The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE: six BLYT1IEVI.LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY,, JANjJAhY 4, 1934 short, and--Harry Y Taylor, first so soulli 10 Mscon, da., In 1834.'here, Htinlou went to the Urook- rj . | T) I 1 W/i».ui '« 4- •* '. -. ^«, ; baseman (he'« i Judge In Buffnlo jBaseball scribes wrote that Ned lyn club. He took tolly, Keeler HcHlCY IlCWU l'( lOU \\ till V.aUull HCy mow, by the w»yX from Louisville! was eolni; "Booty." So snccttsful nnd Broutliprs alortf. He won two J ' i J : for Tim O'Rourke, B shortstop, who ' were Hanlrm's Orioles Hint your more lhi;s in Hrooklvii and later was tatting .37(1. I swapped Willie Schlndle and a 'chap named Trendwuy to Brooklyn for Brouthers and Ke*ter (wasnt' thai rob- .bcry?).. Eroiilhers developed Into thai In 18115 every bin lfn<iuc ii-nui shifted to CindiitiaU to manage went to ilie southland • for train-; that team. Ing. In Matron, al 10 o'cloc Connie Mnck calls Hanlon Hie greutMt manager baseball ever every, knew up to 1300. Mack himself ! r.nd Keeler was ! greatest batsman . the bludgeon. Selling and Traclm* Han-j ti ™?'**^^ ^ •the home-run hitter of those days]morning, Hnnlon took the crafiy. played under Hanlon. Connie nl c o . ...... -.. , . Ion ArhlVved '94 TillC'^ood 1B94 dollars, came from Pills- whichever field the 1 baiter deslrtd 11 '» v -"' l - T ^ <a i burgh for George Van Haltren. hud never been Hen before. probably the i Orioles out lo thr clianiond. H was i called the Orioles of Die 0$'s one 'here the lill-nnd-nin play wns of DIP greatest teams o[ al) time. IK-rlr-clcd. Hunting huil been du»i"'lle selects Mcdraw its the groal- bcfoii' by otlior tennis ,but ix-rfecl I est lender since Hanlon, mid Mu- Inih'ints nnd imUliiK the ball Into-Grow Ic-arneil llii 1 I-OIKS from tied. White managing Cincinnati Hun- by Ru| Risk of Appendicitis By NEA Service KNOXV1U.E. Temi.- loy, Unh'erslly of Tennctsee tackle, mixed football with appendicitis,",. this season, and ti;<? rewind was ranlaliicy of tun ic-ani ol IM4 ., . . A ~ r AA n ' 1 i UIU 6" *w vrcuii£f van nimit'ii. And Si.jUU Besides. ' Kelly became one of tile oiilslnm!- Ing outfielders In baseball and v.ns All-America a few years BY JOE NEWMAN mnM Baltimore Post Baseball Writer back.. BALTIMORE. Md., Jan. 4.--Tom "I made a deal with St Ion bought an Interest In ihe . Hanlon knew whr-n lie returned [Baltimore < Busier! i League) team from Nfncon llmi he hod perfected nnd wns instrumental In appolnt- n new klml of baseball. When ihe I Ing ns pilot one of his pupils, scribes picked tlir Orlo!«s last In i llnglile Jennies, Inter manr.ger nt. the slandiniis of the la-club Nn-1 Detroit, lie bnlli tlie old Ensteni Yawkcy In spending $380.000 for for Brodle, now ctirclnfcer • at thcilional League IIP rmly smiled. | League park here. Later when (he 11 ball'players to build up the.spacious Baltimore stadium: took; O» 'lie opening day of Hie 1694 | Feds Invnded this territory he bt- Boston Red Sox, may be getting a'Doyle, chief scout of the- Chicago season. Johnny Ward, .second base-! ciiine Interested In the local fran- .,-,...._ ,„— v. . ,-. , _ .., .1.. MX and rented the ground to build I!K' Federal League park. He sold It lo.tlic late Jack Dunn. Dunn played nniter Hanlon bargain but— ' ;Cubs, from New York, and Olea- Baltimore Orioles of| 1894-95-SS-a team that won one' v.