The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938 With Center Jump Out Court Remindful oi Race Course Hard On Hardwood By JERRY BKOMJFlFXf) NEA Service Stiorts Writer How tough a game is basketball' The answer, short and snappy Is "plenty." Doting mothers who forbid junior to play a "brutal" game sucli as football, but think it's perfectly all right if lie plays basketball, don't realize w hat n mistake they're making. However, this isn't a case acainst America's most popular indoor activity. It merely is by May of pointing out that the cage Eame ( can very easily take its place | alongside football and hockey as one of the roughest, toughest spcrts on (he books. I Boxers, trackmen, and ere.v athletes might differ, but basket-' ball 'probably is a greater drain on tlie wind than anything else you can think of. Players Brecon-,' stantly on the move, and :io\v that the center jump has been eliminated the hardwood becomes highly reminiscent ' of a race course. i Then. too. there is the matter of HEIP5JIIIER Fonscca Believes Modern Bat Design Aid For Longer Hilling The Dope Bucket tty 3. P. Friend IN THIS CORNER By Krenz 1!V K.UtKV {JKAYSON Ki.-'Jils ftditor, NKA Service CHICAGO, Jan. l:t.-Uw Von- l m ' , . ..„ , „ seen, dmuipion hitler i» I)J.<; <|:iy. i'rs If the clmnge In ijat de- sii'ii liasu't lutl much ta do v.lth Hi" liveliness of the baseball. 'llilrty years a;o, most hi^ leaguers useil n .slick weighing 40 ounces or m::e, with the barrel not much larger fiaii the handle. The. average length was '.'A inches. Each had one favorite Y.eupon, an;| It usnnlly lusted ;i number of seasons, plenty of good usli could he put into a slilNalah of those dimensions. Most of the bludgeons swung at present come from the Hal ciias« model. on c of the first with Hie Just, as we suspcct- cil there Is a story behind the agreement of Cecil Peinljerton. .foijKtoio tackle, to light James "Bab" Roberts . . , Their sclied- uli'd four round bout with the (.'loves Monday night ii just u continuation of a jcrap thut started Hit night of Nov. 10 . . . Only dillerence Is that this v/lll be with t;;e padded mittens . . . The olh- wus not . . . H .seems that ..ell a ... "On the lirst piny utter 1'i'inbcrlon got into the gaini' he smacked me In the month ... I told him if thai was the way he wus going tu play tfieii two could do it. . , . About two plays later my chance came . . . caught him coming across the Ine head.down . . . Locking my lands together I came up under .he tackle's chin with them . . . Ic landed flat of his brick and was JUt cold . . . 'Hie referee, who war. standing not far away, came niching up, took a look at boih of .is and then told us to 'cut out Ir.dinna hi^h school Iwisketlxill teams play for rr.:i on \vhy so many collect- stars are developed keeps, which is one there. Joe Patrmell!, body contact. A football player, bi-cthc-r of Matt, former Michigan football star, is caught In an naturally, lakes more and harder perpendicular posilion In » scrap for tin.- toll. His Irani. Elkh.'irt, knocks, but at least he Is padde:! ( ,. om i J:Por(( .. 31-20, for its seventh .straight. well at vital spots. Hoopsters have virtually no protection, and with the game as fast as It is anything whistle if they so much as look ' cross-eyed nt their foes. Mnny physicians are claimini that basketball, as played now, is •i.' fast a :lr ' .'•tirnuou'; that alii-- '••'•:j will feel it later on. is liable to happen. Tough On Track Men Before tile center jump was ?!!.".;''!.-•(?<!. body contact often was v;.-.v;|.- --)•.?