The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRUK Financial Writer Gives His Answer To Question: "Wlifve Did Our Money Go?" HV JOHN T. I'LVNN Couuiglil, 1MB. Nl-A KiTvia*. IMC.) Tlie mail in tin 1 strct't, wlui \ always asking <|Uf-stkms. is now asking this one: Undo sum has bouo'.ml aii;l p.iiii out on recovery around IB or 20 billions of doltars in the List (jv< years. These dollars went into 11 10 ImiKis of all coils of people. [inl they are still in cxLsti'nrc, v:li;' iircn't they .spending them now? That's 11 good question. I/'i's follow one of those clclhm. Uncle Sain Imtuls it to Jchn .Kiue for relief. Jones ::;jr:-mls it at the procery. The grocer lian'Js it to George, who works for him. GIHM-SL spends it at the drug store. Tin' druggist bus's cotton bandages with it,. The rotten bandage man bti^s cotton cloth. The cotton te- r til' man buys raw cotton. The rc-lto'i farmer pays it to his hired hand. The hired hand bnvs a shirt. And so it goes, on itn;l on. from , \vorkei 1 to store, from slore la far ' tory, from factory to worker, to | faincr. Obviously while tins is KO- ing on the dollar is making biishiesr, 1 at every (urn. i lint one day that dollar Dome's into the hands of a workman \vho has a .streak nf thrift aiul he Log Drifts 1-000 Miles Through Arctic Waters OTTAWA (UP) — A snuill log \vhlch Is believed to Iwve livltlcd 1,000 miles lliioiifih Arctic sens from thn month ot the Mackenzie Hlvi-r near Aklavik to Dellot Strati i hns bt'Pii placed on display here. | Mu)or O. U McKonnd |>lcket! up i the leg last summer on nn Eastern I Arctic cruise, and brought, it lieve | tor study. The tog was submitted lo the forestry laboratories of thai l)t uirlmenl of Mines und Re- c.mrfs and wus lileiilllltd us :\ t lircc of black spruce, whieh does u.t grow witliln 1.000 miles of •Hot Strait. T:-.c lo« was a century old. Ex- IHTls believed It hnil drifted from Mm Miiekeni'.le Hlver, where con- Ideifible stands of coniferous trees .iru found. County Agents Attend Meeting At Jonesboro 11 ~. T "ntrlp county agricultural iigciH, Miss Cora Lee Colejnan, hu]ue lieni'cnstration uut'iil K, II. Burns, agricultural agent, Miss Inez Kineaid. home demonstration agent :!i'd O. V. Moloch, assistant ngrl- cultural agent, are hi Jonesboro for a llirec days district conference of extension workers. They will return SalurJnv ni'ilit. "We \vere 'I HEN . wealthy once . . . there were plenty of dollars around where are they NOW?" . . . That was the qucslion ol Lll lips (he country was tumbled from the prosperity of the twenties into the depression of the early thirties. T»e same 1938 threat- - — —" - - • — Pile v \VCll l II s iiuii LI 11. iiv|ji i. .-..111/11 "» •'"- -• Okies to save it. He puts It In n tin ' . thnt „ .. rm ,sslon" in hnv nm! hnrioi it. belnnf tie r him- t 'I'le.situu t^ miu ;> ,i-> 0 Error In Fire Report The fire yesterday was reportec incorrectly as having been nt Mis. Alma Peters' apartment, on Marti son street, when it was n house a the end of the Eleventh stree entecl through Morse and Ktrsh- icr. and occupied by a Mrs. Peters. Only n very slight damage was lone when the Hue burned out. rest, of his life. Now it's dear what happened to that dollar! It's done. ens to erase the comparative prosperity of 1937. It's a question thai box an<! buries it behind the chimney an:l lets it remain there for the Mm T. Flynn, above, noted nullior-cconomlsl. answers , .siarkable lucidity in the iiceompauying aiilrte. so far as spending is concerned.j. And it every one of the relief •'lol- ; I