The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 5
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. THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938 BLYTHBVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Anthony Eden In Characteristic Poses Musi Preserve British Prestige In World Affairs Without Warfare JIY iUII.TO.V HKO.VNI.'B NBA Service Slaff Correspondent LONDON. Jan. 11. — Anthony Eden. Uritish Secretary of State lor Foreign Affairs, in recent troti- k ' \ bled months lias ranted for him, self tlic nickname of the fJlondin of (lie political world. Remember Charles DlowhnV lie was the Frenchman who made '•—"* and fortune for lilinsejf in 1859 by walking a tight-rope across • %ji,t Z'tills. Any tilnnder. any false step and to was n "goner" in tne whirling waters below. As never before in modern day.s, Kden lias been WfiUtlni! n very (bin light-rope over lite whirling waters of world politics aim auv Blunder, any false step, might plunge his country into war. Life has been one crisis after another lor him. Be has liad to light-rcpe- his way, always, remembering three points: 1. That he imi:;t seek to maintain the prestige of the British lion. 2. That the l)riti;.h people arc not willing to back up prestige with a war. 3. That even if they were vrillijiK to do so. Hie British lion is ;;till unprepared for n mighty tUKSlc. as some of his teeth arc still in the making MUST BE WAHY AT HOME, ALSO / In olden days, when Foreign ' Ministers made Die British lion '^ roar, it was an easy job, because Britain ruled the waves and Uri- taln hut] Hie purse. But those palmy 'Jays are gone. Ruling the waves is important, but even more to from romc nspccls is ruling the air, and everybody In the British povernmciit knows (hat Britain is far from even equalling certain other European air powers. Hence Eden's need for circumspection. In the theater of international politics, Eden must play n variety of character roles. At times he must thrust out a wanting hand. Again he must beckon for friend- thip. Always he must think in Icrms of peace but keep wary eyes peeled for threats of war. Occasionally lie is permitted a smile. Germany wants back colonies England holds. Italy threatens Britain's free passage through the' Mediterrafiean. i Botlv countries 1 pretend to 1 support non-iiitcrvcn- O (ion In (lie civil war in Spain. \ while at the same time both pcr- ' niit thousands of "volunteers" to fight for the rebel Franco. Franco, more than anxious for British support, looks upon every English move with jealous eyes. Soviet Russia. an ally of France, a- potential ally of Britain, keeps them all guessing. Eden not only has to consider these factors, but in his own country he has to l>e wary. The Labor party 15 very critical. It attacks his moves on the cliess-board. In finds him loo weak in dealing with the totalitarian powers of Italy and Germany. It finds tliat his endeavors to prevent open intervention in (lie Spanish civil war merely help the rebels. WORDS HAVE STING WHEN UNHAMPBKEU III answering. Eden has to keep iv KCod grip on .himself. But. occasionally the real Anthony Eden. . (he man who, as a youth, took J tart in the World War. shows ', that lie is something olher than a mere good-looking, well-dressed, pleasant-mannered cabinetcer fall guy. lie lashes out. Mussolini in a public speech, v.nckr Gemini) colonial claims. Promptly