The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 8
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'•PACK EIGHT Economic and Social "Rev olulion" Forccasl in tin Next 25 Years Hy NEA Service A vastly changed economic am Social system will prevail in tin United Slates u quarter cenlur) hence, If scientists, basing thei forecasts on the population trend arc correct in their views. An American population made u| of many more old persons, fcwci younger one's, far fewer babies, n )Kak in the country's population l>) 1950 or 1055, and a decline thereafter— That is (lie prediction of Dr. Warren 3. Thompson, director of the Scripp.5 Foundation for Research in Population Problems, at Oxford, o., who has worked out estimates for this country for the next half century, aided by his associate. Prof. p. K. Wbelplon. The virtual revolution which ninny scientists see us springing from this situation would reach into almost every phase of Hie nation's life. WOULD AITJiCr JOHS It would vitally alfccl cmploy- , mcnt, in offices, In factories, on farms. "\ It K'ontd have far-reaching cf- icst on education. It-would brltm old nge pensions and oilier security measures to the very forefront. It would place neiv stress on the birth control problem. H likely would liavc great effect- on the distribution of population as ucU-pen city and country The increase In population is Mowing up, says Dr. 'Thompson, erasing a drift to the older ii"c groups. Rate of increase has 'been dwindling for years and since 192U the annual increase in numbers has fallen steadily and rapidly INCREASE SLOWING DOWN "The total Increase In population in 1923 was 2,100,000, or approximately the same Increase as in 1913," says Dr. Thompson. "In 1033, ns well as we can figure it now, the increase was about 800.000 and It Is estimated Hint the figures for 1934 will show about the same. "So far as.we can judge, these latter figures represent the lowest annual increases since 1810." Between 1776 and 1930, the popu- lation'of the United States grew from about 2,500,000 to 122,775040 a gain of.50-fold tn 150 years. ' If present trends continue, tlic population will reach its greatest size, approximately 135 to 140 millions, between 1950 and 1060 and then decline to about 130,000,000 in 1980. , f' CHOOSE -LOW'ESTIMATE An estimate based on a higher birth rate, a ic.iger expectation of hfc, as well as considerable net immigration, gives figures consirt- 5HH™^JARK.) COURIER NEWS = rcdictlon of many more o,,, people SO year. Hence and fa <y •ft. given for comparative purposes, with Mac* blocks showing -increases * story of the -population lire from 1880 to 1030. , • o-'-- "b»'v;,j v.u<l:ilu- higncr, about 200000000 extends the period of growth «p to about the year 2000, but Dr Thompson and Professor Whelpton believe the actual figures will an- pro.ximatc tlic low estimate rather than the large rone. As evidence that we arc becom- 'ng & nation of older people th° experts cite thes« figures- Between J920 and 1030 the number of children under 5 years in hc_Unit cd States decreased fro" 1 .57W30 to 11,440.330. If the S » m number of births occur in the next jive years as in 'the last five years Uiere will be only 10,000,000 chli- Qren under 5 in 1040 OLDER GKOUI'S GAIN Between 1320 and 1930 the number of persons between the ages of Ja and 64 increased one-fourth and ihe number of persons between the zoo ISO 160 I1O crm T»,« population record from 1790 to 1930 11 iWn by ths solid bl,ck line Thrtl. tstimatos ol, ihe population 1r«nd dofli 1940 lo 198O nr« ihowu by the dotted lines. cerns tn discarding men nt the age of 40 or 45 may work increasing hardship. IMil'ENUENCE WOU1J) RISE "The increase of the aged will certainly result in an iticrense of tlie dependent aged unless there- Is expansion of employment, opportunities for older persons," says