The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THR nriMTM* WT u trtii mi * r**»» f .~. .. nn .««B tm ...._. .^ i^»*^W W w ^^^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSI'APEH OF NORTHM6T AIIKANBAB AND SOUTHEAST UI86OUWI 'VOLUME XL—NO. 75. Blythevllle Dotty New: Blytlievlllo Courier Blj'thcvllle Herald Mississippi VnUey Lender BMTIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK IB, today's War Commentary Pacific Fleet Must Spearhead Allied Offensive By THOMAS J. UONUHUE of United Pirn , Priiim Minister Ctirtin of Australia liiiils thai iho Allies arc ready to develop an olVcnsivc to roll buck Hie Japanese. Seerelary ol' tlie Navy Knox says we hiivo assembled a mifihly Hoot in Hie South Pacific. American naval observer-; believe Japan has lunicd deliberately from offensive lo defensive strategy on the sen. The outlook iii the Pacific war is changing. Japrui no longer reaches out her. octopus-like teiitddcs for ftirtlier con- (inest. She is reported to have pulled back the bulk of her fleet to home waters. Her leaders persist in telling the Nipponese people (hat Japan faces an "tnipreccdeiiledlv irrive situation." There arc hints on all sides that i _ large-senle action in Ihe Pacific Is impending. The Allies. Irani all reports, arc gathering their strength, preparing an offensive against Japan Itself wholly independent of the imminent wislaiighl against Europe. We know that better than half of America's armed might, is deployed across the Pacific r- .-.• "j ' And 11 is apparent that our strength FOrmei' blylhcvjllc rootba. Ic ciiiisl nn1 Iv inrrciiiiiiii mil I Imvo P, » * , p-.-. ., . Mar Appointed To Naval Academy John Oliver Coppcdge, son of Ir. and Mrs. S. w. CO|>|*dRc of )sccola and nephew of Capt. Stales Naval is cnnslanlly increasing out there on thai sprawling island front. But it also Is apparent lhal great land battles arc not likely before late autumn because Burma, the obvious first big land objective of our armies, will be in the grip ol the monsoon until then. up - to the United States Pacific fleet to carry the brunt of the Al- acll , lied offensive for Hie next four or terday five months. Show-Down 1'ossilile „,. ' .,., "- J.K.-UOII H(i« in oilier parts of Ar- Ihc possibility of a show-down kansas had urged such an appolnt- clash between the Japanese and merit, now sought by many American battle fleets Is over pres- The recipient of'manv" honors cut, The whole campaign in the since lie entered Blythcv'iUc Hich South ;and Southwest. Pacific de r School as a freshman, "Do", as he pends a great deal upon naval c'oii- is'Vnowri-by his friends, has made Irol. correlated with air control .Japan In particular must re- pointed out. tain control of Hie shipping lanes that siinply her far flungi .sphere of conquest The whole range ot • - - . -. -», •-- -.-^ in.i.vfi inn tuMM^icnuv ar.u captive territory from Burma:':'to starred on the Blythevillo Chicks Bougainville— a domain covering millions of square 'miles— must be supplied and gairlsoncd by Japanese shipping i ^ \ American s,ubm\nn!s. now moving tni£ the Pacific In increasing numbers, ate •stcidils arid quietly whittling down Japan's stock ' cargo ihips our Since 8>carl Harbor, have A |^ggcd 'some or ipis-Ods ave ^ggcd some 240 Jsfwnew vessels, of .wjiich 169 P T TV wi.iv -iiy'n nnjldic r bcr of^strHmaiinc-i* increases* "so will the number .of tlieir victims. The:answer to submarines, as we found out in the Atlantic, Is increased numbers of escort Vessels. Hence, the one way 'Japan can hope to combat the American submarine menace is (o send 'fleet units along with the merchant men as escorts. As more and more Japanese destroyers and cruisers appear in the shipping Innes, American surface craft probably will move out against them. In such a situation, a major clash between |)i c two main fleets would seem inevitable. 