The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME i—NO. 222. AKKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 3, 1SW : • . THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays ' 'In Uie Interest of the personnel Of the Army Air Forces Ad• vanced Two Engine Flying • School ol Blythevlllc, by the BlythevlUe Courier News. It conUlris the news ol the Air Base. . i Polish Those Ports, Mister Under the watchful eye ot his regiment's pel pup, a soldier ot the British Eighth Army deans his Vickers machine gun during a pause in (lie advance agnitist axis forces in Tunisia. jmy Pilots feff Caps To Bush Pilot HEADQUARTERS ALASKA DEFENSE COMMAND tUP)—Even he'boldest Army pilols, toughened is, many, a combat mission over Clska' garrison, cross their lingers ind'utter profanely respectful iei}ts when they see Hob s's- olrplnnc on an Aleutian ariding. strip. /F\>r Reeve, the only civilian bush Jllot employed hy the Army in the lleutian combat '/.one, is an 'riir- nan's' airman—a veritable • while- ialred. wonder—and he flics with xiuipmeiit an Army trained pilot vould'-not be caught dead in. * :''Why, holy hell," a veteran combat pilot shuddered recently when 3J*eyc's" battered old Fairchild dipped . in through the fog to a hree-pomt landing on Umnak re|d;,'_'! would just as soon kilc [round through these volcanoes on ia ironing board." when anybody mentions to :6evc that he-may be taking c.v- 'aordinary chances flying his an- tent,, single-motored plane in 'hat. air pilots agree are the world's 1'prst flying conditions, he merely x>ks surprised and allows In a lilef voice that he likes Aleutian jyingvHc admits that the tog, the rJUiwaws and Ihe freezing rains iiake things a bit difficult at limes. Mil-he odds that liiis is all to the bod because, he saj^s, "t keeps a cllow 'sharp." . Reeve's hnir and mustache are licm- white and'he has been flying tip Alaskan skyways as long as ,herc have been airplanes in the iorth.''He was the first pilot to ti'akc a practice of landing on gta- :tcrs and high summer snowslojics ri 'the mountains of (he Interior, ^s' a result of his pioneering in his connection, a number of valid bic gold mines in formerly in- Ccesssible areas became workable. •He lias flown freight, mail and lassengcrs to every remote corner if the territory and never IMS had i serious crack-up. W h c n I h t: Irriiy, recognizing his ability, hired lim to transport Army freight for \ic duration, he was given hh Choice ot routes to fly over. Reeve aid he guessed the Aleutian run vould suit him all right. ;,"What I really like nbout flying n the islands," he grinned, "is that t never yets monotonous." Miss Kirshner Hostess For Dance On Saturday Personnel of the Records Section of Rase Operations were the guests of Miss Nancy Kirshner, clerk in the Records Section, at a dance at the Country Club Saturday night. They danced lo popular music by Sergl. Don Scriuncr and feasted on a bullet lunch prepared by women employees of the office. Among military personnel present were Major William Hall, Capt. Lucius Rces and Capt. Lewis J, Wright. IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. • • George McClatchey, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7814 Leola AlcClalclicy, Defendant. The defendant Lcola McClatchey 1.1 hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff George McClatchey. Dated this 19 day of April, 1043 Harvey Morris, Clerk By Eldora Ncal. D. C. C. I-'. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Percy A. Wright, Atty. ad Litcm. •1/1D-2C-5/3-10 Newly Commissioned Officers lake Brides Following Graduation Five members of Ihc Cadel Ciradunlioii class were mnrrled ill Ihc Post Chapel shortly after they had pinned on Ihc gold bars of ii second lieutenant and the silver wings of Ihc military flier. Four of ihs ceremonies were performed by chaplain Julian A. Llnd- scy. They were: Lieiil. W. D. nccder. of IMxon. Tcnn., married the former Miss Winifred Davis of Blakely, Ga. Don Recder, brother of the bridegroom, and his wife witnessed the ceremony. Lieut. Robert G. Beackley, of Tipp Cily. Ohio, married the former Miss Willa P. Snow of Dayton. Emerson D. Beackley and Miss Olive J. Beackley. father and sister of Ihe bi-tdegroo.m attended Ihe services. Llenl. Donald U Cooper of Everett, Wash., married Miss Florence la Paglia of Chicago, III. Second Lieut. Lee Colcmnn and Second Uciil. NeilCopmawllnessed Ihe ceremony. Lieut. Hasil P. Hackleman. of Chitopa, Kans., married Miss Jeim Margaret Maxwell, of Chitopa. Second Lieut. Ernest G. Greenwood, a friend of the bridegroom, ami Miss Elsie r.NL-ixwcll, the bride's slslcr, were present. Chaplain Gerald J. Tlogan officiated for Lieut. John J. Corcoran, of New York City and Miss Evelyn D. Madden, of Newark, N. J. The wedding was served, by Pvt. George La Palme, chaplain's assistant. Mrs. Gallogly, wife of Lieut. William f Gallogly of this Post, and Lieut. Jerome Yakcl of Lockbourn Field, Ohio, attended the ceremony. Music for the weddings was by Sergl. DOJI scribner and his electric organ. lie played Ave Marie, Oh Promise Me, At Dawning, and the wedding march. .Tli e Chapel was decorated with calla lilies, Easter lilies, and ferns Bomb Shower Drives Japs Deeper Into North Pacific Strongholds Only Toe-To-Toc Fight Con Id Coiujurr Kiska ami Attti WANNING OHDEIt CIIICKASAWBA D t S T R I C T , MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARIN THE CHANCERY COURT, KANSAS. Tom Maybcrry, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8177 Christine Mayberry, Defendant. The defendant, Christine May- bcrry, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer Ihc complaint of the plaintiff Tom Mayberry. Dated this "|9 day of April, 1343. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Doris Muir, D. C. Claiide P. Cooper, Atty. for Pllf. Percy A. Wright, Atty. ad Litcm. 4/19-20-D/3-10 l-'roiH Gems to (JarlKipe (Jans . PASADENA, Cal. (UP)—Tlie City Police Department feels hurt and humiliated. Expert in searching for and recovering stolen gems, jewelry, furs, money and other valuables, it was recently given the wartime assignment of searching for stolen garbage cans, owing to the metal shortage, garbage cans are irreplaceable. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST 7 i Read Courier News want, ads. FUNNY BUSINESS Missouri Trackmen Beat Army Tlie State Teachers College track team of Cape Girardeau. Mo., defeated Ihe Post Track Team S'l'i to.5l!-j in a meet, held there Fridaj afternoon. Highlight, of Uie contest was the javelin throwing of Capt Martin B. Biles, national champion for two years at Hie University of California, who broke the stadium record on his first loss, slinging the slender spear 203 feet and three inches. He won first place easily with his initial throw. Also impressive was the showing made by Corp. Ijcon Kantor, higli- l>oiiH man for the Army team with R'.i points. He took second In the 220-ynrd low hurdles and In the 120 yard high hurdles, third in the broad jump, third in the mile, and lied for third in the two-mile event. Most exciting race of the meet was the half-mile, in which Pvt. David Murphy and Piltman of Cape ran neck and neck from the gun to the finish line, with tlie latter bulling'out in front just in time to cop first place by a whisker. 