Dr. Thompson. . "Pollllrally, nn Increased number of older persons may explain, In part, the growing demand for old age pensions and for political control pf economic processes co insure greater security of t;,e necessities of civilized life." Getting back to the decl!nin° birth rate, Dr. Thompson predicts a •continuance of the decline, but at a somaivhnt slovrer rate. Many people find it hard to afford bn- bies these days, and tlic spread of birth control knowletljc is play- ln^ an Important and an Increasim; part. COXTllOI. SI-HEADS "The practice of birlh control has been most prevalent union" thc better paid classes in the cities but there Is evidence that working people arc rapidly acquirer this practice and that the people who «re going back to the country as tnc result ot the depression spreading birth control knovucitgc in the country districts on an In- creasing scale," Dr. Thompson states. The birth rate in the country ir much higher than in (he cities, but botli are comln» clown Between 1920 ami wag the number of births per 1000 women in thc OHM dropped from GO to 53- in rural districts In the same period the dec]hie was from 128 to 103 births Hie depression has driven men from the cities to the rural dls- rlcts, FO,- tj lc first time in our history the cities have actually lost ffi^^'^^dWrlcte gained, chlcngo alone ' lost April, 1930, and Jnii- I Jobs, ---•.- -.-,.„,„.! ujjuii ho\V >y me cHlps cnn nga , n ofrcr or relief, to those v;h 0 formerly worked there; also upon rov- ciitiiicnttil policies allectiti" distil button of population For example „ i nrge ,j evc , "ml a numb ™ C ° •' """"^ads to Die TV'A might effect' ,lar'>e change., H> location nn <i,distribution of people; while the inovJn» industry out of congested areas -"—~^^**^*BSH8!L R O X Y Last Time Today MAT. & KlTEr-lOc - 25c NII-S ASTHER- and GLORIA" STUART- : in THE LOVE CAPTIVE' :1 " : ! -i • Fox News- - : 2 iMiisitiil Shorts KEVKRSK' MOVEMENT ON long this reverse movement Poisoned Kidneys Stop Getting Up Nlglils To harmlessly ntish r.olsmxs and ncld from kidneys and correct Irritation, or bladder so Ihnl you can Mop "eettlng up iilghU" get n 35 cent package of Gold Medal iiasir- Oil Capsules and tak" as 'li- Friday & Saturday III John Wayne Thrilling Adventure of tlic Early' West 'TRAIL mm Cartoon Serial— Ririi'in Tin, in thd o, «i rd; between 1330 and 1040 their n>te of increase will be about the same. Trnis persons 45-C5 and 05 and r °" r a "» tac 7«« "-mi times as hi ««o thc ,, tolnl Population and o th V)"" constltutc two-nrths °' " 10 ^' al Population, as com?n 1930 * UUle ° VCr °™- fif(l1 "Since there were fewer chil- ?«? " n(ler thc a 8 c of 5 years in B36 than in W 20 and their niini- "" smaller number to' enter the first SCHOOLS VITAIXV AFFKCTFIJ "By 1940 or 1315. there will be a smaller number for each grade of the children who 'vmbs ^ ^ grades ,n 1940 arc already born lie number of youths of senio nigh school, college, and univer alj'age has not yet reached maximum, since the number births was rising up to 1921." The Increasing proportion of older people may demand considerable revision In our economic and social system, says Dr. Thompson For example, the problem O f old a-c pensions was one thing i n 1930 with 5.4 per cent of the population 65 or older, but may be a different thing In-I960, .when the proportion over 65 will be almost twice as large, „ M ?f c ^, cr '' employment policies practicable when only a little more than a sixth of the population was «5-64 as In 1930, may not be cqnal- Jy satisfactory when more than one- tourlh of the population is of this n r»J/ hiS B /°" p ***<*"« larger, the practice of many Industrial con- Other syinploins of kidiicy burning nr smarting passage— back Thursday & Friday Mai. 2:30, 10-25c Nile (ol5— FIT AS A FIODLE AKORARW'TOGO! Two eager heajli Ihol