-orld championslilp — and made S2500 on the deal. Ned now president of Die Baltimore Park Board, smiles Yawkey's reckless spending. '"l"wondeV"how"miicli he'd give jiitchcr' when veloped him ! baseman. "John McOraw, Wllbert Robinson slid Sndle McMnhoii, 11 treat pitcher In Ills day. ami now a resident of Wilmington, Del., were today for such players as 'wlillc "» only players I kept nrouml Kwler HUBhe Jennings, Dan *Wch were here when ! luok ovur EmithPrs J« Kelli' SteA Rrod.e. Ihe Baltimore club In "-" Jack Doyle and Kid C.lcn-vai." he man and innnniter of the New York clul). chldcd Hnnlon during the parade tlinl his club would slay the Orioles. The New York- Dunn played nniier Hanlon al ers were favorites to win the |H-n- Brooklyn before coming here to iiant. The outcome of thul series put Baltimore on the baseball map was four straight for the Orioles.' with seven straight pennanls In! Thirteen hit-and-run plays were I tlie International League. Dnnnle | IKTfccled. So one-sided did the: nlso sold .such players as BHIXI ' serli-s in-ove thai Wnvd tlu-entened | Until, Ernie Shore, IjGfty Grove, (o take Hnnlon before Hie league j Max Hhhop. Tommy T lionms. heads, dfdarlnf; he wasn't playing George Kttrmlinw nnd Joe Boley says 'Those are some of the boys 1 got in my" 1894 deals, on which I made' J2500 In cold cash. I expect Mr. Ya*k«y. If lie *«e buying players ilfce those today, would have to take another rubber band ofl the old roll. -I know I wouldn't have traded those boys for the whole Boston club. ••I gat Jennings, who'^j Hanlun "wanted to come to Baltimore, in which city he ha.s made his home since 1893. tie Jumped baseball, but 11 new game. lo big leayne clubs. Iliinlon didn't keep his methods; Hanlon still tnkcs a big Inler- of play a secret, lie took his team | est In ba-sebnll. You will find him out to the ball park early every | at every world ferlcs talking with j day to show the fans who turned | McGraw nnd a few of the other: nt the opportunity to manage the out just to see how the hil-nnd-, ohl-tliners. club here when llw late Harry'run play wns engineered. He even: Neil has five children, four llv-. Vondcrhorst, brewer anil president' inn his own tram on tlie field omt Ing. His .wife, the former Helen 1 ..-.. „.„. of the -Baltimore team, asked the let the pitcher throw nnd the run- J. Kelly of Connecticut, died SPV- hill with a hud amir Pittsburgh club for htm. i' ners run, but his own team era] months ago. Joseph, n son j his Joining the Orioles In May. 1892,; couldn't even slop Ihe piny with was o lieutenant In the U.S. aiinyj retain fur 1934. . , , . lloave the game foy :i year nnd un- Tlalpn lint--!,(,.,go an opoialion. Uut llatley :>•« the team was short on tauk- i antl refused. Kiiipl) .spent half Ills time on Ilie jciiibull ti'aui uiici the rest in chss- •i-s and Iti the Infli m:\ry. lie played ' tall until someone bloc-ked him liaid on top of that Inllamed ^ip|K'iKil>: In the Kentucky game. | He was carried from the field. He couldn't get into the L. S. U. contest—but thai made no Jiffer- enrf to his mates. While :ip va<-, in :i hospital recavcrlng (ram the .ujK'iatlon. they electeif him cap- ham. ROXY ; Last Time Today i MAT. and Nitf—lfU- - 2r.c 015T A LOAD (of .--nnu, Invo nrd Ton Y«ars Ago Today —. Jakic I paw hurler, was sold'io riu. May, Pacific Coast Leaeue south-' cinnitl Reds. * Drink \-ns ' Ned imriiedlately laid plans to i .such totters ns McQraw. Keeler. i during the World War "aiid moke the Orioles' a club which' Kelly. Doyle, Brouthers or Drodle killed In action In Prance. Befo:e' Jl:st before the openlii" of would startle tlw baseball world.! at bat. • | Ills death, he was awarded thcl -eason. nalpli had a joust He look the flrsl ball club ever to I After wlnnlne three pennants Crolx de Giierrp. I appendix. (CONTINUED FROM E>A(iK I) MABEL , McELUOTT CHAPTER I-A 'PhKKE wiis 8 striped red and ^ ivhHe c-anopy ouUlde St. Batlliolniew s. Tlie red carpel al '.he <d&e nl the sidewalk wna al- i-eaily .dusty [rum ihe scuffling nt many teet. Indoors au or^an pealed Eonnrously. Salnln; rar alter shining cm slid np »|itl de'ptislted IU we!l- diesse'd and dceuted weddlug K'ie;i's. Uilles In beige, in blue. In black, with expensive turs f-:m:t; uvw ^helr modish .shoulders! »l«i<jush the du> was warm, (i-^nliepien in the uniform ot the riiiy. the'lopper, the striped trousers, the perfectly cut. tall cuat. the RhJLlnjt ahoec. At long last, the awaited thriM came. The bride! All bride's shnutd' be Idvtly.. aud Lil& Hptu- llns .lived . tip to the tradition. yelinir-Ji'er'alilnjpG na'f. » ffnther ur two of .which esca'ped'from tbe i-nra pplnt'lace «nlch trained ber . fiii-e. 