The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1943
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BLYTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEW8FAPDI OT HOUtHEA 6T ARKANSAS AND KOUTIIKAHT Miemnim. 6T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSC-UKI 'OLUMK Xl,-N0. '10. lllythcvlllc natty News lilythcvlllc Courier IJlythevllle Hernia Mississippi Vnllcy • BLYTHKVlLliK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 3, UMII SINGLE COPIES °«8 5TITE JITEEE5 FOR PRESIDENT ember Of Blytheville Group Heads Officers Named At Convention L. S. Benish, who became n member of (he Junior Chamber o[ •Jouunerce two years uyo when the group formed In Blylhcvillc is Ihc new..,sintc president for the coming" year. Elected to serve with Mr. Hcnish were: Gene Moore of Harrison, first vice president; Q. liyrum Hurst of Hot Springs, second vice president; W. Ci. Reeves of Fort Smith, thisd vice president; Jack V. Clark of Texaficana, national directrr. Selection of Mr. BcnLsli to lead the Arkansas Jnyccc.s during the coming year was halted as a compliment not only (o him but to the Blytheville croup, which also received two other honors. The Blj'lheville chapter won the public health award and She man- miles honor. • Service Plaque Awarded The blood donor program sponsored by the local group, with Bancroft Terry as chairman, won tor the group a plaque for the most valuable public health service carried out during .the- past year. This program includes 15 per cent of the membership typed and subject to call in emergencies by physicians and hospitals, with five members already' ha vim; given blood The man-miles award mcnt to the local group for having the largest number of representatives traveling the greatest number of miles to attend the convention. .Ijouis Isaacs was a member of the state awards committee. The meeting, held at Arlington Hotel, opened Friday night and closed .yesterday morning with a breakfast meeting. With several groups Imping to have n nominee selected and elected from their city, the election was a .spirited one with Mr. Benish being named unanimously alter other names had been withdrawn. He was third vice president during the past year. ' Mr. Benish, commercial manager of Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation in charge of service, he came to Blytheville eight years ago from St. Louis. Since the Jaycces formed a chapter in Blytheville two years ago. Mr. Banish has been a leader, tie ^became known to many other^;jii_ llie'- s^ate during the Ark'arisvis" coii'-'" vention last year when the newly organized club was host to the unusually successful state meeting at which Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, director of Selective Service, was guest 'of honor for the meeting; attended by many other important visitors. Mr. Benish will announce his appointments following the board meeting, he said today. . Objective of the" Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce will be to assist the war effort in the future as In the past two years with members not on active duty lo serve as "soldiers out of uniform". Ask Lewis Intcnuncnt •Internment of John L. Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers, for the duration of the wa was asked by the stale group in a resolution adopted. Copies of the resolution were Wired immediately to President Roosevelt by the retiring president H. H. Winchcll of Morrilton. Capt. Walter p. llnssman, public relations officer at Camp Robinson and who assisted in organis- ing the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce, announced details of another scrap drive, this time to be conducted by the Army for the ' Army. Other speakers were Perry Pip 'kin of Memphis, past iinlion:t president of the Junior chamber and Bernard Grccnfcldcr, Ncu York Cily attorney, who asked cooperation of delegates in furthering Pan-American relations as a representative of an organization working toward that end. James Faught Dies At Huff man Sunday . James Edward Faught. long farmer al Huffman, died yesterday al his himc there. He was 73. Funeral services will be held to' morrow morning, 10 o'clock, a Cobb Funeral Home, with buna at Maple Grove Cemetery. Born in Giles County, Tcnn.-Mr Taught came lo Mississippi County when a young man. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Nell Faught: five sons, Gcorg> J'aught of Flint, Mich., Mark and Olcn Faughl of Huffman, Tcdd Faught of St. Louis, and J. E Faught Jr., with the Marines some where in the Pacific, and six daugh ters, Mrs. Pearl Wilson, Mrs. Marj Mae Smith and Miss Gloria Fu; Faught of Huffman, Mrs Belzon Elliott of East Prairie, Mo., Mr.< Opal taller of Modesto, Calif., an Mrs. Mary arcwcr ol Miami, Flu. Well In Operation CARUTHERSVTLLE, Mo., May. —• Die new city water'well is now i full operation, producing about 50 gallons per miniile, which May W. 0. Byrd slated Sunday cou. be slopped up lo 2500 gallons pc nilnute. If necessary, with Inslalla lion of a larger pump, The well was placed at cost ( about $11,500, which was paid' fi in cash upon completion of tl well, from surplus funds of the cil water department. Deadly Dozen For Kiska LEW MEIERS Veterans From 16 Posts Hold District Meeting Yesterday at Osceola 8N'I> THUS Twelve bambs from a U. S. plane are seen i.iummclhig toward Hie! runway for land planes Unit the Japs arc building on Kiska Island in the Aleutians. The runway appears as the lint, dark strip-seen between the two foreground bombs. Americans uombcd Kiska 142 separate limes in 17 days lasl mouth. IJul Jnps< made repairs at. night or when weather giounded the Yanks, and so lire making slow progress toward finishing the runways. Today's War Commentary } Italian Islands May Bo Ncxl Objcciivc "o rrrstdcnl Hoosovelt was ulatwl for the stand tnkcu In dealing w llh llie conl strike by the ruth District of Ihe Arkansas American I.eglon In n mcctliiK ye.s- lerdny Ht Osceola when, the resolutions endorsing the stand were ilrnwn up by this ijroup of service men. Reprrspnlntlvi's of the 10 posts In Mississippi, Polnsell, Cralghead and Crltlemlen counties voted Unit copies of the resolution nnd telegrams be senl lo the United Slntrs senators and representatives in Congress from Ihls stale. The resolution .snld in part "We think this strike wlioly nn-Aiiicrl- can and Unit it Is defeating (ho alms of every true American In winning the war. We nsk Divine blesslni; be with Ihe President In dealing with the sltuutlon and wnnl him to know that the people of this state are behind them 100 per cent." ; Marvin Harris of Ifarrlsliure, district commander, presided In Ihe all dny meeting which brgan with the World War veterans attending First-Methodist church services before, dinner was served by Ihe Muck Ciridrr hast post at Ihe Community House, • Hcnrlslll 'Banks, commander of (lie Osceola post; was official host to the ISO present. Principal speakers In .Uic afier- noon. program, which followed the business' section, were : 'Jt)c Hcartic of Little : Rock, ' of.- the Arkansas Service Bureau, and Can :ThOmp- ion of Lllilc Rock, field represent!!