'Japan cannot,- a (f or( | to i osc (flo many merchant ships. Although she fooled us as lo (lie number she had before the war—as she duped us In maiiy things-Japanese shipbuilding facilities are limited compared with our own. Japs May Shorten Lines .If our submarines can whittle down the slue of Japa'n's- merchant « eC , r ,, rrasonable lo suppose that the Japs will have to null in their defense lines. T,, C Navy Ingh command is believed to be banking m , j,, st sl;cl , a |)oss i b j, it After 18 months of a war of attrition in (.he Pacific, we can look with .satisfaction on our accomplishments. Our side , definitely has come oil belter than' the Japs • i tins wearing down process- Particularly n .s i( applies lo the respective Heels Hn'v'eVr 1 - COS " y " avnl losscs have been m aircraft carriers four of which have gone dowi, Bl 7t even in ||,| s c(Ucgo , ^"'^ have lost six. P 0 r Japan, tlie. i™ of at Jcasl 37 cruisers and 60 destroyers seriously liurl her naval effort. Cruisers and destroyers are the backbone of any fleet We've lost perhaps 25 destroyers and seven cruisers, by comparison There is no way to estimate ac- cnraely the number of Japanese ueichanl ships sm ,k by our forces but II Is much greater than our Pacific 05 '" '" Uml cal<?60r y '» I|1C The disposllion of our fleets today, of course, is „ military secret. But since (he Pacific is con- viidered primarily n ,i American "water, (lie bulk of (he United otatcs nccl probably n concentrated [here. There" Is ,, 0 Brc al need at p rcscn ( for . 0|(r jjpjjjjj wits in the Atlantic llicalcr. in rcceiil months, several enormous American battleships have Sinn •'""•vice-bigger, faster, hi™ B i ln ° rc nre -J>o«'Cr than any- HI lug KllOWll lo be ElflOftt, Tlir Eiipor-bnl(lcsliiiy> tut n A i t h" c ™- hcgan ""I'oSrlt*! New York Cotton OIKII high low close nrrl Mch. . 1949 1949 1946 947 ^Mfi May . 1936 1936 1932 1M3 935 July . 2025 2026 2021 2024 2024 Oct. . 1989 1989 1982 19ft; use Dec. . 1969 1969 1964-1967 1968 [NTtl ANNAPOLIS Mr Senator I. ew. made the ves- .uicnt fter many friends both in this section and in other parts of Ar- , n outstanding, record. It has Ijecn Graduating from high school in lliree and a linlt years, he made the honor roll consistently ar.d football team, having twice all-state honors and in his senior year was picked for All-Southern. Entering Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va., on a scholarship, received because of his record here -both- as a student nhd athlete, "Bo" lias starred there as .a sludcnt arid athlete. 'He^alrcady -has. .passed physical and inentnl tests with such . pro- ficie-nc}- that he will enter Annap- oi&fcMt ..additional, examinations. ' To be 19 next month, he will enter the academy after having already had two and a. half years of college work.. It is understood that both his mental and physical ability, along with his character, and popularity. were taken' into consideration in 'this regular appointment for a four year course which goes only to 'youths with remarkable ability. In addition to fjbotball, he was 'a member of the V.M.I, wiestline team, was on last year's track team anj tin's year's baseball team. Livestock ST. LOUIS June 12. (UP)—[logs: 700; market about steady with Friday's close; good and choice 200 to 250 pounds S14.15; other classes scarce; a few around 160 pounds averages $13.75. Cattle: 75, all salable; calves 25 all stable. Compared with close of preceding week, steers 25 cents lower; vcalers and replacement steers steady. Tops for week. 1219 pound sleers 16.35; 812 pound yearling steers 516.25; 820 pound mined yearlings $16.10; 382 pound heifers S15.90; cows $13.50; sausage bulls» $13.85; vcalers $15.00; replacement steers $15.50. Have You Seen These Men? Only two of lhc live German prisoners who broke out of the Inlrni- mcnt area at North Cunip Hood, Texas, were still nl large. The fugitives weailus either German uniforms or blue panls anil shlrl.s, temporalily pliiiled soldiers, .slate police, local olllc'ers and fcdcml aycnU irylne to [ind Ihein. Thuy i, rc s | lown ,,| Km , 1( , (l lo ,. 