The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR D ;r. Charles F. Blaisdcll o '•" Memphis Addresses Civ v T. ic Club Members ^CARUTHERSVItjLE, Mo. — Til local riolnij' club, of whlclx Wymm Dillmnn is president, was host lo jtrcmbcrs of Rotary clubs o Memphis, Dj ersbury ' ttnd Klplcy .Twin., nnd lilyllievillo, Ark., litre Tuesday nlghl. ,_.A";fciil nlnoly Kolnvlnris, ami .feme tlirce or four specially In- vttcd guests were present. m. •Efth 1G mil qt n members here, liad (ho best altcndance percent- »ge for vfellliig clubs, lilyllic- JXlle also lind 10 members prcs- FJit, Memphis !5, ami »yi>i-sbiirs seven '-Dr. Charici p. Blalsdell, pastor a: the Episcopal Calvary cliurcli, Memphis, and « member of the I&'niplils Rotary, was the principal speaker. |£His talk dealt- with the code •Hiintlon. While lie had no cril- jgsm ol NltA codes, he declared tijat had mankind obsen-cd ill! v ouglnal code" there would he Jto; need of governmental codes, Jjcr would llicrc be unrest- nn:l stiife. The original code, Ur. Biatedoll pointed out, \vas Hie Ten Hsninian<!nienl.s. •,.Thc program Included vocnl ejections by Miss AInrJorle Ash- fWft, accompanied by Miss Mary fcjpn llorncr, Miss Judith Muye's 8«ye a reading. 'rW. R. Herstcin, president of the Memphis Rolnry, made, a short od §j;ss, emphasizing (he need for each club to have n definite aim mid to unite strongly lo work ton-aid its realization. :#J»on s the Memphis guests was RouleU P.Une, former mayor'of ffiat cily. J. J. Survey, member of (he Charleston, 111., Rotary, And siijtcrinlendent of the .new Where Legionnaires Will Parade the renter and sharecropper will sllll be a hard one. Renters and croppers nvo the „.„ „„ ° nl v 011CS who can reduce rents. Brinui Shoe company factory'lien* Landlords arc looking for n Wn.5 also a BUPSI ' ' chance to raise them. They will hand yon nothing on silver platter. If wo leave II for Wn,s also a guest. !l'rhe Blythcville guesls Included: MM Scruggs, C. W. Allllck, U. St. Biniison, J. A. Leech, E. M. McCnll, c A. Cunningham, Ross JBUgliM, A. D, Fiijrlleldi, H. A. .Taylor, Ed ,Pcrfeubu,: James 1 -Hill, eecil Stae, Russell Phillips, Mar- Tlh Niuin, diaries Lemons and J. :R. Joluisou. the landlords lo fix, It will be like H was after Uio slaves were .freed i Ihc South. The fate of the slaves was lell with the Landlords, so they dcvis- The Editor'* Letter Box " - Learn From Doctors How to Treat Colds the editor:] |~I wish to congratulate you on Jipiir splendid 12-pauc paper on .flRicsday, Oct. 16. , ,"}t seems thai the merchants arc •Setting some of (lie benefits of the faimcrs good luck, and that, (fTrii, doing most or us some, good, "7r\lso the letters to the editor *rb more than mildly Interesting. ,£!jc tetter of the Reuters Central •Sommittec is a clarion call. We ;•,*? n °' 11 '" B POrloil of readjust- fflfnt. Our whole economic fabric ua. being overhauled and scrutinized >for faults, fcr the purpose of el- ffiinating, those faults in the new ,setup. Tiic country is crying for •new leadership that will better distribute wealth among those who ,produce it,. •-No\v the country hns come to TO near ruin under a banker, mcr- .chaht and landlord Icadetsbip, a«ct if we permit those "three iu- |tpresls to shape the new setup, it .»ill be a parasite one, and the .man between the plow handles ;WM be no better otf under the ,Eew Deal than he was under the .Blri one. The same thing applies to 'Ml labor. ;~Our president, Mr. Roosevelt, lias .asRed the American people to lake •part in making the adjustment. Kck to prosperity. Arc you going .10 be a slacker? Suppose you be >«gc of the lenders the country is ;-'. Speedy Relief of Chills il! ' and Fever ',". Oon 't' 'ft Malaria Icar j mi apart ,jnth its racking chills nnd burning |4cvcr. Trust to no home-made or ,Jjcrc makeshift remedies. Tnkc tho .jncdlcinc . prepared especially for ;*5a!aria — Grove's Tasteless Chill !..! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic "«Cves real relief from Malaria be- ;2Jiuse it's a seientinc combinaiton .Jil .tasteless quinine and tonic iron •JThc quinine kills the Malarial •infection in the blood. The iron guilds up Ihe system and helps .Jbrlify against further attack. At •»<lie first sign ot any attack of ,'Tffalaria take Oroie'i Tasteless Chill inform: Better still take it reguhrly *iKlurin^ the Malaria,.season to ward (2>ir the disease Groves Tasteleis .3?hiil Tonic is absolutely harmless i-«nd tastes good ]~' Groies Tartcless Chill Tonic , Jjow comes in tao sizes, 50c and SI ••-Tlie $! -sfze contiins 2'^ times as h as the 50c size and gnes 25% more for jour monry a bo I lie today at anj drug -Adv 16 flic climax of the American Legion's national convention in Miami Fla., will be reached October 33 when the annual big parade will be icld. Th3 huge grandstands, shown above In course of couslriictioi dona Biscayne Boulevard, will seat thousands of speetaiois. More than 100,000 World War veterans arc expected to ntlcml. Tying for. You must surely know that If Ihc "Landlords" arc led in full control, as heretofore, lhat rents will go higher as the crops worth more, nnd HID lot become of cd an industrial bondage i o lake Hie place of Chnllcl Dondngc. Mr. Renter, you are working under that contract. Welay, 1NDUS- TJU A L BONDAGE[ Let tlie Renters and ShurecropiK'rs tnkc llie lead now and make their demands A helpless b'aby can yet tliiiiBs by crying for Ihcin. Let your voice bo lie.iid around Ihc comicll tables of the NEW DEAL. Present your claims lo congress. Yon have friends (here who > help you. Zeph O'Drien. Head Courier News Want Ads. Four Points (a Ucmcmher As colds cause more loss of lime and money than any other disease, every one should learn what mod-' ;rn medical science tenches as lo :hclr proper treatment. Your doc- .or has the following objectives: First—'I'o relieve the congestion n tlic nose and throat, Ihns aborting or lightening the attack and relieving tlic symptoms caused by :hc congestion.—Calotabs, the improved calomel comixwiid tablets accomplish this by attracting Ihc excess blood to the bowels, Second—To help the kidneys wasli out of the blood the cold-poisons which cnuse the chilly sensation, cveristmess, aches, and mean feeing— Calotabs arc diuretic lo the ddneys, assisting them in ridding the blood of tlic poisons. Third—TO expel tlic gci'in-ladcu mucus and toxincs from the bowels thlis prcvciitiiiB their absorption Into the bfood.—Calptabs accomplish tins thoroughly. Fourth -To keep the bile of the liver flowing freely through and out .of the intestines, thus relieving the bllllotisncss and constipation, which attend nnd aggravate a cold. As Calotabs contain calomel, llicy promote the flow o! bile. Thus, Calotabs meet tlicso lour Important, objectives of medical treatment for colds. One or tivo Calotabs al bed time, with a glass of sweet milk or water. Is usually sufficient; but should be repeated tlie third or fifth nlghl, if needed. The milk tones down (he aclto'i making it milder, if desired. Why risk doubtful or irmkc-slilft remedies? Get n family package of Calotabs containing full directions only twenty-Jive cents; trial package ten cents, at your dealer's. (Adv.) !«: fror REAL Protection i i»> Phone 191 JCLARK-WILSON AGENCY • General Insurance Fay All Losses With a M B Olark'- -Ba^r Smile 1 ' Slart your day right with Fresh Coffee Suggests MISS FERGUSON of the COURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL Wlin Uses und Recommends Four Leaf Coffee Ft!' Her Demons!nilioiH •'• Four Leaf Coffee is roasted fresh daily nnd bears the roasting date on each can assunnis you of a coffee that is full of aroma anil flavor. ALWAYS ASK FOR FOUR LEAF COFFEE Roasted, Packed and Distributed By. 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Y.nd 3y f ly I'l.AII) SILKS- A lieaiitifitl r.injc of Autumn colors in large nrO ami small plaids to SATIN HACK (JKKPE—Rich an.l liB'tioiis. line tii'.ility satin hack crepe, !ic:ivy quality, new QOC fall eolurs. I'cr yanl ^**J WOOLEN SUITINGS — 58 inches wide, licatilifnl mixture and |:ir?c and small plaids, ideal for suiis, cc.ils and skirls. Per HOC yurd V6 SH.K TAFFETA — Unusiially ~l- Iractivc (-laid and stripes ro dc- :lrcd fnr lilousrr, tics arcl collar mill cult sets. l>cr HOC yard "O , Suede GLOVES Favored fall styles find colors Princess SLIPS Wide lace trimniing, it.ylcs you'll 98c. Silk BLOUSES Stripes, piBidj n, l(i checks, .smart styles. Silk HOSE Pull fashioned, SiU Hose, all co.prs. Children's Silk • DRESSES " nalnty new styles that will appeal to tofh Mother and IJaugliUr. 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