-. ive of the Arkansas Service B»- I'niU. ' ' ,".: ' . - '- • -', A resolution also was adopted 0X7 tcndliiB sympathy to Uic fnmlly of Jnmes J. Harrison, first state com- ninndcr 'of ; the Arkansas. American''' Legion, who died Saturday hi Little Rock where hs lived.- ''' ~'(. To keep the home fires 'burning* for the."new service me.n dcfendlue-'i' tilts country will -continue, to W' lp the aim of this group. U was »i\- nonnccd after ii discussion ol future activities. -. :' Six-Day Week Considered • To Give Men More Money For Move Work lly Dnlli'd I'rtss Miners «re on Ihclr way back lo Ihc pits today under n 15-dny I nice while ticklish details nre bcln'H winked mil for n new contract. Hoiirres dose lo Kutl Admlnls- tnilur Ii-krs" Indlcnle (lint the solit- llnn of the mlni'rs' demnnds fur n wo dollnr wnue Increase would provide n sisdny week. Ii'kos hns long fnvoi'cd u slx-dny ;i'k In lite mini's where It, U prnc- llrnblr. The mlni'i's' tolnl wane wmild also be Incrrnscd If Ihey wore inilil for nt least pnrl of the time it lakes them lo rrncli dicing op- ornllouK nnd return, Under such n plnn, the miners would net more money for more work, and (hi; hlishcr Income would lot be n violation nf (he Little Sleel wage formuln. Lewis called Ihe 15-dny truce In the sirlki> of u half n million .soft rail miners nfler coiifcrrlm; with Ickcs In Washington. The White House snys It hns not yet'been nfflelnlly advised of Ilio Iruee by the UMW. Approximately n third of the some 5:10,000 miners are expected back In mines ttid The rest nre iixpcctccl to return tomorrow, the dny Lewis set lor the start of the 15-dny truce, Lewis explained the. drlny wns required In order to mnke cerlniu all the miners hncl been notified. \ In Washington, n move developed to RUnriuilce Ihe Wnr Lfibor Uonrtl •supreme authority In the conl caji nnd nii.v others like It. Hrnntoi Connally nisrecd to amend his plain-sel/.ure bill lu give (ho WIJI the Inst word In wngc disputes lu "any Industry bv the Rovernmen because of a strike. Mateur In Hands Of Allies, Axis Communications Cut, Gen. Eisenhower Reveals 111' THOSIAK J. DOXOI1UE of United Tress The battle for Tiinisiii has been reduced to a 'mere laeli- problem lo be worketl out to its inevitable conclusion >y Allied comnKiiuloi-s in the lieltl. The .stnitcgisls have ong .since linislmd with Tunisia K;IVC as it fits in with their )lans for future offensives against Kuropc. It may be assumed, therefore, that strategy for Ihc next ciimpaiKii already has been worked out aiul\i)ORsibly is about .0 bo put into execution. Jn this connection, it would be < - 1 - : — mind .)eciijiori. Overrules Local Laws Restricting 'Jeho- Va -' rs , ?'«' , M . c , nni i > \vr • inaiidcd Dial the vah s Witnesses veil lo keep in mind a German .nnounccinnnl lasl Eaturdiiy that , huge Allied naval arinudn had jcgun moving into the Mcdilcrra- ican from Gibraltar. On Saturday, according tr> this nnouncement. isn Allied taiKling iarges escorted by destroyers and n- aircraft carrier passed through he Gibraltar straits heading cast. Berlin says this flotilla'' got. under vay two days after the rtr-parlnre if a convoy of n transport", nnd ankers escorted by the British lattleships Rodney. Renown nnd Malaya, the aircraft carriers Furious. Illustrious and Ari;io. four cruirers nnd eiglil destroyers. In iddition. many Allied planes \verc ;aifi to have been lanclin-4 :tt Gi- )niltar in a .rtrady stream nnd akinp; olf n«ain [cr parts unknown. Ktpnrts L'iic<infirnn-d The Na/.i rnnorts. of conrse. hnvc 