Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 22, 1920 · Page 14
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 14

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1920
Page 14
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h i I I 14 The Deep Purple Doesnt Qualify as a Cure foT the Blues THE DEEP PURPLE Produced by Maj flower Directed fcjr lUoul Wale Prtsested it lb Boeton FASHK BLUE BOOK THE CAST Don Moor Kate rillon nary Lelsnd Pefr Clsrlt miium Le Cordon Lajlock Connolly rtoeelo Billy Pnyllu UK Cabaret Feature Minim Cooper Helen Win Mount fcerrsno W J Ferrueou Stuart Qui William B Mack Lincoln Plumer Ethel HaQer Hal Horn Lorain Froet Bird Mtlunaa By Caroline Sanborn If souve ever entertained wcret Jiklng for th glitterins Ufa of the i i underworld as portrayed in the movleseee The Deep Purple and be apeedlly unconvinced Those of ou who went to vtew Ha stage prcsenta tlon will doubtless remember the unpleasant dark brown taate It left In your mouth When you have watched the story unfold on the screen you 11 feel the need of a thorough disinfec aBBBBBBBFTBBBbV I MM CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUTE SATURDAY MAY 22 1 BY CGRLNMS LOWE NEW YORK Ibpeclal Cor r pondence Tbla iertalnly has been a year of the broth erhood materials Everything Is now mated with everything and it Is therefore not very strange to And sweaters invadlag the congress f fabrics Some of these garments are made of both wool and fiber slllc Others are com blned with some dlfferenet kind of silk and In the aboe model we find a aweatar blouse made of georgette and wool The former Us luck Dpied over white and the wool is White The slip through collar and the short sleeves ar - Interesting particularly so the latter which appears In many smart new sweater creations A Friend in Need Sally Joy Broun I want to be the medium throurh which the friend la deed and th fnend in nead It mar bo Too i whlrh haa tioL outgrown iUfUMfulnwa that will make torn tt fortunaU ons happy and you sold rladly aire tt 11 you knew how to o about it Write to me and I hall b only too happy to be ol earrlce to TOO Pleaee write on one aid of the paper t aii a MlIAM COOPER ing And a long walk In the fresh air tt deals with the workings of a gang of small minded unprincipled crooks of a quite different caliber from those robber heroes youve been accustomed to They are petty enough to steal pep n lea from a blind man and evil enough to hurt eery wpman with whom they come in contact And as for magnanimity or reform well there just aln t no such animal ill lam CooDcr as the annealinr vie ttm of their schemes Is quite a sue cess She la so obviously innocent j sews pretty well that I will be hapoyl - v jw mt unti mtmiiuuui 0 gie some one i wilt deliver It tr wljh her - And you are wholeheartedly nhe distance is not too great i tlDiDeL addreed vnvtloDa ahoi pany the requeet Plaaae do not aend parcels to The Tribune but writ tor th aaareaa oi taa appucani ana ena direct Ctvei a Serving Aacnme I have an old sewing machine het glad When her dreams of loe and pretty frocks and good times begin to materialize Only ou occasionally wish that she wouldnt look heaven ward o frequently and fervently a -The best acting is that of W J Fer Kiuon who