comes. Eden's reply: "We do not admit the right of any government to call upon us for a contribution when there is no evidence lo show that that government is prepared lo make any contribution on its own account." On another occasion, he uttorcd a slogan which may become history : "We will join no nnti-Commtm- Ist bloc and no anti-Fascist bloc. We offer cooperation to all. but we will accept ' dictation from none." It is cnly rarely that lie can in- (li:lgfr in ftich frankness. Most ol the lime he must be politic. He V must avoid a break with Italy 01 Jacqueline- Holiuid, granddaughter of the hostess. save a rending and n tap dance. ' The hosiers srn-«l u salad iiwt dessert course and coffee. FlVi HI Club News Notes tlt'i'l.s Three (o Mnubcrsliln Tin- nuslni'ss and professional vriuiMVs CJlul, met Thursday even- MB. ii'Hh fifteen members present, I The Uoynlon •)-!! Club met Wcd- "iii mi: tin 1 business session plmis'iicsfliiy with Dernlce Dolln, nrcsl- ww made for (lie ollU'tul v | s [, ,,f ocnl, presiding. Fifty-seven club MI , UI ' M| ' ||; " ( ' M>ss Miir«:irot members »nd HONEYS PASS .BS.ABAY p\.v your .-iifliirys f-ivu.tain t."> milr 'n^s <-r'fil'Ts -.c'.iicli lic'p to purity th I kfrp v ( « licatthy. Musi people" l>^ I'rO'rirr.t <T 3''.tntv v uvl I'liiiiirB sh'WM dm .M .vi» mill yn:r li'!w> "Always he must IliinU in terms of peace ... , K:rp waiy i-yp:; pet-led ducat*, nf war." . ion.-.lly lie is smile." — Weekly Sunday School Lesson* •• "• <"i February 5, 'j'hrei' irwy elected t« memberslil]i In nit: cluli- »K. Darothy Cooper, Cunithcrs- "IH-. Misses Prances Olllniu nnd llK'linsi Thomasson of stwle. In romiilKii-co with u request from the sliilc office.The club voled to com- Plli' ii local club history. Mrs. !fije Slroiid. dialrumii of the Intt'nia- lloual lU'litdons Conuulllri'. pavo •] talk mi "Wlmt We Buy ami -^u "' Ilia United Slates." 'lhe ncxl medium will b<> )iel;| Jaiiiiinj- 25. Class 1'aiiy Mii-s Janice Cokcr entoitiiliird t| u . .*>• O. 1,. Smulny seltoul class of t»c intermediate di'parlment of tlu' Dajillst Cliureh and teaclicr. ,,,.,-,,,iif i -'I 1 ' V " IJrow) >. Mondny evening A peimilted „ bHsluess session witis held afl,^ which tlic ulils enjoyed : sniilH-v and a purty." U le;ulers were pres mi. The t!roiti) fanu "ArkiuiEas", which wus led by Vcrtla Dcxld. sonn c»|>tiiln. Mrs. A. If. Oarncr, lo'cr.l leader, nmdo a lalk on socli\ls nnd Wrex Smith, also one of (he local lendris, talked nijotit (he 'l-ff Club l);tskelb;ill luurnnnteiil. It wns decided to elect club caplnln.'i at u lield within lhe mil next lew ditys. Miss Celeimtn. home demonstration will, unve n deinoiislriillon on (he use of the yearbook, nnd n. V. Mnloch, nssls'.nnl county iificcil. nave a talk. Jesus' Life of Service UY WAI. E. OILROV, I). I). ICditor of Advance "Jesus came into Galilee, preach- in^ the gospel of God." What immensity of life and movement arc bonntl up in spirilual and world history, with Hint simple announcement in our lesson! Ilie ministry of Jesus began when lohn the Bfjptist had been delivered ip. and was awaiting his inartyr- zm. 'lhat is the wav (hut the gospel of God and of His Iriilh has pro- ;rcsscd in life. Tile saints ami irophcls have been persecuted and killed, but the proclamation of the Sood news of trulh and rigliteous- less and love, has gone on. John lad done his work ol preparation. He had said concerning Jesus, "I iiusi decrease, but He must in- •rp!