The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Stu" Martin May Provide Punch Lacking Last Year NEW YORK (UP) — Baseball's grandstand managers predicted that • "Stu" Martin wasn't tvt-n good enough to v.'arm the IwiHi in the Cardinals' dugout when lie reported fcr saving training In 1936 but when Ihe Gas House Gang lines up for Die IS38 pennant dash, Martin will be carrying the hopes of the entire Red I)hd'man- agement. When Branch Rickey. Sam nreadon and Company concentrated on the causes of the Cardinals' disastrous 1937 showing, a scratchy, punchless infield ivas found lo be one of the major detects. Of the Inner line of defense. Johnny Mi/e \vas the only satisfactory performer, Hookies Don Giitteridge and Jimmy Browa failed to live up to reports and I.eo Ourochcr. veteran shortstop, was no ball of fire. The tall, gangling Martin has undergone n double operation- tonsils and appendix—and Is determined, to win back Ids secnnd Jme job this season. ISIg Sluics lo Fill During the spring training session of Martin's freshman year, he wasn't si sensation. Experts freely said that the big weakness In the Cardinal infield would be second base, prlsch's old spol. H seemed that the lass of crackcrjack Burgess Whitehead via the trade route, besides incurring the anger of the St. Louis fans, would be felt most keenly. But the Curds apparently had the answer. Lyle Judy, n .307 hitler with Springfield of the Western Association and a flash on the base paths—he stole 101 bases—was boomed as Hie successor lo the Ra/orbacks Seek Seventh Cage Title FAYKTTEV1I.I.K. Ark., Jun. 8—Arkansas' holies f or n seventh Southwest conference basketball ciiam- pkmship rests with this urniy of Hanoi-back caijer.i. Players' with Coach Glen Kosc are; back row, left lo iiKlil-Bob Johnson, Little Hock, forward; Zack Kmllli, Frederick, Okla,. (,'unrd; Carlos Parks. Fort Smith, forward; Art Withers, Little ROCK', guard; Dlel: Tlpton, Hlytheville, forward; Dana Bishop,>, Kansas, (;imrd; Jnmcs Spears, Me' Cichce, forward; Oscar I.iv Curtis, Payetteville, forward. Front row, left to right-Harold Brady, Webber Falls. Okla., guard; Neil Martin, Texarkana, forward; l.ralii- HitgwHl, Texarkana. center; Wilfred Thorpe, Little Hock, forward; Jack Rabbins, Little'lloc'<, guard; Cr.ptnlu Dim Lockurd, liatesville. forward; n.iy Hninllloii, Sheridan, center; Cllen Smith, Hniri- son. 'cuard: John Donaldson, l.ililc Rock, center; Leu doti Chambers, Stuttgart, guard. •Turdhaiu Plash." But Judy, like so many a, minor league sensnlion. didn't make the grade. Frlscli, In desperation, was forced to gamble on dark-horse Martin. And Martin, the player who didn't have a chance, made good, rvn-got- ten, ivus Judy's loss and the reseut- nicnt over Whitehead. Here was a second baseman who had what It takes. rlaycd in Only 01 flames Then, afler displaying llnshy fielding skill, speed and n better, American Novelist HORIZONTAL. I'l American Nobel prize winner for literature. 12 Threadlike line. 13 God of war. 14 Male ancestors. J 6 Supports. niiodent, 18 To gaze fixsdJy, : 19 Eternity. 20 To catch in . a snare. 22 Baking dish. 23 Projecting ' part of building. 25 To lease. 26 Wine vessel, ' 28 Laughter sound. 29 Vivid describes 32 To.dwell. 35 Mother-of- pearl. 36 Rent asunder. 37 Discharges Answer to Previous Puzzle mucous. 39 To make suitable. 40 Circular wall. •S2 Call for help at sea. 4 3 Chum. 4G Cooking utensil. 48 To pickle. 52 Irish tribal society. 53 Chasm. 55 Above. 5G One of his famous characters. 57 He writes ot Ihc social • problems ofIhc day. VERTICAL. 1 Razor slrpp. 2 Presses. 3 Frost bite. 4 Box. 5 Melodies. 0 Persia. 7 Polynesian chestnut. 8 Actual being. 54 Northeast. fl ilumor. 10 Wrathful. 11 Crystalline substance. 12 This novelist also does public 15 Experiencing sensation. 21 Nigh. 24 Large waves. 25 Extremely violent. 