takes the part of Pop Clark He is a thoroughly hideous and repulsive old buzzard devoid of any sort of lionor or morals This picture will interest jou If you care to see it But - dont undertake it at a cure for the bluea Bright Sayings of the Children TV Trtsaa will pay SI fas taefc ekiMatk aartas priatad The tT Mi aever hare beta printed Is say mar - tdM ar paper U h Ml peaalble ffcaewleds ar retnra aBavallabl eaa - tUbatUaa rieaae wriU wU at lbs paper Address ItrUht Bajtass I Aaair Bae Trlbas Cfcleaf Mrs G W ri A sewing machine U a useful gift at any time and especially Just now when spring and summer clothes must be made Thank you lor your though 4U1UCSS Patterns for Quilts I should so like to get some pat terns for piecing quilts out of scrana of cotton goods Do please see if ou 1 can help me M B Qj EMBARRASSING MOMENTS Trlh4 Th pseUthed Uemeat of raattas klaaa a aldi aecrtpt retwaad win pa 1 fer erery letter Th Uaat gjabarraealac lly UtT Aidreaa Kmbaf nta Chtassw Trtbga WriU f th paper M aw PeeJthg in the Window Our neighbors house is for sale I took a friend Intent on buying over to show her tijrough and after ringing the bell eetral times and getting no response decided no one was home Wishing to feriv her some Idea of the layout of the house I Invited her to step over and look Into one of the two windows facing th porch when to mi chagrin we peered Into the face of m neighbors husband The bell was out of order M B H One for Joe While shopping I ran across some bargains in soap and purchased On my way home I met a frierld of mine and his pal on their way from work and stopped to talk My friend noticing my package said Well Sue what did you buy for me today And I quickly replied Oh t bar of soap I didnt realize what I had said until I heard his pal say Thats one on vou Joe is C PATTERNS BY CLOTILDE Ordir Blank tor CjotiW Patterns CLOTILDE DAILY TRIBUNE CHICAOO I Indued and 9 Plea aend m tt Clonirte patterns Uited below Tittern number six frioe m MM Street City Stat y OMWS APRON This apron is especially useful if one is dressed for dinner and is obliged to be in the kitchen for a time The pattern 8429 is cut in one size corresponding to 8 SS 31 and 40 itnehes bust measure llow to Order Clotiide rattens AN rite your name knd aaareaa plainly Ion dotted lined giving numoer and size jet suck patterns yoju want Inclose 12 cents In stamps or coin wrap coin carefully for cacn number and ad areas your order tb Clotilda Cuicaoo paiLT Tribune Chicago Isote Clotilda patterns are made In Kew York exclusively for the Chicago Daily Tribune They are perfect in fit up to date in style and the easiest Of all patterns to us Tribune Cook Book BY JANE EDDINGTON Asparagus Garnish Most recipes which describe aspara gn garnishes say use tips Now anr one will allow that this is wasteful unless some good use Is found for the stems and what better way is there than that of augmetlng the small bulk of tipsT The following idea was dug but of an ancient and long recipe of the many Ingredient type The whole dlajh was vegetarian and celery was used with the asparagus which combination is a desirable one when the cooking is right The method below Is rjot old but new Wash each stem of asparagus as thoroughly as possible before cutting oft