1( , |lt . Indwig JUDB and Harold Slallelcjcn. (NKA photos). Chinese To Meet New Drive Jly linl.leil l'rcs:i China's armies arc massing to meet a new threat to Ihe vital nice Bowl region surrounding Lake Time. Tint;. :1he Central News Agency says once . more is moving troops and supplies up the YangUe River from Shanghai to. Hankow and other bases that -would serve In the event of another offensive. The war-battered central sector af lhc Chinese front has just bc- .31111 to settle down after the Chinese threw back Japan's bid lo engulf the Rlv fields and march on to Chungking.- In fact. Ihe Chinese armies gave the Japs the most decisive beating they have experienced at any time during the war. Al the moment (he armies of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek nrc engaged in- mopping up the southern banks oil the Yangtze. Jn the Southwest Pacific, Allied airmen - have swung over the Japanese-held island' of Timor and dropped;42 tons of- high explosives. ...The' target was Kocpang, where 15 .LJucralors destroyed a. povvcr- Uoi'sc, ., isaa- 5and...B|l ..slumps and Scored damagitig-'hils in the'water- front area.- i Thc Improvement in iweathcr conditions in : the Southwest Pacific permitted other planes to attack Babo. Dutch New rjnmoa. Nineteen tons of bombs were unloaded on Rabuul. The raids arc : nll part of the Allied plan lo soften up and put out of action as many Japanese :ascs as possible before an offensive is opened to roll the Japs back :o their homeland. STmyiRTBES Rcd.Flici's Pick On Failing Luftwaffe Instead Ol Nazi Plan Is New York Stock* July Sep. Chicago Wheat open high IDW close pr.el. 145VL- 14G 1451i US 1 / . 11 145V- 144 !J I455i 145!!. July Sep Chicago Rye open hleli low close 58 !)B-!i 98T» 98',<] OBli 100 lOOli 8!)% 99!i 89% \ T & T Aincr Tobacco Anaconda Copper .. Beth Steel Chrysler 3cn Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central fill Harvester Korth Am Aviation Republic Steel .. . Radio 3ocony Vacuum . Sludcbnkcr -Standard ot N j ... Texas Corp Packard (i S Steel 150 1-1 (in 7-8 21 3-4 03 1-t 80 1-4 M 3-8 54 7-8 415 17 1-4 71 12 17 5-1) 11 1-1 13. 5-8 12 a-8 Sfi 5-S 51 3-1) 4 1-2 55 1-2 liy United I'n-ss HussiaiV airmen arc takhif; in. ever (jicaler part in the slobal ah war the Axis. Vor Ihe JirSl lime, the lied All Force Is matclilnit the liuyc nnnn- dns (lie Allies are tlnov/lng Into tlio offensive on the western front, The targets arc different—the Fliis- ,siau.s stalkins the falliuB l.uftwafft rather than German war Industries. nut il all nrtds up to the same— a inifbly effort l o cripple the enemy's Elrcngtli and rob the Axis of its power to fight. The mast Soviet nil blow came Thursday night whc. 700 planes hammered German airfields along the tense central front It was Ihe greatest slratcsic all operation ever mounted bv lac Hussl.tns over 150 enemy plnnca were destroyed mi the ground. •The enemy put fighter plane umbrellas over tho fields, hut the Hjissian-bonibcrs brushed it iisjdf and _sli6l down"To' 6[: the Axis" defenders. That makes. a tolal pi mi c:;ciny planes lost In three niglit 1 ; ol Russian utlacks As part of (his sniiic cauiiiaian Ic throw German planes for a land olfenslve into confusion other Soviet Planes shattered enemy Iroo] and .supply buses all alous the front. And they sank a Nazi patrol boat and transport In lhc Gulf of Finland. The Luftwaffe made still another Ineffective mid On Russian munitions' plants at. Gorky last night. The Vol|;a clly's defense? shot down seven German planes and only a few of the raiders reached Gorky ilsclf. .Under these flmntiiii air fronts the lund fighting l.s still fairly static. New Orleans Cotton o|«n high low close Mch. . 