'Her frcc"k.~. of medieval cut, hi:*, of siufiu soft.-dull stutf. - Site ivul-e .a'vtrlng ot pearls and you fci:ew ' ilvey. were -real.- £he <ar- riocl uajla lilies'.-" ' .""."' Lovely, idvely brldel How 'the ' music' pealed- «s she r»nie,;y.lih' tool dlcutiy. Inlo ihe viidiiyl-^The lall-innii with her— litr. .niirle. II _.\vaa 'whispered. » 'ISploiiiilX -, ot party, -who had -•-.iied ,lli«'sea lo' "give her -.way'"-/ In 'the quaint- old slylo ,—iiiiirvefstt at.- her calm.. Tlie i rTdesmalds >beid—si* ot them — tn 'grttde.d". caslurllum tlnla, were more nervous lhan she. One of them, a ''willowy redhead. irfinriU'd ail over with every slep -l:e tcuiV. It must be lier nrsi \ edil'il:4. ttitiusjlit • Llla'a uncle. - .,.j : « »ere craned, there was :iie riisile all over the church. i of iilii's. ol hothouse roses. i..i-Vlei-ge l-'olle. delicate and . iiinailiig: ^ound of music, ut irjthV ciiilside In HcrK Avenue, ol K.-.W Yi>ib'.Central trains rumbling Hnniewhere in the ^wels of the De'rcft lillss. ra>her like a tann In murniu); cl.ollics, a well-tLlitorvd f^uii with sluriny tlilrk brows und ey.ea Iliishini; umber H^lilnln^j, bUHK] u-altln^ for his bride. Derek, who u'.is fverytlilliK thai WRA pniinenr'ly t-oriet.!. froti] his col- \cgti l<i hl^ tilth*, uul who Itailn'l ages, though, tbe idiot. Sbe was OIW3 NEA Sewice, Inc. "Happy, dearcEtl" ' Her voice via decidedly pettish. Nervea crept Into It. LOW the u.\ cltenient bad tiled down into (he 1 audleucu laid disappeared. "I'm a wreck. Honestly. Whai a day!" Her was a whlta lijnr In the e;irly dusk. He caught at her band. The engines, far below, cliurnei! Into life; a whistle hrayert. Si lently tie big bo:il moved awaji from tho pier. Life wus be^lunlnt for Llla and Derek. TUKE GUESSES NSWERS The U. S. S. UHKCON .vttatncd M.flOO miles fnun (In: \orth I'Hcillc tn Key West via Ciiliu Horn to lake part in ttiu IciUlc ut S;iuli.i^o in 1S&S. f RIKA is thn capital of LATVIA. ': H. <!. Wolls Ii n HKITISH I NOVELIST AND HISTORIAN. T HE To n» inni'h liinney ad Ilie HnlaUh^ rbn iliinmlii Lihj Diight espei-t. Ni>> ilmj -l.lia's -people were rirn - —l;ir fnnii it—hul liiey bad a Ir.i- dillnu ut • niouev In their tion^b. Ait 'ihe Itoiallit^ wtimeti had f\- p^nsive tastes ancl Indulged Ihetn. LEla's rather h^d died three years agn. exlausted [mm the struin. (typsT hud been sorry she couldn't go- lo Lila's wedding. Thf'y bftd atet, down OD Lbe Cau^. every 'summer. In • childhood Gypsy'f Morel) grandmother ml LIU's o«d been friends. To the rambling' old 'houses on the bleached abort tbey bad gone, summer tfler summer. Ot course. their- lives, back home, had rua aluag entirely different lines Qypiy'i lawyer ftlher made just money lo feed, clothe and bout* bis brood. tho settlement house managed a teulng In the year following her mother's convalescence) tns.t tbe two girls had renewed their acquaintance. Llln. beautiful furs, had rushed Into the shabby brlcls establishment one November afternoon. "My dear. I couliln'i get away earlier. Am 1 latoV The other Junior Leaguers cnlly. Llla frautl I OD Veil up 10 see ~ Llls. kepi her eyes open. She didn't boltcve lu thh beamlng- hrld» Btutf. Demurencs3 was more her style, anyhoiv. No lliigering outside here, as 'HE terry carrying (lynsy anil 'otu. In the shlnlnf; little car ! Bllpjed through tho wiinu Septem ber night. "Look. Tom!" Their car hoii heeu the flrsl one on