The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1954 · Page 20
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 20

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1954
Page 20
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PA01TWILVH BLYTHEVILUJ (ARK.y COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 2T- 1954 Detroit's Problem Of Rowdyism On the Downgrade By FELIX B. WOLD DETROIT (AP) — Young rowdyism is on the downgrade in Detroit. Authorities have their fingers crossed. But there is definite evidence in the police record that boy gangs aren't the critical problem they were just a month ago. The police youth bureau esti- of the old "spare the rod and spoil mates this kind of juvenile trouble has fallen off 25 per cent. The cure—if it is a cure—has probably been in part a derivative Commodity And Stock Markets- Naw Cotton (!*:*• ^notation*) Open High Low Close Oct 3411 3418 Dec 3439 3448 Mch 3469 3476 May 3489 3495 3410 3439 3469 3489 the child" rule. The courts have adopted a "get tough" policy. Teen-age offenders have been packed off to jail. Heretofore they got off with a reprimand, as a rule. Adult groups also set out to do | something about it offering aid to | civic authorities. I Earlier this summer the Motor City was alarmed over recurrent outbreaks of kid gang violence. Rival gangs, often armed, met in actual combat. Boys got badly hurt. Sometimes they were knifed. There were neighborhood depra- dations too. Vandalism was frequent. School buildings were particular victims of plunder and de- 3416 struction. 3445 At times there were wanton DOG ( WOOD)?—H you think this is a dog you are wrong. If s a series of knots in a piece of veneer which formed a perfect dog's head. The one- chance-in-a-million phenomenon was discovered by Mrs. Faye Chance, who picked up the wood while doing her work at a Hope, Kan., factory UTILITY Continued from Page 1 ferred to the council Committe on Corporations, Insurance and Banking. At Howell's request, Rep Clifton Wade of Washington County the committee chairman, said the staff study would start at once. The council, in a brief session sent to the education committee proposal for a study of the possi bility of using television as a public school teaching medium. Rep. Paul Van Dalsem of Perry County, the sponsor, said such a procedure might help relieve state teacher shortage. Several other proposed studies were referred to various commit tees. The council set its next meeting for Oct. 4 when it will start on budget work in preparation for the 1955 legislative session. 3474J street attacks upon citizens. Ntw Orleans Cotton Oct .-..;.•..., 3413 3417 3413 Dec ........ 3442 3449 3442 Men 3470 3475 3470 May ........ 3495 3498 3491 3494 3417 3446 3495 Chicago Soybean! Sept Nbv Jan Men 312 271 274 276% 313 27214 304^ 278 Sept Dec Wheat 214% 215% 218% 219 272% 277 213% .217% 305 272% 275 214% Chicag* Corn Sept ... 164% 166 Dec .. ' 155 155% New Yerk Stocks A T and T . ............... 172 1-2 Amer Tobacco ............ 58 3-8 Anaconda Copper ........ 39 5-8 Beth Steel ............... 74 Chrysler . .............. '.. 61 3-4 Coca-Cola ............... 115 1-2 Gen Electric . ............ 43 1-4 Gen Motors ........... . .. 80 7-8 Montgomery Ward ........ 76 7-8 NY Central .............. 20 1-2 Int Harvester ____ • ......... 32 3-4 Republic Steel ............ 60 5-8 Radio ................... 32 3-8 Socony Vacuum ........... 44 7-8 Studebaker ............... 18 1-8 Standard of N J .......... 93 3-4 Texas Corp .............. 73 3-4 Sears .................... 69 1-4 TJ S Steel .... ............. 52 3-4 Sou Pacific .... ........... 445-8 A crackdown on the youngsters has now been in effect for one month. • Inspector Ralph Baker, head of the police youth bureau, said the decrease in juvenile rowdyism stems from the courts' "stern attitude" and an aroused citizenry. * 'People have begun to step forward and ask what can be done,' Baker said. Baker distinguished between "rowdyism'" and actual juvenile crime. In the latter, he said, there has been no decrease. Mayor Albert E. Cobo's youth committee, cooperating with the police, courts, schools, churches and other groups, set out on a broad program against rowdyism and delinquency in general. One judge insists on having the parents in court whenever a youthful offender appears before him. A stern police policy is supported. Churches are trying to stir 5 up more interest on the part of young people. There are neighborhood plans for teaching errant youngsters manners and discipline. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, m. (®— (USD A)—Hogs 8,000; moderately active, uneven; barrows and gilts 180 Ib up 50-75 lower than yesterday's average, mostly 50-60 off; lighter weights 25-75 lower;, sows mostly 75 lower, some more; choice 200-250 Ib 21.40-60; mostly one price 21.50; few uneven kinds down to 21.25; around 270 Ib butchers 21.00; 170-190 Ib 20.50-21.25, few 21.50; 150-170 Ib 19.50-21.00. mostly 19.75-20.75; few 120-140 Ib 18.0019.50: sows 400 Ib down 18.00-19.50; few down to 17.75 or less : heavier sows 15.25-17.25; most boars 10.0016.00. GOP Candidate For Governor To Be Selected LITTLE ROCK (M— The Republican State Central Committee will meet here tomorrow - to choose a gubernatorial candidate to oppose Orval Faubus in the November general election. The leading candidate is Little Rock Mayor Pratt Remmel, who recently made a tour of about a dozen Arkansas counties in an" effort to "sample" public opinion. After Faubus defeated incumbent Francis Cherry in a close runoff August 10. the Republican leaders announced they had their "best chance ever" to elect a Republican governor. They hope to pick up many pro-Cherry voters in the general election. New Obstacle To Be Aimed At Integration JACKSON, Miss. UR— Gov. Hugh White has revealed another plank in the program to keep racial segregation in Mississippi schools. He said yesterday he would ask the special session of the Legislature opening Sept. 7 to consider a bill forbidding anyone from stirring up race trouble by filing law suits. The law would prohibit anyone except relatives of children attending schools from filing suits against school districts. It apparently means to strike at the National Assn. for Advancement of Colored People and its efforts to obtain - integrated schools. Forgery Suspect Held WASHINGTON (if)— The Treas- Service agents have nabbed in California a 43-year-old former Veterans Administration clerk accused of cashing two forged $10,000 checks—one right in the Treasury's cashroom. The treasury identified him as Leslie E. Stout. Home Robbed Of Quarter-Million NEW YORK (S>) — Thieves, waiting until the family maid went on an errand, yesterday broke into a home in the wealthy Riverdale section of the Bronx and crated off a small safe containing nearlj a quarter million dollars— mostly in securities. The midafternoon burglary took place in the home of Mr. and Mrs Hans Lichtenstern, currently vacationing in Pike, N. H. He is a vice president of Associated Metals and Minerals, Inc., New York. A police alarm is out for a light blue station wagon seen around the neighborhood during the time of the theft. , The maid, Mrs. Helma Helmden, said she found the family safe missing from a bedroom closet after she returned from a two-hour errand. It was not immediately learned how many of the securities are negotiable. Debbie Flies to Eddie LOS ANGELES W») — Actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher will visit this week in New York City but she says they don't have any plans to wed. Miss Reynolds and her mother flew East last night, because, she aid, Eddie couldn't come to Hollywood because of TV and recording commitments. Heavy Burglary LONG BEACH (£>)—The Alaska Pipe and Salvage Co. told police yesterday that somebody stole 40 anchors, each weighing 40 pounds and valued at $20, from its storage yard. PW Deadline Extended* PARIS (fP) —Five days have been added to the deadline for the exchange of prisoners of war in North Indochina between the French and the Communist-led Vietminh forces, a French News Agency dispatch from Hanoi said today. Memphis Soldier Has 'Bad Luck' At Russian Roulette MEMPHIS, Tenn. OP) — An Army sergeant last night demonstrated the hit-or-miss game of Russian roulette to patrons in a cafe. The .38 revolver fired. Sgt. Phillip Wilhelm, 40-year-old ROTC instructor at a Memphis high school, was reported in "re markably good condition" at hospital where we was taken after the bullet crashed into his righ* temple and emerged at the top o: his head. Wilhelm blamed his bad luck on the strange gun, the cylinder of which rotates counterclockwise instead of the usual clockwise. "I couldnt' tell where the bullet was," the sergeant told hospital attendants. Eight Airmen Killed in Crash SACRAMENTO, Calif. W)—Eight airmen were killed when their twin-engine B25 hit a mountain in rugged northern Napa County yesterday. The bodies were found last night. The bomber had left .nearby Mather Air Force Base Wednesday evening on a routine training: flight. The cause of the crash has