1D74 1978 15)74 19771) 107flb May . 1062 Ifffi.i ltlf,2 iDmi, IBHSb July . 2053 2055 2050 2055 2054 Oct. . 2014 20H 2010 20141) 2015 Dec. . 1995 1998 • 1992 1997 19911) Some giraffes reach a height of 17 feet Mercury 92 Here The temperature lilt a new high for the Summer here yc.stei-dhi with a maximum reading of 9'i degrees, following a rending of 91 degrees lor Thursday. Many newcomers to this .section who are experiencing their first Summer weather here complained of the "stickiness" or high humidity which usually makes Summer temperatures more uncomfortable but which docs not a.'.'cc; the thermometer reading. Slayer Of Four Sane LlTI'liE ROCK, June 11. (UP,Tuck Bishop, lhc confessed slayer of four Sprlngdalc men, has bee found sane by psychiatrists nl tit State Hosimal in Little liock. Hot?'I his Pel low Win Trade You Places SHE OUIIDOK SINGLE .COPIES FJVE CENTS ' FEW STILL OUT lcke s Announces Fines M;iy Be Taken U|> With Mine Operators US United rr« 'Hie Immediate UwiU ot another nhe seems to have passed in llio 'union's mine fields. A move by Coal Administrator h'kcs helped ID quiet Inlk of 1111- (itlu'r .sti/ppm;c Imiu'.dliilely. Icket. nilod Ilitu the miners may lake up the miesHon of flne.s lor their recent .wnlkoul wilh novonunenl uiliie muniusci's. And Washington insiders say this means lhal many "I III; levie.s ordered by Ickes iii'H'i will DC colleeled. Kxcept In tivo holiilcd lnstaiuc"> llic miners have stuck to lliclr jobs St.-Iki! In NchraMciv ^ 'llic exceptions nrc In a small mine In Alabama where :>50 men have .struck against (he luel ud- iiiliiistralor's nilinti. And In I'eun- sylvnslii ivht'jc HiCO men liui-c voted lo walk out. The Ickes order li. only one ol lhc Issues ill (lie I'cun- f.ylvanui stoppai;e. 'the main nneviincc nvolves a War Ljilior Board Indication Una II will turn thumbs down on the porlnl-to-ixirlnl pay .selllc'iiienl worked out by John I,. I«wls and cenlml I'eiinsylviniln co:il tipcnitois Unitt,| Mine Workers official say they will attempt lo have lhc central Pennsylvania formula ap- plcrt oil a nationwide .scale. In Washington Ihe Hennlu Is holding a special Saturday session The business Hint culled the Itu- niakcrs back to their Jobs Is the ntitl-strlke bill—which they me expected lo pass and .scud to tin. President. Wiillld I'imlsh Leaders The bill, ainnng other thlnjs would Impose fines nnd Jiill .sent' C'.s on lanor lenders who even encourage strikes 111 mines scl'/ud In me government. The Senate yesterday finished a healed scries of debates on tin. Agriculture Department Supply lilll H tacked on 125 iimcndmciiLs lo the bill originally pussed by tin'the Seimte made Its liiggeM clinngc when It reinstated funds for the Farm Seciirlly Administration—which HID House Imd knocked out. Today's big food news involve.' four canned vcBCtablfs—yreen;pens simp beans, sweet cant tutd toimi- ' {lies.,.- -Ee«v,,:to^gtp.ijH!y;nUftu'v Director Byrnes has ruled 'that price's on these slaplei must slay where llicy arc. This reverses a previous!) announced policy of pcrmiUIni, price Increases to compensate packers nnd processors for liiglici labbr costs. GovcniiiicHil subsidies will lie u en lo the puckers no they won'l lose under the new rullnt;. Heaviest RAF Raid Blasts Duesseldorf And Jifluristeri Lampedusa Undet Assault Manila Legion Post Chooses Officers MANILA.' Ark.. June 12.