The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, tO:!l BLYTOEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVtt Two cents a word ror fust liscrUon anil one cunt a word 'or cadi subsequent (mertion. No nclve«lsem<:ul taken for lu,s thaa 50c. Count the words and ie.-iU Hie casli. 1'hone aOG LAUR^ LOU BDOOKMAN Author of WEXPr Vf •'.',!.• ,:| f : i : ;:: JU :"?*.-.:•&••'£&. vSSJ&ssRws •:>•:>•;•• V:V:j- FOK SALE s~§ ~ S 5 ? S STOP! LOOK! SAVE! USED CAES Reconditioned f.;;li' .Mode-Is -inj'ljllii: tin, her. ti>ri> nl:!j [IIT jnli cr!slrl/r,! fur lively rr>l:ii,«. 1ILI11I.I:. Ill i.lllcr Kin-. I 'ilu- -larlj 1* [.•i-l ii.T vir.i; h;ilr In J'nrli I "* di^lj. "Urn alir I wheru at all!" Mrs. Nicholson hail j taken up hrr knitting nBiiln and. i iho ucc-illcs clicked sharply. "What 1 want lu know 13 what vvo'ro to l()l i.fopli!. There's a meeting of il:e sewing circle tomorrow nnd nvc-ryor.e there Is goiui; to aslt I I'.l.uui ilih marriage. Wliat tliey'll i v. iiit to kiiov, 1 —ami \vlmt 1 want In tltiil out mysr-U—Is why illil Jim I invaU eft 1 wllli Mnrcla I.orlng?" ''And J'vo t l you n dozen times . Jn-,1 l' 1'uiti Dodgy Dili-Mill \Vhi |i|jct Chrysler Chevrolet UoutlsliT.-i Tom tilths I l:, il lira <(!•-. ' 'Jl!! lll -> :iri- j:i:irr> -r:i jllli-rl l. i vl.c II.IH Ji. slur -l-LHS. Truclis Sedans r!oi! lri:!u lit Turi-l I ..... i 1 I'll'? ::i^- Kl,-'-u-.l hi 111- .Mint. VKS 111 l-l > U M.l.'.l ::. »!lii l:l.:Ui". in> ii-.-n-l i.l i:,-r tiu.i:;ici Hi i In- lil'l. .Hi" Terms :—: Trade 1'hoiie 811 I PHILLIPS MOTOR! I tllll] .il.J lll^ I'llll l li.'.lllv l rr uf Jlli lf tl'.v llLII.'t ! I dua't know." Kllea said ! lii'.illy. "As for what wu'ro to say > iili.nil tlio inullcr, v.-p]]. [ think I ! Vuow how lo haiuUn tint- When I ', faiil tlioro was notiiliit; lo uo done :^:l;ont u'hat's ]iap|)cncd I meaut t litre's iiuiliiiiB to !>:> doiii!— jusl i now. 'i'licrii's only one way lo tirlnt ! -!i:ii Walhtco linck lo Ms scnscb— ' ; Tlic Ihrce lieuds Ijcul forward an : l!ic voices loworcd. Now nnd thea i cue of tlio three noildcd alTlriim i livuSy. TJioy EJI tlicrc until lout j sl:;uluws (!::] kflU'd [he r'oulll. It nftor live o'cloclt . wlieti Gyti5> luaril l!tc from door close ami, looX Ing dinvn from tier npstalra window Ehe fiiiv two Wach dail figures eolu down thu walk. Authorized Foul Di'hlers SSSSSSSS 1-'OI£ SALE --lii'jy GiikKS. All var- ea. Mjrilyn Jhttciicry, Hiyl-ieviJk. i.u-CK-11' .\o« <;u i>.\ WITH Tin: M CliAI'TDR XVlll 4i7iJO\V llitio'B iw use ia!:":!::i !l 1 ' li:iit v::iy. Si)plironl'i!" l-llloil \V:I|!,UL-yaid ribar[ily. "It's :io vrnue fur yn'.i than for the roc! uf us. li'.-sidcs. If ii:ere was a:iy,hlns 10 tin I'd Ir-ivc dnac It." .'I' next three days were un'- eventful. Gypsy learned the • rGutiJio of the V/allsce household :nml (rice! to adjust iieraelt lo II. At el^iil o'dctk each morning breakfast was served, giving Jim time to glance through tlio morning newspaper More driving downtown to the oillce. After broafcfast Miss Wal- v.'ent to the kitchen to consult a :;lsnnstva;-Kc:icil.l Harriet tlm day's tasks, liar r rc;:lica I vict :i|)[.:trently wus a paragon. She were burning'. Wlien sho glanced uu again Miss Wallace hid (one from tlic room. The socks were no longer In ttio uas'act. • • « AFTERNOONS