the tips Break off the rest of the stem at theTolnt where it becomes undesirably hard Put the broken stems into a frying basket or cheese cloth and dip them into boiling watfsr and let them remain In It for about five minutes Remove dip in cold wa ter drain chop and put to cook in a little boiling water Dip the tips in the same way and for a little longer time since they are dirtier and this scalding is to clean them dip them also In cold water and after the chopped asparagus has been cooking ten minutes add the blanched tips and cook until these are tender Finish with butter Asparagus so prepared may be ar ranged in a ring around whatever it is used to garnish and the ftps easily Set up In the mossy chopped part to make an attractive finish A similar thing may be done when the whole is to be served as a vegetable Bo pre pared it will seem to go farther than when the whole stem is cooked By the way the true and proper way to eat an asparagus stem Is from the fin gers Therefore tt must not bo cooked too soft That Is why the highest class recipes direct the serving of the sauce separately 920 ii n I - s 7u r Chas - A - tevehs Bros A Complete Exchuiv SpeeUUr fkep for Women FOJl SATURDAY 135 GIRL TOP COATS AND CAPES Repriced Lower 3 Exceptional Groups 4 1000 1500 2500 THE Little Daughters Siop bringtfgoodnews It s offering you your choice of coats and capes taken from the regular stock at such a decidedly low price that both wee daughters may now have new coats for little more than you had planned to spendfor onev These wraps are expressly designed to become the ages of six to sixteen so we advise an early visit as we have no assurance that these exceptional J values can be secured later rA Large Selection of Styles and Materials POLO cloth MENS WEAR SERGE VELOUR CHECKS COVERT CLOTH i BLACK AND WHITE CHECKS NOVELTY CLOTHS Sizes 8 to 16 V Girls Tailored Wash Dresses Peter Thompson Style Featured at 500 750 1000 Ten Different Styles In wnite and blue Sizes 6 to 16 Girls Wash Frocks 500 I 750 1250 - Gingham Percale Devonshire - Peter Pa i etc Unlimited Select on of Styles Sis 6 to 14 12 to 16 Little Daughters Shop Third Floor Motion PSctBireeto t 5 DOWNTOWN Ellse was proud and much excited over a pair of new shoes an J while cali - i Ing on a friend could think and talk of nothing elte To get her interested in something els the woman at whose home she was isitlng tried to take her up to an elephant made of teak - wood about a foot high looking rather real Baby Vrae much afraid at first but went nearer trembling as she went along Finally she put her little hand on his head and finding him harmless pufoth arms around him and cried out In astonishment and Joj lis loves me heloes my Bhoes J5 B R iA mother took her little sun to the barber shop the other day to hae his hair cut and as the barber was about through the little fellow said Who cots UF - hair barber IL J q JONES LINICK a SCHAIFERS B RANDOLPH sttu itiiik 1 10 A M CONTINUOUS I P M I rissT Tim shown A I dmaL 1 VrJBBBsf SBBBBS IHOB BugWUBH DOWNTOWN rSAKBEESJ ft - i lBty TH CATRESW a i l I AMPICO Reproducing Piano Demonstration Hecitalo 1ucsdayThutsday and Saturday - afternoons at 5 oclock in our Ampico Studio BISSEUfWEISEKT PIANO COMPANY 412 South Michigan Am HhefmeArtiBHg