The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS AJME 1—NO. 257. HI ATI IKV ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK 12, i!)i;i SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON.RE.QUEST THE BLTTHEVILIJ! ARMY AIR CORP8 NEWS •ubllshcrt dally except Bun<Uj5 i the Interest of the personnd t the Army Air Force* Ad•need Two Engine Flylnt ' School of Blythevllle, by|th» SlythevJUe ' Courier Newi. It onlelns the news ol tha Air Base. "Boy, What A Ship!" BAAF I'holo Scout Girdley and Colonel Landon. |cout James Girdley Sees Post ith Colonel Landon As Escort ••irsl visitor for Open Post, ursday at the Illylhcvllle Army Ficltl, was James Girdley, 12. mbcr of Hoy Scout Troop No. at Keiser, Ark. Ho lives on a m eight miles from Keiscr with parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Russell Girdley. Seoul Girdley arrived at Ihc c at B A. M.. six hours in ad- ce of the Open Post time, military escort be was ush- ci to Posl Headquarters and into presence of Col. Kurt M. Lan,'. commanding officer. Ian to man. Scout Girdley ex- ined to Colonel Landon. He Idn'l wait until .altcrnoon. lie ri seen Ihe airplanes as they overhead above bis home. He night maybe the colonel wc-uld- rnlnd if-he came early. jo colonel'bandoir took the sit^ lion In hand and Scout Glrdley 1 a personally conducted tour the points of interest. ;. This. James, is the. Link Train- BuildinR. These funny .dwarf- e looking airplanes in the build- can't fly, but each one lias nplete inslrnmcnt panel, just e the training ships. In each right now. Jim, is a cadet, der the hood which prevents n f rom. seeing a thing except : Instrument panel, Just' like be flying at night, in thick fog n the clouds. Jnder that hood the cadets prnc- e blind flying by instruments lowing a prescribed course. -At ' desk, before each Link -Train- of. Major Hall and Major Langan, the two officers who arc generally in charge. How would you like to go over onlo Hie taxlways and gel a close- up of some of the shi|xs? Here they-Arc, tile shi]>s you have seen flying over your home. Scout James Girdley saw It all. was a quiet observer. lie had ttle to say. Bnt bis eyes and his ose attention lo everything he iw and-heard spoke volumes. Who was the good looking blonde Lieut.' Bill Adams, post athlelic of- r,. was squiring around lown ic other night? "She's my cou- In," he said. • • • Tough luck honors go to Pfc. olin J. LiiiM of Hie 26th. He was 'member of a recent aviation me- hanics' class. After two weeks of ard study be became ill. went to lie hospital, and didn't get lo inish ,thc course. More recently, ic became a member of a second mechanic's class. After a week he eccjved word lliat his father was lead and went home to Ihc fim- ral. HL> class will graduate without ilrri again. .the man the telephone es instructions lo Ihc cadet, tell- him .what course to .fly .am telling the. indicator which ows how well he is able to fl; fourse. nd. this, Jim. is Ihc contro ycr. ,Up there in that glass en icd room arc men who ,dircc traffic of Ihc air. They .lip! o-way convcrsa lions by radio one with Ihc airships.' No shi ye-s .Ihc ground .or lakes off ex it hy instructions from the, con il tower. .. 's climb Ihe '.steps, they'r ep and 'they're, high, but no tough for a Scout. Wind blow illy stiff up here, but now we'i the conlrol lower room. Thos :n with the hcarfccts, talkin lo -the phones, arc In commnn lion with airplanes as far as 2 |les- away.