10 Allied confirm:! lion jis yet but .here seems lo be no particular eason to rlouht them. The movc- ncn|. of such a hiii;c armiidii iiKli- cnlr;; that bis events imiv be about o begin, probably in the central Mediterranean. And sprakinK "f the central Mcditeniini'an there ire only three objectives there which might, incur a hircc-srale Allied iiltack— the Itnlian "islands nl Sardinia mid Sicily, and the 'ornier French i=land cif Corsica. Allied nfTiciiils have sniri that the Mediterranean would iiavc lo bo 'cleaned up" to prepare the way for tho invasion of Europe nflw the courtliest of Tunisia. They undoubtedly referred to tho.-e three ;i? islands thnt lie atlv.v.irt Ihc :ra approaches to Iialv. us well as tho eastern Mcdilcrr.mran islands iiiarriitiff the approaches to Gifrcr. If Sicily and Sardinia— and perhaps Con-ica— are the objectives of Ihe reported Allied" fleet movement from Gibraltar, action can be expected al almost, any hour. T-'oiir-f);iy Trip It's 800 miles from Gibraltar (o Sardinia and 1000 miles to Steily. Traveling at a moderate rate ot speed, n convoy could cover tho distance in about four days, although taking possible evasive actions into consideration, it may take a dny or so longer. -Since the Germans rcpurled that (lie first continnent left Gibraltar on Thursday and the >:ccc.nd one on Saturday, they should reach their destination or destinations by tomorrow cr Wednesday — always assuming, of course, that they actually arc heading for the Italian Islands. Allied move against Snrriinin, Sicily 01- Corsica fit this time. They ire the main bases-'for Axis supplies to Tunisia. On Sardinia and 'icily Ihe enemy has huge air fields from which most of (he Axis air suppcrt in Tunisia develops. The SO-mile stretch between Cape Boii in northeastern Tunisia and Mnr- saln, Sicily, mnkes II relatively easy for the Germans, operating under cover of darkness, to ferry supplies by nir and to evacuate selected personnel by the same route. \Vnulit Tlnom Africa Corps H Ihey could be occupied by the Allies, the A>'is armies lighting in Tunisia would wither and die. They would find it impossible to evacuate as their route of retreat ^crow the ivfedilcrrancan .narrows would be cnl. nfl completely. And Ihc Itnlian fleet—what's left nf it— would be bottled 'effectively In. the raslecn iMcdilcrrfinrnn which would Ilion he cpeiicd .fur Allied supplies (nice moie. Wilh the Mediterranean fully rc.Mprrd, an. enormous .saving in Allied shipping would result, enabling; us lo shin supplies to global fronts through (hat sea which Mussolini used to call his own. in- slcad of around the Cape of Good Hope. It is pissible that -if the Allies are movinp against Sicily. Sardinia and Corsica. British assault troops might Munch a simultaneous al- lark ngninst'Crete in the eastern Mediterranean. II has been, reported I hat British and Cyprian troops have just completed cx- bauslivc invasion maneuvers'nti the island of Cyprus, cast ot Crqlc. If such moves nre Impending, Ihey probably will hnppen soon, For those Mediterranean islands are ewenlial not only defensively, but, sis offensive springboards for the invasion of southern Europe. The next few days may bring news of great Importajicc. Officials Will Seek To Smooth Gas-Kubber Priorities Discord for combnl crewK In this country will hnve to be cut. 