>so" : uji^ these words were now :ttlfilled. The ministry of Jesus was .scinc- hing marc than preaching in | the triilli. the tcllim; of the goo:i I news cDiiwHiinj; God. and the Kingdom «f Heaven Hint was hand. But the ministry of one of contacts as well as of preaching When lie fcund mim who were cupable ol responding to the truth. He called (hem to Him nnd invited ilieni lo become His disciples. In the calling of Simon rm:l An- . drew, his brcllier, there is symbol-: P°l»iil!tlcd ism as well as faet. These men j were fishers, and Jesus would make | •= Ihem fishers of men. vve do not know whal may ]inv c preceded (lie call of Jesus to Andrew and Simon, but we are told thai "straightway they lell their nets, and followed Him." Then He fo»ml t\\n Mier brothers. James and John, who nlsn made even more dramatic by tha outburst of a man who was evi- :it' dently nervously unbalanced or Insane. He cried out against Jesus. Jesus wns but Jesus brought him health mid sanity. Wus it any wonder lhal (he people were astonished with this new teaching, awl ivlth the power of a man who had control over "unclean spirits"? The fame of Jesus spread throughout that densely province of Galilee. The rnwhoeit 4-11 Club met Mrs. \Vednesdiiy. with lhe president, Waii.ln Cnlp. uillltiE (he meeting a nnt I nc I- i° ?u' C ''", AflCr srou)1 slnBln « lw " |Klt " 1CI - !>>• Winnln t:ul|i tin., secrclnty call- in! HIL' roll iiiut M nuMlibcrs 11115- weieci by lellliiK wltnl project ho <>'• site h litklni: Ihlsi ycnr. Tlircu iie-tv members «rre enrolled. A de- nfin,-,, ,„. ---•-"•••'r-i— •••.."., 'irn mont.tratlon on the. use of the ^^A^^p.^^^s^^^•;^^;; 0 cir s?itf i i'5i irz, v 4» d MM co -" till! ('•• A. [las Missionary I'l-agram Hie Girls' Auxiliary m"t «M!i Mrs. CiiiKc Knijht,.sponsor. Mo'nlnv iMiirJurie Ciillcm-i uavo "TJie Pr;\vcr Tree." " • Ivltles 4- ycnr. II Club net >Bein,i conn-f act- FLAPPER FANNY -,. i'r\r s;7 s,^" 1 ^ 1 ""^- "- ehidrmaii for tilts yeur. Mrs KiDnlit. ! " served iruit as the girls ''~ J /or their Jiomes. ' ' ' ii. . i ' -. -,- l__ " "louon'l win! Here I won't [>oriilm ivilii anybody except the nicest tioymlowiiiiml Mill I liirfta walk home." Caruthcrsvillc Society — Personal 'on, .-;t> v 'nt tdo vvcetc end here v;Mh >'••'• "tienls, Mr. and Mrs. c T Illokw. Cieorgc McElyea. of Cape Ginr- deau, spent Monday eveiilnir with Mr ami Mrs. Cinqc KitlzlH. Mr MeElycn is Mr Knight':; brother- l_n-lu\v. Mrs. Isabellc nlllnrd spent lhe week end tn warden wllh rehilve; and Iriends. Deiiionslralioii Club News Noics I ,-j ' • itJtilHiCOI lllG ivifcii juii-m iHiuunui ... m. i.ui>) — A Hull of i Petroleum Exposition lierc next Science, showing ||, e methods of ycnr obliilnliit; rennctl alls from crude | ^ o^ojjcUin-jdtl, llielrj^, will bc Read' Courier N«w» Want Adi were fislicrmcii. They were evident-1 flub ... men of some prosperity, because i , „ ... l"cy were with their father In the The Christian movement did ijoal . ; >"(l (ll e>'e is relcrcnce to hired lot begin, simply in i^vction and. sQrv.ants. Nevertheless, they left, worship, 'lhe Christian raovc- ncnt began with tlic preaching ol Meets With nirs. Stro il!. Is Itnurovetl. Marilyn Michic. daughter of Mr Mrs. Albert Mlchlc. of Mlcola. Mrs, E. G. Kctoml WHS hostess to llils bc ™ I" 11 " »'• eighteen members nf ihe Woman's . °- K - Adams and „. Club and three guests at her home wisses Wllma nnd llmueenht Tuesday afternoon. The pi - - -..