27 Fitly 28 To annoy. 30 A disease. 31 War flyer. 33 Bugle plant. 34 Deponent. 38 Musical note. 41 Gaiter. 42 Winter precipitation. •13 Taxi. 44 Eye. 45 The tip. 47 Form of "a." 49 Money. 50Pulpy fruit. 51 Before. 53 Court. lhan-.300 batting average, Martin | one no-hitler, two one-hitters, one was lilt by lie was able to j two-hitter, two three-hltcrs, ' and let Fort Crook, Nebraska state amateur champions, down with four hits, lie has turned In three no- hit games, one in semi-prof exslon- ni ranks at Lyllon, IB., one ut Iowa, and the one in Des Moines. Those who have seen Hinriclis assert thai had he hud nu opportunity to show his wares in the American League, Mickey coch- rnnc wouldn't have had to brim- all that criticism down oil his head by Including Gerald Walker in the deal with the White Sox for Vernon Kennedy. Ch.-uiffcs Lessen Hoop Strain Ray Fisher, the. former major play in only 02 games and batted .208. lie collected 99 hits, Including 21 doubles, four triples and six homers for 140 total bases. "Stu" tried gamely, but his siege of Illness had weakened him and his play fell below pur. Martin regularly weighs around 155 pounds. He is 0 feet tall, lie was born In Rich Square. N. C.. on Nov. 17, 1913. and now lives at Severn, N. C. Detroit lines claim in the Oeo Walker transaction, however. Fisher contends that Kennedy will give the Tlners badly needed pitching strength, and a pair of G. Walkers uhl not offset thai deficiency. Wholesale substitutions, a la lux-key, would solve the complaints (hat l«u>k(-lliall Is causing athlete's lii'iirt wltli Us incessant action. I'luiuont injections uf fresh talent not utily would relieve exhaustion, but also penult more toys to lilay. And that, after all, Is, or flKj'.ild be, the college idea ID all sporLs. Tom Harmon, the freshman football player who was the center of a .subsidi/tntj controversy ajl Alichlgun lust lull, lias expressed his Intention ol trying to earii 12 letters while at Ann Arljor, Nine hus been the limit, bill Die Gary, Iml., youth possesses reputed prowess in basketball, track, nnd baseball, a;; wi'll as on Ibc gridiron. I'iniil nil on Kijilte (.'as:e It Is said that lilll l> Coirc'vont, CLleago's plienomenal bigli school l>ack, \va:; all sewecl up nnd ready for dcjivery to Michigan when Ilany Kipke's dismissal (-hilled his ljc.'iiefactors. He may nltll maiiie- iilate at Ann Arbor, however, cle- pendlnB greatly upon Hie new i;oac)i. contrary to prevalent opinion, Fielding II. Yost had nothing to do with imllBatlng the jiclloi) against Kipke. Pearinu critieisin, the Old Mttn sat back anil tolerated the general situation. Other niember.s of Hie atliletic. board, following Investigations .«>mo of them made privately, forced the dismissal aetlon. Kipke, if he doesn't land n suitable coaching post, probably will connect with the Ford Motor Co., with which lie has close connections. These connections contributed to Ills downhill at Michigan, In fact. But that's a long and conjectural story. His rise to baseball prominence was rapid. After completing two years at Ciuilford College in his home sli'.tc. he listened lo the siren song of Prank Rickey, brother of the R e (1 Birds' major - domo, Branch and joined Houston hi the Texas League in 1934. He was with Columbus of the American Association in 1!!35 and batted .378 in 13 games. lie was dropped lo Asheville of the Peidmont League where he hll .339 In US games for a new league record. He came through with 20 doubles, hinc triples aud four homers. U Martin can come back and fregnlti form anywhere near that of his freshman days, he will case one of Prlsch's biggest headaches. RV HAKUY OilAYSON Spoils Kdllnr, NEA Service DETROIT, Jan. 10.