—Tin Herman Davis, post, 197, of Din American Legion named olflcer.s Wednesday night for llic coining year. Elected were: Commander, Dr. H. p. Robinson; first vice commander, Pembroke Manning; second vice commander. Bill still; third vice commander, l/iiig; adjiilanl, Jack Tlpton; service officer, lilll O'lui- wrluhl; chaplain, John Delew; Judge lulvnenlc, Pembroke Manning; .';erg(-nnt-at-arms, L. A.Sleen; historian, Jack Tipton. First'woolen factory In England was set up by the Romans lo supply cloth for their armies. •To Visit W.O.W. Because the local chapter of Vocdmen of the World won first lonors In a recent coni|>elilon, he group will be visited by I-'arrar Dewberry of Omaha, Neb., president )t lhc W. O. w., In a special mrct- ng Monday nlghl at the iMahan 3u!ldlng, Mian and Pilth streets. Reared In Arkadtlphia, Mr. Ncw- Jcrry l s returning lo his native state when he visits Arkansas, laving been state manager of the Arkansas W. O, W. for 17 years A large class of members will ID Indiictsd a.t Hits meeting prior 0 the president's address. Thc meeting, to begin al 8 1 clock, will be folowcd by refreshments and a social hour, E. H. Pord, an district manager, headed the contest which resulted In the Blythevillo lodge being awarded first honors. riv ' Meet I'Rslduit HooscvcH uiciti I'miilciit Illglnlo Moiliifio of ['nrngimj us he inrlved nl the While IKmsi- lo be an .ovemljiht giicsl.'. I'rcslilunl Morlnuo will sinid u-vcrnl days In the Cnpltnl after which he will . tbiii- our. war plunt.s. (NKA tclu|)liolo). "Wc'rej!Good Americans,". Los Anpdes Delegation I el Is Police I.OH ANGELES, .Hme n. (UP) —Pence IIIIK cojnc once more to llic trnnhled strrels of Los AniicUw. Arch xool-Millci's lirivc domnid ccinventlonal elotlilnn. And 5:1 dcl- ri^ates of enst Mdc clings, llylust Aincrlcan Iln^s over the. radiators of their cum, drove to police hrud- nuartcr.s ycslcrdiiy to ulcdsc thnl the rough stnfT would stop. Jfowcvw, pii'j!l<: licniln«s .lo In- ve.sMgntc the background of Ihe riot.s between xooL suit wearers and servicemen are to be held ncxl week. And ;a separate. Inquiry will be made by Hit- Cnllfnrnln'ntlontcy (jcneriil. 1 Tho week of bloody rlottiti; ended with expressions ol rcKi'ct mid s;ood will. Said Ihe civilian dele- «iillon lo pnllce: "We're Bind Americans. We're, nnl Mexicans or niiyl.))lii|> else. And we wvnit you lo know we're passlir-: the word nloiiR to cnl out. Hie nKhtlng." Police Capl. Jou'iih Heed promised to co-operate and even drove .some KOnl-Millcrfv home became lliclr cars were overloaded. Army ofUciiils prninl.sed lutonut liunlslnnent of soldiers Riillly of slrccl fighting. The Navy made public a Icleiirnm from Hie coin- mundaiiL of Ihe Illh Naval District lo (lie Mexican consul. Tim mc.'saue exnrewed renret thai hnodlimiism liiiil Im-n Interpreted us acts spceineally Involving cilbei Mr.vlonn or rtmnrlcan nntlonal.s and called Ihe riolinn deplorable. Arkansas Uriels - i.rrn.K iiocK.jimc u HID --The rcltrlnj; Slain lUfuiiilhiir llonril lm« put 51181,734 hito HiiHfA ' Sljifc.i Trc*sury Ncilfii. Tile. Iwhd.H :«;IH mature March' IS. IfMS, at • n par value • «f- Mrs. J. W. Owen Dies At Cleveland, Miss. Word was received here today ol Ihe death (Ills '.morning of Mrs. '. W. Owen r>t Cleveland, Miss., .