- we climb down again. Let over lo Ihe flying line. On tl |y we go through one of tl nernllons nnildlngs. a combina |n of olficcs and study and ai Inbly rooms. Here's the weathi |lce. Over Ihcrc arc the offio Policing The Grounds "Will you .take a picture of my Inner self?" someone 'phoned to rfsk Pfc'. Julius Blank, X-ray technician at the 'Base Hospital. Open Post Sidelights More thnn 1.000 inoloi' vehicles moved In procession onto the HAAF grounds for Open Post. The estimate Is by Cnpt. Robert R. lx>ve, Provost Marshal. y The l!ccrcatlon Hull was n favorite s|>ot for the younssli They played luble tennis nnd basketball mid (lid some bag punching. . , . V The Band Conceit, next lo (hi lice Hull, was » center of atli'iic- lion, The perfection of Ihelr performance reflects hours of Intensive practice. . . . V Coke slands at the Posl Thealc and at (lie Recreation Hall got i workout. Two men were kept bus. nt each. The one til Ihc Theulo sold 70 cases. Probably more i.t Ih other. And 500 sncks of popcorn, . . . V Mosl Impressive seclude was Ihc parade reviewed by Col. Ijui- don and his slalf. The .sim hen I down hot. Inil Ihe crowd stayed and (he foimalions were executed with snap and precision. MPs kept traffic circuliUliiB and under control. New York's finest couldn't have done better. y The "Spirit of- St. Louis" back from the first, transAllanttc. hop attracted, no more rittentton than the training- ship on display near Base Operations. "If it stands this," said Colonel Landon, "it, proves it's a sturdy ship." • • • y The biB water cooler at the Chapel was emptied four .limes. Four cartons of,drinking c.up.s were used up. Then an ordinary drlnk- ig glass was .substituted. . . . V Two mid-teen age girls trudging toward the exit, alter Retreat took off lliclr shoes, and stepped lightly along Ihe road. What a relief! They got envious glances. . . . V . That was Lieut. Guy Kngcy, photographic officer, up there in Ibat Piper Cub which circled over the parade ground during the review. He look pictures. . . . V The visitors didn't know 11, but every squadron on the Field had ils first aid squad all ready and equipped for action. And the hospital and medicos were nil set, too. With more than 5,000 visitors on the Field, accidents could be expected, just by Ihc law of averages. Bui we're a hardy race, down here Arkansas. . . . V What does one do with a coke jDttle after lie bus drunk IUs con- cnts! He drops it on the ground, vhcrcvcr he happens to be. From ben on folks stumble over them And early next morning scores of soldiers trudge about Ihe Field licking Ihem up. .... V Here and there RII automobile stalled in traffic. Sometimes another car gave it a push and it starled again. Sometimes Ihe MPs pushed it to the, side of (lie road. Among the.casualties was a truck bringing laundry to the COQ. Retreat Ceremony Climaxes Open Post Activities — Cmirlor New* I'lMtl PASSING IN KEVIEW, troops of Ihc lllylhcvlllc Army Air Field arc pk'lmrd nn (hi! pui'iiile |:mun<l.s In llui colnrfnl liclreiu ceremony which clhnnxcd Ihe program oi Open 1'osl IJuy. eclchi'iilliiK the: first nnnlvi'i.snry of Iho uctlvntlon of Urn Post, Tlmi'sduy iifleiimon. Ilc- vicwlinj Ilic troops (left center) urn Col. Kiivt M. liiindnn, cdiiinuiii illnis olllcer, with his executive nll'lcvr, MnJ. Hurry K, McClnli'u, And Ills iidjiiliinl, Men!. IttKlnnlil C. Aoi>uMlne. At right center is tin: 11 mill, linidlni: Ihc pmci'sslcm which follows, by Miuiulvom, The picture shows u part of (lie crowd of more Hum 5,000, most of whom lined the Held lo witness Ihc hlu event. Public Will Attend Dedication Sunday Of New USO Center In a two hour concert in Open 'ost ceremonies Thusrday, the band played several well-known marches and also such light concert numbers as "Tea for Two," 'Over. : - There Fantasy," and the 'Ballet Egyptian," Corp. Nino Bar- dihi 'played a cornet solo, "Birth of Dawn." • • . * Ralph SchulU, mellophonc, and Pfcs. James Radocey and Raymond Tomaslic, clarinetists, arc on furlough. • • • Warrant Officer Bernhanlt M Kuschel. commanding officer of the Band is visiting his family a Bcnton Harbor, Mich. Before he left on his 15-day leave he promised his men he would bring them a nice mess of fish. (Caught by whom, Mr. Kuschel?) V 1 * . Tech. .Sergt. Anthony Costait7,a is in charge of the Band during Mr. Kuschcl's absence. He was so well satisfied with the musicians the other day that he set 'cm all up toi malts. With Mississippi County Invited lo Join in the program, the new FUNNY