The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1950
Page 9
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WBDNEKDAY, JtTLY I, BLYTHKVILLE fARK.) COURIER NEWS AUssco Draft Board Outlines Penalties for Not Registering Brig. General E. L. Compere, state director of Selective Service, through the Mississippi County Draft Board today warned 18-year-old youths of this area that failure to register under the Selective Service Act is a violation of the law and makes the de- litment liable to 'penalty. ivas stressed that a youth* _- : uld register on the date of his 18th birthday and that he must register within five days after that date. . ,the maximum penalty for violation of any of the provisions of the Selective Service Act of 1918, General Compere pointed out, is five years In prison or a fine of flO.OOO or both. , "The obliK<ition to register," General compere said, "is a continuing obligation and must be fulfilled regardless of whether men are being inducted into the armed forces under' the Selective Service Act. The ubigatlon to register is Imposed by the art on every male citizen in the United Stntes between the ages or 18 and 26 with only the general exception of members of the armed forces on active duty and certain a'tiens," Within 5 Days A youth is required to register at a local board office within live days after ,.the date ot his 18th pirthday. If. however, the youth happens to be away from home at the time of his 18th birthdny he will not be required to return 10 register, lie may register at the nearest local board and his record wiMfce sent to the board having jurisdiction. H is also mandatory. General Compere pointed out, tha> vfter registering, local boards' must be Informed of any change of address "or any change In status. Males in Service 'General compere also stated that all males that were 'on duty with the armed services during the designated registration days—Aug. 30 to Sept. 18, 1948, nnd who have since been discharged are reqdiretl .to egister within 30 days after the time of separation. This also applies to men who became 26 years of age while in-military service. He also said that non-citizens entering the United States for the first time are required to register at a local board within six months following the. date of entry. Miss Rose Saliba, clerk for the Biytheville Local- Board said that .penalties for violation of provisions of the Selective Service Act have not. been rigidly enforced in the past but that boards have now been instructed that the penalties 1 be enforced in.the future. Old Art Rivalry Revealed , VATICAN' CITY —w—Evidence of-rivalry/- 400 years ago between "' iael and Michelangelo-two Ital- of discovered re- Prof. Deoclecio Dedig De Campos, assistant to the Vatican palace noted that one of the central figure* had been re-cast in fresco. The new figure Raphael Inserted portrayed Michelangelo dressed as a captive and bound to the chariot of King David entering Jerusalem. Mo«t of the modern buildings on the Chinese Island of Formosa were biult during 50 years of Japanese occupation. PIANO TUNING and Radio Repair Done by Bonded Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed Everything in Music Supplies and Repairs ff. MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE ther of them. jnd I got nel- The last scene of Brunette Actress Discloses Secret Of Rudolph Valentino Picture By BOB THOMAS the Foreign Legion' HOLLYWOOD, July 5. (fl>)_Pa- trlcia Medina gives us a peek behind the silk curtain that has cloaked the filming of Rudolph Valentino's life. The shooting of the Latin lover's life has been, as the cliche goes, shrouded in secrecy. Press correspondents' have been banned from the set. The script was reportedly guarded like a copy of "handy hints for making H-bombs." One wild rumor declared that scripts were secreted in Jack Benny's vault after each day's work. So I wa.s happy to smuggle one i,f the picture's stars, Patricia Medina, out, of the studio during the lunch hour. "Have yon been sworn to se- 'Fortunes of Captain Blood' showed Louis Hayward waving goodbye to me with his sword. I didn't even get the mule in 'Francis'! "I can't understand It—I'm al- .'ays the bad girl, And I'm not bad." To which I heartily agree. Capsule review: "Destination Moon" (Eagle-Lion) is good hoeus- Jocus stuff about Interplanetary :ravel. Trie scientific aspects are upposed to be authentic and seem so to the layman. It's too" bad the dramatic aspects are not as convincing. The plot Is more Model T Ha lar ceri :recv?" I whispered. "Not that I know of." said the beaiiteous brunette as she dug into a sclad. "Well, have yoir seen the script— the whole