'llie war undersecretary niso re- vented thnl American plnnc WASHINGTON, May 3 IU.P,> — Hiri'e high officials ol the Army, hi' Navy nnd the Rubber Admln- slnillon will lour (he country soon o Mrnlnhk'11 out (ILsnni'urincnl.s In combat have been much lower over prlortlles. thnn anllclpated, This means, ho Umlrracrettiry Rolir-rl I>nllt>rson'aild, Hint the Unltr,' Slnlr-.s will sill represent (he War IK-'Uirlmcnl; hnve " bigger nlr force sooner limn UudfisiTiclnry Jamrs M. Forri'Slnl, " expected. And In order to take he Navy; and ftubbcr Director ndvnnlngo or this surctJS, tho nlr M, Jetlcrs will complete force "'"^ bave more gasoline. While refraining from repenting his charge- Hint the rubber prnginm cnu.slng an nvlnllon gnsollni) Miorlnge. I'nllerson said he believed (ho rubber .Mlmil Inn was not us urgent loiluy ns the octane mis problem. 'Ha protested War Production Hoard chief Nelson's report lie mlvilon. iillciKon told the Somite Tru- nrm Oonnnlllrc lo<1ny they will iil- Umpt (o sdnlKliU'n 'out priority millers rclnllng (o manufacture of 1(10 octane gnsollni', synthetic rub- iii'i' mid escort ships I'ullcrson nlso lolil Ihc committee ilinl Ilirrc will be n .shortniic ol 44,300 barrels n dny of aviation ROSO- llnt' tills month, And he. wild that us B ri'sutl llio li-nlnhik' prognim Ihcrc. Is no aviation yisollne shortage. On the contrary, !'iil[er- son snld production la fur short of estimated de<iii!ri'mcnl.s he .submitted lo (lie WTO October. Russians May Open Offensive Author 0 f Compromise , Measure Demands Death For. Rurrtl Proposal WASHINGTON. . May 3. (UI'l- rhc buprcme Comt has knocked out n whole series of local laws requiring members of the Jelio- V«h's K'iliiCMes to pny 'ictlrilcrs' licenses In order to distribute lliclr, literature. . Tlie decision was five to four with Justice* Douglas. Stone. Blnck. Murphy nnd Fiutlcdgc formlns the nmjorlty. The American Newspaper Publishers' Association had Joined Ihc Jehovah's Witnesses In fighting Ihr. local laws on the grounds that they were a .violation of freedom of the press. In its action today the. Supreme Court reversed one of Its own decisions of last year which had upheld a license ]»»• restricting the peel nl. ppellka, Ala. Today's decision wiped out laws afTccting the sect In Alabama, Arizona and Kansas. Opposition to Ihi! Jehovah's Witness sect grows out of Us refusal to permit .Us members lo snlulc the flat' and out of Its propaganda again::! other peoples' religious Ideas. Justice Douglas's inujmity opinion .said today thai "n community may not suppress or lax the dlsseminalion of views because they.arc unpopular or distasteful." WASHINGTON. Mnyj3. (Ul"> — The new pay-as-you-so'tax dcbale Ims opened In Ihe liousc on n new nclc of blttornei's. Chairman Doughlon of tho ITousc s Committee <lc- Huinl sklp-n-yeaJ 1 tsposul lie,"killed so dcnd it will lever n^aln be resurrected," UouRhton is nuthoi' of fl plan to kin half of IIMH taxes, Instead o[ orglvlny a full year's pnymcnls, o get income taxes on a current Sis. Another scorching debute n ex- icclcd In the House over Ihri'varl- nis Inx phins. w|lli 'Rcpnlillcnn'i :enerally .supporling skipping n nil ycnr. and the administration ichtnd the nmighton compromise. But the present Muuibme Is not xpccled to drug on beyond lo- norrow. ' noujjhlon told the House '"Ilicre re n hundred reasons why the luml plan should not, be adopted, ml not one reason why It ,'hould >e. "Its adoption would be unjusll- iablc lit any time," he said, "but t Ihls time, when our nation is iBhtim,' for its life and our ROV- criiinent Is In Mich dcspcrntc need of revenue, it ts iinthlnknblc." oiiBliton made a slrona "Ira for adoption of his proposal, which would reduce the 10-t'2 rules and exemptions to the much lower 1M1 