Our Mountain Home from Talladega, Alabama on October 27, 1915 · 5
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Our Mountain Home from Talladega, Alabama · 5

Talladega, Alabama
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1915
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1 New Waists $100 See the pretty new waists here on tale at one dollar. Dainty lingere crepes and, French., voilles, showing all the" new style collars, special; S1.00 Budoir Slippers 89c Pair y ' Kid and Suede slippers with large, fluffy pompons, in all colors including black, sizes 3 to j;r Very special ... v 89c New Skirts Now at $5.98 Splendid styles in ladies' and misses' new fall skirts, stylish velours in black and white checks, black and colored corduroy, with strap belt and patch pockets, very stylish and nobby, all new models. For this week's showing at $5.98 72x90Linen Sheets for 44c Heavy 72x90 linen sheets, large hems, made of heavy round thread linene ; a sheet that will stand long, hard service, has improved smooth seam center. Special-.-; , 44c 18c Bath Towels at 12c each 30x40 bleached bath towels, henvy, absorbant quality and made in a Southern mill, 18c values for. 12Kc 19c Linen Towels for 15c 18x36 in Union Linen towels German manufacture, heavy quality, huck made, to give real service, strong 19c value, special at : 1 15c Do Not Fail to Look at Our Men's, (GtoMbett & IrwisFvkfiTJiie Go OAK GROVE NOTES. Rev. E. A. Trawick, of Birmingham, filled his regular appointment at Oak Grove Sunday. Mr. Clifton Waters attended the fair at Sylacauga last week. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Montgomery, of McFall, visited relatives In this community Sunday , Mrs. W. & Trawick, of Oxford, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Curry. Quite a number of our young people attended the oyster supper at Turner's Mill Saturday night. Mr. Ed Pant and sister, Miss Glen-nle, were visitors to this community Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. O. Lv Phillips, of Providence,; attended services at Oak Grove Sunday. iixis. TV. v. ilOlOUU U1U JU1BB Hi Fowler were the guests of Mr. C. R. Waters Sunday afternoon. Mr. T. H., Floyd, of Pell City, spent the week, with relatives at this place. ' '-'-! ,- . . .VTr and T rn flVonlr Tja fi,j uhi. 1 1 r rt t 1 j r nil. .1 Mr. and Mrs. Smith Sunday. ; , -.... O. U. KID. October 26, 1J16. ' HELP IT TO TURN. "When misfortunes have you going And the adverse winds are blowing, You're apt to stop and wonder If your luck will ever turn; But there's simply no denying That the chaps who keep on trying Don't nave to wait as long; as those 1 1lml It anil Look Everywhere You Will Find No O t T T our superb values at omarter Mats these specui $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 TT isn't talk or blow or bluster that gets results, but action,' Therefore, this announcement ol a particularly pleasing event in our .millinery department is not phased with big wo.ds or boastfully penned by the author, who, if in his en-' thnsiasm over the .values was given full sway, would undoubtedly say too much. A visit to our millinery section will be of great interest to you. New Dresses at $798 We place on sale a special lot "of new silk and serge taffeta combination dresses. Special values in all the latest fall models, black and all the most wanted aq shades, special at...., , J) We Specialize Suits at $25.00- MEVER before did we show such an extensive line of Suits to sell at the above -price. We have searched the markets carefully to give the ladies of Talladega and vicinity the best possible values and styles to be had at this price. How well we have succeeded we leave to the public to decide. We claim that we show more style, that we show more different materials and that we sell more suits at this price than any two stores in the city. All the dQr aa new ideas are shown this week. Choice, ..pZDUU New Colored Wash Goods Write Outing Heavy quality, 13 yards for ....