The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 2
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t> AGE" TWO BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY .( 193.1 .Social' Calendar , EVENTS en' associaiiou EU8C " C DkU " pictures, and she also brought out how his influence caused an advancement jn art during Ills time. Jean Francois Millet and Ills fain- ' . ous picture | disc "The Gleaners" M. class, First Me!l-P vh °, »l».?poko of the color tones "- ~ llamentarinn drill. • Tlite group lins a new member, Mrs. John W. Meyer. Mrs. W. H,, fliuyard entertain- iiiB Wednesday Bridge cluu. Mrs. Marie Hickmau . Weds Mr. E. B. Thomas Announcement lias been made ol the marriage ot N!rs. Marl? Hickman to Mr.'E. D: "172!" Tv.umas. The wedding was sDiemnizert at AyOj-. M.O., •- OB December '23 the pastor ot the EnptLst "-church reading the riiig service. <• A brlel honcvmooii was spout In 'jWycliffe, Ky.. as guests nl Mr. •Thomas' mother. Mrs. A. D. Thom^os, andlMi.'orxI CNIrs. Thomas are ^jiow «l'hoinc at 103: Douaan avc- -T Tlie attractive bride, ,'M-ho cnmc 'Wre .five yfars 'ago troui Poplar "311111, is employed In the district i-onice ol the Arkansas-Missouri ' Power company. .. The bridegroom, who ( lived al "Wilson fir several -years' before Ijcomingxto Blytheville' where lie iS'as connected \vlth the First Na r*ional Bank. Is now .employed bs •the Vollmer Construction Co., will "jieadquarters In this city. Squeeze Play Makes Possible Avoidance of Losing Finesse County B. V. r. v. To Meet at Uixora Tlie Mississippi County !). V. P., U. ol Baptist churches will men j at Uixorn Frirtny evening. 7:30 ' clock, \vhcn;. the senior croup of ic hostess church will be In (large of the prosrnm. rlans for the work In 1831 will Iso bn outlined by ilie president, 1'. Friend. .Mrs. Shaver Entertains • Hoard With Luncheon : - Mrs. .W. W. Shaver, assisted b 'her daughter, Mtss Margaret Sliav Ter, served a three, course Inncheo -•Wednesday at one o'clock, to Mes . dames M. Fllzsimmons, John C 'SiIcHaney, Jr., Cecil Lowe, E. K Mostly Personal Mrs. F. K. Fox. who has Ijrcn ill several days.. Is .slightly Improved today. Mr. and Mrs. Kurl Kroger, of Oklahoma City, who have been spending two wocks here. In Memphis and In Vlckshure. Miss., have returned here for a brief slny with Mrs. Kroner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Black, before going home Saturday. Mrs. LeRoy Jacobs Is expected to return toilny from rk'cbe. Ark., where she spent ihc holidays with relatives. Dr. nnrt Mr.s. Ralph Slonu and children of Joncsljorn s]XMil New Today's Contr"« Problem South la llio ilriMrer at six clubs. West oiions Ilio king of hearts. It ilocs nol look very difficult for-South to make Klx-oilil, Imt you »'lll find that It Inkes |ier(ect timing . Try it. w A 10 7 C 'I V K Q ,T sen 10 7 4 * J 3 'I 4 A K 9 2 + AK«S 2 Solution ID next issue. Solution to Previous Contract Problem 1!V WM. K. MeKKNNF.Y To finesse or not to finesse is a problem ever confronting the de- clurer at, contract. Certahl finesse. iiinM be taken, but. don't alway. be ready to take a finesse just he- cause It looks as (hough it mn produce an extra trick. Climrd aRali!5l losing Duplicate—All Yul. Opening lend—4) K. South West North K*>t Vacs '1 4- Pies } N. T, Pic> Tags Pus •'ortagftville Coach Weds Kentucky Girl CARUTHBRSVItiLE, Mo. — An- Muncement of the mirrtlft ol 4165 Frances Broach of Murray, Ky., and W. H. "Dub" Faster of his city, has been made. The wedding took place at the home of he bride at Murray, with the Rev. . K. Fetter, pastor of the First Baptist church of this city and father of the groom, saying the single ring cmmony In the presence of relatives and Intimate friends. The bridegroom is « graduate of the local high school, Caruthefs- vllle Junior College, and S'.atc Teachers College, Murray, Ky. He was a star athlete. Following his graduation, he was athletic director of the Wardcll high school, and this year he holds a similar post »-llh the high school at I'ortagevil*. Mo. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Broach of Murray. She Is a graduate of [he Murray nigh school and also attended the Teachers College there. The young couple arc making their home at Forlagcvll!c. tins, special mutlc, and short ti.lks| ivt« given. Stomach Trouble Ended After 35 Years Sufferingl "I Keel Like Gly-Cas Saved | My Life," I/wal I4dy Says; Could' Hardly Eat, So Nervous She Couldn't Sleep —But Now Feels Fine 'Never have I seen a medicine! able to give the resulte of this n»w Gly-Cas. It is »dually aston- *ing," said Mrs. Alice Hester, | 105 W. Cherry St., Blytheville. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS :n-i WEST MAIN ST. We Meet All Competition [Specials for Friday, Sat. & Monday] SALMON Memphis Baritone Will Sing Over Radio Friday of course, refuse to win the dla mond until the third round, be-1 cause the club finesse must be j Abe Kipper, widely known Mem- taken. To make game, declarer phis baritone, who is the eucsi of can win two spades, two hearts, the ace of diamonds and then must win four club tricks. To u'in the diamond lead before the third round would defeat his contract. After winning the third round of diamonds. South leads the jacks of clubs, which East refuses to win. The five of clubs Is Mr. and Mrs. L. Berger, will give a program in radio station KLCN Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock. He will be assisted Misr-.a Inspired by the consideration.of ~ihc New Deal and-ccmi- "omic adius'tmenuour counlry ha:^-embarked upon, the New Year;, •resolutions of thc,m«m.s>ers'pf thi: Vferoup, were to 'tho cfKcf : .th'nt Ww -.year 1934 will briiiB forth tlie big •ge.-t and best missionary work evei "done by this missionary society * * * - Class Jo M«t • The Ladies Bible oiaia of th 'First Methodist churc'n will Iw 'en . tertalned Friday evening. 1:3 o'clock, by Mrs. L. M. and Mrs. W. F. Brewer . Burnelte home. on here. Mrs. Morrison Is Mrs. .loan's mother. Lalimer, Edith McCall, W. T.| Year's Day with Mrs. J. II. Morri- "Bfirnett, I. O. \Vestbrook, G. W.i 'Barhain and E. M. terry, members ;o! the Executive Board of the ^Missionary Society of Uie First • Christian -.Church. '. ... '-, During trie business session, Mrs. '.W. 'T. Barhelt, SccrctHry of -."World Call,"- reported 100% re- •liiewrals ol this magazine • for "'" ^Executive .Board.. • . • •. Another matter of. importance 'v.'.is the planning of the Woman's 'Day Program, which is to be on .the second Sunday in January. Leaclivillc Society — Personal There may be a play In the hand played, the queen finessed, and East wins with tile king. The spade Is returned, South winning finesses. | with the ace. Now the declarer has an opucv- ivlilch will develop the trick lor jUmU .y to make B pretty plr.y. He yon without :i flncssc—a squeeze | must, cash his ace and king of or nil end jil.iy or a hold-up. Today's luuiit presents n simple hold-up. Eintl then introduces n nice squeeze play for the extra trick. The lllddlnf; While South'* hand has plenty of hlfih cards, It has no distribution, and tlie hand .should be op- hearts Immediately. The drop of West's ten particularly marks him with the queen. The smnll club Is played and won In dummy with the ace, West be- lisg forced to discard a diamond. The two good clubs in dummy are cashed, declarer discarding the