lars got Into the lintuls of si fellow' i a EC |1 the note of Uncle Sam to j and banks who are unable or unlike this, it would be easy to answer ! .,' depositor. The depositor takes the willing to invest and the balance the question and easy to see why 1 ,,ote. He also Hands the bank a j very much reduced, Is still inovlng 1 • • • • ---••• - - - •• (loll!u . The bank jaioimct In circulation, but all head- the there, was business last year and j check for uie uuii.u. nn; L,.n,r. <— . not this year. ' 1 v itlulraws the dollar from the i mg lor the savings Jan. Now of course, not many men | nan's account. But it doesn't nctu- put their money into tin " boxes , ally lake the dollar out of the bank pmvaduvs. But they do save them.' Therefore, let us suuposc this dollar j finally got Into the hands of Brown who is a saver. He does not want to spend the dollar, but he is willing to invest it. That is. he is willinz to lend it to Mr. Smith who wants to put up a house. Now while 1'p is looking around for a borrower the dollar is idle. But finally Mr. Smith comes along and borrows that dollar—nloii-j with others—to build a house. Now the dollar Is back again at work, because Smith pays it to a carpenter who takes it to a' store and so' on—until it comes into,: the bands'.of another stiver. Hnioaned Savings Stagnate liusinrss But maybe Mr. Brown, this firsf saver of ours, puts his money in bank—in a savings bank or a commercial bunk. He does not want If risk it himself and ht> prefers tr leave it. in the bank. But the ban! is willing to invest it or lem it fio the bank lends the dollar to Mr Smith to build a house. The resul will be the same. Now at this point you have t remember two things. One is tha if Brown or I.Ue hank is umvillm for any reason 'lo invest the dnlli or lend it to Mr. Smith, then Ih dollar remains idle. Us snendin career is ended as eomulutelv :>s it had "jono into a tin bo^:. And Ih is what has luiiponcd lo many < these dollars. Thev are in the Imu of men ami of banks who are ui willing nr im?hie to lend them ( invest them. Hence they are .-1 dollars—'.liev are out of cirr.i tion—lh"V are non-existent so far as suending is concerned. The second thing you have to re member Is that, sooner or late' every dollar comes into the hand 1 of a wcr. it mav hanpen quicklv It may tnkc months, or even years But in the end every dollar head- into such ownership. And that v what, is hapuening now. These relief and recovery dollars are slowly pllini up into the hands of thosr who'do not wish for various per- fccllv good reasons to spend them. .10-1 iieiicc they fire becoming sterilized. Ml' How Borrowings Get- "Frozen" This Is but part ol the story. The other part is almost loo complicated to explain very quickly. All ol these dollars paid out by Uncle Sam on relief were borrowed froir the banks. Let's follow one: Uncle Sam borrows a dollar froir the bank. This is done by opening nn account in the bank for Uncle Sam and lending him the dollar The bank civcs Uncle Sam a rccon of a deposit of n dollar, just in til' same wav as if von borrowed Ih dollar. Thus a deposit is createc The bank holds Unnle Sara's noli Then Uncle Snm gives the mono to Smith on relief. Smith spends at the store. The stovekeeper de posits the dollar. The dollar imve around a great deal, but what reall happens is that it nrn'es frru bank to bank. Finally one day the bank drelcl merely cancels his deposit ac- unt to tile extent of a dollar. In licr words, one dollar of deposit oney is cancelled. The total deposits of