script?" Oh yes, I read it all before 1 took the part." "Isn't the press banned from the set?" "Come to think of it, I haven't seen any there." "Isn't the set exclusively guarded?" "No, there's just the usual policeman—a nice old pent of 72." Love, I.ove. Love Miss Medina said that Tony Dexter, who portrays Valentino, h^s a remarkable resemblance to the famed Latin. "Poor bov." she ailrted. "all he lias to do Is make love. He makes love in the scenes from the old pictures and he makes love In the scenes of Valentino's real life." She reported that she had just seen rushes of a Inve scene she did with him "I wns disappointed." she said. "I wanted to tin the scene while reclining, but they pronppr me up; under a couple of pillows Love making has to be verticlc, they said." She said thnt most of the characters In the film will be fictionn and Valentino's wives will not be portrayed. "A Bad Woman" 'Eleanor Parker plays a combina tion of all the good women he knew she said, "and I play nil the bad women, r-nearly land him at the end of the picture, but he dies That happens to me all the time "I'm also working In 'Jackpot right now and I don't get Jimmy Stewart. In "Hie O'Flynn' I got neither Douglas Fairbanks. Jr.. nor Richard Green (her estranged husband), although I chased them har enough. "I was In 'Abbott and Costelld in 1101 E. Main Phone (811 . than rocket-propelled. But the photographic trickery is worth the admission price. IWMAGED EXCUKSION MN E R_Th e Oreat Lakes excursion liner, City of Cleveland, in. is'shown as it was brought to Port Huron, Mich., still afloat but badly" damaged after being rammed by the Norwegian freighter, Ravnefjell. Three passengers were killed nnd a number Injured. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Navajo Indians Turn To White Man's Trick Far Brinrjina Cool Rain WINSLOW, Ariz., July 5. (API — Niivajo Indians are turning to the white man's artificial rain-makers. But not so the.nelghboring Horis, who still place their trust in rattlesnakes to carry their prayers for rain to the tribal gods. Chales Barnes, head of Precipitation Control Co., Phoenix, announced here he had entered into a contract with the Navnjo tribal council. Under the agreement his planes will sow clouds over the vast reservation with silver Iodine to induce rain. Barne.'; said his pilots had orders to stay away from the Hopl reservation. Small Businessman Prospers As Scouts Swap Toads, Eggs Old Fish Laws Revealed NEW DELHI, India. , . _ Fishery laws of Asoka, who ruled India 2,500 years ago, may be adapted for use today. The director of the Zoological Survey of India has recommended reenactment of the laws, which were engraved on a stone pillar during Asoka's reign. The director said the conservation laws were comprehensive and based on biological knowledge of the principal food fishes of India. VALL-EY FORGE, Pa., (fl 1 )—Tills is the world capital of the small businessman. Anyone who worries that the r United States may be forgetting the principle of individual enterprise should come here to the second national jamboree <|' the Boy Scouts—and forget his fears. He would learn that the real hero of young America today is'nt Horatio Aleer. it's David Harum, the horse trader. You probably have already read that the 47,000 Scouts gathered here are spending.'a big part of their time swapping. But you'd haye to see the horse-trading that goes on in the encampment to believe it. It is a strange unregulated market of barter dominated by the ancient Roman principle of "caveat emptor"-^let the buyer beware, For there is no Better Business Bureau or Securities Exchange Commission to set the standards of exchange. The only question is this: "Ya wanna swap? All right, whatcha got that I want? Here's what I've got—Do y» want it or dontcha?" Barter System's Value As is usual under a barter svs- lem the value or real Identity of the merchandise offered isn't guaranteed. And It is open to real suspicion. Where else, for examples, are ordinary caterpillars being palmed off as "real genuine silkworms?" Where else are cockleburrs being offered as "positively grade-A porcupine eggs?" And finding buyers too! Well, theyVe been sold here. There is no doubt that the two most' outstanding successful business groups have been the Scouts We're Proud of Our Work e work ... .. • Woodwork ^turing 0 Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of easel invest; gated in several hospitals am clinics, subnormal Kidney functkji was improved, 'Sloddet pain and discomfort reduced oftei the use ol Mountain Valley Water. » r°w doctor hat diognowd your condition 01 functional Kid. ney impairment ttiis natural, un treated