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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio • 10

Zanesville, Ohio
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JUNE 23, 1965 PAGE 10-A SECTION THE TIMES RECORDER. ZANESVILLE. OHIO Dear Abby It's Your Life Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY I've been married for four months and pregnant for two. I am delighted and so is my husband. But here's the problem: From the moment I got my engagement ring I started to get it from all sides.

My mother, his mother, my grandmother, his aunts, everyone said, "Now don't go and have a baby the first year you're married!" Then I heard lengthy lectures on the high cost of living and the importance of "getting to know your husband first." I've heard this so often I feel like a complete dimwit for wanting a baby so soon. Now I'm actually afraid to tell anyone. I'm 22 and it's not like I didn't know any better. We both wanted a baby right away. How should I tell people? And what do I say when they make smart remarks? I'm sure no one will believe we planned it.

GOT A SECRET DEAR GOT: Tell people when you are good and ready. And don't be sheepish. You owe no one any explanations or apologies. A planned child is a gift and a privilege. Enjoy DEAR ABBY: After reading the letter from the mother who was up in arms over the fact that her child's teacher kept the whole class after school because a "few" children misbehaved, I am up in arms, too.

Did it ever occur to this mother that after a confining, active day of teaching, we teachers look forward to a quiet, empty classroom where we are free to plan our next day's work? We don't enjoy staying in after school with students. But believe me, occasionally this is a very effective means of handling an unruly class. Common sense would have led this angry mother to inform the teacher that her child had a doctor's appointment. What good did it do her to sit in her car for a half an hour? We are not clairvoyant. When will the parents learn to cooperate and stop fighting us? A TIRED TEACHER DEAR ABBY: Can't "UP IN ARMS" see that the teacher was staying on her own time in order to teach discipline to that group of youngsters? She wasn't getting time and a half overtime! I am not a teacher, but I can remember that 30 years ago that method worked.

The teacher didn't know the guilty party, but WE did. No one told the teacher, but the culprit was told by the rest of the class, and it never happened again. Why, oh, why do parents think they are doing their children a kindness by letting them "express We must have discipline and consideration for the next person if we are to live healthy, happy, peaceful lives. Proverbs we lived by are unknown to young people. Even the Golden Rule has changed to "Do it to them before they do it to you." No one takes the time to teach our young people moral lessons.

Everyone is hurrying to his grave. Sincerely, GRANDMA Problems: Write to Abby, in care of The Times Recorder. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope. EST. Robert Hall TIL 9:30 9:30 OPEN our th AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHING CHAIN LIVERS COTTON SATEEN SHEATH BEAUTIES they while 2 for 3 BEAUTIFUL ease in the shift you'll love for its free comfort! BEAUTIFUL coolness in cotton sateen you'll love for its sheen! HERE'S WHY We sell for There are no YOU SAVE We have no AT ROBERT HALL You sove BEAUTIFUL prints in a collection you'll love for its variety! BEAUTIFUL colors in exciting prints you'll love for the flattery! cosh only! SIZES credit charges! 8 TO 18 credit losses! because we savel Plenty MAPLE RT.

60 Plenty Of Free Of Free NORTH Parking Across From Country Fair Shopping Center Parking Pointers From Polly Cramer Wear A Net While Spraying Hair By POLLY CRAMER, NEA DEAR POLLY Drop a regular hair drying net over your finished hairdo, tie the net loosely and then spray. This holds the loose ends down. When wearing a wiglet tease and style, arrange pins loosely, drop hair net over the head, remove pins and spray. JERRY, A HAIRSTYLIST GIRLS This is really good. I also used a net wind bonnet as a cover while spraying and it worked well, too.

POLLY DEAR POLLY I reserve the bottom shelf of my refrig. erator for the children. When they come home from school or in from play, they help themselves to anything I have put on that shelf and know that things on the other shelves are to be left alone. Sew one side of a snap fastener to the underside of a housedress belt and the other half to the corner of a hand towel, Snap the towel to the belt of the dress you are wearing and it is there for a quick hand drying when working in the kitchen. VERA DEAR POLLY May an "Old.

Buzzard," 72 years old and male, submit the following? A plastic-coated milk carton makes a wonderful shipping container for cookies, small loaves of bread and so on via parcel post. How do I know? Because I have used them to ship my homemade banana-nut bread to relatives and friends living all over these United States and Canada. Cut this carton down from three corners and after "bedding in" the contents, tape the carton back together. Simple as that. JACK JACK Being 72 does not make one such an old buzzard.

Oddly enough, it does not seem nearly the ripe old age it once did. POLLY DEAR POLLY I dislike washing a grater under any Ice Cream Social There will be an ice cream social at Muskingum Presbyterian Church from 5 until 8 p.m. Saturday, sponsored by the Young Adults Group. Homemade ice cream, pie, cake, hot and cold drinks, sloppy joes, hot dogs and ham sandwiches will be sold. conditions but it seems worse when I have only used it for grating a little bit of something.

I took the center disc from a home canning lid, punched about a dozen holes in the center with a nail and hammer and have the perfect grater for those teaspoons of this and that. Rinse under the tap and it is soon clean. I been using the same one have for several years but making one will be no work or a new MRS. R. S.

expense. CHICKEN LEG DELIGHT is Girl Scout tested. Food For Americans This Chicken Leg Delight Is Girl Scout Favorite By GAYNOR MADDOX, NEA Our Girl Scouts are with it when it comes to outdoor cooking. At their annual Scout Roundup in the Tent City in Farragut, Idaho, on July 21, they plan to cook and serve whole meals in individual aluminum foil bundles. Then they just throw away the This "bundle" way of cooking is foolproof, they say.

