The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1938 BLYTIIKVILLE (ARK.) COURIICR MOWS rAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate JIM line lor consecutive insertions: Dno lime per line !0c IVo times per Hue per day ,. .OBc Three, times rsor line per <!ay . .Mjc )ix limes jK>r lino per (lay ....G5C Ixinth rate per tine (We I'nids of Thanks f>0c & Minimum diarKc 50c Ails ordered for I luxe or clxl •Jimcs niul stopped before cx|ilr<i- 011 will be charged for the utim- cr of times the add ui)i>earcd and ijustninit of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy ibuiitiud by ixirsons rcsUiiiiu oul- ile of the cily must be accom- iinied by cash. Rates may be rislly computed from above iulite. Advertising ordered for irregular ;;;crlion:> takes the one time rate. f>'» responsibility will l>i' tnkcn or ijwie lliiui otic incorrect Inscr- litm of nnv classified ad. For Rent 1; room furnished Lake Hi. apartment. li'J H-pk-ul Nazis Hold Her as Polish Spy | voom luniishcd iipkitlmcnl. Mt'ii. C. Jl. Wheeler, StW Ikwii. ll-pk-18 1'OK HEHT—3 sleeping rooms at ilt'J W. As!i. Call 12-W. 11 ck 15. 2 room furni.stied No. Fifth. l''urni'jhcd comfortable hc.droe.ui. SIS Walnut. Phone 351. lU-ck-U tttisiness Directory Visil Ham- Haih'v's New T\vo furnished rooms. Mrs. Tort Green, phone 1IM-J. 10-ck-tfj Newly dccor.ited '3 room furnished apartment. 313 N. Second, phone 191). 10 pk H. Two nicely furnished vooms, Tlca- .'iCiiiiibk'. 313 North Sixth. Phone 97-J. 8-iik-l'i Ll room Inm. apt. with L'0-l, 1117 W. Ash. On Highway 61 at Holland i\!;iko ono slop for 15 c u)', Wine, Whiskey, Frrsli Crap- pic, (Jouit Foods. Dcliviiicd ill Blyllicvillc liy tl. !•'. ])iiiin far SI.75 niul up. All C' (iminmlecEl—I 1 5-F-l 878. Shoe Repairing Everything lor your shoes. Free Delivery. 1'honc no. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries 3ATTEIJY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Vhone 8 fit Tom .farkaoTi hath. Cull »-ck-15 Diil>lt'X ;i|)nrlti\rnt. llanhvood Moore hot watei', nt-wly decorated, iricins with ball]. 129 E. Ash. M O. Ii. Spradley. 8-pk-12 j acres on State Line north of Ilurfimm. See Ii. M, Beck, 701 Ash at. or call 1003. 8-ck-15. Room and Board Strum licnlcd room 8C3 W. Ash. 1'hniui with board. 161. 11-ck-i!! Janitor's Sneeze Saves $25 C in Hotel Holdup oiicii the sufi! contnlnlm. $250, | whin tin' juinlor npjiro.ichod. Sml-1 (k'lily tin; jaullor suconoil. uml us MHlrtcnly (lu- taiidll /led. Judiii- 1'hillD 13. ClllllHin In tho protection ol yotithfiil luw violators i who arc led Into crlmliin) careers svlien they me Imprisoned, Used us luiy and sllnuc In tlic United Stnte, millet is used Ijy onp-thiid of Hie world to uuko Hour for Ihelr dally bread. JuvrniU> 13KNVKII - A |)iiiba(tnn -lo- fnl ol tiuce palrolnn'ii has appulnlixl lu ussist I'olia- tor's snci'/.o saved IOI'»— A n loctil Jani- huU'l A haiullt onlered tho ChiUeaii] Ciillon aiu! hold up llu- iilsht clerk, Jiwph M. Himhes, 111. 