were tlio drear** lest. Luncheon was ofer by 1:30 and It was tire o'clock or Inter Before Jim arrived. Gyusy acquired Ilio habit of Inklui; n walk, with I'at tor company, cadi afternoon. Sho enjoyed exploring streets wltb no Idea whcro they inlght lead. They wero returning from such walk on Friday when tho doE suddenly whirled with sucii force tliat tlio leubli Jell from Gypsy's hand. She turned to see him llylns at full speed across a yard. "Pal!" the clrl called, "Pat- come hack liero!" There was no sltn that (ho terrier heard. "Pat!" Gypsy cried louder. Now she could tee what had oxcllcd the doe. Half way up Iho trunk of a tree the busliy tall of a squirrel was visible, ihou disappeared. Thu doc was at tlie base of tlio tree. l"aplng and harking Curiously. Gypsy ran forward. Slio tried to get the leash but It was several moments heforo sho bad it. The equlr- rels, Pal," slio told him reproach- branch orer head, had turned nnd vrne looking down at them. He chattered nnd scolded shrilly. Gypsy tugged at th» leather strop but the terrier held back. She coaxed'and pled. It required all the girl's-will power and a cood deal ot, forco before aho could drag him, Gypsy nodded. "Dulh tliMh's my name!" cblia toM lier. "I'm I'm!" "Ucslly? Then 1 think yon two should b« friends. Hero, Pal"— Gypsy raised tho dog'a right loro paw—"slinke hands with this lltllo I'.- Just ' nipt slock ol USED CARS 1D3U Chevrolet Coiitit l'J2() Fords Koutlslt-r:; ;tii(l LEE MOTOR CO. ] FOR SALE-Gced, diy ccuk \\oud.j 13iii:LUti:m C05l CO., I'ilUJJi* 107. j 111--CN FOR SALE—iO aci't-i Clti.r.- La'rfc.* high, vvell lU-.iiual land. Wonder-1 f i;I toil. OVVIUT mo', t-d awa.. u:iU J siys fell it—S1SCO. Xo murL^se | 40 or £0 AC HE 5—3-4 miles o! B!>-; Uicville. He's: roii—^Jo.(H> :ui nero. ] G KOOM COTTAGS—e:i j "The Bsiii ai:d all cjnvuaenees. c^-j u •.-_,._.' cv.ncd vhu has innvud away S^oOl j "i;, \Vi!i ice n ^o lur $iuCO. $lua e;: ; n, ; J;I; I; L - b:'.lauee S20 per month, 'lims Lane: Co. \J-2-iO! ol i-;'!- 1 ::. (lvp:"C,! ED ut miiy Site wore her licur in tlip s:s:i;c hltili lir.oi ni:tl wh^u slic l;t:Uc<l &hc ciniili:isi''.c < ! btr \voi ils .'\;uiiy m !-"l!o:i iliiJ. Ti:e Iwu v.ere si-Li.::'. :i:>i>1ii ui:!S. !iv v,':;s 'iiit» v. n!s>iV of tilC 1-ltL' l-h::r!L-? wrro jfiTii away at i-cln 1 ;)!. Mia. .Nkhsl-oi! lived alone ami was n lc:i'lh:;j !i ! ;nrc in ihc Lr.iHPs" Aid j :nnl cJiiiii 1 !! si-v-in^ (.in 1 !". 1 . Sli', 1 h:n:' Ik i n l:riii!i:i [ ; l)!Lt ni i>" ^i/.t^-'s j vv-:icir slio i:ut (Inwis Il;c Qfctilc:'. 1 "DD yyu t!3tan in tell n-.e. ISIIen | \Vul!?.cc/ J sho deiiiantUcl, "l'iat i ytrj'il «i;u!tl asiclo an i) =PO your owu 1 b:\.T 11 r-1 1 'j ?.)i! iLii!i 1)!^ life?" I ].i:;'i;i V.'nllii-o. liiiirl of-t]«p !7lo.: iim;;.' in \vi!-i "ThjtV. er-.nctly EMC: v sy l f c -;-l ni);;ut ii! Purely liiere looked anil served l!io meals and assumed responsibility for t!ie ?i3Lcbll] operation of Iho entire household. The only other full-time employe was Sain Mntson who kept yens dl.Jer. the llrcs, look rave of the yard and was handy al all soils ot cirpontry a:ii] repair work. Three times a week Sam's wife, Cora, came to tlin house to wash and Iron and do the M:ukcLln^ was one task wlilch ;.li:"--i \Y.ill:irc always attended to hci-s.'lf. lly 10 o'clnch she was out nf itie tiifiise with her market basket ou her arm. Ciypsy was not bohl enough lo a was . Hiu- li ns'K if she might lie Included la : the:'a pxr^diUons and Miss Wallace , did not invite her. IMorc HIB oliier j \vcin:mi's energetic ofikicncy Oypsy j wilted. She was torn between eager- y<.:,!i 5 cr iLr.n ttic i " ES5 f " suinetliins to do to pass llic -1 I-.