evcls. He acknowledged Hint un- ier this plan, tdx payments would )c increased, until the IflW luxts ire fully paid. Hul, he added Ihis is cnllrcly Justmnblc. Machinist Injured IJ. • P. Kigcr received an Injury lo his chest and left knc£ yesterday afternoon when struck by a lire as It blew off the rim nt Ihc Elythcvllle Machine Shop. lie was holding the lire as it was being inflated nl his shop Removed lo Walls HK.pital, his rendition today is very good and he Is expected to be dismissed to- Railroad Shops Hit In Raids On France B) Imitcd Press The speedy little Iwo-rtiDtorod Mosquito bombers of the: Royal Air Force Mashed at enemy mil- way shops In France lasl nhht. The MoEmiilocs picked outThini- ville. in the center of the Lorraine iron ore area,'for last night's . tnck. 'nicy encountered nlmrjsl tio opposition as they dninpcd tlifir loads on the vital rail shops ; sped ;iway. The rald.s hy the wlll-o-thc-vu.sp MObquItocs v/ere the only fx(irdi- llons last night for the BrHL<-h. Bad weather appears lo have kept the big four-olorcd bombers o( Ihc Royal Air Force on the ground 'Flic Russians seem to have m.idc up-for the absence of the niii raiders. Radio licrlln says Kovlot bombers wpre over Induslrlal East [rrussla 'again during the night. And it claims one of the attackers was shot down. There has not yet been any an nonncctncnl of this raid from Moscow. There arc good reasons for an day or tomorrow. Stove Causes Alarm An Overheated cookim? .stove al (he T. R. Shepherd residence. <0,i South Lilly, this morning caused n fire alarm. The blaze of the kerosene stoic soon was extinguished without ?ny damage. »>' UnltiMl Prcs.s ; Tho whole Ilussliin front Is 'clod momiMilai'lly ID explode Into bl(t serile. bjitllei>. Tronl dispatches from every sector Indicate Hint bolh (he (isniinn nnd Itussian nrmles-'hnvc comiilcl. cd rngiouplnij their streiiBlh nloni UIQ 'I8l;o mllii .stretch,,:, '• Hoylet guns nlrcndy. me (huii- diMhig tnun LcnhiKrad lo the CIIH- CIISILS In n prcludo to bflltlc.s Ihnl may decide tho Win 1 In llie. cast, Several large .scale engagements lirtillinlnnry lo . Ilio ninln oflcnslve ilrendy hnvc been, Joined ; lir the'.C'aiK.'ii.sii.i where Ihc.C(cr- nan»' nre clinging stubbornly . ti ihulr Kuban 'bridgehead, The Nazis, huve-,fni,le.d In repented ntleiiipts '. to ' dislodge /tin ncd<-Army from Its -position nrounil the; nine'k ,Sra nnvul bn.s' Tlie Loiidon rndlo tixlny nucit 1 Stockholm dlspnlchcs :.:>yln llml Rnsslnn trmms hnvc- litmlei behind the Oermnn lines on Ihc Sen of Awiv nnd the iJInck. Sen const. ' - ' , ' The dls|ia(ches clnliii the Bed Army men went nshore froin Invn- slon barges nnd have been battling .strong Clcrmnn and Rumanian forces for two dnys. • In the, Ukraine, n German In- fnntry bnltnllon of 1000 men' Mna.ihpd Into Soviet positions 'J.'2 miles soutlicnflt ot Kharkov only in be hurled buck under a Ihiiii- derous barnigc from Ilus-slnn ar- llllei-y. .' : In the Orel sector, llc'd Army troops hnvc dug In nenln ntlc'r caplurlng a hclBlil of grent Imimrtiinct: snulli of the city wMch Is Ihc midway point on Ihc 100- mllc Kharkov-Moscow railroad, ' Orel now Is besieged from the soulh, ensl nnd north. And nt Insl rcuorls the fliiMlnn:: weie than '25 inltcfi' nway from Ms otll- .sklrls. Vavy Reveals 13. Attacks On Jap-Held AleUtiaiis -•Base-Saturday Ainerlcun tilers nre. sniiish lup-linld Klskn with powerful,: new ilr blows. . : ' The Nnvy nnnnunces tlinl Amor- Icnn ' iilnneii 1'iimmcred Ilio , Aliiullnn oulpast 1:1 Mini's inu S urday. Heavy LlbernUir nnd Mitchell boiiibcrs protcelcd by Mi)|il- nhm nnd Wiuluiwk lluhlers swurm nil over Klsku tti.sel olf nn cxplo slon niid scvernl (Ires, Our plnne.i wore ""t on the snim day blnsthiR two Jnp buses en Al lu I.ilnnd, 200 miles wed of iclskr In the 'Soulh Pnelne;'n 'force o Avcmior •bomber,scscartcd .by Wild cnls Vcored .hits Qi].' ; M,unrin, niuch-bnUore'd central'; Suln t1 '"''""'' New York Cotton O|KMi high low close J....1 l»i.i U'lA 1(1711 1978 ?'ii» xmo inia MIR '-ioiv 1D37 2000 IMS 2000 IDfIC Ocl. . 