The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 4
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PAQEFOUR _BLYmEVILLE. (ARK.)'_COUItIER_NEWS THE ULYTHKVILLE COURIER NK\VS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor II. W. HAIKES, Aaverusmg Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sai-. Antonio, Ban Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered, as second class mailer at Hie post oflice at BIylhevllle, Arkan;;is. muter act of Congress October 9, 1017. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES 3y carrier In the city of BIylhevllle, I5c per week'or $0.50 per year in advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 lor six months. 85c for three inonllis; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50. ]>er year, in zones seven tuu! el^ht, 510.00 per year, payable in advance. We Pay Uncle Sam's Bills Readers of 1 this column have no doubt noted lhat on nut infvi'iriiciii occasions, the editor rinding his mind as cmjily as the pii^'e lj;ftirc him, Bnicc Cation, who also write:.- buo): reviews and other mailer I'oi- Uie Newspaper Enln'pri-.c association, 1ms been stnn- mon:d to fill the gap. Mr. Cnllon, in our jtidinnont, usually (iiiL-.i very well, bill l:ist Saturday, in his comparison of national and local tax burdens, lie based a sound point on a weak bit of reasoning. It is certainly true that cili/c-ns and lax- pnyers owe it to thems;lvc.-.. to take more interest in their local governments, but il is not true lhat merely because the average cilixcii pays little or nothing in direct taxes to the national government he has no vital i>or- sonal interest, no liiunicial stake, in his national government. Tin only direct federal tax that affect; any large purl of the American public is the income tax, and the majority of us siilVer little if at all iroiii lhat. But that does'nut mean thai Uie li'einemlcuis cost of mainlaininic the national establishment, with its multiplicity of departments, boards, bureaux, and services, the army and navy, and meeting interest and principal on the national debt, docs not in the end fall back upon us. W : ;> do not pay directly, but we pay nonc-the-less, and just because we do not pay directly, and hence cannot readily measure the cost, there is all tli; more reason why we. should exercise n check upon (he fcndcticy of our national t/overmneiit to expand its activities. Jcffcraou's ideal was a national jjov- •»nime;u cntnisUd only with purely .-.alional all'airs, such as foreign relations, defense, the postal service, and similar matter?, thai plainly could not well be left lo tli: ilslcs. Rut ever since Jefferson's lime the tendency has been for Hie national ijovernment lo extend a paternalistic finger inlo more and move of the affair:: of Ihe member slates and lh:ir t'iii'/.ens. Because lo the citizen who pays no direct federal tax such extension of federal activity often had the appearance of something for nothing, it has been generally welcomed—nowhere mure than in some of llti! twentieth century strongholds of that Democracy which is still sometimes described (is Jeffeivsonian—but the cost is (here nonetheless, making itself fell in increased living cosls and iticreNsul difficulty in finding profitable employment. Many present benefits would be lost us, Iml in (he long run we would be better oil' if an end v.'cr;, put to federal aid and federal meddling in local affairs, if each slate and each local political unit were compelled to eland upon its own bottom. Then indeed we would be driven to give seriou.s consideration to our local affairs. Perhaps this is impossible. If so we should at least realize thai when we accept apparent favors from llic federal government we are placing additional burdens upon ourselves. 