*.,*.,.j «nvin»^u uu; incsmeni heir father and their nets ami Mrs. A. L. Frcytaj. prrsided vlurinc (heir business, and joined them- U ic lin.siness session at which ti o ' .cut, s ""' Joli "' s l' cntl Wednesday In Jcrmany. Time is of the e.isencc or his country. If Eden can stave IT war until Britain is fully arm:-d, he knows liis country can nice more have a dominating oice. If : the succeeds, lie will not hly rank as one of his country's greatest Foreign Ministers, but thC vay 'will' be clear lor the highest lonors political life can bestow. ONLY 40, EDEN IS VKTFRAN DIPLOMAT He lias plenty of time. KO far as •Us own life is concerned. At -10, e is one of the youngest Foreign Ministers England ever had. He has already helped in the voting of much history. Little norc tlian a school boy when the Vorld War broke out, he ' saw ighting in the trenches and wound r p on the staff of General Plmn- r. The war over, he went to O;i- or<l and. took his degree. In 1323 he was elected ( o the House of Commons. His rise was dmost. immediate. From 10136 to 320 lie was Parliamentary Pri- •ate Secretary to the late Sir Vusten Chamberlain when that lalf-brothcr of the present Premier was Foreign Secretary. In 931 be had attained cabinet rank. King Lord Privy Seal. In 1935 he yns minister without portfolio, iis special job being looking after giie of Nations affairs. Since December 1S35 he has been For- ign Minister, selves to the Master's co I While \vc have nc rcrorrt oj what I the Master said in His preaching 1 r ^f R t't in j::intblcj, .simple, stories, and in Hie Sermon on the Mount, we have some indication of (he effect o( His presence and His leaching. I When He came to Capernaum I and went into the synagog on MID [ .Sabbath my. and taught, the people were astonished. We are told that He taught them as "having authority." That Is n strange saying, for tiis scribes were supposed' to be (lie people with authority. Jesus spoke out of the great authority of truth. He did not stand upon "some official status, but His power and authority were in His words. Tlic scene at Capernaum was !. •w;v*tf! prrcinin tinin on jnrfTVviivo rcinrtlic.-. 1,'w Xonilrl .S!;<n-^rcl Mmntory tests [inivo H/s !).;t UmfJi uioro nclivci linn nfij'otltfTjKinuJ.'ir, (i')ri-(,)oi^:>rioiis antLscpjic . . . 7oni(fl killi the ^cmis thai caiiso roUl — nt cnn'cii! . . ^v>tfm nvv,- ihmnt.. I<KJ, and Lnrrrasf5 Itiofio"' of nalnral.iiwlilifiLl tltiidsl Ct-L Xonitc ^1 your ilru^'K::: righl away. l\>itk". Vt^l'il -'' *; tr.t [ititj .11 jiimH-l ions ITU li f (IJa'COl'tT'Cft il.'ii BPEtlALTHIS n-l c !!nK muter \ Ilic f.'f V.iit! .Vfk your »ln!?E;rl For Doan's ] 1'ilK usnl suo-exifiilly by millions for over 10 I vr.irs. They eivch.ipcy rcliff a ml will help t]:a I ir> H'.ilc3 of KicjRcy tulKa flmh cut pnisonoul w.vlc from your bioo-J. Get Dam's I"JU. I Regular 75c tiizc • Made by mdnutac- turer of a famous brand. • Extra large size. • Pad easily removed for washing. • Adjustable socket. LIMIT 2 TO A CUSTOMER HAVE VOUB PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Satisfactory Work Low Prices SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs reports were given by oflicors mid committee ehairmen." :" i Jiitlith Maycn, a .'Indent in dramatic art in New York- city, guest of her parent. 