not been determined. Vfth the Courts (Civil) — St. Francis Material 'o. vs. M. L. Hughes, $382 account. Sent Space Reduced WASHINGTON (£>)—The government has reduced the space it lea- es in Washington to the lowest otal in 28 years, the General Ser- ices Administration said today. As of now, GSA said, the government is leasing 1,279,916 square feet n the District of Columbia. This compares with 7,068,506 quare feet 'under lease on June 30, 945-the peak during the nearly hree decades in which sucii records have been kept. LITTLl LIZ— Too much celebrating has kept many a man from becoming celebrated. *NtA» HOUSING Continued from Page 1 job, or new siding, or a garage, and obtain an FHA loan to pay for it. The price averaged around $700 or $800. Unfinished Inserting a constant refrain that "it won't cost you a cent," the salesman said the homeowner's new, improved house would serve as a "model" in the neighborhood and would mean a $50 commission for every similar job sold to his neighbors. One witness, Raymond Hobson of Queens, said he bought a $1,060 roofing, siding and paint job from a Harold Orland. Hobson, who said he was prom- sed commissions if the neighbors contracted for similar work, said his own job was never finished and he never got satifaction out of the company. "And I never got dime out of any sales," he added. Louis Maioano of Hazleton, Pa., ;aid Harry Long, an agent for the Keystone Home Improvement Co., sold him a $747 contract for asbestos siding. The siding, Maioano said, was held in place by flimsy aluminum hannels and the first high wind blew quantities of it off the house. When he complained to the com- lany, he said, "they sent me back mart remarks about selling my lome or car to make me pay." Maiano said he stopped making lis FHA payments last month on advice of his attorney. Auto 'Greenhouse' President's Idea Strike Total Lower WASHINGTON (£>)—Strikers were n the increase last month but the otal was lower than usual, the labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The bureau estimated 575 strikes rere in effect during July, in- luding 375 new work stoppages nd 200 carried over from June, when the total was 550. WASHINGTON [£)— The secret's out. President Eisenhower himself thought up the idea for that new "greenhouse" which has recently adorned the presidential official car. The Ford Motor Co. disclosed today that, at the President's suggestion, it had equipped the White j House "parade car" with a transparent plastic roof so he won't be I hidden from view at night or in rainy weather. DAY SALE Three Million Vets WASHINGTON MP) — Veterans Administration statistics indicated today more than three million servicemen have returned to civilian Cattle 600, calves 500; light sup- (life since the outbreak of the Ko- ply all classes cattle about steady in cleanup trade; small lots com- rean War. As of July 31. a monthly VA sum- FIRST TIRE $ mercial and good steers and heif- j mary showed, there were 2,962,000 ers 16.50-21.00; light weight cutter \ discharged veterans of service since June 27, 1950. Altogether. VA officials estimate and utility yearlings 11.00-14.00; cows moderately active; utility and commercial 9.50-11.50, few 12.00; canners and cutters 6.509.00; strong cutters to 9.50; utility and commercial bulls 12.00-13.50; canner and cutter bulls 8.50-11.50; good and choice vealers 16.00-19.00; few high choice and prime 20.0021.00; commercial and low 12.00-15.00; culls 8.00-10.00. there are now about 20,950,000 former servicemen. 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Court of Appeals today reserved the treason conviction and life sentence given former Army Staff Sgt. John David Provoo. Provoo, a former San Francisco bank clerk, was convicted of aiding the Japanese after the fall of Cor- regidore in the Philippines. He was accused, among other things, of broadcasting for the Japanese, and of causing the death of a fellow Amarican prisoner by giving derogatory reports on him to their captors. He went to trial here Oct. 27, 1952. and was found guilty on Feb. 1, 1953. He was sentenced to a life term and a fine of $10,000. The court said Provoo should not have been tried in New York, and also the government had no right to cross examine him on a collateral issue of homosexuality. Collide at Intersection Mrs. Vornal Deal and Clarence E. Smith were involved in a traffic mishap at Ash and Second Street yesterday afternoon, causing some damage to the Deal vehicle, according to police reports. 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