deuce of hearts and the deuce of Feiblsh, pianist, and Mrs. Dora Bernstelhi concert planlsr, ntso of Memphis., Mr. Kipper, who has lor some ttmc broadcast over WREC each unday evening at 6:15 o'clock, has ot announced his program other han .that "For All Eternity" will Included in his semi-classical elections. He received his musical ducat Ion both in Russia, his naive home, and In the United Statts, where he has lived for a lumber of years. cn'cd with a suit bid rather than 1 spades, nnd West is helpless. Tlie following officers of the Lcnrlivlllc Easlern Star were stalle rial a joint meeting with the iianlln Masons and Eastern Star: Mrs. Ollie Mnltr.cws, wpiihy matron: Iliifus I/>vcla<1y. worlhy j»- tron; Mrs. Matlliia llioi'ii. assistant mntrriu: Chartey CoiU.irc'. assistant patron; Mrs! finrgnr'ct Beard, conductres3; .Mrs. Louise Wrils, nsslstani; Mis. Fannie Lucy, secretary; Mrs. Nina Howard, treasurer: Mrs. Madelin Griffin, chaplain; Mrs. Matllc Counee, marshal; .Mrs. Nettle B. r a Garret. Adah; Mrs. Grace Lacy. Burnette ***_««• ™K KenneK. ttll- at OIK no trump. In an endeavor to have partner phiy the no tnnnp. However, when North goes to two clubs, lifccr partner's opening bid of nne spade, he shows 'that there Is no advantage in his hand becoming the declarer at no trump. Has P»rij; for Bride .. • . Mfe Miye Lane was- hostess to "othor lady employes of the district .aifice of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company and a few other -friends Tuesday evening for a party in compliment to Mrs. E. B. Thomas ,who was before her inar- •riage, Mrs. Marie Hickman. .: The holiday decorations were ^•used with a red color scheme prc- "(icminating and at the conclusion i'of Bunco games apple pic a la •'mode and coffee were served the 12 present. Miss.-Pauline Lcc received the -high -sc^ire prize, perfume, and -•Mrs. Thomas' gift was linen. * * * .'•'The New Russia .Studkd by Cllb . £ The Current Events club, which ;has laken up the. study of Russi: '.."Yesterday 'and, Today": had its •;sccond dUcussioii oi\ this counlry ;last evening in a meeting at the home of Mrs. Elton W. Kirby. Mrs. .W. L. Homer was leader. Discussions were led by Mmcs. •.L. Berger, Fari^sworth Black. J ' Neal Gesell, Clarence Vollmer and He can discard the nine of diamonds on the first pUib, but. on liic second club' lead he must drop cither the queen of hearts, which makes dummy's Jack good, or the Jack of spades, which permits the declarer to win the last two tricks After North's constructive bid of| will > H>c king nnrt ten of spades, wo rliibs. tt Is a question whether should bid two South simply .should' bid two no trump or jump to three, which is a mild slam try. Bin the hand really doesn't look like slum The Play West opens the king of diamonds. South, the declarer, must •Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blythcvllle hos pltal: John Boone. stecle, Mo. Ida Thomas, Promised Land; Mrs C. C. Bratcher, city; Johnny Cuu ningham, city. Ekt-ott News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Oscnr and Mrs. Harry Hcndrickson • o Knlppa, Texas, hai-e been' visiting Mr and Mrs. S. .M. Trammell. Mr. have and been Mrs. Faul Trammel vlsitific relatives ir Ea'tcsville;' Ark. Mh ahd Mrs. Torn Hart-vUite lafe Sunday. Watch Night, scr;ices were he] at Ekron New Ye.