- "ppo-inj forwards • • .uards plunged In for the tip-off. They made it 'a little tougher on Ihe, college boys'a few years back when they split the game Kn y into 20-minute halves Instead cf| 10-minute quarters, but they dlcl-|n n't dare let the rule affect liisliiot! school players. So rough is the sport that many track coaches forbid their stars to play. They claim the constant, sudden starting and stopping the easiest way to ruin a track- man's feir muscles, or give him a trick knee that will ruin him lov keeps. I Jesse,'Owens, who liked basketball, was forbidden to participate in Ohio State intramurals. Many a potential star lost a world record somewhere on a basketball floor. A Study In Contrasts The degree of intensity in Ihe game varies. In the midwest it's terrific. It may be because of the great number of football players who double In the cage sport, bill, nevertheless, basketball is so rough But so far. nobody has dropped dca;l from exhaustion or broken tones. And the boys say once they got themselves adjusted *° the new style of piny it v.-on't be tougher 0:1 them than before. thinner handle and wide barrel. The one-time Prince Hnl. who is having such a lamentable finish, always was thinking. He wanted si the entire field. IJabe Ruth and Rogers Hornsby were two of the first successful hard hitters to wield the thin-handled bnt. The Ihln handle, makinj the bat (op heavy, provides additional driving power. N^iy fouls in use everywhere are much lighter und most of them longer than those employed In the old days. .he rough stuff' Apparently Pejnbeiion hadn't bad enough and on the very next play lie 1ft me lave it again ... As soon as I could I let fly a forearm blow that found It's mark . . . He then went up to the referee and asked to be taken out of the game" ... So the fur should fairly lly wlien the two get together at Community Center In Jonesboro ... As for yours truly I hope to be at ringside But not too close . . . One of Iheni is liable to come sailing through the ropes ... It wouldn't tsele Cagers Defeat Wardell Teams Tuesday ETEELE, Mo.—The Steclc Bull^ dogs won smother double header Tuesday night when they defealed tha Wardell tennis on the local ccurl. The girls score was H-20, nn:l tlic boys score was 28-2(i. The boys had a close battle in the last half. Carman, Stele was high point sjirl player, with 22 paint.?, mid C. Mathis of Wardell was high painter of the boys with 13 points. f Group Jonesboro Team clay Night i>. HY .1. Selection of the local amateur boxers to represent Blylheville against Jonesboro Monday night were mndc today by Promoter Joe Craig. The complete card is as follows: James "Bub" Roberts, light heavyweight, will meet Cecil 1'em- berton. 182, In what is expected to "be tl'c main attraction. Holland Teams Lose To Hayti Basketeers Shorter Ihe Bat, Belter the Balance T\>n=i>r!i. promotional director of (lie American League, recently visited one of the Inner bat factories In Louisville, and found that the bluest problem confronting manu- | fncturers nt present Is providing ,., \ good nsli for this type of slick. Meet Light ash with' loose, [lorous growth B/T does not possess the driving power Oil- O f so n ( i timber. "Young players should remember that the shorter the bat the better tlse balance and the easier the handling," -says Fonseca. "More 'compact and solid timber of reasonable weight spells driving power, balance, and easier handling for (he maior leaguer, so why not for the youngster? "My recommendation is for the younger player to shorten the lc"-th of i'is bat to at least 34 Inches, so that better ash can be be exactly like having McCarthy with either of ilcrs on your knee, Charley the grid- retained. 1 ' Bat Either Hilly Price. 118. Manila, makers are asked by college and youngster, or Atlas Jones, 115, will • high school players for the exac' oppose Joe Stewart, 115, Jouesboro. t.'