1 !, Mr. nnd Mrs. Von Maycs, read a one, act, play "There " by Sophie Kerr. A paper on "The Evolution of the Newspaper" wnr, ••] read' by Mrs. 'Hies. Markcy, which '., wns followed by a solo, "Last, Nielit," l>y Mrs. R. A (lower rxchnnxc wns planned fcv Janunry 20 when Hie 10 members of the Home Demonstration club uf D<n;woo;l met with Mrs. llnuy l.uli-K Wednesday. ; .,„,,, , .''I'" meeting wus opened «'llli James Ralph Murphy, V ;ho Ins (he club tany "Ait.nnsns" and (ui- IOVVCH uy roll cull, each mnnlicr niuurrlni: her iiamc with » New Ycnr'i; t(;:clutlaii made on behidl ol the ovt;mi'i/atloli. Mrs. J, A. Paytie, president, presided as the IniflncsK merlin^ in which Mrs. Kitrl Green, treasurer, reporte:l < Hint el(;ht member:; lt(i;| pal<| due.i ' '• r the c'flmini; yenr. Mrs. Waller j Wood, ol Luxoni. wnc selected ciiairman (if tin- cinflsmnnsht-,) catninlltei;, ami it was dcdilcd t:< award cn-li pvb.cs for Uie IICM. serapbool:. The next meelini; will be at thu Itruic of Mrs. W, .1. Fatujhl. XMiss Cnra Lee Colcman :-eui noLlon brown tread to the inpft- Inir as a di'iuoiistratlon. This was served hy lite luisless with eii'.te. collce. ai!d jello. Ponlav Bluff ntlcndliur llic funeral Mrs ' Atll "" s> ">olher, Mrs. Bayer. (lladal Specimens I'oiinit .; HUDAI>EST i UP)—Discovery of :t tjiimiljcr of plants- ami unlinul's ^vlilcli have survived from the «•- lilole clacinl ages has been an- Are None of Them Pet feet,;" j^"'™" '"' U " lvcrs "y of ™«™™. ey comprise e M ' early forms of cs nnd beetles mid ;s of orchids ;«td A. Mcdcalf.) Rea<l Courii.'r News Want Ads. LADIES PRICES FOR STUDENT BEAUTY WORK Sliiiinpoo, Set *t Ih'y \Vd Hcl is,, flair Cul i5c Ni'ck Clip JOu Oil Sliitmiioo Me OH Trenlmeul 75 C I'l-rniDiii'iils SI.DO, gl.75 rrrnutncnU 52,50, $3, HO Unlr J)yc With. Set ..Sl.GO Henna rack, Shampoo iii- eludecl ................. 750 Color KInws ..,.10c & !{5c 50c « 75o .............. _ Oil Manicures ...... '.!'.',50o nroir & LasIi^Dya ... ,35o 15c All Work Is Under the Supervision Of Our lny Unroll j n O l[r l>ouut y T EE NOTICE'- - - - MIsi Hazel Htcas is now railitcclca with the Eagle lleauty Mi»P|io mid will lie clad (o Have her customers call on licr fur (he saint- careful allciition ami prices as Before. of Beauty Culture & Phone 319 As a Tobacco "THE PROGRESSIVE STORE" J. W. Shouse Phone 35 Wilson Homy why toba'ec'o experts gs 2 tol... "I recently sold 489,000 tniunds of uihacco in one 6Vi> hour clay," says Mr. J. N. luhvards of Farm- viJIc, Nofth Carolina. "There was a buyer, n.mi rally, for every one: of those <(K<;,000 pounds. ..Bnt there was ;is nuit'i sml tlic inferior, as between a pretty girl and a homely one. "At auction after auction, I've seen Lucky Strike go after the prettiest lots of tobacco. It's no wonder Luckics taste so good. I've smoked them since 1917. "And another thing . . . even after yelling out tobacco bids all during a seven hour day, Luckics are still just as easy as ever OD my thcoat." Only lucky Strike offers you •he finest tobstco plus the tbroat- prctratoit of the exclusive process "It's Toasted". This process t;vkc3 out certain irritants found in all tobacco—even the finest. Men who know tobacco from A to Xi—experts like Mr.Edwards — are surety good judges of cigarettes... Sworn records show that, among independent tobacco experts, JLuckJesliave twice as m.iny exclusive smokers ns have all the other cigarettes combined.

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