MONROE AT DEARBORN Cent It A M W II P M - LAST DAY Eicloflve Chksfe Prtirotatloa Frivolous Wives - Extra Added This ck - EANETTE CHRISTME 1 OPERATIC SOPRANO NORTH RIVIERA IMPORTANT RIVIERA EVENTS I ft Unexcelled Bill Headed By M I i Marv Mllea Mintnr as t Z I Mar P CASTLE STATE AT MAD190N MACK SENNETTS HOWUM FBATLSB BLCCESS Down Farm m IMAM - CONT1NCOL9 - 12 30 A H QTATT7T AKV i - - - j ORPHEUM LIRtUlT VAUDEVILLE HHOTOPLAtS V EXCLLSHE SHOWING n OLII THOMAS in THE FLAPPER Skmas t 11 15 - Ui 1 I J PAiKn 68 WEST MADISON STREET UaOinU rvV BULLET HARRY LRfci pkoof - OBCHESTBA NOW PLAYIKO - NEXT DOOR TO BLACRhTOSt HOTEL 7iFrFFin MILDRED HARRIS CHAPLIN i uwiuu rvtiKTr FOU - T ur lim at www Becbintac Sundsy - DORIS KEN0S la - THE HARVEST MOON The Hon ol the SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA utinmumiiuuamnimnninniniwinnniiiiimimnfl bus Nurse linter as larjorie fc M iTEACMCirS PCT - S Booth Trldntot - r3 And HMn WNdMriM lH Ki rMONDAY AND ALL NEXT WEEK - j NORMA TMJUOGS W ol to L - - S Wo Mom if AsWBCatvll Lt I sJnMPsVsJCMnkll tibm I kfAjK IOLA DANA I msb BOSTON 21 N Clark St I ALL STAR CAST IS 1 THE DEEP PURPLE I H A1 firett Hsinan Drama ol Love and Dangerous ta Mrn KELAR MACK tad ANNA EAIUC la A Utter l latractlM BLANCHE A JIMMY CREIGHT0N Mad Vuatvtlta riNKS MULES ViadMlIt CialM j rrt sins KUlsK nbnHm na JJ1 NORTH CARK STREET I LILA LEE Ii TULLY MARSHALL I and the Great HOUDINI 1 - IN - I Terror Island I NORTH aStheSV vflSBBm raitusl VtaH Of J - I asssmV I Tf f 1 I jal - wwg WANDA COMrWO Vm OTOOW 22EE N M LSTATION MOTMn MITCHELL LEWIS I King Spruce VAUDEVILLE THE QUMPS Andy en SksUs Tomorrow BLANCHE SWEET Th Utaoiiar oca v A KLfcyt SOUTH WMSMSSBSM VISTA mnnssmsnuiaini - 47TH AND COTTAQE QROVE AYE S Mattaea Coatlnooua I GERALDINE FARRAR - iv - i The Woman and 1 the Puppet g TOMORROW I CHARLIE CHAPLIN I in MBy the Sea f MARY MILES MINTER la the Abaorblaf Comedy Drama Nurse Marjorie Hesrst News DcHaven Comedy Faith Arlshic Jrom tho Mlr l Evil and Uut - g - Ultra Added Attraction - I JOHNNY RAY g BRINQINO UP PATHER S H A Riot of Mirth In Two Part 1 a I OTHER NOVELTIES g iraiiiminiiirijiiiMiiiiiiDiKiiiniiuiiraiiinuiiinrainiiiiniffi ml ctate - c6ngresc KcTuRESrVAUilviLLE 7alcazaii i ii i i in m 0blare - hn you ses fHt darfdnll M scrren iur TOM MIX I IN i 1 The Terror easterly iWrr1 i KsW Safe Milk ForlofaBti InnEdj ItaCssUax A NotrltioQS Diet for All Ages Quick Lunch at Home or Office AtoU taUtlBS tsi SiDttitatet - Added Attractlon - S TAYLOR HOLMES m NOTHINO BUT LIES fe Lsteit Sunihlne Coeiedy B Muilc rendered by our orcheatrb Ethat enchanu you paclty U umira Our aeatlnr Come earljr C W JONES LINICK A SCHAEFXB S j S - RPHEUM state nr Monroe H EXCLUSIVE CHICAGO SHOWING I Dorothy Dalton g JN HER VERT LATEST PARAMOUNT fjThe Dark Mirror AIM LARRY SEMON In Hli Latcat Two Reel Comedy SCHOOL DAtS V a6SSN C1ARX1 J DY MILtt MINTER J Norae Marjorie 1 is THE IJOST CITY - I DE LUXE H B uii wilsc AT L S WjARN WII50V AVFNCE 91ATIUM FR piBRYN MAWRrg 1 Bryn Mswr nesr Brosdwsy st Bryn g I Mswr ML Sts - Coot Z to 11 P M g I WILLIAM RUSSELL I 1 and EILEEN PERCY I -INI Leave It to Me 1 MRS SIDNEY DREW COMEDY 1 g MUTT dt Jtn - cit a ENID BENNETT The False Road - MT4R RHKRIDAN ROAD RtUtWl cont s to 11 p u CORINNE GRlrrllri