'rUKSDAY._jlAtlClI 24, 19j SIDE GLANCES- By George Clark The I'ccplc Aclcd When ihe Legis- laliivo Dicln'l. After 3',» yini-5. ;'.s compared with lliu -50 Unit have ilapwd In Arkansas since a reapportion- mcnl <}'. stule Kcn:ilois mid reiiresentatlvcs was made, tltens of l!:c sliite of Wnshinston look (hi', matter Inlo Ihcir own hands. An Initiated incn.-iuio, proposed by more than 0,000 voteVK, was stilnnlltcd lo the people nl hist November's election and passed. Unlesr, its conslitmlon- nllty can be successfully attacked, the reapiwr- Moiimcnt will stnntl, ivllli the result that foster Browing iwiiulation cc-iiU'is will linve more rep- rescnKMlvcs, with a correspondln; decrease in (he number irom districts where population has increased more slowly, stood still, or declined. * * * ' The duty of making a ^apportionment was peculiarly Incumbent, on Ihe last session of the legislature of Arkansas, because H was the first to meet after n decennial census. Tl\e lust rciipportlonmcnl wns made after the census of 1890, and the most glaring and llagnint l:i- cqnali;!es In repi'^-cntalion exist today. There Is. for example, the cuse of Franklin county, with Us 15,743 inhabitants and two representatives, while only one is apportioned io Mississippi county with n 1030 cot:ut of 00,370 people. In the Senalc there is Washington county, coiistitutint! n separate senatorial district and having one :cnalor, while three sue!; comities as Mississippi, PoinsHt find Jackson share out' scnalcr between them. The 10M population ol \Vnsh!n<:lun comity war. SD.OT. wliilu lhat ol the three counties named in northeastern Arkansas was 1127,81)5. —Arkansas Gazatte. ^M,m^l^' BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT ; JOHN POWKI.J/S UIIITII ; On March 24, 183-1, Jolni W.. • Po«eil, an American soldier,! ! explorer, gi-cjlovbl and iiiiliiro-polo-! B_ist. was bora at Mount Morris, | At Cbali:i College, Obiriln, O., Vchie-h he' utiended lor but a year! he (hit discovered his bent towards natural science. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted at once as a private. He rose toj lli-j nuik of major. He lost his right arm in the batlle of Shlloh.. At the close of the war ho be- icaivu |;rcfes;or of geolojy at Illi-1 i:ois University and two! J0:'.fi lai-r. in 1607. mace his first* jcmncy ol exploration to the Col-! ', ci-atlo RctkU-s. In I860, he made! i a voyage ol area*, danger and! lund'.hip ihicugh ihc grand canyon 01 the Colorado river, the • valuable results of which brought | him into scientific prominence. : Congress voted htm funds lo con- \ '; Unus explorations. A fe-,v years j lu'e-r hi: u:ac;i.- a second voyag^ '• el.v.'.T. the Colorado river, survey-1 I i:,,! an arr.i oi 100.000 square miles. j Larjt'y i:psn his recommenda- i lion, Coup".-.-,:; i.'.-;!.iblished. in 1870, i llu- tin!-..-;:: Wales Geological Sur- vc-v, cf v. hi-.--i iie- was direclor from i ISii until it'.'