$1.00 Kimono Fleece Heavy close nap flannelette, pretty patterns, and worth more, but will sell at, the yard 8c Gingham Special Apron Gingham in all size checks, solid colors and the prettiest dress pattterns, all good Quality at yd 6c Bed Tick Good Herringbone Tick; heavy enough for feathers, at the yard, only tse Percales 36 inches wide, the best 12 l-2c quality; pretty patterns for ladies' and children's dresses, aprons and shirts, at the yard, only ' 10c MEN'S AND WHOLESALE MAN AND WIFE ARE INJURED IN AUTO WRECK NEAR THORSBY. THORSBY, Ala., Oct 26. C. E. Dirlmeyer and his wife were injured here Monday night when the automobile in which they were riding from Birmingham to Montgomery turned over about a quarter of a mile South of this place. ' ' ' Mr. Dirlmeyer sustained a broken arm and other injuries, while Mrs. DIrlmyer is suffering from bruises on her head and possible internal injuries. - AVere Residents of Montgomery. C. E. Dirlmeyer and wife reside In Montgomery at 501 Goo'de street. They left here for a trip to Birmingham and return over the Highway Sunday morning. Friends here were notified of the accident which occurred at Thorsby about 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon. f ' TOMORROW. Tomorrow I'll begin The task so long deferred. The time has come, ; Too oft I, have demurred Tomorrow! - Tomorrow I will give To those I meet, good cheer, Light, love and sunshine, I will dry the tear Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will strive No unkind word to say Ah! then, I will be good! . , But how today? : Tomorrow"! Mar Tarver Carroll. Before you spend a cent for a hat,' see Women's and Children's Shoes BOYS' SUITS AND RETAIL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IS STRONG AND GOOD. ine rresDyierian cnurcn was founded on faith and work, and it has stood many assaults and many secessions. It will stand many more, tor It is not only a faith, but a rule of action. The very best and most con secrated human minds deduced its essentials from the teachings of God and from the Inspired' writings. Such a church, born and nurtured In an age when men were killed be cause of their beliefs, of lack of them, it has attracted strong minds of many generations, for it appeals to reason and sentiment based on faith. The opponents of its faith respect it, for it stands for Its faith and organization in- every forum of mind or arms. It has done so since its formation. It will continue. The principles of this church are eternal God is God knows God does all things right. Birmingham Ledger. ", . WANTS INFORMATION '? ABOUT GEORGE COATES. MONTGOMERY, Ala., Oct 25. John Purifoy, secretary of state, issued an appeal for Information concerning George Coates, who resided in Alabama for several years. The request for Information as to Coates' wereabouts came from Memphis, Tenn. The letter to Judge Purifoy said Coates was about 60 years old. ' We've a great climate here. It's wintef all the spring and summer all the fall. Dothan Eagle. 1 Children's Dresses at 98c Children's school dresses, made of percale and gingham air the new stripes, plaids, trimmed in contrasting colors well made and finished with pearl , buttons, sizes 3 to 16 years.' $1.50 value at 98c $6,50 All Wool Blankets for $5 Large 11-4 all wool blankets, come in plain white and assorted plaids and checks, soft lamb's-wool finish, weight 4i pounds, special at $5.00 30x40 Crib Blankets, soft vel-our finish. Come in assorted nursey patterns for baby's bed and carriage robes, very 1 special at 44c 200 pajs gray and white $1,50 blankets for 79c $1,25 Diaper Cloth, 89c Genuine 27 inch Red Star diapher cloth, a standard birdseye, put up in ten yard sanitary packages, sold regularly at $1.25, special 89c Ladies Union Suits for 50c Medium weight union suits slijfhtly fleeced, just the weight for early fall wear. High neck and long sleeves, sizes 34 to 38 worth 75c, for, 50c 15 Yards of Domestic for $1, Yard wide, soft finished, unbleached domestic, standard weight and count, full piece, perfect goods, ioc values, limit 15 yards to customer, at $1.00 Announcement was made Saturday that Arthur C. 'Northen, of the gen eral agent's office of the Southern railroad here, had been appointed as city ticket agent for the road here and would take his new duties on November 1. The city ticket office will open on that date In the Albert hotel. Mr. Northen came to Selma several months ago from Talladega Selma Journal. Bob Barclay was fined $6.00 In Police court Wednesday morning for violating the traffic ordinance at the railway station. The draymen and hack men In their seal for business at the stations frequently become an noying, and Recorder Vandiver Stat ed in court this morning that the next one coming before him on that charge would get a fine of $26.00 and a thirty day street sentence. s T. C. Collins was awarded damages to the amount of $40 against the city of Talladega by a Jury In the Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Collins sued for $5,000 damages, alleging that dead carcasses placed on his land by the city polluted the watern a pond from which his cattle drank, and caused the death of some of them. The case consumed the better part of two days in trial. Mllford Minafield, an aged negro who Uvea near Sylacauga, is in the county Jail on a charge of killing his son-in-law. Re said he shot the man because he was abusing his daughter. After committing the offense, Minafield sent word to Justice Calloway, of Sylacauga, what he had done and to send for him. This was done and Our Mountain Home WEDNESDAY, OCT. 27, 1915 Mrs. Nannie Glazener, of Vincent, spent Monday In Talladega. Fifth Sunday meeting of the Blue Eye Baptist church Sunday. Mrs. C. W. Green, of New Or leans, Is visiting Mrs. J. J. Barton Contractor J. S. Johnson reports plenty of work in his line. we have got the potatoes. Brlnjr along the 'possum. All the city preachers report hv-ge congregations Sunday. Rev. F. G. Mullen, of Renfroe, was visitor Wednesday. j. sione nas returned from a islt to Jacksonville and Annlston. A very little lie will keep a very big man awake all night. J. C. Street, of Ashland, was In Talladega Wednesday. E. F. Ingram, of Goodwater, Is vis itlng Talladega relatives. S. D. Treadwell, of Ashland, spent Thursday in Talladega. V. L. Wyatt is teaching the school at Embry Crossing. ,Mrs. B. B. Warwick has returned from Selma. For home raised, recleaned Appier Seed Oats, see Nickles-Hawley Gro cery Co. Miss Ivera Weaver Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Malone. Jr.. In At talla. Miss Bessie May Burnes, of Lin coln, spent Sunday with Talladega relatives. Mrs. George W. Ragsdale has re turned from a visit to Birmingham and Attalla. J. F. Graham, of Birmingham spent Sunday in the city with rela tives. Mrs. M. K. Dixon is visitine har daughter, Mrs. C. E. McCord in Pr.Ut- ville. FOR SALE Two young horses and One mule. J. J. Terry, Ironaton, Ala. w20-3t Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dean, of Bir mingham, are visiting relatives In the city. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Burns and Mr. and Mrs. L. U .Dickinson of Lincoln, wer visitors to Talladega Monday There will be a box supper at Shi- loh church Friday night, the 29th, for the benefit of the church. L. T. Reynolds, of Alpine, R. F. D., No. 1, was a visitor to the Homo Tuesday. beverai lots of chestnuts ware brought to Talladega last week from the mountains of Clay county. Mrs. I. J. Hestle, of Pine Hill, is visiting the family of h6r brother, W. T. Burns, and other relatives. Robert S. Williams and family have removed from their country home back to the city. W. D. Haynes came over from Lineville Friday to spend a few days with relatives. Miss Elizabeth Ogletree, of Syla cauga, is teaching at Chandler Springs. C. W. Stringer, Jr., has returned hom Rome, where he has spent sev eral months. Increase your yield 25 per cent. Plant home raised, recleaned Appier Seed Oats. See Nickles-Hawley Gro cery Co. Miss Mamie Wallace left Tuesday morning for Birmingham, where She has accepted a position In the South' tin School of Musical Art. W. B. Castleberry has qualified as Judge of the Inferior Court of Pre cinct Five and held his first court Monday morning. The home of Charles Ward in the southern part of the city, with its con tents, was destroyed by fire about 2:30 Monday afternoon. , FOR RENT First floor of my resi dence, with garden and patch Possession given now. Mrs. W. C. Frazler. 7-St-lw Arch Jenkins and Miss Larcls Hall, of Munford, were united in marriage at the office of the probate Judge Monday. H. V. Miller and Miss Leila Whit field, of Sylacauga, were united in marriage Sunday, Justice J. M. Cal loway performing the ceremony. Mrs. James M. Hicks has returned from a two weeks' visit to New York and has as her guest Mrs. D. E. Moodle, from Mexico. W. J. Waters and family, who have resided near the city for the last year, are preparing to return to their former home in Beat 18. Dr. John W. Abercromble, con gressman from the state-at-large, was in Talladega Wednesday, visiting his constituents and meeting friends. Elijah Horn was in town from Beat 14 Wednesday and gave a splen did report for a large 'possum and squirrel crop. . David T. Goodwin, prominent citizen of Annlston, died Wednesday. Mr. Goodwin waa well known in Talladega, where he had many friends. Deputy Burk went to Sylacauga after I Mm Tuesday. General J. W. Whiting has Te turned to his home in Mobile after spending the summer at his country estate, Orangevale, near this city. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Thompson, of Gibsonvllle, Ala., were in Talladega Monday en route to Boaz to attend the funeral services of Mrs. Thomp. son's mother. ' T. S. Barton, of Ashland, was in Talladega Monday. Mr. Barton went tc: Renfroe to visit his brother-in-law, S. Wyatt, and on his arrivel found the lat he had died a few days ago. Edward Wren, who was In Birmingham for the Auburn-MississiDDi football game Saturday, spent Sunday the city with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Wren. Rev. A. G. Moseley, secretary of the educational commission of the Baptist State Convention, was in Tal ladega Monday, going from here to attend Randolph Baptist Association. In the case of Estella Wilson Bnv. administratrix, vs. the Alabama Mar ble Co. for the death of Lonnie Wilson, colored, tried in the Circuit Court Saturday, the Jury returned verdict in favor of the company. Mrs. Sol Ullman, formerly of this city, but for a number of years re siding in New York, is quite ill at a hospital in that city, which will be source of much regret to her friends here. Annlston Star. LOST DOG Strayed or stolen, on October 16, medium sized, white and blue spotted pointer dog. Will pay liberal reward for his recovery. L. P. Whitson, Talladega, Ala. aw After five years at the Calhoun county Jail, Jailer Weatherly yester day severed his connection there. He as succeeded by C. Timmons, of this county. Mr. Weatherly will move on a farm near the city. An nlston Star. Miss Kate Welch and Miss Bessie Welch will leave this week for New born to attend the marriage of their cousin. Miss Bessie Morrisette, and Mr. Fitts, which will be an event of the week, taking place on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 27. at five o'clock. Selma Times. Now that the auto fire truck is in service, the chief of the fire department asks that when citizens hear the alarm that they look out for it and keep out of the way. It is a very heavy machine and the firemen handling it want to take every precaution to avoid accident. An eleven hundred pound calf is a retty good sized animal. L. J. Wright Saturday morning had a Hoi st ein bull, two years old Friday. brought in from his dairy and weighed, and the animal tipped the scales at 1,100 pounds. Among the Alabama visitors to the city yesterday were J. L. McLane and J. M. Morriss, of Talladega, and W. Broughton, of Jacksonville: W. H. L. Brown and Thomas A. Hamilton, Jr., of Birmingham, and W. T. HIx. of Montgomery. Anniston Star. The truck for the city fire depart ment which has been held ud for cceptance for several weeks has at last been put in commission, the manufacturers having made an ad justment of the differences which existed over the kind of magneter installed upon the machine. J. W. Jones, a white man, and Mary Lee Sanders, a negro woman. were arrested yeaterday by Sheriff John W. Thweatt for the sheriff of Pike county. Jones has been In the city several weeks working as a carpenter with J. M. Hobbs. An officer from Pike county will come for them. The L. and N. railroad sold 289 tickets from Talladega to Sylacauga during the Talladega county fair. Of this number 181 were sold on Thurs day, "Talladega Day," and 60 on Friday, "Chlldrens' Day." As many DO ore people attended the fair, mak- ing the trip by automobile. The peace and dignity of the town of hai Talladega is now intrusted in the hands of two policemen at night and one in the day. At the meetinir of the City Commission Saturday morn- Ing lice it was decided that Chief of Po lice J. C. Stanford would innv nrtoi. the day work alone, and Policemen R. L. Neighbors and Joe Cornett would take the night shift. Duncan Irby, a Selma negro black. smith, left a $30,000 estate. He had never made any considerable sums, but lived the time honored method of saving something all the time. As rule negroes do not care to save. It a race characteristic to spend to e limit, but occasional one like Irby has the nerve to save. Birmin. bam ! Ledger. In a suit In the Circuit Court in which Charles Houston sought to re cover damages from the Central of Georgia railway for being arrested while on the train by a deputy sher- of Shelby county, the Jury re turned a verdict in favor of the defendant The amount sued for was ,000. The suit waa brought In Talladega because the arrest waa made while the train was In this county.

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