-v former lesldctit of niyUicvlllc. She Imd been In Hi iieatUi r or many months and died at the t«m- 'y re.sldrnr.e. I'uncral .services will be held al Cleveland tomorrow morning at 10 )*clock. Dr. w.. M. Owen of Armorel. irolhr-r rf Mrs. Ow'cti, will attend he services. Moses Heads Council M'lTI.R ROCK. June II. (UPI-C. Hamilton Moses, president of he Arkansas Cower and Light 1'oinpr.ny, ha.s linen elected head of he Arkansas Economic Council, he council was organized by stale' witless men (o (ake the lead In | he developinctit of Arkansas by rlvale Indnsliy In the post-war icriod. Other officers elected were Clarnce Byrns, n Fort Smith new.s- lapcnnnn, Vice pre.sldonl, and Ij. ,A. Henry, head of the State Plnnnluj licnrd, secreUry-lreasuier. Many Arkansas Industrialists and business men attended the mcel- ing. laying plans for the Industrial expansion of the state nfler the war. . ••;'l'lir .;p'iir«ri:<Kc- has Incrrtiud- (lie iuvr.sliiirnt nf "cmhlnn funds lo over SMW.ODO. ,: M'lI'M-: KOCK, .Imicla (l)i'). — (Inrcrnnr Ailkln^ !s«yn Arkansas hnrw rare bookmaker* "f ilnift '^j;o miwl t>hiiitn em- lilnymriil in e•s^c•lltll^l industry in- fai:i! Induction Inln Ihe Army. Tim gnvcrmir says he's RO- Iliff In aak . HrlKiiillrr . < Cnmprre. Slule Dlrri-lnr nl Hr- Iccllic S<irvlce, (n rccliissijy men uf druft aj-c chfraci'd 111 1'INK III/UFF, June « (111') — <;arrctl H'<lp, , nccrciary 1« Scniiln'r lliiltie \V. Caniwiiy', siiys lie litllrvrs{e nf the rcccnl floml aloMR llic Arkan.:' -MIS Klvrr Vujlty will toUl more lluin 5in,Ono,nM), WhlUWe ha? just rnniirtelcil a »ur>-ey of the fltwd-slrlrkni country. . Il.UIXJTK, June 12 {t,'l'|- .1. N. llraily, formerly nf nirul- lihls, Trim., ind ;< Ncfro, Wal- trr Summervllle nl Swcrt llniiic, uerc electrocuted while wurkhiK «ilh clcclrlr, lilrr.s. The twn mm were atrlngiug wlrrs al'rns.s l>lvoil wlicii I be wires camr. intn roiilacl Midi htfli x-nllacc lines of Hip Ai kansas I'oircr and l.iRht Ctnn- p.lli). Tbey wrrc employes nt llur H. N. Kagr.n • anil Snn l'/iii\ilc Ctinijinny. HOT HI'ltlNdS, .func 12 UH'I—N.-incy Kale llraiislittiti. lO-yriir-nlil daughter <if Mr. mill Mrs. (Icarcc Rr»llfh(oii nf llol Sprlnj-s, drowned In Lake lluiKiltnn while on n family liiridc. . The clilhl was wading and ap- ji;irrn1ly .slrpneil Into deep «•;•Irr. May Refuse Kxlradition LI'ITLE ROCK, June 12 (UP) — Ciovernor Adklns has indicated lhat lie may nol order the return nl Mi.s. Mary A. Weldny to Mis- smut to face a kidnapping charge. She Is accused of kidnapping a. wealthy. 77-year-old St. Louis recluse, William rtippe, taking lilm to I'ocahonlas, and marrying him. The governor says he sees no •duns of coercion and lhat nlppe ip|>arcntly left St. Louis willingly. At a hearing in Little Rock, .-iwyers affirmed a report that Rlppe was an ellBible bachelor, R S100.CCO In the caullllowcr business. They said he and.his Elf- Icr, Miss Carolyn Rlppc, grew old together and she went with.him when ho was taken to a St, Louis county hospital after being adjudged liicnmiwlcnt lo administer 'his own affairs. Deputy prosecutor Robert Denny said Miss Rlppc nursed him until she died last January, aud It was then thai Mrs. Welday replaced her in Rippe's life. Denny said Mrs. Welday lias been married eight or nine times before nnd—as h« "-it It—"always with money in mind." ' ) ffiSSpiER Mediterranean 'Step pipg Stone' May Follow Lead : OfTantellciid Hy U«l1cej I'ress Allied ulr po»ei has Ml. aboul Ismcmlrerlitp Axlrt: Euro|ie ( The HAP bus smashed lhc Ocr- -iiin Industrial clly cl oucMcldorf In' (ho lieavlesl 'raid In history. Anil In the Mediterranean,-'llio. ..Jllr.s nrc attacking the island of l.nm|]trtusa-:wltli; (ircal waves of liOinljei'K—nj(|)CCtliK hourly lo forcd Inn Italian gmrlson lo surrender 'ivcn a.s rnntcllcrln. ' The IIAF night .bombers dumped upwaids of Uo Ihoiisand loin of bombs on Ditevseldorf It was Urn bl8K<-sl nrmadii of four riigincd iJUiiibci 1 . e\,ee n^cmbleil for She -lilil, iillhough rwwlbly not as hiuo .is doino of the mixed flcels of fr.ur and Uo cnglncci planes use I hi the pafil. liesldcs Ducssoldmf Ihe city of MuiiMei HIK| othei taigcla In lira Ilhlmbind nnd nul(i valley weri; attacked it was the 6lrd rnld of (he win on Duessoldorf The chief laiKct wa-! Iho. ureal ntieln Metal and Muiilllims WorXt,, lhc tctoiid uiOKt Important In aeiiuiin} 'lor- licdais u-lim\t parts, tanks, shclU ?un.s and bombs 1110 miidc nl Due.»