--1 •• Wilhuv lit! Ul " Q Slicl t(>Ar tha£ »«yH> in S - af: \Vwliaio ' «'is!it attciapt would (all to pass •j Si:c'l:c?iii ilii:l Vv'ullace's critical ey», v,}; There \vas tlic lime she fouud a I mending Iiajket on tt'/j ilnvenrson jia to 1)2 in tlie livi-.i;; room. On (op v.-as a :c;i:!iclily. I P-Tir of Jim's soclis, the libels woru lia:'s nil ic2 In lijri Tlie \V:ili: ;ir Kccial I-GIt KENT innrvfc-1 T.:nl lhn:'s nil nncl in ueec! ot niciitiiiL^. Gypsy tl-.-.i!.' is to i!." sanimagci! In tlio Irasket Tor tlircacl '-I'o-..'i-'j you to sure !'i.".t lli^y'rc i liic riglit crilor, fountl It nnd sol lo J;,:I:I-:L'!'.' Wi'.h ;i iv:j!:;_n liku lliat i v.-ork. Bhi! never (lono t.T.:c!l yi:-.! c-::i't (til Miyci!!!!^ iiljfuit i:!" | smvnis. Her needle wove thiO:i.:ii Filter iEionily, "J 4;.-.:i i I;::tiv.- \v!u-ve 5IUI tils thrc-aii< clumsily :ind for n;ore can't he? i:;iK an hour she lient ovcr| cck. When completed the still unwilling, back to tlie oidc walk. The BQulrrel's Elirlll lusolonce (ollowei] them. The girl sank to her knees heslde Ilia dog. "You mustn't cbajo taulr- rela, Pat," sbe told tlm reproachfully. "Don't you know toalT You mustn't run away from me when we go on walks or I'll have to leavo you home. That's what I'll bars to do! Pat: ears droofc-J with the kuov.-ledge that ho was belni scolded but oue shining, black ey still watched tho squirrel. "You're not paying any alien tlon—" Gypsy began and stopped Standing* uesldo her, with breat coming In great gasps as thoug! lie had been running, .nns a &mal red figure. "Did he get tlio tliqulrrol?" puffei the newcomer. Gypsy shook her head. "No," sh said, "he didn't." The little fellow might hare bee four years old. The red knitted tu enveloped him completely. He ha hlue eyes anil a bit of brown ha showing beneath tlm edge ot th red cap. His nose and cheeks wcr nearly as crimson a3 his costum Tho eyes Just then wero big wit excitement. He looked first Gypsy,-then down at the fox tcrrle "Well,", said, the youngster. "I'm glad. 01' thmjirrel can run fat "Uc certainly can," Gyps? agreed. "Pat wns a had dos to clmse a nice little squirrel. I've been teliiog him I'OK RENT — aixinmi'ii:, M^ii [^ara.,1'. c,ccd ic 1!GP-K1:C ' 6J. M:.s, l^C-Ti- FOii HE.NT — ilt'il bncli, ciosj in. 1 J lie Diillt; M. \VeoJ. FOR REXT— Uiifuniishid Hal ai:.! ! ;in(iirnt5hcd hoii^c on Htain fc. Plionc G7c{. CC-Ti' ; t. me Ivo:-.-.. 1't iil:u;it \ Halt's lioEc n\- i 'i.inicil place was thick and slightly i::-:i •, -.- : iy .):::; man-ic'l :;:r. Rut I drnwn. Oypsy eyed it with ilissr,;!"-1 he must never do it any more." 1 '!•;> •:•:.-.-• .!iu: \V.T!!:ire i^ a ^^a:lo- • faction and tried to make Itie nt-M | "Bad dog," the child, echoed after t • •'! f-':, . v --?, t:icy-ve i:;rr!-:ril[-' j darn tnmother. 'her. He stared at Pat for a moment "T J ut i:^vcn't you l;c-jn rtbie io\ Alter she I'.ci! finished Gypsy re-1 then reached forward cautiously r = . i out ;-.:•> tlilii^T' l.ucia p.:-i;c:l. j i\:r:ir.