't'hc utnunan ',vas prcpavinn to I''H1':K INSTRUCTIONS In styles Knllllng •'llHltNAT" KNJTTINfi VAHNS Mrs. Leslie lluoper IIO'J Clilckusawbn Phono '103 T\vo fnnii^hetl light house keeping rooms. G22 W. Ash. Call 2TI-W. V-ck-12. Nev:ly furnfched stenm heated bedroom. liU3 W. Main, phone 0-11!. (i-ck-ia Modern iurnished v.-ith (;as. Private yi'va^e. rhone 410. room, heated bathroom anct O-ck-2-0 •J mom fum. apt. 1315 Main. Mrs, Henley, call 335,\V. -1-ck-tf 3 or '1 room furnished apartment, 203 W. Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk. 3-ck-i: cull lii'd House, 8-10-W Mrs. C. or A. Tunl 3-ck-10 Modern bedroom, steam heat, rra- I Jioiiable. Mrs. Simmons, lilU W i Walnut. 3-ck-K Aiiuoiinccmcnt EAGLE" STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1041 Ch!ckan»ffb.i I'lioac S73 Oi'r clrtKH's in Beauty Culture are in full bv.'ing. Visit our flint and let us miTt you and show vim our .school. We will be glad to rive full details. Englv School of Hcauty Ciilliire. Cmpcr Bid?., i'ndj f_; ri ;e, f r y One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs. S. S. Sternuera, <)81, 1203 IJollv. 28-ck-l room unfurnislivd Very reasonable. 701 call 100!i. ajiartmeut W. Ash o 23-ck-t 2 comfortable bedrooms, prlvati bath. Gentlemen preferred, phoni .or 1 Ifil. 7-ck-tf. Furnished house on Holly. Ca Mrs. 13. S. Stcrnberg at 984. 12-ek-t Tnken en route to Paris hy ftai secret police, (lie bctmtiful Countess lioreKin WielopolsUn, pictured laughing abo\'e, faced trial for her life us n spy. In the terrifying Moabit prison near Hei-lin,, even her husband was not permitted lo visit her. Member of Poland's noblest house, the Countess is noted tor her Ijeanly mid fashionable dress, and is a favorite of War- siiw's social circles, friends blrmied her arrest on the fact that .she recently entertained a bitter enemy of Jtitlcr and foresaw ialernatioivjl complications. FARM POWER UNITS l.i«ht 1'linit 110 Voll — liOOU Wull I'OWKH KU» SAW Sonind Hfiiul Bitfe.s BARKSDALE MFG. CO. HOI) N«. Second St. USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, Dr». Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe "WE MAKE Miou» Store 'KM SEE" MO J. C. EVANS BOX 604 Dlylhcvllle, Ark. District MniMKvr HAMILTON TKUST FUND Sponsored lly Hamilton l}<ix>i»IU>ni Corp. We Sllceltlll/,0 Ift JJudy & 1'cmlcr Hciml Cunw In am] Kfe Us U-c Motor Sales, Inc. Prcslojio lltatrrs ncfroskrs Harvey fitowaK Dr. 1'. A. HqtApson STEWART-ROBINSON (Succeeds City Urnf store Wo Specialize in Mcdiclnnl Wine 20U w. Main ti Liquors Phone 20 KLKGTUIU * ACK1TLKNE WELDING AT DEST PK1CES PROMPT BEKV1CE Barksdalc Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 FARM LOANS I50U »iiii Up Arkansas mid Mlsaonri l.uufsv iud-5--lowest r»pcn« Atoo city prupcrde* DON H. KASSKUMAN Tlionm U'.ncl Co. Olllco ' I'. O. Box -(TO, I'liono 537. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MAIDEN GRAIN CO. \V. 0. Reeves, Afcnt So. K. |{. Slrt-ul Hlylliuvilic, Arh. I'honc 555 Now IflC;itc(J ut 101 North ScconS ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKUK, Frnprlct» inHhtu ut Krlmlll Tjjieurlltrs, AJdlnj; Machine* an( Home liaking ,'roivn brad, linked fresh cacii V/ctlncsd:iy & Saturday. 15c caf. Must have orders Tuesday Friday. Mrs. Louise C. H.vlcr, 111 W. Walnut. 11-ck-U For Sale aio. Walmit. Blytheville. Ark. I'honc stoic, cheap. Mrs. Thompson, 1C11 W. no.50, ll-ck-25 Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed v;orl:. 15 M. Damon, 315 E, Main. 15AK(iAiNS SOUTHEAST „ Personal GIRLS: inciease your li'.conu 1 by leiirniUK a profession tliat will .illord constant employment. ICn mil now in the Beauty Culture cla:y\c.s starfing Jan. 3rd aL the Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper Blclg. Walnut & Second fits.. Blytlievillc. Arfc. Slate jp proved school mccliiij all rcciuire nicnts for Arkansas and Missouri Kirhy's TasfcTcss C'ontains Morn Quinine—More Iron Tba nccommenrtrd Tiaaltuent for CHILLS anil T'EVEIi riiVEK —A«UK rav At All Klrby Mrog Slorea lf!0 acror, black Janrl on U. 'i. Highway, school bus and inail route, MO acres in cultivation (120 acres tractor land), we'll chained. :-ioocl improvements. $•10.00 per acre with SSOOO cash. SO acres on U. S. Highway, school bus and mail route. GO acres in cultivation. S30.CO per acre cash. 3:) acres on Stale Highway, school bus aiul nuiil route. All in cultivation, fair Improvements. 540.00 per acre cash. CO acres (Home Owners Plan) !> acres in cultivation, balance easily cleared, small house. $30.00 per acre ivilh $100.00 cash. E. U. GEE. Owner niythcville, Ark. 10-ck-M Wanted To Buy 1IEUC!E lo transplant. now. Mint be reasonable in price. Mrs. Kaimicl I'. Norris. Call aoc between 8::iO and !l:30 a.m. Glass L'frvice .Slatlon and Garage on hiRliway.. noin^ 'IflfM) to MOO Ci:ils. per niojilh. I.onp lease, cheap rent. $350.00 cash. Write Box "IT i Courier News. 8-pk-12 i i'O acre farm, black sandy loam. 2 j him::-:;. I liarn. Newly fenced. All in cultivation and \vell improved S'iO per acre. •II) acre faun, lilack sandy loam All in cultivation with one house ?A5 per acre. :.'() acre faun. Waek ;aiul.v loam All in cultivation with one house £•).> per acre. TEKME5. Pail cash and balanc on lonr; Irrm payments. All llircc fiirms lociilcd about miles north of Manila, near Pop | lar corner store. Sec Charles Jo! j liff at Poplar Corner store. AUTO (U.ASS Kxpcrt Workmanship We Deliver - Hlyfhcvillc Tainf & Wallpaper Co. We Cut .t InstaH I'hoiie SSO lit S. Second For Sale, nice 0 room stucco residence located 512 N. First. Kar t:ain. small down payment. Also Si:i5 Singer Console rlcclrlc sew inc machine lor SSO. Mahoiranv WOMAN-•Hcitidf.n! of Jllylhevillo. ( !iii: nB room suite $17.50. Call Help Wld. \vlrn :;ccks ojiporliniity cvcnsii';: Inn-lily income; tioiw: must l:e mnrrird; rent or o\vn home, use :iO to'C>: uood charactrr with r»n inlcrrM :n f.lyles; ir-rly to Itox .1-62 Cnnrir'r Nc\vs. giving :IKC, address. Icl:- phcne J''v! rc;i,srm for M'ekiaf: \\ork, nuiuUcr ami nee of eliil- Onn, if anv. ancl vvhclher you >y.