher of the Detroit Tigers, announces that in Aug ust he will leave the United States for Smyrna, in Asia Minor, where he will teach athletics in the International Christian College. Jake has been a member of the Pomona team for four years and has made the reputation of being one of the smartest college players on the Pacific coast. His team has held the Southern California Conference championship for three years. The Smyrna College is a missionary institution and enrolls, in its student body, Turks, Armenians and many other nationalities. It is be lieved that if Jake can get the Turks to playing baseball they will give over Amerian massacres and take to killing umpires, whom nobody cares anything about anyhow. Among the Armenians Jake expects to find a couple of Olympic champion runners. JUST GOSSIP To listen to what the magnates of the Fox River Valley league and the Wisconsin State league have to say about one another is interesting indeed but not always fit for publication. Anyway for the sake of baseball we hope that none of their, predictions come true. . Boy! Page Judge Landis. Harry Pindle, who carried away the three-cushioned billard championship honors at Madison last year, is priming for the national contest this coming fall. We never noticed how warm it was lately until G. A. Stewart, whose camping grounds, as known to all, is at the Junction, announced that It was simply too warm to toss the iron shoes Just now. What could be sweeter than a post season game between the Fox River Valley league and the Wisconsin State league? 1 CfPORT VIEWS O AND NEWS "Tillie" Walker, the Philadelphia Athletics home run walloper, returned to the game after a ten day lay off due to sickness and immediately proceeded to pound out his twenty-seventh 4 bas9 drive of the season. Evidently his sick soell didn't dull his batting eye any. Williams and Horns-by better watch their step or else the "Micklet" may catch them yet. And what's more, Bambino Ruth isn't so far behind either. National and American league managers discussed steps to prevent the "buying" of pennants through mid-season sales and trades. The latest deals betwesn the Boston Red Sox and New York Americans brought the bubble to a head. It is a move In the right direction and the sooner ths major leaguers adopt the rule, the better off it will be for the national pastime. Nick Altrock must still have a curve or two left in his old salary wing. The White Sox pitcher of olden days and now a gloom killer with the Washington Senators, stepped into the box in a henefit gams played in Boston and hurled four Innings without giving the Red Sox a chanco to glimpse home plate. The old timer displayed a lot of sncd during his stay on the slab and the had the Bostonese breaking their backs on his slow one. Midst the clicking of moving picture machines and other publicity getting stunts, Bill Brsnnan and Jack Demp-sey signed the papers to exchange punches ln Floyd Fitzslmmons' Michigan City, Ind., fistic arena on Labor Day. We can't see how any fight fan can enthuse over this bout. It looks like a fine littla set up for Dempsey. Brennan has got about as much chance with the champ as the Phillies have to nop the National league bunting. France bowed to Australia in th IS DUE HERE FOR SUNDAY TILT Magnates of State League Meet at Green Bay-Choose Officers SATURDAY'S; GAMES Appleton lit Green Bay. Manitowoc at Menasha SUNDAY'S GAMES Manitowoc at Appleton. Menasha at Green Bay. Appleton's ability to get out of the hole it is now In in the Wisconsin State league will be put to a test when it meets Green Bay Saturday afternoon at Green Bay. The Green Bay team has proven it-self superior in the first two games of the league last week and is determined to maintain the top place. Appleton will put up a strong fight in the effort to win the grace of the fans and naturally the fray at Bay city is expected to be hardest of the circuit. "RED" TO PITCH "Red" Melzer, will twirl for Apple-ton in the Saturday game and Schott will catch. Shott's finger, hurt in the game with Menasha last Sunday, is being nursed and it is certain that he will be in form by Saturday. With Brandt's pitching staff depleted it is uncertain who will toss ball Sunday when Jack Herzog's tribe "will come here in an attempt to