100-yard dash—Radcllff. Cape; Barr. Cape; McWhorter, Army—10.4. 220-yard dash—Ra<Icllff, Cape; Barr, Cap:; McWhortcr, Army— 22.7. 440-yard da-sli—Murphy, Army; Freeze, Cape; Lampkin. Cai>e—54 seconds. Hiilf-milc—Pillinnit, Capo; Murphy, Army—2.01. 220-yard low hurdles — Evans, Cape; Kantor, Army; McCallester, Cape—30.07. 120-yard high hurdles — Evans, Cape; Kantor, Army; McCallcsler, "ape—17. Shot put—D. Anderson, Cape; Kadcliff, Cape; Biles, Anny—37' 8". Discus—Evans, Radcliff McCallcs- tcr, all of Cape—117.7. Pole vault—Barr, Daggers, Southern, all of Cape—10'. Broad Jump—McCallcsler, Cape; Uitnnkln, Cape; Kantor, Army— 17' 9". High jump—Radctlff, Barr, Lamp-, kin. all of Cape—5' fi". 880 relay—forfeit to Army. Mile relay—forfeit lo Army. Milc-Plttmaii, Cape; Mowery, Army: Knntor, Army—5.6. 'two-mile—Mowery, Army; Ilclck, Ity SIIKKiMAN MONTHOSK Ai'ini- Newsprint l'bi)tU|;l«|ili>'r (Written for NBA Service) AN AlWANCKD HASH IN THE ALEUTIANS—Most military lenders Relieve that'Ihe Japanese occupation of Kl.ska and Attn Islands con- conMltulc.s no direct offensive lineal lo the North American continent. Hut no one denies, cither, that the enemy's firmly-held position al tlie end of Ihe Aleutian chain Is u very real mcniicc lit other ways. While the Japs remain I here, they will effectively immubill/e hundreds of American planes, thou.sjind.s of men and millions of dollars worth ol equipment which could be used Lo advantage, elsewhere. Anil, one high-ranking officer here cautions thai "the Americans are not necessarily on street." From fields now ul- mosl completed on Ihe Islands, bomber pilots could fly lo Seattle or other Pngel Sound cities. It-would be a one-way Irlp, hut the area is rich enough In war-production targets lo tempi fanatical Japanese, With U. S. bases in llic Aleil- lions lying almost midway between Sealtlc awl Tokyo. Tokyo radio i\l: reiKiy Ims warned it.? residents thai they may e.xi>cct bombings from Alciitlon buses this summer. JAPS r.Xl'liCT KA1US Whatever Togo's plans may ue, tlicy Include Ihe buildiiitt of run- waysMuus nnd wide cnouelt for us c of all but Ihe heaviest of four- motoreil bombers, Soon, , land- based fighters and bombers carry- Ing the Rising Sun insignia may cruise over tlie Aleutians for Uie first lime. The fields arc ' hehig rushed lo completion In spllo of tlie steadily-rising tempo of Ihe American aerial offensive. Alaska n operations, ovcrshaddow- ed by more critical action |u the South Pacific and Africa, have been called "the forgotten war." But It has been a reitl and tough war, just the same. When the dogged little brown men sprung out of the western fog last June, they were opposed for a wh'lle by only a few Army bombers and fighters and Navy patrol planes. Now, from new and closer U. S. bases, they are blasted and strafed cease- Numbcn Indkalt Airline Di'tfancei lessly by Mitchells, hawks. During last Liberators, War- fleets of Lightnings and March, alone., niorc than MO tons of bombs were' ruined on Klskn. Tlie island of Attu, wilh less Important Installations, got its share of nllcnllon. , In all the Aleutians, however, it would be hard to find a man who believes that bombing nlonc will drive the Jups from tlicir island position. Actually the bombing, lo Tin' map alMtvc illustrates how JaiiHii Is iirulrt'lril by lu:r North l':ic!fli: out|insti>, and how those same fortified positions rimslltulc a miMiuci* to American bases ami imuilily (o ilir U. S. malnliind. At richt Is 11 U. S. Navy plioln- Krautt of a bomlicil Jai> trunsiioul liuriilii K i,,, Kiska