.oycl Fiui'iiwti, 128. takes on Joe Scvcer, 1'28, Jonesboro. Herb Childs, MO, faces Spurlock, 140. Jonesboro. Glen Aaron Jackson, Byrd. 140. tackles MO. .Ionesbov.0. Div, HOLLAND, Mo. — The Holland ! Hcporls emanating from Jones- basketball teams lost a double header io the liayti teams at Ha.vti Tuesday night. The boys score was 9-18 anil the girls score in the Big Ten that It seems as though the boys have to draw blood before a foul is called. On the other hand, eastern play i was IH-29. is almost anemic in comparison.! Holland will play Midwestern quints who go to the here Friday night. seaboard are warned that they'll j draw a blast from Hie referee's! Read Courier News Want Ads. Braggadocio .University Head- HORIZONTAL (.1, 8 The new x president of Yale ,- University. .J5To paint again .16 Inexpensively. 17 Tardy. 18 Striped labric. 20 Local position. 21 Male ancestor. 22 To expend money. ^23 Lacking, stiffness.) '25 Child. • 16.Cavity. 27 Auto. 28 You and me. 29 Artifice. 130 In'that manner. Answer to Previous Fuzile colleges, r^n H Kailwny, I 19 Honey gatherer. 21 He was a ;it Yale. 22 Compact. 24 He was formerly at Yule. ' 20 Employs. ~ 42 Satiates. 2 The sun god. 45 Float. / 3 Aside. 46 Doctor. 4 To value'. 47 Dethroned. 5 Falsehood. .49 Mamma. 6 Halt an em. 50 Hawaiian bird 7 Chief 51 To woo. commodities. 31 Church group. 52 Also. 8 To scrutinize. 34 Eluded S* Musical note. 9 Sound of 36 Card game. 56 He has a inquiry. 38 Short letters. ' 's degree. 10 Affirmative. 39 Postscript. 57 He succeeds 11 Correspond- 40 Being. s Dr. . cnce 41 Digits of the . VERTICAL 12 Ocular. , foot. 1 Credit. 13 Turkish 29 W;ilks through WE I walor. ^lAl 31 Father. 32 He specialized in . 33 To glow. 35 To bewitch. 37 A coming on. 39 Soft food. 42 Prophet. 43 Electric unit. 44 Slender prickle. 47 Duel. 48 To pul on. 50 Natural power 51 Street. 53 King of Bashan. 55 Dye. I boro where the matches will be held, indicate Unit interest is in- crcaEinE rapidly and a capacity crowd is almost a certainty. The acceptance of I'emuerton Io fight Roberts with the prospects of u nrobnule grudge battle has sent the enthusiasm soaring. Interest also surrounds Hie Byrd-Juek.son bout. Jackson, considered a knockout artist, having knyoed a Trumaun entry in his last encounter, is counted on heavily to return the victor. Byrd is out- of the most experienced on ll'e local squad, possesses a good right hand mid. should exlend the Jonesboro boy. Cval'j said (hat he was quite pleased with Die improvement of the boys. They have worked hard ami are coming around nicely. Bon Burton and Mildred Smith, professionals, have worked oat with Ihe simon pitrcs und have been of tremendous assistance to Die Chickasaw Club instructor. They will likely continue to train daily through Saturday, will rest Sunday and leave Monday aliout neon for Jonesboro. model' of the major leaguer as to lengtii and circumference 1 , and sfil' SORRY—It was with regret that we learned the Osceola Indians will not be "among those present" when the Northeast Arkansas League opens in May . . . The •lews v/as not surprising ... H lad been rumored thnt they would x forced to drop out unless some- lung miraculous happened . Having worked some with Messrs. Ben Butler and Fred Taylor we were "in" on a few secrets . . . One was that Fred and Ben were carrying a tremendous financial load ... It was inevitable that sccnor or later tiicy would have to get out from under it ... Knowing how far down they had to dig during 1330. your correspondent was surprised that they arc and Osceola funs and other titles could use ninny more like •.hem—they just hated to give up ... In the face of tremendous xlds they were \yilling to lake the risk. In order that Osceola might PURDUE'S p/A'T-SK£D COACH WON MORE BI& TEM ~/rn.E5 SCOf?/W6 DEMON. 