1!)8I IflflB IDfll l!)87l 1D85 Dec. . 19BO 19S2 1977 1082 1080 Mch. Mnv July Funeral Rites Held ForF.Ii.liensou,52 OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 3.—runer- il services for F. B." licuson. :>(, who died suddenly nt hLs home on son lj:ikc from n heart attack Friday morning;, were held from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Alec. Ooblc at 3 o'clock Saturday after- loon with burial In the ItasscU Cemetery. "crvices were conducted by the Rev. L. J. Smith of the Kclscr com- ini'iuty. Mr. Benson had mndc his home on 'Carson Lake for around 10 years with Mrs. Benson's daughter, Mrs. Alrc tioblc and Mr. Goblr. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. Jane Benson ami ono daughter. Mrs. Odle Katmon of Dyess; two brothers, Muck nnd Leslie lienson. Philadelphia. Miss., and four stepdaughters, Mrs. Alec Golile and Mrs. Edith Chamberlain of Carson kake, MIS. Lulu chandler, tiulevillo, Miss., nnd Mrs. Myrtle Colcman of Mnrianna. New Orleans Cotton o|>cn high low close Mch. . W08 2GM 2005 2007 aOQ6 May . 2018 2013 2018 20II) 20 ID .lillv . MM 2021 2(MI> 2029 20?8 Oct. . 2015,201V 2014 201 fi 2013 Dec. . 2009 2010 2000 2010 2000 nlr .Imtllo nvcr Darwin. Aiutrallni where n force-, of Spitfires .rose lo Intercept n Jiip raldtnx inuudron f-1 planes. Allied rjlnnc.i destroyed or dinnnsed Kl attackers, but nur own losses are ndinllted liuvn been the- Inrgest ever suffered In n thiRlc nngngcmcnt In tlie Southwest I'nolllc, A Tokyo couiinunjcpir clnlius thnt 21 Allied fluhlers were shot down nnil heavy dnmngc was Inniclcd on the port, nut as yet, there has been no official ii'iiiioiincciiic'iil of our losses, nnd the Allied com- munique reports only "nonllglblc" iingc In the Dn'nvin area. Osceola Concerns Adopt U, ,S.-Fi'euch Drive Yields Vital Junction Southwest Of Bi/.eitc By United I'fcss The Ameriaiiis find ]''i'cneh tivo captured thu vitnl road iinctiou of Malour, only 20 lilos of Hi/.crle. tiOiicral Elsenhower rc- orts tlmt ; the coml)iiii!<r 'niiicn-Anioricai) drive took lie (own lii' a- quick surj_c'o nfllwurd iiifiiiiiHt yielding' ierinan positions. It was one if' Ilio richest'p'ize.s still 're-' nainiiiK . in Axis haiiiln. in fiitiisia. A French - coiiimiinl(|Uc reports hat nnother'• Wcncli column — iishlni! (tirward, nlbin; the const- sector lo Ihc north of Malcur —lias jmctl nnnthcr tlirenl to ni- crlij with « drive 'to within W, nllcs of the prcnt jnivnl linsc, Farller iHspiiltlics from the fronl nilny 'had 'placed ,lhe Aniei'ln.un'i 0 mile' (ioi)i ijalour, And A;ncr- 1.1111 inllllcry hnd Uip town unitci re ns long us n week ngo. Ovci Hit weekend, fog and ml-t curlnllcd, opunitlons 'oh Ihe Tunl- ilnn ticnl Tile "only fiction:, rc- loiled before the Algiers report writ' purolv of a local nulUic. Tvo Axis nllncks—olic on the Second Unlled Stales Army Corps In tho, loith and Iho(Other" (n the Bilt- sh ElKhlh Artny In Ihe Jouth— wrio repulsed. -And tho Amcil- were oiedllcd with nml.lnj lacnl Bains In the, hills ncni Jeflna, ijarlhttii'il of Ilio Maleur lonl Juncllon. » ^ Another Yaii'ncoluraii In Iho 630- ienane Vnlloy t,»a hnld lo have reached n • point less, limn one mile fiom thn Blierte-Mflcur road.