!. Us died In 190'' I f # i is-A COWCN MISTAKE i SUPPOSE THAT EIEPAANTS oaw WROU. rtca. u. s; P*T. prr. e 1931 at H "Stick around till a HIT lunch hour, Slim. There'll be plenty of benches wh;r. llsexr ^ii'ls KO back to work." "Hoover's Cool Head Averted Worse Depressioii"-Burke The Editor's Letter Box WOCER cewrruN KO CORK . s Lj.V&S ARE SO CALLED 6ECVJ3E TJiHV ViERE OP. OfflcR SQUO MATERIAL Af<0 GOVE2ED 3 Kfi St. Patrick Ihe'second (To llu- editor:) What is i-, all about? -,va:i cve-r at Blythcvllle the] I ether day. I hear !o:s of cussin' n. n. r^e Wilson, that surely don't know him, and know \vlwt he has done for Mississippi coun- Howcvcr I Imve never been f^VTf~K H»/^TT 1? V/^'TTC'IT'C 1 L.HU1ICH EXCUSES George ~\\. Barhamr 1 have- been church for i !on° to chinch almost e\ p ery Sunday, and number of the; live as 1 am. 1 know I'm ndt! time and J go! trained musician, but when-'I cim'i;!sney." says J.imr-:. i-'iancis; ""«t n!1 t!lc crUirs and miid- Biirl-.e. ;;enoral counsel ol He-' slingeis in creation ['iet rate:publican National Connuiiie? close friend and political lid'.i.sCT ol; ycnt stnlcsmanlike sviviee- r.ny the president. I n;n: ' c than tl-j unprecedented Hoover has demonstrated thai, he'' rirnl Hironph whch he has jus: is the best iiqnipned man in IV? i l^ 55 "' colul nUc !" llls ™ ur " c - ccmitrv for Ihc nrcsirtrnrv nurks ! commo " s«>s= and rusneil -lo what h? knew was for the in-i- interests of his country. We/. : ii<d the "record i)f Mr. Hoove:'-, i:tl •]'[-' Lc - Wii3o: ' has. in driving mosqui- 1 iocs _ and watcriiioccisans out of o'.miy. A many a time ed over the lane! that cultivation, with an - . .. °' "Broggan: for a lout' ume. Now just "" ,".„.'. :in! ." 0 v c . lls m;ich as _ ycr ' v ' Bot to going regularly, at 0 _ i Mississippi ,„• ! he- has v.-al least regularly for me—I was there Jolict rioters are said to liuve used band instruments for weapons. " Let's, blow!" is pic-Uuly what they anid as they dashed, for the door. au Iniorvlew ?is the question— bitterly t'obated :.tti-ly bv i lit publicuns. Democrals :uul i'ro- I siCESivcsv— of lleover's vc-clccl'.on Referring to attacks on the ps-esi- dc-nt Voai'il at the Proin-: s:vo cou- is now i [•Tin bush in cue hand and „ ch:n:k of fire in ihe other, fighting !- fc " about ir.o;quitocs tvw-iiy from liis body) llc " ! ~ °>' two services a month, and I heard some remark made which I know was intended for me and to hurt my ic-eling too. So I just mad.-! up my mir.d if (hat was the- way they I would just stay stay out of that say Tve ! last kept up ray music and my vc ng naturally high and if I hi light cold it's hsrd for the cc At fur tlia: Nurlh Pole lri;j, l:avo i; lo the Wiikins submarine expedition to (jcl to the bottom of things. fercnce'am! Insud on InVrauo.sitiin ' '™ ; ' ';' rr '- s «! e . ™' k alul worr:-:.s net for his profound sense o! ]v.iiv : to S-t to look up a tree to get; church. I thin!: the preacher or the >:r dim- I can l:enr Herlicrt Ho=vci '' " oll[ oi the v.-ay so the plows' nuna ° cr - or whuLever they call say, -Not for nil the honors in r,i--. could start. Very fc-w of us know| h!m ' -"hould r,:e .to it that the world would I endure for another J "'•- hardships of "Old .Man Lee". p '- mfccrs do " ol ln!k " bollt a V e -~ ' ' and 93's in his' 50 " especially one that is as sensi- • L , n . , , , . — ...... - nd- , lhc cnlcl criticisms end never end- ^-- to develop tins county, there j 1 1 gregation to keep up witr me a keep the same pitch, or whate you call it. But I do not considei my fault if the rest of the cro rots out of tune with me nni don't think there should be c- catty remarks about it, and wt they commence that I siaiply s=. away and if a lot; of trc-m did be? me to come back, I doutit i v,-cu!d ever go. . • tc, measures espouse! by ir.eieper CIV.K in Congress, Burke Mid: "His llniil tcr.t In U: 1 emergcnry cr.ine when he sicrcl :I>:K-p. rork •—•"•«•_>- '" ^...