NEW PRESIDENT OARFIELD BLVD Near CALUMET BRAND OPENING TODAY Vaetr MaaaaaaiMt af BRUNHILD a YOUNG Seeli Radeeeratad Ftla - aaud Oh at tke BMtk tide riawt Tkeatne EVEN AS EVEW with GRACE DARLING WISELY ul COMEDY ORCHtSTBA 1ST SUN HOTOfLATS L 1 1 11 rnHa far7TKTTi 9 1 Mary Miles Minter f I NURSE MARJORIE I KEYSTONE lJg2A2l - FRANK KEENAN Larb IPtAYHOUSE 1 Last Day THE I IdONFESSIQN 9 CONTINUOUS 13 JO TO U T M koRTH rt DIVISION BET I A AILB AND WKLL3 STREETS DOLLLASVAIRBANKS TUrUnt with FU WILUAM TARNUM In THE ORPHAN PANORAMA CLABA X YOUNQ fciiiaua - ui a au iu aU ATTRACTION EXTRAORDINARY Pollyofthetorm I CountrV i - WITH - Mildred Harris Cnaplin I - Added AttrsetloL - I BUCK JONES la His Sensational Photoplay I Forbidden TrkiU Formerly PINE QROVE Shrtdn Rd E of B war Tba forbidden Woman NFW VFNMflPr KyonM Wilson - uuuuwna Avenues BeeaU Barrtaeale Woman Who Lnderatood ein THE WHITE DOVE DEARBORN iodaorbm HOPE HAMPTON A MODERN SALOME Rillon LINCOLN AND RODET DUuls coTINJous i 30 to 11 EARLF WILL I MS CAITAIN SW1TT - 1 YFtf lninfl til I iIa a 8 I BI0GRAPH ARGMORE TWiSKSMifta BEBT LYTELL In Aliae Junmr alentlno sfnrniwrr v9iiiflni IIIHI il - Ai L an AVtWm CUrl tM - isiaaita ae Lam 4 Lhf CALO VMa Dad I AVE rVMtnT rl a SnJ cSTt sS Pewaa 1 Ha Clark St mmi Balaaral Ara j nni la Mia TFDMINAI taf S B WaT - r - Br Tewfte TMeeTasf1 231 Llaaala Avaaaa s CiL 104 ta II H JOHN FOX IJRS Novel - 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THE YIRQINIOP STAMBOUf I INnCM e3D nd HALSTED STREETS LinUCn MATINEE DAILY Bryant Washbarn Mra Temple a TeUrram BVsmBBBsBBaB - BBBBBBBBBSBBBlBBBSBBBSM ATLANTIC VMaa MtrHa BOULEVARD Zttk aad Crawttrd MAI Ill FUJ VMaa MtrHa Hnktili aa Wlra SMk aad Aialaad At - lid FA YPrtaa Mama niniin mmt wtvor UA1 ClCl II UUaad NaltM Mat ALTlLiA iuu a in Jul ritilM - Ltttl Skaakard ef Klaaeaai CeaM ARCHER Ta saarr at Mir - i aniiirf iiiifliiri 4HJjlimu COLUMBUSf Artu7i Bart trtall Alltt Jlaieir VaUaUt MADLIN BOWS HOUDINI in Terror talsnd iot a Serial ARHUKD nhtlTEVARD NORMA TALMADGE She Loves snd lies IRVTNH IrrlM Pt KTd sot B ENID BENNETT THE FALSE KUAir NEW STRAND ESSSSJSJp GREAT AIR ROBBlYjJfc KARL0V i3JitS TOM MCE in - DESIEr XgrT I VI iyM jux la Dta l5 B5 5 tUt Mlhnaaee B ArttM BJ PARAMOUNT I COSMOPOLITAN ctara K Taaaa IFR0UC Haadlal KENWOOD i Maraa Talaiadaa HaMd at 7eta B4 ramaaae waaaa H B WARNER - THE WHITB DOVE Alao THE LOST CITY II WILSON MtitMa tad Waiters 1IIUJWM CeiL ISSte II ryU LILA LEE TULLY MARSHALL i and HOUDINI TERROR ISLAND S Mth SL tad uut Aie lalatr I2ZS E t 7tk SU Ska Lwaa a Lie - I WEST END CLARA KIMBALL YOUNO THE FORBIDDEN WOMAN I MirrYJniiAf ITIU Sraad Bird itflCiIIVUrVUlAIS at 47tk St i 51 wary aiaaa mintrr - nane Manane MADISON SQUARE Oakland Square 2 try w am pSrles Oakwaad Drtaol Mary Mine Miatar Miim Marlorla WILLIAM RUSSELL LEAVE IT TO ME CRAWFORD Sraad sad Oakwaad i ealetsrea IMekterd H KlaiOai Case MadUae m Tbo Celebrated State Pares fi MRS TEMPLES TELEORAM jf Ale THE LOST CITY I v1 tm DrlrT J milford HjSf Marry Moray Ta Saa rosewood OAK PARg it TintiiMtn TwBia BBTSr JAoALoaldajAAOAdMAl I Mary Mile Mp1 - 1 I I NURSE MARJORJ i I jj AUSTlNJj PLAISANCE iV EIme Hammerttin Alao LARRT SM0Wrt Mat Onlr let I H jSfcLM TatOl

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