-They say that the Detroit Tigers have it left- handed Bob Feller in Gene Hln- rlchs of Rockwell City. la., which Is not far to the north of the farmhouse of Feller nnd Nile Kinnick, the University ot Iowa's flue all-round athlete. After slamming the door in the faces of Hawkeye opponents last "prliiif. Hinriclis went on to pitch brilliantly for the Farmers' Union of DCS Moine.s. with which team Keller made his start. llinrichs yielded a total of 14 hits in (jagging seven straight games for the l''anniTS' Union. He had HAVK YOI1K PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Satisfactory Work Low I'rlces SOVTHWORTIl Over Joe Isaars league slinger now coaching baseball at Michigan, claims Cochrane wasn't nearly as badly skinned as •BHB9MH MAKE SURE Your Car Is PERFORMING As It Should We'll 'I'csl II FRER Of Charge fur Brakes . . . Lights . . . Battery . . . Wheel Alignment Sec US for ' Prestone Ford Anti-Freeze Winter Lubricants MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut I'lioue 810 ATTENTION LADIES PRICES FOR STUDENT BEAUTY WORK Hair Dye With Set ..51.50 Henna 1'ack. Shampoo included ;s c Color Rinses 10r & 2Sc Fafi al SOc & 75c Manicures 2:>o Oil Manicures SOc Brow * Lash Dye .:(:«• Shamtioo, Set & Dry ..Z5e Wet Sri 15c Jlair Cut I5c N'eck Clip lOc Oil Shampoo SOc Oil Treatment 75c rermanenls Sl.OO, S1.75 Perra.inenls $2,50, 53.30 All Work Is Under Ihc Supervision Of Our EXPERTS AND IS GUARANTEED You May Enroll in 'Our Beauty School Now! NOTICE - --. Miss Hazel Lucas ls now connected with the Eagle Beauty Shcppe and wilt be glad to have her customers call on her for the same careful attention and prices as before. Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper JHdg. 2nd & Walnut Phone 319 LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For G.M.C Trucks and Trailers Offers A New and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NERO Including - - BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 32:) Sinkey "Toseed" Out Of Town By Najccb Rabban Vimiinfr KM Found RICHMOND. Culif. (DPI — Although this city has n game bird aviary that houses virtually every type of bird native to North America, a new one has been round that cannot be identified. 1'ark employes have given It the name of "Archie, the Fighting Fool," because it start.? fighting when anyone or anything approaches. Cool summers often follow in the wake of volcanic; explosions. )''')!• a wlill? at least., diaries Sinkey will not strut before the local followers of the wrestling fiame. Through his low to Najeeb Kabban at the American legion's aUlelle atvna here last night .SinJiev forfeited his right to appear on tlie local card, as both performers linil agreed to Die match as un "diminution" contest with the loser lo cease performing In Ihis territory. Habban. who appeared to be .somewhat rougher than usual and a ureal deal more effective, was more than u match for the big Mlsslssippian, exchanging bite for bite and strangle for strangle until •Sinkey \v»s an e;isy prey to Kaij- ban's punishing "crucifixion hold" with which Hie stocky little Kurd won the filial ami decidini- fall. Hamuierlocks proved Sinkey's downfall in the first set-to, with Kabban gaining the opening tumble In 17 minutes of rough grappling. Sinkey was able to even tile score liv u'lmilnt; the second fall with the same weaiion iti D minutes, and it required another 9 minutes for Rabban to put the finishing touches to nU opponent with the "crucifix- Son," Itabban had the deciding hold and Sinkey yelled for ncferce Mike Meroney to halt the match. Then, when he was safely off the shoulders of Rabbnn lie protested to Sfe- roncy that he had not surrendered, but Meroney's decision In awarding the fall to linbbnn stood. ."3id Marcus was unable to handle Ole Olsen In their preliminary Star Forward Local Cag First Came TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1938 given to the sterling performance In view of the fact that four lettermen