Everything in the meal is ready at the same time, is safer, and makes keeping the camp site cleaner an easy job. Good for the back yard cookout, too, they tell their parents. Their menu features Chicken Leg Delight. CHICKEN LEG DELIGHT (Makes 9 servings) Plans Made For Sunday Ceremony Mrs. Donna M.

Daniels of 876 Garden road, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Jack of 860 Orchard Hill road, will be married at 2 p.m. Sunday to William P.

Offinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Offinger of 352 Sheridan street. The open church ceremony will be in St.

Luke American Lutheran Church with Rev. Lloyd Volkmar officiating. The maid of honor will be Miss Beverly Jack, sister of the bride. Ronald Miracle, brother-in-law of the bride, will be Mr. Offinger's best man.

Ushers will be Charles Offinger, brother of the bridegroom, and Dana Jack, brother of the bride. A reception will be held at the home of the bride's parents beginning at 3 p.m. Mrs. Ronald Miracle, sister of the bride, will assist. Mrs.

Daniels attended Zanesville High School and is a member of the church in which she will be married. Mr. Offinger attended Zanesville High School and is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church. He is employed by Nelson McCoy Pottery. Bee-Exell Wedding In Bermuda Greenmount, pattern magazine.

The wedding of Miss Susan Pamela Exell and Phillip Baker Bee took place Thursday evening, April 29, in St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Paget, Bermuda. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William A.

Bee of Lancaster. His mother is the former Bernice Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Baker of 545 Glendale avenue. His paternal grandparents are Mr.

and Mrs. Walter D. Bee of Columbus. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Charles P. Exell of Sun Valley, Warwick Parish, Bermuda. The ceremony was followed by a reception on the lawn of Glen," the home of the bride's parents. The bridegroom's mother attended the ceremony. The bride is a graduate of Mount St.

Agnes Convent School for Girls, English Warwick Academy, Warwick, Bermuda, and Derwins School of Cosmetology in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She is employed at the beauty salon of the Carlton Beach Hotel in Bermuda. Mr. Bee is a graduate of Bishop Fenwick High School, Lancaster, and the Philadelphia Naval School of Surgical Technology. He is stationed with the U.

S. Naval Medical Department in Bermuda, The newlyweds are living Greenmount, in Bermuda. Share your favorite homeideas send them making to Polly in care of The Times Recorder. You'll receive a dollar if Polly uses your idea in Polly's Pointers, 9 chicken legs (cut with drumstick and thigh) 10 potatoes 10 onions pound carrots cup tomato ketchup corn oil cup vinegar Take nine squares of foil (approximately 15 inches) and oil slightly. Peel and thinly slice potatoes and spread equally on foil.

Place one chicken leg on each square and sprinkle with chopped onion and thinly sliced carrot. Mix ketchup, oil and vinegar with a little salt and pepper. Pour over chicken. Fold foil over ingredients to form a sealed envelope. Place on grill and broil 40 minutes, turning frequently.

Wheelers To Observe Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wheeler of Route 7 will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with open house from 2 until 4 p.m. Sunday at the home of Mrs. Alfred Mautz, Philo, Route 1.

Mrs. Wheeler is the former Violet Mautz. She and Mr. Wheeler were married 25 years ago June 30 in Stovertown Lutheran Church. Mrs.

Wheeler is a member of the Stovertown Lutheran Church Women and Duncan Falls American Legion Auxiliary. Both she and her husband belong to Stovertown Grange. Mr. Wheeler is a member of the Dresden Maonic Lodge and Duncan Falls American Legion Post. The couple has five children, Willard Lee, stationed at Langley Air Force Base, Larry C.

of 1036 Beverly avenue, and Carmen Mary Ann and Marvin, all of the home. There is one granddaughter. 8254 2-6 yrs. WITH THE NEW PATT-0-RAMA Butterfly Trim A DARLING little yoked dress for the younger girls of the family, trimmed with a gay butterfly embroidered in bright colors. No.

8254 with PATT-0RAMA is in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years. Size 3, 2 yards of 35- inch: yard contrast. TO ORDER, send 50 cents in coins BURNETT The Times Recorder 1150 Ave. of Americas New York, N. Y.

10036 For 1st-class mailing add 10 cents for each pattern, Print Name, Address with Zip Code, Style No. and Size. SEND 50 cents today for the Spring Summer '65 issue of Basic FASHION our complete pattern magazine. ROMAN NON-WILTING STARCH Gives body and Non-Wilting that sheds dirt, makes finish children's clothes stay fresh and clean longer. ROMAN ROMAN So easy WOW to iron STARCH it! ILL VERY SPECIALLY hollywood beds NEW LOW PRICE! TAKE YOUR CHOICE: "Stearns Foster" Standard Mattress "Stearns Foster" Matching Box Springs Vinyl covered Headboard Sturdy Twin Size Metal Frame TWIN SIZE ONLY All 4 Complete: Pieces $6995 "Stearns Foster" Medium Firm Mattress "Stearns Foster" Matching Box Springs Vinyl covered Headboard Sturdy Twin Size Metal Frame TWIN SIZE ONLY All 4 Complete Pieces $7995 HURRY! WE HAVE A FEW STEARNS FOSTER FIRM, POSTURE- TYPE MATTRESSES $3988 Store Hours: Open Wed, From 9:30 A.M.

to 5 P.M. Open Mon. 9:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. A Open Thurs.

9:30 A.M. to 12:30 Noon "Stearns. Foster" Firm Mattress "Stearns Foster" Matching Box Springs Vinyl covered Headboard Sturdy Twin Size Metal Frame TWIN SIZE ONLY All 4 Complete: Pieces $8995 Pay As Little As $5.00 Mo. FREE Parking FREE Delivery Henneberos PARK SHOP SPORE "Zanesville's Finest.

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