The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1950
Page 11
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WBUNESI/AY, JTTLY B, Wfto OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLilWviLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ET.EVKM FRKCKLBS AND HIS PRIBNDS-BY MERRILL BLOSSEH .Dangerous Ground urBoordina House with Mai ,-IM ALL RIGHT, wes, I CArt IMITATE . A Fice SIREN 60 REAL YOU'D PULL TWe CLKB/ T CfXhJDo MV TEETH ARE EDSe MCVJ -•-I. BUT SOMeTHtN' ELSE AIMT- seciio YOUR FIRST 6IMSIMG LESSOU, WHAT 16 YOUR MUSICAL BACK6ROOWD ? ,, DCNT tCTV BARNEY SEE US TOQtniER/ /IIF/xf YOUR CHAUCFEUR? vvw hjorv HEfe REALLY BODySLlARO, WITH ORDERS IS DROP THE BOOM ON MAN THAT Be NICE TO ME/ FAR ALOfJG AS R1V6T- IrJG HAMMERS 2 FOR. THE STREET CAROWA POLICe MULE BCAYft CCO*1 CAWS ANO Sun,' HERE HE AGAIN! ISN'PTHIS COZYT MY LAST uoy FRIEND WILL BE our OF THE HOSPITAL IN AI^JOTHER TWO WEEKS' -S-SO IS A. G-6RAVE/ ADV/ANCet) PUPIL - his camp counselor. He says Junior has learned m, seen a crimson-throated grackle, developed qualities of leadership, and has poison ivy!" BY AL, VERMEER Political Announcement I The Courier News has Been author- ised to announce the following candidates, .subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 ami August 8 FOR COUNTY JUDGE Cg'- Ho]«nd Green FOk STATE /tEPKKSENTATIVE U. R Autry Re-election post No 3 John ,1 cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks Post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Pleeman (For re-election Post No *) W P. Wells For Stale Sen»tor W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally Willinra Berryinan 15%OFF On Your Coleman FLOOR FURNACE Install It Before July 31st D« : . It Now! Say* money, be ready for winter, before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that give's you Automatic Heat^-Cleau HeaU-.Warm- Floor Heat *•• A Demonstration Today Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Prom 1B92 to 1949 ft total of 6,288 elk were shipped from Yellowstone National Park to foreign countries lor exhibition and establishing of herds. Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service Hfl LTCRS JUflLITY SHO£ SHOI 121 W. M 0 I M ST. Copyright 1950 by NEA Service. Inc fco). •BlBKi* IB Wolt . -Je treutft MFB and > und ar Ban [AUHd Iww * 111 DaNlj HBi.dr*. a eo»v- >td Kit CarKOB. tvaom I»uni7 turn to v.urlT'i.'.r'llw".'.' a'anrir'. explnlnlBK lane »Bc -KOI rid" Bf Ihr BulrJ Ber rafLcr left her. But Jarrr Little Doe learaM thai «Be And •Hrrenittrred (Be Botel to TOBB. B friend of Ittaekjaek l.nmbert. m KjnBihter ahnt In a KBnfl^BI by 1111x17. IB pnymeBt fitr nlleced KKnibNiijc debt* lell br her faraer. VI A FEW days later Little Doc got " back from a 30-mile trip on which he set the broken leg of a bronc rider. It was almost midnight. A Light still burned in his office. He found Kit waiting for him: Another woman was asleep in a chair. Kit had put a 12-year-old boy to bed on the cot in the operating room and-given him a pill to make him sleep. "His face is flushed and hot and his skin Is dry. I took his temperature nnd he's running a high fever," she whispered. Little Doc examined the boy anrl looked at Kit. "Scarlet fever," he said. "He's gol to be isolated, and the mother with him. How lar out of town do they live, Kit?" "Five miles. It's a small ranch. The father Is out on the round-up He-workstfortheRocking R." • • The mother had brought the sick boy to town In a spring wagon. Doc bundled up the boy and then gave Kit instructions how to fumigate the olTice before following mother and boy to the Rocking R ranch. He had no quarantine sign to tack up, but he gave the ranch woman careful instructions and told the hired man to stay away from the house. He left, promising to return the next day. The newness was fast wearing oU the little black bag Doc had irought with him to Woil Point. This bag had been given to him by a girl. The.girl he planned to marry as soon as he had established a practice. But the girl hadn|t waited. Instead, she nad married a society doctor who already had a practice and John Sand had taken the train west as soon as he learned the news. « • • JTJOC pushed thoughts of, her into the back of his mind as he rode home. It was past sundown when he finally got back to town. As he entered the cabin in which lie made his office, the reek of disinfectant struck him like a blow. A cough disclosed