the boat, BO they had a splendid view of ihe harbor. "Look, that roust IK— jts. It |B tlie Emulrlc. Lila's boat." Tho majcstlo ship, a fairy cargo of twinkling lights, moved on Us way. The ferry rocked a little In the wash. Tom said, lightly: "You ought to be going to London nnil I'.irls. too. Instead of to * Hllie ahack on Long Island." "Why, you great big allly!" Sh;> widened her eyes at him. "As it 1 didn't lovo Wailing Hollow! As If I'd give up our two weeks Iher4 for London or Paris." "The young hiidbaml grinned ai her. Ho wns very Ilkahlo when that suillo crinkled up hi3 sun browned face with ila crown ol fair, curling hair. "So you're satisfied, woman, are you!" "You're darn shouting 1 am." It was Just as ivell Mrs. Morell wnsn'i around, lo hear her daughter's cholco of words. The ferry humped Into the slip and Tom drove cxverlly of! l:it« Iho downtown streets tit Mm cilr. They would cross another livM^e. and Had ono of tho main arterlce which led down Long Islnnd, r-ntl they uonld stop svlien lii&y ».?r* tired. SOIKO hours Liter, at n ph is ant little Inn they knew, halt M:IV dnwn, for dinner. Tbty pl;innerf to reach the beach house lierure midnight. There everylhlns .uil been put In readiness for ilieni by Tom'a elder slater. Hustna, utio For Sale .'! lUmdlts - 25c Special altcnlinn to larj;e iirdvrs. CIIICAdO -MILL & I.l'UIBEK CO. Fifi D'Orsriy, Stuart Rrwin, Ned Sparks, 1'atsy Kelly A Cosmopoliian Production A Metro-Goldivyn-Mayer .Picture Directed by HAOUL WALSH FOX NEWS - - COMEDY BUDWEISER Coming Attractions jWeek of January 7th RI.TZ- .SUNDAY - MONDAY. JAN. 7 - 8 r March, Gary Cooper, Miriam Hopkins :tnd Edward Kverctt Horton in DESIGN FOR LIVING' Paramount News • - Broadway Bre\ity: TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9 - 10 Lillian Harvey and Lew Ayers in W WEAKNESS' ' ' Paramount News - - Comedy THURSDAY - FRIDAY, JAN. 11 - 12 Will Rogers and Xasu Pit Is in 1R.SKITCH' Our Ganjr Comedy "Wild Posies" Cartoon SATURDAY, JAN. IS Chas. Farrell and lii'tte Davis in 'THE BIG SHAKEDOWN' Cartoon and Serial Friday & Saturday MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 25c JOAN MARSH JACKIE SEARL SKK'IAI,' - - CARTOON Thursday & Friday Miit. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45, J0-35c t Gypsy'a simple wedding. Ula 50 | e heritage. He hail had a summer plarc novornl nrk j s away, Tho Wading Hollow [:l:ice. cabin and aocne aero or so nt ground, waa younj; Mr. Wcin.T'9 and Derek ran the gantlet of olii ladles aod disappeared In tho maw the young iscc-retfiry. neat and plain in licr dark blue [rock. Blaring at her. "My dear. Isa't It ... It's never Jy»*y .More!!!" They had seen each other •atiicr olteii, as often as Llla'i* icavy calendar of engagements voulii permit, that winter. And iow Llla was being married on ihe same- daj as Uypsy. of a ihlnlng long-limned car. fhe!| l;u ] spent reception was to bo ot Sherry's. I fp . n Lobster theniildor. Curved glasses I chi [ho jiropercy soisie \t':ira fi^fnn o the dealt; of A inn I den autn t;\ ;ig brlmmiug with Hlgli, nervous laughter. heforc. nudrr f{u--r-. nu^u, ami li;nl fi, !!,•!- An or- 1 lovo with Hie plin "Hose s;iiii cheslra IhrnitinilnK ntuve U all ; c urialns." Tom pin IK. i I Lr-i-l ! I "Come along, sweets, let's ucii-You won'i hiiim-"tii c s!,a, k ' out or this!" That was Derail. so dressed up for >mi." frowning, loukliiK al Ills watch j "i( you've rh:iiiKi:il oni> < "We're riding a bit tloso to ihe; or Etooe ot It." Cypsy u ;ir n.-.i mpresslvoly. "I'll new: MI V; .; wind." Lfla'a lauglitcr rose hey must all corae lo see them sfi. | She nnl«bed. reappearing In dark blue costume which effectively showed on her slender. was. Tom drove, one-harnle.l [nv His free orni held hid *m;.:i In lu curve. They leli In Llla'wasn't Ihlnklu? ot Gypsy **™**W%; JI^'IV!. 81 ., 0 . 