\n; Ihis i.- prrinnnent for risn! party. H-pk-i4 »'- I QUALITY SHOE SHOP. rent orj Complete 10 volume scl of Slar dnrd Referericc Books \\-ith loos leaf b!::der. Call 230 or 792. 15-fa-f Farm J'or Knit Farm * 7 or Rent I'.'O Mci'c.s in Pemisi'ot ("011)1- ly. SI 00(1. Cash rriilnl.j Uridgewoo'.! Tlioinpson, Ua- j rnllioi'svillfi. Jlissouri. phonnj 380. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO WALLPAPER Ken- 1038 rutlcrns. Clnsc price ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Plume 40 For Sale or Trad 11-pk-Ml 313-W. for Country Style 1IKA1) CHHICSK AND SOUSH CHEAPEST nr Hit' , , Tciulrr- loin, Ifams & Sliuuldm. Vurc lard. null, sulphur l>:il AlisuluU-ly — Prepared lly — 'An Expert German Butche in ll\t> most, in n ii or n and largest |il;itil in (lie world. and ilisiH-i'inl anil iiassod hy former tlnllfd Stales IVuk- House Inspector. Drive Out ami Save Delivery Clmrj;.;s ii rw«i| All TruchH (,'iuiraiiluvtl Tt> I'nss Slate lns|iei'lion DEE'S PORK HOUSE IVulu Add., Old Spk'c Place SUPERIOR COAL CO 700 Turn south oiT Highway IS (ri Ri'uvrl roiiil hotwci'ii 'oy (Irncrvy LI nil Stulioiij then li hltioks soulh. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'uucral Insurance Illl'l' TMIO W1IIOK1.S \UK SOI-II) UOCK YE1ZUM, WHEW VOUVE GOT A RIG LIKETHI5 V'C»M'T HAFTA CO AROUND SWAMPS.' TOO RI6HT IAK10 SAKE5,\ 1HRU 'EM- BUl^EENV, LQOK/TH' WATER OUT HERE IS / AW, DOM'T WOKR.V —— GETTIMQ PEEPER.'XABOUT THAT.'SUPPOSIM') SEE, IT'S ALMOST/ IT DOES GET DEEP-TH 1 / UP TO OOOk-V'S I CART'LL FLOAT.' IT BACK!f ,—A MADEOFWOOR AIMT MUD COW'T EVEW SLOW 'IV\ CXlWN COPR. 1538 DV NEA SERVICE. lH(f. H^0 WO MOST WHO f\KiO AWT \QiJt SHOP TO C8W-.WJ" B* Nt* KBVICE^Sc. IVASII TUliBS ./"LOOK AT wE LOOT.' { A BEVERLY! mute 600DME5S vou'ee OKAY/ SO R\P.. 50 GOOD. NOW 70 FIND WHERE THEY KEEP BEVERLY MILL. THERE ARCNY W4V. WA&H IS OUTSIDE ALL TUE OOLD TUEy STOLE FROM •f. PLATONC K^i 5(ME. BUT—BUT WHERE PvR.E THE COPS? QUiC(C, WE GOT TO GET OUTQ' MERE BEFORE THOSE BL^STED STECb WA<E UP. KKKCK1.KS AND LOOK OUT. 111'SINKSS WOKI-D! I'M JUST -[RYIWCJ TO EDUCATH HIM ! IF HE'S GCvJWA BE A BIG OIL MAW, HE'S O7ITA hC HIS WAY ARCUWD .' YOU OUGHT TTj SEWSE EWOUGH TO LEARK1 1 "THE ALPHABET ' HELL GET BT IM BUSIME.<3S IF HE. JUST LKARWS TWE THREE TEWCES I'M TRYIWSTD TEACH HIM V.'C^LD AP.E WfR-1 "THAT BADY S4OV/'? HOW MUCH WILL YOU OFFER. war EKICUCSH !' WHAT THREE SEWTEWCES DOUBLE IT.AVJD . --__. E'mn Archillion. 712 Mam Phone ll-pk-13

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