the presence of Kit. wearing a gauze mask and her eyes red-lidded from the fuincs. "I'll eat every confounded germ that's left, Little Doc." she wheezed as she removed the mask. "How's the boy?" Doc nodded and opened a window to admit some fresh air, then he went to the door and Kit followed him outside. "He'll need nursing," he said. "His mother's strong and hasn't picked up the bug—at least, not yet. She's a sensible woman and I told her what to do. I'll go out first thirig in the morning. Meanwhile, you'd belter go home and get a night's sleep." "You're out on your feet yourself," she said. "Better take a hot bath and get to bed. We're both a fine pair of wrecks." "You're as tired as I am. Go home—go to sleep yourself. Doctor's orders. And no nonsense about it." They were standing outside in the twilight. Kit Carson knew that Little Doc was going to kiss her as they stood close to each other. She could have turned away, taken a step back. She had need only to turn her eyes away and the man's impulse would be gone But she kepi looking at him and into Mf eyes and when nls armi reached out. her lips were ready. * • • • 'J'HE sheepherder's dog Shep charger 1 oasl them, growling low He charged Into some rosebushes that made a hedge beyond the Whitetiouse They neard • man's snarling outcry of pain and saw Toad Creak from his eavesdropping shelter and run. Shep trotted back with a ragged chunk of checkered cloth. Old Dad. the sheepherder. nair and beard trimmed and wearing clean clothes, came out of the shed where he cad been staying th« past 10 days. "Shep." the sheepherder explained, "don't Ilk* fellers prowl- in' around." He pulled on nit battered hat and headed up Ih* street. "I'd just dropped ofl fei five winks, when Shep woke m« up. I'm outa tobacco. Little Doe I ain't huntin any more likker Vou aon : t aeed to worry about me." "We won't worry about you, Dart," Little Doc called after him. He lowered his voice as he spoke to Kit: "There goes a splendid liar." "He won't get drunk." said Kit. "He's taking the stage out in the morning and going back to hU band of woollies." 'I didn't mean that. There's • pound of pipe tobacco in his shed. He was wide awake. 1 think he sic'd the dog on Toad," Little Doe said. He still had hold of her hand, "Good night, Kit. Get some rest." "Good night, John." Both were thinking Die same thing. Toad could make trouble for them il he saw that the newt got to Dusty Rhodes. (T« Be CmtinMd) BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Frunks 2.95. 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NEVER GO BACK! IT SEEMED SO REAL... I'VE BEFN MISERABLE 'ABOUT I DON'T SEE WHV.. IT WAS ONLY A DREAM! Jed Kimillv Tells O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS] SO WR5. KYLE TOLD VDU WHY I WAS N MRS. KYLE FOUND POLICE MAY V SHE WON't rORGET ABOUT .THAT \ EVER MAKE CHARGE IF YOU SHOW /ME DO ANY- ME WHERE SHE'S J. THING AGAIN HIDING, JED. . AFBAID of HER.WEU.NEARS AGO t BAN SSfeT SHE'S OVER THERE ^V OUT ABOUr IT. EVER OVEf.AN OLD LADY. DIDN'T KILL HER.8UT -=^--==l==S\ IN THAT OU) MILL. M SINCE. SHE'S HELD II I LOST MY HEAD AND DROVE OFF OVEB ME. MY LIFE'S BEEN A NIGHTMARE. CAPTAIN KASY Race Against Time THAT .STORES 3O MILES FROM THE PUEBLO BV HORSEBACK.,, 14-6 BV CAR.1 AMD BLAZES_HHr\r EOADSl! THESTRANsER EAsV SAW IU THE TRADING POST DRIVES RAPIPLS TO HONDO PUtBLD AGAIN HE STOPS TO RE-READ THE NEWS- W PAPER ITE^ THAT HAP EXCITED HIM SO., BUGS BUNNY BY LESLIE TURNER LOTS OF OTHERS WLL SEE THW AND RECALL A CKAPTER.THEV READ I IW THE BEST TRAVEL BOOK WEJTTEU [ 6BOOT THIS REGtOH. ITU BEAMIRACld IF I GET THEEE FIRST! - Very Inconsidcriilc v- ESNY, MEEN/. '— •> MINBV, A\O... A as A a * * IfY/iv-vi r^^'^r-f ", "^ ^*~' t? SX" '*f~'<fr*'' 'Va'^ii?' . t SUItE t-ATCHEP A-HIM! ) ONTA A 4UPER YUMMIE... OH-OH! WELLf HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO r—' VER SAY TOR ) POGGONE YOURSELF? r TOQTIN' I HAVE.' WHY AWT YA V/EARIM' YER SQLJEAKV SHOES... SO I COULO HEAR VA COM1N'? ^is^^a ALLEY OOP Willing Prisoners IJY V. T. HAMUN NOW MEBBE THAT'LL TEACH YfJU T&O EASY Wrl(7 VJAB WITH THAT 5TICKEE.' '.' A/V NICE A/El\ SHIELD.'.' WHATLL SERG€AMJ 1 WONDER JUST \ VvUERE \\S ARE... N COMAM TESEITOR.Y COVERED A. LOT CF GEOGRAPHY, BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Ovv-wl BY KDRAK MAUTliN , Hft\i% WO VHOBV5.MS 1 . MO At ftVV'. W P.VL 1

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