6HOT6 ENABLED , HIM TO SET A NEW , CONFERENCE u\sr Ti-tE LEA&UE... UNDER HIS GUIDANCE ~Tt-lE Efc HAVE CAPTURED IN N/NE f'»x SETS A GAM THAT A COUPLE OP STUDENT MANA6EKS AK£ AS616NED 75 ~ 7ff£ H%£Hi sislant coach of the Chicks, rec-'be definitely on the eiveil that honor in '35. tii ej . v .. e m, ovcr |,jg the youngsters want their bats about four ounces feliler than those of Die major lenguor." Mel Ott ankles to the rubber will- a 34-Inch bat In his hands. Mlckev Cochranc swung a 34"..-inch stbk. was tiie l™«flh of the one •bi",h ih» immortal Tvrus Raymond Cobb did so much dmi- ase. Willie Keeler. daddy of place- hitters, used n 311-j-iuch bat. Weight "i Slick Ilciluced With Years One outfit sells 90 per cent, of all the bats use<l by major league player" Fifty-six per cent ot the i>lnver r IK? n 35-inch bat. 2G per cent a 34-incli, 12 per cent a 3lj-iuch. and G iwr cent a '33-incli. The average major league plaver uses a bat weii?hiii<? aoproximately 30 ounces. Early in his career IIP uses a fairly heavy stick, bnt nfiev several years lie reduces the weight from two to three ounces. The largest, manufacturers of bats purchase 2.000.000 pieces of asli each year. The wood is a^ed from 14 months to two years. To prevent chipping, ft 200-pound pressure forces liquid cement into the barrel of the bat just before it is dried and finished. This particular concern ;;ells 1.750,000 bals each year. llaseball is big business in mure directions than one. have and. the the STYMIED — Kenneth Gregory. Associated Press sports writer at Atlanta, who has a particular habit of calling his news shots, says that J. B. "Bars" Whitworth, erstwhile Blytheville Chickasaw, will not follow Joel Hunt to Georgia ... He emotes Uerule Moore. L. S. U. coacli, [is saying that Georgia could have one ccachcs but not two . . furthermore he was willing and determined to back up his statement with the long green . . . We haven't rjuitc determined whether it is a good or tough break for "Ears" ... At the "oie war Jkulc" he is listed as the fourth coach under Moore . . . But he is spot ... If all would be , . If not, well that would black horse of a different well be a color fickle girl, Fate, holds in store . . . The Joker is still in the deck. Who can tell what the j Manciiso, ADVANCED-At least five members of the Blylheville Giants, Northeast Arkansas League will not wear the local colors again . . . We understand that Al Collins has been handed his outright release . . . Frank !ging catcher, writes that lie lias been ordered to report to Fort Smith . . . The same goes /or Clyde "Spot," Reed, local bey who made good here at liome . . . We are predicting botli will not only make good in Class C but will go higher . . . They have the earmarks of class or I don't ° r "is! champs. . And 1 jf prp;.- cn t plans do not go amiss i know my baseball players. . . . It is almost a lead pipe cinch I that Jack Kelly and Pete Pavicli | Read Courier News Want Ads. Brent American game definitely in the saddle as long as Manila Wins Three of I Olympic Plans Laid By Northeast Arkansas League might survive . . . They lost but they won . . . They lost In dollars but won the respect and admiralion of those who knew. LETTERS—The fact lliat Jimmy Tipton. Hcrscliel Mosley, Gene Blackwell and Eddie Saiiba were awarded football letters this year Is indicative of the brand of foot- lall played In Blylheville . . "Tip", Herky and Gene were among the 27 who lettered at the University of Alabama . . . Eddie eceivcd his award at the Univer- ity of Arkansas . . . Also significant Is all but Tipton are sopho- liore-s . . . Unless sophs have eally got something on the ball hey are not usually given much f a tumble In big lime football i'licre there Is plenty of material Tipton w : as one of the real unsung heroes of 1D3G . . . The Ightest starting tackle at 'Baina n 15 years, he made the grade, .nd how! . . . Hi:; opponents will •ouch for that ... if he had the color of Shoemaker—talked loud and long—it isn't too remote i o believe that he would have been :iven serious consideration for Ail-American recognition . . . The ate Waiter Camp's definition of •xn All-American was "a long ran Hid an Inspired sporls writer" . . Jim was signally honored by his mates with "the most intellectual award" . . . Mitchell Best, as- Four'Basketball Games MANILA.