the country •e reduced by ihut. cancelled dollar. Rabbi Pollack Will Speak At Memphi: Rabbi Herman Pollack of Ih Temple. Israel, will sjicak Friday night and Saturday morning nt the Admiral Declares War on Hats MARE ISLAND. Cal. (UP)—What Saint Patrick did to the snakes in Ireland. Rear Admiral Clarence Kempff pro[Kises to do to the rats in the navy yard here. A week was set aside for their extermination— and not by Pled l'l])cr tactics Read Courier News Waul Ads Files Divorce Suit Mrs. lieiiha Irene Burke has filed suit against Chancy M. Burke asking for a divorce on the ground cf indignities. Her attorney'Is Ed R.-Cook. ItlUl. LilULUllL-u j .*. = -.~ J " i this case the dollar of deposit i Temple children of Israel in Mem- •eated by Uncle Sam and the bunk | Phis. hen Uncle 3am borrowed the dol- r is wined out o: destroyed when ic bank sells the government's ote to a depositor. In this way n-eral billions of dollars of the loncy paid out on relief have been ctuaily r ,'wipcd out—do not in any 'ay exist any more. All Dollars Head For Savings .Tail Ami so this is what has become [ the relief dollars. Doubtless several millions have one, into tin boxes. Several billions have been wholly xtingnished by the method de- bribed above—by the snlo of sjov- rnment securities by tli.- banks to 'C|H)sitors. Several billions more arc just lerilized in the accounts of savers 1'ics tnslc SO with made WEIGHT OFF FIRED FEET icm Fal The Eaiy Way — Without St Dteli, or B&ck-Breaking, Bending If your ft-tst I over — Ltrnust' you .uch f !\l — ilo soiiusthinx i^f nt tKat ha* hvlpccl *-l tlrtd nnd ach re carrying to n.lw>ut U. Try l* nilHous lo reduc ThiTc's a rvusim wliy KO injuiy vtopK- ft .llink- slow uncl alien liim-a fulil* in LitilUT- The reason, lectors say, is oft fca'.KC A littlf Klanil i* nut worHnft ritf All lite Wood in ymir Wy KOCJ lhix,u_.. ii« ;iny ciaiul sixteen times every .las. If iU-i'*n'l liour into thi' hlooil stn-ani itljoul n,- and oiw-hnlf ilropa cif vital lluiil i-vtry 1 hours. Ijiaiil' ri-orle t*kr <•« luly fat. 'h's Utiii! lirli.s Natlin- It. "burn 1111" ,-xc,>.ss >i,il .-mil f:tll>- tissue in much Hie s^mr •ay as a K «,,J ".Iriiff acls in n fimu.ov. Xu\v, pliysiclaTH this c.inilition l,y K-ilinu this plHnfl III,- sliltstance it lacl.a — ,„.! millions of ln»iml* uf rAa-s» IM IIRS ii-iii willed out in this way. Marmola I'r.-scril.tion 'r.ibk-ts contain the ami 1 clinniTit iircsrribftl hy niost doctors in n-atinjf thiiir fnl patients. So don't wnste .our time or niorii'y striving ti, rfihicc with trtrvatjon iliels or r,acV;-\>r«nkilli; exercises. Hart the Mnrmola trenlntcnt today that ndlions hnve used sncce.^rifiilly lo Kit rid of •ss fat. The formula is in every box so knov,- jxul wli[\t you are t.ikiciK. Don't .— Rel B box of Mnrniola loday from QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. SAVE MONEY AT AVINCS On Quality Foods, Fine Meats! Fresh Pork Brains Ib. cups 15c Fresh Country Butter, Ib. or Eggs, doz 22V2C Chili Cudahay's 1 Ib. blks 19c Bacon, Ex. Fey, sliced, Ib. 25c Pork, Steak, Sausage or Roasts, Ib. 15c Beef, Steaks or Roasts, Ib. 15c Syvecl I'olatocs, I'nrto Kican, Ih 12 '/i'' l,ettucc, IRC. hentls 5e Spinach, fresh garden, Ib Sc Onions, yellow or while :) Ibs 10<-' 1'otatoes. hcst red 10 Ihs Iflc Cabbage, (irm heads, Ib. 3'/.c Delicious Apples, S Ijje, lie HAKEIt'S COCOA 1 !,b. Cans INSTANT I'OSTUM ... MAX. IIOUSK COFFEE MAYONNAISi: Duikcc's Pints CANOVA SAI.A7.ON Vinls POST TOASTIES or Corn Flakes .. POPPED WHEAT, OATS. RICE .... WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE, Phils ... SHOUTS 1W rrolcln, Sack SPAGHETTI or O )/ MACARONI, Box tt I*\ TOMATO PASTE or Poltctl Meat . OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW JIANAOEMKXTl NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH CITY LIMITS ON HIGHWAY 61 Private Dining Room Music Private Booths Home Cooking Special Club Breakfast Hot Biscuit nil the Time Pit BorUecue ncivbccuod Ribs ' Sandwiches FYfed Chicken Sibling Steaks Italiar, Spnghcttl Dliiiwrs Ijimohcs Drinks Sl'KCIAL I'AKTIKS INVlTEIl-l'llONK 845 VI.F.NTV OF rAUKTNO SPACE 2'/2C MOTHER'S I'l.A'l'I'. OATS. Box COKN HOMINY ur Tomalurs JET OH. POLISH All Colors BATH POWDER & PUFF, !i I.H KKENCHS IUHD SEKD P. A., VELVET or HALF & HALF" TOB. PENICK SVKOP Gallon SALT, 25 Ib. 29c 100 Ib-s UAISIN'S Seedier*. 2 Ib. Pkg. . BLACK I'KPPER H l.b. ids; li< 23c 7'/ac lOc lOc He lOc 57c 98c 17c 17c PURE LftRD or VCR - shorlc tW. Not (,'licck your needs, Feeds * Tonirs for stock & poultry, i Complete line. Dairy Feed IG7r. .sack 51.55 Happy Cow best Zt% 52.(jO Sweet Vecd. Kandy Kid Sl-15 Urn Seraleli or lay Mash '. ...$2.35 roullry, Hog or Slock Tonic -•• 25c I Camln'ie Flour. beM, 21 Ibs OOi- White, GiNiranlecd. 24 Ibs. ...SSe vunshine Good Quality 21 Ibs GSr (ream Meal. 10 Ibs ....I!)*' Cream Meal, 24 Ibs 13r Sitpur Finest Cane 10 Ibs 5Sc Vresh Ground Coffee ll.s 23r I'riilt' of Illinois or Country Club, No. 'i <'nus, (.'mi SpolllKhl .'1 l,!>. Hai{ r,7c l.i). a«a: Vitlrnlini' Potil Pois No. 'i esniH •i. for Avoiulak 1 No. 'i\>i Cans :i for 25c '. & (;. (iiiiiil Six.o Hiirs, ;t Fill' ft (!i. N. *i; S i.h. t HAMNG POWDER 17C 17' FLOUR CAIMOTS C< *» COl.l.AltDS Hunch SlllCS, Small, Crisn Hunch, :i l c 'or BEANS "• ! J ™J KUHIU, Omcun 12 His «:)o 2.1 Mis Sl. I'llliH LAUD, -I 1-liH. 'Ilk' 8 Uhs «5c BRUSSELS SPROUTS 1.1). SPINACH SAVOY CAHHACJK SAHlllNKS Anier. ;i Cans 10 C EGGS I't'l'sll Do/.. 25' I'utiiul 23 ORANGES Nice Ki/.o, Do/ 15 TURNIP GKUENS Hunch 5 BROCCOLI 1'Yesh, Gi'ei'ii, Hunch .... 15 NOODLES 1 Mi. Hag 17' mallows, I,I) '. Marsb- ICC MEAL !i I.h. SWHKT POTA- «1 TORS, Porto Kico II).* 2 NIOW I'O- TATOKS r APPLES, Delicious OEl'Kc Si/.f, Doz. ... till.. Tom pic Variety, Do/. 29c Texas (ircon, 2ic l r ancy Do/.. lOc Grapefruit 37c Lettuce Extra ixe Heads Potatoes »19c h»* COUNTRY CLUB EVAPORATED MILK 3 L<r. or 6 SMI. BETTER for babies because special processing maker, proteins more digestible. Country Club is finest milk from tested, healthy herds. Prepared in our own spotless plant under strict Food Foundation control. Lower temperature evaporating gives it lighter natural color, flavor more like fresh milk. Richer for sauces, puddings, candies because all the full creamy whole milk values are sealed in by Vicuumizing. Get several cans today! SOLD ONLY BY KROGER AND i'HHJLY WKiGLY STOKES r ^CTst*^ Tastes^ore like frcshjnilkl Vncuumized to reuin fresh vitamins! Special processing nakes proteins more digestible! Quality protected by The Food Foundation I Country Club Peaches No. 2'/i Cans 2 for 35o Country Club Grapefruit Juice No. 2 Cans 3 for 27c Country Cl"l» Coffee 1 Mi. Cans 25c Fores, to ]}ar-b-f| or Koasl | Will Hone & Roll ll). Hrcasl For Slew or Hake, 1,1). LEG Roasting Pound BEEF - lOc F 17c Clod Roust Choice Round Steak Lb. 25c Pure Lard ib. lie Sausage Ai>< iM5c FISH FISH FISH STUFFED CRABS, 3 for 'iw SHRIMP, Cooked, Ib. ...37c SHRIMP, Raw, Ib 25c PAN TROUT, Kacb .... !><• BABY SNAPPER. II). . .l»c Cheese New York 7c Neck Bones ib.Sc PORK LOIN

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