BUSINESS Undefeated Blytheville Team Will Seek Fourth League Victory The Tost Baseball Team, fresh from three consecutive victories, will play host to the Walnut Ridge Army Air Field team in a Flier League game Sunday afternoon at ! o'clock. It will be Ihc firsl meeting of the two teams and should give some indication of the outcome of the League series. Neither team has lost a game. The local nine won by forfeit from Ihc Jonesboro Independents, licked the Tuckcrman Independents 9-2, and won Tuesday from Ilic Maiden Army Air Field •1-2. They also defeated the Fourlh Ferry Command leain 3-2 in a recent non-league game. The Walnut Rtdgc team defcalcd Maiden 9-4 in Ihelr opening game of the season. Then they beat the Ncw|X>rl Army Air Field team 5-' ill a gamo last Sunday. • Scrgt. Robert Tnbta. manager of he Post Team, has not yet announced bis starting pitcher fo: Sunday's fray. . .' School, Cnni]) Burklcy. Tex., has >ccn assigned to duty as supply of- 1 iccr of Ihc Station Hospital at the Blythevllle Army Air Firld. LicutcnaiH Dopson entered the service last June ami before being icccplcd for Officer Candidate School was stationed with Ihc iiKili- cal department al Camp Granl, III. n St. Louis, he was a slock conlrol clerk for Hawllngs Mfg. Co., before entering Ihc service. He attended Missouri Business Schoo) and the Atlus Aircraft School. 16 give up ficHf on account of gas rationing, so be built some odds and .ends bt.turniUire wij^i hij clubsT* The Mfidf.rn Irr, Bon COOLERATOn For Econnmy mnd Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. in lieutenant Dopson Assigned To Duty Second Lieut. Fred C. Rudolph T. O'Dwycr. a 211-ycw old corporal of llcad[|iiarlcr.s Sqiiad- USO Soldier Center on East Mnln roll of the BlyUievllle Army All Slrect will be dedicated tomorrow Field, will be (he' spcnktr of Ihc afternoon In a half-hour program day at the dedication'of the new beginning at 'S o'clock. 1 USO'Center on mfw hi'dl rdliiam Open house at, the colorful and USO Soldier Ccnltr cm Mali wcll-nrrnngcd soldier clubhouse be-j street, when the'doors are llirowr gins al 10 o'clock and continues open lo the Public ouimuy aller- Ihrotiglioia the day and evening noon, with everybody Invited lc until 11 o'clock on Sunday, mid come and meet the soldiers and sec also on Monday and Tuesday. I their new clnbiiousc, Corp. Rudolph T. O'Dwycr, who i He will s|>enK 111 bclialf of Ih as speaker of the day will accept the clubhouse in behalf of the en-' listed personnel of Ilic Blyllievillc Army Air Field and Ihe Armed Forcc.s as a whole, will be presenter! by Col. Kurt M. Landon, commanding officer of the Field. The program will open wilh tho Army Air Song, by Ihc 351st Army Air Forces Orchestra, and an Invocation by Capt. Julian A. Lind- scy,. senior chaplain of the BAAF. The Rev. O. J. Clinslaln, president ol the Blylhcvlllc Ministerial Alliance, will give the benediction. Max U. Reid, as general chairman, ".vill inUodiicc Major Ernest It. Jackson of Blytiieville, Mayor Hen Duller of Osccola, Byron F. Morse, USO Chairman; G. W. Danlclson. USO director, and Miss Genevievc Wlialeii and Mrs. Marguerite Brollicrton of Ihe staff. Pvt. Maurlco Wilk, well known as an NBC radio artist, and in symphony orchestras of New York will give a violin .selection. The orchestra will provide music before and aftr the formal program. :1 men for whom the well |)(l quarters hiive.bccii creiilei )y Uic'pcoiiic'of liVo'United Stale lirough the United Service Organ zations. O'Dwycr, who bus been a sol lier for not f[iiHc (i year, has no ,'cl sewed on the two double stripe of his riink, for lie was iippolnlc corporal only this week The corporal Is on duty In Ih Legal Courts and Hoards Sccllon of ; lhe Air Base. He is a gradn- ilc attorney, having won his liLI) degree al f^iyola University of the South, New Orleans, where he also took his BA degree, In HKifl, afler which lie went on through three years of post graduate work of the Law School. His diploma