—Manila high school's our basketball teams won three amps Tuesday night on the home our I. The local juniors played Dell enters and lost by 7 to il. Two xtra periods were necessary before tie decision. In the second game f the evening the Manila junior ,lrls defeated the Dell seniors, 11 f 5. The senior girls played Dyess for he third game of the evening, vinniii" the game 36 to 20. MacDonald and Clubb. Manila, were itgh scorers with 14 points each. Oxford and Cambridge LONDON (UP)—With nn eve Io tha 1940 Olympic games Oxford and Cambridge universities have decided to Include the javelin anc the discus in the inter-varsitj track and field meet in March. They also have decided that future scoring shall be by points instead of only first place c as lins been done for the past 1( years. The inclusion of the javelin nnt discus brings the number of events on the program up to 13. ami i:uii- cales the efforts which BritM he wants to stay, at least as long Moore is there which appears to be indefinitely . . . Should he RO to the cracker state institution would be first behind Hunt, Tile big catch is they would £''-' ; -'^-''jj^ ; . :: '/ 1 • ^ '"• ®"-".' i i ' ' '-.-: '• ' " - ' " " '- '• OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, snre and wllh less discomfort. AH diseases and conditions of nervous origin, foot allmfnls and skin cancers treated and cured at our ctlnlc. ^ DRS. NIES & NIES Oitcopathlc Physicians 514 Slain Phone 98 Blvlhevtlle, Ark. ^..hi^x The Face of VlNCIiNTB MlNNELLl KnaJtraj', n.tailtf'WtnJtr Ha,' A Sfiisalioual success as a linVfr of llieauu-ai sketches - as a .ftii^nfr of scagc sets and cosmmts ii a projitcer of plays. His hirst pioduc- tlon is the success "Itnoray for What I" LIPS—THAT SPELL S-U.C-C-E-S-S Holh the lips are conspicuously prominent, and are sharply delineated widi ;idrfi- nile outline. The upper lip is long and iviik. The mouth is helil firmly closed by the muscles at die tJges (not at therrxttr) of die llicmlll. But, contrary to the common result of such steadfastly controlled mouth muscles, the lijis remain i>hm>]>, llnirrin- klrd.aEtti full. Tile upper lip lias a <lce[i, wtde curve in tile renter. '.V . lankin. Dyess. had the r.ame score. I alhletic bodies are making to im Manila Lions, last year county pr>ve the standard in field evi'iu? champions, had n walkaway In The inter-varsilv program <.;ji heir meet with Ihe Twess five, falls short of the usual iui?rr v . •inning 39 to i<~<. Bert Williams was (i-nal range, since it om>'s ihe ":-•) with 18 points. ?3r) yards. R miles. 44<) vards Ivir- Kcrscy of Ihe visitors made 11 idles (instead of 220 yards hurdles'. -oinls. • • I hammer, and hop. step and >um\t. T'SFun! PS Healthful! T'S Entertaining! What?? BOWLING Sudbury's Playhouse Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas Tax Paid All Leading Brands of Beer, Liquor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, Sl.lf, Carton Highway 61—Holland, Mo. If you want to be an extraordinary success as a host . . . serve this very popular Kentucky straight Bourbon -the famed "double-rich" one ! A 9d V in the Blue grass Country by master Kentucky distillers the goo J old Kentucky way. Ask for h by nime at your favorite bar or tavern, COrVRIOHT 19J8. SCIIEXLtY DISTRIBUTORS, 1KC., N. V. C,

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