mineral water may be nr, beneficial. Try it for a few weeks h is delicious, pure-lasting, ana inoy be consumed freely. :rosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division , USg. OHrT %& m 'jg&* in: <Tl from fair^ i . from Oklahoma nnd Texas. The Ok Inhomnns showed up with an end less supply or ljulhvhips. Hut the Te::ans tupped the swap inulkut with a fna-lnntijiB multitude o live horned toads. AH Hcsl of Life The people of Pennsylvania prob ably will be stcp]>ing_pn these eerie little animals the rest of their lives as a result. At first tlie Tcxans got from $1.50 to «2 a toad. But right now you can buy one for four bits down to twenty cents because of a minor This is the rumor that has swcp 'he camp: "The Tc.\as Scouts Irnvc air-ship pcd up 8,000 loads and are holding them hi reserve In order to kee prices jacked up. The last day o the Jamboree they" will dump the: 11 on the market at once, and If wait until then I can probably uy one for a dime." The present market for horned oads Is therefore bearish. "N'o More Swaps" Some Scouts who have run out of radlng material have put signs on heir tents saying: "No more swaps. •eddlers stay away. This means have traded everything 'rom Scout badges to stamps, Neckerchief slides, eagle claws, coon- ikln hats, stuffed birds, snakes. and live These boys know their business. And they know what they want. But you can't kid these kids Jokingly, I asked a small scout 'torn Salem, Ore., what lie would swap mo for a shrunken human tiead. And he came right-back: "A flying sauced" PACE NIN« China Newspapers Declin HONQ KONG. M>j— Communist China's newspapers are becoming Fewer— and so, apparently, are th« readers. A correspondent writing from China's great Yangtze Valley snys the latest official 'figures put the number of periodicals at 253, including 115 daily newspapers. He estimated their combined circulation at 2.500,000. Under the Nationalists there were about 3,000 periodicals In China with a circulation ol around 50,000,000, The correspondent wrote that readers got tired of a daily /are In th« Communist papers of "monotonous meetings of government organs, of factory workers, of school children, etc.", of celebrations of Communist anniversaries, of interviews with workers, students and the like supporting government decrees and "of war against imperialistic aggressors and the diabolical wickednes* of American Imperialism." For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage ^•BUTLER-: Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS Fire-jafe, weathertight, rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life construction. > convenient si/es: M'x8'— 1000 bu.; 18'xll' — Z200 bu.; 18'xlC'—1276 bu. Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW front 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 Another Nqsh—and Something Absolutely New! WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ... USE IT FREELY! Biytheville Water Co. Biytheville, Ark. It's at your Nash Dealer's Today —America's Lowest-Priced Custom Station Wagon! Here's IheStalion V/agon you've waited for— built right (wilh ratlle-proof, double-rigid all- steel "Airflytc Construction")— powered right (for plus-performance, wilh up-to-30-miles-a-gallon fuel economy at average highway speed)— priced righl (nearly $300 worth of custom equipment at no extra cost) I See the Rambler Station Wagon at your Nash dealer's! It's practical as a clothespin—dazzling as a diamond clip. Above'sanothcrgrcatjVa.r/i value! NASH STATISMAN AIRFLYTE: Wide, roomy inlcrior . Double-rigid "Airflyle Construction" • Coil springs on all four wheels • One-piece curved svindshicld • More than 25 miles a gallon at average highway speed • Super- Compression Power • Twin Beds • Offers Airiincr Reclining Seal, \Vcalhcr Eye Conditioned Air System. HASH AMMSSADO* AIRFUTt: Most modern of the world's finest cars • Luxurious Sky-Lounge Interiors • Twin Beds • Super-Compression (7.3 to I) Turbo-llcad Engine and 7-bcar- ing, 100%coun(erbalanccd crankshaft • Available wilh Hydra- Malic Drive, Airliner Reclining Seal, Weather Eye System. HASH RAffiSLER A1RHYTE CONVERTIBLE: All the fun and sun of a convertible, wilh the safety of a sedan • Pushbutton, steel-ribbed lop glides on overhead safety rails • Up to 30 miles a gallon at average highway speed • Radio, Weather Eye and custom accessories arc standard equipment at no extra cost > High-compression performance. Haiti Wofeo. OwFiwft S'o Jt- K«r»mof(K- Co*pu, E THERE'S MUCH OF TOMORROW IN ALL NASH DOfS TODAY SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 4 215 So. Second - Biytheville

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