-..^..i ». ... t ...« ]f . ac.iinst raids m>oii the treasury and .'•«:''• t:-.r.i: i.niBi. any man I •i socialistic n-.easurc- W plunge the "'-^ kn'J'.'-n in punli? life, yet hy ; •:'•• • ' slieer por.n^vc-rflnce lie has cuUsva!- I inv c*iro-i of l lie p: e-sidency. 1 ! , "I say that because ho is more'. I f.eiibitive to cri-£ci=r.i tor the r.:o- of tbc young generation! t knows the condition of the' i' or the schools when son itr.rtcd to uoi'i:. Ibc stock! '!'.•:'. crasii last fall, would bei to compare v.-ith the Ice. ;Too Much Cellulose In Diet May Cause Serious Any firm which employs ;\:i crch:Mni for radio broadcasting iwllcvcs, apparently, tlul h plays lo advertise. A professor at a western university ailviscs co-cds to take up pipe smoking for relaxation. The qucslion is, will they pulf u]i with pride? Urcadway stars are working Iheir way :UTO:-S t!ie country to Hollywood. By easy stages, as iti were. No matter where an Alaskan may (ravel, there's no place, v.e suppose, like Nome. -Tb" world is still in lunncil. its 1 . Avrrlnl Ilisaslcr U-mincrce s'ill ciipplud. its politics: "His ecol l-.t-ni and sins cn-.u-;: i-till ncrlurbcS slid in. social uru:- in the hour i.f peril nvericd sin :u- itiirc -till in a Mai- of shock." tli? rVrriV.b'.f rti-.-it-r. \Vith Ihc n:\- roliiiccl leartor coulinued. n™ nn Us taci:. afflicted by a "'1:2 bvo'.i7hl through this; world-win^ t\:n-?fc. he called in ih- :*-:;:it ccor.onnc :.;ir2acns of tbn ] Ilcovcr's knnwl- eountry 10;- con.-nltcition. Evi-:y ac- . r ov.rco c* v.isdom invoked.;- :::i^rv of VI drainage district. I h.-:-,i;c-i.v to knov,- that Mr. Wilson v. u fcittcriv liiainst Ihe 17. Fcr I '•v;s iu Lililo Rock at il:c time ll:at it war. put over. I teiicvc in giving the "devil" Mcst vcgetablos and fruits and o F «'$' aye to secure a sufficient arnoi . of any one vitamin. :m n$\ n f-. jv.hole grain cereals contain cel!::- : icie which serves to give bulk to' the material !n the howel and in I!ell ts are found in the bran of thai way to give th; intestines i rcnis ?. ncl _ i!1 lh - embryo ot cere Tho various Vitamin B comi eometliing to work on. as well. It is safer not to be n- snfficieiitly' lcd bj " su l>erlative claims for °- fo0(1 substnncc, but lender lo be partially digester! as, onc Cellulose is a complex material priMxiiKR en a ue-;ir!: wrnian is bad, she Is and thc'js;i2id ! ; of built up entirely of st: i';t::-: ui'.-'.l u'.lu .- •[•i:r - l)ia' h:ivi i t..-:^. d ;• TV <-;h"r co-:iit;y in I'L-.L- wcrr T.-frifd. "Gllr people :'.rO tl.i.l - f.l;- t Th:v :ux :>^.-:i:l; iv-ltrflillv of sborlcc'.innss. . enliiusiaMic iior-'.il".r dcmonslr.i- i'.o:ir.. His enemies eliar... 1 hii'.i wi'.u cco'.ncss r.nri surface n-,:i[iifi 1 «l^tior.s frequently jnflaln th:;i view. b:n who war,:., lo subsiuntr- .111 hyster- ir.-! lict-be-ni! e,r a hvvsx nltral i'ri'-. "" (eiiticr in ll-• WhilL- H«>.:«? We are ' the lirccjs-:.: of c:,::w.i:r r-Hfincti-i- ? " r,~:m!ry and niit! s!r::etion and on It:;- '.'..:y t.-v !: 'Herbert Ho >-.-.•;• is a i-rol | "ess icviv.U. No ir.m in r., but a w.iimcv heart-world b-,i'. Herbcrl Hc-nver co, eTiialt-'d that richievcinci FL:K; :o > : »ld to pic??u:-e : l^'.ic r.u-.isuros aiul u^h.^ti". ir.\:!i:ior.s of Air.e'r^n'.sm. a'.:.e) hro'.i.iht a bo;:'. V;-ii;i tint ion cf e\ei'y platto: :•;. paragons .f \(f.- fi.inti-d. |.~:::-,er .Ii:dgi r.r-.r.h-' ?t:!l bcli'-vcs i:i love. worse than a man. hav.