-.r's eve. Read 666 Liquid, Tablets. Balve, Nose Drop. Checks Mainria In 3 days, Co* first day, Headache! or Nenrmlf in 30 minatM. Fine Laxative and Tonic Miwt Sjttij Remedirs Kw>wn Chum, -i Limit •No. 1 Tall Can lOc PEACHES Hostess. In Heavy Syrup No. 2 C;in lie CORN Pride of Illinois. (4 Limit) No. 2 Can lOc BACON Swift's Oriole. Fancy Sliced 1'onml SOAP Kig Deal. Yollow or While. (;iant Hars. 7 for 25 c LETTUCE HRS. ALICE kESTEK "Nearly all my life I have had I oiriaeh trouble, and the past years it «is awful. Was liard- 'able to eat anything, bloated I could hardly get my breath, •art palpitated and I really hcuglit I had heart trouble, oilld yc«lt and was so nervous couldn't sleep, i wouW get ear down and be confined to ny bed for ci week at a time fth these attacks. Then to make matters worse here of late !um- i3go and kidney trouble added to hy iniseiable condition, was hardy able to wrlk and in constant oa!n. Absolutely everything J lied failed to help me—until 1 vas finally persuaded to give this new Qly-Cas a trial. Why II it was rriagic,it would hardly, have giveri rhe better results-^ta 'no :lme at all I was feeling like a w ESJfsqn. I can eat most any- :Hng I'vfant'n'ow'and nftvet am tiuthered >ith, that awful . Ihg aftehHirds',' nerves quieted, sieep good, kifineys regulated, lum- has left me and I can truthfully say ply-Cas has given infi far better results than i ever expected and tgain I am up and r.iound and feeling )ike my real celt again." Qly-Cas Is sold, by Klrby Bros. Drug Co., and by _all feading drag .io v es in sufrouhdltig towns. —Adv. IMalt Monaglian jr.. and with Russia ot Today. dealt H was decided to use a special .'course of study for Rut-sia for the .coming meetings. Mrs. ncrgcr. who : was rcored In Russia and who is -an authority on the history and • customs of that country before the -Revolution, as 'well as ol Russia '•'under the .new .government, will ,lakc an active part in these programs. ,. ' \; The next : meeting.v,ill te held Wednesday evening, January 11, ,at the home of Mrs. W. H. Min- .yard with Mrs. Kirby as leader. * * * ICtltbra'tts .Btrthdiy.' • Twelve of ; *Tommte Little's best ; boy-friends were his guests Wett- •^nesday afternoon for a,v>arty be- 'cause It was his nintri 'birthday. In. a guessing contest Joe Marcus Evrard won the prize. The birthday cake was served, with hot chocolate and home made I candies. Mrs. S:illie Wllklus, Mnriha; Mrs. Lovel.idy, warden; E. M. liou-nnt. central. T-he 1 J . T. A. met at the h school Tuesday. Plans weroiomi- pletcd for the G o'clock dinner to be given nl the community house today for 30 superintendents and principals of Mississippi county schools. On Tuesday. January S. Miss Ruth Ler will present her pupils iri a program at the school at 3:30. Miss Louis? Wheeler of Pigged spent the holidays here with her parents. . Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Byrd left Sunday for St. Louis to spend a fe« weeks ivilli Mrs. Byrd's parents. Miss Janettc Welch and Miss Gladys Welch of SI. Louis visited their parent 1 ;. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wclc'ii, during the holidays. Miss Lois Williams entertained the younger set with a drop m par- ly for New Year. Mrs. J. N. Fields Is in at Ipr he me. Mr. and Mrs. Dennie MiicrHl have moved to the Hooker residence on South Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burton arc now at home to t-r.eir friends in the Matthews subdivision. Mrs. Burton before her marriage, was Mis: Woodrow Matthews, daughter 0 Mrs. S. J. Matthews and the hl< Mr. Matthews. A. E. Robinson and daugh ter. Miss Dorothy, spent Monday" ii Parajould as guests ol Mr. and Mrs J. P. Robinson. Read Courier News Want Adi. Mett ' Dr. Edna'.Sies was leader of the Delphian Bpfe..Arts, .club in a meeting Wednesday morning at the Hotel NoSle. : She opened the discussion with the life and pictures of Michael Angeto. Mrs. Elton W. Kirty told of Andres del Sarto, his life' In the prevention of common colds it is highly important that normal elimination