acquired, O'Uwycr made haslc lo enlist, picking the Air Coi']>s as hts branch of the service, although "law school eyes" barred him from becoming an aviation cadet. No hookworm, Corporal O'Dwyer Is a soldierly appearing fellow, of medium height and build, with a good physlcinc which (Us his al- tnchmenl lo the spoils of tennis and soflball. Hack In New Orleans, where he lived with his mollicr In the outskirts of the city, at Hlfi Monticello Avenue, O'Rwycr carried on eccnt graduate of the Medical Ail-1 the hobby of his father, malnlnin- uinislrallve Officer Candidate'Ing whnl is probably the largest privately-owned aviary in Ihe United States, with 2.5t)fl birds of SOD species from nil parts ol the world. Wartime Trials and Tri- timpliK Add New Significance To U. S. Holiday June M Is Mug IJay. Ordlnurlly [•'lug Uay Is Just annllier day, mllday ob'icrvcd by few, unknown to many. Unl war changes al: lluil, jus as war lias changed so many thing! —f)iir way ol living, sleeping, cat ing, drcBslnj:, Ihc tilings we di and Hie Ililnns we can't d», flefoin Ihc war many llii);s Hut Icrcil from many Ihgslalls,. bn few people Ihoiiji'il of tile color ris'sohictlilng upiu't, nomellilnir'sa croil. True, at parades when inartla music heralded approach of Ih flag, we stood a little slralnhlei uncovered our heads and felt thrill of prldi' In the lieimty c the Imv.s and stars, and in Ihc gin ilnus history behind our Hag, Tun, the American Hag lookc I mighty good when we .'•raw Ihe te< whim und blue Imtnier llylm; o I forcUjn soil over jomc coiifiiiln shop, For It stood for horn and lunjjUMgc and ciisloms an people we knew. Hut ordinarily Ihe flat! was ju: part of the landscape, a blent Ing Into Ihc horlv.on. Now It's a battle cry. Our (la h:is been llrcd on. caplmcd, sunk, bathed in blood. Agnln, it's the symbol of patriots' sacrifice. The American (lag is Inlying u home on time; It's fried chicken and ice cream and a loaded Sim- day noon ^able; It's picnicking In the park; It's listening to a He- publican leader on Hie radio tell what he thinks of a Democratic aiiminislralton; It's decent wages and clean dollies and good food; it's Mavy being gnuluatcd from Ihe city high school; It's Junior winning a -l-lf Club prize sow contest: It's public libraries full of books by all authors, .public art Flowers For Chapel Would He Welcome Flowers for thi! Olinpel, If you've ot 'em In tne Harden and woulc IMS to give xonio ol thinn to dec- rule Ihc chupel for clnnch services int's what the Officers' Wive ihib would like lo know. They AVC tiihen oh llui job of keeping I'l'sh flowers In the Cliupul. Mrs, Gordon U. Welshoils Is chalr- iinn of Ihe Cliapcl Flowers Coin- nlllee, To let her know uliotil lowers, communicate with her at Ml West Ghtckiisawlm Avenue, I'lcphonc 2092. rlmncs fur Wounded SAN DIKC10, Ciil. (DP) — Wur vouniliMl In the. San Diego Nnval lospltal hen: have been given lelo- ihoiK'.s at Ihelr bedsides KO they can talk with their families at any Imi: In any part of thu -United Stales.- naileries with all rehoiils of art icprc.sciil.ed; It's morion mill hot dogs und cnkeii and baseball 'and evlval meetings mill Jokes about lilg shots and editorials against elly government waste. Tim American Hag Is the America we love, home mid uninterrupted pursuit of happiness. We know It's worth lighting for, worth dying for If need be, rind certainly worth saving for, regularly and systematically, through War IJonil buying, This gunrau- Ices our nation's victory mid the slnblll/atlon of our country's money. fn your War Ilond buying you pay u tribute lo the flug every day of every yeurl The Soldier's Friend. . . Friend uud Samaritan In lime of distress, Ihc American Ilcd Cross, us the volunteer agency created and supported by the dollnis and goodwill ol the American people, cxlcjitijs 4 helping haiid to the mun In the Service who huppcns to be In tough luck. A field director Is on duty fit many Army sUMons, He can get prompt Information and ac- llon anywhere