give the local team another rub. ELECT PERMANENT OFFICERS Magnates of the new league ' held their first conference Tuesday night at Green Bay and elected permanent officials. T. E. MeGillan, Menasha, was picked out to help the organization; F. E. Sensenbrenner, Neenah, was elected treasurer and C. W. Calhoun, Green Bay scribe, secretary The following were appointed umpires: C. W. Calhoun, Green Bay, "Stony" McGlyn, Manitowoc; "Dick" Tuchscherer, Menasha and Koster, Milwaukee. GUTS LOSE TO I B TO 2 Cooper Allows New York But Five Wallops Pirates Easy Winner Pittaburg Pittsburg, by hard hitting, defeated New York on Tuesday, shaking off the hoodoo that Arthur Nehf has held on them for years. Nehf was knocked out in the secon.l inning. Cooper was in good form, holding the Giants to five hits, giving the visitors their second run. In the eighth inning Tierney knocked a home run, scoring- Russell, who had tripled. Fast fielding by both teams featured. Score: . -New York .0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 12 5 0 Pittsburg ..2 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 6 12 1 Batteries: Nehf, Jonnard and Snyder; Cooper and Schmidt. ; REDS BLANK PHTLLS Cincinnati Donohue was in race form on Tuesday and the Reds shut out the Phillies, 3 to 0. Meadows was also effective, except in the third, when the locals scored all their runs on singles by Burns and Daubert, a pass and a double by Pinelli. Meadows secured half of the hits made by his team. The score: Phila'phia .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0" 00 6 1 Cincinnati .0 0300000 3 10 2 Batteries: Meadows and Henlin; Donohue andjWingo. CUBS BEAT BRAVES TWICE Chicago Chicago took a double header from Boston on Tuesday by scores of 5 to 0 and 8 to 3. The double victory, coupled with New York's defeat by Pittsburg, placed the Cubs three and one.half games behind the leaders. Kaufman n allowed only four hits in the first game, while Chicago bunched its hits. Scores: Piston ....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t) 0 0 4 1 Chicago ...0 1 1 2 0 0 0 1 5 10 0 Batteries: Braxton, Watson and Gibson; Kaufman and O'Farrell. . . Second Game Boston .....00000210 03 7 2 Chicago .....3 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 8 9 1 Batteries: McNamara and Goway; Jones, Cheeves and O'Farrell. final round of the elimination matches for the Davis cup trophy and as a result of the win, the Anzacs will battle the Spanish team for the right to meet the American team, holders of the tennis pewter. The Australians are badly crippled up but If they play any where near up to form, they would have little trouble in taking the Spaniards into camp ln the net battles which get under way today. Donohue was in rare form against the Phillies and Cincinnati hit Meadows hard enough in one inning to win, 3 to 0. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY The ACTUAL BUSINESS COLLEGE, Appleton, Wisconsin, opens its next term September 5.. The demand for ot-ttce help is increasing. Now is the time to. qualify for a position. Those desiring informs tion or an interview should write the proprietors, Bowlby & Schwab. Their telephone num ber, ia 410. INIIiC NEHF CHASED AS T RETTIG IS FIND ADOLPH RETTIG Adolph Rettig, the latest pitching sensation in big league baseball, was imported fresh from the sandlots of Newark by Connie Mack. Adolph got his "baptism of fire" in the opening game of the recent series, between the Philadelphia Athletics and the St. Louis Browns. Ho was opposed by Urban Shocker, the American League phenom of the season. Philadelphia won. George ,Sis!er and Ken Williams, the Browns' heaviest hitters and homerun stars, got only a hit apiece against Mack's find. Fans and experts who saw Rettig's first performance in the big league say he looks like the "real stuff" and predict a future for him. DEFEATS FIRST BY EOF 10 14 Second and Third Ward Teams Forfeit Games Fight on Fcr Championship The Fifth ward team defeated the First warders Tuesday evening in the only game staged in the Twilight league of the American legion. When the dust had settled on the diamond across from the First ward school, Graef's team found that it had collect ed a total of four runs to ten for the Fifth ward outfit. Consistant good fielding and