harbor, wltb one uf the fortified jreiilusulux In the forcj;rouiul dute seems U> have hail the effect of [nuking their positions slrongcr. Wllh each homblni; they have elut; In n little deeper, strengthened llieh- gun positions, aimoiiflnged more cleverly their warehouses, buildings, tcnls, bases. More Important, they hnvc dispersed gun positions so Ihcy no longer offer eonccntrnted targets. PIKNTY TO K.AT You may have hciird that Uie Japs arc starving on KLika. Forfjct it;*-Waters of Ihe North Pacific and Hip, Bering Sea abound In fish, In Summer moullis the .Inpnnesc can catch and smoke enough salmon to last them n year as n principle iirllclc of diet. Although America's campaign against Japanese shipping In Kiska mid Atlu heis, on tlic whole, been successful, there is no question but|of supply Hum are soine U, S. bases' >26th Squad Loses 8-3 Softball Contest At Post Friday Afternoon The 70-llh defeated MID 320l!i cpiad 8-3 In an Inter -squadron oflball league game nl- Die atlj- etle area Friday aflernoon, H was he :i2iHh'« .second defeat jslnce he league wn.s organlwd and came is Iho re.still of an eight-run plurge on the part of the 10-Hh n llic second imilnit. In oilier jjitnm.s l-'rlday the Med- cal iJelaclimcnl defeated (ho 702nd rinn S-o behind Ihe two-hit pllth- ug of llarlijinii, lim vlclors' ucc noiiiidsmaii; the 70:trd defeated he D07th 3-D; and Ihe 701st boat he Finance 10-1. llox .scorn Bituic: and Ordnance Urnm on tliu 70-llli-'J20th iovilcli 2nd Htolllc 2nd Vickers .S.H Polochck c( liadak sf t'nodwrass 1st aandianla 3rd McClendon rf Kheppard If McPherson p 32(11)1 Crane ss ,,,. Kotos sf ,.., llurlllc- 2nd .. [•'enailo 1st .. O'llallmcn If Kubanks Hid |]tinlels cf .. Ha fey rf ... Ijilluis c ... Phares p — H II . 0 . 'i . 3 28 At) 8 10 R II 0 0 0 0 <0 0 0 L 2 0 25 3 what some .supply ships have rcta'ched .the enemy. They arc known to have used destroyers as cargo vessels, and nnd-submarines probably have brought ammunition arid supplies to both Islands. Japanes on Klskn and Alln arc as .closc lo Ihcir cxlenslve base at Parnmushlro. on the. Up of the Japanese Kurllcs. as Dutch Harbor Is to Ihe Alaskan nirtin- ln Ihe Aleutians. .When and If ih,. day comes lo take Klska'Vtnd 'Attn, llic air nrm will hnrc llic role of supporting amphibious landing forces, giving such as was effected on Guadalcanal, where Hie Aliirliion landed unopposed on a siirfless lioplc beach. It would be a loc-to-toe: slugging inalch llic likes of which few amei'lcan soldiers liuve seen In land. Closer, actually, -to sources a screen to ships, dive-bombing Cape; ncnfrow, Cape, and Kantor, Army, lied for third—12.02. Javelin—Biles. Army; D. Anderson, Cape; McWhorter, Army—2011.3. Real "ships of the air" weighing 200 tons and more arc being planned. Hold Everything ^ic wears it for safely—ever since the meat scarcity, our starts drooliug every time lie starts sizing up husband 1" Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED If the uppers are still good, firing (hem to us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Shot Sk« 121 W. M.ln Ph. «« Try our "Own Made" lee Cream Die Hickory Imil AeriM fTMi HlCh RdtMi WAKNING OIlDKIt IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CIUCKABAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. 11. E. Gordon, I'lalnlill, VK. (TO. 817« Virginia Gordon, Defendant. Tlic defcndanl, Virginia Gordon, is hereby warned lo appeur within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer (lie !complaint of Ihe plainlllt L. E. Gordon. Dnlcd tlii.s 10 liny of April. 1913. Harvey Morris, Clerk Hy Doris Mull". 13. C. jlaude P. Cooper, Atty. for Pllf. 