were In the lineup of teaifi No. 2. Godwin, center, appears to be much Improved over last season. Standing well over six feet, Dill Is mastering the shot put shot under the basket and should roll up an impressive score during the year. "Mose" was selected on the all- county team for two years. He Is i an excellent dribbler and Is adept at bringing In the ball, In addition Catl '° r '"Slhg the hoop with conslder- " . | able success. Big Hughes Is Dlldy's ,crs 111 1 heir answer to a plea for a first class standing guard. He Is tough, knows Ills basketball, and should have a | steadying effect, on the team. His specialty is hooking the basket from the center. He handles the ball well with either hand. Held Jn reserve -will be Homer Beslmrse, Alvln Justice and Junior Bunch, forwards; Jack .Jenkins-, center, Hugh Harbcrt, James "Bab" Roberts nnd Herb Childs, guard-, All except Bunch and Childs lettered last year. TUe game v,'ill start at 8 p.m. «Y J. P. FHIKND Danny Wnrrfngton. star forward a»d one ol the leading cagers In the stale, lias been nominated to captain Ihe Hlylheville Chicks in their basketball opener tonight nt Wilson,' Coach Joe Uildy revealed ill announcing ins starting lineup. Anxious to get off to a good start, Dildy said thai he planned to open with his five aces against the Bulldogs. Charles "Peck" Har- clln and Warrington will get the call at the forwards. "Wild Bill" Godwin will be at center, while Russell Mosley and Carl Hughes will lake care of the guards. This combination has been given preference during practice and gives the Chickasaw representative n well balanced outfit. In the forwards Dildy lias two crack shots as evidenced by their combined 33 )x>inls against the second string last week. Added significance is match and the Swede won handily, taking the third and deciding fall in seven minutes "with the crab hold. Each wrestler had previously won a fall when Olsen succeeded in getting Marcus in shape for the crab. BOWLING Blytheville's Newest ENTERTAINMENT Ladles Reducing Is A Pleasure When You Bowl Sudbury's Playhouse Men! You've Been Wafting for this SALE Wilson Bros, and other Nationally Advertised Brands Special Lot of $2 and $2.50 Broadcloths Light Flannels Oxfords New checks, plaids and stripes in n large assortment of attractive colors. Sizes 14 to 16 Early Selections Will Get the Choicest Patterns or You May Buy 3 for Only No Whites Included Group No. 2: 2.50 SHIRTS No Whites Included Group No. 3: $2 SHIRTS No Whites Included Don't Forget - - Our ONE-THIRD OFF SALE of SUITS and TOPCOATS R. D. HUGHES & CO. Whifworth May Follow Joel Hunt To Georgia Rumors have been current at Batcn Rouge that J. B. "E^ars" Whitworth, former Blytheville' high and Alabama football star and now chief grid scout and head baseball coach at Louisiana S'ate University. Baton Rouge, may follow Joel Hunt lo the University of, Georgia. Hunt,, for five years backfleld coach at L. S. U., was named last night as head football coacli of the Georgia school, succeeding Harry J. Mehre. Whitworth, Baton Rouge rumors have said, might be named head line conch under Hunt at Georgia. However it Is doubtful it Whitworth will leave L. S. U. at present. , Everything for your entew tainment and comfort. TONIGHT RONALD REAGAM • MARY r . MAGUIRE- DONALD CRISP ' ' IMO M*, bj VTA* Jliobl • Swy br Ci Also selected shorts Weds. - Thurs. The new-idea musical with that 1938 ummph! Also Paramount News & Comedy y Admission Matinee lOc & 26o Admission Night 16c & 36c ROXY Admission Always Ifa & 260 Show every nfgbt. Matinees frf- day, Saturday & Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday MaUiwes stall 2:15 p.m. Saturday G'ontlnuoui showing from 1 to 11:30 Night sliowa start 6:45 Tue.-Wed.-Thur. PAL NIGHTS! q 2 Adults Admitted lor Price ol 1

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