0 ;" 0 - • > ol) .«B»'"- ll w:13 at th» moment, however. She was "" """ " -•"-"•—•• occupied with ber self, her train, ber bouquet. Derek looked rather sweet, didn't beT Ho was rather a lad—bit ot a lamb, tout boy. Ve3. ll was a pity he hadn't more money, but she, Ltla, would aoon see to It that he got more ol It. That was k wife's job. I, Llla, tak. thee. OTHINO wn lett OTer for ei peotlre ! prime icboola, ID N Oyptj's childhood, while Llls. had. •f eoant, • eiperlenced whit 1« tec*B u "tli* Mil" ID tbat quarter. Lib bid «t*a bad '» year ID Part*, vbn'ikt wu nlntteeo, wblk Oyny'* (n< eolteg* year aid MM^nt aliorl. by Mother's Derek . . It was funny, but vreddings were all etactlj alike. She'd been a bridesmaid twice last leason. You got bored with the ritual. Isn't it a pit; there wasn't more kick to itl How solemn the clergyman louadedl Tli* organitl crashed Into the recession*! DOT. B'ae faced about rounded figure. She had a kuui ] hind, left Hie wlnVlim Ii ot green orchids tor her Bilver tai. Her makeup was a triumph. Sh« looted (lawlessly young, sophisticated, amused. The Euite was packed villages, litter thi'lr siim.l,. :, the^ sinelled \\\Q swrei FH i. pine and fall waler, of h,i> i| : In ihe Holds. "Mmmmm Thai Aim DUIIO ,ra» yav-ncu lu mo ivtnimmm . , . Tim brim wi'.h roses, with telegrams. Gypsy. "Don't you love Itr eiotic fruit In tall baskets. UereV gloomed around, lianils In pockets, waiting tor the signal which would call the merrymakers asbnre. "Why not couie along? Why not •11 of you . . -" Lila was forgetting the occasion' was her honey rouon. She wanted to rusk a It • wholesale cruise. Sbe .kB«w she I. At l*tt tbty drifted away end , h A r i -*?* t> , TkM Bkatot-ltht two wer» left to hang over L£ A tiLi 4*tL i.L'^^i,.. . 1.. -.. -^ .- M4L X*FI nfr "We're almost ihere. . They turned Intu Ilie dirt and bumiied over It Kall;mih moon mode a track on the «:i lust ahead. "Home. Mrs. Wester, in 1 The lltile house nnik>ri them, dark and tlleul ar.d . Tom carried threshold. (To bet COX-Y. SUNDAY - MONDAY, JAN. 7 - ft Hebe Daniels and Randolph Scott in 'COdRTAIl HOUR' Novelty R««l and Comedy TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, JAN. 9-lU-ll Charlie Ruggles in 'GOODBYE EOVF ; Fox News and Comedy F1MDAY - SATURDAY, JAN. 12 - 13 Hont Gibson in 'A MANS LAND' .. Serial and Cartoon LEWIS CARROLL'S f * ce n „ LUonderhnJ wi,h CHARLOTTE HENRY-*,* and RICHARD ARLEN ' ROSCO ATES GARY COOPER • LEON ERROL LOUISE FAZENDA - W. C. FIELDS SKEETS GALLAGHER ' CARY GRANT RAYMOND HATTON - :;r,Y. D . HORTON ROSCOE KARNS ' BABY LeROY MAE MARSH ' POLLY MORAN JACK OAKIE ' EDNA MAY OLIVER MAY ROBSON ' CHARLIE RUGGLES ALISON SKIPWORTH < NED SPARKS and FORD STERLING iM rS(lvr» Dirk IWdl Short llarrv Langdon Comedy "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We i'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We have no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In and Be Convinced. We Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All . Fr« Ice Water »nd Rest.ROODS for Men, Womra tod CblMren SMALL FARMS for SALE 50 A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL \ 80 A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL 80 A. NEAR SURDETT 3-40 A. TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER 2-80 A. TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER 6_40 A. TRACTS NEAR MARIE 5-50 A. TRACTS NEAR LEPANTO 1-60 A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE i_r, 3 A TRACT JJKAR LEACHVILLE 1-Sfl A. TRACT NEAR LKACHVILLE 1—40 A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE Also have many more places not mentioned for *>l« cheap with small cash payment and balance spre over term of years. • J. W,BADER Ulythevilte, Ark.

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