'crcy A. Wrighl, Ally, rid IJtcm. 4/19-2G-S/3-IO WARNING OIIDKK IN THE ClIANCBJiy COURT, CHICKASAWUA UIUTHICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. I). P. Anderson, Pliilntill, vs. No. 8179 Elsie Anderson, Defendant. The defendant Elsie Anderson, hereby wnrncd lo nppeiir within thirty days in the coitrl named in Hie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plainllll, U. !•'. Anderson. What I wouldn't give to (sit down lo one of those lie-man '.dinners Ihey'rc probably catinf •• al camp right now!" The Modern Ice, Do* COOLKKATOH For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 8»n installations and strafing other positions .while .the Infantry . goes hi lo accomplish, the main. Job. ,. For this wouldn't be any landing this wnr, Marine veteran* of tlii! bnttli the Malimlkou, Ihe flghllng on luliiRl, Taiiambogci, CHiyiilu-ln tho Jungles of New Chilucn—knou' the cost of "claivJiiR 'etn out." -jjut however bitler the fight may be, American forces here aro inixlous to try lo kick the Japs off Klskn. Simlili! In Kmergcncy LOS ANOKMiS, 'JBl (UI'l—Teii- immllis-old Margaret Morlx, hy placing a live • electric wire In her nionlli, causing a burn which might have proved filial, ciniscd a demonstration of tt'linl can be done In the iniilter of first-aid relief. The necessary olnlincnt for which such an Injury eould only be located at Sun I'ranelscii. A telephone call resulted. In the police breaking open the rtoor at nlghl of n wholesale drug warehouse where the ointincst wns stored, placing H on n planu anil rilshtng it lo the bedside of...the child In time to save: it life. v of Rend Courier News Want Ada. llnrvey Morris, clerk Hy Doils Mnir, D. c. Cooper, Ally, for 1'li.f. Wriiilit, Ally, ml Ulcm. SMALL LOANS Om Anrthlnj rf V«l... Eact Main Loan Co. N« K M»t» — Ph«nt 2KI Cliiiidc I'crcy A. wim-.n IN THE CHANCIillY COUIt'l', CllICKASAWIlA D I ST III C T , MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. R. I,. Maples. I'lulnllir, v.s. No. 81BO Rnyinonrt 1.. Maples, UcrciuhuU, Tlic tlctcntlnnt, llnyinoncl I,. Ma- plrs, k hereby warned to appear within thirty [(ays In the court unmeet In tho caption hereof ami answer llic complaint ot the philti- tllf 11. i,, Maples. Hated tills in ilny of April, 1D13. Harvey Morris, Ck'rk Uy Doris Mnlr. u. c. Claude I'. Cooper. Ally, for PIU. I'crcy A. Wright, Atty. ad Lllem. •l/19-'20-S/:t-IO Sei'ks H'OIHCJI ns Firemen CItINO, Oul. (UP) - our; more Heretofore oxcluslvcly mule proles- slon iippeurs lo he glvlii). away by wur ncec.wlly lo beln B lakcii over by women. Thin l.s that o! Ulc prnfcssluiml fire fighter. Hrc Chief Arllinr Wuiincr, wllh llic riink.s of fire flKlitei.s ileclinimilcd by vnr-llinc ilcniinulii has asked per- iiti«loii of tlic Cily Council lo train ivnmcij fin; fighters, 'fen have already signed up for preliminary ralnlnjj, Kcnd Conner News want adi. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw»y * Walail Ph. 553 Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on rhill/ps Quality Gasoline & Oil. Prompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Mrs. II. I.. llcynnlris. OPERATING HOURS I''or A-B-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. ALL WKKK DAYS •9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. FITTED ItY Doctor* J. L. ud J. C. GUARD OPTOMKTRISTS IN BLVTHEVII.LE SINCE 1922 8PTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Dues Your Cur NEED THESE? Hatlcrj—Scat Covers Oilfiller—It:i illo TOR Lights—Lock Gas Cup A complete line of Polishes LOY EICH Chevrolet C- S. 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