* ,ln the «lr, Allied •'bombers a',;J flghlcr-bombem carrtcd, cut Attacks HK«lnst,vni«!n: finrl 'I'osUiiihj,'•biit-'QrT' n - scnlc. Three, enemy planes 11 if ii Hali-HolldayS sholdown.' We -lost two. Seaman Wounded On (lonvoy Duly Visits Rclal.ivos , Ark.. May 3.—llegln- nonn and contlnuliu; until Aug. 25, 38 CXccoln business houses, bnrber shopa nnd other plnccs of business will cloiic each Wednesday nflcrnoon until the following morning. O.iccoln'.s four drug stores have also arriinijcd for Iwo of them to dose all day ench Sunday while. two remain npcn nt usual hours. •Ilic other Iwo will be closed Ihe lolloivinu SuiKlny nnd Ibis nrrnngc- mcfil will continue until further nolicc. 'Ihc drug stores will nlso cooper- ale In the Wednesday afternoon closing movement, two stores clos- tnir r-nch Wednesday afternoon while Iwo remain open to meet the needs of thn public. The four druggists nre I). A. Slier. O. 1C. Mnssi'iiglll. A. U. Wccms and t;. A. IDnvls. CAIlUi'HEHSVlLLE, Mo., May 3. —Wounded while on convoy duly between this country nnd Russia, • iniftM Jojin TiUman !s at honif) o vi!fllEn^ rplnlives while reciio- tliig. Upon expiration of his Icnve, he will return to nn Eait Const, base hasgilltil for cxninlnti- llon and possibly more treatment. Tlllmnn wns wounded nl Mur- mansk.. Hussla. He left this country last Augiujt nnd the present trip home, wns (he first lime since thru Mint he hns been back to the Stntcs. His convoy trips hnvc carried him to Iceland. Ireland, Scotland nnd England. H?tlle, experience In his crossings was confined lo nt- tncks' with plnnes with one attack from a sutminrenc, which rose wllhln Ihc convoy circle, allnckid one or Iwo ships, then apparently escaped. Tlllmnn spent 3; d.iys in Murmansk, during the Winter, where he snld dnyllglit came nbout 11 n. m., and darkness approached Himut 3 In the afternoon. Nazis Dunked Livestock ST. LOUIS. May . 'UP' HOZ.S: 10,500; salnblc 1D.OOO; lop 11.60; IBO-Mn noiinds II.45-I4.CO: MO-1CO His., 13.90-14.10; .sows H-11.35. Cattle: 3,500; all salable. Calves 1.200; all salable. Slaughter steers 11.75-17. slaughter heifers 11-16.25; stocker nnd feeder steers 11-15.50. Grandmother a Wane SAN DIEQO, .Cal. IUPJ — Mrs. Molllc McConnell, who Is n grandmother, but refuses lo s've her age. hns joined the Waacs and completed her training- .She admits to , . ,. ., ,. „ being the mother of a 32-year-old Hemnanls of the crew of a Uerman U-boM, sunk by II. M. C. b. daughter; who In turn is Ihe moth- Assinibnlne (shown in background) alter chiise through tog, paddle cr of a ig.month-old son. She has through AUantic waters to British Corvette Oianthus. They'll be (issued an all-around dcfl for any rescued, but Ihelr raiding days ore over. younger Wflac to oul-Wnsc her. New York Stock* A T fc T Anier Tobaccr> Anaccndn Copper ., Beth Steel Chrysler Cocn Cola Gen Electric 'Vn Motors Montgomery Wnrd .. N Y CRiitrnl Int Hnrveslcr North Am Aviation Rcpnl/lc Steel Rndlo . k'ocony. Vacuum ... Sludcbaker ftandnrd ct N J ... •fcxas Corp Packard U S Stcci 151 55 1-<1 M 1-1 CO 3-4 1C 3-K 100 1-1 37 1-2 51 1-1 42 in 1-2 f!3 l-'l 13 1-2 ' IB 12 1-R IS 1-4 12 7-n 55 3-S •in •I 5-3 57 1-1 Chicago Wheat July Sep. July Sep. oacn liisli 143'H Ul'.i 144VS 115 low clo-sc !43Vi 144 143'i 144U H4'S 144'.l Chicago Rye open high low close 8DVi DO 1 /. OS'.i 90'.i 93 Ol'.i 02!i 91',!.. 92',l 01S

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