-i ine soc'-:s to the basket and \ r\nd touched the dog's head. The "I'vo fi)ut:d ni:t thai slic ilnc-fii'i l inckeil up a magazine. Khc wa^ in ' terrier ennureu this complacently. V.IVIL tn l:ilk ; hor.;.Ii. Ahvay^ I liie mid^t of a story nnrl had for! l :ns n wr>y of lnviiin.i; (]i:r-=;inns off 1 iioticn tha mer.dtng when M:?3 entereti the loom. She fii FOR RENT— 3 VOOM lLimi?lu-d 1UU. guiuyu and coal house. C;i.I G7B-W. IC-'iL- 1-OFl KENT — :; newly u-inoJekcl. D". riionc 410. /a F':O <!'..;:i-t ,^is-e yon ;:n ans-.vcr. Yr.n'n j-'o u!;i-:i you lalk lo hsr. 1 t:ic:l iiuc'- ! JoiLiii.^ Ji:n llil l'i:i Eony to Piiy tl:aL for viif^ iirczent f am LO lor.aci' in h;^ counUcnc^." "Well alt this h Keltlni us no- TR"j\SuRY I)PIAl-:VMt.NT. Of-' the older woman pick up the sewing basket, draw one o[ the mcnLio'd srci;^ over her hand and frown. Gypsy quickly looked down at the pape,before her. Her clucks ccpt '. "T.TE won't hurt you," Gypsy aald. •*••*- "Jlo's really a good dos ex- hca he runs away and clia: els. That's right. Rub his l-.ead. .'.'at loves to have his head rubbed." "tth lilth name Pat!" Iho child boy. Now then, you'ro acqualnlcil!" The chlhl was dcllahlcil. When lio lauglieil ho wrinkled his noso lu a way that wns Irreslstlblo. Tin terrier responded to tho general good humor and wac^ed his tail. "I haven't got a dot!," the bor announced, "but I've not £ Ihcoolci I" "Thiit's nice," Gypsy agroc'l. "Can you ride It?" "Tluirc! Hide It all the llmg. Only 1 can't loday. I can't rlilt! It toihiy for a thncclal reatlion."- "What's tho reason .von can't rWo toilayT' Ciypsy wanted to know. Small I'at looked ul her with per- ct composure. "I'm beltiy pun- hed," he uniiounced. "Oh, thal'8 too hid! Whr.t aro ou bolus; puulshcd /ov?" The child studied the dog's col. ir, apparently iireocciuilcd. "What arc you being ;,s]itlshci! or?" Gypsy repented, "f ran away." "I'm sorry," tbo girl sabl fieri- usly. "It's naughty to run av;uy." Pat eyed her with Interest, "i liink Ith fuu.' r ho said. I've run way today too." If slid wanted to scohl him she ouldn't hare done so. The ILitlo aco was so Etrllesj nnd free of Rullt. "Well," said Gypsy, "! think In hat case, we'd bolter bo sUi-lUiu ionic. Dou'L you think so? Wbem lo you Ike?" "Oh—down that way." lie pointed In th« direction of tht \ r allnco home. "That's flue," tlm girl lolii him. That's vfhoro Pnt nnd I live too." They walked slowly. Gypsy would have taken the child's hand but hn drew away Independently. lie was eager to lalk. though, anil chattered nr-.d osltcd questions. Smnll IMt an- nouuccd that tio bad an electric train, that last summer ho had been to (he sea shore and thut his father could wigglo his cars. He was a diverting companion. Half a block from the Wallace homo the small boy stopped lielorc tho walk leading to a brick bungalow. "Thlth ith my houlb," ho said. "Want lo come In?" Gypsy smiled nnd shook her head. "Not today," sho said. "Some other lime. Wo ought to see each other often because we're neighbors. See that white house down there? That's where Pat and I live." The child stared. "Bcv.