- boon . Cellulose is also found in paper ob- A. Bartlc'.t; tsii:.:d from wood, cotton is prac-!a pe-rcjnlssp made from -\yjjii I lically imrc cellulose, and the sub-ibcr of arrtito in the ftnte'sTars In a comparative chart fc.iserl I li:c- iaiiiciis He-no jurist, known' stance is also found in large i.inniiarly to divorces all over Ihe cmoimts in bran. When water acts ;v.-o;!il a;-, "jitdsic". has j'.iit cctn-.r-n cellulose, it may swell it lip county it was shown \vomcn r.ea. doubled tl:c male pcrc-Dntng hcjuor arr n .sts. . precis e-.n a new .'cmcwliat. 'ncrcasing ils bulk still! In the fnrbc'ry (rroup wom°n t< - " xi- !;o_:l: v:V,:<-. will b= publisl-.rd soon, j further. --i- .'.i'!>. \Vi,:;:i'ii ar.ts Cenliici. an In-: ja Eix per cent lead, the percent? • tt'ons^n arre-stcel for larci never b-at in .1 man':, breast, nor j did a c'.carcr brain r,,:r preside over ••. nation's dr ;'.m ; , :. Dttcsis Ilvr« IMr^rle i -Oil" of his tiT.Ki.-; r.liortc^m- Inss is his lack ol IM;I icily and In-. »;"^"! j r:i::.iiiv-.i la i!;-.t:.-o and cxplail Pied^c. I I'.is virlr^J. H" I'.nns porno-- ^ar. Mlii!'.- every day :bnt \voulel warm l'a»'i' cor.i^ iih -•'.'.";-. S-..I-IL .1 ni-r.pV'r. hf.irls'is h::i: if he would ar.d proved h:.- p:i-i;-Mir.-~:it 1 . t'-.o p:-rp<: !-,.::;re- cf it to | far V' K '"':''' Lv i):--:nlccl to :': r,il':i-. But r , :'.^:r.:nat ;•.; . : .: p'.ici;.- -.s rtu-ii ? --- i-Mwmci-d :-. E:\-?Iav; Plnvs Ban jo Few f:oii:c realize the danger of; of ^ ._. , inr-.r-.'.e •-• :;tij o. Love. Divoiee and I r. diet containing to im:ch celiulcsc.! amoimted to -18.5. while men rai I Jlr.rriiig^'." i Such n did interferes with digcs- eel at 477. The crime survey \ 1 ">.l :-•_' than over before in my: lion of the useful material, and it. made by the law college of Univ ,];!> I tel : i?ve i;; !o\e between man | p:ay irritate a sensitive tntestinil jsity of Oregon. ° '•- iin.l \vonnn." u-.uls the con:'.;idin» j !— '. • ; ci-ir--|-;cr of hir. book. "^^• 1 lrria^c i Children no achieve or !;:;are! it. mv r.o: necessary"! r? r.n r-.ilr.': for marriage 5 Vi-, : be says. j Often l\-; looking icr icsults' ; .,- artists nt! irt-.-cilly laid : j ::'-:-.r.d a: his } l-'ar Etf-l.: | -:;un?. over- at Poor Farm '.).-c:i L'::-.! .. s a: t!; :::-.- hi-.e. .-: t:i: : n:i s Ft-:::! ' --. vv .1- : f-'.ncj', KH.I.FI) SIIAKINC! C.M'.l.f: i be re-: 1 : CP.TI,.-\M). Ore.. aipi-.-Stc-' : v:.!n KiJiner. 1". .--.iw thai r.n arc, iii;ljt :;e.\r lii^ l:u;uc: war; i:t: burn-! | in:. Ho r'.iiiiUil Ihc pol; ar.,-1 c.iv: • th 1 .: .'-^spe-ndi'.-i.^ ce.bli' a rbakej r-i!''-:-!!-: A" V•>.',-,( vvcv.Irt -:o on. lie: ivcc:.-r;l tli" -i:l voltage ;'.nd fell io Si:-" ]:iiven-.e: - .t dead. -I Announcement f, i walls and Hois: e \\c:r ••:i- :>-.-..-•!• riirr T!;e Courier Nev.s has l;»i"n au- i. Pl-yesr-r. d to -' Ihoriyc:! te< n;r ; kef the following '.i.i-.. -d. i'n-neii aiir.ciincr:i:e:i' ; , subject to :h« v.-jllj i.i. :.::-,:;. I iiiiii-i- nf tl.o peo;)lc :: r . the municipal' li.--" ; c:<.cllc:i to te hc'.d April 7: ! v,-; i :.i- Tor Ittj-or ,-.:- i A. B. FA1RFIEUU i ;:-'.l'-- • ! ci,, .-veil ;.i:U,- F:i: L- iar..: I'. h.'.-.d-. ••!::! !'<• !;.'( Ci old tltc-E!c:!ion. 2nd Term) W, C. i/AWLER For City 'fre.isurrr KOSS IJEAVEUS (re-election, 2nd tc:ml Our Want-Ad Service is like n community Switch Hoard. You (ransmit your desires (o a News Ad-Taker . . . that ;id forms the connection between you and a special group of inlurcsletl parties . . . the quickest and most direct contact Midi results. . : & C/ass/ffa 306 — For an Ad-Taker

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