be maintained. - TREDFOBD'S BLACK- DRAUGHT FAMILY LAXATIVE G. G. Caudill General 106 N. Rroadwa; .. . Fhone 797 • BARGAINS • IN NEW k VXtn FURNITURE R.J.DODSON ' 303 E. Alain ' Phone ISi SHEDDAN'S "The Nation's Salve" for Colds . . Cold Congestion . . Neuralgia .. Muscular Aches . . Stiff Joints . . Rheumatic Pains . . Croupy Coughs and Headaches EXTREMELY POWERFUL But Safe, Pleasant arid Prompt --Never before li^ve you feen n Cold .Solve like Shcrtdan'K. (t is nn rntircly lieu klnrl o( foTniuln—bringing you cer- Inin -medical ingredients never bctore used In a cold salve—anc* tliat blend ol l:iSi«liclils multiplies the tlreuiKntlb n:irt irathological crtect five times or morc--tlins assuring iisers. ot more reliable—more dependable—quicker and greater beneficial result; than ever so- curcd. (rom any other ti^pc ot cold salve. —Sheddan's Salve is now (racked 1:1 an entirely new and very coloflill pacnage and in eiach package a complete direction folder arranged in English, and Spanish is provided. It is tlw iame Original and Genuine Flicddan'f, Salvfe (formerly called Shediinn's Croup and Pneumonia Salve) *Tiini has been used, prcscrlbsd and sold tor years MAKE THIS TEST —Uro Sheddan's Salve for any condition where ordinary cold salves are consltl- crert proiwr and if It does not penetrate, quicker—deciwr—warm up the biood more —break congestion more promptly anti ghc you better satisfnclion than an}' cold salve ever used—gel your money back. There are two kinds;. AMBER—Full sireiifth for Adults. MILD—For Children. Doth kinds irs stainlesi. "Each Jar Goes Twice As Far" NOTE TO DOCTORS —You are urged to give Sheddan'.s salve the meet severe test yo.i can find in your practice—and H it docs not Rive belter results than any told salve you have ever used—or win used—your patient's money will be refunded. You may secure full standard size packages for your own use hy n questing, same on your letterhead. Write— WEBB CHEMICAL Co. . OSCEOLA, ARK. Hard Heads Eiich 4cl CELERY Cnlifomui. Well Kleachpd Slalk 7ic TOMATOES Krosh Kloridii Pound CHEESE Wisconsin Full Cream Pound CRACKERSc Economy Kox Crisp & Fresh 2-1,1). Box . SWEET POTATOES N. Hiill or Porto Kicunsl Hushc! - §1.05; U>. - 3c | MILK Vun (,';imp ,'! Tall or (i liahv Cans 17c SPARE RIBS Strictly Small, Fresh Pound SUGAR \VK WII-L SEL1, SUGAR lc 1,KSS ON 10 I'OUNIiS THAN ANY ADV. 1'KICK COFFEE Chase & Sanborn 1'ound 25c CAULIFLOWER Fancy Head 17c ORANGES Florida. Juicy and Swtet S-Lb. ItaR 29c ISPAGHETTi "'• fers. c ;r,ir" lOc' KAf T1HPAT 1 , >3AL1 ITILA i Grade. Streak-0: Lean: Pound WASHING POWDER Stiir Hox CUCUMBERS EGG PLANT, SQUASH Nice, Fresh. Lh. 7ic SALMON Mackerel. Eatwcll. 8-0/. Can. Each 5c PORK STEAK •Nice and Lean Pound lOc COFFEE Sunny Bronk, Canovn nr Maxwell House. I'onmi 27c Rnrida - Hc «v.v, juicy Uushel $L2S; Eaeh PURE LARD Swift's Silverleaf 8-Lb. Carton 55c SAUSAGE Mil)'. I'urc Pork Poiind CABBAGE Texas Green Pound 4ic IH11MKO •15-Pound Can Each $3.10 PINEAPPLE Lihhy's. 9-Oz. Otn. Crushed, ("an 7c FLOUR,, Chief or Dcuuty Biscuit. ,ns. 2!)c; 10 Li>s. <l!)c; 20 Ll>s. 89c vSfrictlv I'reah Whole. I'onlid VEAL ROAST From Pure Quarters Pound lOc ASPARAGUS TIPS Del Monle- No. 2 Can 15c CRANBERRIES QUART lOe VEAL CHOPS Ll). 5 C |PORK CHOPS i Lb, l n; WESSON OIL Bring Jar Pinl ISc Yellow Lb. 3 C I APPLES UelicioiisOCl Ka. .•) LARD SALT Pure Tl^l HEKF Thkk Uili. II) 5 |)r | Lh. U2 I ROAST Sh. Cintl, Ihl 1 inn Lbs. - 95c 50 Lbs. - - 50c All You Wfint < i, (Hulk). l'oitml*2 MEAL Fancy Cream. Fresh 10 Pmihtis 19c FLOUR M. ,1nnc lib). $6.60,!L84c RABBITS Fresh Trapped Kach 25c MIXED NUTS — ALSIONDS Pound 15c

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