-a there?" he asked rotntlDg. Gypsy nodded. The boy chipped one hand over his mouth and drew back. "Oh—!" he eiclaliiicd, his eyes • widening, "Oh, aie you the New York woman?" "Why—I uon't know," the girl said. "I used to live In New York." The child drew away further. "Thath \vLo you are," he £ajd with conviction. "The Xcw York woman. My mother thald she wouldn't thpesk to you!" He turned, frightened, and fled toward ttic bouse. The little fox terrier, running ahead, turned impatiently half a dozen times wailing for Gypsy to catch up with him on Ibe remainder ot Hie walk home. Two hours later at Hie. dinner table Ellen Wallace announced her ultimatum. tTo Uto rontlnucJP; OUR BOARDING HOUSE TM "IWo DUMPS' MAR1HA -BV-TH' ME AM' AAV £AL,ED I(ERE VROM cHicAao iM His ED is A CHISEL VOLIR PAL WEUU — CAri GB-f A WK3VJAM AMt> SOME VEA-TYteRS, I'LL LET -THE -rwa tfF NOQ SE.- UP CAMP Ofi A LOT. I SVllR-r OF FA 111* BACK IF A WAS 1 WELL U -vo ED IS A LlY HorfeL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES .lUST WON OK KING By Martiu TU'liNTV-TWO DEGREES 'different doctorates' degrees recog- j it seems tliat everybody BiHLlN. (UP) — There arc 22. nized by German universities. To a | has at lenst one o( them. |_ By Blossci FOR RENT — IJcr.'.liiiv.l !,u::..ibj:-. lu;no. wi;ii -i bed i;-.n'."r,k;\'.. h.ilh, H- icr. ~ f'r.;::'.i' iici-.:. •M dm-ki'u hi:-. Hri:t rcas<i:::.s:c tu take L-.IIO of it. WANTED POULTRY WANTED — Markl-t prices imii :u C. L. Bcnr.rt: Co. Feed Co. Jlu K. iiuUrcud b;. v.i»t of coiirlhouii.', J. K. i-;shcr. Phone Gi. 21C-TK I'OULTHY WANTED—Mp.rkct prl- chrry. 2:0 a. Fourth St. ' DC-TF \V. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A DISAI'I'OINTMENT! Tv1Ar,'\WAS>JT OLD By ALL APPEAEAVJCES THAT5 MIS STEELE IS THS DSTEcTWe STeELE..; MR. MScTcii SEUT R« [^ SE. HE ISWT SiXH U. C.. r,t n o !3, 1931. for 111: to !l-.e Uiiiii-ri btaUo •::i:i-.:i'.cly 21fnK> i-cninic <H:iU':isio:i of approxi- ll::ral feet, on tlie more jut -Tii' :hc ;v.o street front- Ki-.iiv.iiy ar.c sole fur a Fccicnil sil,' a; Bly.:;cvi!K\ Ar- Unun ciiipiicalion. tlic i- \\il! supply protective '. ci;-cn:;ir .. -,i::>. :;ru/.ir.> r,:> to i-ttjuij-ony-iits nnrl i:iMv-..c;-.ciij for preparation of bids ji:c'. ci.i!" to arcor.'.jany same. I-'ESHV K. HEATH, AjSotal'.t Scr- rci;;:-v. 1GC-K2 ^D THIS LITTLE W.E IS . l ;. c soossy....cwe OF THE BOYS VJHo W.S TUS NAM AFTER ALL...I "THo06>(T OUO ' :.:i: v:y v.-iin \'il' Tlionias L;i:id Co. 3-24C-K27 HE WAS AUt ! SET TO- : see A CRIME York Cotton WASH TUIJUS C V-.Kf% FUttftTriEM. Trtff l^U^O O\'£Ii\ IHERS. IS G'riAvlOf- TtUBE, oWCt TH6 HAvibOUTOF UfvFinE,'ii(£ 5>«-Mf.. HE USED To SMU«itE SLNJES UP WE EM005TO CO.\'iT faUAV-9 THi^KS HE'S 5TII.L M TvltOtV BUT P.M OUSTER F:^UM NOW. 01, 6N TttE v!M, I Trtt SBRMPlMfa FLEET, IN ^.^ST NIGHT, OW, tWKi AROUND TH£ !!AV. OUST LOOK vJ«M HWPENS OM THE. quiet ar.a uncnang- New Orleans Cotton M1\V ORLEANS'. Mr.rcil 2! — Coll'-'. cl np'n MID SAY wt^u. P> THING. ^ ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Eicciiic and CU'.s Welding dene at OSIJKO.V HLACKS.M1TH SHOP 11.1 X. lianlilin SI. By Can (>'-<•• paid (jiiiii-lcviy on lull paid sli>i'U, ^100 ;iiu (iu:u'aiHc!Cil )>y first r.iorl^a^: loan* on lionies in IJlylhovilh 1 . ;nid liistircd. 'Blvtheviile Building & Loan Association r.f. Sec.

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