- jcld.nrf but list nl«hfs irdd li bo- Jlovwl to ha\o almost lomplclcd the ilestrucllon of the <HjK indii?- (rles Th6 Air} says the raid aicomnllshcd 'Rifat rcsiilii' I The itAF fleet, whle-h hulude.l manv Alisliiillan sfiimdrona nnd u squailiont of polish (lien Win nn- }lnr ferotloiii ntlarfc by Ihe Gor- hians froui Iho llii)o It crossed tho liKiinel until the ftUiiLk'on Duei- eldorf was well,under wny • •At nrstitlio ulk-ack Hro and tho i iltmk by lhc CWrman llglitcis wa, roiur-ndmii But Iho BaluraUuii inriibliiff soon' practically -silenced no (ironnd batteries l >* ailed" io" relti'r'n from' the s'sraiift T won wns tmcMd ' into less limn i 00 -mlrnitfs ' ThiJ rnld followed Hit twln-an- Mult bv Amorhan flying Pk;ort the Ocrmnn naval base 1 ! of tiixlikvcn ^ahd Wllhelmsh ivcn ' . Island Ifnrtrr A(l»rk ; The Allied attack on UimpcdviM bcgHii only a few-hours after the surrender of the Italian Bnrihon (in,.Pailloilirja and has continued jmcpmlnfly ever since AmcrliHii nccllum bombers; pounded the llltlc Jilniid bj riiiyllglit (hen RA? 1 Wel- IngUms, look ' up the assault (hroligh 1 the night The American-! eftrne b.ick ( thin morning ^anipcrtu-sa'-; Biim arc mostly sl- cncrd leu ships nrc wrecked In Us harbor Fourteen enemy plane-; flint rose in fufltc dcfen-ie have bccii shot down, j Anri the, IWiaic mi|« island li jillcrlj cm off from relief ! .The Home radio broadrmt an niuiounccmcnt n imto while ago— an "Htinoimc«mcnl.t>iRt tlie garrison Imd refused an Allied demand to.surrender The Island Is covered by n thick pall of smoke through whlctv the circling bomber crc«s now and then see the flprco HiithriMtliig fJnnicfl' of great fires. These fires- were started bv ft scries pf< big' explosions .set off In the first,.wave of bombs dropped yesterday......-, There is Illllc prospect Hint Lnm- pcdusa will,hold out much longer. Il.s defenses'nre not 50 strong-as Pantctlerla's, Formerly a sleepy little fliUInn penal colony, Lampe- dusirwns first forttned seven years ago. •••;.-...., • . . . , • ^ • Us fnll B;||| remove (he last barrier -to-an attack on Sicily, and completely, clear (he convoy tones Ihroilgh the Klcditcrraiienn. Allied plants were busy elsewhere In the Mediterranean yesterday, • top, And a delayed Cairo ?ny.s Iiciv5 the tb'e of Italy, „, . / ff.V Installment , /• », , *„ ' • Wf/ffOlC JUtlC Ib WASHINGTON, June K (I Here s n Treasury rcrilndci la payers nho ire nrijiisllng '" selves to the new Pay-As-i , law. ' ' '-•>!*» •tvcnone wlio i>aid i n.urrleVly income tas installment on" March isth niu^t make another by June 15—Tuesday. • . . -•' •. .... • ' " •'"'-• will then be credited agaimt IBM taxes. Thc r ne'.v 20 i»r cent withholding lew bn most wages and salaries begins on tlie-first payday after July 1''along vlth the 'March.•and June payments; thc?e - deducltbns will take care of all 1943 .tftxes - for many persons. •'•••• •• '•'••,'.-•' But Uiosc 'who' make more than $2700 »: year, If" single, of *3500 a year, if married, will h»vVextra taxes to meet next September and December. Tills also applies to pert sons getting mpri ; thf.n $100 from Income sources'. th»t aren't »{fcct- ed by the wlthh61dlng,tax. S

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