The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, USE THE WANT-AD MARKET -fl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Inssrtlonz; One tlmo per Mne IOC Two times per line per day ,. 08o Three limes per lino per day .. Oflu Bix limes per line per day .. 05o Month rate per line Mo Sards of Thanks .... 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six tl:nes nnd stopped before expiration will bo charged tor the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill'made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by parsons residing outride of Uic city must be accompanied by cash, natfs may bi. easily computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be la kin for more ihnn one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. VP anted To Bijy WE PAY CASH FOU 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store I'h'oue 1031 Wo Buy Old 'Gold PAT O'BEYANT, JEWELER HIGHEST PRICES I'AIU FOR POULTRY HAPPY HOU.ft GROCERY 10D W. Main For Sale We Pay Highest Prices FOE SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES & FURS AIUAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 YOU WON'T GO WRONG ON ANY CAR LISTED HBUB 1930 FORD V-8 COUl'E. 1'er- fcct condition. Has heater 5485 1935 FOR!) V-8 I)B LUXE TUDOR. .This car is all any one could ask ..... $395 1934 DODGE FOUR DOOU. SEDAN'. Black, good tires, paint, hydraulic brakes 5325 1'IOK-Ur. $350 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-3U3 E. MAIN Follow the Crowd and Compare our Used Car Bargains 1935 Ford V-8 Sedan 1935 Foijd Do Luxe Sedan 1835 Terraplanc Sedan 193S Chevrolet Coach 1336 Ford V-8 Coupe 1934 Dodge Coupe 11)31 Ford V-S-Sedan MSI) iChevflolel CYMdi, Extra Clean 1930 Ford A Setlim A-l dominion 1929 Plymouth Coupe 1929 Chevrolet Coaeh BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadway WE BUY 1035 FOHn V-8 First, class 1935 CHEVROLET PICK-UI' $365 Tlic above ears carry our famous "II. & U.'' Guarantee and sold wilh a 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee! Ask Demonstration Phillips Motor Co. Mil & Walnut •• Thoncs 810 arid 811 Business Directory Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap lion Blytheville Iron It, Metal Co. Cherry & K; K. • Phone 448 Coal & Wood "MV COAL IS BLACK BUT I TREAT YOU \yHITE" i also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Plionc 107 REAL BARGAINS! \d Ton International pick-Up . Truck. 125 inch Wheclbase. '/ Ton International Pick-Up Truck. 113 inch Whcelbase ','• Ton; Chevrolet PIck-Up l',4 Ton Chevrolet,-willi stake Body l!i Ton Ford with Stake Body • 1Q20 Chevrolet Sedan All are in good mechanical con dillon wilh good tires. Delta Implements, Inc. COAL, WOOD, KINDLING 1'rompt Service — Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. PHONE 2-14 FOR THE BEST COAL '' Oil & Cook Stoves Repaired Work Guaranteed - law Prices W. A. Pankey, 215 W. Davis or Phone 155, Wade Furn..Co. QUALITY SHOE SHOP . Best shop to get your money's worth; No amateurs, expert shoemakers. Only fine materials • used 1 . .'" All -sdlis/sewcil^'giiariinte'cd.- lowest prfces In to\vn. Soles 50c""up, rubber heels 25c up". 3 Iree shines ' with half soles. Laces, dyeing, polishes. Phone 120, Free del. H. B Campbell, mgr. ' ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, & WEST KENTUCKY. .":' L.LRICE ~CALL K P. PRY at" ' ' . Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL "GENUINE MontevaHo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CUAL PHONE «7. Weekly Specials!! A DIFFERENT BARGAIN EVERY WEEK In Our East Window Watch For ' Changes! Shouse-Heury'Hdw. Co. 3. W. Snouse 3. Wilson Hcnrj PLASTERING - STUCCO CONCRETE WORK BOB MALONE - - CALL 350 New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES, OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, 'FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-In Allowance for Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. Cold Weather Is Here! ! Protect Your House Wilh Nu-Metal . Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co I'hone 10 Real Estate Practically new Automatic Ucli Llglit Plant. With radio, I: nnd Iron Will sell for hall pric Delta Implements, Incorporatec Ic k Complete DAIRY, Co>ys & true doocl loute Selling because sic Call' 6. A. Rc'ginold, Wilson,' Ark 7-ck- upenslve fnsophone. Will chcayi. Z, A. McCulston. Call'J'il. i-cK-tf For Sale . DPLNo. II OTTON PLANTING SEED ! Blytheville Gin Co. For Kent icely' furnished STEAMIIEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call SCO. -•', a-ck-2-i! room home, newly decorated, ights, bath,, garage. References cquiied. Apply 1G01 W. Ash. 2-ck'lf 'on UENT—store rtoom 25x75, locnle(| on West ' Main SI, hone 130. . . o ktr Nice comfortable bedroom, close In Mrs. Nolen: 310 W. Walnut. •'•'•".. BEDROOMS, slcamlieatcd, Gil W, Main, Mrs. Wickhnm, Call 280. Gc. kit Varm Bedroom, adjoining hath 1J8.W. Ash. Gall evenings. Cpkll WAHN'INU OltDKH IN TUB OIIANCERY COUHT QP CHICKASAWBA DIST1UCT. MISSlSSJl'l'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Delia Gnrnor, Plnhilin', vs. No.'0355 Olenn OaniBr, Dsrcndnnt. Tlic defendant olenn aarncr Is Burned to iippcar • within thirty days hi lliu court immed In Hie eaulioii hereof nnd . answer the comphlnt ot the pUitnlKt Di'lln Qnrncr. Dated this ami day of January, mi. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk liy A, p. Smith, |). c. J. T. coston, Attorney, Heavy Traffic Instills Fear in Ex-Convict BOSTON. (UP) —A 0:i-ycar-old former convict who bus 5|i-.>nt more Hum. 35 years In prisons bc- llcves the jjrcntesl diinger facing prison iniimtcs is tliat of "b;com- in» . "The cell leaches onlycermh Imblls, .nnd onco n mini Is fri-i. ___ "gain his -greatest 'problem Is gct- viodern :4. Room FURNISHED! tl " s oul ot lllu 8'°ovc foimed bj .Apartment. Phone 280. : : ". 6c-klf ll ' c prison routine. For- inslniice inn nfriilil to crass etreets. To wold misy iiUcrscctlons, I often 'k two or tlirco blocks out ot ny way " He bolluvi's greatest ci>ro should bo tnken by prison ollldiils In differentiating between nc\v mul old Hlsoncrs and the siibseinicnl 'trnln- ng of prisoners. Only men trained In prison iiinu- iinemcnt mid hi the Iiiuidllni of !iicn shoiiUl heiul such Inslltvitlons. He believes, "Once n polltlclw) 'is .Installed," he lU-clnrrd, "the spirit, of jwllllcs Is luqiilicd Ijy pilson olllccis, nnd (lien the prisoners, with Indians and riots resulting." Mcsthctlcs. Dr. Mnx II. Jncob? wjs GO psr •cut of his patients respond to tl)o ho H ! s Mental Suggestion, Says "Painless" Dentist BOSTON. (UM-Bqslon lias a 'painless" dentist, who uses no lil.IiCTKIO & of nienlnl siiggesllon. "By Uio use of eiiBgcstloH," " fays, "you can .• perform any oper- nllon on xcrlnin ''Individuals'- without pain." Rend'Courier News Wa.'.t A«s DM'. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Oter Joo Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE-'EM SEE" Phono 640 FRIED CRAPPIE VKKSll FJIOM UHKU'OOl' LAKE HARRY BAILEY'S CAFE At (he Slate Lino WELDING AT BEST rniOES PHOMP.T SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE IS .fodern FUHNISHED APARTMENT, 108 W. Kentucky. -iMiorio-G83. ! 7p kll' Former Mrmntl house on illBhway 01 Soutli. Complete with hardwood floors throughout. $30 month. Thomas Land Co. 8c kll FOR,RENT ncnr new factory site, combination store and rssldcnci;, 101C west, Main. Lentlennlo IVjwlcr. nog Flics Across U. S. NEW YORK. (UP) — To n '-I months' old terrier goes the distinction of: being the. first coast to coast clog flier. His mistress, Mrs. Aclolph Sprcckels, Jr., of the sugar family ordered the dog dispatched on one of the United Air Linos 3.KO mile over-night New York to San Francisco lliglils. Honeysuckles contain no honey.'-" SEVERE WAVE COMING For Quick Service On COAL—Phone 700 ALLKY OOP WANT TO 11UY CORN SOY BEANS CHAWFOUI) & COPPBDGK GIN CO. 18 - Phone 331 WE HAVE SECURED Till! 8KIVVICKS Off AN KXl'KHIKNCKD RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee tp* repair, your radio to 1n>k class condl- llon. A Cilniplclc Mue o( Tubes and I'jrts - - IJtst Trices Hublwnt Tire & Hat. Cp. Phone 476 Open All Nighi ROAD AISD WRECKER SERVICE. Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling ,PHONE 76 Now I.oentrt! nt ICi Nort;; Scconrt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU BOH I'DWAUUS, Froprlctor All makes o( Itctmilt Typewriters, Adding Mac hints «n4 Calculators—Repairing—Parts—ttlbbons AN-'AMUUSill EVEN' WITH MVCOMBINED FORCE OP i iEMIANS AM'SAWALLI ANS, I'M _„ . TTTTTrV-GONNA NEED •y HADN'T OUGHT A BFvLUfKTO ;'| 50 TOUGH- WITH L CONQUER ALLEVOOPAtjl 1 HIS )\ MOO. PINOSAUR i W. TRANTHAM , BEECH D CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Uroadway - - Phone 964 WE HAVE'. THE BEST Alabama, Illinois &. Kentucky COAL At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAIV VV6 Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. I'honc 278 Chickasaivlia & R. It. TH' WAY. Rv Hnmliil HEY, WHAT'S WRONG L UP F&2HT? WHAT'.'i HALTED' TH 1 . COLUMN? TH 1 ADVANCE . GUARD REPORTS TH 1 APPROACH OF A S/AAU. BUT .HEAVILV-ARMED BAWD OF MEM. i ;*$ BOOTS AND HEL; BUDDIES DE PLOV OUR FORffi ON EITHEE SIDE 01- n TRAIL- WE'LL AMBUSH EM, WHOEVER TH&V -QUICK, NOT A BOOSTER! WtU_ ,\ If You Want IVOOD, WE HAVE IT! Ash & Oak S3 rank delivered Kentucky Lump Coal, $0.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry Phono 448 Automotive LET US CHECK YOUR BATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING! J. B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station—Call 8 FOIC SAI.K 5 Room House, hath, large lo . Across Horn high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in lowri Could be made into apartment. Cheap for cash. 800 Chickasawba. dh tf Bus. Opportunities Be independent! Learn Beauty Culture . Good ray—Pleasant Work New class opening—stale supervised REASONABLE TUITION Mrs. Wm. Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Poultry & Eggs BABY CHICKS—Mo. Approved and Pulioriim Tested Flocks. New Hampshire Chicks—$10 per hundred. All other breeds—$1.00 l»r hundred Postpaid. Live Delivery Guarantee.1. FRANKLIN COUNT* HATCHERY, Union, Mo. Personal I'OUr.TRY WANTED We pay highest market prices lor ail kinds poultry. Fisher & Gaincs at Gaincs Grocery & Mnr^ kel, 118 W. Main. FORGET YOUR WORRIES! FRESH EGGS Sold nl the Abbott-Johnston Farm Position Wanted rcnnnnenl position as accountant or bookkeeper or will do private accounting or auditorial work. Experienced arid veil -qualified, county auditor for iiiany.^years. P. E. FREEI STOMACH ACID. • GA? PAINS. INDIGESTION' relieved quick. Get 'free samole doctor'? prescription, Udga, at Klrby Bros Drill; Co. A'T~FN! G lTlljli. K VIOOR A Kcw ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster Invig- oralors and other stimulants, one dose pens up organs,' glands. I not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, wile Kirby Bros Drug Store. Help Wanted Cooley, Phoiie 117. Wanted young man or young \vo man to make an educations sunoy in Blytheville and vicinity Work to apply on tuition. Wil also |>ay casir bonus, excellen opiiortunity txj get money iflak Ins education at low cost. Writ for. details. Macon arid Andrews College, Inc.. IM Union .Avenue, BOOT6' THE STORY I!y MnrtlB WASH TUBES EASY TOUCHES A TENDER "SPOT! Cram f LOOK,BOV! LOOK'. WHAT'D I TELL VOU?IT'5 OM ev6RV FRONT PAGE IN AMERICA. ^LVPEA HERO! A SENSATION! """V .4^?^ J-F^ HAT'LL WE DO, COLONEL? IT AINT EVEN NOON AND THERE'S A B!& CR.OWP PUT ON AN EX.TKA SHOW, YOU FOOL! i PRINT MORE TICKETS! GET MORE SEATS ( RAISE? THREE CHEERS FOR. PliOSPeRJTVJ r' VIF THAT'S THE CASE SUH/^ WHOOPEE'. VOU'RE THE : BISGEST /THEN HCAV ABOUT A CIRCUS, ATTRACTION SINCE '- '. x ^- • "•"---' v. BARNUM'S POS-FACCD &OV. _n WHELP! WHO THE SAPA HILL 60T VOU ALL TttfT NEVER PAJJ.E AAENTION THAT SUBJECT AGAJM- FHECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS HISTORY -HKPBATS ITSELF! By Blosscit I WOW'T COWSEWT TO YOUR *. GETTIUG A JOB JUS^ TO GET MONEY TO MAke AM IMPRESSIOW ! sss T' ow A GIRL! THAT'S FINAL! ^ FRECK"' ' ' V So k 12; Memphis, Term. I FOUVJD SOMETHIK UPSTAIRS IM AKI .OLDTRUNK AMD THOUSHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO SQUIWT SEEWHILLII^EWS fT'S Ai3IAKV IM POP'S Ct-VM HAND JER SAID TO METDD/Sf/: CDS'BEKfnq"rfcU.C!'GErTliJQA JOB JUST TD GET MOWEY TO MAKE SIOKI OMAGIRL! THAT'S

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