heavy hitting on the part of the Fifth warders won the game for them, The Second ward outfit forfeited its game to the Fourth warders and the Third forfeited to the Sixth. Two postponed games remain to be played before the championship of the league can bs decided. One of these will be played by the Fourth and Fifth ward teams next Sunday morn ing. If the Fourth warders can down the Fifth's outfit there will be a three cornered tie for first place. Announcement of the date for the Other game and the teams' standings will be announced later. BEHNKE AND JENSS NINE ,. BEATEN BY GREENVILLE Behnke and Jenss, one of the leading amateur nines here, was defeated in Sunday's game with the South Greenville Grange nine on the Greenville diamond by a, score of 9 to 2. Batteries for Greenville were Nixon and Knutson and for B. and J. team, McQuire and Oshman. Nixon was credited with 16 strikeouts and McQuire with 7. Errors by Greenville were 2 and B and J. 8. The Greenville team will visit Ad- rpleton next Sunday for a game with the West End Merchant's team. . The Exact Size HAND? MADS Full Londres Sumatra Wrappef x Long Fillejj m Josltn Cigar Co. Distributors DePere, .Wis. FIFTH WARDTEAWl Appleton Likes Tennis . Coming Contest Shows; Large Number Enrolled Eighteen Men on List for Tournament Scheduled On Three Y. M. C. A. Courts Beginning This Week. That Appleton has a host of male tennis enthusiasts is evidenced in the growing list of entries for the city tennis tournament for men, scheduled to start Thursday, under the auspices of Y. M. C. A. at the "Y" courts. Eight persons have enrolled thus far and since registration does not end until 10 o'clock Wednesday night it is certain that more will join the fray. The tournament was started mainly as a get-to-gether affair" but incidentally it promises to bring out who's who on the local courts. Among those signed up for the games are: Heber H. Pelkey, J. V. B. Cox, Arthur Jensen, Nels Olson, Ches ter Hill, H. A. Lipschutz, G. J. Barlou, Stanley Lowe, S. C. Peabody, T. E. Xistris, H. T. Burrow, Alfred S. Brad ford, Phil Dooley, J. M. Fisher, Stanley Staidl, U. P. Edwards, R. L. Gregory and R. F. Dunger. Of the entries Mr. Pelkey, Mr. Pea- body and Mr. Bradford stand foremost as possible Winers. These men have distinguished themselves in the game some time or other. Paul Scalon, although not signed on the entry roll, is expected to loin the tournament. Scalon is a brilliant player and also is listed among those who have a chance in the finals. The "any mu I fl i i iii t fliMuM w GIN GER ALE SySTAR BRAND 5HOES ARE BETTEfVfo AA A practical Ladies' Oxford of Brown Calfskin, all leather construction, rubber heels. . . Sizes 3 to 7 $3.45 WOLF SHOE CO. KAUKAUIUA VALLEY Ml TO 05105 Teams of Valley Circuit Stand Close to Each Other in Average Column Kaukauna's VaUey league baseball team will play the Oshkosh team at Oshkosh next Sunday. Marty Lamers has made a hit with the fans by his mound work and is slated to pitch against the Indians. The Valley teams are bunched up In the average column with Oshkosh in the lead and Kau-kauna trailing but there is very little margin between as the Indians have a standing of .571 and Brautigan's outfit .500. Sheboygan and Fond du Lac are hanging close to each other with .645 and ,538 respectively. A win by Fondy Sunday when that team plays at Sheboygan would give them the lead over the new sister of the circuit. Davenport, la. The Triumph won the 2:14 trot feature event at the opening of the great Western circuit. C . - ft r ;i t : v. .- j . ocniijiu, alien Burning ma uuver in the first heat of the 2:10 pace, won fourth money. time" drink Clicquot Club Ginger Ale is one beverage that is good at meal-times and between. The time to drink it is any time you want it. There is nothing that is not pure and good in Clicquot. The water is drawn from springs. The ginger is the best that is grown on the island of Jamaica. . Fruit juices and other ingredients equally pure make the happy blend, the delightful taste. They all like it. Get Clicquot by the case for home use. If you want variety, you : can buy Clicquot Club Ginger Ale, Sarsapa-rilla, Birch Beer and Root Beer. THE CLICQUOT CLUB COl Millis, Mass., U. S. A. V

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