eveo o counlrywide icondal could nol icporolo 111BAI) STHAIGI1T SHOES UECOMJIIiNDKI) BERGER*S A t oramoi/nr P»clor i *,rh • IDA LUP1NO ' RICHARD ARLEN MflRIORIE RAMBEAU Comedy . . Musical Short Novelly Keel already showing some results, oar- ocularly in suburban dwclopmcnt. J'cople win (jo where they can mid work which will assure Ilicm ot a decent living. Despite the general belief to the contrary, uiu average person who ha s reached the ngc of ,1.11- tuilty ives to no B riaU-r age to-' <liy than thc average atlult In Oeoree Washington's day. :i|thoii"h cxDcctatlon of lifn ,,t birth |s How "bout 01 yenrs, almost 25 year.s m on- Ihan when the first census was taken in 17!)0. ' , This Is due chiefly to better control of diseases of children. Green Cross Guardian Of Lake Sailors Again CLEVELAND. (UI>) - A green cross slHTes again from (lie top of old St. Malachl's Cinirch here on ilie west side and old timers who nave Ural in the neighborhood where the church has stood 03 years arc rejoicing. The cross once was a factor in Binding Lake'Erie sailors into Ihe dock here, H shone al night until 20 years ago. But now it has been replaced. Sailors have (hc'ir modern lighthouses in the harbor now, but the light Is serving as a Ix-ncon to th c torrential flow of boulevard trailic passing near It H used to be lighted by ens. Now electricity illuminates its outline THURSDAY, OCTOBER ] 8 , 193 J ——— , __ Millions Plunge Oil King Into Marriage Woe ecretary, Mi*; Dirf '» »* - t-ngland, center, Immediately .«*- by Miners first ,,, on special issues and Penney's Says It With Luxurious collars! Flat or fluffy fur! COATS Women's, Misses' Styles! $14.75 Penney's brings you these newest styles at a marvelous low price! Coats are longer—simple sleeves pro- dominate—fur collars are excitingly different! Pur jabots, rcvers, rippled cdgingsl Crepes and rich nuubed crepes—black, brown, green! 14-46! Satins! CYi-p...,.' New Wools! Smart Dresses? Jmt Arrived! .Wonren! Misses! "Good news" for the woman who \viu:t9 to be up to thc minute in style andsiiciid little! Two-piece,two-piece effects, onc.-picce! Cay woolens, new s.itins crepes, many with taffeta! Excellent Values! Infant's WRAPPERS Made of Pcppcrcll Flannelette'. They'll kce|i b.iljy happy? fleecy ma-: lerial. :-o soft and warm! Dainly hand cinbTnitli-ry! Itibbon irimminR! Closed or tuxedo style:., "i'licy make cbnrm-, ing ((His! Woithwhile savings! Dccoralcdl 49° Plate, cereal bowl and cup! "Mickey Mouse" and "3 l,iu| c 1'iRs"! Hoxcil' Infants 1 Commode Set jor traveling! In cardboard kit with hnndls! Contains enamel commode, space for tissue! Hot Water BOTTLE t Water-light! 49. Pink or blue rubber Tcdriy Ucars to keep bed or carriage INFANTS* GOWNS! Flannelette; Fleecy rtpper- «ll flannekHe! Tubs perfectly! Smooth inside s«vu! Buva! Infanta* Robber Pant! Buy several at 19" V a I u p s I Soft rubberized knit; all- rubbcrl Re- infor<cdl Small, medium, large. Infant's BASKETS , Convenient.' It and painted rcctl \vith satin ribbon trim! Hn'niy! Holds lot*! it.'e.-il gift! 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It has all thc necessary "outer gar- ' merit 1 ' buttons for comfort! It's warn* —of bleached, fine-ribbed colto» lightly fleeced! With drop scat! / styles of leg, arm, neck, sizes 2 to 12! Hurry! Hurry! If You Need Winter Unions these are unmatched velucs at Ixw neck, no sleeve, knee length— they ro warm, yet wearable under most any kin<l of frock! Of excellent qunKty combed cotton, rayon itripcd, tnsm color! 34 to 44! Buy today 1 Here's a Bargain! OUTING\ FLANNEL 27 inches wide — and only 8i € Yd. i Ix>ls of women will buy whole bolta^ of this good flannel ... for pajamas,! nightgowns, baby clothes. So soft and warm ... so easy to launder! White or tansy. What a vnltie, too, al 8',4cl

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