In tho country > through Hie nationwide organ- ' Izatlon of county chapters of Ihe lied Cross, * In tills column I ho field director at Ihc Hlylliovlllo Army j Air Field discusses examples of his work will) full protection ol the confidence of lliose who consult him. BY nttil) I,. SWAN, I'll 111 Direitor Amrrlcuii Itcil Cross The American lied Crass Initiates mid maintains communication wllli the family of each soldier hospllnllml In the niylhovllle Arny Air Field because of serious llness. After the medical olficer'sends n;ws of the man's Illness directly .0 lib family, wo follow up with a| telegram lo the I man's home Hedl Crass chnplcr.l Then ti ropiescn-1 liillve. of I he I chapter's Homol Service) ncpa incnl gets ln| touch w11 h the family uiul oilers! lo be of service. 1 In ono case, iif-l tcr Hie home lied I Cross chapter had' been notllled and •• ' had contacted the ' »>'• Kwan , family, llui field director's office received a telegram from tho father of the soldier, a physician, asking for a dally telegraphic rcixirl at his own expense on hi. 1 ; son's condition. Each day. for u week the Itcil Cross olflco obtained tlio desired Information from .tliu -inciU Icnl officer and wired It lo : tho father, liy the end o[ Ihc wcCk, the munV condition > wiis greatly Improved and further reports wcrq unnecessary. If cuntaet with Iho family luul not_ been eslabllshcd by the Red Cross through -• the Held director and the home chapter, thc-tamlly might never Jiuve known that tho Hctl Cross cmild iirovlde Ibis typo of service. '<,"iuise for IHvnren' SAN JOSH, Old. (Ul'»—Callfor- nluns Inparlubly stand up fi(r California and esi>cclally Us cllnmlc. So when A. II, Harper told Superior ,ludgo M. G. Hutolo llml tlilii wife had refused lo follow him here from Denver, the Judge snld, |liat was cause for divorce tiiul granted it. - >• WK MM> AM, IX PRESCRIPTIONS AN1> SAVE YOU MONEY STEWART'S Drug Stor e Flowers For'Kvory Occasion ... Funcnil designs, wedding flowers, cor- KilgCS. THE FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER OLKNCOE HOTEL BUM}. Phone 491 Triangular stamps arc among the most popular postage issues collected. Skunks arc killed and eaten by Ihc great horned owl. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn Acrmj from lll(h School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Hcsl I'rices Kirby Drug Stores SMALL LOANS Of Anfthtni W VtlM. East Main Loan Co. Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Th. 519 E*rl Stone, Shop Foreman 307 E. Main 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrl Repair Work on General Molars Carn. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY n'ii»»j A Wftlnot I'h. 553 ITITKI) HY Dvclori J. L. and J. C. GUARD OI'TOMICTKISTS Our IUVISIDIC half-soles pave all FiMtn on the slide's shank anrl \^ snlc Jotnl I* hcrraolkAlIy «;«alftrt a^sliijt liiohluro and foTclxrt in Alter, L*>r.R wfAr. uniarl apjicarancc and comfort characterize our worfc. HflLT€RS QURLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W M«IN S Officers' Unif o r m s ('oni|i;irc (lie fabric anil workmanship of Ihfsc fine Riirmcnls before luiylnc! Heller Mouses 37.75 Ulasl iinic Trousers 13.7ft I'inks .....13.75 Summer Trousers 7.00 Summer Sliirls 8.90 OPTICflL STORE \V. Main St. Phone 2Dia TIRE RECAPPING SRRVWK . . . SfibrrlliiK Tactory Method. Nn Ccrllfiealc Required On rasseniter Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. LOY EICH','' rtMM m Chevrolet ROBINSON'S "THE RKLIAULK DRUG STORE" Tlicrc's no wider selection of sharing needs, cosmetics, novcltle*, clc., In nlythcvllle than at Roblnsoii'i. Latest M»g»iuie»—Poun- Uln service—s«ndwiche»l Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robio»on'»I HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations IJOHV OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLER Khaki: 75c; Tropical........'fl; 3-d»J Smioe Garrison Capi — Accessories — loafera

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